Zenarch Cultivation #1

“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
mastering yourself is true power.”

– Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Zen van Nihil to his true cultivated self in the wondrous aeons of Hyperborea supremacy where Human and Elves coexisted peacefully of Nordic Human and Aurora Elven composition of the collective population of races that called the Utopian Empire of Hyperborea their home. Hyperborea was protected by a Labyrinthian Maze that only the Hyperborean knew to cultivate their sense of true direction within and without for this Labyrinthian Maze was the Many-Worlds of the Multiverse.

The Hyperboreans of the Noble Savages from the Ubermensch sect were the Enlightened Illuminists among the Nordic Humans and Aurora Elves intermarried in hopes to create a Half-Elven Child that pleased the Great Architect that would bless them with Auspicious Cultivation of Qi and to remove Negative Karma in order to ascertain a rich recompense in this life and the next ad infinitum.

Our story is about the aforementioned Grand Prince of Hyperborea in his Auspicious Cultivation. Zen van Nihil among his lives upon lives but as generality in categorization of the self he knew himself as Zen van Nihil but he was Zen Cohen.

Zen Cohen was resting in lotus position meditation on a smoothed rock seat on the windy Mau Cloud Mountain that was surrounded by atmospheric clouds as the sun dimmed to Zen Cohen’s eyes saw eye to eye with it as he meditated on cultivating himself in harvesting Qi to establish good Karma.

Zen Cohen meditated for days upon days but this day in this early morning of a periwinkle sky did Zen Cohen sense a disturbance of a intruder on Wushu Mountain.

Zen Cohen stood, tightening the belt around his waist in his black cloth pants and shirt with banded metal Splint Mail from Basilisk Scales over Reinforced Leather. Zen van Nihil drew his Crimson Armageddon Falchion, Ragnarok of the Noble Savages of Hyperborea who Zen Cohen used to conquer the Holy Solaris Empire as Hyperborea’s closest ally of the last 1,000 years. Zen van Nihil was still in his early 20s and was merely a man of 17 when he led Hyperborea to greatness for his mother, Empress Erika van Nihil. However, Zen van Nihil could not get a read via clairvoyance on the creature spying on him.

The wind had begun to pick up as a storm was coming in. Snow and frost blew as Zen Cohen saw movement from over the ledge down a slope where something was waiting for him. Zen Cohen released his that he had held during his meditation which caused the storm to ravage the side of the mountain that had the intruder to his sanctuary in his cultivating of enlightenment rudely interrupted by this invader of his space.

The Zenarch Maitreya had expelled his breath kicking up the storm harder than it was before. Zen Cohen sensed that this wasn’t a Yeti nor was it a friendly Hyperborean Nordic Human or Aurora Elf. It was quite Ominous and meant Zen Cohen harm.”Come out before this gets ugly.” Zen Cohen said.

A Rat humanoid or Rat Yokai appeared in a Ninja Gi. Two shadows phased into existence from it that formed two more identical Rat Yokai bringing three Rat Yokai in front of Zen Cohen. “My name is Iki Ryo Raigo-Nezumi Tendai the Yokai of Pestilence, Vengeance, Treachery, and Death but my name everyone knows me by is Ichigo Osho. Zen Cohen, I have come to assassinate you by order of King Elijah Wratheon the Elder Vampire for rivaling his power.”

Zen tightened his Shadow Bandersnatch Fur Coat, tightening the wrapping cloth bands around his wrists. Checking his waist for his UtiliTech belt with all his essentials including an the Gnomish Enchanted forged by Dwarves, Arcane Revolver, the Peacemaker and Equalizer. Zen Cohen had a bandolier across his chest. His skin was snow white albino, he had sapphire blue eyes, and jet black hair in a Ronin knot and goatee. Ichigo Osho drew two scimitars each as a Master Shadow Ninja against a Master Zenarch Warrior. Zen Cohen clashed his Ragnarok blade striking each scimitar as they came, perfectly deflecting in a macro and micro rhythm of a dance. Zen Cohen kept the rhythm as he finally got a chance where a Ichigo Osho slipped where Zen Cohen responded by drawing his Equalizer and firing a round of Dragon Breath Shot directly point blank range as the Ichigo Osho fell and burnt to a crisp until he was ashes.

One of the other Ichigo Osho retreated throwing a scroll that opened in a portal that was jade green. Zen Cohen slashed, diced, dashed on the offensive. The Ragnarok and Obsidian Scimitars clashed as Zen Cohen decapitated the Ichigo Osho shadow clone as the last disappeared into the portal as Zen van Nihil followed after the Rat Tesso Yokai, Ichigo Osho.

Zen Cohen was in a busy crowded claustrophobic city of neon signs and martini glass lite the dark city by light pollution. Steam poured out of sewer grates. Tall skyscrapers with neon lights and Megabuildings that raised higher. Zen van Nihil looked around for Ichigo Osho. Zen Cohen saw a Timber Wolf Yokai talking to a Young Woman who was eating ramen with chopsticks. Zen Cohen walked past them. Sword sheathed and Arcane Revolvers holstered. Zen walked past them to see an open market surrounded by apartments of brutal architecture. Stores were on ground floors of the strip malls where various goods and services from arcane weapons, magic armor, to cybernetics. Flea market stands were in the middle of the courtyard where every good was being sold cheap.

Zen Cohen walked among the stands on the designated path looking for Ichigo Osho. “Where is that Rat Tesso?” Zen asked pondering the strangeness of this universe wondering how they functioned.

Zen was fascinated by this world lost in a daze when he was approached by a human girl with cat ears of a being known as a Neko. “Come see the girls at Mama Meows Bordello, nicest Nekos you’ll ever meet, Neko girl dancers, Neko girl companionship, Neko girl love.” Sakura the Neko Girl advertiser got sultry with a purr at Zen Cohen. “Hey mister, how about some good Neko Neko to help your stay in Kabuki.”

Zen Cohen knew he was in Kabuki district of Fuse City, the Sleepless City district of Fuse. Zen stared at the neon signs and lights and the anthropomorphic animal and creature humanoids that were Yokai. Zen Cohen being a Grand Prince and equally stoic as he was hedonistic. Ichigo Osho could wait. Neko cat girl companionship sounded great to Zen Cohen. Maybe even getting one to be his companion in . Zen Cohen took a brochure from the advertiser. “Do you know where Ichigo Osho is?” Zen Cohen said. “No.” The Neko advertiser said.

Zen Cohen moved up a stairway to a massive many-storied building that was Mama Meow’s Bordello. This place was hot and happening in Kabuki district in Fuse City. Zen van Nihil stood in awe to see the Neko models behind the glass dancing on poles and exotic dancing seductively.

Let’s check this out.‘ Zen Cohen thought opening the door and entering. The Cat’s Meow Strip Club was full of attractive hyper-sexualized Neko probably on Euphoria, rolling their tits off. Zen Cohen walked up to a table where a girl was dancing, at the table were predominantly males being 7/10 and females 3/10 of the audience of the Kabuki entertainment.

Zen van Nihil walked in seeing scantily clad Human Girls with Cat Ears and Tails which were the Neko Girls. Zen Cohen had traversed dimensions before and had seen stranger in keeping an open mind to the experience. Zen van Nihil saw a Neko waitress come over to him. “Hello sir, can I get you something to drink?”

Zen Cohen looked up and smiled, “Get me the House Special.”

The Waitress smiled, “You want Mama Meow’s Peaches and Cream mixed drink, it’s essentially a White Russian with peach vodka liquor made with actual fermented peaches.”

“Thank you so much.” Zen Cohen said.

The Neko Waitress strutted off with her white tail splotched with orange and orange tabby ears. Zen Cohen alchemically turned a Hyperborean Crown, or gold coin transferred into 100,100,000 Yen. Zen Cohen admired the Neko dancer in a black bikini dancing on the table in front of him. Zen Cohen was looking to make connections and network at this pretty happening joint.

The Waitress brought Zen Cohen his Peaches and Cream variant of a White Russian. Zen Cohen got the attention of other people at his table.

The Solaris Elf had a glowing orange plasmid sun glowing in his eyes, long golden hair, and fine Elven features that were mores chiseled than their Lunaria Elven counterparts which were more effeminate than the masculine Solaris Elves. The Solaris Elves stood at 6 feet, 4 inches on average, weighing 185lbs as a median. Lunaria Elves stood at 5 feet, 6 inches in height and weight around 135lbs on average. Solaris Elves had golden skin where Lunar Elves had pale skin with jet black hair and the majority had violet eyes.

A Solaris Elf looked at Zen Cohen, “What are you looking for in a place like this, never seen one of your kind in these parts before. I’m Malakite Malathyr, you must be, no wait it can’t be.”

Zen Cohen answered his suspicion, “Zen van Nihil, Grand Prince of Hyperborea. I’m looking for Ichigo Osho the Tesso. Shinobi Ninja Tesso tried to kill me, I followed him here.”

“Come with me, we’re going to go talk to Momma Meow the Yakuza Captain who will help you find the Rat Bastard who tried to kill you. I’m an ambassador of the Holy Solaris Empire, a Solaris Elf such as myself glows too bright in these parts. Mama Meow or Daji Shang who retains her youth through being an Immortal, much like yourself, Zen van Nihil. I’m sure there’s something we can do to get back at the Tesso Shinobi for trying to assassinate you.” Malakite Malathyr said.

“The Tesso Shinobi Clan, those are the Ninja Clan that went after me?” Zen van Nihil asked.

“Yes, which means that they were hired by some other client willing to purchase the souls of the Tesso Shinobi Clan – Rat Yokai.” Malakite Malathyr spoke as he led Zen Cohen through the club to the VIP on their way to Daji Lan Ping, the Bakaneko and Nekomata hybrid Yokai who runs this establishment as the Big Boss of Kabuki district of Fuse City.

Zen Cohen moved through VIP past the Avian Tengu with crimson red skin, hairy furrowed brow, long sausage like long nose with round eyes with various colors. The Tengu wore suits custom tailored to have their wings through their clothes so they could fly. They carried submachine guns and paced the halls and corridors guarding various reserved rooms and hallways to more private settings where someone could get some Neko-Neko in peace and privacy. Malakite Malathyr had a emerald longsword at his side in an evergreen velvet scabbard. Zen Cohen enjoyed the Air Conditioning in the club as he bore the heat in culmination of calm, cool, collect in complete control of the heat his basilisk splintmail produced coupled with a luckily breathable Surreal Bandersnatch Fur Coat. Zen Cohen followed the Holy Solaris Empire regal ambassador gold and red robes.

Zen Cohen and Malakite Malathyr came to a stairway upward and took it up two landings per three floors. On the top floor were the VIP Friends of the Mama Meow Yakuza. Malakite Malathyr led Zen Cohen to a security checkpoint where Tengu Yakuza carrying submachine guns and wearing designer suits allowed Malakite Malathyr and Zen Cohen to pass freely but not without a collective death glare of contempt at Zen Cohen. Zen Cohen followed Malakite Malathyr through a glass door that a Tengu swiped a keycard to open. Malakite Malathyr knocked on Mama Meow’s door to her office which they stood on an enclosed zen sand garden with Feng Shui rocks and raked sand with a coi fish pond with large coi carp bubbling at the surface for Zen Cohen to feed them as he took it all in.

Mama Meow’s Yakuza was known as the Yamaguchi Gumi who operated over Kabuki. Zen entered her office to find a sitting room with a desk with a door open to the back into another larger room. Zen Cohen and Malakite Malathyr walked in through the door to the room.

“Mama Meow?!” Zen Cohen called.

“Daji, where are you?!” Malakite Malathyr called.

The room was large with a giant vat of an aquarium with lion fish and coral inside. The Aquarium alongside the wall was filled with coral, tropical fish, sea anemones and clown fish. There were three beds in the dimly lit room and another desk with a computer at it in an office room with another door that was a bathroom on their left. To their right was a lounging area and beyond that a kitchen.

Daji Shang sat up from the large sofa where a young female Neko hybrid between good and bad so her cat yokai features were calico along with her one green and one blue eye. She was a beautiful half-Asian and half-Black Human Neko with black and white tails.

“Daji, you know the Tesso Shinobi, they tried to assassinate our guy Zen Cohen here from what he tells me, he’s looking for Ichigo Osho who Zen Cohen hasn’t told me the contracting client.” Malakite Malathyr said.

“Is that so?” Daji smiled.

Zen Cohen broke the silence, “Daji, it was Elijah Wratheon the Vampire Lord who owns Wratheon MegaCorp. Where can I find CEO Elijah Wratheon?”

“Manhattan, Neo-York City, Neo-Yorklandia.” Daji said matter-of-factly. “Anything else I can help you gentlemen with, Zen Cohen, I see you were thirsty by that empty Peaches and Cream mixed drink in your hands. Mind if I take it off your hands and get you a refill?”

“Sure Daji, I could use another drink.”

“Peaches and Cream? My house specialty.” Daji said seductively.

“Yes Daji, that would be great.” Zen Cohen said.

Zen Cohen noticed that the room was ominous feeling and auspicious. The Yin-Yang of the room wasn’t in perfect symmetry but in the ebb and flow of waves. Zen Cohen noticed that Daji was a Scorpio by the defining traits of her. Zen Cohen saw her pour a large galvanized milk jug as well as one of hers.

Zen Cohen and Daji cheered and clinked personable milk jugs of Peaches and Cream mixed drink. “What should we cheers to Zen van Nihil?”

“I don’t know.” Zen Cohen said.

“How about immortality?” They clinked their galvanized steel jugs together and drank heavily.

Zen Cohen felt off, dizzy, woozy, totally intoxicated, “Daji, I feel drunk, I feel absolutely wasted.” Daji smiled, “Zen Cohen, you want to lay down?” Daji pushed Zen Cohen onto a heart shaped bed. Zen sat up feeling off and hot he took off his Surreal Bandersnatch Fur Coat. Daji pulled off Zen Cohen’s Storm Boots, and helped Zen Cohen undue his basilisk splintmail cuirass over Reinforced Studded Leather Jacket and Reinforced Leather Pants. Daji took Zen Cohen’s Ragnarok and put it on a coffee table before jumping on Zen Cohen and kissing him, caressing him, she was on top of him and they were kissing hard. Zen Cohen only in his boxers before everything went dark but all Zen Cohen knew was that he and Daji had sexual relations for hours together as Zen Cohen blacked out for it and awoke next to Daji.

“You’re fun Zen Cohen when you release the beast in you’re a carnal carnivore. Nom nom nom. As my man you must defend my honor against the Vex Vipers at their hangout, you must kill Naxos the Sadist. His Vex Vipers are Hebi Yokai. They are pests, purge them from there clubhouse then purge their garage, feel free to take Naxos the Sadist keycard, it’s for the big fish who paid Naxos the Sadist to ravage me and scar my back which is why I have tattoos. The big fish is a prick that I hate named Cameron Quetzal, a yuppie rich gangster prince who’s father is the god, Quetzalcoatl. None of them will suspect you. Go perform the hit and reap of the benefits. Go and make Naxos pay. I swear my Yamaguchi Gumi Yakuza Army will be loyal to you if you kill Naxos the Sadist, wipe out the Vexed Vipers, and Cameron Quetzal.”

“The serpentine reptilian of the Arcane Spell Serpents of the Order of the Dragon that must be the connection between the Draco Dragons and Elder Vampires. I see where you are trying to help me already. It will be done.” Zen Cohen enthusiastically said.

“I got you new clothes by the way.” Daji said, “A courier from the Hand of Shadows dropped by and got you this to wear.”

Zen Cohen recognized the gear, gadgets, armor, clothes, and weapons of a Shadow Knight.

The Shadow Knights were able to jump hundreds of yards in the air, upward, downward, diagonally, from side to side, they were able to do this with a special exoskeleton rig known as a Spring Heel Jack. The Shadow Knights were renowned for this Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton armor and Superhuman aerodynamic rig. The Spring Heel Jack is a hydraulic powered exoskeleton armor that went from the soles of their feet, along their spinal cord all the way to the back of their neck, along the underside of their arms to the palms of their hands. This is worn underneath attire. Shadow Knights, the elite special operatives in the field. The Shadow Knights were able to jump hundreds of yards in the air, upward, downward, diagonally, from side to side, they were able to do this with a special exoskeleton rig known as a Spring Heel Jack. The Shadow Knights were renowned for this Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rig. The Spring Heel Jack is a hydraulic powered exoskeleton spine that goes from the soles of their feet, along their spinal cord all the way to the back of their neck, along the underside of their arms to the palms of their hands. This is worn underneath a Shadow Knights attire.

The Shadow Knights bound through the heavens as the fabled Dragoons, leaping as wingless angels to the skies to do battle with Dragons. For Dragoons are knights who have mastered Dragon slaying. The fabled Guild of the Dragoons which the Shadow Knights are modeled after, for the Shadow Knights are Dragoons as the Dragon slayers of their phantasmic reality except they protect civilization, eradicate Lawless, and hunt the eldritch terrors which hunt them. The Shadow Knights achieve great leaps of faith that the Dragoons used for bounding to the heavens to slay the Dragon except for the Shadow Knights leaped forward into an abyss forever gazing into them, only to fight with monsters that would render their flesh and make them one with the monster in this Darkness enshrouded land of Lawlessness if the Shadow Knight did not slay these monsters first for survival is every darkened lawless day in the world of everlasting decay. The Shadow Knights relied on their Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton suit which relied on a computing system interface that regulated the exoskeleton. The steel dermal embedded cybernetic modification rested on the back of the neck. The computing system would read the user’s kinetic movements through electric pulses from the brainstem where a bio-cybernetic supercomputer has advanced the Human brain to an exponentially greater form of evolution in the cybernetic cerebral enhancement of the elite model known as the Quantum Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement, (ACCE). The basic rudimentary model of this grayware cybernetic evolutionary advancement is the Universal ACCE.

Shadow Knights were the elite special operatives within the Shadow Society. The Shadow Knights were known for their utilization of Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rigs which fit all along the user’s bodies from the cybernetic access where small magnetic interlocking plate to the suit at the base of the neck which plugged directly into their central nervous system which led to the Quantum ACCE. The exoskeleton is a mechanical spine that went from the back of the neck to the tips of the user’s toe, it has special shock absorbers which could lessen any fall or impact, the added utility of using a quickly changing multiple latching grappling hook improved the Spring Heel Jack exoskeletons suitability greatly as an essential part of transportation via the Spring Heel Jack rig.

The Shadow Knights wore the form-fitting, easily concealable and silent to operate exoskeleton suit of the Spring Heel Jack with the ordinary clothes of black cargo pants, black long or t-shirts shirts, and black socks. The special Shadow Knights field operative uniform involved Shadowstep Boots which were jet-black combat boots which never made a sound upon the terrain they traversed upon by foot as well as making the climb of a building with unparalleled speed and agility which made any terrain the same. The hooded shadow cloaks they wore had stealth technology consisting of fiber-optic mirrored technology which could reflect light off it making the cloak translucent rendering it’s wearer almost entirely invisible. Talons of Shadow were jet-black colored, form-fitting, thermal yet breathable material gloves which always kept the comfort of the hands, these gloves matched the Shadowstep boots in climbing with retractable Arcturian Vorpal steel blades at the fingertips as well as Arcturian Vorpal steel plates in the fingers and knuckles for unarmed fighting, the plates protection underneath them made from the material of all their attire, arachnoweave armor. Shadow Knights wore form-fitting, full-body, from neck to wrist to ankle, dark as the void, arachnoweave combat armor. The Arachnoweave body armor is ultra-lightweight, resistant to stabs, shrapnel, and pelts from projectile weapons. Arachnoweave full-body armor is weaved from the silk of enigmatic spiders from an extradimensional origin. These spiders belonged to a pandaemonic spider deity or Archon of Balance known as Anansi and his Astral Arachne. This is the official Shadow Knights Guild attire of the Shadow Society. The Shadow Society is the elite esoteric order that has divisions known as Shadow Society’s. The Shadow Knights are an organization or Shadow Society within the Shadow Society.

113 Serpentine Way. Sonada Barrio. Fuse Megapolis.

Zen Cohen had a Pulse Assault Rifle, a Corbin CRX 26, Two Handguns, Zyzex .50 caliber Auto Pistols, his Ragnarok falchion in a black leather sheathe across his back. Zen had stopped by Greg Brightwood the half-Ogre’s gun shop and gunsmith who worked with Goblins and Orcs on weaponry. Zen Cohen came for the discount from Daji.

Zen Cohen called Malakite Malathyr, “I’m strapped up, I bought the ticket, I’ll enjoy the ride. Can I get a lift to the Club House?”

Malakite Malathyr answered, “Cameron Quetzal has his Cthulhu luxury sports car in the Vexed Vipers garage, take it after the jobs done there to Cameron Quetzal’s apartment where a Neko girl will be distracting him.

“Alright,” Zen Cohen burst through the door to the Den of Vex, Habi Yokai galore. Zen opened fire at the bar taking down a row of Cobra Yokai then began firing at the tables with his Corbin CRX 26 firing pulse rounds which ripped through the Snake Yokai. Zen ran out and took out his Zyzex Auto Pistols in commencing his rampage in mowing down the entire Habi Yokai. They fired back with slugs from 12 gauge Riot Shotguns. Zen fired back as windows were blown out. Tables overturned to be used for cover. Zen Cohen deployed a shuriken from his UtiliTech Belt that he connected a plastic explosive at a table, Zen repeated this twice until three large tables had explosive shurikens planted in them. Zen loaded his Zyzex .50 Auto Pistols then activated his ATLAS bracer computer to blow the tables to splinters then fired at the Vex Vipers sending clouds of red sanguine blood into the sky and blowing them to bits. Zen Cohen used the dual Zyzex Auto Pistols to the Cobra anthropomorphic yokai. Zen Cohen fired through the Vex Vipers as Zen Cohen holstered his Zyzex Auto Pistol to draw his Ragnarok falchion then spun through the air cutting through them. The Vexed Vipers drew their Auto Pistols to begin firing back. Zen saw a barrage of bullets hurling his way which he swiped quickly with Ragnarok deflecting bullets while firing his Zyzex Auto Pistols back at the Vex Vipers. Zen van Nihil hit empty on his extended magazine of his Zyzex Auto Pistol which he ran alongside a wall slicing through Vex Vipers then saw the bar that they used for cover as he circle backed by leaping onto the bar counter then ran down the bar slashing through Vex Vipers. Naxos the Sadist came out of a private room then drew a machete then jumped at Zen Cohen. Airborne, Zen Cohen and Naxos the Sadist were clashing their blades together, Vex Vipers carrying machetes as they clashed blades. Zen swung his blade, Ragnarok slicing and dicing through them.

Naxos the Sadist solely remained, “Listen, take this Wratheon Cthulhu, I won it in a card game against Cameron Quetzal, spare my life, I will leave town and you will never see me again.” Naxos threw Zen the keys on a leather lanyard the size of a deck of playing cards in length and width with a picture of Cthulhu the Great Old One on the black leather keychain knick-knack.

Zen Cohen pocketed the keys then drove his blade into the chest of Naxos the Sadist. Zen Cohen walked to the garage sheathing his Ragnarok. In the illuminated garage by florescent lights was a metallic olive colored muscle car with. Zen Cohen saw the engine block sticking out the front and fins and spoiler on the back with 1,200 horsepower. Zen pressed the unlock the button on the electric key and got in putting the key in the ignition then starting it up as it roared into existence. The Cthulhu had a gps autopilot computer below the radio and above the ashtray.

Zen Cohen pulled out of the garage and cruised through Fuse City.

Zen Cohen drove his Cthulhu muscle car aimlessly and the handling was smooth as butter. Zen Cohen had one of the blessed prototypes of the Vivek Singh, the genius custom motor engineer of Wratheon. Zen Cohen drove aimlessly before stopping by Cameron Quetzal’s villa.

Zen Cohen loaded his guns adding silencers to his Zyzex Auto Pistols. Zen Cohen leapt in a single bound over the high walls as his Cthulhu drove off to circle the neighborhood. Zen Cohen hid behind a palm tree among some bushes. A guard in a suit was walking towards the bushes with a flashlight. Zen Cohen drew a dagger and drove it into the guard when his back was turned dragging him back into the bushes and lying him down.

Zen Cohen made a b-line for the villa, pinning himself against it. Silver Dagger in one hand Zyzex Auto Pistol in the other. Two guards were walking across the front before the gate into the courtyard of the villa. Zen took the Zyzex Auto Pistol firing two rounds, both headshots. The guards fell dead. Zen van Nihil bounded in his Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton adorned by Shadow Knight armor as Zen Cohen shot out the motion sensor lights.

Pew-Pew. Zen fired seeing a bodyguard in a black suit from a balcony, peering into the darkness. Zen fired his Zyzex Auto Pistol directly into the guards head who fell down from the balcony to the ground below exploding like a bag of gore. Zen Cohen had his thermal and night vision goggles. Zen Cohen fired the two guards behind the Praetor. The Praetor led the way, thinking his back-up was behind him. Zen Cohen hid, waiting behind a terrace and bushes. The Praetor in heavy power armor wielding a pulse rifle. The Praetor turned as Zen threw a rock that broke through a basement window in the foundation of the Quetzal Villa at Serpent Slope Lane. The Praetor turned scanning the area as Zen Cohen plunged his Silver Dagger into the Praetor’s neck between the helmets and chest piece prying it open with sanguine blood and sinew grizzle where Zen slid his Zyzex Auto Pistol into the slit and fired killing the Praetor. Zen Cohen knew that a Praetor was downed so he would have a master keycard to the Quetzal Villa, the villa of the youngest Son of Quetzalcoatl. Zen Cohen grabbed the keycard, sliding it through a garage side door card slot and opened it. Seeing a few Vex Vipers working on a SUV and Sports Car. Zen Cohen fired into them, grabbing a Vex Viper as a human shield that was riddled with bolter gun nails as Zen Cohen killed the others in the garage then threw the mortally wounded Vex Viper at another Vex Viper finishing both with headshots. The garage was covered in blood and gore across the sports car and SUV.

Zen Cohen moved into the kitchen where Cameron Quetzal was sitting at the table eating a burrito. Cameron Quetzal had the features of a Aztec Feathered Serpent Dragon Humanoid. There were three other Vex Vipers in the kitchen with Cameron Quetzal which Zen filled with lead from the Zyzex Auto Pistol killing the three with sequential headshots, Pew Pew Pew before going full auto and unloading into the Quetzal crime prince exploding the burrito and riddling with lead as blood sprayed across the kitchen as Cameron Quetzal swayed violently like a ragdoll. Zen headed out the backdoor jumping 50 yards up onto the guest house then jumped again landing in a back alley where Zen Cohen’s Cthulhu had just pulled up. Zen got in, buckling up, putting the vehicle in overdrive then driving off casually but hitting the highway he floored it. Zen Cohen’s night in Fuse City had been one hell of a night.

The upper-class suburb of Fuse was the Villa and Palisades gated neighborhoods of Newport where the wealthy 1% had their beach houses, villas, palisades, and bungalows of the highest quantitative prices of price per square foot of land in Newport in Red County, Fuse. Zen Cohen rolled down his windows feeling the wind blow on him in ecstatic wonder at getting one step closer to the Tesso Shinobi and the Vampire Lord, Elijah Wratheon. Zen hit the highway in his Cthulhu muscle car and cruised all night and into the morning through the Great Dust Bowl Desert where Zen Cohen stopped at a diner, ordering endless waffles with sides of sausage, bacon, toast, and fried eggs.

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