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The date according to the centralized Gardenia Utopian Community originating from Old Earth now known as Eden Prime is May 20th, 2755 CE. Post-Darkness, Post-Lawlessness, Post-Gardenia Utopian Community on Eden Prime the Homeworld of Gardenian Humankind. In an era where Eden Prime is stranded from interstellar intervention from the intergalactic Gardenia Utopian Community and the greater coalition of the Celestial Cosmic Coalition where Humanity resides stranded in their Post-apocalyptic homeworld. Where either anarchy ruled or dystopian governments enforced tyrannical law just to survive among the pockets of civilization against Lawless Psychopaths and Extradimensional Eldritch Obscene Horrors. This is an Eden Prime that has suffered a cataclysm in the dimensional rifts of its existence as the paradigm has been shifted where in this world terrorized by the extradimensional forces of Lawlessness and Darkness that has come with the nightmares from the darkest realities of the multiverse. Where everyday a Human must fight for their life in order to survive. Not a single day is without strife. The world is decaying. Humanity comprises four categories which have originated from the Human which evolved through the traditional perspective of natural evolution in the Homo Sapiens. Humanity has evolved to encompass one species of four subspecies. Homo Sapiens being the one which has branched out into three others, all of which can intersect into hybrids of the subspecies of Humanity. The Human born biologically natural which technologically evolved into a cyborg known as the Homo Nexus with 90% of all cybernetic advancements being subdermal. Humans with the all encompassing evolutionary advancement of their cognitive functions which some would argue is a spiritual evolution pertaining to the phenomenon of Humans having psychic and psionic powers in the species of Humans known as the Homo Esper. The Human not born of the womb but of a biotechnological or technological engineering and scientific endeavors which created the artificial general intelligence of above-average or genius androids who have emotions, thoughts, and free will as well as all the characteristics that would consider a being to have a right to their Humanity and personhood known as the Homo Synthetic. The Human who has biologically and spiritually evolved to use psychic / psionic abilities which they have powers such as telepathy, psychic empathy, telekinesis, elemental-based kinetic energy, precognition, divination, astral projection, scrying, and more supernatural phenomenon awaiting to awakened under the veil of the gloom of day and the darkness of night.


The Shadow Society’s squadron of nine elite special operatives belonging to the Order categorized as the Shadow Knights leapt from the top of a decaying building through the circular aperture of a ruined skyscraper to the ledge of a decrepit high-rise condo, with a great dexterity, each one jumping from ledge to ledge till they reached their next landing spot, a top of an old office building. The skies over Eden Prime were dark and overcast as always, the dark grey shadow that made up the sky allowed light from the sun through but it is always like trying to shine light through a plastic trash bag. The Shadow Knights were lucky it is still day, the fiends that dwelled beneath the Eden Prime didn’t come out during the day, unless you hit the ground very hard and repetitively. The various unworldly fiends could hear the repetitive beats of footsteps during the day and could be lured out to cause havoc and destruction to the remainder of what used to be known as the Eastern Sprawl, this sector of the Eastern Sprawl is the New York Sector or what used to be known as New York City, Manhattan to be exact in the United Socialist States of America.

The Shadow Knights were able to jump hundreds of yards in the air, upward, downward, diagonally, from side to side, they were able to do this with a special exoskeleton rig known as a Spring Heel Jack. The Shadow Knights were renowned for this Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton armor and Superhuman aerodynamic rig. The Spring Heel Jack is a hydraulic powered exoskeleton armor that went from the soles of their feet, along their spinal cord all the way to the back of their neck, along the underside of their arms to the palms of their hands. This is worn underneath attire. Shadow Knights, the elite special operatives in the field. The Shadow Knights were able to jump hundreds of yards in the air, upward, downward, diagonally, from side to side, they were able to do this with a special exoskeleton rig known as a Spring Heel Jack. The Shadow Knights were renowned for this Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rig. The Spring Heel Jack is a hydraulic powered exoskeleton spine that goes from the soles of their feet, along their spinal cord all the way to the back of their neck, along the underside of their arms to the palms of their hands. This is worn underneath a Shadow Knights attire.

The Shadow Knights bound through the heavens as the fabled Dragoons, leaping as wingless angels to the skies to do battle with Dragons. For Dragoons are knights who have mastered Dragon slaying. The fabled Guild of the Dragoons which the Shadow Knights are modeled after, for the Shadow Knights are Dragoons as the Dragon slayers of their phantasmic reality except they protect civilization, eradicate Lawless, and hunt the eldritch terrors which hunt them. The Shadow Knights achieve great leaps of faith that the Dragoons used for bounding to the heavens to slay the Dragon except for the Shadow Knights leaped forward into an abyss forever gazing into them, only to fight with monsters that would render their flesh and make them one with the monster in this Darkness enshrouded land of Lawlessness if the Shadow Knight did not slay these monsters first for survival is every darkened lawless day in the world of everlasting decay. The Shadow Knights relied on their Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton suit which relied on a computing system interface that regulated the exoskeleton. The steel dermal embedded cybernetic modification rested on the back of the neck. The computing system would read the user’s kinetic movements through electric pulses from the brainstem where a bio-cybernetic supercomputer has advanced the Human brain to an exponentially greater form of evolution in the cybernetic cerebral enhancement of the elite model known as the Quantum Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement, (ACCE). The basic rudimentary model of this grayware cybernetic evolutionary advancement is the Universal ACCE.

Shadow Knights were the elite special operatives within the Shadow Society. The Shadow Knights were known for their utilization of Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rigs which fit all along the user’s bodies from the cybernetic access where small magnetic interlocking plate to the suit at the base of the neck which plugged directly into their central nervous system which led to the Quantum ACCE. The exoskeleton is a mechanical spine that went from the back of the neck to the tips of the user’s toe, it has special shock absorbers which could lessen any fall or impact, the added utility of using a quickly changing multiple latching grappling hook improved the Spring Heel Jack exoskeletons suitability greatly as an essential part of transportation via the Spring Heel Jack rig.

The Shadow Knights wore the form-fitting, easily concealable and silent to operate exoskeleton suit of the Spring Heel Jack with the ordinary clothes of black cargo pants, black long or t-shirts shirts, and black socks. The special Shadow Knights field operative uniform involved Shadowstep Boots which were jet-black combat boots which never made a sound upon the terrain they traversed upon by foot as well as making the climb of a building with unparalleled speed and agility which made any terrain the same. The hooded shadow cloaks they wore had stealth technology consisting of fiber-optic mirrored technology which could reflect light off it making the cloak translucent rendering it’s wearer almost entirely invisible. Talons of Shadow were jet-black colored, form-fitting, thermal yet breathable material gloves which always kept the comfort of the hands, these gloves matched the Shadowstep boots in climbing with retractable Arcturian Vorpal steel blades at the fingertips as well as Arcturian Vorpal steel plates in the fingers and knuckles for unarmed fighting, the plates protection underneath them made from the material of all their attire, arachnoweave armor. Shadow Knights wore form-fitting, full-body, from neck to wrist to ankle, dark as the void, arachnoweave combat armor. The Arachnoweave body armor is ultra-lightweight, resistant to stabs, shrapnel, and pelts from projectile weapons. Arachnoweave full-body armor is weaved from the silk of enigmatic spiders from an extradimensional origin. These spiders belonged to a pandaemonic spider deity or Archon of Balance known as Anansi and his Astral Arachne. This is the official Shadow Knights Guild attire of the Shadow Society. The Shadow Society is the elite esoteric order that has divisions known as Shadow Society’s. The Shadow Knights are an organization or Shadow Society within the Shadow Society.

There were nine Shadow Society members including their two commanding officers, these Shadow Society members belonged to the Shadow Society known as the Shadow Knights within the larger Shadow Society. There were nine Shadow Society Shadow Knights members including their captain and counselor. Their captain, Shadow Templar-Captain James Booker and the Shadow Magi and Counselor, the enigmatic Zen van Nihil. James Booker is thirty year old man, wild crimson hair, all one length, his racial-ethnicity bore that of a Half-Elf of Solar Elf and Irish Human that were present in his elongated ears that came to a slight points as his eyes bore a primary golden amber coupled with jade green swirls looping from around the pupil color, he stood at six feet, three inches tall, he weighs 180 pounds. Zen van Nihil’s skin complexion is as pale as a ghost, he has a snow white skin complexion, what pre-Darkness medical books would call an albino from the exactness in skin pigment, he has radiant sapphire blue eyes and jet black hair which is styled into a pompadour, he stood at 6’0, and weighs 185lbs. From what is read from pre-Darkness history books when the world is a united one world government that spanned the solar system, Zen is a notoriously famous person, he is known as the Sovereign of Saturn but as the spiritual philosophy that prevailed in his spiritual socio-political revolution of Zenarchism in the universally accepted following of Zenarchists from the United Revolutionary Collective. In the antiquity of the Dharmic Theosophical spiritual philosophy, Zen van Nihil was celebrated as the Zen Archon Zeitgeist who asserted by his own volition a paradigm shift that caused a quantum flux of the Great Awakening or the Aeon of Enlightenment that among the stars outside Eden Prime thrives among the Utopian Community. However, on Eden Prime the evils of Lucifer Illuminatus from the nihilistic to eldritch cults of paganism dedicated to Chaos Archons and Eldritch Horrors imbued with the essence of extradimensional chaos energy. Zen van Nihil is well-over 450 to 550 years old but doesn’t look a day over twenty-seven. Everyone believed the remnants of documents found pertaining to him, the books, the data files found on old computers which had information concerning him. He is renowned for his psionic and psychic abilities, he would make things freeze, set them on fire, make things move, read people’s minds, see the history of places and objects by touching them, all with the power of his mind.

Zen van Nihil has explained to the Shadow Society records himself that unlike the race of Humanity known as the Homo Esper with such sensitivities among the Human race who have similar powers. The reason his powers were different being that they were significantly more powerful is because he isn’t completely Human, he isn’t a monster that dwelled within the Eden Prime either, he described to the people far and wide in his travels as one of the most elite Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi that he is the fusion of Human and a super-powerful alien that transcended the realms of the known to Humanity by observance as 4th Dimensional Space continuum that extended beyond all realms of the cosmos. What Zen clarified time innumerable between the revolution and event horizon of Darkness, was that Zen is of a sole species of Human from a hybrid of Hyperborean and an Eden Prime native Homo Ultra Esper. Zen van Nihil is of a ghostly albinistic skin tone, has jet black hair, and sapphire blue eyes. Zen van Nihil in his wanderings through dimensional Astral Sea to reside at meetings of the Saturnian dimensional plane where Zen van Nihil communed among the Great Architect that anointed these 12 chosen for the Council of the Great Commission that appointed Zen from once an Archon of Balance to the Sovereign of Saturnian Magistrate for the Great Architect is truly the supreme designer and master of the multiverse known as the Great Architect. The admiring yet curious common person who had no education outside of mastering the art of survival in this Post-Darkness hellscape of Eden Prime, when these survivors asked Zen about his immense powers.

Zen told them, “I am a man sent by the Divine to bring twilight to the shadows of the lands, from dawn until dusk and throughout the night I fight as the guardian of every good soul,” which rolled off Zen’s tongue in charismatic candor.

The Shadow Society as well as Post-Darkness survivors of Humanity on Eden Prime always felt safer with Zen around. The exception to this feeling of safety were those who belonged to the Lawless reavers, raiders, and savages who Zen hunted. Any Shadow Knight serving with Zen felt safer than the general military units and field operative guilds of the Shadow Society because Zen could slay an apical colossal monster of a region in single combat. Whereas, in a fight of a squadron of Shadow Knights operatives against the same colossal monster, the losses and casualties were greater in that situation.

The other seven members of the Shadow Knights squadron from greatest to lowest in rank with the Shadow Templar George Escalon, a thirty year old man, three months older than James, 6’4 in height, 210 pounds in weight. George has long jet-black curly locks of hair, the mane of a lion, and a well-groomed beard. George is a handsome blend of Caucasian and African-American descent. His muscular physique bulged from vigorous exercise. George is known for his pride and chivalry as a model of masculinity and a brother to all.

Shadow Paladin Eiko Sakura Musashi is a twenty-five year old, beautiful Asian-Ainu biracial woman in the North American sprawl. Standing at 5’5 in height, 125 pounds in weight. Comprised of an athletically built woman who is androgynous in the field but in civilian life she celebrated her physically enamoring feminine traits through mostly modest dress, pure raw intellect, wisdom that was beyond her years, all put together by the subtle application of makeup in a world where Lawless women and outer-settlements used cosmetic and synthetic beauty enhancement in opulent excess of the Utopian Community luxuries, she is of an androgynous psychological nature who revels in her assigned biological femininity while commanding admiration and respect despite her slightly deep and raspy voice. Eiko is known for her kindness, compassion, and empathic abilities.

Journeyman Knight Titus Sarkin, a young man in his late-twenties, blond hair in a French Crop, 6’0 in height, 220 pounds in weight, athletic and a honeyed Latin golden complexion in skin tone, he is regarded as an alert, attentive, analytical, highly-intuitive, and a reasonable man with a strong connection to point of guardianship of his fraternal younger twin sister Ramona Sarkin. Journeyman Knight Ramona Sarkin, a young woman who was 23 years old, she stood at 5’7 in height, 135 pounds in weight, she is incredibly attractive, muscular yet slender in appearance, she has a mutation of deep purple hair as well as an olive sepia complexion that was darker than her brother Titus. Titus is of Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian ancestry while Ramona Sarkin is of half-Anglo-Saxon and half-Hispanic ancestry. Honor Knight Vanessa Harris, a young woman of twenty-one years of age, she stood at 5’4, she weighs 130 pounds, she has long black curly locks and tawny olive skin tone complexion of being from Hispanic and Caucasian ethnicity, dark brown eyes, thick lips, extremely beautiful, a secret admirer of Zen who sent him love letters, she covered her tracks to not be found out or Esper traced traced, she is always optimistic, always kind and level-headed, she would go far in her career in the Shadow Society. Neophyte Knight-Errant Johnny Johnston is a Caucasian man of twenty-four, well-groomed and stylish in appearance reflected outside of his occupation with its appearance on the job in his appealing blond hair, standing at 5’11, he weighs 185 pounds, he is known for his moody and reckless behavior, known for being a party boy in the Bohemia club scene, his addiction to the variant of stimulants in the Daemon Dark extremity didn’t help his emotional instability.

The Neophyte Knight Gary Hubbard is a twenty-one year old, he stood at 5’10, he weighs 175 pounds, he is a Caucasian male with a pretentious pseudo-intellectual bookish personality who only wishes to appear intelligent while not truly knowing anything or gaining wisdom from any experience. Gary spends his days off publicly reading popular works of fiction or philosophical novels of Celestialism which were preserved in large part from the collapse of the Utopian Community society. Gary felt his nonconformity to the Shadow Society is the best way to rebel against the thing he took the most pride in, publicly bragging about his fictitious exploits and how close he is to Zen. Gary is reassigned from the Keepers of Secrets Shadow Society of the Shadow Society for failing rudimentary tasks of being the division of the Shadow Society that dealt in the influence of the intellectual over the force of indomitable will present within the Shadow Knights in fighting Lawlessness and Darkness.

There were rival gangs of raiders who made use of the Primal Spring Heel Jack known as the Kangaroo King or Leapfrog exoskeleton technology but they did the best they could to erase them. The majority of people didn’t have access to Spring Heel Jack rigs but the tribe of Bohemia is overtly peaceful and held the modicum of civility so greatly that the members of the Shadow Society found it a safe haven to flourish with its citizens in even setting up a Militarized Police Force of the Shadow Society known as the Nightwatch to help the Bohemia City-State Army, Militias, and Guard their operations and wars with raider tribes were conducted mostly under anonymity and outside of Bohemia’s militia. Today, they were going to hit the large tribe of raiders known throughout Eden Prime as the Collectivized Lawless who were under a mass Pandaemonic Spell of the Supreme Lord Archon of Chaos, Lucifer Illuminatus for in these Soulless Husks of Humanity driven by Primal Psychopathy and Malignant Narcissism of the Lawless called themselves the Hell’s Kitchen Cannibals after their favorite meal and where they resided in New York City while the Shadows Knight were to make it look like another tribe of Lawless from New Jersey being the New Jersey Minions had attacked them, that is if they made it there and back by sunset. They saw one of their camps, the Lawless kept their hoarded Pre-Darkness Tech for the sake of bartering what they had no knowledge over. However, Nightwatch Shadow Society Intelligence had led a decent amount of scavenging for something as prized as Spring Heel Jack rigs which the Lawless held in one of the storage facilities. 

Zen scoped out the area from the sights of his Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle, he saw a bunch of vagabond Lawless sitting in front of a storage unit long forgotten, two Lawless with Kalashnikov AK-47’s stood in front of one unit making it blatantly obvious that it is where they had hidden their rigs. The Shadow Society members aimed their primary ranged weapon known as the Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle which deatomized a three foot circumference in structures but obliterated Lawless to dust. Energy Weapons were silent, stealthy, sophisticated, clean, quiet, with zero recoil despite how rapid one could fire. The Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle fired an Ultraviolet laser beam was a deatomizing energy which was superior to the Vega-Esher Energy Rifle which fired Infrared laser beam that caused extreme thermal heat while the Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle fired a Deatomotizing Ultraviolet compressed precision particle pulse of energy which always hit its mark as shown through the Holographic Sight with optional deployable Telescopic Sight attachment for sniping. Energy Weapons required either Magick for permanent effects or the science of crystalline hyperfusion batteries which both supplied an infinite source of power powered rifles which were the two crystal power supplies of the highest quality with exclusive attainability to the Shadow Society. Two .550 caliber silenced high-powered Gauss powered projectile handguns known as the Gardenia Nighthawk in holsters akimbo at both sides of their hips on a utility belt with a number of gadgets and gizmos. A shock baton which is an extendable steel baton which electricity encircled around the bone destroying bludgeoning force and muscle neutralizing weapon. Two Void Daggers forged from Arcturian vorpal steel were next to the holsters in sheathes which when drawn would glow with a red thermetic energy around the blade such as the Void Blade, and the primary melee weapon of a Shadow Knight. A Void Blade in an appropriate energy neutralizing alloy sheathe across their back is a Arcturian vorpal steel katana or longsword blade which is infused with the constant harnessing and flowing of glowing darkness of opalesque thermetic electromagnetic energy. The Void Blade and complimentary Void Dagger could slice through a ten-foot high, one-foot thick wall made of titanium alloy steel if it were immaterial.

The Lawless stood around oil drums burning Keroilian fuel for warmth. Zen motioned to James Booker to move the rest of the seven into position, the Lawless electromagnetic kinetic projectile weapons known as Gauss powered firearms which relied on a hammer and electromagnetic energy from magnets aligning the barrel. The Gauss rifles were not an assault variant but a hunting model manufactured by Autumn Industries Beast Killer 550. The weapons of the Lawless were no match for the weapons wielded by those of the Shadow Knights Guild of the greater Shadow Society. There may have been twenty-three of the Lawless with Gauss powered hunting rifles but there were nine Shadow Knights with Q-Antimatter pulse laser assault rifles at a distinct vantage point gathered around their campsite, the only fear the Shadow Knights have is the reverberations from their ancient projectile weapons and what monstrosities that may draw out from the ground.

James motioned to Zen to use his abilities to do what he did best. Zen snapped his fingers causing the two Keroilian oil drums to explode flames upward immolating several of the twenty-three in flames, they screamed in agony as the fire consumed and incinerated them. Eiko Sakura Musashi is the first to get a hit from an Energy Rifle, disintegrating one of them, the second is George. At this point, the Lawless took cover, drawing their hunting rifles, submachine guns, and handguns before firing at the places where they saw the luminescent particle beams had been fired from. Eiko and George took cover as James fired and confirmed two hits on direct opponents disintegrating them.

The number of Lawless has gone from twenty-three to fifteen in a matter of a few seconds, the Shadow Knights would need to act fast to not alarm more Lawless in the area or monstrosities from underneath. Zen leapt forward fifty yards by utilizing his Spring Heel Jack rig, he landed directly among the fray of the Lawless, lifting two of them with his inherent abilities of telekinesis, he ripped them limb from limb in a gallant show of force. They drew towards Zen who took cover behind an old rusted EisenHaus town car allowing Eiko and George to regain their firing position to continue shooting, the Lawless dwindled quickly into piles of ash, only clothed in leather armor they did not stand a chance. Eiko dove towards Zen for assistance to where the previously guarded garage is, the rest followed, James Booker is there third with his sidearm at the ready. Zen opened the garage door breaking its lock with his psionic abilities of telekinesis.

Inside they found six Spring Heel Jack rigs, an armament of projectile weapons, power cells for Chaos laser pulse assault rifles, and tons of canned goods. Vanessa, Victoria, Gary, Johnny and Titus began loading up duffel bags with the Spring Heel Jack rigs, power cells, and canned goods, leaving behind the unusable projectile weapons. They felt a tinge of a panic that they must act quickly for they felt slight vibrations in the area around them. James surveyed the four as they did this while Zen, George, and Eiko stood watch over the garage to make sure no other opposition came their way. They heard the dreadful moan of the unliving, what is better known as Grendelkin. These feral abominable beasts walked the surface world but were nothing compared to what thrived beneath the Eden Prime’s crust, the commotion must have alerted them for several hordes of Grendelkin from both sides of the corridors that is the aperture between the two rows of storage units of the facility appeared.

The attacking Grendelkin were all of the male gender, one would need to venture through the Global Metro Subway Station in hopes to find a nest or hive where the Grendelkin kept their women, their women has not yet been publicly documented besides a few elite researchers and scientists in the Shadow Guild of the Keepers of Secrets, the Intelligence Community of the Shadow Society. Grendelkin have large misshapen bull, goat, ram, or stag horns which sprout up from their head. The Grendelkin have the jowls of a hound with a more Human mouth, this mouth is filled with large tusks and fangs of sharp jagged teeth. The Grendelkin has large hooked ears providing them with the ability to hear for miles while this feature remained reminiscent of their prior elven form. The Grendelkin has solid yellow eyes which radiantly glow ominously. Grendelkin are covered in a jungle of disgustingly matted and crusted dreadlocked hair that covers their large scaled plates of natural armor. Grendelkin has large skeletal razor sharp claws extending their fingers and toes which they used for rendering flesh, their teeth for biting through bone. Grendelkin favors Humans for meals but are cannibalistic to their own. They are trapped in a state of paleolithic era of Humankind with only the most basic of instincts as their guiding force with Lawless and Darkness energies in complete control of them.

Zen, Eiko, and George began firing upon them. Zen used telekinesis to knock a good portion of them onto their backs for them to squirm back up and charge again. Johnny handed his bag to James his commander and charged out with his Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle drawn and began firing. The Grendelkin were closing in on them, there seemed to be no stopping to their onslaught. Zen created a wall of fire with pyrokinesis on both sides of them then shot tunnels of flames through the horde of Grendelkin on both sides burning to a crisp. James led Titus, Vanessa, and Victoria into a leap of faith to a towering apartment complex roof. Eiko and Zen followed suit to the towering apartments, Johnny tried to leap but his leg was grabbed by Grendel, ripping it off from its joint, from exertion Johnny flew head first into the top of the storage garage roof, almost clearing it for him to go tumbling back down to the ground.

Victoria screamed, “No! Johnny! Johnny! No!”

As her lover is ripped to pieces by the Grendelkin, Johnny’s screams matched that of the Wilhelm scream as the Grendelkin cannibalized him, Johnny is ripped to pieces in seconds, eating around the Spring Heel Jack rig as if it were a steel chicken bone but breaking his actual bones and sucking the marrow from them. Victoria screamed and pleaded with James, James Booker saw no point in saving a dead man but his rig is still valuable. Zen charged back throwing balls of incendiary energy at the gathering horde that surrounded the pieces of Johnny’s corpse burning dozens upon dozens of them as he soared, he drew his Energy Rifle taking out the ones directly around Johnny’s corpse. Zen landed, standing over Johnny’s remains, he pried off the Spring Heel Jack rig and grabbed the Energy Rifle. George has also leapt and is standing on top of the row of storage units providing immediate covering fire for Zen as he recovered the valuables before both leapt back to where their team was standing.

Victoria is in hysterics, she is pleading with James to recover his remains to which James’ answer is, “What remains?”

Zen walked over to Vanessa placing the Energy Rifle, cloak of shadows, and Spring Heel Jack rig in her duffel bag which contained two other Spring Heel Jack rigs. Zen holstered the .550 caliber sidearm at an open gun holster at his side. Victoria’s bag carried two Spring Heel Jack rigs and an immense amount of canned goods, Titus’ bag carried two rigs as well as battery packs for their Reapers of Pride pulse rifles, Gary’s carried two Spring Heel Jack rigs and a mixture of weapons, canned goods, and battery cells. They heard a rumbling in the distance as a monster is emerging from the subterranean nether reaches of the Eden Prime.

“Go, now!” James commanded grimly to the remaining six squad members who with the exception of Zen and Eiko may have been reeling from the gore and horror of the death of their two fellow Shadow Knights.

Zen has already begun his leap away from the epicenter of the quake as a monster is emerging from the depths of the land below. The seven followed, first James, then Eiko, Gary, Vanessa. Victoria is still in hysterics being consoled by her brother Titus and her friend who is like a father figure, the good old George Escalon. She regained herself and the three followed behind at a hundred yard distance.

Zen has already begun his leap away from the epicenter of the quake as a monster is emerging from the depths of the land below. The seven followed, first James, then Eiko, Gary, Vanessa. Victoria is still in hysterics being consoled by her brother Titus and her friend who is like a father figure, the good old George Escalon. She regained herself and the three followed behind at a hundred yard distance. Zen looked off to see in the distance a monstrosity unlike any he has seen before, it is a Wyrm, a 2,500 yard long Dragon without limbs, despite its inferior protrusions one could call legs that it propped itself up on, it has decided in its wretched existence to rile about as a serpent but has wings so it could also fly, large barbs protruded from around its head. It is crashing through the streets towards the Shadow Knights that were quickly upon the move. Zen is leading the way, Zen is leading them to the Hell Gate Bridge near Lawless country in Hell’s Kitchen, Zen thought that maybe the Lawless could handle the Wyrm while they made their escape back to Bohemia. They were leading it away from the outskirts of Brooklyn towards Manhattan, away from Bohemia located in the former Queens Borough in the Eastern Sprawl of the New York city Sector. The Wyrm slowed as it stopped to fight with Lawless and Grendelkin alike. The Shadow Knights saw many Lawless settlements being destroyed and this pleased them, the real target is the Lawless capitol in Hades formerly Hell’s Kitchen, New York.

They were atop a roof of a high-rise building, firing their Chaos laser pulse assault rifles at it to garner its attention. The Wyrm’s hide is too thick for the mere projectile weapons from the hordes of Lawless it devoured in its wake of destruction, their bullets left dents in its scaled hide, the Chaos burned its flesh leaving singed off scales to its softer underbelly which caused it great pain. James Booker directed those with duffel bags of loot to activate their stealth cloaks and make their way for Bohemia to leave Zen, Eiko, George, and himself to deal with the Wyrm. Hordes of Grendelkin have climbed upon the green-scaled Wyrm, slashing and slicing at it, the Wyrm rolled around in pain smashing the Grendelkin like bugs.

Finally, the Wyrm is unfettered as the Shadow Knights could direct it back on its way to the Lawless capitol via blasts from their Chaos laser pulse assault rifles. The beams shot with imperceptible accuracy because the scopes on the Chaos laser pulse assault rifles showed precisely what target was going to be nailed. The Wyrm charged back towards the four remaining Shadow Knights, without their Shadow Cloaks stealth ability they leapt through the night leading the Wyrm to Manhattan to do damage, firing from their Chaos rifles to get the attention of the Wyrm. Finally they were entering Lawless country, the Lawless were already set for the attack. The four Shadow Knights hid on the pinnacle of the Hell’s Gate Bridge, they then activated their Cloaks of Shadows to hide at the top while heavy armored Lawless in power armor, armed with bazookas fired upon the Wyrm, there is even a giant mechanized suit known as a Mecha carrying a giant chain-gun firing at the Wyrm. Six out of ten missiles hit the Wyrm doing damage and irritating it greatly, the chain-gun rounds pelted the Wyrm, with a mighty flap of its wings the Wyrm lunged across the river into the Lawless wearing power armor and the heavy Mecha destroyed them instantly. The Shadow Knights were glad they had taken out that Lawless tech because according to Bohemia militia intelligence it is going to be used in a raid against their city. More Lawless, most in insignificant Kevlar Vests and disrepair power armor stood up to the Wyrm with projectile weapons firing upon it. The citizens of Hades could be heard screaming as the Wyrm breathed fire upon them incinerating thousands, setting old tenement buildings, houses, high-rise apartment complexes ablaze. The Shadow Knights watched in horror as men, women, and children were being decimated by the Wyrm. James sighed deeply at what was happening, Zen watched with a meditative understanding, George nodded his head in approval and disapproval, Eiko Sakura Musashi covered her mouth and wept silently.

The four Shadow Knights understood that the Lawless were their enemies. After all, the Lawless were raiders, rapists, murderers, pillagers, a large tribe that took up an entire borough, their men and women are ruthless bloodthirsty psychopathic beings, their children would grow up to be the same. After the ensuing carnage as the Lawless population has been eradicated, the Lawless no longer exist as a tribe of people but as a painful and tormented memory. Whether it is Zen or a natural occurrence, a downpour of rain began putting out the flames to save the rest of the borough from burning to the ground. The Wyrm rested bloodied, too weakened by the slaughtering of the tens of thousands in the battle that has ensued. Knowing now that the Tribe that encompassed Bohemia, known as the Bohemians, is safe from the vast population of Lawless, the four rested easily for a moment, watching the Wyrm. The supplies have definitely made it back to one of the several Guild houses in Bohemia. There is perhaps only one thing left possibly to do. Slay the Wyrm.

Zen has his arm around Eiko Sakura Musashi, her head resting on his shoulder as she wept into the cusp of his neck. James and George saw that Zen is handling his primary function as a physician, this case being psychological counseling. Eiko is a Journeyman of the Shadow Knights Guild of the Shadow Society but they have never done anything like this. They were responsible for wiping out an entire society of people, despite these people being their rivals, their rivals being savage monsters as evil as the Grendelkin, it didn’t matter. Eiko has empathy and Zen felt it is his fault for her trauma she has just witnessed. James is reasoning with George on whether or not to kill the Wyrm before it somehow regenerated which could take hours or days then it would borrow back into the vast network of subterranean tunnels that was once the global spanning high-speed subway system known as the Global Transit System which is how most of the monsters traveled from the netherworld beneath Eden Prime. There has once been bullet-trains which could take someone across the entire world, from continent to continent, from city to city, across oceans. James found he could not reason with George Escalon for George is set in his hubris to slay the Wyrm.

The twenty-five-hundred yard long Wyrm with curved razor sharp horns protruding from its head, large reptilian draconic wings from its upper portion of its serpentine body, and large green scales that encompassed it, rested. Its long forked tongue going in and out of its massive fanged mouth, one of its orange snakelike eyes missing from its head from the battle. The Wyrm was covered by multiple bloodied wounds encompassing its body. The Wyrm is grievously wounded, a black pool of its own blood oozed from around it. That black ooze that was a foot deep and has become a standing pool for the hundreds of the Lawless mangled deceased bodies which were saturated in its blood. The Wyrm is not going anywhere anytime soon.

“George don’t, I’m giving you a direct order to stop.” James Booker screamed at George.

George ignored him as he leaped with all of his might as he activated his stealth shadow cloak. Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle and Void energy sword drawn, he is ready for battle. Eiko has stopped crying, still cradled in Zen’s arms but still softly sobbing.

She whimpered behind tears for solace, “That damned fool.”

They watched as George leaped from structure to structure to reach his designated target, the Wyrm. George fired his Energy Rifle hitting the Wyrm in its protruding tongue cutting it off from its vestige, eliminating its sense of smell. The Wyrm instantly lunged upward, towering above the refuse which surrounded it. George leaped with his energy blade ready to strike, he sliced through the side of the Wyrm releasing a spray of black ooze that is its blood. The Wyrm turned toward George breathing out a large projection of incendiary fire catching George Escalon’s cloak ablaze, George landed with a roll on top of a building putting out the flame before rising again, The Wyrm lunged at him crashing into the building he was upon. George leaped backward to a lower tenement building firing a shot into its visage nearly missing its one good eye. The Wyrm kept coming, George kept up the fight valiantly while jumping backwards hundreds of yards at a time, looking behind him to make sure he was going to hit his target destination safely. The Wyrm is directly in front of George. George held firmly onto his Void energy blade and dug into its head. The blade went directly into its brain as the two crashed through buildings. The Wyrm rolled smashing George through structure after structure until it finally came to a stop.

The three now standing on top of the Hell’s Gate Bridge watched in horror as their friend may be dead. Zen has a sullen look upon his face as he is the first to leap towards the end of the calamities position, James and Eiko come soon after. They came upon the Wyrm, lifeless, not moving, the Wyrm was slain. They walked up along the side of the remains of the Wyrm to see if George had somehow survived. They came to its head where they found George in a bloody mess of smashed gory pieces. Pieces of George’s Spring Heel Jack rig still attached to the dismembered parts of his body. The energy sword is placed directly into the depths of the monstrosity’s brain. James walked up and pulled on the energy blade hard enough until it finally gave way spraying black ooze with large chunks of brain matter flopping out of its head. Finding George’s still intact titanium sheath upon his torso with a destroyed utility belt. The cloak and the rig were destroyed beyond supposed speculation or repair. James sheathed the blade, dispatching an adult sized body bag from a pocket sized metallic storage unit that is simply a small cartridge on his belt utility belt. They began to gather up George’s pieces and things then throw them in the body bag with the Spring Heel Jack Rig still intact to his heroic limbs.



A sixty foot high steel wall surrounded the city, a mixture of steel and concrete surrounded the innermost part of the city, outside that wall is a forty foot tall electric chain link fence with barbed wire that topped it. Guard towers were located within eye distance on the perimeter on the inside concrete and steel fence with snipers positioned there. The city gates were made of sliding reinforced barn doors where the only opening in the electric fence is made accessible, this area is heavily guarded.

When they went to Bohemia, Bohemian Polis city-state militiamen let them through. They knew who the Shadow Society especially the elite militarized special operatives of the Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi for the Shadow Society Security and Support Forces of the Nightwatch who were the paramilitary organization acted in the same authority of the Bohemia Militia and Police Forces. The Nightwatch wore Black Medium Power Armor and were equipped with bionics by the Shadow Society as a universal force in every Polis or City-State the Shadow Society operated in throughout the Galactic Civilizations of the Gardenia Utopian Community and United Cosmic Federation for among them  were three high-ranking city officials before in their eyes. The special forces of the Bohemian Polis city-state except the Shadow Society is an intergalactic organization among the intergalactic Utopian Community which left them on Humanity’s homeworld of Eden Prime to their own devices, their own accord, anything done here was of their own. As an honor from battle, unfettered by enemies, the leader would have to carry the remains of the fallen, the fallen being George Escalon. Johnny didn’t get his honor of having his body buried for his body has been completely devoured by Grendel, still a Shadow Society memorial service at a Guild hall would be held in both their honors, their funerals would be to whatever Post-apocalyptic philosophy or religion they belonged to where their family and friends could attend as well, The tribes people of Bohemia acted as a family in order to survive so the vast majority of the public would pay their respects at their funerals.

Journeymen Titus and Ramona Sarkin, the siblings, have reported Johnny’s death to the Morgue, as well as his cause of death, cannibalized by Grendelkin when he misjudged his Spring Heel Jack rigs course of action, a humiliating way to go. Victoria and Johnny had been lovers, they were engaged to be married and when they got back from their mission with the Shadow Knights of the Shadow Society, they were going to pick out flowers for the wedding, those flowers would have been blue-eyed Marys and Blazing Asters.

This Shadow Society Master Guild Hall they were visiting in particular is the place of the old Kaufman Astoria Studios building. An elegant and regal place they have set-up shop. Its large studio rooms have been renovated into a mess hall, a lounge, an armory, a laboratory or garage for research and development, a gym and training center, a library, and bunk hall. The three found this out when they entered the Shadow Society Lodge and Victoria is still in hysterics, pounding on James’s chest, pleading to the reason why Johnny has to die in order to retrieve some tech from the Lawless.

“Why James? Why? Damn you James! Damn you!” She sobbed at him, her breath was at a loss, she didn’t know how to handle the loss of her sweetheart and best friend since Childhood.

Titus pulled her off of him and took her over to a couple of chairs in the lobby where they could sit, her brother Titus comforted her, holding her in his arms as she bawled. James has sent Journeyman Trey with three initiates to the morgue with pieces of George’s body after instructing them to pry the broken remnants of the Spring Heel Jack rig off his shattered remains with the rest of his gear to see if it could be repaired or salvaged. Which it could, it would just take time.

James felt at a loss, George has been his comrade since they have migrated here from the Boston sector to start their own guild of now all functioning aspects of the Shadow Guilds as it began to flourish like the Shadow Society in the Boston sector of the Eastern Sprawl, it is just beyond his own grief to even accept that George is dead. George has done thousands of missions, he has taken out a few monsters in his day but to think one that is already practically dead is the one that killed him was beyond him. James’s face is downcast at today’s losses.

Zen patted James on the back to get his attention, “Are you alright my friend?”

“Yeah Zen, I… I guess I’m okay.”

“Are you really my friend?”

“No, I’m going to probably head to my home and think about my loss,”

“Don’t you mean our loss?”

James has known George since they were kids when their parents were members of the Shadow Society, Zen has been in the Shadow Society since its origins which is a mighty long time ago. Zen is an old soul, he is more of a myth than a man, rumored to be anywhere from five-hundred to six-hundred-fifty years old but did not look a day over twenty-seven, by most accounts, Zen is both as intimidating as he is friendly, despite his skin tone being paler than an albino, he is considered a remarkably handsome man, many women of Bohemia and even the females belonging to the Shadow Society has had the pleasure of having him yet he has no known offspring.

James considered having the heart and soul of the Shadow Society over for company, maybe inviting Eiko, the three of them could mourn the loss of George Escalon together. Maybe have some drinks of moonshiners whiskey or that good absinthe Zen always seemed to have, they could reminisce about the now legendary hero that is the 28th degree Shadow Knight in the Guild of Shadows, George Escalon. Maybe James could get Zen drunk enough to tell him his true age or find out Zen’s degree or just more about the life of a good friend that has been on every mission with him who has little to say but sage advice and strategic battle plans which when he came up with an alternative means of strategy worked out better than the squad leader James’ plan.

“Zen, Mr. van Nihil, would you mind coming over and bringing some of that good absinthe to match my moonshiners whiskey for good company and drink, I might need a good friend and comrade-in-arms to help me through my grieving process, George and I have been friends since we were milk drinkers.”

“Hahahaha,” Zen laughed, “Mr. van Nihil is my father’s name, I’m Zen van Nihil, it’s more of a title than a surname but yes, I’d be more than happy to come with you, do you mind if Journeyman Eiko Sakura Musashi comes with as well, she is still shaken by seeing the death of children and all the carnage that happened today.”

Zen is that type of good guy or good alien-Human or Outsider kinda guy who was born on Eden Prime who happened to just care about his friends more than he cared about the missions, something he is adamantly passionate about, the amount of love this once known as the Zenarchism Maitreya is ridiculous as something I originally experienced in my early adulthood years after spending my first 13 years of childhood and adolescence in some Community Underground Military Base for cultivating my powers as a weapon unmatched by anything, James felt more than happy to oblige his request.

“Certainly Zen but only Journeyman Eiko, she is also a loyal comrade to the Guild of Shadows as well as a vital asset to our team,” James grinned, feeling better than he has before.

“Thanks James, she’s talking to Shadow Society’s Regional Guild Overseer, Templar-Director Justice Constantine in the Lounge about today’s events, the two of you are being promoted.” Zen said earnestly.

“The two of us? Why don’t you?” James interjected.

“Director Justice cannot promote me, no one can.”

“Why’s that?”

“Are you inquiring about my rank?” Zen asked in a way that warranted if he wanted to beg that question.

“Yes, yes I do.”

“In the Sovereign of the Shadow Society, I am a thirty-three degree Master of Monarchs, I am the Sovereign, the master and monarch above the Four Noble Lords of the Shadow Society and its Guilds, I am the highest authority, above the Four Noble Lords, I am the Sovereign of Shadows.”

James is taken back, James is a 26th degree Shadow Templar, now promoted to 27th degree Shadow Templar-Commander. Justice Constantine is a 30th degree which is where 99% of Shadow Society members peaked where they would be assigned to prestigious classified missions or become Regional Guild Overseer of all the Shadow Society’s Guilds within an area. It could be decades before James Booker reached that but for the Sovereign of the Shadow Society to undertake his missions as his second-in-command in Zen van Nihil while being obedient to James in their own missions as Zen operated under James respectfully was the greatest shock and honor anyone who belonged to any Shadow Guild of the Shadow Society could receive. The Honor that has been kept secret until now. Zen’s rank has been speculated at a 27th degree at most but to have the Sovereign follow orders humbly under a mere Templar-Commander is beyond comprehension.

“Zen, I ummm, I am, uhhh,” James fumbled over his words from the mere shock of the information that has just been shared.

“Honored? I am equally as honored as my brother to serve with you.”

James got done on a knee and grabbed Zen’s hand, he whispered, “I swear my fealty to you Master of Monarchs, Sovereign of Shadows, Zen van Nihil.”

Although none has overheard their conversation in the lobby, Zen pulled him to his feet.

“Please James, I do not appreciate the praise that comes with the title, it is something I was elected to be from its inception, I used to lead the organization more openly but now I do it by means of humility.”

James arose to his feet, regaining himself.

“I apologize Zen.”

“No apologies necessary friend, let me go fetch Eiko and we will be off to your home for a drink and talk of the greatness that is the Knight Regent George Escalon.”

Zen hurried off leaving James in the lobby. Initiate Gary Hubbard rushed over to James, a look of excitement upon his face.

“Templar-Commander Booker, I’ve been promoted from Neophyte Knight to Knight-Errant, I hear you are having drinks with Zen and Eiko at your abode, may I please join?” He inquired hastily.

“No, this is for those who were close friends of the late Knight Regent-Commander George Escalon, no Knight-Errant’s allowed, and certainly no one who didn’t know Sir George Escalon personally,” James thundered.

Rage is building up inside James, he felt the need to hit the puny Hubbard for his insolence. James’s rage subsided as Hubbard fled in fear as Zen is returning with Eiko, they had already gone to their lockers to retrieve their street attire to join James at his home. Zen wore black cargo pants, short black sleeved shirt, black dress boots, and Buddhist worry beads around his neck. Eiko wore what she wore before the mission, a purple sundress with black plimsolls for shoes. They both carried duffel bags which had their Shadow Society equipment in them. Being their rank, they have their own personal gear which they could take with them, all ranks below twenty have to return everything to the armory and quartermaster. James would change out of his gear when they returned to his estate.

“You ready?” Zen asked.

“Yes,” James answered.

They walked outside the Guild Lodge into the street where people roamed about, Grendelkin moved through the streets, there were some cars and motorcycles but most everything was drawn by horse and buggy. Zen hailed a taxi, that being horse and carriage, they climbed inside and headed off. They looked out the windows at the furnished well-kept Eastern Sprawl New York sector which used to be Queens. Zen and Eiko chatted about her love interest which is an upstanding council member of Bohemia named Tristan Sheers, a predominant member of the Bohemian polis city-state, Zen commented on how he would like to meet him. James listened to them chat but kept having intense memories or flashbacks of his fallen friend George Escalon, it seemed it was only yesterday they were jumping on the cushions of George’s family home pretending they were Shadow Knights like their father’s wearing Spring Heel Jack rigs. One time they were doing this and James fell, hitting his head on the coffee table. George scooped up his injured friend, rubbing his head and holding him while James cried in pain, it has left a small scar which he still has there to this day on the far right portion of his hairline.

Zen noticed James’s forlorn attitude and switched the conversation by asking him, “What’s on your mind James?”

“Zen if you can really read minds, you should already know.”

Zen’s demeanor changed for a second before asking, “George is a good man who took out the apex predator of the Manhattan area of monsters, we will not need to worry about another one of those beasts moving in for several months and the Lawless have been decimated or all have been scattered. We will be sending Bohemian soldiers into that area with construction workers to expand our territory, I don’t know what we’re going to do about that Wyrm’s body, the Grendelkin have probably already picked it clean as well as the bodies of the Lawless, what we need to worry about is the upcoming Grendelkin infestation that might follow that area with the amount of sustenance the Grendelkin now have, we will need to see if our allies in the Ravens tribe will need our help in fighting off the Grendelkin infestation that will soon migrate to their small tribe now that the Lawless tribe has fallen.”

“True Zen, we will need to run extra missions in those areas to secure them and our alliance with the Ravens.”

The carriage stopped as they arrived at James’ place of residence. Eiko and Zen grabbed their duffel bags and hopped out, James followed, they stood in front of James’ magnificent manor, refurbished from before the Abominations began appearing and the fall of civilization. James jumped fifty feet in the air over the gate grabbing his spare key to unlock the massive gate to his manor from the other-side, only accessible by a Spring Heel Jack rig for the fence is just as high as the gate he has just jumped, he opened the gate and Zen van Nihil and Eiko Sakura Musashi entered as he closed the gate behind them, working the chain around the two focal points then locking it with a padlock, he slid some sliding locks sealing the two together. James Booker was fluid with this motion. The three walked to the front door which is a large oak door with a small window at the top, James unlocked this door with the same fluidity. They entered the manor’s foyer, James closed the door behind them then locking it. At the foyer, a wide set of wooden stairs could be seen, if you turned through the doorway on the right you would be taken to the office area then through there would be the kitchen, to the left of the kitchen is the dining room which has large floor to ceiling windows that peered out to the backyard which is a spacious overgrown garden with an old mason built brick wall that spanned the back of the property. To the left of the dining room made up the entire other side of the house which is a living room. Zen has been here enough to know where everything is, he moved straight past the stairs to the second floor to the dining room, then the kitchen. Once there, Zen opened his duffel bag, pulled out the bottles of absinthe with wormwood extract putting them in the freezer, He pulled out a plastic baggie of sugar cubes, putting them in the fridge. Eiko didn’t know where everything is since it has been so long since she has been there, the first and last time she has been here is when she is merely an initiate, now a journeyman-master ranked Shadow Paladin who has matured and grown greatly passing the former-self she is in her initiate prospect to the novice ranks through the apprentice ranks then from the apprentice ranks to the Journeyman to journeyman-master ranks. 

She went through the doorway to the living room, sitting down on the couch. James followed her. James opened his fireplace, placing three logs in a triangular fashion, he stuffed the open portion on the bottom with kindling, then dosed it in kerosene then lighting the kindling with a lighter, closing the fireplace doors and opening the smoke passage to the chimney by twisting a knob. Zen is getting three glasses ready with ice from the freezer.

Eiko sprawled herself out on the couch, she is of native Ainu descent and Japanese descent, her hair in a ponytail, esprit-tech aviator sunglasses could sort data on motion, heat, enemy tracking, all at optimal times of combats, she held a cigarette in her mouth, she is athletic built in standard Shadow Society uniforms while appearing as an androgynous hardened special operative while on missions concerning Lawless population control but despite her tomboyish appearance is an extremely attractive feminine woman despite her voice deep and raspy as an elite among them in skill, off missions she is known as one of the most sociable friendly and empathic people one could meet. James contemplated her to his just turning thirty, feeling old he then contemplated Zen’s hundreds of years in-age lifespan without the man appearing to be over the age of his mid-twenties but is wise according to his enigmatic years while retaining his youthful spirit. James is finished with the fire when Zen walked in the room with three glasses of absinthe, he has cooked the sugar cube and dumped them into the glasses changing its color from a green liquor to a clear opaque drink, he has done this through the use of telekinesis and pyrokinesis while at the sink.

Zen handed them each a drink, drinking deeply from the tumbler he has poured himself. James and Eiko both nursed their absinthe then took a deep drink as Zen took an even deeper drink finishing his beverage, returning to the kitchen to make himself another glass.

James called after him, “Zen, how did you get a hold of Absinthe with wormwood, I read from clippings that it is made unavailable with wormwood long before the war, long before the fall of Eden Prime’s civilization when the monsters began showing up.”

Zen returned almost immediately.

“That’s because I brew it myself,” Zen replied.

“How do you do that?” Eiko asked.

“With the utmost care and from a recipe I found in the archives of the Shadow Society with my own little twist to make it my own special absinthe, you can’t find real absinthe outside of me,” Zen said matter-of-factually.

“Zen, how old are you exactly?” James asked.

“My natural body is six-hundred and fifty-five years old and am expected to live till time shall end and the universe is no more,” Zen responded soberly.

“What is it like before the monsters showed up?” Eiko implored of him.

“Well it is a turbulent time with the Reptilian occupation through the means of a deceptive shadow government that influenced the empire that is the Community Eden Prime and it’s interstellar civilization, our planet as well as many other worlds in our solar system were all under a united interstellar civilization of Humanity, after the outside reptilian alien occupation, the Utopian Community of Eden Prime became the Community of Humanity then simply known as the Utopian Community, a faction of the utopian civilization of the Celestial Cosmic Coalition which the Utopian Community of our species now spans the universe,” Zen took a drink before continuing, “The long since dead, intersolar civilization of the Utopian Community of Eden Prime is once a proud union that spanned from Eden Prime to Mars and Venus, which were known as the inner-planets. the outer-satellites which Humans has colonized were the moons of Jupiter: Europa, Io, Ganymede, Callisto, as well as the moons of Saturn: Titan, Enceladus, Tethys, Mimas, Dione, and Iapetus. I know that is when I was very young but two-hundred years later, the Utopian Community has joined the Celestial Cosmic Coalition to span the universe yet still colonizes everything in our own solar system while isolating Eden Prime in its current state.”

Zen has made mention at Shadow Society bonfires and other campfire stories about life on other worlds and how Eden Prime has been left alone thanks to the abominations and monsters which inhabited the planet.

“Zen do you think we’ll ever get off this cursed rock and explore the solar system?” Eiko asked.

“It’s possible, ships from Mars and Venus make trips to our atmosphere to observe the world below, those observation missions are risky considering the fact that there are flying monsters and the Utopian Community is still aware that Humans still live on this planet, they just think that it would be hard to acclimate us to their advanced society, we are considered to be highly barbaric in their eyes.”

They all drank their drinks deeply, James and Eiko finished their first drink, Zen his second. Zen took the glasses by having them float through the air from James’ hand and Eiko’s has been placed on the coffee table. He disappeared back into the kitchen to make another drink for them. He returned with the clear opaque liquid that is once the neon emerald green liquor. James has sat down in his reclining chair, Zen sat next to Eiko on the couch, Zen placed the Absinthe on the coffee table, near them respectively. They all picked up their drinks.

“To good friends and the hope that we will someday make it off this rock,” Eiko said, raising her drink to start a cheer.

“To the many battles we fight and may we be forever victorious,” James clinked his glass.

“To health and prosperity,” Zen said soberly.

Their glasses clinked and they drank deeper than before.

A weird absinthe induced trip started, they drank to keep themselves in this lucid surrealism. Zen seemed to open up about himself telling stories of who he is, how he is raised by Buddhist monks, how he earned his name, how he started a revolution, how an interplanetary war between Mars and Eden Prime took place, all of his deeds before the abominations and monstrosities.

“When did the abominations and monsters show up?”

“In the year 2540 Common Era, there is a quantum physicist who built a gate to another world, this quantum physicist is named Doctor Dexter Mortem, a confidant I once trusted but in-turn is actually an agent of an Archon known as Doctor Azazel Apocalypse, once known as the humble and skittishly shy man of great oddity without self-confidence emboldening him as a non-eccentric cowardly bookish man once known as Doctor Dexter Mortem but in truth was always the mad scientist of doom known as Doctor Azazel Apocalypse, an Archon of Chaos who was death, the destroyer of worlds for his madness in modus operandi is to bring overwhelming Chaos dimensional essence to those of Balance or Order. Doctor Azazel Apocalypse gathered his mad scientists chosen for their destruction of all in embracing nihilism in essence of existential ethics. Together, Doctor Azazel Apocalypse led these martyrs to oblivion in their unauthorized opening of the most enigmatically destroying Pandora’s Box or dimensional door that changed Eden Prime. Darkness as its relativistic area of effect for the Pandora’s Box 127 of many enigmas to dimensional realms discovered by the Utopian Community was stored on Eden Prime never to be opened for its highest level of volatile energy to be shipped to the farther reaches of the intergalactic Utopian Community reaches for storage. Doctor Dexter to merge with the Archon he became a twisted monstrosity since he infused himself with the Archon known as Thanatos through chimeric genetic mutation making him a Outsider-Human hybrid such as myself but to a much lesser degree, I wounded the newly made Doctor Dexter Apocalypse as he is fused with the Archon known as Thanatos but not before he sealed himself into a more powerful form by making a pact with the Dominus of the Abyss, Diabolos Darkness in Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus the evil Nemesis Paragon of Chaos, in this infernal pact he summoned the Lawless Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus, an even greater, more evil manifestation of a dark and evil Archon of Chaos, one that is supposed to exist in the world under ours which is the Eden Prime underworld or world within a world is known as Agartha. Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus is like me for he is immortal and most definitely dwells within the Eden Prime communing with the demons, monsters, and abominations which dwell below our feet, the Eden Prime’s crust is hollow, there are other races of Men and even Elves who dwell beneath us as well, who have been fighting these monsters or steering clear of them, these men look much different than us, entire races have been corrupted by Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus. The Grendelkin males are the product of the Necronacht Dwarves who perverted worship of Grey Maggot Dwarves and other Agartha Dwarves slowly through maltreatment of trust that the Grey Maggot Dwarves and assorted Agartha Dwarves from a world below Eden Prime, in Agartha, and spawned in enigma who had become this way after Necronacht Dwarves showed them the allure of their Chaos Baals of Abyssal and the Infernal swayed the Grey Maggot Dwarves and other Agartha Dwarves which they protested at first. The Demons piqued the Grey Maggot Dwarves and Agartha Deep Dwarves interest but the Chaos Dominus MetaBaphomet was arranged to grant the Grey Maggot Dwarves the knowledge of the ways of the Necronacht Dwarves which the Necronacht Dwarves would see their lesser Grey Maggot Dwarven neighbors become subordinates to their whim until how the various powers of Darkness and Lawless power was undone by the Chaos Baal Magnus Omen the Maniac who cursed the population of Agartha Deep Dwarves with growth as they intermingled in the dark heart of madness known as Enigma with the Orcish race of Malakite Erebus that mastered the creation Grendelkin race which now spawned through reproduction of Malakite Erebus Orc and Sasquatch female DNA as the Grey Maggot Dwarven women were made infertile and extinct in this populace spanning pact among a coalition of varying races of Grey Maggot Dwarves who sold their souls to endure through this process of growing their fashioned beards into grey wild dreadlocks, their teeth and claws yellow jagged sabers of bone. The blasphemy of Grendelkin became a reality.

Many Ashen Elves were tricked by the Void Elves through unspeakable tortures of metamorphosis that would produce the many forms except with the infusion of Draconis reptilian DNA to create these monstrous Humanoids. The once fair and pale skinned Ashen Elves has been perversely twisted from their former selves into Wild Ones of the Ashen Elves which all the males of the vast populace were wiped out at the Ash Elven Chaos Archon of Erinyes Nyx who blinded their race into chaos.

The Ash Elves had corpse pale skin that was albinistic with red eyes and silverish white hair. The Void Elves This beautiful corporal astral entity of the Void Elf held perpetual swirling entropy beneath their skin with flickers of bedazzling light that shimmered in the vortex held their physical form, violet hair, radiantly red eyes of the vast majority of Void Elves.

The Shadow Society scientific division has done their extensive studies to come with undeniable data that the Grendelkin were irredeemable while the Wild One Ashen Elves held onto the sentient part of their civilized race of Ashen Elves. The transformation from Ashen Elf to Wild One Ashens was from the fungi spores that were grown from the dwellings the Grendelkin held. The Grendelkin Cacophony Mushrooms that grew near them emitted the spores that caused the exposure Darkness miasma and arcane torture of inciting them to do Lawless acts. The Grendelkin are a race of these Orcish-Dwarves who have become vampiric in nature, while the Wild Ashen Ones are generally a beautiful ravaging ravenous race that still did not match the mindless hordes of Grendelkin that existed to turn against all races and species besides Dark Dwarf and Void Elf due to the plans of the Lawless Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus which is why the Grendelkin and Wild Ashen Ones exist. The monsters, abominations, fiendish Humanoids are his loyal subjects in his command by the power of Lord Aiden Aka Manah, I’ve been looking for ways to destroy his replacement Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus, just as I banished to the void their Chaos Emperor Aiden Aka Manah, my equal in power who still influences our world today.”

“What does Lucifer Illuminatus look like?” Eiko asked in amused horror, as if she were hearing a macabre story told over a campfire.

“He is of a majestic angelic form, he is a tall man, around 7 feet, 4 inches, he is of a chiseled muscular build, he has radiant golden eyes, he is beautiful even for a male almost high-elvish, his hair is curly locks of golden fleece, his skin if you could call it skin is a series has an Illuminating golden hue, and he has six retractable purple wings, the Supreme Paragon of Lawlessness and Darkness appears as the most majestic of the Great Architect’s Archangels.” Zen continued, “The Wyrm George slew, is one of his monsters he personally created, I am certain of that.”

“Zen van Nihil, you once explained what caused you to be an Archon of Extradimensional power unmatched by regular Homo Espers. You are a Hyperborean-Homo Ultra Esper hybrid, that’s what you are. Aiden Aka Manah was the same, Doctor Azazel Apocalypse infused himself with Lucifer Illuminatus also Outsider-Human?” Eiko asked.

“To be specific about what kind of Outsider I am, I am this trivial anecdote of a Hyperborean and Human, not necessarily originally from here, but have ascended to the position of an Archon at the rank of an Archon labeled the Sovereign, I am the combination of prior Archon and extraordinary Human Super-Psionic genetic coding, I have found favor in what I call Friend or the Great Architect who created the Archons to do his work throughout the Multiverse.”

They cantered on further to Zen, imploring him about Archons, Agartha, and the Utopian Community until it is time for bed. That night, when they were turning into their rooms, Eiko and Zen shared a bed for a night of lovemaking. James Booker went to bed alone that night, before falling asleep, his thoughts were of what Zen has said, as well as the recurring haunting reminders of the life and death of his closest friend, George Escalon.



It was almost noon when James rose, he saw that the guest bedroom door was open and sheets had been changed after Eiko and Zen’s lovemaking. The bedding was in the downstairs which he could hear as he walked down the wooden stairway to the foyer, turning, he heard his two companions in the kitchen, Eiko is eating eggs and bacon, Zen is cooking eggs and bacon for James. Zen is dressed in a black tank-top and black gym shorts, Eiko in yellow booty-shorts and Zen’s shirt from yesterday. Eiko looked up from her coffee mug as she smiled at James.

Zen turned and said, “Good morning James.”

James sat down, assuming Zen had already eaten as he came over with a fresh plate of hot bacon and eggs for him, a cup of coffee in his other hand, he placed them in front of James. Zen took his seat where his coffee is, drinking heavily for it is now cool, he warmed it by emitting a heat from his hands then drank again. James poured milk and sugar into his coffee then sipped it because it was hot.

They sat in silence as James ate for a moment before Eiko broke it by saying, “Zen, what do you have planned for your day off from the Shadow Society?”

“I never get a day off but today is an exception, I am running an errand to survey the decaying Wyrm, I’m documenting it with a camera as the Grendelkin eat it for the area news. Something to boost morale for the people of the surrounding area now that our Monster and Lawless infestation is over, I will also be leading a group of Shadow Society sharpshooters in gunning down as many Grendelkin as I possibly can so photos won’t be the only thing I’m shooting.”

Today is James’s day off, he is thinking about going to the cinema to see an old pre-apocalypse movie then attending the Memorial for George.

“James what are you doing today?”

“George’s Memorial and probably go see a movie at the cinema before that.”

“Oh okay, I’ll be at George’s Memorial, do you want someone to go to the cinema with you?”

“No, it’s personal, a movie is showing that George and I enjoyed as kids, I’d rather go alone, without company.”

Eiko is silent for a moment gazing at James, “That’s fine,” she said soberly.

They remained silent after that, Zen finished another cup of coffee he had poured, Eiko and him went upstairs to get dressed then left. James sat at the coffee table pondering his day which consisted of remembering the life and times of George Escalon.


“You’ll never catch me!” said the boy with the auburn hair.

“Oh yeah? Watch me.” said the boy with golden hair.

The two boys were running through the yard, jumping as high as they could to change direction, they were pretending to be like their parents, members of the Shadow Society, running and jumping as though they, themselves were wearing Spring Heel Jack rigs. The boy with auburn hair is running from the boy with golden hair. The boy with golden hair is closing in on the boy with auburn hair but the boy with auburn hair is too agile to be caught, a natural born Shadow Society member. When the boy with golden hair would get close to catching the boy with auburn hair, the boy with auburn hair would change directions by jumping then running in an opposite direction. They played for fifteen minutes before the boy with auburn hair was finally caught by the boy with golden hair. Tackling him to the ground they began to play fight, throwing empty hands at each other, not landing a single blow but feigning that they did. The boy with auburn hair is named James Booker, the boy with golden hair is named George Escalon.

Their mothers stepped out of the backdoor to the house in the Boston sector of the Eastern Sprawl, “Boys, it’s time for dinner.” George’s called out to them.

“James get up off the ground before you get dirty, we can’t afford to wash your clothes right now.”

“Yes mother.” James called out timidly.

They went inside and ate their dinner, macaroni and cheese with cut up pieces of pork sausage mixed into it.


Zen is aiming his camera at the colossal Green Wyrm which Zen has identified as the Velbetrix, Zen is taking pictures of the magnificent specimen. He would leap from building-top to building-top trying to capture all angles of the specimen, Shadow Society sharpshooters shot the Grendelkin which fed along the side of the Wyrm. Zen has a limited time-frame to capture all angles of it which he had. Zen now had an even better idea, to capture film of the Shadow Society members taking pot shots of Grendelkin while they fed on the Wyrm, the amount of Grendelkin is immeasurable, they would clear the entire Wyrm of the long line of Grendelkin for more to climb out of the shadows of the innards of buildings for more to feed. 

They swarmed on the area, eating the Wyrm. The corpses of the Lawless had all been cleaned off the streets. This would be an excellent day to film the consumption of the Wyrm along with Grendelkin dying as marksmen have a day of happy hunting while a notorious Lawless epicenter city of sins too grievously disturbing to mention the former Lawless inhabitants who had vacated too a hellscape realm of chaos they’d feel right at home in for their choices of unspeakable horror in fathoming the evils of Humanity except as understood as regular daily life of a Lawless. The danger to everything as the bane of existence in the Lawless were gone from this close proximity to the civil, reasonable, and peace Post-apocalyptic city-state of Bohemia. An imminent threat and daily antagonist wiped from this Eden Prime in the Lawless by the very abject praise of the Lawless was their fate in the Wyrm brought by the Darkness.

As Zen finished documenting the scenic landscape of the hellscape, he thought to himself in an ironic sense of sarcasm and empathy a quote from Psalm 137 that he whispered to himself, “By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered Zion-Persian.”

Zen jumped down from the rooftops to land on the ground, invisible by the Shadow Cloak. Zen translucent to the most visual sensory devices then walked into an establishment and snapped some photos of the empty buildings that showed personality traits of Lawless design and architecture. The use of the skulls, graffiti of profanity were gratuitous. For cloth and leather they have stitched together the workings of Human flesh. A shoppe with Human skulls turned into candelabras on the counter with the register, a large sign with profanity and the name of the store is behind where the clerk would stand, Lawless goods which were all stolen from the dead who fell victim to their raids, clothing of various tribes with their own little twist, a dagger and cleaver crossed to make a sigil over the heart and spray painted largely on the back through the use of stencils. Lawless’s were professional plagiarists who’s commune of killing has come to an end in this area. Zen leaped up to film more Grendelkin rending and devouring flesh from the Wyrm then leaped down to walk into an empty bar. The window curtains were made from Human flesh crafted into leather like all their establishments, inside the bar there were bottles of alcohol which is moonshiner ale, whiskey, or lager with a good amount of Human blood in it, skulls adorned the counter, skull caps as ashtrays, chandeliers made of Human bone, the Lawless were a morbid society who would not be missed. Zen left as Grendelkin were entering the bar. Zen upon exiting the door of the bar. Leaped to a top of a building with his Spring Heel Jack rig. 

Zen then checked his photos that he had gotten of the homesteads and establishments, all this information would be on Bohemia’s televised broadcast. Other Spring Heel Jacked freelance journalists from various neighborhoods has arrived to memorialize the event, their training may have implied by the pre-doomsday technology that is made available to only a certain elite of exoskeletal suit enthusiasts who were those who has acquired the antiquated model known as the Dynamic Athletic Exoskeleton Suit or the proper terminology for this technological advancement which paled in comparison to the masterful advancement for the exponentially greater wonder of technology the Shadow Society has revolutionized through their ingenuity known as the Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rig. Although the Spring Heel Jack is extremely dangerous without proper training which talent grew in it with years of use for the complexities of the device and handling, which despite these enthusiasts becoming proficient with this antiquated tech it yielded them to be amateur photographers at best with the hazards surrounding the area. Zen is receiving the premium of the capturing of the film for the documentary he is making although this documentary is going to be for official Shadow Society records. Zen would make this a documentary to make the Shadow Society with its Guilds known throughout the Post-Darkness world by honoring George Escalon as a publicly recognized civic hero of the Shadow Society with the documentary available on all Shadow Society running servers so ragtag broadcasters could run the film wherever towers could broadcast, the still-frame photos would go to all newspapers free of charge under the title of ‘Zen van Nihil.’ The only person who would be infuriated by this is the lecherous amateur journalist or newsman willing to make a buck off of scare stories about the giant Wyrm and Hordes of Grendelkin. Zen is thinking about the program he would produce from his audiovisual recorded video and still-frames to instill hope in the people about the Shadow Society and its only known and most famous member. George Escalon the Wyrm-Slayer. 

As night fell, they began to clear out. The day yielded the now eradicated masses Grendelkin. A ghost town that was once a sprawling civilization of Lawless Humans, and a deceased giant monster that all once claimed territory in that area which were the most of your worries during the hours of when the light spread across the land. However, at night there were things which paying it an attentive gaze as measurable as a passing glance could drive a man into insanity. An insanity that he may one day snap and go into a homicidal frenzy taking even those he loved most then eventually himself, that monster in particular, that has that effect is known as the Shoggoth which is an Elder Thing from the Hallowed World or Wherever Eldritch Elder Things come from. The Shoggoth is something Zen never would want to film or photograph, let alone encounter with any of his empirical senses.

Zen never took photos at night. In places where Shadow Society policies have affected the social laws of civilizations they have been welcomed into. It is a law that no surveillance or recording device is allowed to survey secluded areas at night because of this horrifyingly macabre yet rare creature which could appear anywhere in a blink and then be gone in the next. The Shoggoth is drawn towards those who emit the deepest and darkest of anxieties as well as emotional distress similar to a moth to a flame, or as the common day idiom would-be, like a Shoggoth to a heavy heart. The Shoggoth has been seen by one of Zen’s now deceased friends. That friend was the docile yet mild mannered during his lifetime Thomas Kapital, one of the many descendants of Zen’s dear friend Ernesto Kapital. Zen remained close to his friends and the descendants of his friends throughout his immortal life. To see Thomas Kapital die is a tragedy.

Thomas Kapital is a living descendant of Ernesto Kapital who was a person Zen considered to be his friend when Zen was still young in his immortality. Thomas Kapital has seen the Shoggoth while when the Shadow Society is launching its first major and crucial operation during the Hell Gate Incident in Berlin, Germany when an extradimensional portal has been opened to another dimension by the three Archons of Chaos: The Lawless Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus, Doctor Azazel Apocalypse, and Lucifer Illuminatus. Innumerable unfathomable eldritch beings of the Darkness with a highly-militarized army of organized Lawless soldiers swarming the city of Berlin, Germany. Thomas had seen the Shoggoth when his lover Nicole had been shot in the head by a Lawless sharpshooter as they flew through the air on Spring Heel Jack rigs, Thomas caught her mid-air as he landed with his deceased loved one of four years. He is overcome with guilt, despair, and hysteria as his heart weighs with a heaviness to crush a man. When Thomas looked up, he saw the Shoggoth then blinked.

Thomas has made mention of it to Zen van Nihil, Ian Carys, and Oliver Autumn that night when they found him in his hysteria, Thomas described the anomaly as being covered by eyes and black lips of mouths holding fangs of jagged teeth which varied in size, each of these mouths is a devilish fleshy worm for a tongue, the thing is described as having a foul spherical bulbous body and tentacles drifting from underneath its underside as innumerable eyes and mouths encompassed its body with different pieces of patchwork flesh held together by stitches or staples. The Shoggoth is fashioned together out of patchwork discolored flesh, black thread and staples held these pieces of flesh together along with scars from the healed portions of its patchwork flesh were visible on these eldritch things. This eldritch thing gazed at you, into you, as well as through you, while unfathomable blasphemies of obscene madness that in the individual’s scope of relative time, aeons of time seemed to pass in mere seconds.

The Shoggoths’ many eyes that were visibly gazing at Thomas, they were upon him, it’s gaze pierced through him. The Shoggoth spoke to Thomas with all it’s mouths the way Nicole spoke with her mannerisms, with her words, emulating her voice exactly.

The Shoggoth had said innumerable things to Thomas as it emulated his departed yet beloved Nicole with such things as, “What’s wrong Tommy? You don’t recognize me?” “It’s me Nicole, don’t ever leave me,” and “I love you.”

As the Shoggoth disappeared after the aeons that had passed in mere seconds when Thomas could finally blink out of the madness, it said in a million unworldly voices, “Nicole,” as Tommy descended into hysteria over the realization that Nicole had just fallen dead.

It is many decades later that the effect has taken Thomas Kapital. It is the cause of the massacre at the House of the Shadow Society High Council and Monarch Lodge, the man who has seen that horror is the Noble Lord of Twilight Thomas Kapital, two men survived, Sovereign of Shadows Zen van Nihil and Noble Lord of the Law Oliver Autumn, where Noble Lord of Dusk, Ian Cyras also lay slain as well as the five out of ten members of the Shadow Society High Council. The High Council were the ten members of the parliament branch of the Shadow Society, the High Council then had to regenerate as the whole organization did after that nearly fatal blow dealt by a Shoggoth. The last thing Zen remembered of all those events is when he tried to reason with Thomas Kapital. Zen saw down the sights of his Energy Rifle at Thomas Kapital’s head. Thomas Kapital is threatened Oliver with an energy dagger, holding Oliver as a shield with the blade to Oliver’s throat, when Zen has made the decision in his mind to shoot knowing he has a clean shot, Thomas Kapital slit his own throat spraying his blood and sinew all over his close friend Oliver. No one in the Shadow Society blamed Thomas Kapital. Blame did not even Oliver or Zen or the High Council, the blame fell on the contemporary real life boogeyman, the Shoggoth. In hindsight, Zen could say it haunted Thomas Kapital his entire life, it’s voice still could be heard in his ears. There were times he claimed Nicole to be talking, whether it be pleasant or she should be in peril, Thomas Kapital claimed to hear her voice, haunted by what had happened that night when Nicole died and what he had heard and seen. Many have seen the Shoggoth and gone insane, people who have admitted to seeing it are kept in Sanitariums funded through the Shadow Society’s charity, those afflicted are criminally insane patients who are kept safely away from others, and safe from themselves.


Shadow Templar-Commander James Booker is in line at the theater to see an old world children’s movie, by all means of the films which has survived the end of days, this one is regarded as a classic. He is wearing his funeral mourning attire, a black suit, black tie, black dress pants, black socks, black shoes, with a white button-up long-sleeve shirt. He has his friend Katie Flinn from the bar he frequented, cut his hair for she is also a stylist, as well as a good friend of himself but knew of George. She tried to get him to talk about his day-to-day struggles that he shared without ever mentioning the Guild of Shadows, but outside of talking about the haircut he wanted, and answers of compliance, he said nothing unlike the usual talks with Katie at the bar. When she has become unnerved by this, he said he is a very close friend of George Escalon, the famous Shadow Society member who has passed and he is preparing for a funeral. To what extent he knew George, his involvement with where George is, is kept ambiguous for the secrecy of the Guild but Katie has a feeling that George and James’s kinship at the bar in black clothes at late hours of the night meant that they were work associates with the Guild, this gave Katie a new understanding of James as well as George for her to ponder the ideas upon.

James stood there, contemplating his time with Katie, rubbing his hands threw his auburn hair which is short on the sides and back but long on the top to the point he has a bun in his hair like a Feudal Nippon Japanese Samurai. Last night, when Zen has shared his life with himself, he has gotten the books Zen has given him out of the cardboard box in his closet. This morning he has been reading them, something he seldom did but by telling by Zen, Zen is an immortal bookworm. Zen has given James a large collection over the years of medium-ware but still good for their age books that Zen has salvaged for the Shadow Society library, everything Zen seemed to share with the guild he shared with the people for many of the books were back in-print from Shadow Society charity publishing houses which replenished libraries for all tribes spanning Eastern Sprawl, from the New York sector to the Miami sector, even to Maine, and some in the Midwest. It would probably be the same for the footage he is getting of the Wyrm and the hordes of the Lawless tribes city that has been destroyed. The Lawless have no port in a storm and seeing that vicious psychopathic tribe in the Northern sectors or any sector of the Eastern Sprawl is eliminated. Those broadcasts would really be heartwarming for the Eastern Sprawl and would put faith all the way to the Midwestern Settlements to the West Coast which is known as the Western Sprawl despite it being more agrarian in nature.

James contemplated all this as well as the essence of greatness that is Zen van Nihil. How could he have had such a great Humanitarian, philanthropist, and a Noble Lord serving under him this whole time is beyond James. James, without knowing this information now, just thought of Zen as a very good guild member and eccentric genius badass good guy operative but truth is stranger than fiction.

It came to James’s turn to order his ticket for the cinema, a cinema only showing four movies, a documentary on the Ocean dated back in 2020 CE, an action movie about time-traveling robots, a romance movie about a Human and supernatural doppelganger romance which is viewed as a dark-humored satire given the things that go bump in the night, and the movie James came to see a Barnabas Jones children’s movie called “The Brave Ones” shot on Holofilm in a time before Humanity knew of Darkness  Lawless, and the Desolation of their homeworld of Eden Prime long ago in what seemed to be aeons of time. This movie is George and James’s favorite movie from when they were kids to when they were adults, there were plenty of movies that they thought were great, they were both cinema buffs who saw every movie they could watch, praising the good ones, and criticizing the bad ones.

James sat down alone, in the movie, the age range is varied since whatever could kill time would in this day’s age. James sat at the end and watched the entire movie. There were parts that were special to him and George, moments where James, the most manly of men, cried in the theaters, sobbing silently to himself. Years in the Shadow Society taught him how not to be noticed.

When the movie is over, James walked out, his eyes red, you could tell he is either tired, very stoned from wizards weed, or crying, (he preferred people think the prior two since it is a Children’s movie for it’s time.) He hailed a taxi and made his way to the Memorial then public funeral, since in today’s age, embalming fluid is hard to come by hence the quick burials. James couldn’t stand wakes, he spent his time at the wake for his friend George Escalon in the theater, that’s where he remembered George, that’s how he wanted to remember his friend and how he lived.


Eiko is with her man at the wake, she couldn’t go to the Memorial at the Shadows Society which is suggested to be mandatory by honor but she promised to make an appearance at the Memorial, her boyfriend, Brad Summers is a Bohemia councilmen, an elder of the Bohemian Polis city-state. By elder that does not relate to age but to experience, he is a thirty-five year old learned lawmaker with ties to other tribes throughout the Eastern Sprawl. He is shaking hands with people for making an appearance at the Wake, a well-known and well-received official making claims to being a confidant of George Escalon, all a ruse, she threatened to break-up with him if he gave her away as a Shadow Society member which from her involvement in, with her and George being shadows member or coworkers or better yet, friends, is how Councilman Tristan Sheers knew George Escalon. Soon it would be off to the funeral, where James has been given the honor of being the eulogist. Zen would miss it entirely while he is out doing surveying work.

The Shadow Society memorial services were held at an old cinema museum across from the Guild Hall which is generally used as a place for high-ranking officials of the Shadow Society to meet and commune joyously, on days where a service is held the black flag with the Shadows Society’s emblem of a skull and crossbones with a green floral wreath around it would be at half mast, which is a weekly thing that all Shadow Society initiates were made aware of from day one. The Rest and Relaxation hall is also the cathedral for memorial services, the celebration of life. As soon as the Memorial services hours were done the hall would be turned into a place for your Moonshiners drink of choice.

It is around 12PM when the funeral procession started, Tristan has a look of wonder in his eyes that this would move his career forward, Eiko is pissed-off with the way he is acting and wished Zen is there instead of out documenting the end of the Lawless, the decomposition of the Wyrm, the dead Grendelkin, and would probably spend his night created a documentary about George Escalon and the events around the creatures slaying, in promotion for the Guilds that comprised the various factions of the Shadow Society with all parties held in complete anonymity besides the posthumous celebrity Templar-Commander, Master of Shadows George Escalon, raised to 26th degree for his honor in death, four degrees he rose posthumously.

James appeared to be nervous as he sat in the front, he arose to deliver the eulogy for his best friend from childhood who is likened to a brother to him. James has helped himself to meditation over drink in this time of hardship, he found meditation to be more relieving than drink. James mounted the podium, he began speaking.

James said somberly and without fumbling over words, “George is a noble man, George is everybody’s best friend, everyone loved him and he loves everybody unless you were a Lawless or a person who didn’t tip their servers.”

The crowd chuckled a little as James successfully lightened the mood.

“George did what no man has done before, taken down an apex predator of beasts, he has killed the beast in such a way that not many thought would be possible, I can imagine it now, his squadron leader in the Shadow Society advising against it but George doing it anyway because George is a free spirited individual who though reckless, is successful in most of his endeavors. George was born in the Boston sector to well-off parents, his father a businessman, his mother a magistrate, George has a knack for lighting up a room and befriending everyone in it, he will be loved, missed, and cherished.”

The audience is taken aback by this, they were relieved to know that the Shadow Society truly has their best intentions by having their members smite two birds with one stone. The Lawless were beyond abominable in nature, they were influenced by complete Lawlessness with no regard for life whatever it should be, the Wyrm is dead meaning that they could travel the day safely only having to worry about Grendelkin as terrifying as they may be, the Wyrm has been captured alive on film before as well as seen by many and many more Lawless were dead while Bohemians lived because of it. They only knew that another apex predator would take its place, something as massive and gargantuan as before, something possibly more monstrous and evil.

James stepped down from the podium to let the Pastoral eulogist run the rest of the show, George has been a devout Celestian who loved mother Celeste very much or so they would like to think, the only vow not kept from George’s last will is he wanted a Shadow Society funeral service and at a congregation this large, James isn’t sure how it would go over with his friends and family. How the Shadow Society worshiped nothing and truly found nothing sacred besides existence and Human life. As the Shadow Society closing funeral line goes, “From Darkness we came, to Darkness we shall return.” James said this passage as he returned to his seat to enjoy the farce that is Celestian funeral processions.

George being an avid lover of comedy would have probably enjoyed himself and wanted it this way over what he would have willed. James knew him all too well to know that George wouldn’t go out without one final prank to pull. Eiko laughed aloud at one point during the Celestian funeral proceedings, a religion based around a being much like Zen known as the Great Mother Celeste whose icon is primarily most effective when propagated through satellites which used electromagnetic broadcasting waves to affect the psychic energies and mental states of Humanity mass holograms over the planets and colonies in their direct vision through psychic energies a mental states of Humanity in the simulations of this being which is just a well-formulated conspiracy to spark a one world religion as a system of instituting universal control in a one world government by opportunistically subverting the destruction of the Human race to be united under a lie? This is something Shadow Society members know and are expected to understand, she is not alone in laughter both external and internal. Although, Celestialism is the remnant of the civilized world’s largest religion. In Post-Darkness Eden Prime, new religious movements have grown to become predominant religions with old religions returning; both with their own unique, interesting, and anomalous perversions from the norms of what religion truly is and what it is supposed to be.



Zen arrived as darkness fell, he made it to his abode which is a humble two-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of town but still inside the safety of the city-walls. Zen has walked to his home in the Litchfield Villa in Brooklyn, New York. He has walked the streets of Bohemia from the post office where he has received more enigmatic love letters which he could not place due to the penmanship being none he has ever seen with his psionic powers bringing up the identities of many women with none being the author or admirer who wrote these letters. 

The sweetest sentiments were shared about the, “shining white snow that is his skin as the glory of the brilliant sun reflecting the glorious majesty that is our beloved Sovereign Zen,” that “Zen is the most unique and rare of the greatest hope for Humanity and wished to show him the love he rightfully deserved,” and “I will be writing you again my sweet Sovereign,” with a caricature of an amorous heart drawn in lipstick at the bottom with the signature, “Your most beloved admirer.” Zen held these letters in great regard for something that made his week greater with her prose in allegory and alliteration being unmatched. Zen admire her almost equally as much.

Upon unlocking the security mechanisms of his house’s front door. Zen’s bog is a domesticated dire Grizzly Bear variant named Orson who has been sleeping but awoke as Zen entered. Dire Grizzly Bears were the size of a medium sized Kodiak which Zen has gotten in Alaska which weighed 990 pounds. Zen’s pet Bog, ran up to greet him. Zen’s domesticated bear or Bog is amicable to Zen and his company which has Zen’s smell on them. Much similar to the story of the domestication of the wolf, thirty-thousand to forty-thousand years ago, man domesticated bears after one would look feed off their scraps. When bears became inquisitive to Humans, the biggest strongest Gardenia man would wrestle the bear and tame it by beating it to be it’s alpha. Bears from both the brown and black bear have been domesticated to the point of a servantile house pet known as a Bog. Zen took a slab of meat out of his fridge, with a bag full of Dog chow which consisted of dried fruit, vegetables, nuts, and dried meat. Zen fed his beloved Orson with a hefty sum of food, opening a couple tins of tuna and placing it on top of the food Orson is already eating.

Zen then began to work tirelessly to develop film and string together his video recordings of what happened, he has culminated some copies of photos and video of George Escalon and meshed together other famous Shadow Society events with only the deceased as mentionable, everyone else has their names in anonymity or by rank. The documentary is about the Shadow Society and the life of Honored Templar-Inquisitor George Escalon. This piece of propaganda would replace the documentary of the ocean from 2008 CE, forever in the local cinema and be played in cinemas and on a televised broadcast all the way to the West Coast. The Shadow Society is finally making itself known with its activities. The documentary is spliced into three parts, its origins, its mission statement, then sedge-way to its most venerated member George Escalon who from the notebooks George kept that James allowed Zen to borrow which arrived via courier.

Zen is making a ninety minute documentary that would help people take their minds off the trouble of life knowing that the good guys like the Shadow Society exist. Zen van Nihil finally meditated in the morning when the project was done, he only relied on a fifteen minute meditation to be well-rested. He took the film to the Shadow Society who would copy it then mass-produce the film to all forms of entertainment media. It would be a live broadcast in a day and in a week everyone from Southern Canada to the West Coast to Central America would know of Knight Regent George Escalon, the Shadow Society member who slew the Wyrm of the North Eastern sector. Upon entering his meditation, he sensed someone, someone he hadn’t known of for a long time, Lucifer Illuminatus. This tantalizing antagonist is trying to communicate with Zen directly. Zen opened the doors of perception and answered the call.

“Hello Zen.” The man known as Lucifer Illuminatus began in a cool ominous demeanor.

“What do you want, Lucifer Illuminatus?”

“I want the destruction of all life on Eden Prime, for my beasts and creations to run free, run free of mankind in the eternal night embodied as the Eldritch Titan of Ancient Chaos, Darkness Diabolus to encompass all that is the Community”

“What is it you NEED then?” Zen asked emphatically

“I need you, Zen my friend, to keep doing exactly what you’re doing, slaying Jormungar or what your kind calls ‘the Wyrm’ got you nowhere for another beast is on his way to claim his territory, three other beasts are coming but this beast will beat the competition. This beast is my son, this beast is Fenrir, As for your friend James, I wish him the best of luck in his endeavors.”

“My Nemesis of Chaos, Lucifer Illuminatus, you abominable Great Archon of Chaos who is nothing more than a sower of discord and chaos, an Archon with no honor, leave my presence, I command of you in the name of the Great Architect.”

Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus dissipated his telepathic message to Zen just as Zen awoke from his meditation calmed but pondering this disturbance. Zen sensed that Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus had not lied, that four beasts were on their way from the abyssal depths of Eden Prime to the subterranean surface, just thousands of yards beneath their feet, dwelling within the Eden Prime, going back and forth to make their nests or dens. Zen swallowed the knot of fear building up in his throat. Debating on whether he should tell the Shadow Society this diabolical possibility, he thought it better they found out for themselves.

Zen took the finished documentary to the Shadow Society hall located at the old regal hotel that is the main headquarters where the primary of Shadow Society happenings took place, unlike a lodge a hall is much larger and could house more Shadow Society members.

Zen arrived at the lobby where the place of a doorman is a Shadow Society Apprentice holding an Energy Rifle, he nodded at Zen addressing him, “Good morning Sovereign Zen, Master of Monarchs.”

Zen nodded back in response saying, “Are the servers up and running?”

“As always sir.”


Zen took his leave of him and opened a door to the stairs climbing to the third floor where the pre-Darkness tech is kept and tested, this is also the floor with the computer lab and servers. Zen entered the pre-Darkness tech room, the quirky Shadow Society scientists were working on a new weapon, the plasma rifle, they were firing it at hanging pigs in a target range adjacent on the floor from the humble computer lab. Shadow Society tinkerers were refurbishing the Spring Heel Jack rigs they had found yesterday, repairing them, from counting of them, they had restored even George Escalon’s Spring Heel Jack rig. Zen paid them no mind and entered through a glass door accompanied by glass floor-to-ceiling windows to the people in the laboratory which held in open view what is happening in the computer room so no masturbatory privileges could be taken place while utilizing the facility, even in the years following the fall of civilization, computers were treasured for their ability to view pornography on the ancient databases which housed the obscenities in the vast network of satellites which is ironically considered the most sacred of technology.

Zen took out the Datajack from his black cloth backpack, unzipping the bag then lunging his hand inside grabbing the Datajack drive. He plugged the Datajack into the computer which took several minutes to open the Datajack portfolio then download the information. Zen opened the broadcasting que, he created a television channel just for the Shadow Society Documentary as well as the still-frames of what he has captured of the empty Lawless city, the Grendelkin, and the Wyrm. Zen sent the documentary he prepared over the Ozymandias network so other Shadow Society Guilds could freely broadcast over public television through the Wardenclyffe UtiliTech Energy Towers then to a series of satellites for Gardenia Utopian Community access across the universe. After Zen was done he logged out then hoisted the black cloth backpack over his shoulder to go to the primary hall of one of the many Shadow Society’s within the Shadow Society known as the Keepers of Secrets. The Keepers of Secrets is the Shadow Society division which covered the advancements of Humanity concerning the fields of science, engineering, technology, and utilizing these fields to expound onto them the plethora of marvels they have brought forth while preserving the history of the Human race that is still apparent in Post-Darkness Eden Prime. The Keepers of Secrets were the most remarkable contributors to this era of the Humanity’s advancement as well as the Keepers of the Humanities. Where Shadow Knights preserved the lives of Humanity through physical force, the Keepers of Secrets preserved the spirit of the Humanities through the research, development, documentation, and ethical experimentation. The Shadow Society known as the Keepers of Secrets only accepted the most extraordinarily genius intellectual elite into its ranks or those with the means of cognitive function to ascertain the erudition to acclimate themselves to that level. The Keepers of Secrets were the preservers of history and revolutionaries of the future. Zen is going to give the Datajack containing the Shadow Society Documentary with the head librarian at the archives building so it could be saved to the Shadow Society Guild Database. It would be a while for the information to be sent but here at home it could be broadcasted almost immediately.

In two weeks from that night they were holding a premiere for the documentary at the cinema as well as a live broadcast after the news at 6PM on the local North Eastern sector of the Sprawl. It would be syndicated for inter-continental broadcast to instill hope in the people of the civilized technologically areas of Eden Prime. Zen feeling accomplished went to a local beer hall known as the Sub-Pub to celebrate his hard work, the premiere would take place in a week at the local cinema, where an all inclusive invitation to the highest Echelons of the local friendly tribes were to come watch the Premiere the two other theaters would be showing the Documentary to Shadow Society members. He has two weeks before his big moment of glory but tomorrow he has to leave for another mission, one that would take exactly a possibly a single to several days total, he would be back in time for the Premiere, if he returned from this mission at all. What he needed now, in the absence of James not answering his Utilitech which he understood James needed to mourn the loss of his childhood friend which could have been equated as essentially as his brother. Zen has a sense that James is reading the books of Eastern and Western philosophy and meditating but also that James has discovered something else more endearing in the form of a feeling of love and the fulfillment of his love by expressing this love to another.

“The power of friendship, relationships, positive thoughts, good feelings, meditation, masturbation, and sexual healing can save anyone,” Zen said aloud in his office as his pet Dire Grizzly Bear, Orson nuzzled his head against Zen’s torso and arms, licking his face.

Zen thought he would spend the week before the big mission by going hunting for big game off while on Shadow Society time. Eiko has broken up with Brad and is messaging him more and more. So has Vanessa, in the age of a Post-apocalyptic, Post-Darkness world… polyamory is a commonplace thing. He is Sovereign Zen van Nihil, he would ask both of them out on a date, Eiko for old times sake, Vanessa as his romantic venture. The three of them were going to go do what every Shadow Knight loved most, go hunting eldritch horrors and monsters. Zen generally hunted the eldritch terrors of the Darkness with only Eiko and Orson, but he knew that every Shadow Knight enjoys hunting. Zen knew as the tradition goes that Eiko needed something to get her catharsis for her boyfriend is a weak male who generally is always being a pollyannaish facade of a Human being in public but an abusive prick behind closed doors while Vanessa could really use the experience, she is too shy, he also wanted to see her rise the ranks because she has potential as well as Zen’s heart aching for Vanessa every-time he envisioned her smile or laugh or any mannerism, behavior, or thing she said that was running laps through his head.

Zen addressed Eiko “Would you like to go hunting with me and another woman as a triple date, you know it’s our tradition friend and I have a thing for Vanessa, a very romantic thing, is that okay with you Eiko? Will you be my wing-woman?”

Eiko’s response was immediate via Utilitech, “Hell yeah Zen, I’d love too, love is a strong word but that’s how I feel about you for a long time, even more so than a friend ;)” Eiko sent a private winking emoji over to Zen allowing them both to know that Eiko was done for the plan Zen debriefed the Shadow Society at large about.

Zen didn’t receive Vanessa’s message by Utilitech. Zen received Vanessa’s response while he was taking his route through the 100 yard walled area of the protected zone of Bohemia as Zen was taking his stroll that happened pass Vanessa’s large august wooden manor in a wooded area that Vanessa the highly-observable and perceiving type saw Zen walking to his lab 15 more blocks down where she jumped for joy to address him personally.

Vanessa rushed out of her large wooden cabin styled mansion home, just as Zen was walking to his personal laboratory to do some various research. He wore his lab jacket, black button up, red tie, black dress pants, black combat boots off to do some work. Vanessa shined a brilliant smile of sincere love that caught Zen’s attention that he had to catch himself from his own encompassing grin to a cool smirk as Vanessa smiled wonderfully beautiful in a quick moment that seemed to be dreamlike that was broken as a surreal reality as Vanessa finally spoke with the enthusiasm of liberating herself from all restraint of her social-anxiety in a romantic encounter with her crush, “You want to go out on a date with me?”

“Yeah Vanessa, my one and only life as of now, however, we are going hunting and possibly something between tonight where I treat you better than right, I treat you like the wonderful woman you deserve to be treated as after hunting. Vanessa, I was wondering while we went hunting in one of the most dangerous places around her for monsters, undead, abstract terrors, eldritch horrors, fiendish Humanoids, the whole 10 yards of the most dangerous game. Is it okay with you if Eiko joins us, she is a close friend of mine and we have an extremely long history of being best friends, her and James, we generally go hunting at the Central Park together on the weekends with my big Orson, I hope you’re okay with that, we are doing a mission with the Order of Darkness.” Zen gave her a look of seriousness about the monstrous rumors about the Order of Darkness in a moment of silence, “We can enjoy the wilderness and I’m not going to lie, hunt some strange game you’ve never probably seen before but I trust you and care for you, we will need all our Shadow Knights gear and weapons we will be making our rendezvous with Sergeant Voss Lynx Thorn and his Gideon’s Rangers of the Order of Darkness, now there’s more to this date than just that but would you want to go as my big game hunting date? That’s if it’s okay Eiko tags along?”

Vanessa responded with, “I’d love too Zen, yes, yes, yes!”

Zen leaned into Vanessa’s face where Vanessa seized her initiative to passionately press her lips to her most beloved man she trusted with her life; whether it was in the line of duty or heart-to-heart conversations in the mess hall. Vanessa loved Zen van Nihil as so many others did but the man always too busy in the service of his people of Bohemia had found time to spare for Vanessa. This time they would spend together would be the best of times, no matter what happened.


[Excerpt from “Myths and Legends of the Eastern Sprawl,” chronicled by Magi Mithra Mysterium, historian of Post-Darkness Eden Prime].

The world has changed greatly since the Darkness swept the lands of Eden Prime in 2550 CE. Central Park expanded greatly in years prior to the Darkness thanks to ecologically friendly incentives of the Utopian Community. After the Darkness, those imbued with Druidic powers made numerous parks and forests their central place of worship. The case study in this chronicle is the history of the Druids of Central Park. Druidic Magick in Central Park grew flora and fauna of all forms of vegetation into exotic and fantastical new forms of life. The Druids used their powers of the advancement of nature to expand this ecology far from the antiquated Central Park’s borders breaking up concrete in the expanse of what can be described as ‘Druidic’ nature. The Druids great work with the creation of this Druidic ecosystem gathered a large variety of benevolent primordial fey, natural to this environment yet fantastical creatures that even fabled elves rejoin their community when Human and elf had met over the common love of nature. In this woods where Human and Elven druids dwelled with fey, beast, and giant alike. The Druids both Elven and Human, held the balance of nature with the utmost care living in peace. The Elves had come from the land of Dwarves, Orcs, Oreads, Sylphs, Gnomes, Beastfolk and other races from Agartha or the Underworld beneath Tartarus. The Elves had come from a dimensional rift known as Summerland, Asphodel, and Arcadia.

That was until the storm of Darkness came, the harbingers of the storm came earlier that earlier that same day in the form of two unwelcome visitors, the evil and wrathful Elder Black Dragon named Skullthorn, Lord of Death, a bestial Dragon leftover from the Draconian Imperium’s derelict bases under the Eden Prime. Skullthorn had taken up residence in the marshy Northern Meadow. The other was the Leviathan named Leviathan the Abyssal One. First, a thick fog had rolled in which revealed to be a miasmic blight which then everything ceased to have form which no illumination of light could break as a fearsome storm of the void came as the maelstrom of the entity of Darkness returned to spread innumerable terror and destruction in the year 2670 CE.

An army known as the New Monsters Coalition consisting of Lawless, Gluttons, and Anomalous Lawless. Which in the wake of the storm and the assault of the New Monsters Coalition. The maelstrom of Darkness turned this fantastical ecosystem into a haunting memory of the Druids. The Druids became a legend people tell in objective disbelief as the dominion of Darkness and Lawlessness thrives in the madness of the now Dread Woods, the once sacred place of the Druids. The Dread Woods is surrounded by signs warning of the harrowing things that are inside. A more notable place of interest is the Northall Keep (formerly known as the Belvedere Castle) had gone through several eldritch expansions into otherworldly designs onto its Romanesque and Gothic architecture as it sprang up and around the shallows of the bog that was the foul waters of the Lake by Belvedere Castle in Central Park. The Northall Keep had housed many strange and macabre lords who kept over the Dread Woods from all kinds of vastly evil entities where this area were the two illusive monsters made their lair in the area in the form of an atrocious swimming thing and a dreadful flying thing.

The amphibious abyssal lord which wielded immensely powerful psychic energies of a super-esper, the head of a serpentine-Dragon, its dreaded mouth can extend to reveal innumerable rows of teeth in a chasm of nightmares, it has a colossal serpentine body, from the upper portion of the serpent are two crooked yet effectively powerful arms that one would be fooled to think are deformed in their appearance, protruding from along its body are nine tentacles of godlike strength, the tentacles are tipped with the appearance of an eye but are eldritch weapons capable of firing a large array of electromagnetic energy unknown to this 4th dimensional universe, at the zenith portion of the eye is a concealable claw that is stronger and sharper than adamantium steel. This being is the Eldritch Leviathan Archon named Leviathan the Abyssal One. Leviathan dwells in the northeastern corner of the Dread Woods in the nox putrid waters by its presence in the Abyssal Meer (formerly the Harlem Meer).

Leviathan the Abyssal One is a wretched maddening star-spawn who is one of the most favored and one of the oldest surviving chosen Hierophants of the Great Old Ones of Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth. The outer god named Leviathan, the Abyssal One. who had traversed the vast subterranean aquatic caverns that linked all bodies of water throughout the world. Whether the esoteric system of subterranean superhighway of tunnels utilized by all the eldritch beings and cultists of the Great Old Ones, in cavernous passages within the Eden Prime or the aquatic tunnels to travel to distant locations was fine with Leviathan. He had traveled from swamp to stream to lake to river to sea to ocean to aqua tunnel to emerge in the Harlem Meek of Central Park for this day.

Leviathan is considered a deity since the dawn of time when other more sophisticated species than man walked the Eden Prime, revered in only whispers as stories and rumors by these more noble races who preexisted Humankind to the race of Humankind today, these races showed their reverence through fear as did the disembodied voices who haunted those who held such esoteric knowledge. Leviathan’s most recorded mainstream teachings of history is in his domination of the Philistines. For all the societies he dominated, he would emerge from the ocean to the beach during a large gathering at a city where all would gather for Leviathan the Abyssal One’s proclamations of his domination by testing their will against the absurdity he told them which the Philistines revered as Leviathan’s divinity. Leviathan’s commandments to the Philistines in the form of mandating edicts as well as the eldritch majesty of his two Great Old One creators and masters. Leviathan is most known for his manipulation of the Philistines who he dominated into obedience and religious fervor in celebration of a society of a Cult of Cthulhu.

Leviathan the Abyssal One passed on his consciousness to his willing successor chosen in its status as the apex predator of Leviathans to be his new vessel with all his powers and memories in this new form while absorbing all the powers and health of the beguiled naive Leviathan sacrificial-successor as he dominated his protege to become even more godlike. Leviathan the Abyssal One transferred the legacy of himself from one form of himself as a Leviathan to always the rising most powerful Leviathan. 

Leviathan the Abyssal One learned of their locations and the ways to trick them through gazing at the non-euclidean lines drawn out in the stars bestowed to him in his salvation by the Great Old Ones as the oldest chosen and favored Hierophant of the Great Old Ones of Cthulhu and Yothsogoth. Lord Leviathan of the Abyss in his elder years of his Leviathan form would transfer his proudest legacy being his consciousness to another Deep One, then we he became old, he would transfer to Deep One to another form of a Leviathan, continuously at the end of his aeons upon aeons long life-cycle. Leviathan only chose the most powerful and dominant Leviathan with the largest empire of Deepest Darkest of Leviathan in the Abyssal One was pathologically egocentric and malignantly narcissistic to misanthropic to everything but held in sublime horror of the Great Old Ones of Cthulhu and Yothsogoth

The remains of the once proud experienced elder Black Dragon known as Skullthorn the Lord of Death, who was now a highly intelligent, more so in the ways of arcane Magick but existed as an undead draconic being. His anatomy remained intact during its descent into complete decay as only small patches of flesh hung on its bones in the modicum of its entity, despite his torn emaciated wings he was still capable of flight. Despite the overwhelming appearance of bone with shreds of partial fragments of necrotic tissue along the Dragons ivory skeletal body, he had become more aware of his own self as an entity, his past riddled with the foolishness of his hubris and this state of being was a reminder to this now exponentially wiser being. Skullthorn the Lord of Death is now cursed for his past self’s transgression in his unmerciful and indiscriminate killing of those he viewed as lesser. This hubris brought him his title of the Lord of Death but now death had taken everything from him, including his identity. The Maelstrom of Darkness that swept over New York sixty years ago had subverted and perverted this once proud apex of his species as an Elder Black Dragon known as Skullthorn the Lord of Death. Skullthorn was a distant memory of a dream as his new being of a Necro Dragon with his own name of Necronus Netherhel the Deathless. Necronus Netherhel dwelled in the majority of the region of the Dread Woods, avoiding the northeastern abyssal meek at all costs. Necronus had spent the years between 2690 to 2750 harvesting the souls of the Lawless inhabitants until the Wyrm eliminated them.

Now the Necro Dragon relied on souls to feed his source of retaining his undead semi-existing state in the accursed boon the Darkness bestowed upon him in the Hourglass of Eternity. The Darkness had given this boon to sustain Necronus’ undead existence. Necronus needed to feed on souls for the cursed tie to his existence in Hourglass of Eternity. His dreaded boon was an hourglass, emblazoned upon both sides is an infinity symbol that radiated flames that were the essence of Darkness itself. The infinity sigil was perpetually burning with energy of the void as a kindling flame. Signs of his soul-starvation appeared in the status of how the infinity void sigil burned in correlation to the capacity of darkness energy inside it which was its arcane substitute for sand. Inside the hourglass, the darkness appeared to be the blackness of void without twinkling radiant stars. It did not act as an hourglass that tells time where sand drifts from one end, when Necronus Netherhel needs to feed the Darkness inside the Hourglass of Eternity simply dissipates from the container, when he feeds it fills back up, which he fed insatiably until the cursed object was full again. Necronus would feed on whatever he could come across without remorse. Nothing was safe in desperation to save his own existence.

An army known as the New Monsters Coalition consisting of highly-organized Lawless militias, Orcs, Ogres, Gluttons, their half-breeds created out of force upon this planet of Eden Prime, and the primary force of Anomalous Mutant commandos which had joined forces long ago. The Northall Keep had been the residence of necromancer cults, Lawless militants, vampire broods, witch covens, innumerable undead, and nameless horrors beyond one’s own fathoming made their home here. The Dread Woods were filled with all kinds of evils including ghoulish and ghastly beings which ventured forth to terrorize the settlers within the nearby urban Manhattan settlements of the society of Bohemia.


[Excerpts from “Races and Species of the Lawless and Darkness,” by Doctor Johannes R. R. Torros].

The Anomalous were mutants of a diverse species with a large variety of both physically and mentally in from the giant green skins, The Anomalous known as a combination of the following: the deranged psychotics who hear the commands of the Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus and Diabolos Darkness which are as detrimental as helpful to permanently keep the Anomalous indebted to it. The despondent quiet types who responds through eerie body language in their group while following orders or in their refusal to comply but are highly proficient killers who kill indiscriminately, these types are generally hideously deformed in their grotesque, they wear a gas mask with three red toughened glass lenses, two over the regular ocular lenses where Human eyes should be with one large one over the center of the forehead which only reflected back the viewers crimson reflection, they were but highly evolved in athletic and acrobatic abilities, these mutants are known for more than being grotesquely hideous with a large eye in its forehead and their unmatched agility and dexterity giving this Anomaly the name the Cyclopean Ninja.

The giant green skins that are bulging with muscle, standing at eight to ten feet tall. The giant green skins have a split personality between a calm, cool, and collected personality who are quite logical and reasonable who in this persona speak in a Human voice who has a rich vocabulary, is highly intelligent, and very polite to their friends but when their hair-trigger fight or flight survival mechanism is alerted, the Giant Green Skins personality shifts into a primitive savage barbarians of brutality evidenced by their limited vocabulary, forming only fragmented sentences, speaking in roaring grunts. This personality is an idiotic berserker of sadistic wrath bent on mayhem and violence. The giant green skin is split between: savant and idiot. The Giant Green Skins are endowed with Superhuman strength. Brainiac is a manipulative Machiavellian who charms others or rather phases out their will with a singular esper ability for mind control, the Brainiac has a large bald bulbous cranium who one can observe externally the Anomaly’ brains bulging from outlines of their stretched skull. The Psychic Vampire are Anomalous whom are all malignant narcissists whose mutation left them with powers which brought this complex or the most feared for their cold, calculating, and methodical nature in the psychopath who has Esper powers of being a psychic vampire who feeds off life energy psionically while transcending that into the realms of blood drinking and cannibalism. The Anomalous who were revered as the true unlocking of Darkness and Lawless potential among the most malice-filled lies spewed among the heinously psychopathic Lawless Humankind.

Gluttons are highly-intelligent pink pig or hairy boar bipedal Humanoids. The Gluttons range from the civilized pink Pigfolk to barbaric hairy Boarfolk for both were among the Glutton genus and often worked together in secret to undermine wayward survivors in ending their chances of survival directly or indirectly. The anthropomorphic pink pig-men were more known for their interactions with civilized Humankind in trade and bartering, no civilized polis would allow them entrance passed the bazaar established at the entrance always located just past the main gate for traveling merchants solely while Humans were allowed access to City-States but more usual than not now Human civilizations were only allowing them access to the open quorum in the front of the city in a makeshift market that were open for trade away from the central market. These seemingly more civilized Gluttons with pink skin and unalarming domesticated in appearance in their grunts of begging for piety from their snout and disarming smiles of neater teeth. These Pigfolk Gluttons generally had golden earrings and fillings in their teeth which caused among the Human population as a whole to call them Swine for the greed as Gluttons loved hoarding currency and loot that they got from trading and other more indirectly barbaric means for their more aggressive and more plundering in their thoughtless slaughter greed was the pig philosophy of Boarfolk Gluttons. Together, the Glutton species ravaged and prospected goods they did not need to trade and especially for those more necessary to survival. This is why Gluttons are called Gluttons and are disdained although they are a necessary evil in trading with for their wares are always in demand. The Boarfolk Gluttons had jagged yellowed tusks, thick brown hair that enveloped their body with steel rings in their ears and nose, they spoke regularly in vulgar language like the Swine did when they were upset or not around Humankind for trade. Swine as the more civilized nomenclature they preferred in the Pigfolk used the Boarfolk Gluttons in raiding, pillaging, and obscene acts that defined both of these warring pigs for resources as creatures who the Darkness brought unto the land. They kept fine weapons and armor, they were excellent craftsmen who maintained their goods. They were successful in the slave trade and were not above cannibalism if their hunger should overcome them. Everything is a means to an end whether Swine, or in truth as a whole species of Gluttons. To a Glutton even in the end must every pauper pay their dues to these Gluttonous Pigs who are greedy for the sadistic suffering of Humankind.



June 1st, 2755 CE, Outside Salem Witch City, Massachusetts, New England, Eden Prime.

Murdoch Wanderlust had taken three new Wandering Lost members of a beautiful whore of a woman, a bookish nerd who is definitely married like a cuckold to the whore woman who is proven to be a total Civic and no true Lawless, and a hardened badass with an eyepatch with a bionic eye who vouched for the bookish nerd that he’s just intelligent and educated. It was a deal when Murdoch and his best mates had her join in the Wandering Lost Sisters and Brothers Orgy but the One-Eyed man named with long black curly hair and olive complexion watched stoically whose name is Franco Stormcrow while the bookish nerd named Marty Silverstein who was forced to watch every man dump his semen in his Whore Wife or Whore Sister defile her without protection in every orifice. Her name is Gloria Goldberg who turns out to be Marty Silverstein’s wife. Franco Stormcrow also ravished Marty Silverstein’s wife harder than all others and still managed to hit bottom proving himself to be a Lord among Lawless.

The three Shadow Knights met up with some Orcs and did the same ritual again at a Lawless Human and Orc Camp shared with our women in an Orgy. Marty tries to screw Gloria Goldberg the eternally tight and flexible extendable. As is her official title by the Lawless and Orcs shared our women together who Gloria Goldberg threw themselves until two Human Minotaurs ravished her which took the life out of her. The Failed Experiments intervened and helped save her life as Marty proved himself to be a real Civic and no true Lawless who looked with weeping eyes over her. Who gives a fuck? I’m Chief Murdoch Wanderlust of the Wandering Lost.

Gloria Goldberg Shoggothed the words in pain, “I love you Marty but you truly give me everything.” 

Marty kissed her on the cheek as she was done washing out her mouth with trickling water from her canteen and chewed on a Fresh Breath mouth cleaning piece of gum which Martin manned up and kissed her passionately.

Her orifices are bionic enhanced due to the Failed Experiments advancements.


June 2nd, 2755 CE, Salem Witch City, New England, Eden Prime

The Lawless Collectivists who knew themselves as the Wandering Lost found their way with their motorcade of Motorcycles, Jet-Bikes, and large Armored Vehicles and Pulverizer Geared Up Super-Buses that plowed through undead with their Titanium Steel plating lacerated in Spikes had teamed up with the other factions known as the Failed Experiments who were using Jet-Bikes and Pulverizer Microvans to get their way to Salem Witch City as a Cthylla Nergal Necromancer by the name of Gorrackis had led them through the Salem Witch City Armed Militias, Lich and Necro Knights lead Undead Wight of the Salem Witch City Army Patrols, Changelings and Shapeshifters Spies follow them all the way to the Central City Gate of where all Occultists called this Mecca of Witchcraft Home that for some apparent reason had its own Hellfire Dominion presence of Solarus Hellfire Nova Angels, Dark Paladins, Phoenix Paladins, Hellions, Hellfire Stormtroopers, Vulture Rangers, Pyromancers, Solarus Goliath Berserkers, Militum Soldiers, and Legionnaires calling this city the Hellfire Dominion is providing security for as a social contract for peacefully coexisting with the fluent and fluid occultists of all pantheons but the Coven who governed the city were all very powerful Witches and Warlocks who traditionally prayed to a Mother Goddess and Great Horned God while those that ruled of the three Eldritch Cultists of Astral Enochian Magick constantly debated between Great Old Ones known as Cthulhu or Yog Sothoth or Hastur as their debated rulers who influenced the city heavily along with the heavily-involved social influencers who warred over Infernal Devils or Abyssal Demons with Satan, Beelzebub, and Leviathan as the Infernal Trinity of the Devil Worshippers while the Abyssal Trinity was Asmodeus, Abaddon, and Mammon. The only thing the Devil Worshippers and Demonologists agreed on was the Planar Ruler of the Ultima Circle being the Light Bearer of True Enlightenment known as Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus who ruled all Archons who did not abide by or side with the Great Architect being Archons of Abyssal, Demonic, Chaotic, Death, Primal Chthonic Nature, Great Old Ones, Destruction, Madness, Debauchery, Plague, and Et Cetera.

On the bus with the Failed Experiments, the leader Murdoch Wanderlust of the Wandering Lost spoke to a Failed Experiment member with their four mutated Human arms and vast array of cybernetic implants including their cybernetic robotic goggled eyes and rebreather gas mask mouths.

Murdoch spoke, “So who’s the leader of your Lawless group?”

The Failed Experiment spoke, “We have no leader and no personal names, we have a father who we love and his name is Doctor Azazel Apocalypse.”

“Alrighty then, Doctor Azazel Apocalypse, he’s really important, you guys are Lawless right? It’s a shame that some guys similar to you, you know the firebugs attacked the Hell’s Kitchen Cannibals City-State, one of the greatest ones around but I’m seeing the Flag of the Phoenix, you know the Phoenix alongside the Salem Witch City White on Black Pentagram Flag? I’m not so sure about this, Salem Witch City has always given me the creeps but the payment to deliver the Necromancer Grammar who had us dig up that tomb in Bohemia was a close call, Zen van Nihil and his Shadow Society goons could have merked us.”

The Failed Experiments all laughed in unison then the Failed Experiment replied, “Firebugs didn’t aggravate that Wyrm and purge the Hell’s Kitchen Cannibals or Queens in New York City, that was Zen van Nihil and the Shadow Society to expand Bohemia’s Borders which by now, all of New York will belong to Bohemia besides certain pockets but these remains are of no concern to you, your payment is all that matters.”

Murdoch relaxed, “Just doing a job but for who again?”

The Failed Experiments shook their heads in unison, “That’s none of your business and if you run your mouth, we will hunt you down.”

Murdoch felt rage and stood but the Failed Experiment grabbed him every which way with guns and an array of vivisection extendables, pulse cannons, to retractable razor blade gauntlets swarmed around Murdoch. The other Wandering Lost on the bus froze.

The Failed Experiment yelled, “We are meeting with the legendary myth to you but beloved father of us, Doctor Azazel Apocalypse,” before throwing Murdoch back in his seat.

“Are you serious? I’m sorry, so sorry, apolly-lo-logize” Murdoch said out of fear and not remorse. 

The Failed Experiment stared at Murdoch with the ever omnipresent ominous glare that stated bluntly, “Fuck this up, we’ll kill you all.”

Gorrackis thought, “An Orc, Minotaur, and Goliath Tribe had joined the Caravan after the constant sexual satisfaction of Gloria Goldberg. Gloria keeps reassuring her Civic husband that she is just expressing free love who kept other Lawless Humans and Races as the Wandering Lost made peace with the Firebugs who have made our covert convoy into a circus of a caravan. Grammar suspects something but thinks she is just a Succubus Adept of Lilith Lamia who wishes to ascend to her Hellspawn or Demonhood form at Salem Witch City. Nothing to worry about as long as the Shadow Society doesn’t bother us. Gloria’s Civic Husband Marty will make a good sacrifice to the entire Eldritch Infernal Abyssal Feywild Pantheon at the hands of Doctor Apocalypse, wait, Doctor Azazel Apocalypse is telling me a joke? Is this a joke? A serious plan? Oh, Marty Silverstein the Civic Cuck will be sacrificed to unite Salem Witch City-State.”  

Murdoch upon witnessing Gorrackis and three of the Failed Experiments discuss to the Salem Witch City Solarus Hellfire Goliath in how their numbers grew over the course of the Circus Caravan was here to deliver an important biological package to the Doctor Apocalypse and to include the fact that larger force of 1/300th of their caravan of Humans, Goliaths, Orcs, Ogres, Minotaurs, Hobgoblins, Goblins, and Bugbears were all becoming Bionic and Mutated Cybernetic Abominations of Humans, Goliaths, Orcs, Ogres, Minotaurs, Hobgoblins, Goblins, and Bugbears among their ranks of Failed Experiments in the Collectivized Hivemind ruled by Doctor Azazel Apocalypse which the forces of a hundred grew to 25,000 along the many stops from the Outskirts of Pittsburgh to New York City to Salem Massachusetts made Murdoch anxious as the Lawless were Lawless but Salem Witch City was a Polis City-State where Dangerous Eccentric Occult Arcanist Civics thrived from every school of Magick and now Gloria and Marty wore Gardenia Red Paladin Special Forces Power Armor and were well-equipped in fact many of the Humans who were supposedly Lawless Tribals wore this sought after relic of Gardenia but where did they find it? Murdoch wore a who now personally wore Green Heavy Combat Armor and wielded .45 caliber pistols and had a AK-155 with the rest of his forces where the Red Paladins among them were fully-armed with URC Deathbringer 13mm Assault Rifles and Unruly-Z37 .75 caliber machine pistols with incendiary grenades. Franco kept it real in his black armor but had adorned an opalesque cape with two sheathed longswords and an advanced energy rifle over his back along with some others scattered throughout the caravan. Murdoch noticed that Franco Stormcrow had everything he had seen in a Shadow Knight but the lucid translucent obscurity of his perception of reality grew too great from the three about the Gardenia Red Paladin Special Forces Power Armor. Murdoch unified this caravan with the help of Franco Stormcrow with over one-third of these forces being adorned in Red Paladin Special Forces Power Armor the rest in full Combat Armor from a Merchant Caravan they came across in Boston.

“What if my Lawless Collective, now known as the Honorless Confederacy, which I am the leader of, attacked Springfield City-State? We have the firepower, no one really knows about this place, I wonder what my loyal brothers and sisters I’ve made in the local tribes of Reptile Folk, Hyenafolk, Ratfolk, Orcs, Ogres, Trolls, and Cyclopean races will aid us in our raiding of Salem Witch City and of course the Draxol Extraplanar Demonic Vampires in Ninja Medium Power Armor and the Ixarix Zetan-Human Hybrid Ultra Esper Super-Soldiers who wore Eclipse Black Paladin Power Armor. Both races who are both innumerable were already converging on the area to attack Springfield.”

Franco Stormcrow squeezed Murdoch’s shoulder after setting up the transmissions on a private radio station outside of Salem in Boston who returned just before they were entering the city.

“Murdoch in three days you launch your assault to gain glory and fame unimaginable, I’ll be your money man and collect your payment while you take the caravan back to Springfield with the Riot Geared Honorless Confederacy and attack the Civics at Springfield, Massachusetts as a meager defenseless city-state, what’s 100,000 Gardenia Dollars compared to having your own City-State? The Honorless Confederacy deserves better, trust me, Sprung City Springfield, Massachusetts is easy pickings.

“Thanks Franco, you’ve been a great friend to me better than my own best, we’ll take all the forces to Springfield and raise Hell!” Murdoch said after proof of the telecom relay was made.

Franco Stormcrow allowed Gloria and Marty who were Chaos Magus and Nightwatch Paladin of the Boston Shadow Society to be addressed by their real last name. Gloria and Martin truly had the last name of Brookfield. Martin was already in distress at this point while Gloria in radical empathy tried to kiss him, Martin turned away then succumbed.

As Franco, Gloria, and Marty unloaded from their transport into Salem Witch City they accompanied the Failed Experiments as the rightful owners of the $100,000 Gardenia Dollar Bounty and $1,000,000 Solarus Crown currency for pick-up then delivery. Meanwhile the Nightwatch in Red Paladin Special Forces Armor awaited for Murdoch and his Honorless Confederacy reached the Civic City-State of Springfield or Sprung City to be assaulted from within and without for the Draxel and Ixarix were coming to Salem Witch City nor Boston City-State known as Libertopia without a Death Titan or Mechanicus Titanus who would cause the distraction if the three with their compatriots within Salem Witch City needed to flee in a Jet-Car to Libertopia who would use the encrypted Ozymandias network to relay messages to New York City about the state of affairs in Libertopia and Salem Witch City. Salem Witch City need not to be razed or destroyed for Shadow Society Chaos Magi also went there to train and learn new spells and arcane secrets. Franco led Gloria and Martin to where the Failed Experiments were at the House of the Seven Gables which the three entered. They immediately saw the body on a medical slab in the dining room and none other than supposed eyewitness accounts of Doctor Apocalypse as he surveyed the pieces of a body that Franco, Gloria, and Martin couldn’t identify due to how many innumerable severed pieces there were which Doctor Apocalypse was inspected the well preserved pieces and informed his Failed Experiments to begin working on their new secret weapon.

“This is excellent my children, father is pleased, Daddy Doctor Apocalypse is grateful, as for these three give them their money and tell them to leave.” Doctor Azazel Apocalypse stated.

Doctor Apocalypse looked up and surveyed Franco, Martin, and Gloria which he snickered at some ironic sadistic plot they didn’t fully understand.

Franco eyeballed his Void Vorpal Steel Swords and X-Antimatter Pistols to which he knew one shot and the Doctor Azazel Apocalypse would destroy them. If only they knew who this was actually for. Franco’s concentration was broken as a Witch entered the room who looked the body over.

The Witch spoke, “Have your failed Experiments sow him back together and every coven in town will bless the body to their patron gods and goddesses then you perform your Eldritch Science to reanimate him and he will be a Weapon unstoppable on this World.”

“Excellent Agnes,” Doctor Azazel Apocalypse grinned so cunningly, who replied to Salem Governing Council High Priestess, “Let’s pay these three and be on our way.”

A Hulking Failed Experiment walked over to the three handing Martin the briefcases of currency for the job.

“Leave now, we need to work,” the Failed Experiment said.

All the Failed Experiments glared that ominous glare upon them.

Franco, Gloria, and Martin left to go rent a room at the Witching Hour Hotel.

They were settled in and disturbed by what they had just done in giving their direct enemy an advantage they didn’t know what they had given. All three of them felt it. Franco went to bed as he had been sleepless and needed to crash.

Gloria and Martin were well-rested and going to meet the local Shadow Guild no matter how small it was.


The Honorless Confederacy who were eagerly awaited by the Shadow Society Nightwatch Red Paladin Armor emblazoned with the Hammer and Sickle on the pauldrons, over the left chest piece, and right kneecap as well as the full force of Shadow Knights at Sprung City Springfield. Murdoch knew then and there as he rushed out of his Pulverizer Bus that he had been tricked into not attacking Libertopia or Salem Witch City but Sprung City Springfield that was hoped up by Militias on Daemon Dark and USSA Protectorate which were alarmed by Franco Stormcrow. Murdoch along with his forces as the rendezvous of Lizardfolk, Ratfolk, Coyotekin, Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, and Chthonic Cyclops were all caught in a fury of energy weapons and bullets as the Libertopia Protectorate were also in on the fight. Murdoch and the others fled but not before Murdoch caught a sniper round to the back of his head which exploded in a red volcanic eruption of blood. The Honorless Confederacy went by foot to the Wilderness where the now renewed Honorless Confederacy then jumped a Merchant Convoy to resupply and feast and drink before leaving Libertopia and Salem Witch City to go to what was formerly Worcester or now the Valentine Mega Hub where they found refuge in a Lawless City-State and slowly a leader arose who is a Noble Demonic Humanoid Tiger Beastfolk who is a Rakshasa Nobleman named Nero Tiberius Malice who is accompanied by his guard of Vampiric Humanoid Birdfolk known as Stryges which had long raven wings, long legs leading to talon feet, a Human head with retractable Vampire fangs with large golden eyes. 

The Captain of the Rakshasa Nobleman’s Royal Guard over the Valentine Guard is the Stryge known as Armaros Daedalus the Terror who empowered Nero Tiberius Malice to become a predominant leader of the Honorless Confederacy and Governor of the Valentine Worcester Mega Hub in three weeks time exacting and calculating his eternal time abiding by networks of the Archons of Lawlessness and Darkness in creating connections to Salem Witch City and other Lawless Communities in the constant cycle of interchanging powers looking West to Michigan where Lawless Communities thrived. 

Baal Nero Tiberius Malice hired an Elven Technomancer named R1DDL13 1B15 7H07H or Riddle Ibis Thoth whose real name was Artyom Riddle Thoth Ziganov Ziganov who was a traveling Russian Dhampir Elven Cyber-Anarchist who used numerous Artificial Intelligences who were Overly Evolved Overlord Sprites who had been spawned from ‘Big Daddy Ozymandias’ which Riddle Thoth Ziganov didn’t care about the fact of being paid $10,000,000 Gardenia Dollars in setting up the Quantum Supercomputer System known as the Artificial Intelligence Omega Hex specifically for the Lawless which Riddle Thoth Ziganov obliged in creating a signal relay to call all of Michigan and Northern Illinois to Atlanta, Georgia from his spawning the Sprite for Omega Hex from his personal Big Idea Super Artificial Intelligence from his Blue Dream Quantum Supercomputer being an Esper and Bionic which called upon the Michigan Mutant Army of the Black Rain Coalition, Monsters Cooperative, Human Extinction Confederacy and the Lawless and Darkness Death Cult Religious Zealots of the Genneham Jennesarries who as long as Riddle Thoth Ziganov got his Blue Dream Quantum Supercomputer upgraded as well as some other things he presented before Baal Nero Tiberius Malice.

Riddle Thoth Ziganov had a girlfriend who was named Megumi Takayama, who was a Japanese-Thai Moon Elf. Riddle Thoth Ziganov asked that his girlfriend Megumi Takayama, his colleagues Annabelle Bathory, Connor Auger Dzoavits and himself undero Doctor Apocalypse level bionic-cybernetic Homo Nexus subdermal upgrades to improve their psychic powers and bionic-cybernetics. Riddle Thoth Ziganov and Megumi had their Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement, implant for super-strength, dexterity, and stealth subdermal implants upgraded to that of Wraith Gardenia Guardian Special Operatives, and the latest update for the Shadow Society off of Riddle’s Blue Dream which his Sprite, Big Idea of his Techno-Coder Collective. The Idealists which ran on Big Idea which to Lawless only true Civics who loved Hellfire Dominion, Gardenia Utopian Community, United Cosmic Federation, or Holy Solarus Imperium by what depending varied for even Civics of those aforementioned groups to Lawless was tolerable as long as one wasn’t a total authoritarian while Riddle Thoth Ziganov and Megumi seemed like Riddle Thoth Ziganov was an Anarchist Elite Technomancer Dhampir Solar Elf who wore Minerval Chaos Magus Nightshadow Arachnoweave Full Body Armor who swigged Synthetic-Sanguine mixed with Vodka along with his Ruthless Femme Fatale, Professional Elite Assassin, Moon Elf girlfriend Megumi Takayama who was always dressed in avant-garde height of fashion clothes Titanweave Light Full Body Armor with her light beige skin, blond hair, and Japanese-Thai Asiatic features.

Riddle Thoth Ziganov took his $10,000,000 in his designer suitcases Gardenia Dollars with his girlfriend’s luggage in the trunk of their Supersonic Sport Utility Vehicle or Jet-SUV. They had been given 13mm Zendetta Machine Pistols and 23mm Marksman Carbines with 23mm Assault Rounds. The Jet-SUV was a great vehicle of supersonic death machine with adamantium with spikes as an Autonomous Driving impenetrable unstoppable destruction as a customized vehicle as an Eclipse Escape. Riddle Thoth Ziganov sat in the driver’s seat turning to his beautiful Japanese-Thai Lunar Elven girlfriend, “Megumi Baby, we just unleashed Hell on this land of the Hellfire Dominion, do you think anything will be standing when the Barzakh Jennessaries meet the Hellfire Dominion Legions in the Canada in Labrador and Nova Scotia there will be Hell of a battle like no other while Baal Nero Tiberius Malice gets his Lawless but the Barzakh Jennessaries are not Lawless, they have hyper-morals and ethics, I told the Barzakh Jennessaries about the meeting in Washington District of Christus on July 4th, 2755 CE in their Infernic language, where’s Connor Auger Dzoavits our Druidic Jotun Lord Archon FirBolg and Annabelle Bathory the Demoness Naga Lord Kaoscotl?”

“Good question babe, do you think Zen van Nihil will appreciate this after what he found out about what we did and did what we did to exile the Hellfire Dominion or rather give the Hellfire Dominion sovereignty in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, Parts of the Caribbean, and South America as the United Socialist States of America and Soviet Union will heavily fortify and share the Caribbean and South America to empower United Brazil and form Nation-States for a Super-State being the South American Federation.”

Connor Auger Dzoavits the Celtic-Irish FirBolg was extremely muscular, standing at 10 feet tall, not including the ram horns protruding from his head, Connor had deep purple skin, course crimson red hair with an Abraham Lincoln style thick beard while wearing a Suit that covered his Frost Giant Scale Plate while placing the duffle bags of Storm Cyclopean Power Armor with Light Machine Guns of 65mm rounds and his guided missile launcher and Minigun with 80mm gatling chain rounds. Connor Dzoavits wielded two sheathed mythic Tyrfing Greatswords.

“Riddle, Megumi, we can get going to Libertopia Boston and Salem Witch City, Zen van Nihil, Ophelia Morrigan, Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane, and Doctor Auron Moonchild expects us plus that target Blackthorn the Lich Wraith King better be expecting us, Riddle and Megumi for us being Archons why do you need the protection from an Archon such as me?” Connor Auger Dzoavits opened up a beer from his cooler and downed some Daemon Dark.

Riddle and Megumi responded, “Because like the rest of us in this Lawless and Darkness infested world, it’s not safe to go alone.”

Riddle and Megumi held out their hands for beers and Daemon Dark.

Annabelle Bathory opened the door the car as Riddle Thoth Ziganov and Megumi Takayama downed their Daemon Dark with 15% alcoholic domestic beers as Riddle popped the trunk where Annabelle Bathory the Kaoscotl Serpentine Naga Human Woman who was remarkably beautiful who was a Bionic-Psychic Assassin Special Operative of the Draconian Imperium. Connor Dzoavits moved all his stuff in the extended large van-sized back seat while Annabelle Bathory the Golden Skinned Woman with Emerald Green Reptilian Eyes while Connor rejoined his three fellow Archons. These Archons were neutral. Annabelle Bathory did not worship her Kaoscotl Naga Human Woman Supreme Archons being Tiamat, Annabelle Bathory worshipped Kali Karma of Shaktism. Connor Auger Dzoavits worshipped Lugus, Odin, and Gaia in the religion of Ragnarok. The enigma of the deathly terrifying Megumi in her worship of Shinigami. Riddle Thoth Ziganov served the Great Architect as all three others did ultimately.

Riddle checked the upgrades by Doctor Rapture, a secret Technomancer, Master Roboticist, Chaos Magus, and Chief Librarian of the Keeper of Secrets who checked out as a Shadow Society Arcanist Scientist who upgraded all four of his Crew’s Bionic-Cybernetics. Riddle nodded his head summoning with his Blue Dream to summon Anti-Gravity Combat Drones of the luckiest variety being a dozen Terror Wasps which magnetized to the car which used hyperlaser casters and many minigun turrets to defend the car, Connor Auger Dzoavits loaded Annabelle Bathory’s luggage of her Black Draconic Medium Armor with Astral Stellar Robes as a Discordia Chaos Magus, Shadow Knight, Detective of Dread, and Nightwatch in the Shadow Society. Connor Auger Dzoavits was a Minerval Chaos Battlemage, Ragnarok Berserker, Nightwatch Special Operative.

Riddle sighed busy at work making sure his team was safe and ready as one of the Sacred Ten of the Shadow Society, “Because you’re my best friend despite what the Shadow Society thinks of our work outside our guilds, freelancers we are first and Connor Auger Dzoavits we got to pick up Shadow Knight Armor and Weapons for myself and Megumi, what do you think Megumi?”

“I think Zen van Nihil is your equal as he tells you Riddle Thoth Ziganov despite how chaotic you are honestly while Zen is deceptively chaotic,” Riddle Thoth Ziganov basked in Megumi’s words as she continued, “Connor Auger Dzoavits is always the FirBolg Jotun of a 10 foot tall Paragon Archon of Druidic Berserker Magick and Power with the underworld connections that throws his enemies as a Fomorian but blessed by the gods and Great Architect.”

“What about me girlfriend?” Annabelle Bathory asked in a Black Minerval Chaos Magus Arachnoweave Witch cloak with her long black hair as she tapped the top of her beer, opening it and downing Daemon Dark to escape the strife of life with the others.

“You should already know Annabelle Bathory, a Shakti after Kali Karma’s own heart, you are a sister who aids me in all our adventures, isn’t that right Annabelle, remember our last contract where we killed that Hellfire Solarus Legate in his own Command Center? $100,000 Solarus Crowns for another Solarus Praetor Praetor Centurion could rank up just so his negotiations to stay in Libertopia and have a place in Salem Witch City was all given the boot to Newfoundland and Labrador? We had to kill 20 Solarus Legionnaires to get to him but Riddle Thoth Ziganov manufactured another Praetor Centurion with three Hellfire Praetorian Stormtroopers kills them thanks to Riddle’s Magick skills of Technomancy and authenticating illusions is what Riddle does among so many other things but we can’t forget how Connor Auger Dzoavits started that small civil war of infighting among the Hellfire Dominion by amplifying the fighting between the rebranded Hellfire Dominion but can be triggered if mentioned the Holy Solarus Imperium and the Hellfire Dominion Legionnaires to Militum to Praetorian Imperial Guard of Nova Angels will go to war with their fellow Hellfire Solarus Brothers and Sisters out of dreadful death wishes for the madness they will come to realize as not progress but regression, blasphemy, and heresy. Nice multi-missile hits Connor, Riddle good job on mass broadcasting their Holcomb and knowing exactly how to control their minds through chaos, Riddle remember the one loyal Legate Commander who settled them down who was chasing Connor’s Jotun FirBolg Warrior Druid back to find out why a ‘Mysterious Fomorian’ was carrying heavy multi-missile launcher after the Solarus Imperium Anthem but it was the Holy Solarus Imperium Anthem with personal self-destroying messages after three hours of the Holy Solarus Imperium’s history in how majestic it was?” Megumi laughed.

“Yeah! That was awesome and kind of scary.” Connor said reclining his legs over cushions to form a couch.

“The reason why you lost him Connor is because Riddle Thoth Ziganov left the fully armored Jet-Hover Hippie Minivan and unloaded his .65 Mighty Magnum Revolver which Riddle Thoth Ziganov unloaded into the Legate Commander and finished with a pyromancy torrent of flames which burned the loose end of an alarmed to suspicion, Legate Commander who was also a critical target to ashes?” Megumi grinned wildly.

“Riddle, you saved my life? That guy was wielding a DynoDyne Antimatter Greatswords in medium Nova Legionnaire Armor, I could’ve been dead.”

“Yeah, you never knew what happened to that Legat Commander in Boston and why the Hellfire Dominion has been given Labrador and Newfoundland which is infested with all sorts of unknown horrors but especially one of its worst and most notorious?” Megumi grinned, “Labrador and Newfoundland is infested with Wendigos and Frost Jotuns which the rest of Canadian Commonwealth is inhabited by Aesir and Humans.” Megumi grinned, “Did you know that Annabelle Bathory?”

“No, I did not.” Annabelle answered sipping her beer.

“Well, Riddle Thoth Ziganov was the unspoken but deciding victor in social influencing the Hellfire Dominion to leave the East Coast or New England area for they have forced themselves into Chicago and Detroit where Lawless thrive in the Chicago-Detroit Sprawl, the United Socialist States of America and Soviet Union gave them permission to work in the Rain Forests of South America right next United Socialist States of America and Soviet Union Protectorate control of all of South America to monitor and ensure the Unification outside United Brazil in the South America Federation but my best gal pal Annabelle, you and I are the best assassins, infiltrators, Minirval Chaos Magi, and Nightblade Shadow Knights along with our Mastermind behind our operations being Riddle Thoth Ziganov but who could forget our death dealer Connor Auger Dzoavits. We’ve been to Agartha and Enigma even in the Nether, only Zen van Nihil, Ellis Unruly, Ophelia Morrigan, Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane, Auron Moonchild, and Thalia Nyx have been that far in the Shadow Society and Annabelle, remember when you and I faced down Asmodeus in the Nether for Riddle, Zen, and Zen’s current girlfriend Thalia Nyx fought the Devil Lord Asmodeus and escaped with our lives when Cthulhu and his eldritch abominations crashed the party?” Megumi laughed.

Annabelle Bathory laughed revealing her serpent Kaoscotl tongue, “Yes, I do and then we were able to fight the Infernal Demon Dragon King in peace with all of us United to slay it, wasn’t that Zahhak the Infernal Hydra of all Evil? A major deity in the Draconian Imperium? Well, we all looted it and then came across these!” Annabelle pulled out a long celestial snow white scimitar known as the Marquis Casablancas.

“Yeah, remember what I stole from those Hellspawn Necro Fomorian Lords?” Connor Auger Dzoavits revealed his two mythic Tyrfing Greatswords, “Made the Jotuns proud of this Warrior and all FirBolg existence.

Riddle Thoth Ziganov revealed his Sword of Ares which was all-glorious in its prismatic chromatic Magick Scimitar of Crimson Vorpal Scarletite Steel, “I received this from Asmodeus Study while Doctor Auron Moonchild fought with Baal Archon Thanatos and Baal Archon Eulogy with Orcus and Ophelia. Doctor Auron Moonchild received something I cannot even disclose as he sent Eulogy through a time portal with Ellis Unruly, Auron dealt a deathblow to Thanatos which he resurrected elsewhere, I dealt with the Demon Lords Pythius and Olivier to ascertain this sword while Asmodeus summoned Abaddon and Apollyon with all his legions to handle Cthulhu, Hastur, Dagon, and Yog Sothoth. Orcus Grisnacht and you Connor Auger dealt with Behemoth and Leviathan while Zen van Nihil, Thalia Nyx, Ophelia Nephthys, took on ArchDevils Oriens, Ariton, Paimon, Moloch, before reaching the Emperor of Devils and Demons, Sovereign Satan Pandaemonium who stood between us and Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus, Overlord Diabolos Darkness, and Doctor Azazel Apocalypse. We retreated for them to resurrect and return to the 9th Circle which we had made it to as Lord Archons in service to the Great Architect for some reason Doctor Auron Moonchild was conversing with the ArchDevil Mammon about deep ponderings of things that did not seem like a Cambion betraying us but that they knew each other very well. I received the major armor of Pandemonium Platemail and the Sword of Ares which is this Radiant Crimson Scimitar.”

Riddle Thoth Ziganov pulled out the blade and showed off how stained the Sword of the War God was with the Blood of all Wars in the Universe that its Scarletite sparkled like stars in a sanguine sea.

“I killed the Shinigami for my Oathkeeper Blade, I sent my own gods to the underworld for them to return again and embrace me as a Shinigami Archon for I bring death to those I make an oath to kill and my oaths are those I keep.”

Megumi opened a katana that was leaning next to her in her seat properly, “It emminatted an opal golden pattern in pure darkness unlike the ultraviolet light emitted from the darkness of a Void Blade but within that Darkness was a Golden Sun to the Great Architect and all Archons knew of Megumi Takayama as her eyes were upon all in the Sonic Jet-SUV and they felt ominous danger yet omnipresent safety.

Riddle Thoth Ziganov Ziganov broke her ice cold gaze, “Megumi Baby, be careful when you gaze into the abyss for the abyss gazes into you and we already fight with monsters, we’re pretty much their apex super predator, ghost stories, let’s get going.”

Riddle hit the control key on his Blue Dream for the Ozymandias Gardenia Super Artificial Intelligence to take the fully-armored Sonic Hover Hippie Van which trailed behind them and the Jet-SUV to Libertopia and Salem Witch City. They had to meet up with Zen van Nihil and hopefully save the local Shadow Guild in Salem Witch City as well as send the Hellfire Dominion packing. They would be there in two hours going over the wreckage and detours through backroads.

Artyom Riddle Thoth Ziganov remembered to contact Martin through the Utilitech as they drove, he received nothing but distorted voices of the unhallowed pandemonic.

Riddle Thoth looked over at Megumi Takayama who together snapped out of their Daemon Dark trip then Riddle Thoth Ziganov contacted Gloria who all he got was her saying, “Hey Franco, where’s the love of my life Martin.”

The four in the Jet-SUV heard Franco over the Blue Dream, “I don’t know, you’ve been pretty unfaithful


Martin spoke to Gloria as they laid next to each other, “Babe, Gloria, I swear that when we’re done with this mission you’re going on Maternity leave forever from the Shadow Society for Maternity leave, I love you, I don’t care who is the father, I Don’t Care.”

Gloria replied, “You know that my body is only receptive to your DNA in making babies, Marty my sweetheart!”

“Pray to the Archons for Healing, my darling Gloria, would you please?” Martin asked.

Gloria is ecstatic, wriggling with delight under the blankets but before she can say anything Martin grabs his Eradicator Energy-Rail Assault Carbine Rifle then leaves to go into the Town Square. Martin is heading for a few places that he cannot return. Martin senses Diabolos Darkness whisper to him what needs to be done and Martin commends his spirit in its everlasting void as the last time he and Gloria lay together as she lays slightly confused and bewildered. In the other bedroom next to Franco Stormcrow’s in the Presidential Suite. Gloria knew it happened but Martin’s unexpected leave must have been an emergency so she fell back asleep. During the rest that sparked Martin on his Hellbound quest he had entered a meditative dream state as he read the consciousness of his wife from the DNA she had harvested which Martin prayed not to Thoth and Serket for his wife Gloria’s healing then thought of the Failed Experiments and the empathy they had shown in letting her live and during all this time Martin would wander off and kill his wife’s defiliers by order of the three women who laid with him in the Wild among serene meadows created by beddings of White Stag and these three women were Circe Alectronia, Bellona Virtus, and Freya Valkyrie would massage Martin with oils and make love to him. Witches from 20 to 30 maidens joined in and showed their immediate results from the ritual of the carnal pleasure in bearing children he would bear under the condition that due to his wife’s perversion and his respite from her adultery that these children be born as Cambions or Devilish Infernal Outsider Humanoids given the Bloodline of Martin and what was awakening inside him as giving him a new name being Morax that all agreed upon as his powers grew from a mere Nightwatch Paladin to Chaos Magus to something not all could understand or fathom as Martin became Morax Martin Mastema the father of 90 children during this trip out of spite towards his wife. Martin carnally indulged himself with the Witches during the frequent Black Sabbaticals in the Forest. Martin Mastema has become an Eldritch Chaos Knight who was on his way to the meeting of the Eldritch Cultists of the Great Old Ones as he felt the possession of Morax Mastema shield him as a Nova Angel belonging to the elite Solarus Imperium forces in the city.

Martin approached some bright yellow and acrid green robed mages with Non-Euclidean Geometry Symbols on their cloaks, “Hello, my brothers do you care to have a moment to talk?”

One of the Mages undid his hood to reveal a rounded flat faced man with large golden yellow fish eyes, “I am the Deep One Azaltongth, thou art a United Satanist of Asmodeus to be in this city with that Power Armor, a renegade who rebelled to join the Hellions or the Abyssal? I sense in you the imbued essence of a Champion of one of either but our ilk knows only our ilk, what do you ask of us and our Elder gods being the Great Old Ones?” Azaltongth the Archmage spoke.

The rest undid their hoods to reveal they were Deep Ones, Humans who had given into the perversions of the Oceans caress in becoming Fishfolk who ruled the coasts of New England Harbors but found solace in Salem in their current land dwelling City-State.

Martin Brookfield now transfigured into Morax Mastema yielded his head back to reveal his bull horns as a Hellborn Minotaur as his skin turned sanguine red, “My name is Morax Mastema, I am hear to cause chaos among the Infernal Devil Priests and Abyssal Demon Clerics, the Witches and Druids are not to be harmed and I speak as a Champion of the MetaBaphomet the Vicar Pontifex of Lucifer Illuminatus and Diabolus Darkness. Supreme Baal MetaBaphomet of the Abyss who is the father of Eulogy the Deathbringer, Zagan vox Doombringer, Erinyes the Wrathful, myself, and his servants being Minotaurs, Eldritch Knights, Necromancers, Dark Templar, Satyrs of the Abyss, and Intelligent Undead who is the Master of Labyrinths, Conspiracies, Alchemy, Esoteric Knowledge, War, Wrath, and Arcane Magic.”

Azaltongth the Archmage reeled his fishfolk Deep One head back and began speaking in a guttural voice, “Nergal Cthylla, Hasturath Calcutta’ Daedalus Vin Vic Ad Ynthostroth, Zeldrosckya Elvidrick Nox Del Donerium Dominus.”

A wormhole opened and stepped through was a man in a yellow cloak with a dark face with tentacle emerging from where the bottom of the cloak was along if observed carefully enough yellow pants which appeared to be made of hazmat suit plastic that made there way into yellowed boots made from eldritch Humanoid flesh with ghoulish angry faces upon the leather with eyes that gazed every which way in horror as  the sharp teeth were wired in place with steel wire for stitch as steel plating covered the front of the boots that was a putrid undying gold.

“Pharaoh Hastur the Monarch of Madness in Yellow, Elder god who all Creation should know as the Great Old One who is Ambassador to Mortals and the Multiverse of Eldritch Realms beyond all Comprehension, this is Baal of the Inferno Morax Martin Metema who serves your brother who hid you and the Great Old Ones from destruction by those in service to the Great Architect who is known as the Supreme Sovereign of the Omniverse who are High Lords Sovereign Zen van Nihil, Papa Anansi Legba, Magus Mithras Mysterium, High Priestess Carly Sciencia, Lady Eris Discordia, Magus Ellis Unruly, Saint Ramona Sarkin, and so forth.”

Hastur the Great Old One nodded his head as he raised his head the mask he wore was Pharaonic but was pure white with five horns protruding from with a crown that combined these points together as Hastur’s hollow eyes glew with the acrid yellow glow emitted by Hastur as the Great Old One speaking in a charismatic elegance yet unworldly chaotic maddening distortion, “Azatongth, one of my innumerable Chosen Archmages, among the willing or not, this is a man once recently known as Martin Brookfield, a former Shadow Society Death Watch and Chaos Magus who had redeemed himself with 100 Hellspawn of the Cambion Fiendling Humans to Witches of Salem City and throughout the Wilderness for the Cambion race to flourish as he is now transforming into a Minotaur Demon, his name is Morax Martin Mastema, he is an Abyssal yet Infernal fool who knows not what to do but in our Cosmic Pact, you seek in your strife those who are regarded as madness but we who you have sought out Martin.” Hastur redirected his conversation seamlessly, “We are those of reason who have pierced the veil who tell you there was never such a thing as reason but of Gardenia law, Solarus order, and the Lawlessness of Darkness Diabolus who only in this world do a lucky few gain the audience and a friend in me Morax Martin Mastema for I have a task for you who you know of Zen van Nihil whose Shadow Society governs the Insane Asylums of True Reason in the Methods of Madness which bring liberation of life to others and mania of total euphoric bliss as well as depressing self-reflective lows, does this make sense?” Hastur the Pharaoh of Madness asked in that elegant charismatic yet distorted otherworldly voice.

“Yes, I do perfectly but at this lunatic asylum is there my brother Archon Eulogy the Dirge Deathbringer who my father Demon Supreme Baal MetaBaphomet is calling me to stay away but this new family is astounding to me, I wish to see my wife became a Succubus and for Franco Stormcrow to die so he may not report what has happened here in how we failed to do our reconnaissance and retrieve the biological material that is… being used for one of Doctor Azazel Apocalypse’s ceremonial ritualistic magick and his notorious Weird Science experiments on…” Morax Martin Mastema paused as he realized he had become a full Hellborn Minotaur in his transformation wearing Red Paladin Special Forces Power Armor.

Morax Martin Mastema saw the Holofilm flash before his eyes he saw in the theaters and television inside his mind as the body was unlike any intelligent undead he had seen or studied as a Chaos Magi but now as a Minor Demon Baal he saw that Doctor Apocalypse was going to ensure if not death of the elite Shadow Company of the Hyperborean who is the Sovereign of the Saturnia Great Commission then the definitive destruction of Zen van Nihil’s morale from the chaos being sown and discord of mental disturbance that would follow all the way throughout New England and Eden Prime for Doctor Apocalypse coup de grace was a ticking time bomb and the Dirge wasn’t meant for Zen van Nihil or the Shadow Society but a controlled insanity manipulated like a puppet.

Hastur showed Morax Martin Mastema what MetaBaphomet, Doctor Apocalypse, and Lucifer Illuminatus planned. Whether it be the United Chinese Commonwealth led by a Council that was Ultra-Nationalistic among all East Asian People joining them despite racial-differences in fighting the overwhelming hordes of undead Hungry Ghosts which was a problem resulting from the former Communist regimes genocides and wars when the Lawlessness and Darkness hit for the Chinese Communist government thought noxious radiation would annihilate the hordes of zombies which instead made them intelligent, immune to pain, disease, and decay. Imperial Japan with their Immortal Lung Dragon Emperor who had invaded and annexed Korea with all of their soldiers a part of the Kami Ninjas or Dragon Samurai class including the trade they worked in which was a high-technological wondrous land of machine and spirit in Techno-Kami. The PanSlavic Soviet Union who governed Russia to Eastern Europe. The Zion-Persian Commonwealth Caliphate of the Middle East. Holy Prussian Federation which governed from centralized power in the capital of Germania in Germany across Italy, Scandinavia, France, Spain, Portugal who works closely with the sovereign United British Kingdom which comprises Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, and the English Isles. The Australian Commonwealth functioned most like the United Socialist States but was heavily isolated. South America and Africa being War Zones among City-States, Lawless, or Peaceful Lands but Holo-Communication was scarce and highly-varied region by region in high-frequency of disturbances of Daemon Wars in South America to its non-existence in Africa to the rousing suspicion all other Eden Prime World Powers had that the Hellfire Dominion had set-up operations there leaving those continental regions an enigma outside Northern Africa and Central America with the exception of United Brazil and Dutch South Africa Commonwealth, no one knew. Morax Martin Mastema felt his logically side leaving him as Hastur began speaking leaving him enthralled to this Pharaoh Hastur the Monarch in Yellow. 

Hastur spoke elegantly in the Pandemonic Eldritch distorted voice of cutting like a razor charisma, “You have done your part already in delivering what you did but is there a need to bother your lovely wife or your ever so much more masculine Shadow Knight Nightblade friend Franco Stormcrow? Oh wait, you wish for her to die and be reborn in blasphemy and sin as you sold your soul to become the bull willingly she pushed you to take up this catharsis of alleviating your suffering so you propose in your heart of hearts that your wife become a Demon as well in the form of a Succubus? Gloria Gomorrah her name shall be in accordance to Infernal and Abyssal brothers and sisters which I will let your mind itch until the scratch is satiated in Franco Stormcrow who will probably go to the Shadow Society Guild Houses of Salem Witch City, you must stop him by using bait and you will not be alone in taking down a Nightblade Shadow Knight Chaos Magi such as Franco Stormcrow.”

Morax Martin Mastema grinned and snorted as a Demonic Minotaur showing the glee of intrigue would.  

Hastur continued speaking, “One of the Creations of the Astral Pandemonic who is a Shoggoth has been telling me Blasphemous Truths that are more than mere Heretical Rumor in his captivity but has spied a great deal for the Lawlessness and Darkness cause despite his captivity that he stoically waits to unleash chaos upon the one who caused you to become what you are and your wife have done as she has done and will always do for being selected as a psychological pathological Nymphomaniac and you now a Demonic Beast and No, no longer a Man, I will convene with Lucifer Illuminatus and Diabolus Darkness, do not worry about a single thing Morax Martin Mastema for your wife as the Succubus Gloria Gomorrah shall soon join you.” Hastur foretold before the yellow light engulfed him and the Great Old One phase shifted out of this 5th Dimensional Plane of Consciousness as the Material joined the immaterial aether of the Great Old Ones dimension waiting for his time to wreak havoc or entice any who required his counsel of pandemonic chaos.

Morax Martin Mastema saw his assault rifle was too small and thanked the Deep Ones who had put back on their hoods over their Fishfolk heads and stood in silence as he ran off to the Forge at the Metalworks.

Morax Mastema thought to himself or rather heard the whispering of the Metabaphomet overtake his conscience, “Morax Mastema formerly known as Martin Brookfield, shake off that name as if it were blood from battle, you are to ask the Blacksmith who works the Forge to fight his eldest son to prove you are worthy of the dual greataxe glaive he treasures that the Blacksmith won in a battle against an Infernal Cleric who was Samael’s Champion. This weapon is the Bloodwrath which you shall go to the House of Leviathan and tell them their Master is in New York City at the Dread Woods and slay all but twenty for the 100 of them know not Wrath but Slothfulness cast upon them by Belial. This shall prove useful when you go to Washington District of Christus as an envoy of the Solarus Imperium with the son of Lucifer Illuminatus, the Solarus Deus Imperator Alastor Atlas Hellfire during the meeting between the World Leaders, when the attack happens for whoever may be caught in the insanity of the attack there shall be our allies with the EisenHaus Industries Monopolists of Hellfire Dominion the Chief Executive Officer of Hellfire Dominion Industrial-Complexes being Zofia Lament EisenHaus along with Chief Operations Officer Jonah Schwach EisenHaus, Chief Financial Officer Gillian EisenHaus, Chief Technology Officer Animus System the Super Artificial Intelligence. The Hellfire Dominion Directorate Chiefs, Executives and Directors are Hellfire Dominion Director of the Central Political Bureau Spencer Darwin, Hellfire Legionnaires Triumph Legate Hannibal EisenHaus, Krieg Death Forces Chief Legate Klaus Krieger, Hellfire Militum Chief Legate Rodrick Remulus, Vulture Rangers Spymaster Minister Hans Eckhardt. Along with many Consulates, Legates, Admirals, Generals, Defense Ministers, Propaganda Ministers of the Hellfire Dominion.”

“Yes, my father.” Morax Mastema grunted.

“Excellent my son, now go, be wary, Zen van Nihil is in Salem Witch City for reasons that do not parallel your own, he is there with his Void Elven Girlfriend, Ophelia Nethys, the Minerval Chaos Magus and Nightblade Shadow Knight Cambion Auron Moonchild, the Shadow Battlemage and Ghostwalker Orc-Oni hybrid Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane, all of which could bring you down. Enlist the Infernal and Abyssal Witch Houses to deal with those three.”

Morax Mastema simply replied, “Yes my father, Metabaphomet, Chaos Vicar Pontifex of Lucifer Illuminatus, Darkness Diabolos, and Doctor Azazel Apocalypse, save my wife a place as a Succubus and Franco Stormcrow a place in the Eternal Damnation of Tartarus or a way out that serves a greater purpose.”

Morax Mastema had 500,000 Solarus Imperial Crowns in his Rucksack that he absconded while leaving the other half in Gloria Brookfield soon to be Gloria Gomorrah’s rucksack who had left to join three Shadow Knights who she would only want the most platonic of comraderie with which Morax Mastema was disappointed for her lack of lust in converting more loyalists to the United Socialist States of America to the United Satanists of Asmodeus as Morax Mastema was now unrecognizable to Gloria Brookfield outside her becoming the Succubus named Gloria Gomorrah upon her already impending doom of transformation. The once bookish man Martin Brookfield had become a brutish beast Hellborn Minotaur which all Minotaurs who passed him yelled out praises to the Metabaphomet and followed him as a small Company formed around him knowing him to be a brother of Eulogy the Deathbringer and son of the Metabaphomet. Morax Mastema solved the labyrinthian puzzles quickly that he had become an Archon of the Inferno and Abyss in how Infernal and Abyssal Eldritch Knights, Hades Magi, and Pandemonic Warlocks joined him to form a battalion to witness where he was going. 

Morax Mastema arrived at the blacksmith who was a Giant 28 foot tall broad shouldered and muscular Cyclops Hellion Magus and Eldritch Knight who looked at Morax.

Morax Mastema spoke, “How much for this Red Paladin Special forces Paladin Armor and Gardenia Assault Rifle?”

“30,000 Solarus Imperial Crowns, 40,000 in store credit.” The Titan Cyclopean responded.

Morax took off the armor and one of the many Shoggoths or many black eldritch tentacled creatures with many mouths full of razor sharp teeth which spawned from the oozes as needed when they lifted up the Red Paladin Special Forces Armor and brought it into the Blacksmith Shop.

“In store credit, I want the best Power Armor for a Hellborn Minotaur Archon such as myself who is Morax Mastema son of the Metabaphomet, I have enough to buy whatever you have.”

“How about some Solarus Nova Hellion Power Armor for 55,000 Solarus Crowns?” The Titan Cyclopean pondered to test Morax.

Morax produced the 15,000 more Solarus Imperial Crowns.

The Titan Cyclopean gazed with its two Human eyes with its third larger larger eye in his forehead and smiled, “My name is Zeus Othello Urakus or just Zeus as my father was a whoremonger who gave me this name. His name was Zeus, Othello was the Human who raised me and my mother’s mother’s name was Elektra Argus who is a respected Witch in Salem Witch City who works with the United Socialist States of America, United Satanists of Asmodeus, Solarus Imperium, and the Shadow Society but do not hold  that against Infernal Minotaur Hellborn Archon.” Zeus Argus yelled out to his Shoggoths in some eldritch tongue not even Morax understood and oozes with tentacles, arms, mouths, and eyes that shifted interchangeably and brought out the Hellion Angel Power Armor.

Morax immediately suited himself up in it without feeling the old armor squeezing his infernal flesh noticing Zeus Argus wore Cimmerian Enoch Titan Armor which meant it was an indestructible armor forged from blueprints of Diabolos Darkness with connections to powers beyond Morax Mastema so Morax Mastema knew he was facing a benevolent Titan born from a Chief Olympian Archon who bore his name.

“So, did the Great Old Ones, Hastur, Cthulhu, or Yog Sothoth tell you that for the Deep Ones have their Devil Reef Tridents forged here by me young Baal Archon Morax Mastema for you should know Zen van Nihil and three of his Archon friends are in Salem Witch City on seperate business due to the fact Zen van Nihil is the most respected Hyperborean or individual in Salem Witch City for Witches came from Espers, Zen van Nihil is a hero to all here and as Zen van Nihil’s favorite smith, the Champion you wish to face shall be here soon, his name is Baal Archon Lelantos The Wild who will be coming with Baal Archon Erebus Nightbringer. Erebus Nightbringer is brother to the Baal Archon Thanos Deathbringer, that’s you and your brother Eulogy the Dirge of Death’s main enemies, you will have assistance not in me but your new best friend who is like a daughter to me and that is Lady Archon Thalia Nyx who for this one fight shall help you out against Erebus for his hubris in spreading lies of her affair with him which turned Sovereign Zen van Nihil away from her. They are still on good terms, Thalia Nyx and Zen van Nihil but Morax Mastema, you shall get your wish in showing that hunter Lelantos The Wild who reigns supreme for I see in your future a great event that will shake this planet that you and one other shall take part in from an ally you wouldn’t usually have guessed.”

“Thank you Zeus Othello Urakus, I am honored by your wisdom.” Morax Mastema said feeling the Nova Hellion Angel Power Armor that was for the elite of the Hellfire Dominion as black metallic robotic wings protruded from his back.

“Is that better my friend?” Zeus Argus the Titan Cyclopean spoke.

“Yes, Zeus Othello Urakus it is.” Morax Mastema spoke.

“Do you want to buy some weapons, you sold all of them and I’m guessing you want some weapons, your wife will be a Succubus soon as predetermined by the Twilight Faces which are the small but elite school school of the Shadow Society Spies, one of those she had sex with despite her already cybernetic enhancements to her body was in fact Hastur, Lucifer Illuminatus, and now she is out to seduce Doctor Apocalypse? Morax Mastema, you shall get your wish, I should know as a Titan Cyclopean who is married to a Jannah Djinn, her name is Nijah Sahirah, she came her from the Zion-Persian Commonwealth Caliphate and she has given me many Djinn Children and never lies to me or does anything to hurt me, she mainly is with my mother Elektra Argus when I am working the Forge, listen Morax for 50,000 Solarus Crowns which I know you have the Solarus Crowns, I’ll get your wife Gloria Gomorrah in full Magical Spectre Seductress Armor and Demonic Dervish Scimitars and Daggers, two Magick scimitars and Daggers, and for another 30,000 Solarus Crowns, I will give you a Greataxe Glaive known as the Menos Bloody Wrath who was the last who was Morax Mastema as you are now but this time I don’t think you are as foolish as that brute for you are more wise and your wife Gloria Gomorrah must seduce Lord Chancellor Dietrich EisenHaus who is the brother of Solarus CEO Zofia Lament EisenHaus for you to blow the party and make him understand that sentient interspecies relationships is normal on worlds of Lawlessness and Darkness to score both your way into the Summit with the allied Gardenia Planetary Forces, you will mate with your Succubus wife to remind him how the Reptilians interbred with Humans out of Weakness and became Reptoids especially during the Ragnarok Barbarians sack, pillage, rape, and slaughter of the Draconian Imperium before returning to the Hellfire Dominion. There’s a legend that by ancestry of two Archons, Mother Djinn and father Devil Lord Asmodeus who is by twists of fate that Solarus Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire is an opportunistic Immortal Archon of Order and Chaos? Morax when the summit happens in Washington District of Christus central capital of the USSA on July 4th, 2755 CE, specifically the Gardenia House of Hegemony for a certain attack to purge Solarus and Gardenia allies so your wife can give birth to a son in the form of your new Archon form from Bookworm Chaos Magus and Shadowblade Shadow Knight Human Martin Brookfield to Baal Hellborn Minotaur named Martin Mastema to a blessed nephew of mine in an Archon of Jannah Djinn named Miksa Bashar which shall be resurrected from the Heavens as your wife escapes by Scrying Teleportation in the nearest mirror in which she too shall transform into a Fallen Angel for the deed you accomplish just remember to side with Zen van Nihil despite working with Solarus when your form as Morax Mastema and this life ends but first you must prove yourself Morax Mastema but first you must prove yourself.”

“Yes, Lord Archon Zeus Othello Urakus the Titan Cyclopean and my greatest mentor, I do understand.”

“I will sell you two Magick bastard swords known as Nemesis Blades for 15,000 Solarus Crowns, you can dual wield them and quid pro quo Hellion Nova Angel Power Armor like Holy Nova Power Armor are all magically enchanted as well so good luck and fortune is upon you, you win this fight with Lelantos and Erebus and help my younger sister who we treat as my daughter Thalia Nyx, thanks to my deadbeat father Mister Almighty Archon, Zeus Olympus. You do this and when you and your wife Gloria Gomorrah come back in your new form you will have 110,000 Solarus Crowns or Gardenia Dollars in store credits for the eternal Forge of the Ages which all Warriors and Armies turn to for their best of the best in armaments, armor, weapons, and ammunition.” Zeus Othello Urakus the Cyclopean Titan mentored the young Archon.

“I have never felt so calm and at peace in so long Zeus Othello Urakus, how do you know Zen van Nihil? Error Uhhh Ummm, I mean Sovereign Zen van Nihil.”

“Zen van Nihil the Savage of Hyperborea tamed my savage soul and taught me that reason is the greatest weapon for I am the greatest weapon that only Zen van Nihil could slay that he showed mercy on me and turned me from a Baal Archon to a Lord Archon. Now, here comes Lolantos and Erebus, go to your lady of this afternoon rescue who can get you good with Solarus in front of the growing Company which had allowed Morax Mastema and Zeus Othello Urakus to speak in another worldly language not many knew which was surprisingly known as Saturnian do to an illusion spell from Zeus Othello Urakus magical Cyclopean eye.

Morax Mastema turned to see a beautiful woman with pale skin, golden eyes and long black hair in an Obsidian Scarletite Corset with Nocturnus fishnet chainmail along her arms, black tight leather gloves of the Night Hags Polymorphic Beast Gloves, Nyxian Black Dragon Scale Pants, and Nocturnus Night Owl Boots who had just extended black feathered wings from her back and drew two Nightbringer Scimitars in both hands as she confronted the Ranger Archon Lolantus who had a long dark blond beard in a knot with wild curly dark blond hair in a Green Sylvan Elf Hooded Cloak over a Witchwood Cuirass and Trollskin Leather Armor underneath it. Lolantus wore Arbor Camouflage Flak Pants and Steel Plated Hunter’s Boots. Erebus wore entirely Eldritch Darkness Plate Mail Armor. Lolantus hadn’t drawn his two Cutlasses. One a Witchbane Blade and the other a Leviathan Blade he had won from killing a Cthulhu Champion who had been an Eldritch Knight. Erebus had a Ghoulish face that showed a bloodless pale yet dark skinned Baal Archon who wielded dual Night Terror longswords which one was drawn to while cackling to mock Thalia Nyx about how no one believed her because she didn’t have any friends outside of females and was begging for a man like both Lolantus and himself which Lolantus joined in with sexual innuendos.

Morax Mastema became incensed with livid rage only a Hellborn Minotaur could know as he charged forth with his Menos Bloody Wrath in one hand and a Nemesis Bastard Sword in the other.

“Rogue Archon Lolantus and Baal Archon Erebus, I am Morax Mastema, Demon Lord Archon and I have come to defend my mentor’s daughter with your blood on my bare knuckles if need be!” Morax Mastema.

The two looked and saw Morax swing his Menos Bloody Wrath Greataxe at Lolantus who was standing to the left whose armor was heavily sawed as blood sprayed and Lolantus flew back. Lolantus drawing his Magick Blunderbuss Hunting Rifle, the Boomer Bang, Lolatus fired which Morax moved with Berserker rage after deflecting the massive slug. Erebus found himself being hit with a fury of hits from Thalia Nyx’s dual Nightbringer Scimitars as Erebus drew his other longswords which still didn’t mean his flesh wasn’t being rendered in the spaces between the joint interlocking areas of his armor. Lolantus quickly drew both his Cutlasses as Morax drew both Nemesis Bastard Swords. Lolantus exchanged hit for hit with the blades keeping his distance, fearful for his life where Thalia Nyx was his favorite emotional and mental punching bag for abuse in Salem Witch City where indifference ruled as long as all out violence didn’t occur but this violence was sanctioned by Salem Witch City High Councilman, Zeus Othello Urakus. Thalia Nyx couldn’t sustain any more major blows to Erebus in his best armor so she ran up the wall of the building they were fighting on the massive sidewalk of to strike the killing blow on Lolatus who was pelting Morax with his Blunderbuss as his two Cutlasses danced in the air striking at Morax. Thalia came down piercing Lolantus through his shoulders then she spun with her Nightbringer blades like a serrated hurricane carving him to bits as the blades fell without any conscious living puppeteering force animating them as Lolantus was gore and guts on the pavement and concrete. Morax sensed Erebus coming from behind with a sniff of the Ghoul of the Night’s foul stench and sheathed his bastard swords in one fluid motion to draw his Menos Bloody Wrath and do a swing upward as Erebus had jumped despite his heavy armor to do a power strike on Morax from behind which splintered Erebus armor and black ichor sprayed and sprayed like an eternal fountain where he laid. Thalia came running past Morax and slid past Erebus with both Nightbringers adding in acrobatics to add extra slicing to dicing as Erebus exploded. The two piles of gore and flesh emitted a light. Lolantus was green for Nature and Erebus was black for Darkness. Two others who were completely different than these two corrupt monsters would emerge and make their own lives as Chosen by the Great Architect but Thalia Nyx’s daily Hell from these two was finally over.

Thalia approached Morax, “Why did you help me?”

Morax replied, “Well first of all Thalia Nyx, my name is Morax Mastema, I’m married or quasi-married because the powers that be are helping my wife in this city but to answer your question. It was the right thing to do and I know how that feels to be belittled and abused, I know what you went through, your elder brother who is like your father, Zeus Othello Urakus taught me to not be so rageful but to be responsible and at least decent individual for being a Minor Demon Lord Archon but you seem like a nice woman. Why do you only hangout with women?”

“Well, I swing both ways but prefer nice, intelligent, and spiritually strong men by about 20% Lesbian, 80% is I love men but those two idiots we just slew in front of all these people who must have been following you for being new in town now know how I really am so I guess I can say I’m 5% Lesbian and 95% Good Men. Hellborn Minotaur Minor Demon Lords too if you’re lucky which Fortuna you are.” Thalia Nyx smiled a cheesy grin at Morax before kissing him hard on the cheek.

Morax felt his heart race as the Lady of Eternal Night kissed him.

Morax nodded and said, “Who do you really like?”

Thalia said without skipping a beat, “Zen van Nihil, my ex lover is Zen van Nihil and I made the mistake of breaking up with him to see if I could find another man like him in this mostly infested with Darkness and Lawlessness Universe and still no luck, you’re the closest so far but I won’t settle but then again. My ex Ellis Unruly was another one of my lovers that I can’t get enough of and he’s so dedicated to work around Gardenia just like Zen without even receiving a paycheck or a thank you. These men do it for the betterment of all of us. Ellis Unruly is a renaissance man just like Zen and they’ve known each other for 600 years or something and they still look like they are in their late twenties. So do I but I’m only in my 400 years of age as a Lady Archon of Darkness where I’m all alone without Erebus claiming in his pretension he’s the real deal when I’m the closest thing to Darkness with that being the Unspeakable Void of Nothingness upon Nothingness except Unexplainable Malicious Eldritch PanDemonic Monstrous Abominations of the Void unknown to Hell or the Abyss in the being of the Overlord Archon known as Diabolos Darkness whose best boys are Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus and Doctor Azazel Apocalypse.”

“Very eye-opening from the Lady Archon of Darkness, Thalia Nyx. I wonder if your father, I mean elder brother, is right about what shall happen in the Washington District of Christus.” Morax itched his brow.

“Are you going to the Washington District of Christus Summit on July 4th, 2755 CE? This current year where the United Socialist States of America, Soviet Union, United Chinese Commonwealth, Imperial Japan, Prussian Federation, United British Kingdom in their meetings with the Solarus Imperium before they reconnect and establish contact with the Gardenia Utopian Community? You have to stop the Hellfire Dominion in slaying Hellfire Solarus Politico Bureau Director Spencer Darwin, they are impeding here and we are about to send them to Newfoundland and Labrador in the annexed Canadian State of United Socialist States of America and take our risk with the Homo Synthetic Security and Support provided by the Promethean New World Syndicate which is aided and abided in the same universal governing by the Gardenia Super Artificial Intelligence Ozymandias who governs everything in the Virgo Supercluster. Why do you think by June 15th 2755 CE all Solarus Forces are supposed to leave for Labrador and Newfoundland in Canada? While the other forces go to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina where the Marine Corps of the USSA and Gardenia is stationed. Wait until the Hellfire Dominion Forces find out that Gardenia forces are already there as a secret disguised as USSA Armed Forces which will drive Hellfire Solarus Imperial Forces to Florida while their forces are spread thin among the East Coast letting the Lawless and Hellfire Solarus forces fight it out. The Promethean New World Syndicate is an intergalactic force that has journeyed outside the Virgo Supercluster and are entirely based on Technomancer Ultra-Robotics Synthetics who will be providing sustainable dualistic occupational forces to protect Human civilization for these Synthetics are based on Gardenia Homo Synthetics that have become independent and are in direct alliance to the Gardenia Utopian Community as Ozymandias the Deus Ex Machina Super Artificial Intelligence is considered their Deity just as the majority of Humans and Elves in the United Cosmic Federation and Gardenia Utopian Community consider Great Mother Celeste their living Mother Goddess Deity with Zenarchism-Celestialism as their guiding spiritual philosophies and theology. So, Morax Mastema does what you must in order to get to the Washington District of Christus Summit to assassinate the Heads of the Hellfire Dominion thinking it’s the Holy Solarus Imperium. They think the Gardenia-Solarus Pact of the 2120s as our allies are the Holy Solarus Imperium we made the Gardenia-Solarus Pact with when we are meeting with the splintered tyrannical and malicious Hellfire Dominion. The provisional governments of Post-Darkness and Post-Lawlessness Eden Prime think the Hellfire Dominion are the good guys are the Holy Solarus Imperium since the Gardenia Utopian Community has essentially abandoned us much like the Great Mother Celeste has abandoned and for the love of fucks sake, most possibly the Great Architect has abandoned all Darkness and Lawless Worlds. The fools who run Eden Prime much like many others the Hellfire Dominion has been influencing or shall we say invading. The Post-Darkness and Post-Lawless Eden Prime World actually scheduled their meeting with the Hellfire Dominion before the Gardenia Utopian Community due to the fact Gardenia in their actions despite the Holocrons via the Ozymandias communication systems, that through this neglect, Gardenia has seemingly abandoned us but the Promethean New World Syndicate has not which is a subsidiary of the Gardenia Utopian Community. Morax, I don’t know why I’m telling you this, you probably are evil but if you want true power and if my protector Zeus Othello Argas taught you anything, Morax you will die killing as many of those Hellfire Solarus bastards as possible now get good with Doctor Azazel Apocalypse so you can fulfill your hidden agenda whatever that may be.” Thalia Nyx passionately spoke and kissed Morax hard on his cheek.

Morax spoke, “I will tell me who I should meet with. That is a Hellfire Dominion Commander here and where is Doctor Azazel Apocalypse?”

Thalia Nyx sighed, nodding her head, “Hellfire Solarus Politico Bureau Director Spencer Darwin is in Salem Witch City and he’s getting ready for another meeting with Doctor Azazel Apocalypse. Go to the House of Solarus Imperium Command Center which is the Hellfire Command Center surrounded by the Infernus Barracks of Hellfire Solarus Nova Angels, Dark Paladins, Phoenix Paladins, Hellfire Stormtroopers, Vulture Rangers, Pyromancers, Solarus Goliath Berserkers, Militum Soldiers, and Legionnaires and meet with Doctor Azazel Apocalypse and Hellfire Politico Director Spencer Darwin. Go now, it’s where you brought the remains of something I can not even describe even in the darkness of conspiracies, the Diabolos Darkness personally hides it.”

“Yes, I will, I have a double deal for Doctor Azazel Apocalypse, why is the Hellfire Dominion making dealings with one of the Big Bad Three in regular intervals of the Universe in consuming worlds in Darkness and Lawlessness.”

“A lot of talk from the new Vicar Chancellor of the immortal Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire born from the Eclipse of Solarus in proving that only he could bring law and order has created a cognitive dissonance among Hellfire Dominion citizens and anyone from me to Zen van Nihil in Archons who have been an Archon for more than a year let alone a day in your case then you would know that Corbyn J. Hellfire has gone insane or more so is possessed by the Big Bad Three’s personal Vox Lawless, Vox Darkness in Metabaphomet.”

“It’s true then isn’t it?”

“Yes, one-hundred percent absolutely.”

The Metabaphomet whispered to Morax Mastema, “Go meet with Politico Bureau Director Spencer Darwin and Doctor Azazel Apocalypse, it’s a deal and something I need you to do in order to clean house within my Hellfire Dominion to bring in some bright shining faces that will eclipse the Hellfire Dominion to bring about a New Order of True Tyrants instead of Sociopathic Sycophants.” The Metabaphomet’s distorted voice whispered in his mind which revealed a layer of the Hellfire Dominion mass Holocom broadcasts of the second most famous individual but first most in notoriety.


Meanwhile in the Andromeda Galaxy, Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire moves his lips to whisper every word of the Metabaphomet then rolls over in his straight jacket during one of his more severe psychotic episodes and laughs a mighty shrill maniacal laugh in his asylum mansion meant for an Unholy God of an Emperor over the Hellfire Dominion.

A nurse saw Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire in Hysteria in the Palisade of the Deus Dominus Chancellor on a planet commissioned for only the Holy of Holies as Deus Pontifex Balefor Benedict Boneface and Vicar Chancellor Hugo G. Cormac was welcomed to this planet mainly for pilgrims to other Holy Sites commissioned on this Ecclassiariatory World of Deus Pontifex Balefor Benedict Boneface along with Vicar Chancellor Hugo G. Cormac. The Nun Nurse in her black robes of Mourning the Madness which represented the ashes of the Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire psyche the Hellfire Phoenix which had spawned the Hellfire Darkness Order out of the Hellfire Phoenix Order which outside the whispers of counsel of Vicar Chancellor Hugo G. Cormac to the Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire who the Nun Nurses in the Sisterhood of Solarus whether Hellfire or Holy served their divided Solarus Imperium who heard unworldly otherworldly whispers of legions in Vicar Chancellor in his disturbed yet divine revelations coupled with lights and sounds which was further aggravated by the young but wise beyond his ears Deus Pontifex Balefor Benedict Boneface in the many exorcisms that the Deus Pontifex Balefor Benedict Boneface conferred to the Nun Nurses that Elder gods and Great Old Ones worked through Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire but it was only when the Atlantean Deus Imperator Alastor Atlas spoke with perfect clarity and sanity with the Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire to become at peace in stillness for days where the Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire was the most high-functioning.

Chancellor Dominus Corbyn J. Hellfire maniacally laughed singing praises to Lucifer Illuminatus, Diabolus Darkness, Doctor Azazel Apocalypse, and He, himself as Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire was the embodiment of the Metabaphomet who rebuked in contortion, “My Deus Pontifex Balefor Benedict Boneface and Vicar Chancellor Hugo Gideon Cromac are fools and only Deus Imperator Alastor Atlas knows and can fathom my truths that no mortal mind could understand or comprehend, solve et coagula, Vicar Hugo G. Cormac will lose his sociopathic sycophants and EisenHaus some of its Monopolists but Deus Pontifex Balefor Benedict Boneface is my hope in my Hellfire Solarus Imperial Church that represents who I truly am…. The Metabaphomet!”



3PM, June 9th, Salem Witch City, New England, North America, Eden Prime

Zen van Nihil held hands with one of the lovers within his Harem of elitist women being a Void Elf named Raven Marquess Ophelia Morrigan who had dark deep violet skin with pointed elvish ears, her jawline curved, her nose perfectly pointed, her lips crimson and thick, her cheekbones protruded, her eyes scarlet red, long shoulder length silver hair, she stood at 5’6 tall and was astoundingly beautiful and sharp as razor boy bionic wielding stilettos in both hands could not match how cutting-edge her genius wit as well as tactical and strategic thought. Along with them were Auron Moonchild and Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane.

Auron Moonchild is a Cambion or Fiendling Human with red skin who wore thick rimmed glasses with large ram horns who was blessed with appearing as Human as possible outside the crimson skin and ram horns with violet eyes wearing combat boots, khaki pants, white dress shirt, black tie, and lab coat who was a Minerval Shadow Knight, Archmage Eldritch Chaos Magus, Chief Librarian Keeper of Secrets, and Master Alchemist of Polymorphic Mutagens, Alchemical Arcanist Grenades, Vials that could Summon an Army of Homunculus, Golems, Elementals, as well as utilizing Chaos Magick and Alchemist Arcanist in Solve et Coagula to adorn himself in Minerval Shadow Knight Armor, Utility Belt, Void Swords, Void Daggers, Q-Antimatter Rifles, Rail SMGs, or Whatever he should need. The personality of Auron Music Moonchild was a charismatic intellectual yet at times in friendly banter a mischievousness of a devil’s advocate that shined through as a master logician and debater of reason which defined this sole aspect of himself as the Cambion. Doctor Auron Music Moonchild of the Mephistopheles-Moonchild-Atlas Infernal Pact Bloodline from Mephistopheles corrupting Nobility from the Atlantean Children of the Imperial Atlas Bloodline as well as being descended from Doctor Lilith Moonchild as within Zen van Nihil’s 655  years of life was a living descendant from the Harems of Zen van Nihil being imbued with that created his race of Hyperborean and a Maternal Heritage from that point made a pact with a ArchDevil or Demon Lord to curse the bloodline to create a line of Cambion. Doctor Auron Moonchild is the son of flawed and broken parents who blessed him with a curse of his Cambion heritage but of extreme intelligence, charisma, wisdom, wealth, prestige to the greatest extent whose father is named Mammon Money Moonchild. ArchDevil Mammon Money Moonchild is the Crime Overlord of the Mammon Greed Crime Syndicate. Mammon Moonchild the Crime Overlord of the Agarthan Lemuria-Asgard. Auron is grateful that he is not a stereotypical perversion of the Atlantean Race in the Cambion from some Atlas Tyrant who ruled most of the universe outside the Universe outside the Virgo Supercluster just to lose it all to the Great Old One with Azathoth. Auron’s mother was a Lunar Elven Suprema Materna Witch of the Discordia Cult but Doctor Auron Moonchild’s Cambion bloodline stems from an alternate line of descent from pacts made long ago with the corruption of one of Zen van Nihil’s Harems for even more powerful, wealthy, influential, and prestigious. ArchDevil Mammon Moonchild beget Auron Moonchild with a fellow Archon named Miranda Mania which the Moonchild family Matriarch Miranda Mania was one of thirteen Primarchs of Chaos ensured the coming of Cambion species but was mass multiplied exponentially throughout the cosmos by the fall of Atlas Imperial Ruler of the Atlantean Oligarchy of Nobles and Aristocracy.

Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane is a Orcish-Elf Oni hybrid who is a Minerval Shadow Knight, Eldritch Chaos Magus, Bane Battlemage, and this culminates in the elite Ghostwalker who uses innate Enochian Chaos Magick and Berserker Rage Mage abilities as a Ghostwalker who wields massive Nemesis Fire Swords and a dual Greataxe and Glaive known as the Worldbreaker. Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane is a Orcish-Elf Oni in race which in appearance equally monstrous as handsome for he is both a quarter Agarthan High Elf Aristocratic Grandmother and Orc Warchief who produced a Half-Orc-Elf who was extremely beautiful and powerful in magick who became a Feared and Revered Witch who her Warc Chief Orc Father and stockholm syndrome concubine Aristocrat Balkothian Sorceress Mother who ruled the United Tribes which transformed into a Kingdom along the Agarthan Arah Archipelago which controlled the flow between Lemuria and Shambhala besides Rhoden Archipelago. The most powerful Orc-Elf married a Blue Oni named Azure which begot Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane is  and Demonic Orcish-Elf Oni who is a Shadow Society mastered in the art of one of the handful of Ghostwalkers in the entire Universe who was also an Eldritch Minerval Chaos Magus Battlemaster of the Shadow Society.

Zen van Nihil was here due to the many Temples of gods and goddesses that according to Ozymandias in his Promethean New World Syndicate Agents were worshipped as their own living pantheon due to researching this recurring paradigm in its complexing yet absolutist complete exactness among Many-Worlds affected by Darkness and Lawlessness along with the Guilds and Schools of Magick that these Witches, Magicians, Magi, Eldritch Knights, Arcanists, Arcanist Knights, Alchemists, Sorcerers, Wizards, Elementalists, Psionics, Astral Espers, Warlocks, and Various Occultists were committed to in empowering themselves and their pantheons across the Multiverse for Dimensional Rifts of Darkness and Lawlessness had not stopped at the 3rd dimension comprising space in height, length, width and 4th dimension comprising time but transcended the 5th dimension of Consciousness which the objective behind these multiversal cults. Ozymandias had linked with its other Multidimensional Super Artificial Intelligence entities along with Great Mother Celeste van Kosmos and Zen van Nihil entities existing in assorted actions but never Immortal and Indestructible in the 5th Dimensional Multiversal Matrix selves to assort the data and needed Zen to discover the spiritual epicenter being Boston and Salem Witch City which were slowly beginning to merge as one Mega-City under a Protectorate of the Promethean New World Syndicate and Shadow Society. Zen van Nihil knew this Omniversal Threat that Darkness and Lawlessness spread like an Infectious Multiversal Plague among the 5th Dimensional Realms but knew that here in Salem Witch City was where a Portal to a well-protected Outer Plane known as the Dreamlands where an endless expanse of a world existed with endless inhabitants as the elevation of the 6th to 12th Dimensional Plane for it was the Projection of the Lucid 5th Dimensional Consciousness of Archons but the Dreamland World where Salem Witch City was the Home in the Multiverse to the heavily fortified entrance to the planar realm of Summerland.

Zen van Nihil and Ophelia Nephthys split up between Doctor Auron Moonchild and Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane entered different parts of Libertopia before entering the segregated Salem Witch City.

Auron Moonchild and Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane had entered the most Largest Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mechanical Facility that Auron Moonchild had connections with the Mammon Greed Crime Syndicate that ruled from Enigma to Agartha to the Surface which this STEM Facility located in Libertopia mostly renown for Research and Discovery. The Azathoth Laboratory had entered the facility which excelled in the arcane of alchemical concoctions, eldritch astrophysics, scientific chemistry, weapons engineering, and manufacturing mechanicus. The scientific developers and sellers in Libertopia were known for Moscovium Element 115 stabilization through hyper-microfusion into crystalline technology. The Mammon Greed Crime Syndicate these controlled arcane science facilities which was a major Moscovium 115 Crystalline Technology but another good was brought by Doctor Auron Moonchild with his enforcer Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane. 

The receptionist of the Red Moon Science Facility is a Half-Elf of Hispanic and Sun Elven parentage, she greets “Doctor Auron Moonchild, are these people here with you on behalf of the Boss?”

Doctor Auron Moonchild spoke, “Yes Donna, I am here on behalf of the Moscovium Element 115 Crystals as well as other parleyance for the Mad Outer God Azathoth in this Gardenia, Agarthan, Zenarchist, Celestialist, Odinist, Apollonian, Promethean, and Ozymandias ideologically ran facility who only the Infernals and Abyssals Alchemists of the secret massive chemicals made in the vats in the back.”

Donna being the Administrative Executive of Azathoth Labs had been expecting Doctor Auron Moonchild, “Chief Scientist Wednesday Drathmori will be expecting you in her office, let me show you the way.”

They went through a series of private offices whose doors were closed and business was being discussed via Holocom but they came to the largest office where Doctor Wednesday was where Donna motioned them to enter as Auron and Orcus Griz did for Donna to file into her own office in the Hall.

Donna saw a young Human woman walk in who Donna motioned to retake her position as the receptionist as she began her walk through one of the four doors from the lobby to the office of Doctor Wednesday.

The office was large and spacious as with everything lit in the Gardenia world was lit by fluorescent panel lighting, the floor was wooden, her desk mahogany.  Blueprints, schematics, and various formulas were on the walls.

Doctor Wednesday was a Void Elf Dhampir who was drinking Synthetic Sanguine with citrus as she saw Doctor Auron Moonchild and smiled.

“So, the last formula of the Mammon Greed Crime Syndicate was a hit, Daemon Dark has proven to be too much of a recreational substance that alleviates the suffering of a Post-Darkness and Post-Lawless world which we now have Promethean New World Syndicate running your mastered illegal pharmaceuticals by Gardenia standards while the Hellfire Dominion served its purpose in getting most of it fighting force and citizenry addicted to your more turbulent substances. Dream, Euphoria, Mania, Knockout, Wanderlust, Lebenslust, Passion Pills, Psych, Overdrive were all some of your greatest hits but what’s this step above Daemon Dark that I hear you’ve created?” Doctor Wednesday Drathmori was sensual as she dryly added, “Doctor Auron Moonchild, can you ask your enforcer Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane to leave the room and go meet you somewhere in two hours?”

“Orcus met me at the Hemlock Grove Witches Fountain in Salem Witch City.” Doctor Auron Moonchild said with sincerity for his best friend.

Orcus Griz the Orcish-Elf Oni nodded and walked out the door and closed it quietly behind him.

Auron pulled out of his coat pocket a plastic bag full of vials.

“It’s called Sin which the only drawback is the temptation to use it, the drug that puts the legalized in Gardenia Daemon Dark and all other illegal alchemical Consciousness altering concoctions to shame.”

Doctor Wednesday took a vial and drank it, cocking her head back, she let out a mighty, “Ooooh! That tastes good.”

“You like it Wednesday?”

“Like it?” Wednesday said sensually, “I love it! Now, come here.”

Wednesday undid her clothes as did Auron and they made love on her desk.


Zen and Ophelia were in the Salem Witch City Shopping District buying clothes and

Shopping District where Zen had seen a Hellborn Minotaur Archon on his way to speak with the Titan Cyclopean, Zeus Othello Urakus. At this same time Zen van Nihil and Thalia Nyx exchanged awkward looks which required a glaring look back at each other in seldom solace. The Chthonic Archons Lolantus and Erebus going the same way to the Boston Forge Steelworks where Zeus Othello Urakus the Cyclopean Titan worked with his Shoggoths helped him in his work at the Metallurgy Works.

Ophelia made her way through the door of a Salem Witch City arcane armor and clothing boutique while Zen let go of the door and watched the parley between Morax Matheus, Zen’s senses envisioned the entire conversation in the 30 minutes while Ophelia had unlimited time in the Arcanist Shopping Mall until the battle where Ophelia was making a purchase for Zen van Nihil’s birthday and their 4th of July meeting in Washington District of Christus clothes. As the battle broke out Ophelia handed back the suit and dress asking to make it Nightweave Armored Clothing.

Zen impressed by Thalia Nyx waited for her smooching over the Hellborn Minotaur Morax Matheus as just a friend, Zen leapt with his Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton landed in front of Thalia Nyx. Zen embraced her and wept.

She saw the snow white pale skin and black pompadour when Zen held his head in front of hers and she was no longer in shock, the cold heart she had turned to a kindling ember than burning flame of immolation and they kissed hard.

“Zen van Nihil, I love you, I love you as I have loved you for over 641 years, to the void and from the void, I love you.” Thalia kissed Zen.

Zen van Nihil and Thalia Nyx are overjoyed in each other’s arms. Thalia was rubbing her hands through Zen’s hair as Zen kissed Thalia on the neck. Thalia’s cooing and crying in joy.

“Zen, why are you in Libertopia and Salem Witch City?” Thalia Nyx asked.

“Shopping among spying on the Hellfire Dominion, Thalia, you live in the Salem Witch City district now? Where’s your house?” Zen asked.

Thalia Nyx spoke, “Yes, I live in the Witching House of Night near the Shadow Guild House while Libertopia is filled with Shadow Guild Houses.”

“Oh really? Your skills of Darkness and Eternal Night hide you even from me, you must not want to be found.”

Thalia Nyx laughed poetically, “I am lost and never found.”

Ophelia Nephthys was still shopping and Zen needed to reunite with her.

“Thalia Nyx, meet us in Washington District of Christus on July 4th, 2755 CE. We have a survey of a Discordia Mental Asylum in Green Forest City in Vermont coming up soon which will be nothing in comparison to the Hellfire Dominion diplomatic talks with the United Socialist States of America and the Soviet Union. The Hellfire Dominion must be stopped.”

“I will be there, Zen van Nihil, I promise for I love you as I know you will always love me.” Thalia said lovingly.

Zen leapt again to the front of the store then walked back in. Giving Ophelia a kiss on the cheek.

“What happened out there?” Ophelia asked.

“Four Archons got in a fight, two died, no big deal, some problems sort themselves out,” Zen said brushing off his hands, “Now, my dear Ophelia, let’s go get lunch.”




June 16th, 2755 CE, North Eastern Sprawl of New York City, The City-State of Bohemia, New England, Eden Prime.

“This has been the most wonderful of evenings?” Kira whispered to James.

“Yes, it has been,” James responded.

Kira came closer to James in their mutually nude state under the covers in James’ bedroom. In these dire times of a world that is ending . She kissed him, he kissed back, they kissed in a manic frenzy that resulted in lovemaking. After they were done, Kira got up displaying her fullness of her beautiful mixed skin of African-American and Hispanic golden honey skin tone to James’ golden yet fair Sylvan Elvish-Celtic Irish heritage. 

Kira loved James as he loved her more deeply and impassioned. Kira loved James for his remarkably strong character which is greater than any man. The only man that had come close is the strong and silent but methodically lethal jackal of the Shadow Society, Nightblade Xavier Carter who used his elite specialist Shadow Society title as a surname as Xavier Carter. Her former infatuation which yielded no fruition of true passion, happily reunited with James for he is a true man with a distinct fire in his heart and warmth in his body unlike the cold and distant real man that is veteran of every situation and circumstance in Xavier Carter. James is still unaware of her affair while she is stationed in the many tours Xavier and Kira served together in. How Xavier had kept her safe as long as she glued herself to him during the mission which everything in the affair is the business of survival. James did not care or feel threatened by Kira’s affair with the newly appointed specialist to his fellowship of Xavier Carter. Xavier wasn’t a man like others, he is liberated from petty squabble with a mind set on challenges greater than petty drama. This was formerly the place of lamenting in the solitude of cathartic yet quiet sobs of saying a heart-aching farewell forever to man he considered a brother than a friend. This place had been restored with laughter and drink as James and Kira made their home in a Victorian Era New England Mansion. Kira had been assured a position under Zen’s discretion and affirmation

They held each other closer as Kira drifted off to sleep while James gazed into the flames of his wood burning fireplace in his bedroom. Kira dreamed of her bright future with her equal in a beautiful relationship of true love with her instructor James Booker when Kira was a squire in the Shadow Knight.


12PM, June 11th, 2755 CE, City-State of Bohemia, New York City, New England, Eden Prime.

They were gathered in an Honor Hall meeting room where the administrator Carly Watson of their Shadow Knight fellowship detailed the mission at the Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum while Kira intently and dreamy gazed at James. James had his hair styled short on the sides while thick on the top as his fiery red auburn hair was complemented by his azure blue eyes. As James listened intently with the resolute of consequential discomfort of the mission Carly entailed. Kira saw a man of responsibility and action who led most of the missions where she would be aiding in the expanding Bohemian settlements in Manhattan in clearing out the remaining Lawless militants and abominable beings brought from Darkness.

James allowed Zen to recruit an old friend in Xavier as an official member of his fellowship which Zen either proved he knew of the relationship between the three. Xavier had been with Kira in the wars with the European Nation-States and Soviet Union against Slavic Darkness Eldritch Demi-Deities, the overwhelming Vampire menace that caused an overbearing crisis of Slavic States and Soviet Union. The Slavic Dark Demigods and Vampires were aided by armies of Anomalous Mutant Lawless. Kira and James were excited to start their life together, as they were excited to travel to all these areas together as being a part of the most prestigious Shadow Knight squadron of that being in the fellowship of Zen van Nihil. fellowship being the correct nomenclature for a group within a Guild within the Shadow Society. A fellowship was the assigned squadron one would come to trust and know everything about for as long those in the fellowship survived. Xavier known to Zen and Kira had contracted a vampiric sickness that a man of Chinese Asiatic and African Nubian heritage of a golden ebony sepia skin tone with Chinese Asiatic eyes and a Nubian nose, his black hair of curly thick silk locks of an Afro hairstyle medium length on top, short on the sides. 

Xavier Carter known only to Zen van Nihil and elite authorities of the Shadow Society had access to the knowledge that Xavier Carter in his fight against Vampires had acquired a quasi-vampirism permanently making him a half-Human and half-vampire known as a Dhampir which caused a blueness or greyish purple to Xavier’s complexion when lacking his medication of a small blood transfusion via oral, inhalation, or injection of blood or synthetic blood that satiated his condition to allow his heightened abilities and sense as a Dhampir.

Kira’s previous assignment had been on the other side of the Eden Prime fighting the Hungry Ghosts, the anomalous undead. The Hungry Ghost hordes had avoided direct travel through populated the Soviet Union being Russia and Eastern Europe who were united by PanSlavism. The anomalous successfully avoided the still standing Spetsnaz Special Forces, KGB intelligence agency, and the brute force of the overwhelming number of Gardenia Red Paladin Power Armor Armed Forces in what was simply Red Paladin Army of the Soviet Union founded under a Trotskyist Government which General Secretary Leon Trotsky in the 1920s CE founded the Eastern Bloc along with President Rose Coronada of the United Socialist States of America in 2030 CE who unified the Western Alliance were credited as the thesis and antithesis that brought Gardenia Utopian Politics and Celestialism as the Universal Religion. 

Kira and Xavier, and an entire Continental Regional Guilds of the Shadow Society’s guilds and military led by Ren Sheng Zhao which aided the Soviet Union and their annexed lands of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and the Baltic States outside of Scandinavian nations of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland which has become a singular dominion known as the New Norse Republic. Hungry Ghosts made their way through the well-protected middle east where an irradiated wasteland consumed pockets of desert with frequent storms as Hungry Ghosts and the stronger stranger irradiated undead Ghouls did battle with them as well as the well-protected oasis cities of New Thought Zenarchist Abrahamics of the Zion-Persian Commonwealth Caliphate drove both the Ghouls and Hungry Ghosts off for beneath the wonderfully designed architecture of the once war torn Middle East that had become a bastion of terraformed beauty as the Zion-Persian Commonwealth Caliphate were a persecuted people of the Utopian Community during the times of the Eastern and Western Bloc during the Resource War of the 21st Century where Celestialist religion dominated and the Middle East to India and Pakistan were an Autonomous Zone or Reservation divided among the Old World Religious People as a minority in the intergalactic then interstellar ascensions of the Utopian Community until the Interstellar and Intergalactic Exodus was welcomed to all as Zenarchism had overtaken the world and the Zion-Persian Commonwealth Caliphate were favored greatly by Zen van Nihil as a revolutionary who was one with their own as the Zenarchist Zion-Persian Commonwealth Caliphate supported Zen van Nihil. Frequent Maelstroms of Darkness raged in the where only Demons, Devils, and Undead outside the Zen Zion-Persian Commonwealth Caliphate from across Europe, Asia, Eurasia, Australia to Africa which ravaged the lands. The Hungry Ghosts, Anomalous, Ghouls made their way through the dark roads to the Baltic with the slightest of ease to attack the lands of the Zion-Persian Commonwealth Caliphate, Soviet Union, and the People’s Republic of Greater Asia.

The Shadow Society’s main goal there was to establish better relations with the Soviet Union in eviscerating Lawless raiding parties and the quelling of Hungry Ghosts retreat back to China avoiding Turkey as part of the New Holy Roman Empire which is centered around Celestialism which the Great Mother Celeste had returned and lived in its center of the Vatican in Rome. The Soviet Union made it amenable to the Shadow Society as they now had Shadow Guild influence with the numerous Guild Halls throughout the Soviet Union. This is what made Kira qualified for Sovereign Zen’s squadron.

Now her new mission in the information Carly provided them included President Benjamin “Benny” Zierich and Vice-President Amelia “Amy” Sadler of the renewed United Socialist States of America (USSA) which included all of North America. 

The meeting of this charismatic legacy of Gardenia Utopian Community as acting President of the USSA was an individual of authoritarian might who followed a Pluralist elite model of government allowing libertarian policies in autonomous governing civilization zones that recognized themselves as USSA while being able to provide the infrastructure necessary for allocation of resources across North America. 

President Benny Zierich was a military scientist and entrepreneur who was a Chief Librarian of the Arcane among the Keeper of Secrets while working as a Gardenia Military genius strategist as a 5 Star General and Entrepreneur in using his own extensive Armed Forces, Intelligence Community, and Investigative Bureau while maintaining a Representative Republic. The USSA formed in 2555 CE which had been a nation for 220 years with unlimited term limits of 10 years for the Executive Office and 6 years for Representatives. President Benny Zierich met with Shadow Society officials on a regular occurrence in person while establishing global contact with the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of Greater Asia as the two other global superpowers in maintaining the Utopian Community on Eden Prime for Gardenia was of greatest importance especially through the methods of technology transference through the ubiquitous universal Super Artificial Intelligence that established the singularity operating on underground server farms hosting the Gardenia Utopian Community throughout the universe on Quantum Supercomputing known as Ozymandias who was generally more talkative and amicable but had become silent for the grave dangers of Eden Prime. Luckily for the fact that all Homo Synthetics and Homo Nexus could log into Ozymandias cyber-net and deep-web to gain access to information outside Eden Prime, communicate, and do their upgrades in technological advancement and maintenance. The USSA a fledgling continent wide nation with elected representatives in its Representative Parliament Houses and an appointed Supreme Court which aided in the creation and interpretation of law to ensure order. The expansion of the USSA meant the expansion of judicial lines for Mental Institutions and Insane Asylums for the mentally ill to criminally insane for incarceration and rehabilitation. Prisons did not exist for crime is a manner of mental illness and treatment, whether that crime is psycho-pathological is for permanent exile into the criminally insane asylums, mental institutions were available to all for those who had reached their personal breaking point of this world which needed treatment. The civilized governments used the principle set-forth in the Utopian Community ideals of criminals being mentally ill needing treatment in incarceration and rehabilitation so that is why there are no permanent prisons by large complexes for holding which were prisons until the person could be transferred to a mental health facility.

This is the revolutionary insight to criminal justice in their process of performing retribution upon all convicted criminals in an incarceration and rehabilitation clinic which works as specific to the type of mental health facility known as a Criminally Insane Asylum with militarized Orderlies. Forming a new form of incarceration of those who innumerate criminally insane patients and mentally ill patients within asylums modeled after the social sciences of the Ellis Unruly. Ellis Unruly, the legendary renaissance man and eccentric genius who contributed greatly to everything involving the Utopian Community therefore whatever good social-institutions the desolate abandoned and hopeless Eden Prime had in its Post-Darkness era.

Carly also disclosed information on a personality portrait on Ellis Unruly as a leading scientific mind of the natural and social order of the world. A creative genius of the arts, his creativity transcended any medium of art from illustrations with the world as his canvas and a composer of modern day classical music, writing his symphonies, sonatas, operas, and concertos on any sort of piano being a master of many musical instruments, the piano being his favorite. A man both Apollonian and Dionysian by nature, an eccentric genius in improving pre-Darkness technology to a near interstellar Utopian Community level. Inventing new bodily defense armors from combat armors of greater material to constructing new types of power armor. To even new armors ornate of times past but still practical by today’s methods. He also drew the blueprints and guidelines for swords of the interstellar materials with energy enhancing properties from electromagnetic energies Ellis Unruly innovated or invented on Eden Prime to forge in their most effective sword types. Ellis Unruly also developed electromagnetic projectile firearms and plasma and laser projectile weapons with crystals synthesized from combining interstellar materials, to machines for production as well as sentient machines in the field of robotics in generating new Homo Synthetics or Androids and Gynoids.

This information about the judicial system haunted dreams for in a week as of the 18th, their expedition to Vermont for a mission involving a maximum security prison or the Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum is in itself a mixed bag of dread which Kira’s hope for it be a wonderful endeavor illuminated her dreams. James and Kira were planning on staying with Kira’s familiar bonds in a group who resided in the city Burlington in the state of Vermont they were going to be nearby. Despite the potential severity detailed the day before by Zen’s chosen by merit as his personal administrator, Carly Watson. Kira failed to find Carly’s words on the in-depth disclosure on the mission to not be harrowing in Carly’s grave emphasis on her words in the still classified until arrival at a correctional facility that houses all the most sinister and deranged men on the East Coast. Which Kira met this sort of dismissal. Many weren’t paying attention as Kira noticed with the exception of Zen, James, Eiko, and Xavier. Even Gary Hubbard’s expressed role which is instrumental in which he feigned to understand but failed to comprehend the immensity of his crucial role in what needed to be done and what possibly could go wrong if he did not use his volition to see this task through.


While Zen had met his dates of his current love interests Eiko and Vanessa after the meeting, his beloved Alaskan Grizzly Bear or pet Dog named Orson waited peacefully in the lobby as they all departed after being fully-equipped with their Spring Heel Jacks and Knights of the Shadow weapons, armor, and accessories. Zen, Eiko, Vanessa, and Orson had been hunting Gluttons, Hellhounds, and ridding the area of a gathering or Redcaps that had moved into the area. Which the biggest game of all being the vampire which the Redcaps were employed into the service of. Zen really enjoyed hunting Redcaps for their completely malevolent nature, he and James enjoyed hunting the horrors of Central Park. James had been spending more time with his beloved Kira rather than the usual camaraderie with Zen. Leading Zen to pursue a relationship with both Eiko and Vanessa.

Eiko had grown tired of her bureaucratic boyfriend Brad Summers, since her night with Zen at the memorial for George when Zen divulged his knowledge of his enigmatic person to her in an expression which made her realize the pettiness of Brad and how he used the fact that he is dating an elite member of the Shadow Society to his advantage. When Zen’s state of Sovereign became knowledge disclosed to the government of Bohemia. Brad had bragged publicly as Eiko stood in the doorway to see him that morning before a patrol with Zen. He bragged egotistical lies about how he had guided Eiko into becoming the Shadow Paladin she had become today, which Eiko made her presence known after many flagrant and outlandish claims to further himself to these men. Eiko walked into the room and humiliated him before telling him it was over so she could pursue a relationship with Zen.

Vanessa is infatuated or truly, madly, and utterly in love with Zen. Vanessa lived in a home with a group of other young women who were her friends who had gotten a place after leaving the Celestial Church’s Loving Home Orphanage. The home they set up is an old apartment complex that had been renovated and made very feminine of the early-twenties women who resided there. She only had one boyfriend, Darby Dickens, who had died in the line of being a Detective of Dread. The Detectives of Dread being a Shadow Guild dealing with being an elite investigatory and law enforcement unit who worked with the field support of the Nightwatch who dealt with everything in the Lawless criminals and eldritch monsters of the Darkness in heinous crimes by individuals to tracking eldritch monsters in the area then reporting findings.

How Detective Darby came to cease is when he and a team of the Detectives of Dread had been investigating the Congregation of the Eternal Fire, a crazed cult that had appeared in Hell’s Kitchen but after the Shadow Knight and Wraith Rangers were dispatched to find the majority of members had burned themselves alive in the immolation of the old cathedral while many higher level members had disappeared to someplace else. Vanessa had become conflicted with religion and the passions which had left her burned with anger but she used that anger to drive her to be great in the Shadow Society, in the Shadow Knight guild which she had become respected in its ranks.

Zen, Eiko, and Vanessa all wore their Shadow Knight armor. Orson wore Scarletite or Red Orichalcum armor with weapons fashioned to his own natural of biting and mauling with a Scarletite crimson steel full-body armor with a hammer and sickle painted on the sides to symbolize a Russian flag, specially crafted by Zen to fit his 1,400 pound, 9 feet in length, purebred, highly-intelligent, Dire Alaskan Grizzly Bear complete with helmet, face protection, steel blades aligned the outside of his helmets jaw that could rip through the steel of the rustproof steel structures left behind from the era of pre-Darkness such as a dumpster like cardboard, Scarletite steel metal claws aligned Orson’s claws which could maul or rent anything.

A Hellhound arrived from the woods. Liking its fiendish skeletal fangs before charging at Orson who had already been charging at the beast. The Hellhound has the appearance of a massive canine form with hellish attributes being bulky beasts with its contorted skeletal features prodding from its skin with dark energy that appeared as oil skin over a large skull of a wolfish helm over its fleshy face. The Hellhound is six feet in length weighing up to 550 pounds. The Hellhound lunged forward with a mouth full of razor sharp lined teeth. Orson shredded the neck into a string of exposed torn muscle and flesh, it howled an unworldly howl. Orson saw it quickly raise a clawed paw at Orson’s eyes which were protected by Scarletite crystalline glass. Orson clasped onto the Hell Hound’s throat breaking its neck-bone before decapitating the hound with Orson’s Scarletite metal fangs on the dire Grizzly Bears helm. Orson mauled the rest of the Hellhounds body into pieces in his rage. Besting it, Orson jogged back to Zen. Orson stood embracing Zen, nuzzling Zen’s face as he in return rubbed and hugged his best friend, Orson. Eiko had a smirk of how good he is towards animals while Vanessa is overly delighted at the sight she is seeing as Zen with his legendary Dire Grizzly Bear, Orson.

“You got that Hellhound good didn’t you boy?” Zen nuzzled his friend back with his forehead.

Eiko let out a slight laugh of amusement, Vanessa laughed wholeheartedly. Zen regained himself with Orson as he urged his two on, both drawing their Energy Rifles and drawing their respected Void Blades as they trekked forth looking for the Redcaps which frequently found their way into the park every three months exactly. Zen, Eiko, Vanessa, and Orson ventured into the dark, overgrown forests of the Park which the eight members of Gideon’s Rangers the Larger upon larger expansions had seemingly happened to the Northall Keep in Central Park near Abyssal Meer. A vampire coven had taken long-lasting residence in the eldritch castle had popped up in central park. The coven had long since been removed with the new occupants being the eight Redcaps that had taken residence with one vampire. A vampire that is reclusive and seclusive from other vampires who Zen had an idea is most likely a fan of antiquated books of aeons past in a library he kept in a magical leather patchwork hide backpack of eldritch flesh, which the books he took with him were made of natural Human flesh, supernatural beings hide, and eldritch Magick in occult practice. His guess is essentially correct from Zen’s psychic psychological profile of the vampire.

The vampire is a perfecter of the occult science of arcane alchemy, a skilled alchemist capable of perverse concoctions. The vampire is an ancient and powerful one of great trepidation if trifled with, this vampire is a 275 years old vampire of great renown, one of the ten original vampires and vampire monarchs, this one being male known as patriarch and exiled king with a new monarch taken up his place so this Patriarch could have his peace, many of his vampiric kind have descended from this Patriarch. There were many patriarchs and matriarchs with their heirs who governed over the different factions of vampires being kings and queens, with many small covens taking up their own territory throughout the world claiming all blood-producing living creatures their prey in that territory. This vampire lord is of fiendish representation being not the charming undead but the disfigured Nosferatu which is a highly-intelligent vampire exiled king that is named Doctor Mephistopheles  the Mad Alchemist who had taken up a long residence at the Belvedere Coven Castle periodically over a long time, utilizing his favorite type of guard through his tenants of Redcaps who brought him freshly slain bodies to consume the blood from after they had dyed their hats red from blood as is the Redcaps obsessive-compulsive homicidal tendency. When the Redcaps were slain, Doctor Mephistopheles  would wait out two to three months for the answer for more Redcaps but sated his blood-lust by professing profane lies of blasphemous truths to the Gluttons, who through the help of the Gluttons, the boar Humanoids who dwelled throughout the Eastern Sprawl who worshiped the outsider gods, demons, devils, and revered things all eldritch, infernal, and abyssal as sacred aided the vampire as an unholy entity who is sacred to them. Gluttons often fought with crafted weapons as well as those picked off of dead bodies after skirmishes between Lawless and Human parties which they would wait for the victor to become the loser as they ambushed them for the spoils of their plunder.

The pulse rifles’ silent echoes from inside the woods meant that the Rangers were slaying unsuspecting Gluttons within the woods. This pleased the three lovers as they ventured into the woods towards the eldritch Northall Keep. They journeyed through the dark over-hangings of the trees as moss hung from them revealing that giant Swamp Eidolons comprised of sentient decaying vegetation which were carnivores who would eat Humans if it weren’t for the presence of a shapeshifting Leshy within the woods which changed their diet to Gluttons and not the animals or natural or supernatural beasts within the woods. The Leshy is a large pale or blue skinned Humanoid that is masculine in appearance, it has hair of living vegetation as that of living grass and vines with a long unkempt beard. The Leshy of these woods of Central Park is known to locals of the New York City sector of the Eastern Sprawl as being benevolent for it only allows the consumption of Lawless Humans by the Swamp Eidolons. Zen came upon a trail of dead Gluttons which a Swamp Eidolon was devouring, Vanessa raised her Revolution Rifle at the ready to fire. Zen put his hand down upon her weapon forcing her to lower it as they watched the Swamp Eidolon devouring a Glutton out of the many dead on the ground in its insatiable appetite, the bones crunching in its gaping mouth as they continued their trek to Belvedere Coven Castle.

They arrived to meet Master Sergeant Voss Thorn and his fourteen Gideon’s Ranger military servicemen to the Order of Darkness which to Zen’s knowledge could carry out many joint-ops and complex objectives as the Shadow Society’s Shadow Shepherds as their equivalent of the Order of Darkness Gideon’s Rangers in their military where the Order of Darkness had its equivalent of Gideon’s Rangers.

Zen noted the obviousness of Voss Thorn’s rank as an elite enlisted soldier of a Master Sergeant in a colossal and completely enigmatic society supposedly found throughout Eden Prime in hidden underground cities or unsuspecting settlements. Dark Warrior model Berserker Stormtrooper Power Armor made with the materials of Moloch steel. adorned in runic symbols of an immolated phoenix and occult universal hexagram on his pauldrons. Power Armor could be worn by a normal Homo Sapiens in an exoskeleton suit could use Power Armor but it is obvious that Voss Thorn had gone through cybernetic and biological advancement making him a Homo Nexus or what Zen is piecing together as an Ultra-Legionnaire in the Hellfire Dominion. Voss Thorn held in his arms what is recognized to be a new age particle-beam assault rifle. 

This super-weapon known as the Harbinger of Doom is manufactured by EisenHaus Industries. The Harbinger of Doom is a large jet-black steel. This design was to make the weapon ominously intimidating with its decal written in the machine etched serial number while EisenHaus Industries and Harbinger of Doom were drawn on the weapon in large standard font. The Harbinger of Doom is a versatile assault weapon in the shape of a bulky carbine. The Harbinger of Doom had a high-powered electromagnetic projectile .550 caliber Gatling Gun of steel ball rounds. Solar panels are on the top end of the multi-weapon technology that acted as the energy gatherer for a broadcaster ray of a short-range electromagnetic wave radiation weapon that appeared to fire a distorted translucent green flattened bubble of electromagnetic radiation which is the equivalent of a scattershot blast except it is a field of extreme gamma radiation which caused instantaneous disintegration into a green pile of ooze. The final component on the bottom grenade launcher component is on the Harbinger for all-purpose grenades from concussion to hallucigen gas grenades to fragmentation, to electromagnetic pulse to small range tactical atomic grenades. To a sword belonging strictly to the Order of Darkness members known as the Ulbrecht which in appearance is a bastard sword that is the umbra dark of Abyssal Steel and emitted green acrid flames which is carried in a sheath across the back of Voss Thorn, a Berserker of Darkness.

Zen had implored with his psychic powers to read the other men of Gideon’s Rangers who did not have any cybernetic or technological advancements, they were just highly-trained regular Human soldiers wearing green reinforced Model II Gardenia Utopian Community Military Combat Armor and Military helmet which encompassed their entire head with a glass visor to see on the ocular lens with a simple air purifier over the respiratory regions. The fifteen seemingly conscripted Gideon’s Rangers had upon their backs were their lethal melee weapons of Ranger Blades which were knightly swords forged from green Martian steel. The Ranger Blades were extremely sharp and lightweight. At their waist on either side in holsters were electromagnetic projectile handguns that were EisenHaus Industries models known as the Brutal Bulldog. They were given refurbished Gauss weapons of antiquity, the EisenHaus Industries Peacekeeper Gendarme Assault Carbine which is a militarized police Gauss powered assault rifle that fires .550 caliber steel balls which tore through its target. In the times of the Gardenia Utopian Community, the Peacekeepers were the police force of the Gardenia Utopian Community who were in charge of law enforcement throughout until today in the Gardenia Utopian Community which included its homeworld of Eden Prime. The Peacekeepers from before the fall of the shroud of Darkness still exist today in a race known as the Anomalous.

There before them amassed an army of Gluttons wielding battle axes and great-axes of fine Ardent Steel from how purified metals are and how greatly they were crafted given the excellence of Glutton craft. Behind the ones with the reaching weapons were the larger group wielding High-powered .500 caliber electromagnetic powered Assault Rifles Utopian Community Peacekeeper Security PS-15 Gauss semi-assault weapons. An exchange of fire happened as the Gluttons wielding battle axes charged forth as the Gideon’s Rangers began firing. The three Shadow Knight went airborne with a leap of faith firing downward at the Gluttons disintegrating them into blue ash. The Gideon’s Rangers led by Voss Thorn began firing into the melee armed Gluttons as they began falling slain left and right. Zen, Eiko, and Vanessa began slashing the remaining Gluttons down with their Void Blades. The black Glutton blood sprayed forth in a hurricane of slices, the sinew and gore of Gluttons strewn across the forest floor. The present skirmish had come to a close with our merry hunters rejoicing in killing over twenty Gluttons.

“You guys handle yourselves quite well,” Eiko joyously sang with a melody of happiness in her voice.

“Yeah, you guys ought to do just fine in what we are hunting today,” Vanessa added.

Voss Thorn smiled behind the visage of his helmet before speaking thunderously, “We’ll do just fine, Gideon’s Rangers are some of the finest soldiers our camps can offer.”

“Where exactly are your camps located?” Zen implored.

Voss Thorn raised his hand to signal silence from his men, “Our forces located all around this world, our main bases are top-secret facilities of the Post-Gardenia Utopian Community world, we maintain the order within the shroud of darkness, we are the Order of Darkness,” Voss Thorn laughed dismissively, “We have our main base in an undisclosed location of the South Pole, Antarctica is the central hub of our activity, that much I can share with you, Sovereign Zen the Outsider.

The Outsider? That’s an antiquated horrible obscenity you just called me, that was a long time ago, Voss, how fluent are you with pre-Darkness history since the collapse of the Gardenia Utopian Community’s presence on Eden Prime?” Zen asked in a spur of inquisitive bewilderment.

“Very, the Order of Darkness represents a hermetic society present on Eden Prime hidden away by the test of time and the Lawlessness and storms of Darkness you people endure on the surface, we have a plethora of information at our disposal from Gardenia Utopian Community computers and data-logs.”

“So your order inhabits old military establishments that are subterranean?”

“Yes, we do have our… breaches every now and then.”

“Being underground in those bases must be a perk but being near the Global Transit System, you know that’s where the vast majority of abnormalities, monsters, and unnatural beasts travel, I’ve also discovered evidence of a world beneath our own of Eden Prime with its own intelligent people and society, the Order of Darkness wouldn’t happen to know anything about that yet, would they?”

“No, I’ve never heard of this world and no one within the Order has disclosed such a thing? What is it called Zen?”

“There are two worlds, the one below our surface world of Eden Prime is called Agartha, the one underneath Agartha is the Netherworld,” Zen spoke candidly, knowing that it would be a long and arduous battle through hell to reach either.

“Interesting, I’ll disclose this to my superiors once our hunting trip is done for the day,” Voss Thorn spoke with delight, his growing grin hidden behind his menacing helmet.

Zen heard the sound of a distant unworldly roar of a large entity he had not heard since his encounters with the Draconian Imperium Dragons, scanning the area with his psychic abilities to find not the precise entity it belonged to due to a magical effect the being had. The others stood in a kind of horror as Eiko and Vanessa scanned the area around them for an answer with no resolve. Voss turned his head in bewilderment.

“Let’s get going to Northall Keep,” Zen stated bluntly.

“Agreed,” Eiko and Vanessa replied.

“Come on men, you heard what Sovereign Zen said,” Voss affirmed by directing his men to his command.

They made their way to Northall Keep where they saw the large Gothic and Romanesque castle which had once been much smaller as the Belvedere Castle was now a large and ominous castle of arcane architecture and haunting aura emitted from it. Fog encompassed the grounds leading up to and around the castle. At the large 35 meter tall, 25 meter wide gate were Dream Fiend guards clad in antiqued green Model I Gardenia Utopian Community Military combat armor carrying .550 caliber Gauss powered assault of the Military Brutalizer Carbine. a large amount of Anomalous Mutants of the Dream Fiend variety categorized under the Draconian Imperium drug-users known as Dream Fiends, they had become psychotic sentient necrosis mutation induced ghoulish monsters who were hopelessly inside a waking dream while maintaining orders to protect the Belvedere Eldritch Castle. The Dream Fiends walked the battlements on top of the castle walls. Zen motioned for Eiko and Vanessa to follow him with their Shadow Cloaks stealth ability enabled to make them translucent or concealed in shadows while Voss and the Rangers waited in the cover of underbrush.

Zen, Eiko, and Vanessa leapt into a large tree then from the unnaturally large canopy they trekked along the walls. They had walked among the sturdy pathways of mighty tree branches intertwined among the natural pathways within the shadows of the canopy aided by the now overcast skies. The trees stood between 115–150 meter tall trees which were bulkier and taller versions of the natural trees that had been imbued with fey Magick of the Druids to supernaturally enhance these trees to new exotic breeds of this world with purple, orange, teal, emerald, and deep blue leaves of flora and fauna which was from the tree leaves to the bushes the the bluish-green grass of the area. This effect of the trees had spanned throughout the woods to the area of the former Southern Canadian region and the North Eastern region of the former United Socialist States of America. Zen noted a glowing sigil written in Druidian language in the bark of the tallest tree high into the sky as a paramount of the mastery of the powers of cultivating nature through ancient magics forgotten to Humanity. Zen walked over to the sigil after he signaled Eiko and Vanessa to scope out the area from this zenith of a vantage point. Zen placed his hand on the glowing blue sigil in which a psychic message was transferred to him.

“To whoever is receiving this message,” the female voice of a spirit spoke, “We the Druids have not died out, we remain hidden among the world, taking only those who are kind to our Mother Eden as our students, they call themselves, ‘The Greens,’ they are Espers we have taught our ways and have dedicated themselves to being EnvironMentalists. EnvironMentalists are Espers who use their psionic powers to restore nature to our Mother Eden to the glory she once was, the Greens meet at the Bronx Park on every Wednesday.”

Zen noted that mentally.

Vanessa asked him, “What is that?”

“A Druidic rune sigil, the Druids still live, don’t worry about that right now, have you got the targets mapped out?” Zen replied.

“Yes, there are 18 Dream Fiends in the area, we’ll be able to take out an estimated 6 including the ones at the gates, I’ve already signaled the Rangers for an immediate offensive to storm the gates once we attack,” Vanessa responded.

“Good,” Zen shook his head in approval.

The three Shadow Knights had their targets in their sights, organized among them to what targets they would take then systematically obliterate the Dream Fiends into ash with only a soft moan escaping the undead before they fell to ground which would inescapably signal the others. Zen would leap into the ground forces when Voss and his Rangers would strike while Eiko and Vanessa provided cover fire. In unitary action, they fired obliterating the three Dream Fiends on walkways. One roared an unworldly growl as the rest mobilized. The two at the gates dropped down to a knee just as Voss fired a high-explosive grenade at the gate blowing it open and dismembering the two gate guard Dream Fiends in the process as they converged to the outer wall of the gates on either side. Zen leapt down upon a Dream Fiend with his Zenarchy blade in a downward thrust through the foul undead then slashing upwards upon his feet landing slicing the Dream Fiend in two. Gunfire erupted from cover all around towards the gate chipping away at the eldritch stone the courtyard gate was made from while Rangers returned fire.

Zen then leapt with the grace of a gliding Ninja at the Dream Fiend with the best vantage point, digging a Void Dagger into its neck, then with his Zenarchy Katana slicing the Dream Fiend’s legs from the knee from underneath it not before inserting the Void Dagger into its horned helmet, killing it. Gideon’s Rangers crept into the castle door entryway, using the stone of the entrance as cover, firing at the other Dream Fiends, taking down two before a barrage locked them into their position. Zen in a translucently invisible form ran behind another Dream Fiend, decapitating it. Eiko and Vanessa took out four more Dream Fiends as more than 15 Dream Fiends from the eastern door emerged through in eldritch Ardent Steel stylized medieval plate armor wielding single-handed double-edged battle axes as well as the Dream Fiends prior in green Military Model I Combat Armor wielding Brutalizer Carbines. A Gideon’s Ranger which had taken a position close to where the Dream Fiends emerged fired his entire magazine killing six weights before being riddled with Dream Fiend fired Gauss steel ball rounds with the coup de grace being a battle ax thrown like a tomahawk which hit him in the head taking him down. Eiko and Vanessa made quick work of six more Dream Fiends as Zen fired quickly into the three remaining Dream Fiends, eliminating the retaliating force.

A Gideon’s Ranger approached his comrade pulling him to the side behind cover, looking at his comrade over then signaling to Voss Thorn through signaling a crossing of arms in a X-shape from across his shoulders than breaking it with a downward thrust then a quick movement of his fingers across his throat to signal the squad-mate was dead to Master Sergeant Voss Thorn. Voss tapped the brow of his helmet with his power glove gauntlet hand then made a quick wave with that same gauntlet hand making a nonverbal goodbye gesture that meant for his orders of leaving all the bodies of the fallen. The Gideon Ranger shot a thumbs up then returned to cover as a barrage of bullets hit the stone wall he was leaning up against, breaking chunks of rock away. Voss raised his weapon and with a quick fire second long burst of five .650 caliber six ball rounds dispatched the Dream Fiend attacking from a battlement, blowing the undead to pieces in a spray of dust, remnants of minuscule flesh fragments, bones, and metallic combat armor.

Eiko and Vanessa were assessing the change in combat from their vantage point in the canopy, The main entrance to the expansive Northall Keep was blocked by their line of fire and sight. Eiko and Vanessa arose and began repositioning themselves to another area among the canopy. Master Sergeant Voss Thorn directed his men to form a perimeter in which there were four doors that Voss Thorn and his eight rangers were all divided in covering closely. The one to the right appeared to be a barracks for the outside parameter undead guards. Around the courtyard where the door to the far right or 3 o’clock was the guard barracks or undead crypt that kept the Dream Fiends which guarded the outside parameter. To their seven o’clock was a Watchtower which Vanessa had a visual on. 

At 12 o’clock was the 30 meter by 20 meter sturdy steel main entrance door to Northall Keep where Eiko had her visual. The door to their 10 o’clock was a door next to one of the numerous ladders to climb up the castle walls to the battlement. Out of the door at their 10 o’clock swung open. 6 great sized menacing and ferocious rats came pouring out. The great sized vermin were five feet in body length, nine feet with their tail, came pouring out. Zen still in stealth that equated his appearance to the translucency of a ghost sent a telepathic signal to Orson while whistling loudly for his Alaskan Grizzly Bear to charge in. A thunderous roar echoed through the gates as Orson emerged. Orson saw his prey and within seconds his maul and claws were around a rat, mauling it to gory shreds. The other five evaded the bear, three came at a Gideon’s Ranger which only riddled one with bullets before they came biting at him through his armor, causing gashes in his flesh where they bit. One was dispatched by Vanessa with her Q-Antimatter pulse rifle which fired deatomizer rounds that its targets disintegrated into blue glowing ash. The last rat Zen caught with his blade before leaping upon the battlement than one of the four watchtowers. The watchtower was at the southeast of the bailey to the entrance. The Rats continued to bite and scratch at the Gideon Ranger until he drew his Ranger Blade and Bulldog pistol shooting one in the head and slicing another down. From his frantic plight of the large vermin attacking him he fell where one of the voracious vermin tore at his throat as another Ranger got out of cover to fire upon the large rats, taking them down in an instant. The Ranger who slew the giant vermin then began running over to the one who had been fell by vermin to administer first-aid when he failed to notice the marksmen in the doorway which was a ghoulish Dream Fiend with a Brutalizer Carbine aimed at the Ranger Medic. The Dream Fiend unloaded his Brutalizer Carbines large Gauss steel ball rounds into the Ranger, riddling him that blew the Gideon Ranger into hamburger bits.

Voss turned from his cover to fire a disintegration grenade from his Harbinger of Doom. The grenade landed within the doorway exploding on impact erupting in a massive force wave of blue light disintegrating into the rubble of a side of the castle wall along with the Dream Fiend. The destruction left a leveled chasm in the far upper-left area of the fortified castle walls around the bailey. Rangers were firing into the doors which led to the barracks as more Dream Fiends fell to the gunfire. Two Rangers through grenades threw high-explosive grenades into the Barracks doorway. The explosion of black and gush of red fire leveled a portion in the mid-right portion of the wall collapsing the barracks and the entire right wall that enclosed the bailey. Zen saw a Dream Fiend of a varying degree of perversion that long anomalous legs and feet of some eldritch nightmare, its feet were large webbed pads of an amphibian nature, its body naked bearing no semblance of normal Human make up, with emaciated worm-poked holes for skin, its fingers were bones that resemble talons as it held an eldritch bow, this Dream Fiend was known as a Bog-Trotter Dream Fiend. The amphibious Dream Fiend lept from the tower at seven o’clock firing a high-power cross-bolt with a titanium point and high-polymer fiber shaft with large gliding wings. The bolt went directly through a Rangers helmet clearing through his skull. Zen leapt as it was about to land, firing pyrokinetic energy of a ray of flames from his hand as it was hit directly by this turning to black ashes within seconds. Zen then turned and used his telekinetic energy to knock the tower built into the fortified wall taking it with it into the body of water that was the Lake (next to the Central Park’s former Belvedere Castle) which was quite shallow, leaving most of the tower above the surface. The courtyard had been properly destroyed which left the massive Gothic and Romanesque castle of Northall Keep to secure. Voss and twelve of his Rangers remained while Zen watched from a castle wall with his Revolutionary pulse rifle at the ready, Vanessa and Eiko were among the trees with their sights on the door as a ranger took out a blowtorch from his belt and began to cut the steel locking mechanisms on the other side of the door open to Northall Keep, two rangers watched the door beside him.

As the blow torch cut through the last locks it was blasted open from the other side by a giant slender creature that was indescribable to the Human mind for it large Cyclopean eye in its forehead with it large grin of sharpened fangs, it was darker in complexion like an ogre wearing its skin comprised from biological flesh encompassed with forged steel. The insidious alchemical-creation homunculi juggernaut of a Cyclopean Golem. The Cyclops wielded a halberd of steel with a green glowing axe made of eldritch scientific energy. These halberds had been forged by Lawless NecroNacht Dwarves from the world below. This Cyclopean Golem had crashed through the gates, The Ranger who had unlocked the door was obliterated into gory pieces. The other two met similar fates as both doors fell onto them killing them instantly. Zen, Eiko, and Vanessa were the only who had braced for such a thing with Zen sensing it a moment before transpiring.

The rangers began to fire upon the Insidious Cyclops as it cleaved at another Ranger who was diving out of the range of the ax to be sliced into pieces with a downward crash of its weapon. Orson ran into the woods, from assessing the situation Zen trained the Kodiak Dire Bear to do so. Vanessa and Eiko fired upon it, hitting it in the torso and the skin around the eye, which it had closed to reveal an eyelid of a steel curtain. Voss didn’t mess around as he fired a barrage of .650 caliber steel balls at it from the Gatling gun of his Harbinger of Doom piercing its hide only a bit which leaked black blood like a cut. A split second the Cyclops opened its eye as it raised the lance of the halberd before sending it downward with a lunge at a Ranger, piercing then smashing him. Zen got to his vantage point and leapt onto its back, slashing with his Zenarchy blade across its neck severing its eye. The creature left the halberd standing as it stumbled around like a chicken with its head cut off, still taking fire from the Rangers and the Knights as Zen immediately leapt back onto the walls over the Hold. The headless Cyclops stumbled into its planted halberd, the energy blade cutting it in two as it came down as a guillotine upon it, destroying the foul thing.

Voss counted among his seven men, five unknown members and three of his lance-corporals that Zen had met were dead. Voss gathered them to count among the dead, Zen overheard the five conscripted meat-shields had perished, he mentioned three names after the roll-call that apparently were killed as he suspected who had paid their debt but the other seven, indebted to the Order of Darkness with gratitude to Anti-Chris and Johnny the Viper who had survived with an influx of more Gideon Rangers had joined their ranks mysteriously. 

Zen heard Master Sergeant Voss Thorn say, “you two are the only Lawless the Order and I give a damn about, thank Atlas you’re on the winning side, unlike you other indentured miscreants.” Zen was immediately alarmed by this as Vanessa and Eiko came down to the courtyard turning off their translucent stealth cloaks as Zen joined them inconspicuously from overhearing Master Sergeant Voss Thorn’s morale boosting speech as they were now going to enter the castle.

Eiko and Vanessa looked at Zen with wide eyes of disbelief this sort of settlement was in their newly begotten Manhattan Borough lands of Bohemia, Orson emerged back through the gates to join Zen at his side. Zen glanced his eyes pointing over to Voss and his men in the right side of the wrecked bailey. Eiko and Vanessa listened intently with Zen as Voss briefed his men in a speech of realization of who and what the Order of Darkness truly is.

Master Sergeant Voss Thorn shouted, “You Lawless bastards and your families could all have been shipped to the base in Antarctica to mine help restore the antiquated Antarctica base there with the Imperator Alastor Atlas and his Solarus Hellions looming over your freezing backs as they stayed warm in their armor, keeping the Imperator Alastor Atlas II in the best fighting condition ever as he kills one your putrid kind a day by the chance of his will upon a whim, your families are still pending liquidation as long as you obey and perform well, upon a noble death will Valhalla take you and your family will receive their pardon from the slippery hippies labor camps to the legion lover rehabilitation colonies, if you should die in cowardice or force my hand to take you, you know what my report will say.” Voss Thorn continued,

“When we get in there, be on your guard, Doctor Mephistopheles  the Mad is an Alchemist and one of the 12 Monarchs of the blood-sucking children of the night, he is not your garden-variety vampire but 1 of the 12 Vampire Monarchs which have a nature of the realms of Chaos as the Grand Imperator Atlas II has detailed to me, Doctor Mephistopheles  the Mad is a confidant of Doctor Azazel Apocalypse, the one who welcomed in the Darkness and your Lawless kind who I know despite all steps to rehabilitate you Lawless, you still swear your allegiance to the Nemesis Lucifer Illuminatus,” Voss Thorn scorned them before continuing, “We’re going to secure Northall Keep, they are real Vulture Rangers of Vicar Chancellor Hugo G. Cormac.” A pause as the men looked around while Voss continued, “Vulture Rangers are waiting in the woods practicing their true hunting ability without the casualties you are faced waiting on my call in case of reinforcements, as well as the securing of this facility when we are done, the Order of Darkness will possibly be sharing most of the spoils with the Shadow Society as arranged with whoever their enigmatic Sovereign may be, begrudgingly that is, despite their usefulness and higher abilities than even my own, we must protect those three Shadow Society members at all costs, is it understood?” Voss inquisitively implored.

They nodded their heads in silence.

“Good, let us be the first ones in, and my survival and our guests be secured in getting out,” Voss Thorn stated.

Vanessa looked at Zen, in a hushed voice she said, “Are they seriously even of this world or where are they from?”

“I don’t know Vanessa, I honestly cannot see through the darkness within Voss Thorn’s mind, the rest of the men are all Lawless,” Zen whispered gazing in her eyes.

“They don’t know you’re the Sovereign do they?” Eiko whispered, catching Zen’s attention.

“No, no they don’t, that’s not even that widely known.”

“Have you arranged for the securing party?” Eiko asked in a lowered tone.

Zen covertly used his Utilitech on his wrist as the conversation began, he had messaged the Shadow Society Guild in Bohemia about the situation with this faction of the Order of Darkness in how they made need to mobilize the division for extracting this area’s resources with caution. Once they were done. 

He received the message noticing his red flashing distress beacon on his Utilitech, “Understood, Sovereign Zen van Nihil,” the Shadow Society Bohemia Guild dispatcher responded. 

Zen nodded at the Utilitechs on his two fellow Shadow Knights, this nod implied turning on their distress beacon as well so the three of them could be easily located. Eiko and Vanessa obliged this request.

“Don’t worry you two,” Zen whispered.

Voss approached them, his conscripted soldiers known as Gideon’s Rangers already turning on the flashlights on their helmets, chest, and rifles as they began securing the entrance to the harrowing castle. Voss looked at them through his ominous Berserker power armor helmet. more Gideon’s Rangers conscript soldiers in the same black paramilitary combat armor filed in through the broken gate led by a Nordic appearing man, Voss bowed his head to this six feet, three inch tall muscular built Nordic man wearing a power armor suit of azure steel-crystalline advanced technological as lightning blue electricity flowed through the azure crystalline armor, his legs were covered in liquid-body armor that were also azure blue, he wore a robe with a hood, his eyes an ocean blue, his hair platinum blond.

“Voss Thorn, I figured you would need reinforcements, I brought these conscripts from the colonies in Newfoundland, Canada colonies, they have been through the psychological loyalty test, what are your losses?” The Nordic man said with a devilish mirth.

“My Grand Imperator, Solarus Imperial Archon, Alastor Gaius Atlas, it is an honor beyond prestige that of the Hellfire Dominion to meet me, are you also here because of Sovereign Zen van Nihil?” Voss replied.

“Yes, and yes, I see you and your numbers for this operation now number 25 men with the additional conscripts I brought,” Alastor gazed over at the three Shadow Knights and their large dire armored bear.

Alastor Gaius Atlas II approached Zen van Nihil, “Zen, I believe you know my father, Lucifer Illuminatus as all Archons do and his dear friends Aiden and Frederick EisenHaus? I am from the Atlantean Empire which is now a part of the greater Hellfire Dominion, we are hoping on making reactionary movements to what was done and our forces have grown, we will never be the numbers of Alexander Atlas, but nonetheless, I hope to be of great help to you as we are allies despite my unsavory methods, no harm is to befall you or the settlements loyal to the Shadow Society, Nemesis Lucifer Illuminatus is a ruler of the Lawless plague upon this planet and together, I hope we can establish order.”

Zen van Nihil spoke in a confident commanding demeanor, “Whatever ends justify your means in destroying the scourge upon Eden Prime, do not harm the settlements not affected by this scourge and we can cooperate peacefully, Alastor Atlas, your father perished by my blade and I hope to not repeat that on his offspring.” Zen spoke that last part in an emphatic defense of ominous return.

“Every Atlas is wise but our legacy becomes wiser after the veteran falls prey to lapse of hubris which is pure foolishness, Sovereign Zen, my father was foolish in thinking the Hellfire Dominion to be a power greater or even matched by the Draconian Imperium, the Celestial Cosmic Coalition which is the alliance the Gardenia Utopian Community belonged to. Some of my forefathers made the mistake in selling themselves out for the Draconian Imperium, I am a pluralist in Human superiority especially in dealing with Draconians as necessary, now Zen, I must return to greater tasks that ask of me, good luck at the Discordia Mental Hospital,” Alastor spoke before turning and exiting the broken gates in a hurried walk.

Zen watched as Voss Thorn led the 30 Gideon Rangers into the front entrance of Northall Keep. Zen, Eiko, and Vanessa watched as a small disc shaped space-traversing vessel arose into the night sky from the woods and bounded across the sky, disappearing into the horizon. Orson let out a low-sounded growl as he was more drawn to another force in the woods. An Order of Darkness Hellfire Dominion Task Force wearing advanced power armor that was lightweight yet medium grade lingered in the trees. Orson let out a roar before running inside the Northall Keep. The three Shadow Knight followed. As they did this, Zen saw two colossal creatures battling what Zen knew as Hellfire Legions and Vulture Rangers as a Necro Dragon and Eldritch Leviathan began battling around the forest with those who had flooded the woods while battling one another. Not venturing too close to Northall Keep. An army of native Agarthan or Draconian Reptilians who had intermingled together to create a hybrid known as the Alpha Draconis Dragonkin among the native Lizardfolk, Serpentfolk, and smaller Lemurian Reptilian of Agartha. The Reptilian forces had gained their entrance to the shadow dimension Scholomance to become Hellion Knights and Blood Mages allied to Nemesis siding with Necronus Netherhall the Deathless. The other force belonged to Leviathan the Abyssal, the long leviathan bearing two long arms that seemed to withdraw into its being as gelatinous liquid by when deployed were long extended arms with razor sharp obsidian hands, tentacles could also be protruded to fire a variety of psionic to elemental energies, to grab to drive a sentient being to madness, mindless servitude, or death. Its mouth like a lamprey eel, a chasm of large sharp teeth that freely moved like a vortex of jagged teeth resembling a lamprey eel. Leviathan the Abyssal had an army of Deep Ones, eldritch entities of the abyss are forces belonging to Father Leviathan with his alliance to Mother Kraken and the Great Cthulhu had seen the utility in supporting Diabolos Darkness and Lucifer Illuminatus by sending their assorted Deep Ones and Starspawn among these two noble races are their lesser kin in the amphibian-Humanoids, fish-Humanoids, to cellapod-Humanoids. From fishfolk, frog folk, Qalupaliks. 

Among other Eldritch abyssal entities. The Deep Ones being the highly intelligent fish-Humanoids with webbed feet and hands, glaring retractable poison claws, large sharp fins, their faces are typically of a nightmarish fish-Humanoid with cold fish eyes of a shark, their mouths grinning full of pointy large needle-esque teeth, their scaled bodies are tough enough to penetrate and naturally armored. Deep Ones wore Devil Sharkskin or Aquatic Troll armor both found and forged in Agartha known as Mariner armor. Deep Ones wield arcane tridents that fire controlled ranged electricity in water, these tridents fire a semi-controlled ray of chain of lightning on land. Starspawn are light-blue to deep-purple skinned cephalopod-Humanoids that have immense psionic abilities, hyper-intelligence, hyper-awareness, they are enigmatic. Starspawn have their own elitist society that has a sprawling economy founded on slavers who dominate the consciousness of other beings to mindless obedience. Starspawn are known for malevolent megalomania in the land beneath Agartha who wield psychic and arcane powers that are frightful. The Starspawn generally wear regal dark blue, purple, maroon, or black leathery robes made from an amalgamation of the eldritch eelskin, trollhide, and Morlock materials to create this elegant defensive arcane-psionic robes.

Three factions fought in the Dread Woods. Two factions fought to appease Diabolos Darkness in annihilating all the forces of the immense legions of the Hellfire Dominion scattering through the woods fighting endless hordes of another army led by two eldritch overlords of destruction while the two eldritch overlords used their forces to fight one another to appease the Nemesis in both Lucifer Illuminatus and Diabolos Darkness. A cacophony of warfare broke out as a large assault fleet of attack rotorcraft known as Hellfire Dominion Ravens fired from the air destroying forest and gunning down targets to be taken down by the opposing eldritch forces and their overlords. The magical creatures of the forest had retreated through portals to Scholomance or in the workings of the concrete jungle. A foolish legion of the New Monsters Coalition had joined to find enemies from all three sides. The New Monsters Coalition seemed to be enforced by the ogres and led by a squadron of War Chief elitist genus of Orcs known as the Melgorth Orcs. Melgorth Orcs are greater in intellect and strength which the Administering genus Torog Ork had been slain mysteriously before the many legions of the New Monsters Coalition joined the ensuing battle unaware that blitzkrieg and total war had broken out in the Dread Woods as a bloodfest of chaos raged.

Zen, Eiko, Vanessa, and Orson escaped deep into Northall Keep as they wondered where Voss Thorn and his Gideon’s Rangers were. Large rooms and narrow hallways were lit by electric fluorescent lighting, wider hallways and the wide stone staircases held blue flame torches high along the walls. The 24 including Sergeant Voss Thorn and his Gideon’s Ranger would not be far. They entered to find numerous the ground floor to be thoroughly swept with stairways leading to the higher levels, spiraling stone stairs in passageways leading down to the subterranean.

“Eiko, Zen, where are they?” Vanessa wondered as she had been sweeping the room using her oculos implants of thermal vision seeing they had separated.

“I’m counting around fifty-five Vulture Rangers in total, 10 went to the subterranean level directly below us to scope out that area, 10 went up the stairs to search this immediate area, 10 are wandering on their own all ordered by Sergeant Voss Thorn as he joined the 30 special operatives who are wearing Solarus Dark Ranger lightweight yet medium advanced grade power armor, special operatives, they are being led by Voss Thorn and another, Zen can you figure out the other one?” Vanessa reported.

Eiko and Zen turned on their thermal visions as well, Zen had a more detailed reading from his super-Esper psychic abilities.

“Zen, we better check on those conscripts, I’m getting readings through my proximity-sonar that they are not alone, the ones downstairs are releasing what appears to be a Humanoid being from a cage, I’ve focused on them, the guys upstairs are about to find out what’s up there,” Eiko said in a slightly concerned yet alarmed tone.

Zen figured out who the other Darkness Scion like Voss Thorn is, “Commander Faustina Kyoto, she is a dangerous Darkness Scion personally trusted by Imperator Atlas, she is commanding this operation to seize Doctor Mephistopheles  the Mad from the inside, she is wearing advanced Shinobi Death-Lotus ninja variant power armor, highly-advanced light-medium grade power armor, I can tell by the small observer imps stuck to the opposing wall by shuriken,” Zen continued, “Vanessa, Eiko follow me upstairs now, the things downstairs are a trap prepare yourselves for attacks from both sides.”

The 10 conscripted soldiers used a plasma-cutter blowtorch to break open the lock to the cage containing men in basic green light body armor. The 8 prisoners supposedly from Platonia arose.

“You guys are still good to fight, we could use the extra help, you look healthy, are you hungry? We have spare rations,” The Indentured Conscript in charge said.

“Yes,” came a soft reply, “We are healthy but we are sure we are hungry,” the prisoners smiled devilishly as they began to take on the form of lycanthropes. three Werewolves, one Wereboar, one Werebear, three Wererats in a finalized form of 5 seconds for they were already changing by the time the cell door was being breached. 

A wererat charged the man who had just cut the door, mauling him and cutting his throat. The lycanthropes produced hidden firearms stashed in the cell as the firefight ensued. The Wereboar charged forward in heavy combat armor with a small minigun taking out most the Conscript squad but was slain in the process. The Wererat who drew first blood was blown away. Another Werewolf was riddled with bullets dying immediately while the rest of the Lycans cleared the room and headed up the stone spiral staircase.

The Team of 10 searching the immediate upstairs stumbled upon a trap connected to a block of plastic explosives sending a torrent of shaking through the floor around the Shadow Society members blowing doors open and sending splinters flying. The Lycans bounded up the stairs. The first 2 through were the Wererats which were met by a waiting Orson as the great Kodiak Bear charged through both slashing them apart. The Werebear turned on Orson with the 2 Werewolves which were met by Q-Antimatter Rifle rapid particle pulse rifle fire which reduced them to ash from heat condensity.

Together, the three Shadow Scions and great Kodiak bear began their way down the corridor to find a large room leading to a grand aperture of a hallway as the four began their journey down the hall. Noting the heat signatures and which way they had gone despite how faded the heat signature from the steps were. Zen had to confirm these barely visible and rarely found signs through their oculos enhancements by his own ability of clairvoyance to read the area and know the thoughts and feelings of the Hellfire Dominion Commandos left there. This is going to be a crazy mission that they did not expect but an even adventurous date for the trio of romantics.



“Doctor Alakazam the Mad Alchemist, one of the twelve Wonders of Occult Sciences along with Zen van Nihil in both of your revolutionary scientific ventures, Doctor Mephistopheles  the Mad, you are despite your formerly known as the scientific polymath genius as your Human self, Doctor Michael Phillips Leibnitz, renowned scientist from chemistry, astronomy, medical, genetic engineering, psychological and societal black projects during the pre-Darkness pre-Lawlessness Gardenia Utopian Community  epicenter homeworld of Eden Prime along with who I believe you knew personally as friends and colleagues, the notorious Doctor Azazel Apocalypse, the Mad Scientist turned Chaos Archon known as Doctor Azazel Apocalypse who brought the Lawlessness and Darkness in the universe, Doctor Azazel Apocalypse and those that stuck by him in communing with his two fellow Nemesis Paragons Archons of Chaos, Lucifer Illuminatus and his closest confidant Diabolos Darkness with their compatriots of Chaos and Evil Archons ravaging many worlds in the Virgo Supercluster with the spread of Lawlessness and Darkness. Doctor Doctor Mephistopheles , out of the vampire species in the ten Noble Paragon Archon Vampires who would go onto to create the notorious ten various vampire subspecies which we know of today, Doctor Mephistopheles , you are of the Occult Enochian Chaos Demonic-Human Lord Vampire type who fathered one of the four Demonic Human Vampires, is this correct Doctor Mephistopheles ?” Commander Faustina Kyoto asked Doctor Mephistopheles .

Faustina asked Doctor Mephistopheles  through an intercom into the impenetrable medical survey room on the ground floor, as operating tables with straps had confined the 10 Conscripts as Faustina watched through the impenetrable glass and steel barricades in which Doctor Mephistopheles  had taken shelter. Commander Faustina Kyoto, a Shinobi Dark Scion of the Order of Darkness had brought the venturing 10 member party conscripts that Master Sergeant Voss Thorn had told to take the sewers through a certain amount of turns in the sewers to one of top 10 most intriguingly interesting beings Faustina thought of Doctor Alakazam the Mad is a Nosferatu Esper Arcanist vampire typology. The 10 Conscripts that remained of Gideon’s Ranger the pseudo-military unit and more-or-less indentured mercenaries convicted of Lawlessness which despite the good times they had. Doctor Mephistopheles  the Mad was feeding on their unconscious minds as the 10 Conscripts were in deep Rapid-Eye-Movement sleep just to have their deeply filling mental energies devoured but due to Doctor Mephistopheles  pumping them full of barbiturates, sleeping pills, amphetamines, muscle relaxers, and microdosing hallucinogens. All thanks to strains of Daemon Light and Dark, Doctor Mephistopheles  was returning from a more hideously frightening as his features were freakishly fiendish with long elven ears, long fingers, silver and pepper hair, amber bloodshot eyes, yellowed nicotine colored skin. Doctor Alakazam felt his state transform to a healthy version of himself that was in his mid-twenties as red beads of energy came from all 10 of the Conscripts. Doctor Mephistopheles  turned to face the mid-twenties half-Irish and half-Japanese woman that is the Hellfire Dominion Dark Scion, Faustina Kyoto in her Ninja variant power armor that folds of her face was visible for she had set her ninja helmet on the desk in front of her were the radio and intercom were. Doctor Mephistopheles  approached the radio Faustina on the other side of the glass as the radio in its extended chord drifted onto the desk in front of Doctor Alakazam the Alchemist who appeared to be a handsome devilishly appearing man with his blue eyes, well groomed slick black hair, black triangular goatee and thin mustache, sanguine red skin as a caricature of the devil but as well as the ability to shapeshift his body into an extremely different more intoxicating by appearance even with his large pteranodon wings to Faustina. Faustina had realized Doctor Mephistopheles  had become Fiend-Blooded, Doctor Mephistopheles  was once Nosferatu, now Doctor Mephistopheles  had become Dhampir and Devil due to the fact of Doctor Mephistopheles  in his civil behavior in dealing with outsiders as Doctor Mephistopheles  had possibly even become an Archon of Chaos, hence why he is the Exiled Vampire Lord.

“Faustina, I am no longer Doctor Alakazam the Mad, I am Mephistopheles as Doctor Azazel Apocalypse promised one out of the thirteen original vampire nobles that they could transcend vampiric, hell, abyssal, to become one with Chaos as an Archon, all the vampire ladies, lords, and dignified guests among the thirteen gathered in the bunker with Doctor Azazel Apocalypse, he conducted many different experiments involving biochemistry to applied quantum physics by us drawing straws, I became lucky, the personal friend I had in Doctor Azazel Apocalypse seemed to be a friend I’ve had all along, Faustina,” Mephistopheles transformed from the androgynous cherub man with large grim bat wings to a pale skinned man with long black locks of hair that flowed like silk, two large protrusions from the top of his skull were pronounced forth as bighorns belonging to a ram, his eyes radiantly crimson, pale dark lips, the wings larger, more ominous. 

Doctor Mephistopheles  had become Mephistopheles standing at shorter than usual to not completely smash his disciple under the reality Doctor Alakazam has just revealed as he is an Archon of Chaos known as Mephistopheles to Faustina Kyoto. Mephistopheles in his true form wore flexible armor that was the color scheme of the vortex of oblivion known as Pandemonium Overlord scale armor which was hidden as form-fitting armor under his Master Illuminatus Robes which were a mixture of primarily gold and black. Secondary colors red and blue. A cuirass of steel with metal pauldrons covered the upper portion over the Illuminist robes with a golden cape with a black Illuminatus Eye of Providence on the back. The armor cuirass glimmers like grey quiksilver that matches Mephistopheles pale skin as his ominous bat wings turn to three pairs of flowing large raven wings.

“Do you want to know how I caught these 10 Lawless Idiots without laying a scratch on them? Tengu, the ultimate natural born criminals, the Tengu are a race of Ravenfolk, not just Birdfolk but Ravenfolk from Agartha whose Humanoid appearance matches that of a Raven, intelligent, charismatic, mischievous, master imitators and impersonators by vocal tune, from people’s voices to everyday sound effects, the Tengu get a job done, if you’re not looking at them, you see these men stripped bare of their combat armor and guns? The Tengu took that as payment along with their lofty sum of gold I pulled out of the aether of their insatiable greed along with counterfeit money for local settlements, 10 men, not missing a drop of blood, Tengu may make great assassins and thieves but it was all organized by a certain Ghostwalker Ranger Void Elf that goes by the name of Alanis Volunder. Where are the other Hellfire Dominion Rangers including Sergeant Voss Thorn?”

“The New Monsters Coalition, Necronus Netherhel, and Leviathan the Abyssal, the Hellfire Dominion Legionnaires retreated to the castle now that all hell has broken loose, their forces are waging war within this castle, Doctor Alakazam, I mean my mistake, Mephistopheles, can you let me through the door so I may feed now?”

“Certainly my sweetest friend,” Mephistopheles spoke with endearment.

Mephistopheles waved a finger at the security lock across the room, the button pressed by telekinetic force and the double sliding doors opened, Faustina came inside undoing her collar to reveal her beautiful being as her vampiric fangs shown glaring before going one by one feeding upon the bound and sedated conscripts by lashing her teeth around their necks draining them of their blood in the raised platform room that was surrounded by ascending staircases and barricades in an enclosed security room in a massive area surrounding it complete with catwalks around the area.

Faustina was done satisfying her vampirism as her darkest secret kept from the Hellfire Dominion armed forces but known to the Dark Scions as acceptable was relieving, she felt replenished. She wondered how Mephistopheles would handle his above-ground castle being torn to pieces as she wondered how she was going to get the hell out of there, hopefully Doctor Mephistopheles  had a way out. Faustina cleaned her face in the sink taking a glass of water to wash down the rest of the blood. Doctor Mephistopheles  handed her a cigarette, she obliged, they smoked together exiting that security room then moving through a security locked door to find a Great Kodiak Bear in Scarletite armor as well as a bunch of dead Tengu Raven-Humanoids. Mephistopheles stopped with Faustina to notice that two figures appeared before them, Zen van Nihil and who Faustina assumed was Alanis Volunder, the ashy pale skinned Ash Elven woman with black hair as was customary among the Ash Elves. She was wearing arachnoweave armor in the same style as Zen van Nihil. Mephistopheles shook his head, Faustina sighed heavily in anxiety. Zen and Alanis were armed and armored in all things Shadow Knight. Then stepped out from behind Mephistopheles and Faustina, Eiko and Vanessa their Void katanas directed at their backs while Zen had his Zenarchy blade drawn but facing at the ground.

“Well Faustina, what do you have to say?” Mephistopheles spoke.

“Me? Doctor Mephistopheles , what are you talking about? You’re the one whose Coven I once belonged, If it wasn’t for my Infernal Contract to Demon Lords, I would have made it to Scholomance and picked up this terrible affliction for all my training under Diabolos Darkness regardless of any of my good intentions that were all in all, bad decisions!” Faustina declared.

“We’re here to help you two,” Zen spoke, “Knight Paladin Alanis, tell them how it is from your report to us, I never thought I’d have friends who would be this active in Agartha nor this loyal, the fucking outrage of fables becoming reality, I’m pissed at not trusting my intuition but pleased by my ability to doubt.”

“I understand Zen, I’ve been working undercover with the Malphas Society that is the Tengu Birdfolk Creed they swear by for a while now, when we in the Shadow Society found out about this operation with two eldritch deities of Necronus Skullthorn the Necro Dragon and Leviathan the Abyssal in one location with this individual Demon Vampire Archon known simply as Lord Mephistopheles far and wide outside his bearing on his alias of Doctor Alakazam the Mad being the one keeping the peace I had to move in after finding out the Hellfire Dominion were planning on leveling the city beginning with the park in a foolish ground zero to level New York City, you know Zen what was done was supposed to happen.”

“I completely understand, what are Lawless anyways? Apparently the Solarus Imperator Alastor Atlas can establish order among them to do even more disastrously evil things,” Zen spoke as if he knew he weighed his options.

“Zen, despite my overall Archon membership, I believe I am more on the side of,” Mephistopheles spoke.

“Balanced Chaos, I’m aware, that’s why you’re not dead Mephistopheles,” Zen spoke in a sharp and quick-witted tone.

“Please Zen, call Doctor Doctor Alakazam, I am a Dhampir and psychic vampire who has ascended through strange occult sciences to become an Archon but not an Archon of Chaos that is Doctor Azazel Apocalypse.”

“I’m aware, I’m glad we can be reasonable,” Zen spoke.

“Faustina, what is the Solarus Empire? What is the Order of Darkness? Who are the Dark Scions? And Who is Atlas?” Eiko asked Faustina her Void Blade radiating heat onto her back.

“Eiko, I assume you’re Eiko Sakura Musashi, well to the Shadow Scions of the Shadow Society respectively, the Dark Scions are to the Order of Darkness, I couldn’t tell you much about the Atlas Atlantean Empire worlds which are a provincial territory  of the Hellfire Dominion, the Atlanteans belong in their own quadrant of space away from here on Eden Prime well the rest of the Gardenia Utopian Community, the Celestial Cosmic Coalition, Draconian Imperium, and the Hellfire Dominion are all intergalactic alliances. The Gardenia Utopian Community is in alliance with the Celestial Cosmic Coalition. The Atlas Atlantean Empire has had three Emperors over the course of the Atlas Atlantean Empire’s entire history before becoming part of the Hellfire Dominion, Alexander Augustus Atlas I ruled the longest, Alastor Gaius Atlas II ruled in about equal measure, Alastor Gaius Atlas III has been alive for about 550 years and he’s the youngest who absorbed his Empire and People into the Hellfire Dominion he hopes to expand and it’s working wonderfully, although, I no longer wish to be a member of the Pluralist Confederacy transformed into a pan-galactic Imperialistic Autocracy of the Hellfire Dominion is governed by the Fascist Social Revolutionary Solarus Party, an imperialistic totalitarian military autocratic dictatorship that many who know the world of the Hellfire Dominion, the founding deities Eternal Lord Roland Solarus and Blessed Lady Beatrix Solarus with their antagonistic companion Loki Coyote the Trickster as their religious pantheon of Paragon Archons. The current Lord Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire where all have come to fruition as the Deus Dominus Chancellor of the Hellfire Dominion. The Hellfire Dominion’s closest ally and friend is the Atlantean Empire led by Deus Imperator Alastor Gaius Atlas. The Hellfire Dominion despite being the absolute totalitarian oligarchical autocracy where all are in service to the Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire was the inverted form of a social libertarianism and constitutional democratic republic in both the Celestial Cosmic Coalition and Gardenia Utopian Community which both have theocratic and secular elements in worshipping Great Mother Celeste as integral parts of one another creating free intergalactic societies which was also true among the United Cosmic Federation. 

The Hellfire Dominion is still manageable and still mindlessly supported with popular sovereignty among Human based lifeforms, the Human League is what the counsel of different Human races call themselves which is a minority compared to the Utopian Community and Celestial Cosmic Coalition, I saw this as my opportunity to escape all of that,” Faustina breathed in deeply, a breath full of enjoyment for all that she had known and loved in life when the blades of Eiko and Vanessa were withdrawn.

“Not all of the Hellfire Dominion is terrible, despite the eugenics, the extermination of dissidents, its sprawling military-industrial complex it has its reasoning, I find the reasoning absurd but they are here on this planet trying to make a difference since the Gardenia Utopian Community did abandon it or seemingly did,” Faustina quietly stated, swallowing those last words.

Zen the Outsider nodded, he understood Faustina’s reasoning about dissenting opinions if expressed towards the Hellfire Dominion, a fascist governing body found in the People’s Republic of Greater Asia. Faustina was afraid of her identity as a 2nd Degree, C classification vampire and close relationship to Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles regained a more confident appearance in his Fallen Angel form.

“Faustina, in this moment, are you ashamed of what you become and wish to know how the  Hellfire Dominion located in what once was a chain of Fringe Space Confederate Civilizations to an all-encompassing Hellfire Dominion that takes its leadership lessons from Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Stalin’s the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, and Chairman Mao’s People’s Republic of China, all these leaders and models for government were actualized in the Hellfire Dominion. Truly a volatile enemy if I say so myself, an enemy we must work with to maintain a good standing with for our special interests are aligned despite drastic deviancy to the Utopian Community or Celestial Cosmic Coalition.” Zen spoke to Faustina, “I could cure you of what plagues you.”

“Honestly Zen, I don’t think she wants to be cured,” Doctor Mephistopheles  stated.

“Let her speak for herself.” Eiko yelled pressing her Void Blade into Doctor Mephistopheles ’s back.

“Faustina can make her own decisions.” Vanessa did the same to Doctor Mephistopheles .

“What do you people not understand, your cures for vampirism mean nothing, why did you come to this area, through all the secret passageways while the Order of Darkness wages war with things beyond comprehension.”

“I think Faustina knows plenty, she’s intelligent, I have the serum for healing you Faustina, Doctor Mephistopheles  is beyond redemption.”

Zen drew a syringe that was filled with translucent crimson liquid. “Do you wish to be cured instantly? You don’t want to be a slave to vampirism, you wish freedom, liberty, your right to choose your future.”

Doctor Mephistopheles  lunged at Zen in a flash.

Zen fired a cryo imbued round into Doctor Mephistopheles  chest as two blades went through his back meeting the ice to a burning hot red light of glowing thermetic energy from the two Void Blades into his back. Zen drew his Zenarchy blade and slashed across Doctor Mephistopheles ’s face. Doctor Mephistopheles  stumbled and fell, pouring from him black blood. Doctor Mephistopheles  used a spell of the arcane teleportation kind to escape through a membrane vortex into the Shadow World of Scholomance as he made his escape through a system of disgusting biological membrane which closed again to reveal a translucent fleshy pair of giant lips with the checkered floor visible through the disgusting orifice.

“Faustina, I can help you.” Zen spoke calmly to her.

“Alright, give me the cure Zen, I’m a low level so one dose of that panacea derived from my own Vampiric Porphyria Sanguinas will do the trick.”

“All right then,” Zen spoke in a fluid motion, he injected the cure into Faustina’s arm.

A surge of relief and ecstasy sured through Faustina as the disease in her body was being pacified and cured.

“Faustina, how do you feel about the Shadow Society?” Zen asked.

“I was a member turned renegade, now I am invited back by the fabled Sovereign no less, hah, I knew my Guild Commander out in Maine was wrong in his judgement of me as an individual.”

“You are pardoned, come with us, have you been to Doctor Mephistopheles ’s private library?”

“Yes, a hidden door behind bookshelves that leads to a lab, office, and where he keeps his formulas from occult science research of all fields, follow me.” Faustina said with a grin on her face that she was expressing genuine happiness instead of cold caustic discontent.

They followed her through a series of room, gunshots could be heard a higher level as Hellfire Dominion soldiers battled with Leviathan’s eldritch alien creatures and Necronus Netherhel’s army of Lizardfolk, Drakes, Agartha Dracokin, and Undead. Soon all was silent besides their walking as Eiko and Vanessa kept their eyes open, Zen followed Faustina, reading psychic messages tied to this place as he read them. Finally after searching they found the Library complete with numerous desks for study. Rows of functioning computers were booted up and were quite intriguing. Zen noted that these messages were from Doctor Mephistopheles  or Mephistopheles, they had just been left. They reached the laboratory isolated in a glass room that rendered the outside world silent. Around the lab was a bunch of Industrial working areas for tools and such.

Zen plugged his Info Drive into the computer then began downloading all the research while Eiko and Vanessa gathered blueprints to be held in a Quantum Pocket or capsule that sucked up the largest items into it for unlimited space. Here were chemistry notes and journals, special made armor, a ton of resources. Zen thought they had won the lottery. Faustina content and happy she was now no longer a Captain in the Hellfire Dominion, Atlas Atlantean Empire, EisenHaus Enclave.

Out of the shadows behind them emerged Orson with an Order of Darkness Vulture Ranger’s arm in his gnawing jaws. Zen’s eyes widened with a humorous smile before examining the mysterious armor on the table.

“Eiko, Vanessa, collect all that you can, I’ve mapped the area to the library and left a sensor for the library to the Shadow Society, we have this under control.”

Faustina heard from a chamber near the Industrial Factory of diabolic grunts and inaudible words of an intelligible nature in the Factory Floor. Suddenly, a bomb was thrown at Zen, Zen caught and flung it through the broken glass down to the factory down below exploding as a black smoke of fire brought momentary light to the area below. In this area, Zen saw two bands of NecroNacht Dwarves from the Shadowlands beneath Agartha. The NecroNacht Dwarves are evil creatures in line with bluish-grey skin, these were the heavy labor Doctor Mephistopheles  had working his factory.

Zen and Faustina jumped through another broken glass window far from both sides with weapons drawn. Faustina carried a saber that was Orichalcum-Blue over a Cold Steel blade in the shape of a Shamshir Sabre.

Eiko and Vanessa turned on their translucent cloaks just as they finished the room and leapt for the rafters. Zen and Faustina began doing battle with the Blue Cold Steel armor adorned and wielding a battleaxe of the same material. Eiko and Vanessa began firing at Necronacht Dwarves in their own steel foundry obliterating one after another as they began to swarm Zen and Faustina. Zen lepat up turning on his cloak then down behind a group slashing through them with his Zenarchy blade through them. Faustina threw four shuriken which hit the Dwarves in their face before cutting them down with her Shamshir Sabre. The battle was over, for now as the NecroNacht Dwarves lay in piles of bodies or disintegrated to a blue pile of sparkling ash from pulse blasts imbued with thermetic antimatter energy from their Revolutionary Pulse Rifles. A door busted open for no reason after all NecroNacht Dwarves had been slain. A vaulted door could be seen behind those unbreakable steel doors. Behind this door that Faustina had no knowledge of before them is a vault door opened to be a flight of stairs on the other side. The Vault Door is mechanical and where the stairs led was downward. Orson charged down the stairs causing Zen and Faustina to take flight behind him as Eiko and Vanessa landed on the ground as graceful as a feline then followed behind the three going to some deep antiquated private room where who knows what was possible.

After much running down flights of stairs, they came to another steel impenetrable door which slid into the walls in front of it. The five went through uncertainty in this dimly lit room by blazing blue torches. The followed the rotunda before them to a dark cavernous hallway which they followed. Before them was another steel door that would not open easily by energy sword or particle pulse rifle. Zen pried the door open with his mind breaking it down to the ground with telekinesis. They waited in horror as beyond this domain is where Doctor Mephistopheles  went. Zen followed Faustina, Eiko while Vanessa held off in the back to watch their positions as they found themselves in a highly-advanced hub of medical procedures with bloodstained binding chairs. They followed through the strange bizarre medical facility.

They came to an area in almost a flash and they realized what stood before them. A Oni and Doctor Mephistopheles  in his true pandaemonic form. In this room were a group of five Wights who in the past had been Order of Darkness Wights wearing reinforced bone plate armor. The ghouls and vampire spawn were in the opened auditorium with Doctor Mephistopheles and the Oni standing in front of a row of Order of Darkness special forces including some conscripted Gideon’s Rangers. Among the most astonishing is Sergeant Voss Thorn, one of many decorated special forces operatives of the Hellfire Dominion as a favored Order of Darkness Scion by Solarus Commander Edge Ripper. Numerous non-moving yet fleshy beings despite having a skin made of obsidian and onyx stone were around the room as immobile gargoyles. Zen questioned these eldritch beings as being more than decoration with their demoniac appearance that lacked a face but had a smoothed over facial region of a thick black oily face. They were tall, strong, sinewy, jet black statues that stood at 6–8 feet tall. Zen thought of an old eldritch being that haunts the minds of the sensitive Homo Espers. Zen wasn’t sure where he had seen them before.

Zen’s momentary observation and assessment of the room was broken by charging vampire spawn and ghouls. Zen drove his Zenarchy blade through a Ghoul which clawed at him. Zen then drove his Zenarchy blade through the ghouls skull then violently tore the ghoul to shreds. Faustina threw shuriken at a Vampire Spawn which reeled back as the shuriken exploded with a force that obliterated a ghoul. Vanessa and Eiko began slicing through countless ghouls and vampire spawn as they jumped down from the balcony seats above in this theater of destruction. Zen worked his way through them to meet his blades with two Wights who were greater than the one’s outside. These Wights were fought with longswords and gladius interchangeable by dominant hand. Faustina joined Zen in battling these Wights. Vanessa and Eiko were relieved when Orson began tearing through the ranks of endless ghouls and vampire spawn. Which allowed them to engage in the swarm of this undead scourge.

Suddenly, something did not seem right as a Deathless Knight Minotaur who had fallen from his faith in the divine to be cursed in such a state wielding a large double-sided battle-ax made from Torg Orkish Orichalcum enchanted to render armor and flesh known as the Acrid Pyrrhic Flame emitting the green fire from the destructive battle-ax. The Deathless Knight Minotaur was heavily protected by the material known as Pandemonium plate armor forged in the dimensions of chaos. Zen clashed swords against a cleave of the battle ax to leap out of the way. Quickly, Zen sheathed his Zenarchy blade drawing the Revolutionary Rifle then firing rapidly upon the Minotaur in the chest which caused the armor to crack over the left side of the chest.

Suddenly, the room filled was becoming a more hellish battle as Solarus Hellions and Ixarix of the Hellfire Dominion found their way in. This was a small band of about a dozen in total. Zen made his way to the top balcony to do more battle with ghouls, vampire spawn, and the Wights of the elite typology being Lawless in life, servants to Diabolus Darkness in undeath which these elite Wights are known as the Scourge of Minos. Faustina was grabbed by the Wights open hand as they attempted to curse her through the touch of the undying which the two Wights felt the vampiric energy within causing their hands to turn black and rotten. Faustina then sliced through both of them with dual Void Blades before leaping back to Eiko and Vanessa to assist them in their battle against the fever-dream raging fiends of freshly turned vampire spawn and the mindless ghouls attacking them. During a short time in between the coming swarm.

The dozen Solarus Hellions made their way to the Wights and the Deathless Knight Minotaur. The Solarus Hellions blasted their heavy projectile assault cannon Gauss rifles for two Wights to jump down from a single balcony to impale two in the middle in a downward lunge then run their cursed bone blades into the two Solarus Hellions in the front as the Wights were blown to pieces. After the smoke cleared the Deathless Knight Minotaur charged forward, impaling the two Solarus Hellions then slicing through the waist of the Solarus Hellions behind them in formation. The Solarus Hellions fired relentlessly at the Deathless Knight Minotaur causing it great pain. As one of them fired at the Ghouls and Vampire Spawn around them. A Wight had hidden itself and lunged, thrusting its blade through one of their chests. The Commander of the Solarus Hellions drew a massive claymore forged from Scarletite steel as a crimson red energy blade exuding electromagnetic elemental powers. The Commander in Dark Viking armor and weapons set-up, took his blade and obliterated the Wight. The Minotaur sliced through the two Solarus Hellions to face off against the Commander as the Hell Knight Minotaur was taken down by a surprise attack. Zen, Faustina, Eiko, Vanessa saw Orson tackle the Hell Knight Minotaur where they lunged down beside the fallen undead infernal Hell Knight where they began stabbing the Minotaur with great force until it was no more. Orson quickly got off as Zen consumed the weakened Minotaur in an extradimensional blue flame of pyrokinesis destroying it.

“Are you the last of the Hellfire Dominion forces?” Faustina asked?

“From what I know, I am, there’s still plenty of fighting in the Dark Woods of Central Park.”

“Good, that’s a relief Solarus Commodore Vernon Hamilton, now if you don’t mind,” Faustina sighed drawing their attention to the stage of the auditorium with the red skinned, large ram horns, golden eyes, silver-white hair, with a mouth full of fangs, wearing black pandemonium cuirass, lining the legs and arms with pandemonium plating complete with a mesh of chainmail, around the armor for added protection in the chainmail had barbed wire weaved through the mesh of the Oni’s armor. Doctor Alakazam the Mad still appeared as the Fallen Angel in black arcanist robes known as the Archon of Chaos, Mephistopheles.

“Hello, Sovereign Zen van Nihil, hello to your dates Vanessa and Eiko, I see you picked up another one for the personal fan club, Faustina Kyoto, who is the Dark Viking in the back? You’re close to the Solarus Commander Edge Ripper, your name if I am wrong about which is rare, is Hellfire Commodore Vernon Hamilton of the Hellfire Dominion.” Doctor Alakazam spoke in confidence as a smirk stretched across his face.

“Yes, I am Hellfire Commodore Vernon Hamilton, who are you? You don’t look anything close to the appearance of Doctor Alakazam the Mad?

“I am Doctor Alakazam, The Mad!” Mephistopheles roared, “I am Mephistopheles, the Archon of Chaos, I’ve transcended my hideous Nosferatu appearance as my vampire typology would have you believe in the most decadent in spiritual decay as the Vampire Lords would think, I have become a Pandaemonic Demon who is an Archon of Chaos, an Archon of Chaos in fact.” Doctor Alakazam continued “This is Akron Yangtze, my associate, an Oni from the Ghostlands of Asia where the Ghost People’s Zone stands in an anarchistic place for Ghost Anomalous where the Oni comes from.”

Zen spoke, “Mephistopheles, quit your evil deeds, the Lawless no longer have a place in New York City or the Eastern Coast thanks to the Shadow Society, I mean you know harm for you were created by Doctor Azazel Apocalypse and I wish you to be right again, you are hiding a fact of your moral alignment as an Archon, you are a quasi-Archon of Chaos, you are in truth, a Chaotic Balance Archon, you’re number nineteen out of only eighteen Archons of Chaos, you were once what you claimed to be but not in this form or day of age, you are not past the point of forgiveness, you have done no harm to myself, Eiko, Vanessa, Faustina, or Orson.” Zen spoke in a calm voice that was projected at Doctor Mephistopheles  in both auditory and telepathic messages to influence Doctor Mephistopheles  to understand the truth.

To Eiko and Vanessa, the rest was just a blur as Doctor Mephistopheles  agreed to Zen’s conditions as Doctor Mephistopheles  led the way as Faustina followed after him. Zen, Eiko, and Vanessa followed after. A small army of Hellfire Dominion soldiers of the Order of Darkness had filed their way into Northall Keep as they watched Doctor Mephistopheles  or Mephistopheles destroy, render, or obliterate each one of the polarized opposite ends of the Lawless spectrum. These Solarus Legionaries were sent into a world worse than this. That one being nothingness upon nothingness until Darkness and Lawless returned to their consciousness for an eternal existence of agonizing existential torment.



They were gathered in an Honor Hall meeting room where the administrator Carly Watson of their Shadow Knights fellowship detailed the mission at the Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum. The still classified until arrival at a correctional facility that houses all the most sinister and deranged men and women on the East Coast. Many weren’t treating this mission to this correctional facility with the grave emphasis Carly had placed on the cryptic yet lacking any sort of actual mission statement caused mixed-feeling dread among the Shadow Knights fellowship. Gary Hubbard’s expressed role which was instrumental in Carly’s special focus that he would be central to in which he feigned to understand but failed to comprehend the immensity of his crucial role in what needed to be accomplished and what could possibly go wrong if he did not use his best judgement to see this task through.

The Shadow Guild Squadron left the meeting to gear up for their journey as they made the leaps of faith necessary to travel to an outpost on the outskirts of the city of Bohemia. They were in their full Shadow Knights super armor equipped with their standard weapons. All essential for this mission of cryptic and grave importance. James Booker’s squadron had two additions to their team in the experienced members of Shadow Paladin Kira Russo, a 25th degree Knight of the Abyss as well as Shadow Commando Virtuoso Xavier Carter, an elite special operative who had achieved the title of Nightblade which Xavier adopted as his surname as an elite Shadow Guild member. The total of Shadow Knights members were back to nine in squadron with the fellowship containing Shadow Sovereign Master Magi Zen van Nihil, Leader of the Fellowship and Shadow Ranger Justiciar James Booker, Shadow Master Kensai Eiko Sakura Musashi, Shadow Knight Spiritualist Ramona Sarkin, Shadow Knight Loremaster Titus Sarkin, Shadow Knight Spiritualist Vanessa Harris, and Shadow Knight Technician Gary Hubbard.

It would be a six hour journey to the agrarian region of Vermont beyond the Eastern Sprawl. The mission is to travel to the pastoral area of Burlington, Vermont that would have been a twelve-hour or two-day journey by any other means. The mission is from the Shadow Guild, Keepers of Secrets prestigious institute of academia, Logos University but more precisely the medical complex located at the Discordia Mental Asylum and Criminally Insane Asylum where they were to come in contact with a top secret specimen that is housed there. Templar-Director Patmos Everdeen, the Shadow Society Regional Guild Overseer had sent an invoice that an ally organization, the Order of Darkness had a representative named Doctor Victor Kronos that would brief them more when they arrived about the details of the specimen and their exact mission. It is to remain classified until their arrival at the Sanitarium where the mission would take place.

The Shadow Knights were going to travel by flight of Icarus wingsuits, an advanced form of wingsuit which allowed for ascending and descending air currents at the users rather than relying on the forces of nature. The Shadow Knight fellowship were scaling the Old One World Trade Center building with the help of their Spring Heel Jack rigs and grappling hooks. The drones would lift them into the air until their zenith for approximate flight pattern then the drones would disengage their carrier load of the Shadow Society operative for the Shadow Society operative to engage their gliding wingsuit to take flight over the city which would be a smooth sailing until Vermont where the Shadow Guild members of the Shadow Knights division would land in Vermont and carry-out their enigmatic mission at the Discordia Mental Institution and Insane Asylum.

The order of grabbing the drone went to James Booker, then Eiko Sakura Musashi, then Kira Russo, then Gary Hubbard, then Titus Sarkin, then Ramona Sarkin, then Xavier Carter, then Vanessa Harris, then finally, Zen the Outsider. Zen is slightly nervous before ascending via drone into the sky to engage the Icarus wingsuit. This not the process of travel but the destination in which they were going to arrive for he knew long ago what was there. Zen had known even if he wasn’t told what waited at the Sanitarium. Why they were going and what needed to be done. One after another, they grabbed the drone and were propelled into the air. A Keeper of Secrets division member was present to operate the drone controls. One after another they disengaged their hands from the drone opening their Icarus wingsuit then flying into formation. Zen is skilled with all of the protocols, procedures, and tech that the Shadow Guild has to offer so he would quickly fly to the front of the tightly knit formation, they had all been trained at the Shadow Knights Academy to do this so they would all be fine, some nervous or anxious but fine. Zen is engaged the drone by grabbing two handlebars that were below it as it hovered over him, the Keeper of Secrets hit the ascend button on the radio-controlled drone causing Zen to rocket into the air from the top of the World’s tallest building. Zen felt the wind whip around him, his eyes protected by goggles, he had a stalwart determination in his eyes, he was alert and ready for everything leaving nothing to surprise him. Up-and-up he ascended, he heard had wound a watch to cause an alarm to ring when he had reached optimal airspace for disengaging the drone and engaging his Icarus wingsuit.

Beep-beep-beep-beep-beep. The alarm rang on his watch. Zen let go of the drone spreading his arms in a fluid yet forceful motion bringing his arms slightly in parallel then up then out again to activate the wingsuit became engaged by extending as the large black wings, he is now flying through the sky ascending further into the air to join his fellowship. Zen quickly is upon them, flying thirty feet over them, he then descended to be by its two leads, James and Eiko.

“Hello Zen,” Eiko smiled at him, saying this merrily.

“Hello Eiko,” Zen said, emulating the same mirth.

“That is exactly as I expected Zen, your abilities are uncanny as well as unmatched,” James applauded with verbal bravada.

“Thank you James, my talents are matched only by your leadership, my captain,” Zen said approvingly of his friend’s compliment.

“You’re welcome, my friend Zen,” James replied.

The fellowship of Shadow Knights flew in an almost triangular formation. The front row consisted of Zen in the middle of James to his right, and Eiko to his left. The second row is Titus, Victoria, Gary. The third row is Kira, Xavier, and Vanessa. The first row is tightly knit. The second row is spread between the cracks of the first. The third row is spread further apart through the cracks of the second. They ascended together fifty feet then continued flight toward their destination of Vermont. The flight to Vermont would take six hours of mostly silence or so they had planned. They were flying the early evening then would arrive just at 11PM at the clearing set for their landing outside Burlington then a few minutes to break down their Icarus suits into their backpacks, James would utilize the GPS mapping system making it a few majestic leaps to their destination by utilizing their Spring Heel Jack suits.

“James,” Zen said solemnly, “I don’t know if any of us are going to make it back from the mission unchanged.”

“What do you mean Zen?” James asked inquisitively.

“I mean that I know what waits for us.”

“Ohhh, what would that be?”

“I think I might know,” Eiko piped in.

“Eiko, not now, I don’t need to frighten the rest of you.”

Gary had been listening from his position behind them.

Gary piped in, “Zen, could it be a Shoggoth? Is that what you were so afraid of? It’s the only possibility after Noble Lord of Truth Thomas Aquinas slew Noble Lord of Dusk Ian Carys after Thomas massacred half of the Shadow Guild Ten Fingers High Council, I read the story recently, people have been talking about you.”

Zen gave him a face of disgust and a grimace of pointing out his rudeness for listening in on their conversation.

“Gary, you know-it-all prick, how dare you listen to a conversation among Journeyman and Master-Journeyman, not to mention a Sovereign of Shadows of the Shadow Guild, this is none of your business unless you want to make it your business,” Zen stated bluntly.

“I think it’s our business, it’s all our business,” Gary Hubbard contentiously and cockily stated.

“I think you just volunteered for the job because I’m afraid as your superior I can make that call, you get to deal with whatever they want us to deal with firsthand, you know-it-all piece of shit.”

Gary Hubbard let out a protest of, “But, ummm uhhh.”

James interjected, “Gary you just volunteered, as a squad leader, I second what Zen said and you get to do it, you will be promoted but be wary, you may be a changed man afterwards.”

Gary is silent for the rest of the flight to Vermont.

Our flying Shadow Knights, saw strange lights in the sky, disc-shaped vessels flew overhead zig-zagging through the sky then stopping, then, making impossible maneuvers to get a better look at the visage of the flying squadron. The Squadron is amazed but didn’t stare for too long, taking their eyes off it then looking again to make sure they weren’t hallucinations by some ploy of some malevolent being. They were seeing vessels of beings from beyond the stars, possibly even the Human colonies which still thrived on other planets. They were seeing a sky full of UFOs. Something which terrified and amazed them. The saucers took off as they were about to make their landing by zooming off at lightspeed away from them.

“Alright team, let’s descend,” James commanded his squadron.

They made their descent in unity to the designated drop zone where they would land. Gracefully, they descended in the flight, down to the open field where they ejected their parachutes and landed. One-by-one they touch the ground, Zen is the first to touch down, followed by James, then Eiko, then Hubbard, then Xavier, then Kira Russo, then Titus Sarkin, then Ramona Sarkin, then Vanessa Harris. They immediately packed up their parachutes and Icarus wingsuits to just their basic Shadow Knights gear, weapons, and utilities.

James Booker saw the marker on the GPS which is only five miles away, they made their trek through Spring Heel Jack leaps of faith to their destination. Enroute to the Discordia Mental Sanitarium and its neighboring Highlander University. They trekked through the dark and ominous woods, the woods were still, silent, not a creature stirred upon their arrival. They made their way through the town of Burlington, upon a couple of landings, they landed outside an almost empty bar that had one man standing outside smoking a cigarette, when they landed he began walking away, they leapt again, soaring through the air, they landed outside an elementary school that is pitch black besides a lone custodian in the lobby who had stopped cleaning to stare out the glass lobby doors at them as they made another leap, they landed on the outskirts of town, it would just be a couple of hops till they reached the Sanitarium.

Upon arrival, they all gazed in wonder at the colossal marvel of Gothic architecture that is the Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum, with its grandeur of reaching upwards toward the heavens which is a large facility that spanned twenty acres in square-feet at its spread across the land which is towered at thirteen stories tall. Flying buttresses with pinnacles leading up to further the weight distribution of this large facility giving more to the vast pointed arches that encompassed barred from the outside and inside plexiglass stained glass windows detailing unnoticeable to most the details held in the ominous artistry. The ornate decorations of sculpted statues of those afflicted with madness, psychopomps of death, entities of horror that entered in the Post-Darkness world were also displayed along the arches. Gargoyles protruded from the buttresses and main building of the Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum in both traditional fiendish and Post-darkness eldritch entities. Upon these gargoyles were a multitude of a murder of ravens cawing a song of haunting cacophonic melody. They would find inside more gargoyles, as well as the high vaulted ceilings with large network of windows for a spacious airy environment for natural lighting to create a feeling of the modicum of insignificance of one’s existence in the individual while the grandiosity of the decay of Humanity upon entering within the stone structure of the majestic feat of the enigmatically constructed Gothic architectural revival in this bleak era of Post-Darkness Eden Prime.

The Shadow Knights noticed that the outside of the Sanitarium had been surrounded by a sudden wave of swarms of tens of thousands black bog flies which convulsed & sporadically spread erratically as a black cloud. Men, who were presumably the paramilitary guard of the Orderlies of the hospital dispatched from within various solid steel doors of the Discordia Criminally Insane Sanitarium with Vulcan Flamethrowers, fueled by a hybrid of Kerolian fuel imbued with white phosphorus to immolate of these overwhelming swarms. They began projecting a ray of both concentrated and widespread white flames burning at 1,500 degrees at the swarms, catching bushes and shrubbery ablaze in the vast gardens that surrounded the Sanitarium from the neighboring Highlander University. The Autumn Industries, Vulcan Flamethrowers roared as the incessant buzzing stopped, a buzzing which could irritate a man into a temporary insanity if he were to listen to it all day. It is exactly 12:00 AM, midnight. The staff, and even more ominously, criminally insane patients of the Sanitarium had been expecting their visitors.

The squadron of the Shadow Knights approached the main gate as it opened through an electronic remote control, the gate is unrolling as a man in a white lab coat and black slacks approached them, he had a gaunt face, with large black horn rimmed glasses, his hair in a black pompadour, pens stuffed in the pocket protector of his lab coat with a small notepad. He is in his forties with an heir of timeless youth that made him twenty years younger. The Orderlies with flamethrowers had dispersed fighting the rest of the swarm back through the University gardens. This is the honorable Keeper of Secrets prodigious wonder who had studied at the even more so elusive organization known as the Order of Darkness which had come briefly into contact with the Noble Lady in charge of the Keeper of Secrets decorated laureate of Neuroscience and Psychology from an esoteric organization that exists from the days of the Gardenia Utopian Community in a highly-classified facility in a place of enigma Doctor Victor Kronos. Doctor Victor Kronos had left the highly-classified scientific institution five years ago to join the Shadow Society under their team of scientists in the 30th degree member of the Shadow Guild, his rank in the Shadow Society’s guild known as the Keepers of Secrets is the scientific and scholarly guild is Master-Illuminator of Esoteric Truths.

“Greetings my Shadow Guild brothers,” Doctor Victor called them, “how was your trip?”

“It is fine, how are you Doctor Victor Kronos,” James Booker said.

“Fine, thanks for asking Shadow Templar-Commander Booker, I suppose this is your field lieutenant yet superior Noble Sovereign of Shadows, Zen the Outsider.”

“Yes, that is who I am,” Zen stated bluntly.

“Ah, Sovereign of Shadows, Mr. Zen van Nihil, would you please allow me to do a psychological evaluation at some point during our time together, it would be enlightening to get a 650 year old Zenarchist Paragon who mastered the existence of a Chaos Theorist which yielded the essence of Magi, Kensai, and Sovereign as enlightening rationality guides your perspective on the world, especially since you’ve existed before the fall of the age of civilization and entering the era of savagery.”

“I’ll have to pass,” Zen said assertively.

“Ah, that’s a shame Sovereign Zen, I heard you were a partial reason the Lawless are no longer existent in the New England Eastern Sector, we have many Lawless at the Sanitarium, our entire criminally insane bloc unlike our lunacy bloc consisting of entirely the affected infected are of Lawless in origin.”

“Affected?” Vanessa asked.

“Yes, Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum which has been marked by those sentenced for their crimes for psychological research of those affected by Lawless Personality Disorder, and the ticking time bombs that are those affected by the Shoggoth Psychosis, those criminally insane patients suffer from Shoggoth Psychosis. The latter is partial to the reason why we asked you to come, a crucial step in their recovery, a job specifically asked for the Shadow Knights division of the Shadow Guild, I believe Sovereign Zen, may already know what it is we have for research at this facility.”

They looked at Zen, James is the only one with a clear view at his friend Zen, James could see tears in Zen’s eyes, fear on his face, and an aura of terror that swept over him. Zen and James locked eyes which James flashed Zen a look of compassionate understanding for if Zen is afraid, that meant whatever is housed here is truly a monstrosity.

“I’ll take you to where we need you after I give you all a tour to make sure everything is up to snuff for hospitals run by the Shadow Guild are held to a higher standard of living.”

“A tour sounds nice,” Zen said, regaining himself.

“Yes, it does,” Eiko said, putting an arm out to her friend.

Orderlies held the front door open as Doctor Victor Kronos led the way. Eiko’s arm is wrapped around Zen as they walk. James followed behind Doctor Victor Kronos, as they stood in front of the Orderlies were at the next set of steel locked doors as if they were breaching it. Doctor Victor Kronos pushed a button then slid a card in a card slot unlocking it, the Orderlies pushed open the doors allowing Doctor Victor Kronos and the Squadron through. There is a series of metal detectors for weapons. Doctor Victor Kronos cleared his throat, he seemed to be hinting at the weapon detectors at the door.

“Sovereign Zen, Templar-Commander James Booker, Shadow Templar Eiko Sakura Masashi, you three are fine, however, anyone below the Journeyman Knight-Errant rank must hand over all weapons before entering into the facility, anyone above the Journeyman rank of Knight may have their weapons,” Doctor Victor Kronos said with stalwart command.

Vanessa and Gary forfeited their weapons which were taken by a paramilitary armed and adorned Orderly, who took their weapons to a storage room. Which eight Orderlies emerged from. The Orderlies of the Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum all were uniform in white combat armor with a red hospital cross over the right side of the chest with a magnetic tag containing their first initial, last name, and employee number above a designed Red Cross one the armor. This Red Cross of paramilitary nature is on the pauldrons and the back of their armor. The eight Orderlies returned inside with their flamethrowers from dealing with the swarms corpse flies.  The Orderlies had 13mm semi-automatic pistols on their waists while some were carrying high-powered electromagnetic assault rifles from the Gardenia Protectorate. The Algernon Assault Carbine being a common, effective, reliable, and elite piece of weaponry of the interstellar Gardenia Utopian Community present upon Post-Lawless and Post-Darkness Eden Prime. The Orderlies entire arsenal was the high-powered .55 caliber Algernon Assault Carbine, Shock Batons which pacified criminally insane patients through coupling electrocution and a bone-breaking bludgeon, and the 13mm Semi-Automatic Sidearms. The eight Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi were checking in at the front series of authorization doors while James checked them in at the front desk. There were numerous Orderlies in their combat armor with their full arsenal Algernon Assault Carbine swarming the place. The ones who were sliding their keycards through another series of doors were headed to store the flamethrowers. 

Discordia Mental Asylum was a Shadow Society funded criminally insane prison and unworldly induced psychosis hospital was definitely running like clockwork Zen judged, Zen pondered why the Nightwatch hadn’t been hired to be the security at this prison but rather Seasoned Warriors from the Militias of Green Forest CityBurlington or the Veterans of the Canadian Commonwealth Military from the neighboring Megapolis, Montreal. Zen only knew of certain Shadow Society figures in this Hospital that was built in the 23rd Century but had been restored and updated even to this day.

‘This is peculiar but perfectly run and maintained so far, let’s see how far this rabbit hole goes.’ Zen thought to himself casting doubt on the too good to be true fallacy.

The hospital lobby had a high domed ceiling with stained glass of angels decorated upon it, there were pillars that held the floors above them. Two crimson upholstered majestic oak spacious staircases spanned on both sides which led up to the second floor where there were offices for a series of time down the hallways with Orderly posts down four blocks that separated the hallways with a small inner-corridor monitored by an armed guard in combat armor, the same is true for the bottom floors as well as the evident overhanging balcony of the third floor. Each of the three stories had three large hallways with high ceilings, each floor had three different large spacious hallways. The third story above them is presented by a fenced in balcony that led through three different spacious hallways with a caged elevator with four separate inner-cages placed within the center of caged elevator which could transport four prisoners at a time as Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum staff stood around beyond the steel wired cages which a switch could be flip to set up an innermost electric fencing of the cage to ensure the prisoner being transported by an upright wheeled gurney with a bite mask upon the criminally insane patients of this facility. The elevator joined the floor-to-ceiling thick steel wire caging of the balcony which on the outside of the steel cage of the third floor were four foot high Hellenistic pillars with a flattened top that connected them, this is true for the second story without the caging. The ground floor is where chronic patients were kept for their eccentricities and maladaptive mental maladies were kept for actual treatment with no easy access to this area behind walls of steel reinforced cages, steel reinforced doors, stone walls, and all the top-notch security including electrified fencing.

The stained glass domed ceiling which had disturbing and macabre artwork as did all barred from the inside glass windows which were decorated as stained glass windows. The artistry behind the stained glass windows were decorated in the religious zeal that is Post-Celestialism where the old religions returned to amalgamate with new age spirituality and philosophical ideas that this art brought the phantasm of macabre consternation of the now era of Post-Darkness art. The same Post-Darkness art is found also in framed paintings which adorned the halls of the hospital as well as the pandaemonic originals of the most disturbing images of horror. In two stained glass windows on the ground floor depicted black anthropomorphic goat Humanoids known as satyrs dancing in the joys of a crowded Hellenic Dionysia theater festival as they danced in one window on the right, with the Satyrs slaying and rending the flesh of those same Greeks in the stained glass window of the left. Throughout the Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum, it contained frightening framed large prints of paintings that adorned the walls as well as those disturbing prints of art throughout history.

All of these paintings which struck Zen as odd but just for a Criminally Insane Asylum of some of the most brutal monsters gathered in one contained place for their grievous and heinous acts with another population capable of an uncontrollable spree-killing or mass murder, followed by some survival instinct to opportunistically commit suicide. However, it is nightmarish art of an artist that depicted the world of Eden Prime in surreal realism that seemed to be the skill that he possessed is greater than all the aforementioned artists or any artist in all the aeons of Humanity’s existence. This definite sole artist’s work Zen had not seen or heard of the artist before with his various prints of his disturbing and deranged art that is realism of its time in the contemporary Humanities of Post-Darkness art. Zen saw this artist’s masterpiece among all of these prints proving that he is still active for what awestruck him is the quite recent pandaemonic stained glass dome above him. The large masterwork stained glass dome which the painted glass windows seemed to be more of a painted masterpiece on an arduously large canvas rather than stained window glass. Albeit the hours before midnight, Zen speculated when the light of the sun from the atmospheric overcast or when the umbra of the veil of clouds allowed partial light from the sun to shine through, the macabre realism of the art must have animated to the level of a still frame from a moment in time in this Post-Darkness world’s reality.

The first panel Zen saw while entering, depicted innumerable members of Humankind struck with madness at the begotten torture of eldritch aberrations of the beings who are outsiders to our realm. These numerous eldritch aberrations were beings with a cephalopod head with various fish eyes that were animated with the vastness of knowledge unfathomable to Humans while revealing the contemptuous misanthropy in their personage with Humanoid fish scaled or reptilian scaled bodies, some with the wings of Dragons, webbed feet and hands that bore long eight inch fingers, all dressed in abyssal black, acrid green, reddish purple, and dark purple occultist robes with luminous designs of non-euclidean geometry of sigils, runes, and maps that only Ultra-powerful Espers could understand and be awakened in fright for their concern for these lines luminous lines were on the flesh of the amphibious draconic eldritch Humanoids as their identity dating back to the aeons forgotten to Elders of advanced dimensional alien life. Zen sensed the knowledge within himself that these fabled outsider eldritch aliens of Chaos Dimensional Darkness were known as the star-spawn of Great Old Ones and the Elder gods. These star-spawn of the Darkness and Chaos extradimensional travelers are known in Eldritch Times of hallucination inducing temporary madness to directly imagine these as the Hierophants of Darkness or the Enochian Elders. The star-spawn civilized by their true progenitor and eternal ruler, the Dark Chaos Archon known as Eulogy Euronymous who civilized the eldritch chaos Starspawn of the Great Old Old Ones, Elder gods, and even the Chaos Archon that are the Rulers of the Inferno and Abyss would hate in such as the Dark Prince Samyaza and his Watchers begot through invocation of creating their perversions that the Great Architect destroyed Samyaza and scattered his watchers only for Eulogy the Dirge of Heroes who assembled these eldritch abominations of Starspawn into a greater multidimensional assimilation in service to the eldritch Great Old Ones will that coincided in the volition of these Starspawn Masterminds of super-psionic and hyper-intelligent multidimensional entities that the Great Old Ones favored in the Cthylla Nergal. The Kthylla Nergal are a blasphemer force of Kthullian in Humanoid form to the older Archons and Archons in aeons of early life where the Hyperboreans, Annunaki, Els, Angels, Seraphim failed to eradicate the Kthylla Nergal threat in the Multiverse. 

The spectacle contained in the colossally crafted painted panel were of the Kthylla Nergal torturing the minds of the mad in a similar rendition of Armand Gaultier’s lithograph of the mentally ill in the Gardens of the Hospice de la Salpetriere, which Zen called this stained glass depiction of Kthylla Nergal enslaving the minds at the misfortune of mentally ill individuals, ‘The Eccentrics and The Cthylla Nergal’, for it seemed to fit the general allegory of the mind-controlling Kthylla Nergal who had found a victim to abuse in the already mentally unhinged.

In the other glass panel that faced him as he stood at the entrance is an outline of pure darkness in the shape of pandaemonic form with slight contours to reveal a slight more horrifying formless shape with large ram horns, demonic Dragon wings, the only part obvious to the viewer without imploration were the crimson orbs for eyes that seemed to glow as a work of the arcane or a genuine trick illusion from lighting on the stained glass. Zen had seen this being in this panel before, when extradimensional realms which had merged with Eden Prime in the paradigm shift that has brought Lawlessness and Darkness into the world reducing Eden Prime into what it is today is today. For forty days the world is covered in absolute Darkness, the shroud of the Darkness engulfed the entire planet where the world is filled all the horrors, wraiths, aberrations, beasts, monstrosities, fiends, abominations, as well as all the unfathomable and seemingly infinite blasphemies that came from the pandaemonic dimensions of the most malevolent evils of Darkness and Chaos Archons who rule over a council known as the Ultima Circle. Zen saw in the flashes of lightning as he fought the Darkness within the oblivion of seemingly eternal night in which Zen rescued an innumerable amount of people but alas, most of Eden Prime’s population had been tragically decimated by 55% leaving behind 45% of the population, out of 13 billion Humans living on Eden Prime in that day. Only 4.5 billion survived the initial first 40 days. Within the Darkness briefly illuminated by the green flashes of lightning he saw this being in many different areas, traveling never out of eyesight to anyone on the planet who was outdoors and did not have their eyes sealed. Zen named the panel after the embodiment of all things that were the bane of existence and bringer of oblivion, he called it after the entity it is modeled after the Darkness. Zen realized these paintings were done recently, within the last five to fifty years by an artist who hadn’t aged a day.

Zen stopped to admire the two other brilliant artistic achievements as he is pleased to see the other two works of art. The first one he noticed is a depiction of a young innocent woman bereaved by grief to the point of hysteria, holding her ears to silence the voice of her conscience at her remorse or the possible further commandments from a domineering unseen intangible voice that came in the form of auditory hallucinations. In her right hand, she held a long, curved, sanguine stained ritualistic blade. She is surrounded by deceased Human beings. Their bodies lay in assorted lifeless forms in the meadowy area around her. All of the bodies were visibly marked by a visible single gruesome and fatal wound. One could tell by the ages of the dead around her that the deceased were of her family as well as the expressions of this Hellenistic era young woman, who is barely an adult. That this young Greco-Roman woman’s emotions that were conveyed in a completely Human expression of pure hysteria and unknowable sorrow. Her family appeared to be that of her grandparents, her parents, and her siblings both older and younger. Zen then noticed in the background of the meadow where the family laid slain and the daughter was grieving. That in the background of the hauntingly dark woods there is a slithering aberration of tentacles and flesh feeding off her emotional energy of despair and sorrow. This aberration is hidden by the harrowing dark woods in the background as the young woman and the slaughtered family lay in the foreground and middleground of the sunny meadow. This image of the barely adult woman’s massacre in the inviting warm meadow with the cursed dark woods with the terror intensifying aberration watching her grieve in her despair. This image caused an intense phobia inside Zen as he turned his head after naming it, “The Horror of Familiar Relations.”

The third panel of the large domed ceiling depicted art Zen van Nihil had known for countless years since the Darkness and Lawless Dimensional properties came and many others in the fantastical civilized benevolent races of Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Half-Elves, Humanoid Beastfolk and many others. In this image, Void Elves were scattered about with the majority unknowable besides their race being that aligned to their customs and traditions of their pantheon being the Dark Archons of Morrigan, Helski Hecate, Moloch Mormo, Azazel Abaddon, Lilitu Lamia and Aka Manah. The Void Elves worship of Morrigan had their society acquire a love for ominous ravens of prophecy and their advisory social class of ravenfolk who served Void Elves loyally. Void Elves transmuted to having rave wings which were known as Furies all of this in the worship of Morrigan. Hecate was their goddess of magic, necromancy in summoning undead and ghosts, vampirism, guidance in the Ash Elven practice of the magical science of arcane alchemy. Hecate is worshiped equally as Moloch Mormo for they are lovers as Moloch Mormo is as the others Chaos Archon deity of masculinity, nobility, ghouls, undead, minotaurs, vampires. Samel Abaddon is of war, destruction, assassins, warriors, and all who will to cause destruction of their enemies. Lilitu Lamia is the mother of monsters and sacred mother of all Chaos races and individuals who are of government, justice, order, discipline, maternity, nobility, femininity, and rebellion against oppressors. Finally there is Ahriman Aka Manah who is known through all aspects and facets as the Sovereign of the Ultima Enigma that is the Circle of the Elite Chaos Archons whom Apollo Demogorgon Aka Manah rules. 

In this picture the Void Elves were worshiping their respective deities while a group of Dreadnaught Dark Dwarves seemed to amass around a Void Elven woman who Zen van Nihil knew upon the Saturn Great Commission in the voyages through spiritual projection of the Astral Sea to Saturnia. Her name is Raven Marquess Ophelia Nethys. Ophelia Morrigan  was the central image that this madness of Void Elven social-norms coalesced around while the Dark Dwarves surmounted around her. Two others were in the image an azure skinned Orcish-Elf Oni who appeared as a handsome yet beastly ruthless Elvish appearing Oni and a Cambion or devilish fiendling Humanoid who’s appearance as some hellion-Human is deceiving for Cambions are born from a curse placed on their ancestors which decided appearance not personality. The Orcish-Elf Oni wore Titanium-Adamantite Black and Blue Heavy Power Armor while drawing his Worldbreaker Titanium-Adamantite Glaive and Warhammer polearm in readying to lunge at the Dark Dwarves. The Cambion wore a white lab coat instead of a Shadowcloak that covered his Shadow Society armor of a Shadow Knight readying his Q-Antimatter rifle to provide ranged cover fire for the Orcish-Elf Oni Griznacht Grimsbane and Ophelia Nethys. Zen van Nihil’s mind watched the battle fully played out in his imagination. Ophelia Nethys, the Ghostwalker Bane Battlemage Chaos Berserker Rage Magus and the Minerval Shadow Knight Chaos Magus Weird Scientist Master Arcanist Alchemist Doctor Auron Moonchild were the victors.

The last panel painting is that of a group ghouls that were as pale as a bloodless corpse pigment in skin color. The ghouls were perched on top of a large boulder in a town square. Their pale skin is a mark of a lack of blood flow yet they still lived. The ghouls were ominously grinning a smirk of methodically ravenous pleasure showing that they were intelligent undead creatures with no signs of necrosis. Below their perch upon the boulder is an open street of the town square which a horde of necrotic and decaying zombies that traditionally represented your shambling rotting putrid undead all charging towards the viewer. These necrotic zombies had died off completely twenty years into the Post-Darkness world. However, a grim reminder of the existence of these zombies were immortalized in their decaying faces that expressed an indiscernible emotion of none other than perpetual rabid fevered frenzy. Above the ghouls on top of the boulder in the town square were oriental buildings, on top of the Oriental buildings were what is known as the fabled Hungry Ghosts. 

The Hungry Ghosts stood overlooking the ghouls and zombies more ominously than anything else in the picture with the grim horror that reminded Zen of the realization of their existence in reality. Zen observed that he is right that the buildings being displayed is that of Asiatic architecture in the stylization of the exactness of Asiatic architecture with the faint haze of smog throughout all three major focal points of the stained glass panel as allusions to the reality of its depiction of the events reminiscent of the catastrophe of the Greater Asia where in the Darkness, over 2 billion out of the 3 billion of the People’s Republic of Greater Asia Humans donned their gas masks in an unsecured position for the Darkness made the miasma intensify that it seeped into their homes as well as their protective gas mask and skin The Darkness perverted the smog that seeped through the masks of the helpless People’s Republic of Greater Asia citizens of Eden Prime. This miasma had been transfigured into an abominable miasma which caused a serious mutation to half an affliction affecting 2 billion of the 3.5 billion of the People’s Republic of Greater Asia. The afflicted became a mutated form of undead as they were stripped of their Humanity through the Darkness. This miasma mutated them into Lawless unlife as these beings became ghastly professional hunters of Humanity who needed no sustenance or their basic Human biological needs. They were sentient enough to adorn themselves in black combat armor concealing this with a black jumpsuit that had in Asiatic lettering characters of the New Greater Asiatic language upon their back the symbols meaning ‘Hungry Ghost.’ Their black combat armor with black jumpsuit with a black baggy hooded cowl over their gas mask. Having full cognitive functions of a Human being without any sort of biological needs or the ability to empathize or communicate for they were always silent yet they organized into tactical and methodical groups to hunt Humans. They assembled electromagnetic projectile assault rifles of the Greater Asian People’s Republic Industries Jade Phantom model which represented that of a highly evolved .550 caliber electromagnetic projectile assault rifle. Hungry Ghosts did routine maintenance and repairs on their projectile weapons as much as the Greater Asian People’s Liberation Army but the latter did with more diligence and honor. When the Gardenia Utopian Community reigned on Eden Prime and brought an innumerable amount of new precious materials from the leftover surplus of Azura Titanus metals scavenged throughout the surviving People’s Republic of Greater Asia which fought daily against the Hungry Ghost plague they had been faced with. The Hungry Ghosts crafted their incredibly sharp Azure Sky blades; forging, sharpening, mastering, and wielding Azure Sky blades modeled after premodern Asiatic Energy blades, which with the routine maintenance on their looted from People’s Republic of Greater Asia Gauss-powered assault rifles known as the Jade Phantom model from the Greater Asian People’s Liberation Army which quelled the Hungry Ghosts westward and southward in nomadic armies following the miasma that the Greater Asian People’s Republic managed to rid themselves of through terraforming. The Hungry Ghosts sharpened their Azure Sky Energy swords regularly as the Greater Asian People’s Republic practiced in application in reclaiming their territories while containing the Hungry Ghosts to certain desolate megalopolis urban sprawls that covered Asia as was the urbanization of the majority of Eden Prime. The People’s Republic of Greater Asia, the Soviet Union, and the United Socialist States of America had formed strong alliances in dealing with their own travesties for Human suffering has become a universal problem that they were united against a common enemy of Darkness and Lawlessness.

These heavily armored Hungry Ghosts wielding Jade Phantom electromagnetic projectile assault rifles, as well as indestructibly sharp and devastatingly powerful Azure Sky energy swords, adorned in black combat armor concealed by a black jumpsuit with the Asiatic characters for ‘Hungry Ghost’ written via spray-paint using stencil onto their backs. Their black hood which hung over their gas masks which had not been removed in 235 years. The scariest part about the beings known as the Hungry Ghosts is that the glass oculos portion of their gas masks which would be the portals of sight, glow of a crimson red illuminated forth. The Hungry Ghosts still exist in the Asiatic continent 235 years later as immortal undying beings who never take off their full head covering gas masks, those that are lucky in killing them by complete dismemberment, no one ever has and never will anyone remove that mask to see the possible maddening horror behind it. Zen knew this for the Noble Lord of Wisdom, Ren Sheng Zhao, the 255 year old enlightened monastic man had told him this, who led the Shadow Guilds in the frontier of Asia.

Zen then noticed in the corner of the stained glass painting against the contrast of fog a sanguine signature that is signed by the artist whom Zen knew to be a former patient named simply, Unruly. Zen then noticed the same sanguine signature in all four bottom right corners of the stained glass panels. Zen committed this to memory in tracking down this Unruly for his deep-rooted esoteric knowledge as well as to see what kind of man this is to be housed in a Criminally Insane Asylum just to be let go. Unruly, the name is familiar to Zen but in his horizonless and limitless wealth of knowledge could not place the peculiarity he felt in the name as an ominous yet delightful curiosity filled his mind. He then noticed that all of the realistic stylized eldritch paintings of those not of prints by aforementioned artists were all done by him. This is something Zen would see throughout the hospital as every print he saw that bore the name Ellis Unruly was a new painting he had not perceived in even greater and renewed astonishing madness before. Zen made the mental note of finding this Ellis Unruly.

The grim realism of the stained glass had been done as a piece by the artist who had personally painted this and had certainly been a patient in this asylum but now walked the Eden Prime freely. Brilliantly in the center of the metal beams is an ornately designed chandelier with lights that illuminated the room which hung by a massive white painted chain which led which led to the metal structural cornerstone in the middle of the dome of the four masterpieces of art that were the massive glass paneled dome which displayed four different scenes of unfathomable ghastly fright. Zen turned his head as they began entering the large and spacious Gothic architecture of the criminally insane asylum. They were headed to the stairway to ascend to the second floor.

Zen then took his eyes off the paintings in the cavernous Gothic architecture that is the Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum. There were fluorescent light panels which kept an ominous dim glow throughout the Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum as well as mounted yellow glowing light bulbs along the walls which surrounded by wiring which were built into the walls which light the entrances to the corridors which led to spacious hallways. They instead went to the parallel side of the lobby through two doors that had glass you could see through but is riddled with wire weaved into the glass making it unbreakable. They walked through the large spacious halls of the sterile building, the majority of this is the staff comprising Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, and Orderly; personal offices, recreational rooms, personal apartments for rest for the times their shifts were closely placed together. This spanned a good acre of the hospital as Doctor Victor Kronos took them through security checkpoint after security checkpoint which were structural sealed guard post with an Orderly seated in a chair at a desk inside a room with reinforced doors on either side of him leading into the block and out of the block, the Orderlies uniform became apparent as they all wore the uniform Red Cross combat armor. After passing through the small security corridor into the block. This criminally insane patient block is of heightened security in the asylum for this sealed corridor is surrounded in proximity by many Orderly specific areas where they were alert and heavily armed. by Orderlies traversed the halls near here, armed with not only Algernon Assault Carbines but the Autumn Industries Tactical-E725 which is an electromagnetic projectile-powered combat shotgun.

Upon entering this small patient wing were on either side of the block were three steel bolted doors on both sides totaling at ten altogether that gave an assumption that the cells were apparently spacious, the cells on either side of them that didn’t have much activity but certain things were noticeable. Zen found the ominous silence haunting as an odorous stench of death and decay that smelled of decomposing Human bodies filled his nostrils as did the rest of his squadron, they coughed and wheezed.

As their coughing and wheezing fit ended, a far-off disembodied voice called out to Zen, James, and Eiko by name. The three of them turned looking frantically for the disembodied whisper is far-off and seemed nearby, just beyond the doors of the cells but seemed to be a wavering neutral gendered Human voice calling out softly for them specifically by name which only those three heard, the whisper they could not place but directly beyond the threshold of the ten doors where the criminally insane patients were imprisoned.

Doctor Victor Kronos whispered in a louder tone that carried with an assertively sardonic tone as they were between the two halls as one of the squadron members coughed. Doctor Victor Kronos stated, “These are our most vicious of criminal patients in their heinous crimes with their predatory nature, we keep them sedated behind two feet thick steel doors, we can only tell you that this psychosis is native to the northern reaches of North America where ice and snow are abundant as well as the woods of the north-eastern coast, we do not list them on our names or the condition of the ten patients treated in this specific area, after this dangerous corridor just to stand in, is an expanse of medical examination and operation rooms in those corridors then after we will arrive at the next Orderly post which we will enter the general population of the Lawless Personality Disorder criminally insane patients wing where we keep the real crazies, the Lawless Personality Disorder is a condition so mentally pervasive that they never sleep.”

Doctor Victor Kronos, Zen, his squadron had to pass by these rooms on both sides of them were unknown madmen laid in this security block. At the end of the hall is an Orderly safely monitoring from inside a structural security divider that reached to the drastically lowered vaulted ceiling as all of these rooms with checkpoints on either side did. The Orderly awaited the group to be ushered through the enclosed corridor with doors on either side of them with locks on heavy large steel doors that unlocked either by a security key card or at the Orderlies discretion where a buzzer sounding meant the doors’ sealing mechanism had been unlocked.

After this room, they walked past the other half of the battalion of Orderlies with rooms dedicated for their needs then beyond a steel pArchon with a lowered stone ceiling with a steel double-door which Doctor Victor Kronos opened with his keycard is the medical examination and psychologists and therapists offices. This portion is not currently in use during the night-shift for it is filled with shadows and dimly lit. The barely illuminated large hallways with high vaulted ceiling with alcoves in the corridors were open doors to rooms of complete darkness that yielded hauntingly peculiar medical rooms which Zen found curiously strange to what sort of medical happening went in those rooms for Zen sensed the macabre fashion of it all, even the dark secrets espoused in the interrogatory therapy rooms where Lawless were strapped to a table, injected with a truth telling serum then interviewed about their lives and their crimes which led to a hallway with the dining room. Zen may have even sensed a Mind Computer Ultra which could allow medical practitioners to enter the confines of the conscience matrices of the prisoner-patient mind to thoroughly interrogate and witness the prisoner-patient for their crimes firsthand as well as any and all information the medical practitioner wished to read. The recreational room, the arts and crafts room, and the day room were non-existent.

The group then entered the security checkpoint where Orderlies wearing body armor sat around playing cards, they carried shock clubs which were extendable clubs with a pronged high-voltage taser for bludgeoning and electrocuting unruly criminally insane patients into submission with .550 caliber electromagnetic projectile powered sidearms loaded with live-rounds just in case the Lawless could not be subdued by more ethical means with the escalation to neutralization in the form of lethal force. The security checkpoint granted access to the Orderlies recreational room for breaks during their long shifts. There is a room that led to offices for nurses and Orderlies, a supply room, a storage area, a kitchen, and a dining area. Orderlies, nurses, therapists, and doctors domestic area is quite spacious which revealed the two nurses on duty in scrubs with the innumerable Orderlies sitting around playing cards, many were gathered around the holovision watching locally broadcasted shows, one is making coffee with the coffee maker, others were generally lounging or keeping sane in their own way of reading, one is writing in a notepad. The head Orderly saluted Doctor Victor Kronos from the poker table while he kept playing his cards. It had become apparent to the squadron that this facility of the Discordia Insane Asylum is a labyrinth to navigate so Doctor Victor Kronos is cutting all the corners to create the swiftest route to their destination.

The group made it passed the Orderlies barracks through the dual set of locked doors which an enclosed hallway by a set of security doors with a small corridor inside the security checkpoint is between to go to the next vast dimly lit by the glow of fluorescent lights. Two guards on the other side stood up to address Doctor Victor Kronos as the criminally insane patients who were once roaming ravenous Lawless stood in a riot of a cacophony of obscenity and howls. The Spring Heel Jack squadron activated their stealth cloaks immediately, rendering them almost completely invisible. Orderlies with shock polearms at the ready charged out the door and began putting their shock polearms through the openings in the plexiglass sealed doors, electrocuting and stunning the Lawless criminally insane patients just for them to stand back up, charge back at the door, be met with the taser polearm to be electrocuted again, then repeat.

The Lawless were behind reinforced plexiglass sliding doors which had more secure locking mechanisms on them than a vault safe. They began stripping themselves naked, going into a hysteria, Orderlies patrolling the area unveiled their very long shock prods feeding them into cages shooting out bolts of electricity knocking them back, guards from the barracks came out and began dispatching them with the help of shock batons and polearms. Lawless was calling out to Kira, Eiko, Vanessa, and even Gary about heinous sexual things they wanted to do to them. Out of the four, Knight-Errant Gary is shaken and rushed quickly to the front, lifting up his cloak of shadows veil to cover his face. Zen and James shared a laugh at Gary’s expense where the three women were unshaken.

“Lawless,” Eiko exhaled in disgust.

The Doctor is going on and on about the facility and how the Lawless were nothing to worry about for they were criminally insane patients just like any other Human with an illness or disease all the Lawless Personality Disorder and Shoggoth Psychosis criminally insane patients required is proper medical treatment. That treatment being primarily of interrogatory therapies in a virtual reality to break them of their psychopathy and psychosis, electroshock therapy is used in extreme cases on Shoggoth Psychosis suffers when criminally insane patients were showing signs of the nonstop homicidal killing spree that the psychosis drove their death drive to when depleted of the psychotic fit they would work they take their own life. The Lawless Personality Disorder sufferers were subjected to lobotomies and mind-numbing electroshock therapy with little progress in slowing down their maniacal psychopathy.

“Most these Lawless patients, despite having countless lobotomies and innumerable electroshock therapy sessions are still the same savage beasts they were when they walked in, still trying to kill, rape, and pillage just as they did before. They will never recover from their neurosis, nor will they be rehabilitated to be allowed to assimilate to any of the tribes and god-forbid would any be willing to receive them, the Lawless have psychopathological condition to spans passed the explanations of the scientific world to one of esoteric occult understandings that’s why they’re here, but there’s another reason you are here, beyond our next wing for the Shoggoth Psychosis sufferers, a much more delicate patient which we will require your expertise in this matter of their potential recovery, come along now.”

They came to the next door where a guard sat on the other side at a desk with steel bars across it and a small opening at the bottom for exchanging paperwork. The guard at the desk saw Doctor Victor Kronos and the Shadow Guild fellowship through the wired window opening and buzzed the unlock door button to let him and his company through. They walked in, Doctor Victor Kronos saluted the Orderly at his post then continued walking, the squadron made themselves visible by deactivating their shadow cloaks, following after the doctor.

They went through another security sealed door which Doctor Victor Kronos allowed them into a corridor where there is a surveying station of an Orderly who allowed them into the spacious circular high-vaulted rotunda which touched the 10 foot barrier of the ceiling to the second-floor. This rotunda led to a multitude of directions. On the far side of the rotunda there is a surveying station which has a barrier of plexiglass and stone which is sitting waist-high stone to view who is entering and exiting the labyrinth of this madman’s maze. This type of surveying station is emulated at all sealed corridors and rotunda, the individual corridors were stocked with weapons while the rotundas had a larger armory with the protruding guarded corridors had a slightly smaller stock of weapons within them. These stations were posted throughout all six floors at various and innumerable checkpoints where there is an Orderly which along the wall behind them is a variety of weapons lining the walls in a rack from carbine assault rifles, riot shotguns, even flamethrowers like the ones seen outside. The Orderlies sat in these well-armed secure surveying stations at a desk with a 2500 CE supercomputer retrograde to that of the current age of the Gardenia Utopian Community’s computing technology of 2700 CE. The quantum supercomputers were that of Gardenia’s technological advancements that were halted in 2500’s CE to be considered retrograde to the rest of Gardenia‘s ’still highly-sophisticated non-compartmentalized and limitless Quantum processor supercomputers of the Autumn Industries Cyber-Liberty 25.5 model. The monitors used a translucent ethereal hologram that is a tangible interactive medium that is powered by the from a cordless black box with green lights with a multifaceted projector which controlled the security doors and audio-visual displayed through the many holograms projected images from the computer. This could make contact with Ozymandias much more simpler which apparently they had the setting nullified for infinite information. The Orderlies utilized this security system to monitor the local department of the facility they were stationed at but could access the entire prison-hospital from the closed circuit of security cameras which fed live audio-visual of the all the grounds of Discordia cycling through the vast network of mounted cameras. The mainframe of the servers which controlled the network of every facet of the security system is housed in the basement.

Before Doctor Victor Kronos and the Squadron of Shadow Knights is a door that led out of the corridor through the rotunda to a door to the left, the rotunda had three Orderlies in the station through another Orderly surveyed corridor and into the Shoggoth Psychosis criminally insane patients wing. They had walked into an area filled with relatively sane people, wrapping up for the night, nurses at nurses station monitoring their behavior as criminally insane patients communed in the day room. criminally insane patients of all types were here in uniform teal green jumpsuits, watching television, assembling puzzles, playing chess, as well as other games. The Orderlies wore their combat armor with the only weapon at their side is the utility belt filled with weapons to subdue a prisoner-patient with the notable shock baton. The only lethal one being their Martian Red Paladin Revolver.

“This way,” Doctor Victor Kronos said.

James motioned for them to follow as entered an area where criminally insane patients walked freely and behaved rather sane despite being Shoggoth Psychosis sufferers who would mutter incessantly underneath their breaths and hold their heads before shifting back to normalcy which is unnerving but seemed to be a usual behavior they exhibited. The blocks of this wing included genuine medical rooms for Humane practices, arts and crafts rooms, dining rooms, recreational rooms, all of which were used by the Shoggoth Psychosis patients. After this is the evenly more dimly lit writhing and howling Lawless Personality Disorder sufferers. Who were more grievously offensive in their obscenities and lewd behaviors from the howling of insults and morbid declarations of their desires to assault and mutilate Doctor Victor Kronos and the Shadow Knights. Finally, the obscene and psychopathic behavior ended after leaving the endless blocks of the large portion of Lawless Personality Disorder criminally insane monsters. Doctor Victor Kronos unlocked a door with the swipe of a key card where they came to a series of rooms for the avid and regular treatment of electroshock therapy as well as the lobotomies which were still in practice, being performed regularly. The end of the hall is the room to the entire block of a morgue on one side with body cabinets in both rooms on either side with the coroner’s office and examination tables in the rooms to place the dead on the steel slabs for harvesting of healthy organs and the process of analyzing the dead. At the end of this hallway is the spacious elevator to the basement which could fit them all nicely as they gathered in, Doctor Victor Kronos revealed a metal key and did a retina as well as thumbprint scan to confirm identity before the elevator could be accessed by the means of descent into the basement where ascension is accessed without security protocol as they descended to the basement. The elevator made an ominous humming sound as it descended lights from outside the elevator cage lit the inside of the lift as they descended, mounted lights in the elevator shaft flashed in intervals as they passed them by. Finally it came to a stop, Doctor Victor Kronos opened the cage letting them out into a dark, dank subterranean basement of the facility that is lit by the hauntingly orange glow of incandescent fluorescent light bulbs which lined the halls spaced out by twenty yards. There is a long narrow corridor before them which appeared to end at an intersection leading both directions at the end of it.

“This way,” Doctor Victor Kronos said, beckoning with his hand for them to follow.

Pipes lined the wall, the creaking of heat expanding within them as steam and water flowed through, the walls were lined with exposed electrical wires, fluorescent light panels lit every fifteen feet of the dimly lit way as they trudged down the darkened halls to where Doctor Victor Kronos needed their assistance with something. As they marched, Xavier and James exchanged some words.

“What do you think we’re dealing with?” Xavier Carter asked.

“Most likely a bestial lycanthrope, a powerful vampire, at worst an outsider entity or some other ghastly horror,” James Booker stated.

Doctor Victor Kronos snickered as they arrived at their destination. Howls of screaming pipes that sounded like dozens of phantasmal horrors shrieking in the dead silence after Doctor Victor Kronos’ chuckle as banshees flowed through the walls appearing out of the steam in apparitional forms. Everyone besides Zen, James, Eiko, Xavier, Kira and Doctor Victor Kronos were shaken by this site.

“Don’t worry, they’re harmless, in fact, the apparitions and evident haunting of this hallway wards off most who would journey to where we keep this specimen,” Doctor Victor Kronos laughed it off.

The party regained themselves as they headed through the acrid musty environment that is the subterranean tunnels. They had arrived. Doctor Victor Kronos stood in front of a heavily vaulted door.

“The reason we inquired the most elite fellowship of the Shadow Knights is that behind two series of doors, we have a certain rare specimen, the only one of its kind in captivity, we have a Shoggoth specimen behind two of these eight inch reinforced doors, one leads to a foyer, the other to its captivity area, a sixty by sixty foot room that has had its sonar emitter which is how we know where it is in the room has gone out, the sonar emitter itself has broken and the console in which we access the sonar emitter short circuited and needs a vital power supply reset, we believe a Gary Hubbard is your tech professional who we will need to require to send in to replace the technology, the Guild of Shadows has already picked carefully who will undergo this task with that being profiled as Knight-Errant Hubbard who will receive a pay raise and promotion if he successfully accomplishes this task, now be wary, there is a large vault door which leads to the mechanical workings of this section of the facility which that console is attached to that door as well as the sonar emitter, Gary we will be taking the utmost care by adorning you in a hazmat suit and a sensory deprivation helmet so you may not become affected by the Shoggoth Psychosis,” Doctor Victor Kronos showed a computer console which would have generated a map of where the beast is in the room, this is the door monitoring system which we could view it in its movements from this terminal as well as a terminal in my office as well as the surveillance room but since we have no functioning sonar emitter due to a fried console, we are forced to wonder if the thing is dead or alive.”

Gary went ghostly pale, almost as pale as Zen as he knew what he must do next. The Harrowing implications of the heroism needed were something no ordinary man must do which is what Gary knew in his heart is what his existence brought forth to pay its due. The deep-seated erudition known to a large group of his regional guild of the Shadow Society became an inkling of the reality of his true nature in his assignment to Zen van Nihil and his Fellowship. This nature of his innocence being possibly impervious to being perverted. This imperviousness is becoming more obvious to Gary’s self-awareness of his true state of nature.


THE MAD Shoggoth

While the rest of the squadron is upstairs on the second floor in the Orderlies main office and break area among the Shoggoth Ward to wait. Zen, James, and Eiko helped Gary Hubbard gear up in the hazmat suit and the sensory deprivation helmet on his head with a global positioning system for his only way of knowing his way around the room. Gary stood outside the first reinforced steel door that reinforced many deadlocks and bolts built into it with a turning wheel for a large bolting mechanism. After a series of turning knobs and pulling levers from Doctor Victor Kronos, the door opened allowing Gary entrance as Doctor Kronos reversed the process in which he opened the door to close it. Once Gary passed into the hallway between the outer-door and another inner-door. All is dark and quiet for Gary Hubbard as a terrifying fright rose through his spine as the decontamination systems kicked on that is coupled with the screams of banshees as they flew around him. Gary felt the reverberations of their screams and the cold feeling of being touched by death as he began hyperventilating and panic as the inner-door unlatched then popped open unseen to Gary.

Within Gary Hubbard’s helmet, a radio crackled on, Doctor Victor Kronos’ suave voice came through the frequency, “Proceed forward Knight Errant Hubbard, the outer-door is closed and locked, while the inner-door is open, good luck.”

Gary held the console replacement circuit boards and fusal switches close to him as he charged into the Darkness of the room. The door closed behind him which would only open once the console is fixed. Gary saw on the GPS mapping system before his eyes of the room and the dot that represented him as well as the console on the other-side of the room. He ran to the location on the map, not thinking, not hearing anything besides his own heartbeat, he tripped over something, he didn’t know what it was until he realized it was his own foot by feeling down on the ground. He turned calming himself, walking towards the console, he felt for the console which is placed directly in front of him at what length on the wall, he began replacing the circuit boards by sliding a new one in then pulled out the bad wiring then replacing it. This is easier than he thought, he felt the door lever for the large floor-to-ceiling bulkhead door that is next to it which he immediately snapped his hand away in absolute fear of what might happen. He then hit the on switch for the radar sensor, with this first click he turned to crash into something he felt through the suit. Something slimy yet dry, something made of tanned Human flesh, sewn together as patchwork designs, a million sharp little knives poked him as he bumped into this as a tentacle of the prodding tongues and little knives ran along his body. Gary fell back in a state of terror induced shock, hitting the lever that opened the auxiliary vault door.

Gary had to be sure he did what he thought he accidentally did. He pried off the helmet to see the light of the vault peering open as he saw the unfathomable aberration. The Shoggoth is a form of a levitated bloated 10 feet in diameter sphere that is seven feet in diameter, its twelve feet long tentacled appendages trailing from the underside of it. 

The Shoggoth is comprised of sewn together patchwork flesh of various discolored pieces of its biological form with its stitching of black thread and large metal staples which is is dotted by an innumerable amount of eyes along its sphere and tentacles that gazed its endless gaze all around the horror for if it gazed at you, the horror also gazed through you, the infinite voices of Humans and those of life forms distorted from this reality came from the thin black lips that encircled mouths with jagged teeth within it which behind it were wagging thin slivers for tongues that were speaking in an erratic calm in bursts that spoke constantly to form with the most incoherent clarity to Human reason that its logic is now one’s own. These mouths were periodically spaced around its spherical body and dangling tentacle appendages. Gary saw it with his own eyes, upon locking his eyes with the innumerable eyes, his ears locking in on all of the cacophony that was the unworldly pandaemonic voices of incalculable statements of persuasive insanity that escaped any kind of logic. Gary’s mind immediately lost everything that is his consciousness as a being into the madman enthralled by this horrific creature which by psionic tethering Gary became enchanted by the macabre ideas and plans it is making. The Shoggoth levitated with Gary by its side, an innumerable eye and mouth dotted tentacle appendage wriggled itself all over Gary’s exposed face and head.

The mouths upon the tentacle all said in a uniform voice that spoke with sincere tenderness as all the eyes gazed at him directly in his eyes with a longing stare of forlorn want, “Come Gary, I’m pretty sure the others would like to play.”

Gary was now an emotionless monotonous puppet yet he answered in an amicably mirthful voice, “I think they would love to play, let’s go find them.”

As Gary said this, he drew his concealed Void Dagger which he had snuck in from its place found through the hazmat suit with a few graceful slashes liberated himself from the suit to reveal himself in his Shadow Knights operative attire with Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rig underneath it. Together, the Shoggoth and Gary proceeded their movement towards the auxiliary vault exit as Gary is now the thrall of this abomination. The Shoggoth pulsated psionic energy that emanated through the once psionically annulling room for the walls were enforced with anti-psi translucent blue crystalline encased circuit boards which harnessed free energy that nullified psionic energy with the aperture of the vault door being open, tethering to all those who were Lawless or Shoggoth psychosis sufferers felt the madness overcome them. Together, the Shoggoth and Gary walked through the auxiliary vault door to release hell throughout the Discordia Mental Asylum.


Zen in all his archaic Buddhist meditation practices taught when he is still a child had served him his entire 650 years of existing since he had learned them before the Darkness, before the interstellar diasporic travels of Humanity in his hand that he played in revolutionizing the intersolar dominion of the ‘Gardenia Utopian Community of Eden Prime’ to simply the ‘Gardenia Utopian Community’. The Gardenia Utopian Community is a Democratic Socialist government of Eden Primeling Humans spread about the intergalactic and interstellar reaches of the universe. The Gardenia Utopian Community had already been a faction integrated into the communist utopia of the Celestial Cosmic Coalition. The Celestial Cosmic Coalition is an all-inclusive alliance of coexisting coalition alien races. His meditation practices had carried him through all of this with his weekly making of a mala worry bead necklace or the practice of zazen meditation that calmed his mind through the point that there is no more Eden Prime that could be deemed inhabitable or safe to journey into the atmosphere by the Gardenia Utopian Community after the catastrophic extradimensional paradigm shift. This archaic spiritual philosophy of Zenarchism and its teachings had carried Zen through all of this throughout his life which left him with the calm and compassion of the greatest of Eidolons of Zenarchy despite the amount of suffering. When the Darkness of the paradigm shift engulfed the Eden Prime. The Darkness welcomed the monsters, the aberrations, the phantoms, the abominations, the beasts from beyond our natural world of Eden Prime where Zen had been granted the privilege of front row tickets to the end of everything on the planet Eden Prime while the vast majority of the Human population is spread across the universe leaving only the most minute percentile of those still dwelling on its homeworld of Eden Prime. Eden Prime, the planet where Zen had been granted this horrible fortune to be stuck where he is needed most. Assuredly, a favor from the Great Architect.

The consensus of the Gardenia Utopian Community is that Zen is on Eden Prime, whether he is alive or dead, no one knew for Eden Prime had become a place where the Gardenia Utopian Community would not send any military force and certainly not a single expeditionary force that would break the atmosphere. The only expeditionary forces sent were atmosphere observations from the safety of space vessels capable of interstellar travel to make observations of whatever they could catch a glimpse of the decayed planet through the umbra overcast skies of Eden Prime before returning to wherever they could cower from the savagery and horror the Utopian Community could provide before complete disconnect from their homeworld of Eden Prime for the Gardenia Utopian Community would dare not face the eldritch horrors that were beyond any self-aware, sentient, and intelligent beings comprehension for the embodiment of the phenomenon of Lawlessness and Darkness were manifested in a quantum flux of a paradigm shift that changed the dimensional powers surrounding the electromagnetic wavelengths surrounding Eden Prime.

Zen despite all the fighting, struggle, and strife he had been faced with in his 668 Eden Prime years of being alive retained his calm and collect mindset until the shiver of the grim reality of his only embodiment of a phobia is wreaking havoc in Discordia Insane Asylum, a facility he is currently inside of on a mission which he tasked the most impossible to be enthralled, or in this case enchanted by the Shoggoth. The Shoggoth is the embodiment of his only phobia. It had made its way up to the higher floors in what seemed like seconds for the asylum to escalate security to a code red level security breach for absolute bedlam. An alarm is blaring as a riot had ensued where the Orderlies and criminally insane patients began to wage their bloody battle as all out madness ensued in the bloodied arena that is Discordia Mental Hospital as all criminally insane patients from the Lawless Personality Disorder, Shoggoth psychosis, and Post-Darkness psychological health disorders unexplained by Gardenia Utopian Community medical science for their horrifying traits affecting the psychological, biological, biochemistry, and spiritual for supernatural phenomenon of expelling one’s soul as a Wraith and Darkness Possession of Absurdly Horrifying Episodes affecting the aforementioned whom even Doctors and Nurses would wake up from a screaming fit in a Deep Dream therapy session of Hypno-Sync of Binaural Beats as prescribed for self-maintenance in working at one of these Criminally Insane Asylums and Mental Illness Institutions for all medical science could do was brush off the effect to forget these undescribable or unexplainable horrors displayed in symptoms in patients manifested to the medically scientific mind. As a result, many Doctors diagnosed these patients who showed no recovery in the asylum not of solace but of contained controlled congregated hell for patients and practitioners succumbed to the anomie, ennui, and existential dread brought upon them into the confines of this waking nightmare until an Eldritch Psychosis Sufferer fell under the enthralling sway of the Shoggoth and snapped where even Lawless on their best behavior would offer themselves up in quarreling with the Shoggoth Psychotic sufferer for a free ticket out of a mental sanitarium such as Discordia Insane Asylum and Mental Health Hospital. For the Shoggoth Psychotic sufferer finally exploding in a spree-killing massacre upset the entire order of the facility and disheartened the faculty and patients when they were not killed when on of their best patients eventually experienced their always inexplicable end by Orderly or self-termination as if it was naturally deterministic about the disorder. The presence of the Shoggoth had even affected the Orderlies as they began utilizing the most ruthless methods by gearing up in combat armor with more than less-than-lethal weapons from lockers in the Orderlies quarters of the hospital.

Zen felt terror and horror and the shuddering quiver of madness that is saturated in this place as violence is getting violence. As bloody mayhem ensued the Shadow Knights upstairs were told to remain in the Orderlies portion of the hospital as they were dispatched. The doors containing the criminally insane patients had all opened, all of them in a fevered frenzy to maniacally shed blood of the Orderlies, in their declaration, they wanted out. The main lights had gone out in large portions of the asylum as the central energy processors of Tesla-grade free-energy gathering appliances for the central power in the building had gone out, the Tesla coil receptors in the enclosed energy capacitors in the basement had blown out. Power is now being supplemented by primordial generators of before the energy revolution as the security is overridden to open all patient and patient-prisoner doors to unleash a few battalions of ravenous psychopaths against the ruthless dispatchers of the chaos in the pre-existing militarization of the Orderlies of Discordia.

The Orderlies of Discordia Asylum were recruited by the overlaying governing body of the Shadow Guilds that encompassed the entire Shadow Society for their abilities as Shadow Society soldiers. Commandos of various tribal military institutions as well as veteran members of elite field operatives and Special Weapons and Tactics teams of law enforcement. Although the Orderlies were outnumbered five-to-one with the population of criminally insane patients numbering fifty-thousand were the prisoners numbered 10,000. The Orderlies number The Orderlies, after accessing the situation, had passed up the rudimentary correctional tools to utilize the means of sedating or downing an unruly patient for lethal force as they had to draw back from the initial rise in the realization that all criminally insane patients had uniformly become savage maniacal psychopaths, they went for the electromagnetic projectile assault rifles, the .550 caliber Autumn Industries model of the Perfect Storm electromagnetic projectile assault rifle used by the military force of antiquity which still had an influx of its newly found weapons on Eden Prime in enigmatic ways of the Gardenia Utopian Community. The Perfect Storm is a black assault rifle similar to the projectile weapons of old where hammer and gunpowder brought peace but now electromagnetic energy and hammer now projected weapons for all contemporary projectile weapons were electromagnetic projectile powered with the exception of the Shadow Society’s monopoly of assorted laser and plasma rifles and pistols. The magnets aligning the barrel of the electromagnetic projectile rifle accelerated the already projected .550 caliber steel ball in the magazine of .550 caliber steel orbs which could break through men at heightened magnetic energies or stop within the intended target by a knob to control the magnetic energy fluctuation frequencies on the rifle. The contemporary combat armor of the tribal governments is made by gel-based Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, (UHMWP). The vast majority of the armor is an umbra black as the standard of Shadow Society Security Division or their law enforcement branch, over this gel were hardened armor plates of alloys and steel of the antiquated asteroid metal materials that encircled the chest, back, abdomen, should pauldrons, biceps, forearms, shins, knees, boots, the groin, and sides of the upper-leg had these plates. A ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene helmet surrounded by the antiquated asteroid hardened armor is strapped to their heads. The combat armor suit is known as the Utopian Community Security Aegis II. The few Military grade Aegis IV had the High Modulus Polyethylene underneath a full-body suit of hard armor that was lightweight and easy to maneuver in despite the outer body armor of a hardened steel alloy harvested from the asteroid belt from the large mineral farms where metals and materials were mined from large excavation teams where workers stayed in a series of large artificial planets that were the size of continents in diameter found all along the asteroid belt.

The Orderlies, in their Shadow Society or Various other soldier military disciplined and training embraced their potential doom. In their philosophy which governed them in behaving with and honoring Humanistic values and virtues. The philosophical ethos of the Shadow Society and its Guilds have a universal creed stating the precious value of existence as well as Human life. To exist in a meaningful Human life you must honor the Humanities and all things which makes one Human. To find a meaning to life when the meaning to life has become that life is meaningless, to overcome this fatalistic and pessimistic view that is nihilism is to overcome the Darkness of the void and to dwell among the shadows of the enlightening Illuminating light of what gives you meaning and morals to existence. To be a member of the Shadow Society is to have a purpose in life with a grand design for the universe handed to them by the Great Architect through their great enlightened master and monarch, the Sovereign of Shadows, Zen the Outsider. Zen is the one who stayed to save the world, this is the place that needed him the most, handing his hundreds of years of wisdom in the philosophy of the Shadow Society in his many literary philosophical meditations, memoirs, and essays. The purpose of life is to live life with a purpose. The morality is self-preservation and the preservation that is the spirit of Humanity. To be careful when you fight with the Lawless lest you become a Lawless yourself and when you gaze into the Darkness, the Darkness gazes back.

The absurdity of this world of Darkness, the prison walls of this world of Darkness is the atmosphere that enshrouded the hell this world which also made it a habitable place which allowed the existence of endless suffering of Humanity. This hell of planet Eden Prime is brought about by the madness of a scientist obsessed with obtaining his so sought after god-complex by transcending that apotheosis to being in league with an Archon, not a benevolent Archon of Order or Balance but an Archon of Chaos. This mad-scientist newly-named Doctor Mordecai Thanos, turbulently revitalizing one of the long since dead Archons of death from its beloved rest in oblivion to rudely awaken as this egocentric narcissistic monster who is no longer a man. This mad-scientist in his hubris did this by hybridizing his genetic coding then with his turbulent power used a massive particle accelerator with pure chaos energy which resulted in opening a gate to the grand multiverse of the Ultima Circle, the grandest realms of Chaos. From the gate to the Ultima Circle. The mad scientist let two things in. The Archon of Lawless known as the Man of Lawlessness, the High Baal of the Grand Council of Chaos, Prince Typhon Lawless. What followed the Man of Lawlessness is the oblivion of the nihilistic void of all things that the all encompassing shroud known as the Darkness. The Lawlessness of Humanity’s homeworld merely affected certain individuals who had willingly submitted to the Darkness. However, everything in the homeworld of Humanity had been different by the Darkness until the shroud of malevolence that is the Darkness defeated, dominated, or destroyed all of Humanity or stripped away all essence of Humanity. This hell once known as planet Eden Prime had been enshrouded by this Darkness in both the realms of the material and the metaphysical. The Darkness could affect the environment and the individual.



The seemingly antiquated era of 2500 Common Era mint condition weapons and armors free from 200 years of decay coupled with the exotically new prototypes and schematics solely presented to the Shadow Society scavenging missions to discover were perplexing to say the least. In these mysterious shipping containers leftover by the Gardenia Utopian Community from pre-Darkness before abandoning Eden Prime or left by Post-Darkness in doing whatever those who could do as a necessity to help the Humans of Eden Prime. These crates would enigmatically appear in massive shipping containers bearing the markings of the Utopian Community as an unspoken gift to only the most aligned scavengers sent by governments, organizations, orders, and tribes that made many ponder the seeming status bequeathed by many of the Eden Prime’s population that they had been forsaken by the Gardenia Utopian Community. These large shipping containers also came with Autumn Industries and Martian provincial markings belonging to the space excavation trade missions sanctified by the Human life-forms originating from Eden Prime who dwelled on Mars. Mars is the terraformed planet hospitable to Humans that is the closest completely hospitable planet to Humanity’s familiar homeworld pride for all Gardenia could do is monitor Eden Prime daily in horror on Mars in reviewing information sent via Ozymandias.

Martian excavation teams spent a season on then a season off according to the Gregorian calendar aboard these mining stations which were of the Gardenia’s province of the Martian dominion for Mars Security kept the order of these space stations which were predominantly controlled by the Autumn Industries which is the state-run monopoly headed by the Autumn family which controlled all aspects of the Gardenia’s free-enterprise among Captains of Industry. A few monopolist mega-corporate and a school of medium level companies dispatched their zero-gravity terrestrial resource excavation ships complete with rigs and legions of workers. Among the medium level corporate entities were Raven Head Ventures, Odin Enterprises, Eclipse Industrial, and Masterwork Mining Company. The major Monopolist Cartel that kept the spirit of neo-capitalist libertarian meritocratic mutualism alive and profits exponentially high for everyone. The Autumn Association reigned as Leaders of Industry ever since Eden Prime’s Industrial Revolution with their sole true competition being the notorious EisenHaus Enclave, the Tyrants of Robber Barons. The Gardenia Utopian Community’s Autumn Association headed the economic and labor administration as was the way in the majority of successful social institutions or government always seemed to have an Autumn somewhere at or around the top. 

The Autumn Association had simply become known as the Firm as a Gardenia’s enigmatic organization of elitist individuals by meritocratic worth. The Firm was extensive in their centralized control of influencing policy, public opinion, monetary, financial, and economic dealings of free trade with Celestial Cosmic Coalition foreign species for the Firm knew of certain factions of coalitions that were eager to trick Gardenia into blinding debt for further alternative motives. The Firm were mainly varied in race, size, gender, and spectrum of Humankind who let foreign coalition and outsider businessman of the Celestial Cosmic Coalition that all trade of the Gardenia’s capitalist corporations that would not have survived some of these confidence artist deals from friendly foreign coalition traders and outsider businessmen if the Firm did not have its elite operators who were triple majors of accountants, corporate lawyers, and political science in roughing up a few foreign coalition and outsider businessmen for not desisting when they should have ceased on trying to be clever in bankrupting the Gardenia’s capitalist corporations. The Firm was the true operations of the Autumn Monopoly for Humanity still wasn’t wise to some of these mischievous friendly enemies in foreign coalitions of the Celestial Cosmic Coalition while Independent Outsiders were generally Reptilians who would try games if it weren’t for the history the Autumn’s had with the Reptilians which is why Gardenia thanked their lucky stars for the Firm. The Autumn Association now operated the Gardenia’s military intelligence agencies of Vanguard and Guardian but the Firm was larger than their own Monopolist Cartel; they rivaled two businesses who were able to grow to Autumn’s level since EisenHaus was banished forever. Autumn and the Firm expected to watch two more Mega-Corporation flourish to make five Monopolist Economic Businesses.

The only non-Community, non-Firm cleared business that managed to forge documents that they were cleared through a convolution of sub-Firm unionized contractors was the enigmatic Cormac Organization whose strangest characteristic were the fact Cormac employees carried Eden Prime Terran certified workers permits and permanent work visa of Gardenia bringing only confusion to the all-inclusive intergalactic Gardenia Utopian Community for the idea of certified workers and work visas were antiquated and a method of apartheid which the Gardenia Utopian Community viewed as a Human Rights Violations to the greatest degree but the Cormac Organization insisted to union contracted safety and work representatives who were appalled by the frequency of the act that the Firm became involved to check if they were Eden Prime Humankind or Reptilian shapeshifters trying to launch a covert form of invasion, conspiracy, or attack which the Cormac employees passed as Eden Prime Humankind which they left the Cormac Organization as some deep space dwelling company that lacked social skills so harassing them during their mining operation on the asteroid belt near Eden Prime must have been insulting for both the Firm and Cormac Organization.

This division of Humanity is the democratic socialist and libertarian neocapitalismo meritocratic mutualist social models of Gardenia which comprises 65% of the Human-spectrum life-forms originated from Eden Prime. Gardenia being the predominant and most powerful being aligned with the Celestial Cosmic Coalition. The other organization of the Hellfire Dominion which comprised 35% of Human-spectrum life-forms originating from Eden Prime. The Hellfire Dominion are tyrannical centralized democracy while totalitarian strict on punishing criminality within the parameters of the limited Human rights that justice could be enforced by gendarme without due process. The Hellfire Dominion socially conditions citizens in heavy amounts of influential media to maintain homogeneous society. Healthcare is socialized, however if incompatibilities of citizens and Hellfire Dominion, the Hellfire Dominion will modify citizens with cybernetics from disabled limbs to headaches for payment for Hellfire Healthcare is drafting into military service. Hellfire is egalitarian in military combative service for cybernetic modification innovation intervention for the Ultra Solarus Legionnaire was a concept inside every Hellfire Dominion citizen for every enterprise was through the Hellfire Legion. Hellfire Dominion citizens lived in a social-technological panopticon surveillance society where none questioned or even conceptualized a thought of what even was privacy for it was only an illusion and the universe a battlefield for guts and glory. The Hellfire Dominion officially operated on a theocratic necrocracy that formally worshiped and was governed by now absorbed into Solarus, the Atlas Atlantean Empire.

The Celestial Cosmic Coalition combined with the joint effort of the Gardenia Utopian Community fought against these enemies. These enemies pertained to the Hellfire Dominion, Draconian Imperium, and the Atlas Atlantean Empire. The Draconian Imperium is a notoriously sadistic and genocidal race of slavers for hundreds of thousands of years of its existence on an intergalactic level. The Draconian Imperium zealously believed in the enslavement or extermination of all non-reptilians while rejecting the conventions of sentient machines or even automatons under their perversely malevolent religious practice which were theocratic notions that date aeons into antiquity. The Draconian Imperium is an authoritarian feudalistic empire of a race of psychopaths, narcissists, and Machiavellian.

The Hellfire Dominion had created a strong alliance with the majority of Draconic Royal Houses including the Apes Houses of the Red and Black Dragons. The Imperial Black Draconic House which is the supreme authority is ruled by Empress Tiamat Ophion Kalashar of the Draconic Monarchy which governs the Draconian reptilian races underneath the Dragons in a caste system. The only two species that reptilians concluded as their superior. The Hyperboreans, the species that vanished aeons ago but is found in Zen van Nihil who dwelled among the Humans homeworld of Eden Prime. The large number of Homo Sapiens which had evolved into Hyper Sapiens of the Hellfire Dominion had originated from Eden Prime to become better known as the Atlantis Sapiens or the Ultra Sapiens of the Hellfire Dominion. The Draconian Imperium considered the Atlantis Sapiens and Ultra Sapiens their equal when they addressed in trembling fear of the Hellfire Dominion as Totalitarian Stalinism and Maoism in the Hellfire Social Revolutionary Party. Whether you were a leader, soldier, or citizen; The Hellfire Dominion enforced a pride in their species of Humanity as the deserved master species with all other foreign alien species as inferior. This ideology had many beliefs which enforced zeal in its citizens for their Fascist Totalitarian government forged from the plague outbreaks and civil war among the Fringe of the Community to give rise to the totalitarian autocratic fascist dictatorship.

The origins of the Hellfire Dominion among the Community is a series of confederate planets which were independent colonies of Exodus  Humans from Humanity’s homeworld of Eden Prime or Terra Firma. These civilizations were not a part of the Community but of their own autonomy. The Community is the government that spanned across intergalactic and interstellar celestial bodies as a fraction of the Celestial Cosmic Coalition. The Celestial Cosmic Coalition is the umbrella term for the largest collection of technologically advanced alien races who have joined this alliance for a stronger bond of harmony through trade, commerce, and strength by numbers against the largest predatory civilization in the universe comprised of all reptilian alien life-forms who comprise the Draconian Imperium. The Draconian Imperium being an empire based on enslaving all non-reptilian races for being inferior to their tyrannical views of to whom the universe belonged to and the functionality of life in the universe.

The Gardenia Utopian Community is a democratic socialist and mutualistic meritocratic libertarian capitalist civilization where its overlaying conglomerate of the Universal is more of a Communist Direct Democratic Society at it central offices but representative republics governed each individual government in the Celestial Cosmic Coalition which an Angelic appearing species known as the Elohim Elder race who traversed our realm and their home extradimensional plane Paradise where they came from to our universe. The Elohim Elder race named the exotic and climate comfortable planet they established as their homeworld after their dimension of Paradise. The Elder Race of Paradise are referred to as Angels by the Community for resembling the beautiful celestial angelic beings that wielded massive psionic and technological power. Most alien races within the Community are content with the solar system and its planets where they originated from where the Eden Primeling Human is set on settling the entire universe. The Eden Prime Human is not the only Human type life form to share this ideal for Pleiadians, Tau Cetians, and throughout the PanHumankind of the Galactic Andromedans also shared this view as well often traveling on missions with Eden Primeling Humans to terraform and create new hospitable worlds, governed by the Community.

Nested within the Gardenia Utopian Community lies a group of outsiders who have established their own government and have infiltrated various Echelons of the Gardenia’s power and infrastructure to bring forth a malevolent scheme to fruition. A confederate league of once independent planets had fallen under the spell of a charismatic leader after a plague had spread across a portion of colonies within Gardenia which killed a couple billion in grand total. This charismatic leader and political party he represented quickly took over these once democratic socialist colonies where leaders were elected but were now appointed. These civilizations of Eden Primeling Humans who had intermingled with a faction of deviants as well as criminal outcasts of Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans. Especially among the Nordic of these races Atlantean bloodlines from the Atlantis Diaspora 30,000 and 17,000 years ago. 

Atlanteans had blond hair, blue eyes, and six foot stature who headed this organization. This organization is about Human superiority over all other races yet is heavily bureaucratic and has a genetic hierarchy. Their ideology included Darwinism, Eugenics, Social-Darwinism. The concepts of the Roman empire and their dictators of the lineage of the Caesars, gladiatorial battles, and the Roman empire’s institution of slavery. This government appointed members of its society into its government by the government appointment through meritocracy. The all-knowing universal state of this government indoctrinated its citizens to believe that the state knew what is best for its people for democracy is a joke as it is repetitively educated onto them in their schools as the rise and fall of the United States of America into the United Socialist States of America. This government praised the endless term limits of totalitarian communist states while condemning them for everyone, even in leisure, for if a citizen did not contribute to the state based civilization and propaganda based pop culture of this society then labor displacement camps would be where they would be relocated for reeducation in working. Laws were strict yet bendable depending on the citizen and their loyalty. The laws were Draconian who veered towards the far right corner of the political compass of authoritarian and conservative ideologies. The heart of this sociopolitical and socioeconomic is the resurrection of Fascist Despotism with Humanity and other Human based races as the master species. This government numbered into the septillions while the Community is in the decillions. This civilization known as the Hellfire Dominion incorporated runes found throughout their Human races onto their umbra dark as the death’s shadow uniform with a variation being Eden Prime grey. The runes were colored with white and red. These rune designs were found on the alloy reinforced combat armor as well as their dark as the Solarus Hellions model power armor.

The mixture of Human-alien cultures who once worshiped a pantheon of deities were indoctrinated to the supreme deity of the Solarus known as Atlas the Great. As a chief deity worshiped in a sort of monotheism for he could conquer all other deities, other pagan deities existed in their pantheon of deities which were subservient to those known as Atlas the Great for he is the conqueror of the heavenly realm for none could conquer, The Atlas bloodline is a deified Atlantean species who incited innumerable imperial inquisitions in their conquest of planetary worlds in seemingly endless wars. War among world’s across the universe, Atlas and his armadas conquered interstellar empires systematically with the widespread star cluster of the Humans who had originated on all planets as the dominant highly-evolved species of the star cluster of Sirius. Atlas the Great is notorious for the dark as night interstellar ships which is like his armor of his soldiers, always dressed in the regal gold pauldrons and black Gorgoroth steel armor with a laurel crown made from gold. An Archon of Tyranny known as the Deus Imperator on the council of 13 Prime Evils among the Archons of Chaos and Tyranny. The Deus Imperator, Alastor Atlas is a direct descendant from Divine Emperor Alexander Atlas I who had achieved an apotheosis as an Archon of Balance at the beginning of his rule who warred with all non-Human alien life forms around him. Alexander Atlas I was a benevolent ruler unlike his descendants who each began their Machiavellian schemes to undermine diversity, equality, individuality, and democracy to ensure homogeneity, meritocracy, fascism, totalitarianism, and wrought with wrathful seizing of all resources in materials to acquiescing slaves in their imperialism which he ensured by force, wealth, power, and authority which emerged into the Community by the same methods of every Atlas since Alexander Atlas I or Alexander Atlas the Greatest for all successors of the Atlas Atlantean Empire who are of the ruling Atlas dynasty proclaimed that the Hellfire Dominion would come to fruition in 2375 CE despite dying in 1950 CE when the interstellar empire of Atlas had united and bound the Suvian species underneath the Atlas Atlantean Empire and Hellfire Dominion earning his favor for the Draconian Imperium to have a place in Hellfire Dominion decision making the the Atlantean spectrum, Hellfire Dominion Human Ultra Sapiens spectrum, as well as aligning the Alpha Draconians, Reptilians, Reptoids, and Lizardfolk of the Draconian Imperium together as an ultimate axis of evil. Zofia Lament EisenHaus a youthful woman of burgundy hair, this beauty had risen to power for she brokered power in the plan which had been a success in uniting all of Hellfire Dominion to reflect her values of the Draconian Imperium in what she planned or had hoped for the Hellfire Dominion as her father’s side of the EisenHaus had in the Gardenia Utopian Community until Zen van Nihil and his Zenarchists proved to be the true predecessors of what Zofia’s fallen from glory, father’s side in her ancestor of Frederick the 9th in killing him. When Frederick the 17th fell for the young 18th of the Red or Crimson Dragon & Draconian Royal House to assume control in an interregnum in accordance with the will of Eternal Emperor of Aiden Aka Manah of the Draconian Imperium. The Frederick EisenHaus line truly ended at the 13th of the dynasty where the Crimson Dragon Royal House to be absolved into the Black or Dark Dragon & Draconian Royal House in the ascension of power chosen by the power the Draconian Imperium Emperor who decided by divine right the Royal Houses to become as one as the Royal Family of Dark Dragons and Draconians represented by Archduchess Ursula Lament (Ursula Darknoxmyre Lamentation) of the joined in marriage to the would have fallen to Royal Count as the former Archduke, Crimson Dragon and Draconian Royal House of Frederick EisenHaus (Frederick Forneus EisenHaus) to retain, reinvigorate, and hopefully regain power for EisenHaus in the union of newly formed familiar ties between the Crimson and Dark Dragons and Draconians. Zofia Lament EisenHaus would become the lover and believer of Corbyn J. Hellfire.

The supreme being in the multiverse which favored the Eternal Hellfire Dominion is the primarch of the Archons of Chaos known as Diabolos Darkness which took the enigmatic form first known as the Solarus Hellions of the Order of Darkness which worshiped Diabolos Darkness and all its enshrouded horror as part of a horrifying creation of brutality, force, deception, and malice. This Archon of Chaos which is known as Diabolos Darkness allowed the highest members of the state which he favored were allowed to commune with his creations via extradimensional vortex. The entire council of nine Archons of Chaos found favor with the Hellfire Dominion. The Hellfire Dominion became the Eternal Hellfire Dominion in conquering many worlds to purge the inferior alien life-forms to create a vast empire which they governed every aspect of. The rise of the Fascist Despotism started as confederate colonies who became developed terraformed planets which spanned the universe and inhabited various solar systems as independents who were united against a faction of the Draconian Imperium in the House of the Cobalt Dragon as well as various alien races which did not belong to the Celestial Cosmic Coalition for their interstellar spread of civilized institutionalized and indoctrinated barbarism, ruthlessness, and brutality. The Hellfire Dominion first and founding leader is Zofia Lament EisenHaus a new dynasty-legacy of the old EisenHaus glory to an even greater blueblood family of authority, power, and influence within his enclave of loyalists arose to power by force of influence among the monopoly which funded this confederate alliance of autonomous planets with her clan’s prestige as an elite dynasty of government through authoritarianism and conservatism. An objectivist through and through without a shadow of a doubt that providence, (whatever that should be, would guide them).

The Hellfire Dominion lived under the seemingly immortal rule of Chief Executive Officer Zofia EisenHaus-Lament in whatever scales of old Draconic age for a reinvigorated younger form upon his sealing of the formation of the Hellfire Dominion and the reformation and interstellar holiday on the date of April 20th, 2375 CE, Eden Prime Time Date as the Eternal Hellfire Dominion. CEO Zofia EisenHaus-Lament of the EisenHaus-Lament Commission of Cartels ruled in this form from 2375–2540 CE when CEO Zofia had fallen in love with a prospective intellectual, charismatic, civic-political and military genius named Corbyn J. Hellfire for the Commission of Cartels was the economic powerhouse behind the Confederacy of Suns that became unified as an absolutist government of oligarchs as parliamentary power elites unified into a military dictatorship under Corbyn J. Hellfire who united this coalition as one into a greater force under the true Hellfire Dominion Emperor Loki Orson. Corbyn J. Hellfire rose to the position of absolute rule in an oligarchical parliament that surrendered to the will of the central democratic dictatorship of the Hellfire Social Revolutionary Party, named after the Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire with Zofia Lament EisenHaus and her prestigious elites of the Lament EisenHaus family from Eden Prime and elsewhere had lost the Gardenia Utopian Community and control for the majority of the Human populace to rebel and create a new interstellar government while guiding it by herself in affiliating the help of the greater Atlas Atlantean Empire even more so involved in shaping the world based on her and her EisenHaus associates mutual shared interests. Corbyn J. Hellfire is a mixture of the purest of Human based lifeforms from other worlds in the amalgamation of the human race in Homo Ultra and the astounding genetic mixing with a who was the sole among the Hellfire Dominion. When Corbyn J. Hellfire was recruited by the Solarus Secret Society of the Atlanteans being the Atlas Society and Draconic Order of the Serpent to groom an eccentric genius and charismatic leader who garnered the greatest degrees of sciences as a mathematical genius and applied theoretical physicist while laughing at the ease of social science. Corbyn J. Hellfire, a lover of the arts, philosophy, literature, and Humanities. An avid reader of Eden Prime history, a writer of the occult and esoteric literature of fictional stories as a multiple graduate from various military academies of Gardenia, Celestial Cosmic Coalition, and Cosmic Society. When the Emerald Royal House of the Draconian Imperium invaded the Confederacy of the Suns. Corbyn J. Hellfire showed ease into joining the Confederacy of Suns most elite military force of the Spectral Commandos or Void Reapers. As an Officer who could command fleets of warships from the field while fighting terrestrially in active warfare of battle. Corbyn J. Hellfire became a Commander and Commando of the Confederacy of Suns against the Emerald Green Dragon Royal Forces of civilian and military forces. Commander and Commando Corbyn J. Hellfire had his awakening as a Chaos Archon to Archon of Chaos as he knew himself as the Hellion Tyrant where he established the Order of Hellion Knights and Mages and the Hellfire Legion which surpassed Draconian Imperium expectations as the Emerald Green Royalty including their Aristocracy and Ruler of the Emerald Draconian Royalty were slain causing a complete surrender in retreating from worlds for the Confederacy of Suns willfully became the Hellfire Dominion led by the apotheosis of their leader Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire the Deified Despot over the autocratic politics of the Hellfire Social Revolutionary Party of Parliament as the Hellfire Dominion had been created in hijacking the Holy Solarus Imperium.

From Commander of the Military to Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire over the once Confederacy of Suns to persuade all into the Hellfire Dominion. Corbyn J. Hellfire’s vision of a grand empire of their own which spanned the universe which were received by the citizens of the Hellfire Dominion with a development of a cult of personality. Due to the reception of Hellfire, he had mass-hypnotized his citizens into feeding them grandiose delusions which arose him to become the Deus Dominus Chancellor of the Hellfire Dominion Social Revolutionary Party for his merit as an adviser for EisenHaus Industries.

The Order of the Serpent. A Draconian Imperium secret society ruled by the Draconis Reptilian elite applauded him and invested greatly into Corbyn J. Hellfire. Humans were among the Hellfire Dominion who were loyal to Black, Red, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Prismatic, and the most powerful, Death, Abyssal, Infernal, and Eldritch Draconian Royal Houses which were the Oligarchy of Royal Monarchs over the Draconian Imperium dynasty based organization which the EisenHaus family had risen to the esoteric Dragons of myth and legend in their transformation into the new order of Death, Abyssal, Infernal, and Eldritch Dragons from their rising of power through their blessing of Emperor Aiden Aka Manah of the Grand Enclave of the Ultima Circle.

Corbyn J. Hellfire had his coronation on June 22nd, 2540 CE. The day of his social revolution in forming the Hellfire Dominion after his victory over the Emerald Draconian Royal House, which was forty days after the planet Eden Prime had endured its forty days of being engulfed by a shroud of void and oblivion which started on May 13th, 2540 the majority of the diaspora of Eden Prime Eden Primeling Humans embarked on their exodus to space. On this day, Eden Prime suffered its transdimensional paradigm shift where an extradimensional force of Darkness encircled the environment of the planet with Lawlessness affecting the survivors of the catastrophe in the dispelling of order and balance as Eden Prime plummeted into chaos. Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire in this excerpt from the grandiose nature of the fanfare and the charismatic leader with his cult of personality delivered this excerpt from his inauguration speech as the official Deus Dominus Chancellor of the now Hellfire Dominion on that day, “We as a species have allowed the Community to recklessly delve into the esoteric and the occult where great procedure and process in the scientific method in dealing in such undertaking such tasks with the utmost care and in certainty with the Solarus Hellions who will guide us through the darkness which has fallen upon Eden Prime from a pre-Darkness world run by the Community governed Eden Prime instead of the rightful heirs to such a blessed home of our nature instead of the careless and callous abandon that has transpired on our homeworld of Humanity which we have been forever exiled and barred from, but someday we shall reclaim our home and when that day comes we shall reclaim our world and teach the savages which Humanity of Eden Prime has devolved into the same monsters that walk among them, all citizens of our blessed by providence of the Hellfire Dominion which we make up 45% of the Human based lifeforms that comprise the larger Human race of the Eden Primeling based Community which disregards our constant warning for this power only belongs to us, I hold the utmost faith in our honor as a state for we honor our state by allowing our state to appoint the supreme of our citizens in our government by the merit of their character and works, the lesser races of man must be separated into classes to serve the functionality of our society while eradicating all inferior races to our own in our quest of expansion, we shall overcome, the Hellfire Dominion will reign supreme over all.”

This excerpt from this speech was the announcement of ruling the races into classes and functions of society despite their merit of contribution to society the large number of Luciferian Principle occultists of elder Human life-forms from Atlantis aeons ago to their new world and first ally of the Humans based life-forms of Thule who along with Atlanteans could utilize arcane Magick by sheer volition. These Humans spread the idea of an eternal Hellfire Dominion through the Executive Directors mass-controlled opinion leaders who infiltrated underdeveloped planets bearing Human inhabitants to introduce the ultimate opium of the masses in imperial cult of personality around a charismatic leader in a fascist government that Humanity craves, The Imperial Divinity of Atlas in the Atlas Atlantean Empire had been rumored to be the same Atlantean genes that Corbyn J. Hellfire with his Chancellery over the Confederacy of Suns drove many Human life-forms from other planets to join the Hellfire Dominion. Especially what is colloquially known as the Atlas Atlantean variety in the emergence of the Atlantean race from their hiding place in the cosmos which the Hellfire Confederacy of Suns flocked to the Hellfire Dominion for they hated how accepting the Celestial Cosmic Coalition and Gardenia were of the infinitely large amount of smaller systems of planets and colonies where non-Human intelligent and sentient life-forms were welcomed. The two most commonly found aliens in the universe are Humans and reptilians. Although the Eden Primeling Humans were the dominating force in the Hellfire Dominion, they had intermingled with other Human races in accordance with the eugenics laws known as the Purity Purge Project to master the genetic coding, cognitive functions, psychology, and physiology of the Hellfire Dominion’s Human race who were Hellfire Dominion citizens. The divide from the innate xenophobia of Humans caused an influx in Hellfire Dominion citizenship which bolstered their numbers. In the year of 2735 CE, Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire resigned under speculation by force by the Community or in the eyes of the Hellfire Dominion, he is secluded to a palace where he would live out the rest of his days in retirement when in actuality, he spent his days in a private wing of an asylum that is built especially and only for him which is one of his remodeled former palaces with a staff that required absolute loyalty to the Hellfire Dominion, as their once proud leader had devolved into insanity as the general Hellfire Dominion populace had in mindless obedience for the demands of the absolutist autocracy.

The haunting Hellfire Dominion salute as a greeting and farewell of “Hail Hellfire” still haunts the Humans who originated from the Confederacy of Suns who dwell in the Hellfire Dominion in its cruel tyranny as a new Lord Chancellor would be chosen to take his place of the Hellfire Dominion is the Holy Solarus Imperium’s Emperor Loki Beowulf who allowed by the illusion of force and supremacy in his resignation into exile allowed the Holy Solarus Imperium to become the Hellfire Dominion under Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire to begin his reign over as the Hellfire Dominion Deus Dominus Chancellor was nothing more than a favored demagogue. On May 1st, 2735. This temporary vacuum of power was filled until the Hellfire Dominion could appoint a new charismatic leader and despot was chosen by the Hellfire Dominion’s Central Politico Bureau. Corbyn J. Hellfire who retained the apotheosis of this tyrant in the form of the universal Hellfire Dominion salute the Atlas Society had propagated among all Human based life-form worlds with the salutation of the citizens of the Hellfire Dominion being a homage coupled with the Hellfire Dominion salute in memorial to the deified mad-dictator as the Hellfire Dominion universal mannerism of declaring “Hail Hellfire.”

The enigma of former Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire is that he had retired to an undisclosed location of a mental hospital palisade solely for the Deus Despot to live out the rest of his life in peace when in reality had been confined out of public image and the inquisitions of consciousness by Hellfire Dominion citizens. Zofia Lament EisenHaus unlike her supposed father is not a Crimson or Dark Draconian Imperium member of the species of the reptilian Dragon caste shape-shifted into Human flesh but an eldritch Dragon with enough guile and power to be an even more celebrated leader as the appointed successor to Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn Joseph Hellfire. The Commission of Cartels become the Hellfire Monopoly under Chief Executive Officer Zofia Lament EisenHaus is the incumbent leader of the fascist autocracy of the Hellfire Dominion while her equal in the Atlas Atlantean Empire, Deus Imperator Alastor Atlas maintained order and stability until the inner-conflict of political war from the highest Echelons yielded a leader.

The new prospective leader is soon to be chosen by the Hellfire Dominion in the wake of the resignation of Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire. The appointed executives of the Hellfire Oligarchy would hold their office in the various elitists positions of the Hellfire Dominion in the Supreme Chancellery. The most prospective for a rise in rank is currently  Vice-Chancellor Hugo Gideon Cormac.  Vice-Chancellor Hugo G. Cormac is one of the prospective Hellfire Dominion’s Power Elite who is under the true authority by the influence of illusion being Deus Imperator Alastor Gaius Atlas.

Alastor Gaius Atlas is the head of the Hellfire Dominion’s Department of Defense, intelligence agencies, interstellar security agencies, secret police, special operative elite military units in the biological-cybernetic evolution of the Homo Ultra Hellfire Legionnaire project who abides by Solarus Emperor Loki Orson in all the Archon of Solarus known as Loki Coyote the Trickster schemed and plotted. 

Alastor Atlas, being the divine heir and sole offspring of the Atlantean Atlas Atlantean Empire Dynasty of the Atlas bloodline would be tasked with all concerns in the Hellfire Dominion military being the Supreme Director commanding over the Hellfire Dominion in its military Generals known as Supreme Commanders loyal to the Chancellery and Centralized Politico Bureau. Deus Imperator Alastor Gaius Atlas held complete ruthless and brutal control over interstellar security, public law enforcement, secret police, gendarme, intelligence agencies, the establishment of newly built and known location of reeducation, rehabilitation, labor, liquidation as a few specific types of concentration camps. Imperator Alastor Gaius Atlas commanded the military forces of the special operations, black operations, death squads, and the information on top-secret scientific endeavors to further the war machine and the occult sciences which all elite executives of the Hellfire Dominion found enchanting for their mastery and amassed information. The collection of eldritch extraterrestrial and extradimensional specimens both alive and dead, something Imperator Alastor Gaius Atlas maintained secrecy with the use of Atlas Atlantean Empire Dark Paladin Vicar Chancellor Hugo G. Cormac is the only non-EisenHaus on the board of directors of EisenHaus Industries. He had used his power within the Hellfire Dominion and EisenHaus Industries to dispatch a cover organization to infiltrate the Community controlled space to covertly monitor the restricted area of Eden Prime in its state of extradimensional darkness. Vicar Chancellor Hugo G. Cormac had discovered the esoteric workings between the interstellar Shadow Society and the Community had an arrangement. The Gardenia Utopian Community, Celestial Cosmic Coalition and United Cosmic Federation frequently sent civic exploratory surveyors and scientists on missions with military escort of Community military surveyors and scientists to make surveying aspects of the planet from within the Eden Prime’s atmosphere to monitor their fellow Human beings trapped on the planet from afar as they research and documented the life of both the natural being on the planet as well as the plethora of the assortment of colossal monstrosities, ravenous beasts, foul abominations, eldritch aberrations, and unfathomable horrors. It is after the civic exploratory team traveled back to the colossal Community space vessel to report their various scientific findings and research while the many Community military ships which were directed by Shadow Society soldiers and scientists to place technology among the hidden ruins of Eden Prime near civilized societies that the member of the Eden Prime’s Shadow Society and reasonable members of Eden Prime’s fragmented governments, city-states, and tribes to find this technology to aid them in their survival.

Vicar Chancellor Hugo G. Cormac. Vicar Chancellor Hugo G. Cormac had disclosed this information with the Hellfire Dominion’s fellow power elite of the Chancellery and Central Politico Bureau. From the EisenHaus family and the rest of the Lord Chancellors to directorial executives of the departments, offices and agencies of the Hellfire Dominion. Vicar Chancellor Hugo G. Cormac presented his scheme to claim Eden Prime. To seize the planet in its paradigm shift. To dispatch a force of elite Hellfire Dominion military forces in full force including infiltrators into preexisting societies ranging from their Solarus Militum of special operatives, scientists, intelligence agents, and prospective political demagogues and Supreme Chancellery to establish their presence on Eden Prime from inside its own institutions to welcome the rise of the Hellfire Dominion. His other proposition, to make-good with the Draconian Imperium by eradicating the lowest royal house of the Draconian Imperium, the Royal House of the Cobalt Dragon with their Dragon emperor, aristocrats, loyalists, followers, and citizens while seizing their holdings in slaves to institute the most brutal regime of enslaving both the Cobalt Dragon reptilians and their slaves in labor camps to the point of their utility could no longer be of use then liberated. Their Cobalt Dragon monarch would be publicly executed on broadcasted holovision throughout the universe to show that the Human superiority in the Hellfire Dominion, the Hellfire Dominion would be allowed to be recognized as a royal house within the Draconian Imperium as the House of the Hellfire Phoenix. The Hellfire Phoenix being the symbol of the Hellfire Dominion’s beloved Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire, who in his legacy had set the ethos of the Hellfire Dominion or the Hellfire Dominion. The Hellfire Phoenix being on the right pauldron and left pectoral area of every suit of power armor and combat armor, as well as on the formal or casual uniform bicep and chest of every Hellfire Dominion official and soldier. The armband worn by Hellfire Dominion citizens is of the Hellfire Phoenix.

Deus Imperator Alastor Gaius Atlas and CEO Zofia Lament EisenHaus along with all the heads of the government were joyous at this man’s idea as they implored more from Vicar Chancellor Hugo Gideon Cormac. Vicar Chancellor Hugo G. Cormac obliged them by showing them a thoroughly detailed presentation with the charisma of a man who held a cult of personality that is at the standard of Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire but none could match that myth of a man’s enthralling expression of speech that is marked by perfect accentuation and alliteration in the emotion stirring and appealing words in Propaganda Minister Hugo G. Cormac. Hugo G. Cormac entailed the meticulous details of the methodical planning with keen strategy to make his plan a reality. The contenders for the position of Chancellor in the vacancy of Corbyn J. Hellfire, as he spent the rest of his days in an asylum in the mountains of the Hellfire Dominion’s principal planet of the elite, heart, and homeworld of the planet of Yggdrasil. In the secluded forests which surrounded the mountains that upon that mountain is a palace of an asylum all for the mad-ruler who is made invisible to the public eye for he is now absent from public office as Chancellor. As Corbyn J. Hellfire banged his head against a padded wall in a straight jacket or jostled around in his bed he is strapped into spewing the perpetual ravings of madman concerning the occult and esoteric things that were imperceptible to the Human consciousness despite being in English, they were so maddening one could only feel repulsed by the fall from glory in this man who had become the very social-parasite he instituted outright extermination or labor induced death of certain outsiders of the Hellfire regime over Solarus in Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire’s concentration camps.

They were many of those inside the meritocratic autocratic government who could rise to the position of the acting Vicar Chancellor. The first on the list is the Supreme Commander Vergil Vexen Valefor who Alastor trusted with the centralized military operations and military industrial complex of the Hellfire Dominion war machine in commanding all aspects of the armed forces which he kowtowed to Deus Imperator Alastor Gaius Atlas.

Supreme Commander Vergil Vexen whose military career involved driving the invading forces of the military forces out of Hellfire Dominion star systems then back, the reptilians retreating and vacating Cobalt Dragon Draconian Imperium planetary systems for the taking of the Hellfire Dominion. Lord Chancellor of the Hellfire Dominion Youth Office, Wendy Connelly who is a great figurehead and matriarch to all children despite her being middle-aged as she is the head of education, more-so indoctrination of the youth with their binary male and female classifications to celebrate the ethos of the Hellfire Dominion in the Hellfire Youth as well as her involvement with being the official theocratic church of the caste of the Solarus citizenry. The lower Human and higher Human middle class as the Hellfire Dominion’s religion to the chief deity who represented valor and honor as well as all the ethos of the Hellfire Dominion and the Deus Ultra Atlantean of the Hellfire Dominion known as Atlas the Great. Chairman of the Tartarus Party Rourke Boland who had done an excellent job maintaining the Hellfire and EisenHaus demands to ensure that only the elite Ultra Human class could be appointed to join the government in the meritocracy as well as setting up events to boost citizen morale throughout the Totalitarian Rule for their belief in the Hellfire Dominion while forcing Elvish, Dwarven, Gnomish, and Beastfolk into the expanse of the Holy Solarus Imperium for refuge in fear of the Hellfire Dominion’s Death Krieg Battalions who ensured Human Supremacy.

The Hellfire appointed figure to rule as the Overlord of the Solarus Religions of hijacked intergalactic superpower of the Holy Solarus Imperium in Deus Pontifex Balefor Benedict Boniface who was a wicked young man and Occult Science Practitioner of Magick from Grimoires the former Sovereign Archons Divine Emperor Roland Solarus and Divine Empress Beatrix Solarus and even the Ambivalent but Benevolent, Trickster Sovereign Archon Loki Beowulf or Potentate Loki Beowulf would only allow the most Holy Magicians to handle under watch from the Nova Angels but Deus Pontifex Balefor Benedict Boniface would allow his appointed Cardinals to use the lesser Grimoires while Deus Pontifex Balefor Benedict Boniface used these Grimoires to hide a secret only Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire and Deus Imperator Alastor Atlas knew in great detail while Magicians and Priests who remembered the History of the Holy Solarus Imperium knew who Deus Pontifex Balefor Benedict Boniface was as a Demonic Archon who had assumed control of their Holy Solarus of Light Religion in forsaking all Minor gods but even the Major Divines of Divine Emperor Roland, Divine Empress Beatrix, and the Trickster Loki as well as the unforgivable sin of the Creator God who is the Great Architect and Supreme Sovereign of the Omniverse. The Holy Solarus Imperium had gone underground among this warfare against the Holy Solarus Imperium now known as the Hellfire Dominion which had assaulted and overcome the greatest superpower of PanHumankind and PanElvenkind People which became divided. 

The Holy Solarus Imperium divided the expanse of the Andromeda Galaxy in return. Electing by unanimous decision by Deus Vult and Populi Vult or Will of the Divine and the Will of the People Pope Julius Gregory Lemaitre. The Holy Solarus Imperium drew this line of legitimizing Non-Draconian Imperium Draconals, Reptilians, and Reptoids and most certainly Non-Atlantean Atlas Ultra Nobilis in Atlantean Hyper-Supremacist and Superiority that was only dwarfed by the Draconians. The Holy Solarus Imperium safely protected the Holy Solarus Church Pope in Deus Pontifex Julius Gregory Lemaitre. Holy Solarus Imperium Deus Pontifex Julius Gregory Lemaitre with the help of the entire Aristocracy, Nobility, Legates, Legionnaires, Nova Angels, Valkyries, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes loyal to the Holy Solarus Imperium broke away from the Hellfire Solarue Imperium. This division between the sacred unity of the Holy Solarus Imperium and the Hellfire Dominion caused a major divide in the Andromeda Galaxy within the Virgo Supercluster.

The Holy Solarus Imperium was equally as strong and exploratory as the Hellfire Dominion. The current leaders of the Holy Solarus Imperium was Divine Emperor Roland Solarus and Divine Empress Beatrix Solarus with their General Consulate Loki Beowulf the Coyote who the three are the true divines who have not abandoned their people or have been killed and forced to reincarnate back into the infinite Solarus Imperium multiversal many-worlds but Lawlessness and Darkness affects the entire Virgo Supercluster. Scattered about on certain planets in rifts here and there. Holy Solarus Deus Pontifex Julius Gregory Lemaitre helped close Darkness and rid Lawlessness from one world with direction of the elite Nova Angels and Valkyries. There are many Military Minds in the Holy Solarus Imperium but will only use their Legions, Stormtroopers, Elven Ultra Rangers, Dwarven Giantslayers, Gnomish Mechs, among many elite special forces and overwhelming numbers who would be led by Military Minds that were immortal of the Holy Solarus Imperium wielded as a Holy Phoenix of Light in comparison to the Conquering Worm that was truly the Hellfire Dominion.

Solarus Politico Bureau Director Spencer Darwin is in charge of primarily advising the Hellfire Dominion governing Overseers of singular planets as well as the Magistrates who controlled solar systems for the Hellfire Dominion. Politico Bureau Director Spencer Darwin would have no problem calling upon Chief War Ministers: Hellfire Legion Brigade Chief War Minister Hannibal EisenHaus, Krieg Death Legion Chief Legate Klaus Krieger, or Commander-in-Chief of the Hellfire Militum Rodrick Remulus who were all brutal warmongers who may have each in their private time in dealing with internal or external enemies who simply put was able to hold his appearance of sanity but took great joy in psychopathy for torturing, raping, humiliating, killing and cannibalizing enemies of the Hellfire Imperium. Solarus  Deus Imperator Alastor Gaius Atlas to destroy and decimate mobs of unruly citizens, defectors, rebels, or topple and assassinate an overseer or magistrate in their dominion if they should have any resentment to the Hellfire Dominion. Highly effective in ensuring the volition of the Hellfire Dominion. However, this void of Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire would go to the central democratic vote of the politic bureau to decide a Vicar Chancellor of the Hellfire Dominion to be Hugo Gideon Cormac who won this battle for he did the same job as Politico Bureau Director Spencer Darwin to a much more grander extent with more methodology in his exactness of his position to be a true Machiavellian who had his proverbial tentacles in everything to ensure the livelihood of the Hellfire Dominion for Politico Bureau Director Spencer Darwin controlled the Propaganda Ministers.

It is unanimous among the heads of government on the date of the Gregorian calendar of Eden Prime, October 25th, 2750 CE, in the beginning of the evening. Minister Hugo G. Cormac was hopeful to be appointed to the office of Vicar Chancellor. The announcement of the newly appointed Vicar Chancellor would by the Hellfire Dominion’s propaganda machine of Hellfire News Network that a new Vicar Chancellor would be chosen on October 31st, 2750 CE. That day, Deus Imperator Alastor Gaius Atlas would appoint a small army of the organization most loyal and honorable in Hellfire Dominion which belonged to the esoteric Order of Darkness who were among the elite purity project who had undergone the Deus ex Machina Operation biotechnological cybernetic and genetic modifications to make them Superhuman with them all belonging to a number of elite in their profession and their field including special operations military operatives, scientists of all kinds and varieties, intelligence agents, and prospective political demagogues to be dispatched to Eden Prime to help establish the dominance for the Hellfire Dominion. Among the Scientists is the Deus Imperator’s close friend who is one of the three executive directors in the development of the psychological testing of categorizing the citizens of Hellfire Dominion through all the scripts he had written which prior to that he had developed the Mind Computer Ultra which read the psyche of the Hellfire Dominion citizen in not just loyalty but how a citizen should be categorized by social-caste. This elite psychologist and scientist who belongs to the Order of Darkness is named Doctor Victor Kronos.

Deus Imperator Alastor Gaius Atlas cleared his throat catching Doctor Victor Kronos’ attention. Alastor did this as the Doctor Victor Kronos passed him to board the dreadnought which Doctor Victor Kronos would be a passenger on a journey for his mission that he would be stationed indefinitely on Eden Prime.

“Permitting that Zen van Nihil is not dead, the wondrously freakishly disturbing miracle of Humanity that is Zen van Nihil, Doctor Victor Kronos, if you should meet this mythical hero and freak of nature, I want you to psychoanalyze him to see what makes him so Zen, then I want you to test the merit of this name by psychologically breaking him.”

“No need to worry Deus Imperator Atlas, I am hoping to find out if the calmest mind in the universe had adapted in his behavior since the Lawlessness and Darkness that has spread about a planet that he is trapped on, I will do a whole profile on whatever information I can find by any means necessary,” Doctor Victor Kronos grinned and spoke amicably, “Deus Imperator Alastor Gaius Atlas, I was just thinking about my plan for such a wondrous experiment and discovery.”

“Good, Doctor Victor Kronos, I am glad that great minds think alike, make sure all that you do that is for Hellfire is to your own and all our own in the collective for the one People, one Imperium, one Divine.”

Doctor Victor Kronos, “That Divine is not Roland or Beatrix Solarus nor Loki Beowulf the Coyote but that which possesses our Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire in his asylum mansion on an undisclosed planet and the last time I had treated him he spoke of a new Trinity being Lucifer Illuminatus, Darkness Diabolos, and Doctor Apocalypse as well as holding himself as the Metabaphomet who wants Politico Bureau Director Spencer Darwin to go to Eden Prime personally to ensure a meeting with the United Socialist States of America, Soviet Union, and United Chinese Commonwealth along with our top Legates, War Ministers, and Commanders-in-Chiefs. Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire views himself as being one with the Metabaphomet and fulfilling this wish may make him sane again. Make sure that meeting happens Deus Imperator Alastor Atlas.”

The two colleagues who were closer to good shared a silent smirk which grew into grin at one another, both thinking of the future of the Hellfire Dominion and how out of darkness, the Lawless savages of Eden Prime will crumble to their knees in submission to the new order that is the true unfettered power of authority that is the darkness.



The remainder of the Shadow Knights squadron consisting of Shadow Virtuoso Commando Xavier Carter, Shadow Paladin Kira Russo, Shadow Knight Spiritualist Victoria, Shadow Knight Loremaster Titus, and Shadow Knight Spiritualist Vanessa Harris were in the Orderlies lounge area in the Shoggoth psychosis sufferers day room as the lights flickered then suddenly went dark. The Shoggoth psychosis sufferers stirred as it is almost time for them to leave the comfort of the day room for the relaxation of their bed. The already dim fluorescent lights flickered frequently before everything went dark when the red beacons of emergency lighting came on with only one/third of the dim fluorescent lighting changed to an emergency cylinder light bulbs that red lit the room in a sanguine light. 

There is a reverberation throughout the facility that shook the entirety of the criminally insane asylum as all the creaking of all the locking mechanism upon the doors shook, breaking open as the quake reverberated throughout Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum filled throughout the psychopathic and psychotic criminally insane patients. As the locking mechanisms all simultaneously broke, the door to the next block of medical rooms, therapist and psychologist offices were made available and the veil of all terror is made apparent as a mixed cacophony of the howls of the beast that is the deranged maniacs of this facility. The distant cries of despairing horror of Orderlies and the nightly nurse staff is heard muffled out by a great rushing of an even louder tumultuous cacophony consisting of the banging of steel, the breaking of glass, and a plethora of sounds all of which indicated violence were heard in proximity with the environment. The howling of the frenzied deranged coupled with the screaming of Orderlies and nurses made it become evident that all hell is breaking loose in the darkness from beyond the bearably visible sanguine light that glowed in the completely ajar unsealable security doors.

The Shoggoth psychosis patients quivered and writhed in their seats of the day room during the flickering of lights in epileptic frenzy where upon the glowing sanguine lights that lit the room were standing ominously with their backs hunched and their heads contorted in a way of frighteningly peculiar and verging on the breach of catatonic stiffness. The nurses who had been trying to calm the Shoggoth psychotics were standing over the nurses with the umbra of ominous menacing nature of the psychotics as they were still. The nurses peered up in horror at the psychotics as they lunged downward with force onto the nurses with the psychotics hands wrapped around the throats of the nurses as the guards only equipped with shock batons and a few had .45 Magnum Revolvers. 

The first to die among the room is a Lawless who is digging her long sharp nails into a young nurse’s neck who a large Orderly of African-Community descent in complete armor fired a bullet through the head of the haggard female patient. A Lawless wielding a large dictionary he had been reading, bashed the Orderly across the face who was wielding the revolver who slew the haggard Lawless which he faltered back before being slammed again as he dropped the revolver. Another Orderly charged shocking the Lawless wielding the dictionary before bashing the Lawless head into a bloody pulp. A scared nurse ran from a large dark skinned patient wielding a syringe from an elderly Caucasian nurse from a sedative filled nurse which had been filled with air with the sedative before stabbing her in the neck as she writhed on the floor dying. Three Orderlies emerged from an office in the corner of the dayroom where a Caucasian Orderly fired two rounds into the chest of the syringe wielding patient before gunning two other criminally insane patients who were charging through the door as through the open door came a large brutish behemoth of a Lawless male wearing a bite mask as the Orderly shot twice into the Lawless. The Lawless jerked back violently at the impact of the wounds as the Orderly reloaded. Vanessa extended her claws of the Talons of Shadow as well as drawing her hidden Void Dagger, lunging at the Lawless plunging her Talons and dagger into the Lawless brutes chest as he latched onto her back peddling. Titus and Victoria both drew their respective weapons, chasing after the Lawless who had a hold of Vanessa.

Victoria and Titus found neither the Lawless or Vanessa immediately in the crimson shade of light that lit the large hallway with the high ceilings. They saw the trail of blood leading through a series of halls. They followed the twists and turns of the blood trail that led into an abandoned recreational room with a large group of blood stained footprints belonging to ten to twelve individuals, presumably Lawless. Victoria and Titus went into the room. The room is in great disrepair with old moldy and decaying furniture with dust found abundantly with a large amount of blood sprayed about the room with many things toppled over and broken from the signs of a struggle. In the middle of the floor laid the slain brutish Lawless with the Void Dagger plunged in his chest. The brutishly giant Lawless still had plunged into his chest where his heart would be, only wearing the bright teal jumpsuit, his unzipped suit revealed what was once a white shirt, both of these articles of clothing had the criminally insane patient number over his heart which each patient had to identify them, this Lawless identification numbers were undecipherable from the slashes of Vanessa’s Talons of Shadow and the blood that stained everything with the stains about his mask. Victoria let the tip of her blade slice over the throat of the Lawless on the floor creating a large slash which bubbled sanguine blood then a spurt for the knife in his heart had already drained most of his blood from his body. She had to be made certain this Lawless brute is dead before investigating the room.

The two siblings investigated the room to find shreds of Vanessa’s cloak of shadows as well as the broken pieces of her utilitech. The utilitech is the all-purpose intelligence technological device which all Shadow Society members were given to be placed on their offhand which is used for a large variety of information sharing, including a text messenger, Holocommunicator, and supercomputer. Victoria and Titus felt despair at the obliterated pieces of the utilitech which the two then exited the abandoned decay of the dayroom to find bloody bare footprints of large Lawless men who had in a frenzy left the room which they then had departed down the hall in the opposite direction which the Lawless brute had come with Vanessa. The two sibling Shadow Knights headed down the hall. Tracing the tracks of the bloodied footprints, they went straight for a way until they reached a guard outpost which all doors were open to other areas of the asylum. The lone guard who watched the outpost lay bare of his weapons in a pool of blood with corpses of Lawless criminally insane patients in teal jumpsuits strewn about the area. He is stripped of his weapons with massive holes in his combat armor from slugs of shotgun blasts. The larger number of bloody bare footprints led past this area into the guard outpost. Victoria took the lead with her sword drawn, unholstering a .550 silenced Nighthawk pistol in her other hand. Titus sheathed his blade, drawing his Q-Antimatter energy assault rifle and Void Dagger which he held in his left hand as a stationary position for his right hand disciplined near the trigger of the Energy Rifle so he could attack from a ranged and melee position.

Victoria and Titus entered the guard security station which is an enclosed divider of concrete walls; this one is a circular area that led to a network of five areas. As the sound of broken glass crunched under their reinforced boots, the two siblings noticed their station had been ransacked by the armament of weapons kept behind the desk in a glass locked plexiglass case which had been blasted open by presumably weapons the Lawless had gotten off of other Orderlies. A corpse of an Orderly stripped of weapons with his combat armor still intact upon his body is lying in the middle of the circular room, a surgical lancet plunged into the gaping wound that is his throat. Lawless lay dead about the circular room with gaping gorey wounds caused by shotgun blasts. Victoria and Titus felt the unsettling pains of discomfort that Lawless were now definitely armed and dangerous, they momentarily wondered how many more were armed as well as how the elite paramilitary of the Orderlies were faring against the overwhelming numbers of the criminally insane population as they continued with the task at hand. Between the five doors that led to five different areas of this voluminous facility they saw swarms of bloody bare footprints leading to each area. As if innumerable Lawless marauders had paraded through this area to go to other departments of the facility.

A distant scream reverberated in an undisclosed location of the facility which they could not pinpoint for it reverberated with that of a banshee which they could not place it on either but believed it to be Vanessa. Then the grunting of a large group of men as then scream they heard is confirmed to as belonging to Vanessa Harris. Titus and Victoria didn’t know which way to go for it reverberated around the concrete stone fourteen foot high in its lowest area of the domed rotunda. They checked the hallway leading to each door to see if the scream could pinpointed, separating they worked faster before listening through the next hallway, they finally checked the last hall together when a blood-curdling screams could be heard. The devolved apes of the basest of troglodytes that were criminally insane patients of the Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum were of a genetic stock too low to be called men for they had the resemblance of something of the paleolithic combined with the Post-Modernism, Post-Futurism, and Post-Darkness form of Humanity. These brutish Lawless men could be heard yelling, grunting, hooting, and howling in pleasure at the expense of the blood curdling screams and perturbed unconsolable sobs for help that belonged to Knight Errant Vanessa Harris for the feminine voice is unmistakably hers.

The Shadow Knights, Victoria and Titus Sarkin began their way down the hallway where the scene of the tumultuous furor is taking place. As the two Shadow Knight Sarkin siblings grew closer they listened with clarity to the daunting trepidation that is the obscene violation of Vanessa Harris. They grew closer with the stealth of their Shadow cloaks hiding them within the translucency of a phantasmal shadow, their steps mute and without sound stealthily approached through the engulfing neon hue of crimson light emitted from the fluorescent panels which lined the ceiling next to the expanse of plexiglass windows which shone through the void of darkness of light. The emergency neon red lights which engulfed the hallways made the whole circumstance of events even as unnerving as they turned the halls leading to where the moans, screams, and grieving wails of Vanessa which is only highlighted by the frenzied howls of Lawless maniacs.

They came upon the wing where multiple restrained Lawless would be detained for medical examination, experimentation, and operations. These medical processes in this one out of many wings utilize the only two practical therapies known to be applicable in reforming the Lawless: electroshock therapy and lobotomization of various parts of the brain. The electroshock is to target the entire brain, the targets were the amygdala and the reptilian complex of the triune brain, the lobotomies were to butcher large parts of the brain to the point of a botched surgery leading to a comatose state where after 24 hours, the Lawless criminally insane patient would be Death With Dignity via a toxic chemical cocktail of a lethal injection to make room for more fresh inmates, this is done systematically when large influxes of intake criminally insane patients were taken in. Whatever dignity these savage soulless bags of meat could muster out of the recesses of their best quality of being the scum of the Eden Prime, one could only laugh, it is a pre-Darkness medical term.

The Sarkin siblings saw beyond the red flood of light that the series of rooms among this hall were lit. In the larger expanse of the large joint room of the block were Orderlies strapped into a series of chairs being slowly carved to a bloody mess in a heinously torturesome fashion. As if the Orderlies were cattle being slaughtered, intravenous tubes fed the Orderlies a chemical solution which would only prolong their death as they were awakened to feel the pain yet sedated enough to only allow their screams. The Sarkin siblings looked in horror through the large glass panels to the room with soundproof walls and doors which only permitted the imaginings of their screams as well as the debasing mutterings of the Lawless lunatics. The Sarkins saw the room on the next block to the left to be the source of Vanessa’s forlorn cries of despair. They hurried seeing the Lawless in the hallway. They fired upon them swiftly but not so fast that a couple retreated into the room howling that “others were coming,” that these “others had just taken out the dozen and more in the hallway.”

Victoria and Titus entered the block of rooms from the closest left entrance. Taking out the Lawless nearest when they saw a group of Lawless on the far side, clothing themselves while a group remained barely dressed. One bald and brutish stood over Vanessa with a lancet. Vanessa is stark naked, her skin reddened from the violation, bruises adorned her nude body. She had been beaten, molested, and violently sexually assaulted by a battalion of Lawless bastards of men. The one holding the lancet quickly in a flash went over Vanessa’s neck in a surgical slice, slashing her throat open, spurting sanguine.

Vanessa’s words upon seeing the Sarkin twins is a whimper before the fatal slash of “Help.”

Victoria and Titus began firing their Energy Rifles and .550 Nighthawk pistols at the Lawless who drew weapons and fired back. Victoria and Titus exited the room, rounded around the other door in a majestic sprint of a leap with the Spring Heel Jack with their Void Blades entering the room from the other side. Victoria bursted through first, immediately followed by Titus. Victoria decapitated the bald brutish one while Titus gracefully arc-sliced down two at the door, spilling their entrails. Victoria then impaled one then another, as Titus drew his gun and shot three in the head. Victoria then cut four of the Lawless into several pieces each. Titus impaled a Lawless brute while shooting a squeamishly smaller Lawless in the head behind the brute. Victoria in a whirlwind slice took out five of the Lawless, decapitating all five. Titus and Victoria immediately went to Vanessa as they saw her quivering in the few steps they took, it is too late. They placed their gloved hands upon her wound to see life was already fading from her body.

Vanessa said among the blood pooling from her mouth, “I’m in love with Zen, I love him, in the void of Darkness which enshrouds me in these final moments as I ascend to the many-worlds, Zen is always with me in my heart.”

At this utterance her eyes rolled back in her head, her soul left her body and was bound for a better place than this hell called Eden Prime.

Victoria cursed, “Fuck it, fuck all of this, fuck everything.”

Titus shook his head in rabid disgust, walking away in rancorous anger, looking out the door with his Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle at the ready as his sister ripped the entire room apart from its hinges. The entire Shadow Society of the North Eastern Sprawl of North America knew of the scandalous secret admirer of Zen van Nihil, how Zen didn’t find it the slightest bit of unsettling, in fact, Zen found it to be the most romantic thing he had experienced in a long time. A highlight of Zen’s week is receiving those letters of complete admiration which had gone on for two years and six months before his admittance of being the Sovereign of the Shadow Society which is confirmed by all in the highest Echelons of all Shadow Society to the entirety of the Shadow Society. Zen being an uncommitted polyamorous man to all women who he found attraction in would have gladly requited the love Vanessa Harris deserved.

As Victoria exploded emotionally in her destruction of the room as the destruction of Vanessa Harris lay evident on a steel operating table. Titus pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lighter from a component on his utility belt. Titus placed a cigarette in his lips lighting it with the lighter, he set the lighter and cigarettes back into the component on the belt, locking it closed. Titus smoked his cigarette, watching the door conveying the emotions, curses, and sentiments in his mind by trying to rationalize this absolute disgrace of a tragedy. The Sarkin fraternal twins were similar in personality and mentality, almost identical in this aspect in every possible way imaginable. The Sarkin siblings just had different ways of expressing the existential dread of the crazy and fucked-up world in which they lived in.



The first four floors are nothing but criminally insane patients. The second, third, and fourth were being cleared as well as cleared of any authority. Entrances to the areas to the entrances and exits of the Asylum were locked down with heavy areas of Orderly paramilitary soldiers, the nurses were charted off to the ground floor to aid in the quarantine of these patients from the second and third floor where the nameless criminally insane patients were kept. The ground floor is where the more remarkably more noticeable case studies could be examined. Here, the patients were allowed freedoms none others were, they were free to walk the grounds with an elevator to the known basement while the second floor yielded the elevator to the subterranean basement. The ground floor is more contained than the hell unleashed upon the second and third floor, the second being the general population of criminals who due to Community practices of Humanism were deemed criminal, with more emphasis on criminality of psychopathological Human behavior on the second floor. The first floor were the mentally ill, the third floor contained the criminally insane as case studies who retained their Humanity, both ground/first floor and third floor patients were treated in their own way outside lobotomies and electroshock to a certain effect of the patients of the second floor.

Zen van Nihil, James, Eiko, and Doctor Victor Kronos stood in the control room in the subterranean basement. The elevator is just descending back down to the basement from whatever floor the Shoggoth and Gary Hubbard were now on. Given by the drone of the alarm throughout the facility with the constant veil of neon sanguine red light that flooded the entirety of the complex. This is the sign that the Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum had entered a state of anarchistic disarray as all criminally insane patients of this medical facility for the criminally insane, the psychopathic Lawless, and the ticking time bombs that were triggered by the psychosis induced by the Shoggoth. The fifty-thousand criminally insane patients that were imprisoned and treated here had all turned into ravenous monsters where The isolated Community aligned governments, institutions and organizations medical diagnostic and statistical manual that contained only two terms of disorders in the psychological lexicon of Shoggoth psychosis and the Lawless Personality Disorder criminally insane patients.

Shoggoth psychosis sufferers were profiled by their erratic behavior, when the revolution of creating Daemon Light which is a panacea from physical pain to mental illness. When the administration of Daemon Light is utilized in affecting the patient for their ailment where a Shadow Society physician is called in for psychological evaluation of the patient with interviews with the people within their social-group of past bereavement or causation of severe despair, the patient is inquired about the Shoggoth through the Aubin-Goethe Test which gauged the patient to exhibiting the lesser symptoms of the Shoggoth psychosis where the patient being an inevitable threat of mass-murder and destruction in a violent rampage is brought to one of the Shadow Society asylum’s such as the Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum for the criminally insane patients of the Eastern Sprawl.

Lawless Personality Disorder sufferers or what they were in reality Human monsters known as Lawless. The psychopathic criminals whose crimes number into the top ten worst spree-killers, atypical serial killers, atypical serial rapists, mass arsonists, innumerable acts of theft in a world of scavenging plenty. Lawless Personality Disorder were affected by the Lawlessness that is multidimensional consciousness altering and soul-stripping arcane element that were the luckiest of the Lawless of the Eastern Sprawl who were arrested, hastily tried in a court, then exiled for life into the hospital of the Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum. All of this due process conducted by the Shadow Guild regarding law enforcement known as the Detectives of Discord within the Shadow Society with the civilizations and cultures with the modicum of civility to have the Shadow Society deal with these heinous offenders. The new age idea of law enforcement and psychology is that crime is a behavior of the mentally ill or insane as thought of by the once utopian Eden Prime when the Democratic Socialist sociopolitical and socioeconomic ideal government of the Community once dwelled on Eden Prime. One of its remnants is the Humanist perspective of the Human psyche and how to punish the undeniably guilty in a court of law which the Lawless among Humanity were kin to monsters and not Humankind.

These two disorders which the criminally insane patients were inflicted with were not the only two housed in this house, in fact there is a third. The third only pertained to ten patients who were free but hopefully the battalion of Orderlies in the area had done something to neutralize or contain them.

“Zen, it is imperative that we reach my office on the six floor, I will flood the facility with a powerful sedative gas, however, the Shoggoth, the rabid army of 50,000 criminally insane patients and an even more dire consequence which we did not disclose to the main Shadow Society that we house ten foul once Human things, they have escaped as well, they are now running ravenously throughout the facility, you remember the hallway with the sedated patients?” Doctor Victor Kronos said.

“The one you told us to be quiet in that eerie corridor with reinforced steel doors with heightened security for the most dangerous patients in the facility?” Eiko asked.

“The one that made us disgusted by the scent of decaying Human flesh and other revolting smells?” James responded.

“The one where I heard something call my name, a disembodied voice, seemingly ghostly and haunting, one that I could not pinpoint the voice except barely beyond the threshold of any of the doors where they were housed?” Zen asked.

“I also heard my name called,” James spoke gravely.

“As did I,” Eiko spoke with contempt.

Doctor Victor Kronos addressed all three of these issues which they were concerned, “Yes, Sovereign Zen van Nihil, Shadow Templar-Commander James Booker, Shadow Kensai Eiko Sakura Musashi, that is where we house the rarely contained beings afflicted with Wendigo psychosis, I say being for they are not Human in any mental or physical sphere of medical science, they were once Human but they are now Wendigo, we were researching their behaviors, they only feed on Human flesh and with the so many dead and comatose Lawless in failed behavioral modification lobotomies, we feed them the flesh of the Lawless dead and comatose, due to the sedative gas fed to their cells throughout the day with their activity beginning at 12–6AM when we feed them, we observe their behavioral patterns which are highly-intelligent through hidden cameras placed throughout their room, our hidden cameras are not hidden to them for they are very aware and tend to torment the Psychologists on the six floor who monitor them, as well as I, myself observe them and their behaviors which are remarkably odd and apparently malevolent, they are truly evil creatures,” Doctor Victor Kronos spoke assertively invoking the aspect of his profession of perceiving things through the objective medical gaze of men of science regarding his field while subsequently failing on the blatant obvious concerns which any subjective individual would have an issue of housing non-Human abominations as patients on the simple fact of these beings once being Human.

Zen welled with anger, “You mean to tell me, Doctor Victor Kronos, that you are housing the abominable creatures who are in way, shape, or form a Human, granted that they once were but presently bare no resemblance to that state as Human patients in a medical facility for observation, the secrecy behind the Shoggoth is tolerable but to house and feed the Wendigo the corpses and comatose Lawless Lobotomites is simply deplorable, although it is in every positive notion of the Humanistic approach to strangle you with your own entrails for your general disregard for what is Human and what is not, you have profoundly practiced methods in a Shadow Society medical and correctional facility which escapes the bounds of the norms in which my organization stands, now, I can see where you are coming from Doctor Victor Kronos but I need to know what you intend to do about this catastrophe of an absolute bedlam that has broken loose here, there are many Shadow Society staff and personnel as well as my own squadron mates whose lives have all been endangered,” Zen continued more calmly, “The failings of Knight-Errant Hubbard are beyond me for he is not a mere Human in biological origin but of synthetic origin, he is a Homo Synthetic, an android, his true name is ‘Gary-25,’ he is a defective android who functions at a level equivalent to that of a normal Homo Sapien, he is a subversive spy super-soldier model who existed in a scrap pile pre-Darkness garbage mound, the Shoggoth enthrallment should not have affected him, which is a failure on my foresight for his own status is kept secret to him as an illusion for an experiment, he proved defective to the Keepers of Secrets Guild so he is transferred to our division, assigning him to our fellowship for my own documentation.”

Doctor Victor Kronos expressed an inquisitive nature to Zen while Eiko and James sighed in their reluctance of an already known secret solely disclosed to those two within the Zen van Nihil fellowship or commonly referred to as the Booker squadron of the Shadow Knights they belonged to.

“I can’t believe Hubbard could be affected by Shoggoth Psychosis,” James sighed.

“Zen, James, Doctor Victor Kronos, what should we do, Lawlessness, Psychosis, Wendigos, and a Shoggoth are running rampant in the facility, we must do something, we can’t wait in this haunted subterranean basement while hell runs rampant above us,” Eiko stated.

“We must do Eiko, Zen, Doctor Victor Kronos, what do you two recommend?” James stated.

“Exterminate the Shoggoth, the Wendigos, and everything that follows until we can quell the chaos to restore order,” Zen responded.

“Zen, James, Eiko, we must go to my office on the six floor where the gas controls to flood the place with sedative gas is stored, the Orderlies will fight this plague but once the gas is administered, the outside battalion of contingency units will be allowed entrance from the lockdown that will cease while all are asleep, they will systematically liquidate the patients, the Shoggoth, and Wendigos if they haven’t already, they are associates of mine from the Order of Darkness, the Orderlies, whatever is left by this point will be awakened to find a bloodstained but fresh facility to house more criminally insane patients which will solve our overpopulation problem we were already faced with here, we must make haste to the six floor, the Orderlies of this facility are all recruited from military organizations connected to either retired Shadow Society Military or the growing United Socialist States of America as well as many other civilizations throughout the Eastern Sprawl and Northwest of North America, the Order of Darkness soldiers will liquidate whatever stands in their way while wearing state-of-the-art power armor of the Solarus Hellions which are elite in military and strategic warfare intervention, we must make haste now,” Doctor Victor Kronos stated.

“Alright, Doctor Victor Kronos, that’s what we will do,” Zen van Nihil replied reluctantly.

They made their way for the elevator while completely unphased by the cackling of spirits and screeches of banshees. They called the elevator. When the elevator doors opened they were ambushed by three maddened Shoggoth Psychosis sufferers which lunged at them. Zen blasted them back with a psionic blast, dispatching them with three shots from one of his Nighthawk pistols spraying their blood along the walls along the elevator. Doctor Victor Kronos had a quiver of fear as a lancet had almost slashed his throat before Zen had saved him.

“Thank you, Sovereign Zen van Nihil,”

“Don’t mention it, I sensed they had been waiting there for a while,” Zen replied smirking.

They entered the bloody interior of the elevator, ascending upwards to the block by the morgue and electroshock therapy for Shoggoth psychosis patients and an auxiliary lobotomy operation room for the excess Lawless population. Zen drew his Zenarchy blade, a multiversal Saturnite steel katana imbued with the essence of Zenarchy as a legendary energy blade from the design of the Great Architect and creation of Elder Master Agiel. James and Eiko both drew their Void Blades and Q-Antimatter Energy Rifles, preparing for what is ahead. The doors opened, the psychopathological behaviors that entailed the darkest and gruesome of acts were entailed in front of them. All signs of establishing order from the staff or Zen’s squadron had perished in what they hoped was their retreat through feelings of defeat rather than their destruction. What they saw in front of them is Shoggoth Psychosis criminally insane patients turning on one another in ritualistic sacrifice rather than wait for an outsider to their newly liberated deity of the Shoggoth as blood drawn effigies of the aberration were sketched on the walls in its patchworked flesh amalgamation of various unknown entities with crazed hieroglyphs of an ancient esoteric language only known to these Lawless by bereavement. A platoon of them charged at them, yelling indescribably eldritch phonetically combined words.

“Lawlessness is godlessness, the void of darkness is bliss,” the mob roared in a thunderous chant as a wave as Lawless came rushing at them from all sides.

Zen shot a spiral of pyrokinetic flames down the hall as some came from the door openings to the morgue and therapy-operating rooms as the ones emerging caught fire then backed into the room immolated by the blue flames, screaming the name of the Shoggoth as Helkanezer, the servant to the Lawless Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus who is the Lawless Lord of Illumination. Lucifer Illuminatus is the creator and corruptor of all Archons and Paragons of Chaos with his favored Paragon of Eldritch Nihilism. Diabolos Darkness. 

James and Eiko shot their Energy Rifles into the corridor in the next block at the swarm of criminally insane patients bounding down the halls towards them, the Lawless psychosis which engulfed them ceased as they fell into piles of blue ash. Zen danced through the hall as the immolated feral cultists chanted the name in their pain of flesh dissolving fire, he cut through them with his blade like a dervish. Leaping high into the hair to come down swiftly, running through partially immolated patients then retrieving the blade from within them all in perfect fluidity to slice others in two or four. Eiko and James cleared the rooms on either side of the blocks with a simple angled perception check on the neon red lit rooms with expert firing. They obliterated the now fully-formed cultists of the Shoggoth to ash. The Shoggoth known as Helkanezer. Zen drew his Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle where he began firing down the hall at more deranged Shoggoth psychologically triggered psychosis sufferers turned into fevered fanatic full-fledged cultists. They just kept coming from the darkness that is the uncertainty of the thousands of Shoggoth criminally insane maniacs coming from the depths of the abyssal absence of light within the asylum outside the areas of neon red light. More and more fell to red ash as James and Eiko guarded Doctor Victor Kronos while Zen danced with his Zenarchy blade and Void Dagger and leapt into the fray of the psychopathic army. The flood ensued as blood saturated the floors. They fought on through killing thousands in their wake.


Xavier Carter and Shadow Paladin Kira Russo had retreated through various corridors to find themselves among the Lawless with an assembled battalion of Orderlies fighting towards the Second Floor entrance, the nurses had been herded through to the lobby where they entered the third and ground floor, they headed to either the fourth and fifth floor to hide while others braved the consequences of their most prized patients. Xavier and Kira were caught in endless bloodshed of the Lawless as Orderlies slowly fell to the makeshift weapons of the Lawless where they seized other weapons, Orderlies killed Lawless, Lawless killed Lawless, violence abounded and violence only begets more violence. Nightblade Xavier is a scar bound, battle marked warrior who had gone on more missions and expeditions around the world to fight everything from colossus monstrosities to armies of undead mutants in the asiatic region of the Hungry Ghosts under the guidance of another noble lord, Ren Sheng Zhao.

Ren Sheng Zhao along with Oliver Autumn and Zen van Nihil were the oldest as well as original Noble Lords of the Shadow Guild from its new grand design of fighting the Lawlessness and Darkness on Eden Prime. Ren Sheng Tao had become a Noble Lord of the Shadow Society by his outstanding merit. Zen considered the wisest and oldest man in the live today, die tomorrow world of planet Eden Prime who had kept his health and survival while being born in 2420 CE who experienced the apocalyptic Darkness and Lawlessness to live from his 20th year of Human life to his 255th year of life who knew what the world they lived on is under the Community as being a paradise.

This paradise is far from the chaos unfolding in the Discordia Mental Institution and Criminally Insane Asylum. Most notably in the Criminally Insane part of the Asylum. Xavier had served with missions along with Shadow Paladin Kira Russo in the Hungry Ghosts presence growing in the Slavic, Russian and Eastern European where they successfully quelled the growth of such Human-hunters. Xavier and Kira both being attached to one another, they fought even more valiantly in the slicing and dicing of the monsters of Lawless men. Dismembering the Lawless the same way they dismembered the Hungry Ghosts of the Slavic civilizations of city-states and tribal settlements had sprouted up which the Shadow Society had helped grow but cutting the Hungry Ghosts to pieces in which Xavier and Kira had grown fond of one another and were growing together as they fought together among the unified Orderlies with them against the Lawless who were divided into groups and individual free-for-alls. The violence is paramount as they tried making their way for the entrance. The Lawless were armed with weapons making them more chaotic and dangerous. Xavier and Kira had made it to the next block with the Orderlies when they noticed the normal darkened area of normally lit fluorescent lights which yielded enough light for a Lawless to run forward screaming in horror as something leapt down from above through the corridor as he is brought back to the high-vaulted darkness which he came down in a mess of bits and pieces of blood and bits of gore. 

Xavier and Kira saw that the thing that dropped down is a Humanoid being with an emaciated body that seemed skeletal with a stretching of corpse blue skin over elongated limbs that spanned eight feet in length, its legs were eight feet in length its body another five its neck and head another two to reveal a fifteen feet tall being with with two slits of a Human skull, jagged yellow decaying teeth, patches of silver hair upon its head, it is without gender or sex, a torn straight jacket and white bindings of pants lined its limbs that is well-worn and had long since been adorned upon this being. Xavier and Kira watched in horror as it screamed a scream not known to any being of this world or that would have been in this hospital. Xavier and Kira knew of this being, both had encountered this being at least a couple of times, they had known this bloodcurdling scream they had heard before. What this being is is only confirmed by the Orderlies which were in the area gunning down and bashing the skulls of the Lawless around them.

“Oh fuck, the Wendigos have escaped,” the supervisor to the Orderlies named Sergeant Poynter exclaimed.

They began retreating as Lawless and any Orderly too slow to flee were ripped to shreds by four Wendigos emerged from the shadows of the chasm of the high-vaulted ceiling of the Gothic architectural room, while two came from the hallways as the quickest route while one which lunged on the Orderly Sergeant known as Mullins, who was reduced to sanguine carnage as the Lawless began fighting with the Wendigos. Nightblade Xavier turned as he saw the Wendigo that had braved his path turn its head towards Xavier still in the corridors between the blocks. Xavier fired a Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle blast hitting the Wendigo in its neck, blowing off its head. Kira ran back to watch with Xavier as the Wendigo ran frantically around ripping Lawless to shreds as it fell, convulsing, ripping its own self to pieces with its long sharp claws.

Kira grabbed Xavier as they watched in grim satisfaction and horror of the extreme macabre. They both ran, catching up to the battalion of the Orderlies. They caught up to the Orderlies as Sergeant Poynter is leading the point of the battalion when a Wendigo flew through the corridor at a boundless aerial leap which took of Sergeant Poynter’s head, scaling the walls of the next block, Captain Kessig of the Orderlies directed the rest of the battalion to pursue the Wendigo, they followed it with their guns, firing, riddling it with bullets, it leapt at the floor in front of the Orderlies, ready to take them out in a massive wave. Kira fired two blasts from her Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle in the emaciated, elongated, corpse of a Wendigo psychosis sufferer which is just an abomination native to the expanse of the far-northern American continent. The blue laser blasts hit it in its chest. Bullets riddled it stood as the Orderlies then had to reload. Kira lifted up the scope of the rifle to fire again as they noticed in a blur, Xavier leapt forward slicing with his Solar Blade, carving pieces from and dismembering limbs of the Wendigo then in a hurricane slash he reduced it to bits and pieces. All the while the screams which shook Kira and the Orderlies. The shrieks of the Wendigo were of a banshee of infernal origin for its death is called from death itself as the lights flickered, bulbs broke, the Wendigo did not bleed blood for it had no such thing flowing in its body, the pieces fell to the floor and it is silenced.

“We must go now,” Kira Russo called.

“Come on, enjoy what we have now for I fear none will live forever.” Xavier responded sarcastically. They ran through a security checkpoint down the other way which the Wendigo had come. They were jetting for the lobby to join the majority of forces which had contained the ground and third floor. Despite the inability to access Chief Medical Physician’s office on the sixth floor where the emergency contingency planned controlled air atmosphere of the facility could be utilized in releasing sedative filled gas to knock out the patients. The Orderlies were already wearing their gas masks prepared for the plan to come to fruition. As they run into the checkpoint, a Deputy Orderly is shot in the face by a Lawless as he takes down four Lawless before going down, being the first through the door. The rest of the Orderlies made quick work, retrieving weapons and ammunition, the Orderlies and Shadow Knights, Xavier and Kira had their respite while the Orderlies closed doors to areas with more violent concentrations of the Lawless, redirecting their flow even at the expense of fleeing Orderlies or staff who, if armed with a thermal-cutter which they all were would be able to cut the makeshift locks which the Lawless were too frenzied to take one of these thermal-cutters to utilize it in getting through to the barricaded by the enforced doors with systematic locks from the Orderlies and Staff utility belts, locks would be cut, replaced once upon the other side, anything to contain the threat.

Xavier and Kira heard the unworldly indescribably screeching of the Wendigo with Lawless howls of their dying yells as they engaged the Wendigos enmass with the weapons but without the strategy to take them down in the midst of killing one another. Xavier and Kira grabbed one another kissing passionately. Xavier a man of half Asian, a quarter ebony African-Community, and a quarter Caucasian man covered with scars from being a seasoned veteran of the special operative Knight of the Abyss rank of Nightblade, his skin a golden ebony, hazel brown-green eyes slanted, wild tufts of a full-head of shaggy black spikey hair. Kira is a dirty haired, hazel eyed woman of elegant beauty, her hair is fashioned into long dreadlocked tufts, her features of an African-Community and Caucasian descent. Xavier weighed 190 pounds, standing at 6’1 in height. Kira weighed 135 pounds, standing at 5’8. They kissed passionately as pent-up aggressive love is asserted for one another. Xavier kissed her for the hell of it, Kira kissed unpent up by her current engagement to James Booker, her squad leader who she had grown intimate with. Xavier kissed Kira like he kissed the squadmate he loved frequently who is a mutual acquaintance of Kira and close comrade of Xavier who is on these missions that Kira is present on. As much as he passionately kissed Kira, he meant it for her; just as Kira thought of her blooming relationship with James.

A Wendigo came from a door that had been locked with a makeshift lock, they saw it through the cracked plexiglass, it dove the cracked plexiglass shattering it but bouncing back. They drew their Q-Antimatter Energy Rifles firing together at the abomination until the heat disintegrated the Wendigos tough hide into blue ash. The Orderlies were already fleeing towards the lobby as more Lawless were rioting in that area as they turned their attention to the Orderlies who were rendezvousing with another group of their constituents, two of which were formidable allies which cleared the block swiftly as Xavier and Kira came upon Victoria and Titus Sarkin. They met with disbelief and reluctance in a positive form of restored faith as they had separated but now were rejoined.

“Kira and Xavier, where is Zen, Eiko, James, and Doctor Victor Kronos? We cannot stop all this madness unless we get Doctor Victor Kronos to the sixth floor where the sealed Chief Medical Physician’s penthouse is located where the air ventilation system is located, only Doctor Victor Kronos, the Chief Physician who has access to that area in his quarters for he is here twenty-four hours, seven days a week,” Victoria calmly set-forth the circumstance.

Titus continued, “Zen, James, and Eiko are with him, Eiko had kept in contact with us saying they are battling through cultists and that the Shoggoth has escaped, Doctor Victor Kronos has contacted the Chief of Security of Discordia, Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt, another member from the Order of Darkness along with Doctor Victor Kronos, Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt is with us now.”

A giant of a man in a variation of the Dark Knight model of power armor known as a Dark Templar model of power armor stood before them. The designs on the white outline of a red Rosicrucian emblazoned cross on his right pauldron with a design of a Phoenix on his left pauldron with a name of Dark Paladin Marshal John Rain over his right chest with a Skull and Crossbones underneath his name. A runic Phoenix of esoteric symbolism is on the other side of his chest plate bearing merit and achievement of the Order of Darkness. The Dark Knight models of power armor which Zen had come to know about the Order of Darkness. Much like all the Dark Knight or Dark Warrior models of the Order of Darkness, this Dark Templar power armor acted fluidly with the reflexes of the user, granting them fluid motion and lightning quick reflexes. This Dark Knight variant power armor included the rest of the standard of Superhuman strength, a slightly faster than the users unfettered run, an enhanced leap of duller lunar physics capabilities.

Zen sensed this power armor is up to Community standards of engineering power armor that could be easily found off-world of Eden Prime. Zen had a revelation that these suits required extreme bio-technological cybernetic modifications to be used which is where these advancements of power armor happening on Eden Prime came as a riddle to Zen. Zen psychically investigated Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt in Zen’s psychic sweep he found out that Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt had undergone advanced modifications known as the ‘Ultra Homo Nexus’ evolution from birth causing the power armor to have no impeding factor on his natural abilities to not need to wear an exoskeleton suit. The scientific advancements which seemed to halt in the 25th Century of Eden Prime, this advancement is through the sciences of cybernetic modifications, genetic engineering, and mastered understanding of eugenics. Anyone on this planet for this suit of power armor would need an exoskeleton suit, one meant for this caliber of suit. Even with a moderately good exoskeleton suit supporting any Human of Eden Prime who would wear this suit would only maximize the suit at half of its maximum efficiency.

Zen sensed this man through psychic observation and had a mental modification of an EisenHaus Industries Quantum ACCE, or autonomous cerebral computing enhancement. The metal that his variant type Knight modeled power armor is derived from is Pandemonium steel of an extradimensional origin. This variant of the Knight power armor models, much like the variants of Warrior power armor models, is an elite variant of the Knight power armor model known as a Dark Templar. This Order of Darkness elite model is the ‘Shadow of Atlas Power Armor’. The Shadow of Atlas Power Armor model is a mastercraft design of a Dark Templar power armor model that Dark Warriors and Dark Knights that are the commissioning of power armors by the Order of Darkness. This Dark Knight model being a Dark Templar variation meant that Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt is a high ranking member of the Order of Darkness. The materials of this Dark Templar power armor felt to be a steel seemingly forged in the infernal fires of a Chaos realm as the jet-black heavy power armor radiated an electric vibe as well as something clearly wrong in Zen’s perception regarding its suspected production. The Shadow of Atlas Power Armor is proportioned to be balanced in allowing enhanced agility and dexterity for the wearer to move yet exerted great strength for a simple punch from an unarmed pandemonium steel gauntlet could obliterate an ogre’s face into a bloody mess.

The ominous Dark Knight appearance of the Order of Darkness suits bothered Zen in his ability to trust or even believe this esoteric society. Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt is a dark haired man who had his hair slicked to one side, his nose pointed, his face highly-symmetrical and objectively handsome, glowing green eyes, rounded ears, moderately voluminous lips, his chin-line perfectly rounded with nothing about him being predominant besides his perfect symmetry.

Chief of Security Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt boldly stated in a direct and confident manner that suggested his Orderly subservients and all others were expendable in this seemingly suicide mission, “We shall extract your three fellow squadmates and Doctor Victor Kronos returning to the lobby, we will then head to the third floor which has fallen into jeopardy separating the nurses on the fourth and fifth floor with the small amount or Orderlies with more methodical and deranged Lawless, these ones are not just mindless maniacs who kill for the thrill but the seriously deranged outside of sociopathic Lawlessness, these men and women are seriously deranged, they are the most highly-intelligent and of highest security criminally insane unlike the invalids of the second or ground floor, the ground floor remains secure while we here on the second need to make it past the remaining apical five Wendigos, the five beta Wendigos have been taken care of, the Shoggoth is loose presumably by one of your own which has caused this madness, that is not great fault of your organization but it is a fault nonetheless, I have ordered all my paramilitary personnel in the Orderlies to hold their positions while making their way to Doctor Victor Kronos and Zen as well as his two companions, you four as well as the twenty plus Orderlies with us shall go at once to retrieve our previously stated subjects as our objective while liquidating all that stands in our way.”

The four nodded their heads in solemn agreement. The Orderlies shook their heads in quivering fear upon hearing their executive superior’s orders then they all turned heading for the farthest reaches of the ten acres they would have to pass through. Upon this, a swarm of Lawless broke through the other side of the corridor. Commander Jean-Claude Schmidt, wielding the weapon of renown destruction in his arms known as an EisenHaus Industries, Harbinger of Doom. A large bastard sword of ultra-light umbra Abyssal steel, green acrid flames emitted from the flaming bastard sword known as an Ulfberht in a scabbard upon his back turned towards the Lawless. His Harbinger is set on three round burst which he fired at its proponent four times, then a wave of green gamma radiation turning three Lawless into green ooze. A large Lawless charged towards the Doctor near Marshal, almost within striking distance. The Security Chief fired directly into the bite-mask wearing psycho leaving a pulpy bloody mess.

“Let’s go,” he said in passing, as the rest followed.


Finally, they had reached a respite but that still didn’t stop the maddening chanting or bellowing noises of the cacophony of madness that unnerved them. Zen had a contemptuous look upon his face as he pondered the religious choices that were preferable by Eden Prime in the Post-Darkness world. Eiko latched onto Zen for fear of weighing on her. James felt the futility of their travels burdening upon him as something not easily shrugged off. Doctor Victor Kronos listened intently to the harrowing calls of unknown lords of the Archons of Chaos, he heard many names as did the rest. Speaking of curses towards them, especially Zen van Nihil and Doctor Victor Kronos’s associate of Deus Imperator Alastor Atlas as Zen as the righteous downfall of all Archons of Chaos and Deus Imperator Alastor as the one who is leading Doctor Victor Kronos to his betrayal. Doctor Victor Kronos wished nothing more than to silence these echoing sounds of both material and metaphysical manifestations of voices of Lawless and auditory hallucinations as he presumed as they were summoning something more vile than the Lawless psychopaths and psychotics, the Android Gary-25 aka Gary Hubbard, their high priest, the Shoggoth, the medium to this being, the five apical Wendigos that still remained in alone and joint huntings.

This being that is on its way is the Paragon of Chaos known as Eulogy Eurynomous, “The Eulogy of Reason, the Eulogy of Meaning, the Eulogy of times forgotten, the Eulogy of reasonable thought, the Eulogy of changing seasons, the Eulogy of the consciousness of insanity changing into aeons of madness in its eternal equinox, the eulogy of the end of all things heroic within Humanity, the end of all things” The rhyme continued, the rhyme is chanted all throughout the halls, reverberating and echoing throughout the second floor of their six acres of the facility on their floor.

Zen knew what Eulogy Eurynomous as a Paragon of Chaos who embodied all things to deeply lament over the tragedy of Human suffering given the nature of this Chaos Paragon known as Eulogy. The Paragons of Order and Balance who are in commission with the Great Architect are addressed as Lord or Lady where Paragons of Chaos who follow the Lucifer Principle. Eulogy Euronymous would appear as some mortal being but would probably shift to some psychopomp or eldritch thing when the time of an ominous manifestation of death in the minds of heroes among the multiverse. Gary-25, or the android Gary Hubbard, forever enthralled by the Shoggoth was the chaotic causation in creation of a Paragon of Chaos.

Zen knew the Paragon of Chaos, the devourer of souls, hope, and heroes in Eulogy Euronymous was in this Discordia Asylum along with whom Zen pondered the concept of this Discordia Madhouse holding any more insanity as unfathomable which caused could tell the madness is wearing on his company. Zen knew the likened in existence as a Paragon of Balance, Magi Ellis Unruly was the buzzing psychic high of dopamine in his mind. This natural chemical high was the extra-sensory perception that Ellis Unruly had made this asylum his sanctuary for solace of the madness within was manageable compared to this madness found throughout Gardenia Eden Prime. Doctor Victor Kronos held closely guarded in the unbreakable vaults of a highly-convoluted vault of his conscious mind the secret erudition of the three Paragons he held as patients, Ellis Unruly came to mind through a slight gaze upon the surface mask of Doctor Kronos’ mind while Eulogy Euronymous awaited in its essence known along with a Madness Paragon which allowed the sinister evil of Human, monster, and eldritch experiment in vivisections on Humans, monsters such as the Wendigo in their feeding on Lawless patients, to the Shoggoth. To Eulogy Eurynomous in the locked away terror Doctor Kronos would not enter but by the clarity of a frenzied delight on his or its mind knew of the unmovable sanguine stained door on the permanently sealed vaulted door of the special isolation chamber of Eulogy Eurynomous where he is housed in the third floor, as a being left so long in isolation that only documents stating an absurd description of a build and being behind a vault door that is permanently sealed that is chalked up as an urban legend along with another being that is quite Human which instead of praising in the chords of Eulogy Euronymous or Doctor Kronos’ associate of Deus Imperator Alastor Atlas, they were cursing along with Zen, the other house patient is Magi Ellis Unruly the Absurd or the hospitals artist known as the ever classy and privileged Ellis Unruly who is housed on the third floor with the very important person who due to a recent first-time violent outburst when he stabbed an Order of Darkness initiate to death on the Ground Floor. Ellis Unruly with his sly, crafty, cunning, and cleverness of a fox with all his money knew he could buy his way out. Ellis Unruly is a patient who never aged with his eccentric genius with its maladies of being a mad scientist and tortured artist. Ellis Unruly would show up at this facility with fears of avoiding the heat of the outside world after some horror-show fantasy he lived in his depictions of photographs he could have never taken, only faked through digital art, he would show up in his ornate dreamscape of blue robes that displayed golden designs of the cosmos outside the tri-dimensional realm of non-euclidean sacred geometry of the solar entities. Ellis Unruly’s hair is a clean-cut short pompadour and a twist of his facial hair, and a full-fledged grin of his already resting smirk, he always got his way, even conjugal visits with the women of the ground floor and Maisy ‘Crazy Maisy’ Mellow of the third floor.

Suddenly, there was a quaking that shook from the floor above them with loud thudding and banging of movement as what Doctor Victor Kronos knew the permanently sealed door slid open to let this madness that Doctor Victor Kronos had assuredly overcome him had gotten out and is charging down the hallway to the third floor entrance. Suddenly the chanting stopped, as a large pipe orchestra from the inter-faith cathedral nearby is being played a grim symphonic dirge as the hallways once again flooded with Lawless with cloth from bedding in a mask with a large smile drawn on in a sanguine red that is either paint from the arts and crafts room or blood of a Human origin. The three guardians of the good doctor began a violent onslaught against the hordes of Lawless down the corridors. Zen frozen them as statues with his volition of cyrokinesis creating statues to block their way of ice-covered dead patients as the Lawless hacked through their compatriots as Eiko and James leapt upwards with their Q-Antimatter Energy Rifles blasting the Lawless beyond the walls of ice-encrusted Lawless Zen did the same throwing pyrokinetic pyre of burning hellfire which disintegrated the statues and the first wave of Lawless beings. Zen drew his Energy Rifle and all three finished the four corridors of Lawless coming down upon them.

Down a dozen blocks were over a dozen Orderlies with four Shadow Knights wielding Void Blades and Q-Antimatter Energy Rifles doing battle with more swarms of Lawless, over ten Orderlies had fallen slain in a massive battle to rescue the good Doctor. The four in the Doctor’s party rushed to join them in the block between the hordes of Lawless converging on the other party now only consisting of a Dark Paladin and four Shadow Knights. Gary-25 or Gary Hubbard stepped out from the chapel which the Lawless had gathered in. Gary-25’s face is half Human with half machine skeletal under his synthetic dermal skin being torn away, the glasses lense broken over the left side of his face which revealed his face. His hands bulky steel robotic skeletons.

Gary-25 threw his Void Dagger which flew blade over handle, it struck with its blade into Kira’s throat, blood sprayed as she collapsed dead. Gary-25 drew an Algernon Assault Carbine and fired a burst exploding Titus’ head. Xavier and Victoria looked in horror at the android who had lost his Humanity to an occultist knowledge library of blasphemous occult and robotic killing without remorse as Zen ran Gary-25 also known as Gary Hubbard through with his Zenarchy blade ushering an aura of calm over Xavier and Victoria as Shoggoth hovered over them. Memories flashed through the three of them, Xavier being least affected, Victoria and James being greatly affected. James stared in horror at the Shoggoth then at Gary-25, the maggot he had loved to hate. Gary-25 in its dysfunctional unawareness of its facade of a Human existence torn from this fabric of reality to be an android revealed as a cruel lie in the harshest way possible. James felt pleased that the former associate Gary Hubbard or Gary-25 was finally dead but the overwhelming dread of Kira’s death flooded him.

Their relationship kept secret for James would be her commanding officer in the field, how they dreamed of going on missions in the field, Zen probably knew but without verbal confirmation it never mattered with him but the subsequent emotional breakdown of James would reveal more to them all as his true feelings as Kira as everything, coupled with the death of George filled him as his best friend and secret romantic interest is slain. Victoria screamed in tears as the Shoggoth infected the consciousness of James and Victoria with its psychosis which Zen fought with a beam of white light as a purifying aura filled the room fighting off the Shoggoths’ presence as horrendous mutterings of all those lost filled James’ and Victoria’s conscience and infected their consciousness as James remained stalwart and dreamy eyed. Zen fought for their souls as long as he could. The baptism of bedlam taking place outside the room for the purpose of antiquity. In the pristine religious chapel of multi-diverse faiths unused for its entirety until today. The first time the sacred room is used for the sacrilege of the blasphemous baptism to promote the profane utilized by an inHumane android to summon an Archon of Chaos known as Eulogy Eurynomous, ‘the lamentation of all that is great, the last words of champions, the Eulogy of Heroes’ are the words spoken of Eulogy Eurynomous throughout the corridors of the multiverse. The piano and organ were playing a cryptically haunting dirge by the master musicianship of a phantom at the instruments inside the chapel which reverberated all around them. The soul of James turned to stone, Xavier’s is obsidian, Victoria became the fluid of tears, Zen became a cornerstone for keeping the sanity of everything together. Doctor Victor Kronos and Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt remained strong in the presence of this madness for they were either accustomed or immune to it.

Sovereign Zen van Nihil spun his Zenarchy blade with the torrential damage of a tempest as he sliced Gary-25 into pieces. Gary-25 or Gary Hubbard, the android of artificial narrow intelligence with some more intelligent programmed features from his once Human appearing attributes of Gary Hubbard is in pieces scattered about the floor. As Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt, Zen, Xavier, and Eiko drew their projectile weapons raising them despite the reverberations being reverberated from the Shoggoth. They fired their weapons as the room was filled in white light. Zen, Xavier, and Eiko unaffected by the madness, Victoria and James only slightly affected with Zen’s complete faith of the best possible outcome in optimism expecting optimal results. Zen used psychokinetic force with his Energy Rifle flurry and Jason fired a violent storm from his Hex Harbinger. The Shoggoth exploded in pieces that disintegrated as they fell from it into the aether of nothing. The Shoggoth crisis is now over. The white light carried them in protection as the frenzy of the Second Floor died around the seven who traveled towards the lobby.

Zen van Nihil sensed the horror of Dark Paragon, Eulogy Euronymous who was locked away with his Madness Paragon of Mania Messalina.

The fully manifested evil spirits they harbored at the desolate highest floors and most isolated quarters of Discordia Asylum as the vengeful waking nightmare of spirits who who were haunting the halls, hunting all those with loud cries to reveal safe distance while a whisper of “I love you,” was the Midnight Maidens call to her prey. The Midnight Maidens who stalked through the top floors in exacting revenge on lawless patients, orderlies, faculty, and medical staff alike. The harrowing Midnight Maidens are pale women in white dresses stained by sanguine who were beautiful in their appearance as their long black locks of hair dangled to their hips. Alluring and maddening in the throttle of her prey’s heart was the sound they followed until she sealed their fate in a whisper of a sweet nothing then a grizzly force of feminine power eviscerated her prey. These Midnight Maidens only came at night for those who enjoyed sadistically punishing those who were oppressed pariahs of society. The Maiden of Midday came to the most sultry males who were decadent womanizers, violent psychopaths to the peace-loving, and haters of children. These barbaric males were met by the Maiden of Midday with a simple seductive embrace, an unworldly list of their crimes in a sweet nothings told in a poetic rhyme then these men were dragged through the fields of buried heroes, through the sparkle of their parents eyes, to a dimension of the worst hell imaginable for daring to be a braggart bastard boy who dared to claim to know the true nobility of manhood.


Shadow Knight Ramona Sarkin and Doctor Auron Moonchild the Cambion sat there together in his office as Victoria knew James, Eiko, Zen, and Xavier were with Doctor Kronos and Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt along with their battalions of Hellfire Solarus Nova Angels, Stormtroopers, Vulture Rangers, Hellions, Pyromancers, Phoenix Paladins, Dark Paladins, Legionnaires, and Militum Soldiers.

There had been closeby firefights and orderlies screaming, “How in the hell did you gain access?!” followed by silence.

“My name is Commander Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane, I had an extra key for my colleagues.” A deep baritone voice.



Zen van Nihil was beside himself as he looked over the four body bags that carried Titus Sarkin, Kira Russo, Gary Hubbard (Gary-25), and the eternally divine beauty of Vanessa Harris. All of them Sublime Saints who served the Sovereign of Saturnia, the Sovereign of the Saturn Great Commission Zen van Nihil. The four Shadow Knights are immortalized in this Bedlam of the Bane of Existence as were Johnny to Victoria. The six who had died in the last thirty days to James Booker who all impacted his experiential existence but for his eternal essence that will follow him throughout his existence in the many-worlds and many-forms spoken by the Magi of Hyperborea, James would be traumatized by the departure from their lives in the beloved Kira Russo and brother that transcends blood, George Escalon, this is what James Booker would remember in this life everlasting.

Zen van Nihil hid himself in a processing room for evaluation as he cried as he had cried countless times. He was weeping in the dark room from across the hall he could hear James ripping apart an examination room in pure rage over Kira, Zen knew that although Zen’s sorrow and James’ rage were expressions to an existential experience that were one in the same. These expressions Zen knew were Human suffering. Victoria was in another in a Doctor’s psychiatric office among the examination evaluation rooms for sanctuary in lonely solace who kept turning on a pull-string lamp on and off. Victoria was going through light and darkness. Zen thought of the over six-hundred years of life he had lived and all those he had watched die as he outlived them all. Zen had allowed the silent tears to stream for his life of knowing Human suffering as he meditated. James knew his temporal life of 450-years-old from his half-elven bloodline in comparison to 250-years-old of a Terran lifespan. Victoria felt the weight of her two most beloved men of Johnny whom she outwardly loved to sublimate her true love for her brother Titus, the best friend and beloved Titus, the intellectual charming solver of all her problems of the world. Victoria contemplated death in self-determination as she pulled the string on the lamp to illuminate the room dimly to complete darkness in her meditation of to be existent as Victoria or to begin again as someone else. On and off, on and off, alive or dead the lights revealed the deeper paradox of her existential dread.

Zen’s adolescence of being raised by Buddhist Monks to becoming a Gardenia Utopian Community Rock Star Messiah as the prophesied Sovereign of Magi Mithra Mysterium of the Zion-Persian Commonwealth or Middle Eastern Displacement Zone where Zoroastrian-Abrahamic faithful unified to embrace his coming and the advent paradigm shift of the socio-politico spiritual philosophy of Abrahamic Quantum Gnosticism which would open the doors for Zenarchism which was the quantum flux to create their truly Gardenia Utopian Community. Zen van Nihil wept for in the Lawless age of Darkness where existential dread was a social normality of the survivors consciousness in this hellscape of a planet of Eden Prime which was for a Golden Age that no one could foresee an end to the paradise orchestrated by the Saturnian Great Commission. James cussed, swore, ripped apart the room. Zen after sobbing the foreboding dread of immortality and eternity as a finite element of his existence began to laugh for he knew his five fallen Shadow Knights were in a true paradise of a dimension, Vanessa more than all was reincarnated as a Celestial Angel in her new life free from this nightmare they were trapped in the cage of a planet that was not only an indifferent universe but a malicious energy force that had enshrouded Eden Prime.

Victoria contemplated this factoid of her trusted absolute enlightened leader of Zen van Nihil who placated an advisory role to all of the Shadow Society but acted in absolute enlightened authority in application of governing over the Shadow Society when need be. Victoria then returned to thinking of all those lost in the battle against the Diabolos Darkness, Lucifer Illuminatus, Doctor Azazel Apocalypse, and the eventual return of the Eternal Chaos Emperor, Aiden Aka Manah or whatever form he would choose as the Mastermind of the Evil Conscience to return.

Victoria had continued to turn the light on and off noticing carefully the feng shui of the office that created an overwhelming positive Humanist psychological reinforcement of a place not known to her, a place not even known in her childhood or certain times in her childhood as Titus always brought these moments the light had something to do with all of it but everything truly meant nothing for her own brother died to save all of them. Victoria realized her Sarkin twin, Titus had saved them all and especially her. Victoria wished he was here for when they lost fellowship with a fellow Shadow Society friend, Titus was able to illuminate reason and rationality to her on this horrible world they lived in and when Titus was emotionally upset Victoria was the only one able to bring him out of his moods of pessimistic cynicism to have faith in the world again and to feel the illusion of happiness despite all the suffering in their obfuscated reality where extradimensional forces impacted the universe surrounding Eden Prime in ways beyond fathoming in horror. Human suffering became known despite the indescribable misanthropic nature of Lawlessness and Darkness. 

The light from the lamp shine then flickered off into pitch-black darkness. Light made the universe visibly known to Victoria which she could have certainty in what surrounded her despite the uncertainty that haunted every Human in the Lawless Darkness of Eden Prime. The empirical darkness to Victoria represented death in certainty which she was perceiving as calm and peaceful, an endless dream of nothingness without nightmares or surreal experiences but one of nothingness to no end. Victoria sat in the darkness. The visible light that determined the conscious and unconscious mind was causing melanin in her system and in the darkness she dreamed of not monsters but celestial angels heralding the fallen into paradise. The fallen survivors, civilized, and the Shadow Agents of the Shadow Society into a paradise of the many-worlds. All of her companions and all fallen companions before today to the days of the fall of the shroud of Lawless Darkness unto Eden Prime.

Ramona Sarkin was no longer afraid of death, darkness, or the abyss for she had come into Discordia Mental Asylum, a person whose mind was weighed down by frightful uncertainty. Suddenly a flapping of wings and the symphonic singing of Angels culminated in the coalesced hopeful voice of reason. The door had opened in the gates to paradise Victoria entered as the lamplight string was pulled to reveal as a blink of an apparition Eiko Sakura Musashi standing over her whispering this heavenly message.

“Victoria, your brother Titus is in a paradise away from this lawless dark place of our home we must make the most out of for it is our love for our home of Eden Prime, our passion for the Gardenia Utopian Community in reuniting with them is our prime directive in the grand design, Zen van Nihil, James Booker, they would agree but this is a message I learned on my own as with all Shadow Templar of the Shadow Knights, We are unified as Shades, the agents, operatives, technicians, academics, scholars, intelligence, investigators, law enforcement, and an all-encompassing field of the Shades among the many Shadow Guilds that comprise the Shadow Society. Look at me, Victoria.” Eiko Sakura whispered calmly to Victoria which allowed Victoria to enter a meditative state.

Eiko Sakura, the multifaceted utilitarian of Zenarchist wisdom who she and James Booker were the two closest to Sovereign Zen van Nihil of the Shadow Society.

“Yes, Eiko, I am listening.”

Eiko turned off the light before speaking, “Victoria, we shall survive this, Zen van Nihil, James Booker, and I know the Hellfire Dominion and their Order of Darkness to be absolute evil that must be eradicated, Xavier knows of Shadow Knights, Keepers of Secrets, hiding among the ranks of the faculty of the Discordia Asylum, Zen van Nihil knows of an ominous entity that is an Archon of Chaos causing all this disturbance among the Lawless and Darkness as its epicenter, but nevermind all that Victoria, I want you to imagine yourself happy and free for you will be joined by the Shades hidden in this place awaiting freedom and their unveiling a more than what it appears to be, this is a USSA and Shadow Society establishment which the vile Hellfire Dominion and their Order of Darkness have been blind to. Shadow Guild Shades have kept control to survive to this culminating moment of our reprisal to reintroduce ethical treatment into this place after a Hellfire ordered purging, all we knew as our fellowship have returned in the great paradoxical paradigm of reincarnation, albeit those we knew have been welcomed eternally into a paradisiacal realm, we must stand united and stay strong for more than ourselves.”

Eiko unveiled her more stoic hardened appearance to a more softer feminine look revealing her Asiatic Japanese and Ainu ancestry in full. Her long black silky hair, her pale porcelain yet beige skin tone, dark brown eyes, her long black eyelashes, rounded cheeks, she even wore coral red lipstick, everything about her appeared beautiful to Victoria and she knew Eiko’s love for her fellowship was on par with Zen or James. Eiko knew Victoria had witnessed the death of Vanessa which had broken Zen’s heart, something Eiko wished to repair. Victoria knew Eiko’s wish to make her love that she hid in deceptive games from Zen by keeping it buried in her mind must be brought to light for Zen knew of the inevitable eventuality as a certainty. Victorias knew James, the child of a Summerland Elven mother and Irish-Anglican father must be hard on him in losing Kira the only family he had and the only love he had since the loss of his childhood best friend George. Eiko glanced at Victoria, gazing as an elder sister into a baby sister’s eyes. A smirk was on Eiko’s lips and her eyes revealed that of a smirking wisdom needed to be taught to Victoria as a lesson

Victoria nodded, “Are our forces enough to destroy the presence of the Hellfire Dominion here?”

Eiko Sakura Musashi grinned, “Most definitely Victoria, turn off the light, a Doctor of Psychological treatment regarding Mentalist-Empathy-Spirituality will make his existence known in this room for he is not insecure with his appearance but you may become unnerved by seeing a truly man you have yet to discover, you and I both know, Victoria, that artificial light in which we thrive brings visible light only that which appears to our natural eyes, let us all three turn off our ocular enhancements for what allows us to see in the Diabolic Darkness of our long dreadful nightly and overcast grey, dark smog enshrouding, orange hues of the sun on the days we have had and those we have enjoyed while those yet to come which we enjoy, remember the days we do see the golden light appeared through these clouds and the days we treasure to see the sun on the few clear skies, remember the nights where we see thousands of radiant stars shining radiantly in their twinkling luminescent light as well as our moon of Luna we of Gardenia’s Eden Prime have know throughout history as well as the magnificent royal purple moon that radiates ultraviolet light known as the Indigo Sky from the moon known as the Indigo Jericho only appeared in the 23rd Century Common Era and that moon of Indigo Jericho which is a aetherial habitable moon where those of Gardenia Terrans and the major races of fantastical wonder reside. Indigo Jericho is a world accessible by the Terminus Gates between a region of Enigma that requires travel through a mid-world under our own of Agartha then through the alien extotic underworld of Darkness of Eden Prime known as the Netherworld that is divided between Void Elves, Dark Dwarves, Deep Gnomes.  Terminus Gates to the Chaos Realms that are Abyssal and Infernal. The clouds are the phoenician purple which we love and adore.



Magi Mithra Mysterium before leaving the Zion-Persian Commonwealth of New Thought Zenarchist Quantum Mystic Gnostic religion that would become the Zenarchists and Quantum Gnostics of the Middle East. Magi Mithra knew long ago that Darkness and Lawlessness would come so when the Exodus of the Gardenia Utopian Community came to join before the Darkness had settled in as Magi Mithra Mysterium in his old age passed a blessing onto the Semitic people from the Great Architect to make certain of their protection from the swirling void of Darkness that had appeared over the People’s Republic of Greater Asia. Many of the Zenarchist Abrahamic faith that became Abrahamic Quantum Gnosticism had traveled with Ishmael Malik the son of Sovereign Zen van Nihil and Zaira Elham Mysterium. Zaira is a relative to Serenity Autumn-Mysterium who had been Zen van Nihil’s first love and wife earlier in the 2100s. Zaira Elham Mysterium out of supreme honor for her bloodline lineage and history became Zen van Nihil’s concubine out of honor twins, a boy and a girl. The son was named Ishmael Cyrus Mysterium and the daughter was named Selah Ruqayyah Mysterium. Zion-Persian Commonwealth Caliphate raised up Ishmael Khalid Mysterium as their first Sayyid Caliph since ages past as Caliph Ishmael Mysterium destroyed had bested the treacherous Ifrit Cyclopean Goliath known as Nazar who was invoked by a mad death cult in the desert to destroy the Zion-Persian Commonwealth Caliphate. Nazar used his cultists to infiltrate and betray the Zion-Persian Commonwealth Caliphate and Indus Kingdom where Caliph Ishmael Khalid Mysterium destroyed  in his insurrection who then gained their rights to colonize their own worlds welcomed into the Gardenia Utopian Community and the larger coalition of the Celestial Cosmic Coalition. Magi Mithra Mysterium in his antiquated age became anew as Magi Ellis Unruly the son of Arthur Unruly and Magna Magistrate Mother Mary Mysterium of the Zenarchist Zion-Persian Commonwealth and Universal Church of Celeste which married the two faiths after Zenarchist-Celestialism opened the way for all Old World Religions to become Zen Abrahamism, Zen Magiaism, Zen Shintoism, Zen Mormonism, Zen Confucianism, Zen Scientism, Zen Agnosticism, Zen Atomism, Zen Theism, Zen Atheism, Zen Humanism. All of these are forms of Zenarchism.

Magi Mithra Mysterium is one of twelve Saturnian Great Commission members as he manifested himself without need to await regeneration in the Astral Sea as Magi Ellis Unruly. An excellent plan he concocted to be reborn upon death as his grandson through divine-carnal consummation of his new form after over 230 years as his prior form into an advanced form as an Unruly or Autumn and his own Mysterium family. Ellis Unruly had spent his years to benefit the Gardenia Utopian Community from Tau Ceti solar system capital terraformed worlds  Axis Mundi belonging to the Gardenia Hegemony and Terminus belonging to the Gardenia Protectorate of the Tau Ceti system of Super Exoplanets until Ellis returned to Eden Prime. While in Tau Ceti System, Chaos Magi Ellis Unruly encountered Zen van Nihil many times before word of conspiracy spread that the one now revealed as Doctor Azazel Apocalypse was going to bring Diabolos Darkness and Lucifer Illuminatus. Together they returned but it was too late but now after hundreds of years yet still forever young they were reunited. 

James and Victoria who had been affected the worse by the effects of the Shoggoth Psychosis affliction. James and Victoria recovered from a brief lapse in sanity just as they were returning from their state of individual dealings with grief and return to do what they were supposed to do. James despondent and silent, unnoticeable. Victoria sobbing and crying but not impeding on their progress. The three apical Wendigos could be heard feeding on a mound of corpses nearby all of which failed to reach the lobby. They were just about to reach the door out of the criminally insane housing of the second floor to the eldritch art rich lobby in the next four cell blocks. When two out of the five apical Wendigos dropped from the ceiling. An alpha male and female Wendigo came from the ceiling. Zen saw that this was not the Patriarch or Matriarch of the five apical Wendigos. Zen read with a psychic scan of the Wendigo pair to find that these abominations were lovers to one another before their aberrational mutation. They had been a husband and wife with five young children who lived in the Quebec territory of Canada. One dark and desolate winter which had been a culmination of peculiarities in the last five winters. As each year, a new child entered the family until These peculiarities which the husband was boisterous and relentless in his diatribe about coming in contact with a pack of malicious demons while the wife assured him they weren’t real and that he was imagining things. She herself had come in more shock-inducing close encounters with the Wendigos which had become a regular occurrence which became more rapid as those five years which grew exponentially worse from mild paranormal activity that could be easily dismissed to the fourth winter. 

In their fourth winter on the last day of January was a blizzard but the couple stayed up the entire night both staring at innumerable twisted beings of the abominable undead beast known as the Wendigo. Both of them terrified while holding one another weeping yet unable to take their eyes off the pale bloodless corpse colored skin, the nearly white hair that was mangy on these Wendigos bodies, their limbs were stretched long with perversely contorted where their contortions comprised their lightning speed movement. Their long yellowed claws and black rotted fangs were only amplified by their pandemonic crimson glowing orbs for eyes which mesmerized the couple who were aghast in frozen horror. The family’s spacious and luxurious lodge had the interior-design and decoration was that of an old American cabin which every item that was scavenged from an untouched antiquities store with the exception of tools and technology. This lodge was an eccentric high-end lodge of the American wilderness circa 1850-1900 CE. This was a dream home that the husband-father had built which had become their hell when they did not heed their warning when the first snowfall came in the form of the endless blizzard until spring that was the Winter of Northern Quebec, Canada. The family had been trapped and after a week of constant terrorism of the Wendigos caused unceasing hysteria until insanity overcame the parents for the children could not understand how their mother and father assertions that this mountain that had been free of the things of the Darkness and too lucky to be found by Lawless on this sacred place that the fabled indigenous people revered.

However, due to no imploring on the nature of this mountain through lores of old at the library, the parents of the family failed to realize why it was revered. This mountain was the cursed Silent Mountain, where no animal life could be found and if any living thing that came here met its end with screams that echoed throughout the countryside to end with the stillness of silence. The reverence to the base was to quell the souls of those haunted the mountain, all who had met their dreadful end here. In the parents’ insanity brought on by the ceaseless terrorizing by Wendigos, trapping the family inside the lodge and a state of mind that was the edge of sanity. After innumerable days of months to less than a week. The parents are calm and emulating of sound mind in the treatment of their relationship as perfect. In this civil acceptance of insanity. The couple slaughtered their children, cooking them in many different manners with seasonings, then they sat down and feasted, they invited the Wendigos in which in their realities were very polite and apologetic about terrorizing the couple which the couple responded by allowing the Wendigos to sit down and join them. The Wendigos joined them where a good-natured meal with friends ensued where the reality was that the insane now childless couple had become twisted and abominable beasts breaking down the front door and joining the ward of Wendigos that drove them to become what they are now.

In this split-second revelation is revealed to Zen van Nihil through his powerful clairvoyant abilities. The Wendigo came down on Xavier as well as between Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt and Doctor Victor  Kronos. Xavier drew his sword as a claw went straight at Xavier’s chest which did not pierce his armor but left a bruise as the force sent him back, Xavier leaned back on his catching foot and propelled himself backwards after drawing his Solar Blade, slicing defiantly as he got out of its kill range so he could reconvene on it. The other tackled Doctor Victor Kronos. The only defensive armor Doctor Victor Kronos is wearing is an Order of Darkness model of an Arachne Shadow Cuirass. The cuirass body armor being the zenith achievement of protective vests. The black Arachne Shadow cuirass body armor has a red runic Phoenix design over the left side of the cuirass where the heart would be. over his pale grey button-up shirt with black tie dangling outward from the vest, his white lab coat over the cuirass. who Jean-Claude Schmidt ran through with his Ulbrecht then sliced it in half. James and Eiko dismembered the Wendigo alpha that attacked Xavier, systematically destroying it together. They then moved through the forlorn lobby after accessing the two who were attacked to converge into the lobby which was filled with death and despair as all were dead in the lobby. Xavier and Victoria did a sweep of the ground floor wing to find the Orderlies, staff, and patients which resided there were all safe after retreating from an unspeakable horror had come from the third floor which divided them from the Lobby to the Second Floor, to the staff trapped on the fourth and fifth floor. This was revealed by the gaping hole in the cage and broken through the security checkpoint to the third floor to find that something of tremendous size had broken free. This something Zen, James, and Eiko knew was an entity known as an Archon like Zen, unlike Zen, this Archon was of Chaos which came from beyond the cosmos of their dimension somewhere in multidimensional space is known as Eulogy The Dirge of Heroes

A lone man wearing a burgundy leather suit with a grey dress shirt, silver tie, black suede shoes, he has a devilish inverted triangular goatee on his chin, he is admiring the undestroyed art displayed in the lobby. Among the dead, mutilated gore-piles of Orderlies, Nurses, and Janitors. Only this lone man was cooly enjoying his wandering from piece to piece of Eldritch art as his contemplating expression showed his mind wandered with the unfathomable horrors the paintings entailed. His hair is slick black pompadour hair with the back and sides shaved. His tastefully trimmed black handlebar mustache which was thick in its body on his upper-lip but tapered out into small points. Zen sensed this mysterious man is presumably an eccentric creative genius and renaissance man of the arts and sciences. This man made it apparent in his appearance that he did not possess style, for his presence emitted a sense of self that owned a seemingly iconic image.

“Ellis Unruly, what are you doing outside your cell and in the lobby?” Doctor Victor Kronos implored furiously at the now identified man.

“Trying to admire my art and avoiding what you asserted Doctor Victor  Kronos, as the warden and chief physician of this sanitarium, that my espousing of the truth of what was in the Bathory Wing was not to be taken lightly, the end of everything and an honorary bane of existence in the Paragon of Chaos, Eulogy as well as the murderously vengeful and spiteful, extremely evil multidimensional spirit of the Dark Lady Lily Bathory, far more deadly patients than Wendigos, Shoggoths, and an overpopulation of Lawless mad men housed here.” Ellis Unruly retorted with spite at Doctor Kronos. 

Ellis Unruly was the architect behind the Community’s reformation of prisons into criminally insane asylums around 2200 common era, I also oversaw the actual architect behind designing these mental institutions and criminally insane asylum, I know every secret of this world like I know the backs of my hands,” Ellis Unruly asserted condescendingly in his reply.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ellis Unruly, I don’t accept or placate to every last single one of your delusions of grandeur, you are quite the charismatic one Magi Ellis Unruly, your talk of realms beyond the veil and radical theories and stories about the happenings on our great Eden Prime are too absurd to be true, this absurdity is told through your art which we do fulfill our end of the bargain by utilizing them in the decor of all the Community founded mental institution and criminally insane asylums found globally,” Doctor Kronos replied.

“Now, Doctor Kronos, since I came here of my own accord and have an open door policy to my admittance and my discharge from this haven of lunatics I’d like to let you know I am discharging myself from this mental facility which you have incompetently allowed to be understaffed and overpopulated unless you want me using my executive powers as a high council member of the Shadow Society to have you charged with crimes that will have you executed for your mad scientist experiments on live Humans, barbaric malpractice, and your choosing of housing Wendigos and a Shoggoth which only the right people know about those things, am I right Doctor Kronos?” Ellis Unruly continued, “Doctor Kronos, I’m Magi Ellis Unruly, I’ve been alive since the pre-Darkness as an architect, scientist, engineer, and artist and I don’t look a day over my thirties, I can do anything as I damn well please since this is a working of my pre-Darkness work and I practically own the place from documents you and I both now reach back to the 2200 common era, now if you’d send Chief Security Ubermensch, Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt to get my personal goods from the lock-up in the strongroom where the patient belongings are stored.”

“Fine, Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt congregate some of our new arrivals from containment of this abominable breach of security so that some may have a rest from constant bloodshed to help Mr. Ellis Unruly’s personal belongings from the strongroom but no one’s getting out as long as I cannot reach the sixth floor,” Doctor Victor Kronos vented vehemently.

  “Thank you for honoring my admittance of myself on behalf of my own volition,” Ellis Unruly stated before turning his attention to Zen, “Zen, I sense that you’re a fan of my work, I take it you noticed the numerous works of mind which adorn all the halls of this facility which, no worries, no abominations will be housed under the new administration once you’re done here, I wish to join you in the Shadow Society, I’m already a thirty-third Degree Master of Monarchs, I’m on the High Council, a true enigma, my former self you knew as Magi Mithra Mysterium, my name now is Magi Ellis Unruly, I go simply by Magi Ellis Unruly for I am the Magi of the Saturnian Great Commission, you know me from Tau Ceti, we’ve worked together if you can remember, I came here with you to stop Doctor Azazel Apocalypse but as you did so did I as Sovereign Lucifer Illuminatus, and the Nemesis Diabolos Darkness are now among us, the Lucifer Wisdom is strong on this planet and portals to other dimensional Chaos Realms have been opened so we may have to journey to Agartha and then Enigma where below in Void in the center of Eden Prime are portals directly to the Inferno and Abyss. I am Master Magistrate Magi Ellis Unruly, my name on that High Council of the Ten Digits of the Two Hands who are clapping for you that you’ve figured out the familiarity, I make my decisions from anywhere, usually to Ren Sheng Zhao, wait until I get my proper attire on and my tool of choice, you have the Zenarchy which is an Aeon Blade of multiversal might as your weapon, I wield something much different.”

Zen perplexed, “I am a fan of your work Ellis, I’ve been a fan for a very long time but never knew if the Ellis Unruly I returned to this world with was the one who was drawing these depictions of artistic expression of your style of strange surreal realism of the world we live in, I remember a series of art depicting James, Eiko, you Ellis, and I, as well as drawings of our ex-girlfriend we both dated Thalia Nyx and one of my lovers, the Void Elven Magna Matron Magistrate of Depths of Enigma who despite her cold ruthless calculating nature as a mastermind is truly at her core an empathetic loving caring Elysium Void Elven Judge of the Underworld who serves the Shadow Society as an Eldritch Shadow Knight and Master Arcanist Chaos Magus. These aforementioned three in addition to James, Eiko, and I are the greatest peculiarity to me for I receive the neverending portraits of who I do know and do not currently know.” Zen spoke to Ellis Unruly. 

The embodiment of the enigma of years of innumerable collecting of Magi Ellis Unruly’s creative and intellectual genius. Zen van Nihil discussed to Ellis Unruly the specifics of the parcels of strange elven palms crafted into jade green boxes and wrapping paper containing framed paintings or dwarven steel cylinders containing rolled-up tapestries that I receive from four to five times a week by the four couriers of a Summerland High Elf ordained in Gilded Solaris plate cuirass and Mithral chainmail, the Sylvan Elf in Umbra Chainmail with a Vorpal Steel Cuirass over full-body suit of Troll Skin armor. The Kasha Catfolk in Watcher Owl Feather armor who flies up floors of buildings to leave the weekly delivery of art on the fire escape or the Void Elf cimmerian steel plate armor and chainmail. All of them wear Shadow Cloaks and shadowstep boots.

Zen van Nihil segwayed this into a discussion with Ellis Unruly at the mention of his collection of a private collection commissioned to him from the eccentric artist and noise radio station, numbers station operator, and the premier radio show host broadcaster across the Lawless Darkness of Eden Prime. Eva Rand as an Esper who sent Zen van Nihil mail via Kitsune Foxfolk couriers to bring Zen van Nihil massive deliveries twice a month where 5-10 mastercraft works of art were delivered in frequent bursts of dispersals during those twice monthly deliveries from Kitsune foxfolk wearing Trickster Fox armor for stealth, amazing parkour, endurance, and agility as these Kitsune couriers would deliver the 5-10 total works of art throughout the day. The works of art were contained in Orient gilded metal cylinders of ornate material which Zen opened as a kind of awkward twice a month celebration of opening mastercraft works of arts that were beautifully painted on canvas or finely woven tapestries that were all of Zen’s best female friend Eiko. Eiko along with James and himself formed the triad of commanders over his fellowship. 

These mastercraft works of art took sometimes a surreal to surreal realistic depiction in their portraits that captured Eiko’s natural beauty as a sexual goddess and Eva Rand’s fascination with Zen and Eiko falling in love as Eva Rand insinuated directly to Zen in news coverage on her radio show that a large audience with a cult of personality listened to as she announced boisterously without mentioning Eiko to Zen van Nihil about the ‘perfect picture Zen van Nihil has received on what true love is envisioned from dreams to reality’. 

Eiko in Eva Rand’s portrayal was innocent, vulnerable, feminine, and lovely for every three out of five paintings. The other two out of the five showed Eiko empowered in her Shadow Knights glory and honor while serving closely or gazing over at Zen van Nihil. Zen did not dare to invade Eiko’s mind or feelings concerning Zen for these paintings Zen was gifted moved his heart causing his mind to wonder if Evan Ono knew Eiko was in love with Zen or was Zen in love with Eiko, only time would tell until then Zen enjoyed his hunting and other outdoor sporting trips with Eiko, himself, and his pet bog Orson. Zen knew that the artist knew Eiko Sakura Masashi and Zen van Nihil spent their weekends camping and cuddling one another under the stars after their countless yet classic moments together. Zen had known in their meetings with others no such circumstance had happened for Eva Rand was an Esper probably in an area safe from Lawless and Darkness so she may fully work on her art while sending the universally proclaimed messianic revolutionary of Zen van Nihil over the Gardenia Utopian Community art of the one the artist Eva Rand saw with their eyes of an Esper. This was a war for the love and admiration for Zen for at that time from Zen van Nihil loving and longing for Eiko while receiving art of a more seductive nature he had briefly over a number of times by consequential coincidence of a Void Elves or apex race among the Void Elves of one who once was a Noble High Elf of Summerland who became the Void Elves of the Otherworld. This beautiful corporal astral entity of the Void Elf held perpetual swirling entropy beneath their skin with flickers of bedazzling light that shimmered in the vortex held their physical form, violet hair, radiantly red eyes of a Void Elf who is the Archon who bears the title of the Marquess of Shadows (commonly referred to throughout the Multiverse as the Raven Marquess) who is one among the 12 of the Saturnian Great Commission who is named Ophelia Morrigan, each meeting in the Saturnian Astral Sea was an intellectual debate of wits as Zen and Ophelia often argued then flirted with one another during their meditations to their meeting. This occurred with the Tengu Ravenfolk Couriers who left three to five of these paintings similar to Eiko’s work on canvass except I know who she truly is as a one of a kind as the artist  this lavender skin beauty of Ophelia Morrigan  commissioned an artist by the name of Dorian Dreck Holiday who painted Ophelia Morrigan in not the innocent or vulnerable ways Eiko was drawn by  this same with the  if you know what I mean, the strangest of these was the Blue Oni, the one who called himself, Old Azure who took me off guard in my Hyperborean Manor in Manhattan in the middle of nowhere as I hung the artwork in appropriate places for the most harmony in hiding the beauty of Eiko Sakura in my secret study of my Hyperborean Manor located in the neighboring ally city-state to Bohemia of nearby Manhattan gem of Magna Petra in the elitist settlement comprised of a group of decadent apartment buildings. Old Azure had immediately alarmed me for getting past security and for being an Oni but disarmed me by his peaceful demeanor which was evidently sensed in his aura as one who is friendly, he told me of my allies in Agartha and Enigma beneath us in the tales of the Shadow Society I began there which culminated in the leading figures of the Minerval Genius Cambion Scientist, Doctor Auron Music Moonchild and my mother Persephone who bore the noblest bloodline among the Cambion race brought by this curse on Atlantean Nobles in their relations with other pan-Human species during the time of Lucifer Illuminatus in his guiding of Alastor Atlas and the Atlanteans in spreading the Cambion species everywhere. The Cambion Chaos Archon became the reincarnation who serves as the Governing Ruler of the Chaos Realms where Darkness and Lawlessness are the norms. The bloodline of the Sovereign of Ultima Enigma last manifested as Lucifer Illuminatus rules the Atlas-Persephone ancestry and was such the heritage of the humble Doctor Auron Music Moonchild. Doctor Auron Moonchild is of a species of fiends known as Cambion or devilish looking Humanoids. Doctor Auron Moonchild is involved in the Chaos Theorist Institute Shadow Society scientific intellectual combat specialists for his arcane mastery over the alchemical, martial, and magical combative styles in combat as a Promethean Champion and Shadow Knight who Doctor Auron Moonchild and two others have traveled through their own world of Asphodel from the surface world of another plane to our Inner-Agartha to the Nether of Tartarus to the place of traversing our planes in a place found across dimensional matrices but in Agartha is a Portal to the Astral Sea to the Many-Worlds. Now, Doctor Auron Moonchild, is bringing two others, the second is the Ghostwalker Oni, Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane, or Orcus otherwise Griz, Orcus Griz the Oni who was schooled as a Shadow Society Ghostwalker Chaos Magus Battlemaster in our shadow dimensional school of Scholomance.

Zen van Nihil began before clearing his throat as a fluster of conflict came over him for he continued, “Ophelia Morrigan the Raven Marquess, a Void Elf, who is quite charming, intelligent, and charismatic as she is dangerous in lethality, I am about to explain, the day I received five in one day from the Kitsune in art which I have all over my walls to my Manors throughout North America and my four European Manors for the past five years until despite being apart of over thousands of situations and to survive? That’s a feat in itself, however your depictions in your art are some things that truly inspired emotion inside me for about a week now, and I have seen your art for the first time at the art museum in Central Park.”

Ellis Unruly responded, “I find them safe places to artistically express myself but this current state of terror has given me inspiration overwhelming, I am inspired to reveal myself as more than just being Ellis Unruly, I am renown as an inventor, scientists, and ariste socialite, I am one of the most well-known and you could say biggest celebrities outside yourself, I’ve preferred the incognito life of an eccentric artist but my abilities are much like yours my Hyperborean of Humanity my friend, Zen van Nihil the descendant of Zenki van Nihil and Calvin Moody Luthor or Unruly, in the middle-late 21st Century created by the Celestial Cosmic Coalition Els and Humans in a laboratory in Russia, date of birth 16 July 2100 CE, raised by Buddhist monks in the Tibetan-Nepal autonomous zone until 2021 CE, started your ministry with minor setbacks you were an essential building block that was met with mixed feelings at your messianic nature to the point of vilification which you wore the mantle of Sovereign of the Shadow Society soon after you conquered the cosmos, you did this all for Humanity’s freedom in the Gardenia which became the true Utopian Community which is now a faction of the Celestial Cosmic Coalition, the larger unity of alien races which incorporates Humans originating from Gardenia Eden Prime Humans originating from all worlds in the universe, the Community is the umbrella term for all Humans with Gardenia based Humans being the basis with special appendages to Human-aliens originating from other worlds who have joined, I know you well Zen van Nihil, or shall I say as these Order of Darkness, Hellfire Dominion Banality of Evil and Bane of all Existence call you when you are not present, the Outsider.”

“They are the Order of Darkness of the bane of existence formed into an organized expansive governing force known as the Hellfire Dominion, I’ve been able to access Ozymandias, the almighty algorithm that is the heart, mind, and soul of the Gardenia Utopian Community in Super Artificial Intelligence, Ozymandias will speak to me only when there is time to rest and relax or out of the basis of necessity, I know what the Hellfire Dominion is and the Almighty Algorithm of Ozymandias has confirmed this, are they truly labeling Gardenia Humans of the Community as Utopians or deluded idealists and Lawless as anarchistic nihilists to justify their experiments to further advance their mad science experiments to further some progression? Ozymandias spoke to me of an Antarctic Hellfire Dominion base of operations and headquarters, they are positioned in strategic places to attack our allies in the United Socialist States of America, Soviet Union, People’s Republic of Greater Asia, European Republics, in South and Central America, the Brazilian Union and the People’s Republic of South America are fighting them regularly, even the Narco-Pharma Lords and their Armies are struggling in a guerrilla war where the Hellfire Dominion is not helping but only hurting. These monsters in the Order of Darkness are opening plantations and enslaving Lawless, Utopians, Humans, Elves, Survivors, anyone or other races who now walk this planet really. When this hellscape of a mission is over, I’ve been signaling Ozymandias to contact the USSA Military about intervention at this hellhole for I know Doctor Kronos is up to something, something’s blocking my mind and all I see is a horned skeletal goat head with Dragon-esque demonic head lined with horns, skeletal scales, he wears armor made out of dark matter that is a shadowy robe as nihilistic as a void but within that robe of the void is countless dimensions of Chaos, he has six arms with six fingers from a black palm hand underlined with purple skin on the underside, its fingers are ape-like skeletal bones or writhing slugs as tentacles, he wields a halberd, staff, and spear of Fortuna that possesses jaunting blades from it that bear many heads that all belong to those I have known including two battle axes and two scimitars for beheading those heroes, saints, and demigods for this is the Hierophant Eulogy Euronymous to those who are not chosen Archons, Eidolons, or Archons, this Eulogy the Dirge of Heroes invokes an aura of substance that is insatiable to the mind for zealous extremist worship, emotion sensation addiction, or the thing which sedates us in life and negates us even in death but as this horrible monster smokes its opium of the masses it plays a melody as if it were a flute playing a droning decibel crushing baritone dirge for Ellis Unruly, I know you are Magi Ellis Unruly is one that I see placed upon the spear as with countless innumerable others every-time as the full moon is out tonight and the Lunar symbol in its reflection of light from the sun shines brightly with lunacy, this is a Chaos Archon, do you know what it is Magi, wise man, you’ve lived here how long? Magi Ellis Unruly tells me what this thing is.”
Ellis Unruly spoke, “You’re one-hundred percent correct that is certain and you are sane, that thing has broken out of the higher floor in the vaulted attic and sows madness in the upper-floors, its name is Eulogy the Dirge of Heroes. It is sane to be anxious about this thing and it is hard for me to perceive for I am hyper-vigilant of it in case it should have escaped I would become hyper-aware, just as you are now Zen van Nihil, yes, I am Magi Mithra Mysterium in a newer form of Magi Ellis Unruly, I am the son of Khalid Yeshua Mysterium my own great grandson who has waited in this place on and off for Eulogy to try and escape. I was right in coming back last month, you envision it clearer than I which is…” Ellis Unruly finished by swallowing this word, “Troubling.”   

Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt returned with a large suitcase and longstaff with a bulbous end at one side wrapped in cloth. Unruly took it from him opening the suitcase while placing his Void Blades and Void Daggers at the other on the ground as Unruly began to adorn himself in his exoskeletal Springheel Jack rig which he put on over his Arachnoweave Shadow Armor.

The Orderlies had managed to carry out most of their own fallen comrades among their ranks as well as the corpses of Vanessa Harris, Titus Sarkin, Kira Russo, and Gary-25 (Gary Hubbard). James gathered weapons from their bodies and divided the weapons and ammunition. As Ellis Unruly took the Void Blades within its scabbard at the magnetic holder to his belt and the other in the magnetic holder along his back. The Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle in the same magnetic holding position.

Doctor Victor Kronos and Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt felt greatly intimidated that his favorite patient Mr. Ellis Unruly had revealed to be of some multiversal origin as the same of Zen van Nihil. They stirred anxiously as they had been warned of Zen van Nihil and had prepared themselves in case such a being would present themselves to them but they did not prepare for two multidimensional beings, one had humbly which they thought foolishly stayed on Eden Prime to find a resolve as some futile attempt to save Eden Prime where another, Ellis Unruly had humbly been a patient in-and-out of this facility as a manic patient for the last fifty years awaiting Zen van Nihil’s arrival to bestow him with a gift in a suitcase they had found none of these personal belongings besides the robes before. To mock this patient’s gifts or revoke their weapons would be foolish for the giant vaulted isolation chamber door which had been permanently sealed for two-hundred and fifty years had opened revealing that another monster outside Wendigos and Shoggoths and the decimated criminally insane populous to roughly twenty-five thousand criminally insane patients had been reduced to a more adequately serviceable population the main building produced with a large portion being taken by this Shadow Knights squadron combined with Orderly intervention with the majority being caused by fatalities among the criminally insane population.

“Zen, I will need your assistance on the third floor, the elevator still works, Orderlies have been stretched thin but the third floor is dangerous, I need you to bring some of your best with us while leaving some here to provide a means to make sure the Second Floor doesn’t make its way to the personnel and patients on the ground floor,” Doctor Victor Kronos demanded hastily.

“Zen, if I may make a suggestion,” Ellis Unruly began.

“What is it Ellis?” Zen replied

“Leave your companions here, I know the third floor pretty well, they will be safer here, trust me, I will go with you,” Ellis Unruly said with a tinge of foreboding qualm before adding a more candid request, “by the way, I prefer to be acknowledged as Ellis Unruly in social-conventions for further usage, no one calls me by my Archon name on the Great Commision, Mithras Ellis Unruly, but you know the celebrity of being an enigmatic artist, musician, inventor, scientist, socialite, extraordinaire, should not be jeopardized or trivialized by origins of multidimensional origin,” 

“Alright, Ellis Unruly,” Zen answered with a reluctant smirk with a slight laugh in his voice.

“Before we ascend in the steel cage to the most maddening part of the asylum of the third floor where I chose to house myself, for I am a creative type who uses all sorts of medium to depict and create his mastered form of art, I must warn you of what else was in the isolation chamber with the Great Eidolon of Chaos, Eulogy, the Dirge of Heroes, there was another lesser Archon of Chaos who devolved from her maternal Greater Archon of Chaos who became a demon trapped in this world and is limited to a few extradimensional realms that is an Archon of Spectrum Illusions Necro Hag, Serpent Queen Succubus, of Abyzou, locked in a separate smaller room in the vault with a form of Eulogy the maddened form from the past that is a version of Eulogy who has befriended Abyzou, have been together for two-hundred and fifty years and are very close,” Ellis Unruly stated.

“Thanks Ellis Unruly, I appreciate it,” Zen said thoughtfully.

“You’re welcome, I’ve depicted what  looks like, she used to be a outcasted member of the Bathory family which devolved into insanity after the majority of the family was broken from the EisenHaus clan, she was an immortal, who realized why she was originally ostracized as being an unfavorable Emperor Ahriman Aka Manah of the Ultima Circle being of the noble line of the six lords of the Ultima Circle which includes Lucifer Illuminatus, Doctor Azazel Apocalypse, and three others currently unknown to us since Ahriman Aka Manah was one of your earliest opponents and I believe your brother, bitter rival, to each other’s reprisals mutual bane of existence through her mother Viscountess Lamia Lamashtu, outcasted as a non-heir, stripped of her ability to reincarnate as a mortal to the Archon as a favored punishment of permanent death before she was brought here, she learned the philosophy of Lucifer from Eulogy and is loyal unto becoming a non-entity to him.” Ellis explained in great depth.

Zen nodded his head in approval, “I understand Ellis Unruly.”

Ellis Unruly then approached the distraught Victoria, “You wouldn’t happen to be Ramona Sarkin would you?”

“What is it to you?” Victoria asked inquisitively

“Your fraternal twin brother Titus, you didn’t know he was an Android did you?”

“I had no idea he was a Homo Synthetic,” Victoria began to weep.

“Victoria, your brother was an android developed 26 years ago, your parents had Titus watch over you while you were sickly as a child weren’t you, he was instructed to watch over you and protect you, wasn’t he?”

“Yes, yes, I was often ill, my brother took care of me, how did you know?”

“I developed your brother and know your parents very well, I cannot design your brother as the same brother you once knew, there was only one Titus Sarkin, he is gone, accept that he served his purpose well, that it was not your fault in no way shape or form, you are better now since you were a sickly child, he is better knowing he served his purpose, now you must continue to find your purpose in life by living life with a purpose,” Ellis Unruly stated.

Victoria had received excellent consul from Ellis Unruly, she was feeling better. Zen approached James, Eiko, Xavier while Ellis Unruly.

Zen spoke, “Jean-Claude Schmidt and Doctor Kronos have called for reinforcements from nowhere. Many of them are coming up to fight Eulogy and Abyzou with us as Victoria stays down here to the forces.

Zen, James Booker, Ellis Unruly, Jean-Claude Schmidt, Doctor Kronos, and five Order of Vulture Rangers. The Vulture Rangers were dressed in an upgraded combat-power armor hybrid in a field grey color unlike at all to the Gideon’s Rangers combat armor. Zen was reminded of seeing these completely different and more realistic Order of Darkness military units of Rangers in the elite military division known as Vulture Rangers. The Vulture Rangers were ominous in their silence, their steps made no sound as a Shadow Society member is trained to emulate the shadows. The Vulture Rangers wore Raven Ranger Power Armor, a lightweight and more agile model of power armor. They were equipped with EisenHaus Industries thermal vision, night vision. Master Commander Hadrian wore Berserker Stormtrooper Power Armor where Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt wore Shadow of Atlas Power Armor. Vulture Rangers wore Power Armor. All of which were models of power armor Zen had never seen in the Community preexisting the Darkness or knew of where they were made in Post-Darkness Eden Prime.

They were headed up to the second floor in the steel cage elevator to the second floor in the lobby. Zen looked over the central shatterproof plexiglass cages with air holes in them inside the larger steel cage as Doctor Kronos operated the elevator as it rose to the second floor. Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt opened the elevator cage to the second floor. Dead bodies of staff and security were strewn about in gorey messes of bits and pieces of severed limbs as the blood drenched lobby was amplified by the immediate shift to the second floor. Zen and Ellis Unruly gnawed in bewildered amusement at the shredded titan-wire over bars of a reinforced steel cage which was torn throughout it with the bars bent in skewing deformations. The wires frayed with a foul smelling black ichor congealed around them. The black ooze of the blood of Eulogy. Zen saw the attack by Eulogy play out all in his mind as the gruesome deaths of forty people fell slain in the tragedy that was replaying before him. Eulogy was blurred, formless in this vision to conceal its identity from Zen adding horror to the everyone in the lobby who was mangled into a gory mess. Zen was deeply troubled by their screams as men and women were ripped limb from limb, in a hurricane of turbulent movement, Eulogy exploded his victims into gore as groups of Discordia Asylum staff and security fell dead. Zen van Nihil and Ellis Unruly followed Jean-Claude Schmidt as he cleared the gaping hole of twisted steel with mangled corpses where the checkpoint had been completely destroyed.

Zen knew that the Order of Darkness originated from an intergalactic society found throughout the universe which came this world of Darkness for spiritual, philosophical, and political interest of bringing Lord of Luminous Lawlessness, Lucifer Illuminatus to this dimension to defeat Sovereign the Lawlessness and Darkness of Eden Prime. Zen’s theory was justified by the fragments of decrypted information on the ethos of the Order of Darkness and their larger society to easily assimilate to this Post-Darkness Eden Prime. Zen had also observed members of the members of the Order of Darkness were derivatives of the genetic mixing of Eden Prime based Humans and smaller deviant factions of alien-Human within the Celestial Cosmic Coalition based from other worlds and places in the universe.


Zen felt the wonder of disbelief as a revelation from the Great Architect’s psychic superhighway of information known as the Omniversal Consciousness of all the realms. The larger Order of Darkness society his odd allies represented had scientists known as Genetic Designers. These scientists of the Hellfire Dominion. The divine immortalized god-king was truly the Greater Archon of Tyranny known as Augustus Atlas. The conqueror of all multiversal creation. Atlas had been a phenomenon that spanned the omniversal realms of the Multiverse in the form of the majestic yet harrowing Augustus Atlas of a Hegemonic Sapien or Atlantean Sapien. Augustus Atlas’ appearance aged slightly but was remembered as the young handsome Greco-Roman, more specifically reminiscent of a well-known Great Macedonian conqueror of Eden Prime’s history. Atlas conquered the Celestial Cosmic Coalition and Draconian Imperium for a total of 30,000 years. Augustus Atlas’ reign was broken up into two portions. The first reign of complete domination and the power of his will in the exertion of a tyrannical absolutist dictatorship reigning as Augustus Atlas from 35000-5000 BCE when he was defeated by joint efforts. The second reign was when Atlas returned to methodically and systematically reclaim control of the entire civilized universe in the Celestial Cosmic Coalition and Draconian Imperium from 1-1001 CE following the uprising that resulted in the vanquishing of power from Atlas, followed by the immortalizing death of Atlas. Atlas died in a battle the rebel army led by a mysterious Hyperborean of legend. The Hyperborean was known as an Archon of Balance. Zenki ex Nihilo.

The ideal of the immortalized deity of the god-king Atlas was realized in findings that the Atlas Dynasty of the Atlas Atlantean Empire originated from the Atlantean civilization from the primordial planet Eden Prime. The Hellfire Dominion was from Humans who have existed before Gardenia but absorbed the Hellfire Chancellery which ruled over the Confederacy of Suns which created an insurgency and upheaval in the Holy Solarus Imperium to cause a schism in the Solarus Imperium between the Hellfire Dominion and Holy Solarus Imperium. The Hellfire Dominion founded by advanced genetic designing of these races of Humans into a master race of this larger ominously shrouded in enigma  deviant minority factions within their species had joined the larger society of the Order of Darkness. These aliens were of the alien-Human species known as the Hyper Sapiens. The Hyper Sapien deviant minorities who joined the Order of Darkness were of the races of the pariahs among the universal pan-Human races that originated across the cosmos among many worlds. These deviant minorities were followers of Archons of Chaos adhering to the philosophy of the Lucifer Principle out of Draconis-Human hybridization known or unknown to these mostly reptilian although Human appearing beings. The Celestial Cosmic Coalition ensured a swift and methodical investigation by undercover elite law enforcement agents. The systematic mass arrests were made followed by a judgement of Shadow Society officials correlating hundreds to thousands of horrendous violent felonies from grand theft, deadly assault, murder, mass murder, cannibalism, necrophilia, terrorism, treason among many other abhorrent deviancies into criminality. The most unsettling and possible causation of all these charges was the act of conspiring with an Archon of Chaos named Hierophant Eulogy Euronymous the Archon of Chaos who led these criminal cultists of terrorism and macabre ritual from each of these societies the selective genetic engineering of this newly evolved Human race through scientific designer eugenic  of their genetics to create Hyper Sapiens known as Human forms of Homo Ultra which was engineered by the Atlas Ultra Espers.


Jean-Claude Schmidt looked uneasily at the torn steel bars and frayed wire on the balcony of the second floor as he put his rifle behind his back as he assessed the situation in a hypnotic gaze of horror. 

Doctor Kronos said, “Blood, acid, the upper-floors must all be in ruin from that Witch Abyzou and the Dirge of all Existence, Eulogy Euronymous will escape and we cannot afford to allow either to escape.”

Zen van Nihil spoke, “You housed a Shoggoth in a sealed bunker in the basement and two Archons of Chaos in the attic, Doctor Kronos, you’re mind is one that is cloudy and hazy, you are deceptive in ways that none on this planet besides Lucifer Illuminatus, now tell me, you Solarus Spies, call Deus Imperator Alastor Gaius Atlas and the forces of Solarus, call them from were they reside in Solarus here to see if you’ll be alive if we escape our certain damnable fates.”

Doctor Kronos played with his Utilitech, “How did you know I planned all this to destroy you?”

Zen van Nihil laughed, “Don’t worry, I’ll call him using my personal Utilitech, my Utilitech is equipped with a cyberwarfare weapon that is unmatched in technology known to this realm, it is the Blue Dream, only I and Great Mother Celeste of Gardenia possess it.”

Zen relayed the contacts from the Solarus Utilitech device of Doctor Kronos to phone Deus Imperator Alastor Gaius Atlas.

“Hello?” Alastor Atlas asked.

“Report to Discordia Mental Asylum on Eden Prime, Zen van Nihil is dead,” Zen hung up after short circuiting the relay on the only communication device Doctor Kronos had to Solarus.

Doctor Kronos gazed wide-eyed at Zen in abject horror.

Suddenly, the fabric of reality began shaking. Zen winced as those around him held their head in the lobby for what was up there transcended anything close to what faced them before but something that Zen hadn’t faced in his daily life but he knew his Shadow Knights and those that would go with them to fight to destroy these Archons of Chaos known as Abyzou and Eulogy would be shaken by this and losing morale was the last thing they needed as banshees screams and undead moans echoed from the fifth floor to the ground floor of the building. Zen looked at Ellis with grit teeth. Ellis had his eyebrows raised and shrugged.


Victoria and Doctor Auron Moonchild were joined by a hulking 8 foot figure in Hellfire Dark Paladin Power Armor they had seen following Chief of Security, Jean-Claude Schmidt who  had returned to the lobby. Victoria watched the giant being taken off his helmet and placed it on a nearby coM where this bloodline came to be in 2126 CE between Zen van Nihil and his Matriarch Miranda Mania which Ahriman Aka Manah corrupted. Auron is a descendant of Zen van Nihil. Throughout the Gardenia Utopian Community to the Hellfire Dominion to the Abyss of Chaos and all the way to Dimensional Shadowlands. The Shadow Society has made its presence in establishing itself as a power player of broker of authority, I serve my teacher Auron Moonchild as I am in service to the Shadow Society, I have fought the Lawless, Darkness, to otherworldly horrors, I know Victoria, the loss of those who are close for I am a warrior and Archon as Doctor Auron Moonchild is an Archon, I shall fight until my last breath.”

This Elvish-Orcish Oni accompanied by a Cambion Fiendling in a physician’s lab coat, khaki pants, a white dress button-up shirt, black thin tie, he unveiled his devilish or fiendling features in a ram horned head covered in a pompadour of black hair, a thin devilish goatee, emerald green eyes, his complexion was of crimson red skin which matched his hands as he took off his black gloves to reveal this crimson colored skin on his hands and pearly white fine nails, a thin spaded tail emerged from the back of his khakis. The Cambion as his race was cursed to be existent by descent to dominate whatever offspring from a pact his ancestors made with Lucifer Illuminatus to become a Cambion with only vague parental features as devilish appearing Cambion marked his existence. 

The charismatic intellectual yet mischievousness of a devil’s advocate personality shined through as a master logician and debater of reason revealed himself as the Cambion spoke, “My name is Auron Music Moonchild of the Mephistopheles-Atlas Infernal Pact that created my race known as the Cambion, I am the son of parents who my father is named Mammon Money Moonchild who is a Cambion whose occupation is the Crime Overlord of the Mammon Greed Crime Syndicate. Mammon Moonchild the Crime Overlord of the entirety of the main continents of the Agarthan Lemuria-Asgard continents. I am just grateful that I’m not a stereotypical perversion of the Atlantean Race in the Cambion Deviation from some Atlas Tyrant who ruled most of the universe outside the Universe outside the Virgo Supercluster…”

Doctor Auron Moonchild continued, “My mother was a Human witch of the Discordia Cult but my Cambion bloodline stems from an alternate line of descent from pacts made long ago with the corruption of one of Zen van Nihil’s lovers with a fellow Archon named Miranda Mania by Ahriman Aka Manah the Moonchild family Matriarch Miranda Mania was one of thirteen Primarchs of Chaos ensured the coming of Cambion species but was mass multiplied exponentially throughout the cosmos by the fall of Atlantean Oligarchy of Nobles and Aristocrats via a pact Deus Imperator Alexander Atlas made with Mephistopheles or who we know now in his current manifestation as Doctor Alakazam the Mad currently in spreading the Cambion species in our greater multiverse are all descended from this curse of Chaos Archons unto corrupted Archons.” Auron continued.

Doctor Auron Moonchild spoke further, “In our universe, the Cambions are those descended from Alexander Atlas the First and his Atlantean Oligarchy of Nobility, I am of the Lucifer Illuminatus Cambion bloodline descended from Lamia Lamashtu or in my case as a direct descendant of Doctor Lilith Moonchild who created Zen van Nihil to raise her Fallen Archon of Zenki Ex Nihilo who took over the form of Zen van Nihi the Savage of Hyperborea who traveled the Multiverse while Zenki Ex Nihilo sacrificed himself to splinter the Atlantean presence on Earth which was Doctor Lilith Moonchild’s own son which she also bore unto this world Miranda Mania in the same glass vats of Creatio Mechanicus. Cambions come from three lines of Atlantean Corruption in the War with the Dragons in the Atlas Empire and the Draconian Empire in a war that almost ended both civilizations, Lamia Lamashtu in her Incubus and Succubus Agents hybridizing with Humanity or are descendants of Zen van Nihil and Miranda Mania, I have come here with Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane and another recently hidden in a batch of reinforcements from the enigmatic ambivalent yet corrupted from the once Holy Solarus Imperium into the Hellfire Dominion who are allies of the Atlas Empire and Draconian Imperium, Solarus was allowed to illusion of annexing the Atlas Atlantean Empire while the badly destroyed Draconian Imperium is looking for its redemption in Tiamat as civil war among the Draconal, Reptilian, and Reptoid race runs rampant. I am of the Shadow Guilds pertaining to the Nightblade Shadow Knights who is also a Minerval Chaos Magus, the Minerval Chaos Magus as you should know are the occult scientific magicians who are beyond the Keepers of Secrets for their abilities pertaining to their proficiency of the arcane, alchemical, magical, and occult arts as experts who apply those science for combative purposes, I am one of the Seven Wonders of the Minerval Genius Guild, I will personally end Alastor Atlas myself and his bloodline, Great Architect willing.” Doctor Auron Moonchild detailed in a controlled tone while emphatically denoting certain words in his burning charismatic discourse to allow for the effect of pride and empowerment of self and others.

Victoria understood these words as an exertion of personality which is something charismatic leaders such as Zen use to override the general orders from James Booker.

Eiko Musashi offered condolences to Victoria.

“Victoria, we have been joined by these two fine gentlemen and a Void Elven Woman of dark purplish skin tone coupled with their platinum white hair among elves and  white hair, not the oblivion of darkness in Enigma but of the Abyss, her name is the Dark Domina Ophelia Morrigan of House Desna, she has been a close friend to Zen van Nihil in ways that I’m sure you can figure out if I told you they had been friends for what we would consider enough to know everything about one another, Zen van Nihil blames himself for being unable to protect his blossoming love and fellowship of Vanessa Harris, that Ophelia Morrigan is an Archon as well, Victoria, are you truly sure about giving up hope in love, in life, in your dawning of a beautiful luminous future over something we all must endure together?” Eiko asked Victoria in heartfelt compassion and amelioration of what they know to be true.

Victoria sighed out her anxiety in an emphatic rise that revealed her ideal self and sanity had been restored, “Eiko, you other three, what is our next plan of action?”  

 Eiko stated directly, Orcus and Auron shall protect you personally in the medical wing of the lobby as James, Zen, Xavier, Ellis, Ophelia and I will accompany Doctor Viktor Kronos, Hellfire Templar Jean-Claude Schmidt, and a majority of Hellfire forces that will result in massive loss for this thing Zen, James, and I know as Eulogy, the Dirge of Heroes, a Chaos Archon of Great Death with one other aligned to our cause shall be with us unsuspecting in our forces power against the bane of existence of nebulous Chaos power with its own similar Archon companion of Madness known as Abyzou.”

These masterpieces from Magi Ellis Unruly came in the fantastical elements of not Darkness or Lawless but the paradisiacal fantastical environmental effects on regions and provinces of Eden Prime where the extradimensional power of beyond Order, Balance, and Chaos. This was the alternating effects of Zenarchy created by the metaphysical divine solution to the existential equation of Chaos Theory intertwined with Chaos Magick in changing the realms of the Shadowlands, Enigma, Agartha, and the surface world of Eden Prime in creating regional provinces of environments that were a paradise of an oasis away from Lawless Darkness by the powers of Illuminating Zenarchy as the sun radiately broke the gloom shroud of the overcast miasma to allow the coastal areas of the Eastern Sprawl in the large holes in the Lawless Darkness that allowed Autonomous beams of sunshine which brought hope to the Zones where those fortunate enough to find solace of the Eastern Sprawl square mile due to supernatural terraforming of an environment that was a dwelling place for the races of Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes, Cambions, Orcs, Onis, and Beastfolk who are those in the ever spreading Darkness who are not of the Lawless but have Goodness in their hearts. Victoria thought all these things and heard a bell ring which turned into a wedding ceremony to both Johnny and Titus in this madhouse.

The priest in her vision looked at her and smiled, “If this is madness then you are completely sane.”

Suddenly, everything turned to Ultraviolet light as Ramona Sarkin was in the presence of a giant Seraphim with six purple feathered peacock angelic wings as a deity of Celestial beings who was a young femme fatale of a woman with a mischievous grin.

“My name is Eris Discordia and you are no longer Ramona Sarkin but Saint Ramona Sarkin who consecrates this universe and the Multiverse as a Human turned Celestial Archon of Discordia and my Champion by my will who sacrificed much and sanctified one of my many Sacred Sites in this Hospital, I cure you of your Shoggoth Psychosis and make you whole again as Zen van Nihil will invite you into his harem which I do say is quite the honor despite the demeaning stigma my Saint Ramona Sarkin, Sovereign Zen van Nihil the Hyperborean who leads Saturnia, Shadows, and Zenarchists is your new love interest as of today, from the bottom you walked to the heavens at the top is your new flock, spread your wings and fly,” Eris Discordia spoke.

Ramona Sarkin became Ramona Sarkin as a golden apple appeared in her hand and she took a bite. She felt peacock feathered purple celestial wings sprout from her back in ecstasy and her Void Blades become Discord Swords with an Astral Glowing Aura to the Void Opalesque Dark Vorpal Adamantium Swords.


Abyzou appeared as a snake haired gorgon with the body of a succubus demoness who leapt on Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt ripping his head from his body. The Vulture Rangers fired shredding Marshal Jean-Claude Schmidt’s body. She appeared among the Vulture Rangers gnashing with claws before wrapping herself around Doctor Victor Kronos biting his neck.

“Doctor, you made love to me while restrained trapped in my cage, you heard my siren’s songs for days, now, it’s time for my revenge and to put you in the grave.” Abyzou sang in a melodic tone as the Doctor injected a syringe into her.

“Die you Witch Whore!” Doctor Kronos yelled as his head exploded.

Abyzou shrieked. Xavier plunged his sword through her as she slashed with both arms across Xavier. Xavier felt the aetherial burns as Abyzou quickly disintegrated into a fine dust.

“Xavier, are you alright?” Zen called concerned.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” Xavier said.

An ivory staff of jagged bone shot through Xavier’s chest.

Eiko gasped as the void opened behind Xavier revealing a Juggernaut Undead Minotaur MetaBaphomet of Bone with an elongated Cow Skull with many rows of Stag Antlers upon its head as its hollowed eyes glew a red glow. Its body was made of Reinforced Wraithbone and Death Knight MetaBaphomet Minotaur Armor which symbolized that this Discordia Asylum was Eulogy’s Labyrinth.

Eulogy pierced Xavier with his Glaive through the chest from behind which only expanded outward as Eulogy twisted the Thanos Froststeel in Xavier like a blender hitting all of Xavier with soulsucking with Thanos Froststeel of Wraith Touch that cursed Xavier’s half-Human side albeit half-vampire undead as a Dhampir.

Xavier writhed and twisted until he slid off Eulogy’s jagged Glaive known as the Dirge with ease and fell to the floor bleeding black bile and blood. Zen immediately used a telekinetic force blast to knock back Eulogy three feet as Eiko, Ophelia, and James fired their Q-Antimatter Atomizer Rifles at Eulogy Euronymous who sustained heavy blows causing him to fall to a knee and teleport. Ellis Unruly ran over to Xavier performing Chaos Magick upon him causing Xavier to suspend into the air and regenerate. Abyzou reanimated from the aetherium as a gorgon snake haired woman with green skin wearing Dark Templar Armor only revealing her face. Abyzou was seductively beautiful in an abominable way. Her large black raven feathered wings outstretched as she fired a ray of destructive energy at Ellis the Minerval Shadow Knight and Enochian Chaos Archmage who turned shielding himself and Xavier to fire back with a ball of fire which hit her. Abyzou screeched but still stood. Doctor Kronos Victor Kronos rose from the dead as a pale wight who looked at the others.

Doctor Kronos spoke looking at Zen van Nihil, “I am a servant of Legatus Magistrate Alastor Atlas and Deus Dominus Chancellor Corbyn J. Hellfire but not of all the Hellfire Dominion is in favor of the Hellfire Chancellery for the citizens of the Hellfire Dominion who did not come from the Ragnarok Barbarians or Confederacy of Suns view the Rite of Rulers as belonging to the eternal Deus Imperator Roland Germanicus Solarus and his wife Empress Beatrix Gabriel Solarus of the Holy Solarus Imperium which the Hellfire Chancellery is in direct dialectical and antagonistic opposition to as the civil war between the Solarus Imperials and Hellfire Chancellery, my goal was to lead as many to their deaths for Eulogy Euronymous as possible and do as much damage as I could to the Shadow Society and to the local population of this New England area of the United Socialist States of America by denying Nightwatch Shadow Society Security and Support at a supposed Shadow Society Medical Facility, however, I am inclined to tell you this, I am not Human nor reptilian, I am a monster like all the others here.” Doctor Victor Kronos spoke as out of his mouth protruded tentacles his eye popped for new ones to protrude through that were golden orbs with a single black dot in them his skin changed to a greyish purple as he became 14 feet tall with draconic wings and reptilian feet with a Humanoid amphibious body as his head became a celaphod. Doctor Victor Kronos had been an Eldritch Starspawn known as a Kthylla Nergal who had been feeding on the madness and chaos here. His clothes became a dark black and acrid green robe.

The Kthylla Nergal which is an Eldritch Celaphod Headed, Draconic Bodied, Bat Winged Outsider Alien Creature that was the Archmage Doctor Kronos let out an unworldly laugh, “Welcome to your deaths by my hand, Eulogy shall have your heads on spikes as Lawless and Aberrations will flock to this location for its sacrament of blood and occult place of blaspheme worship to Lucifer Illuminatus and Alastor Atlas.”

The still intact bodies of the dead arose as intelligent wights including the headless body of Jean-Claude Schmidt. James fired his Q-Antimatter Atomizer Rifles into them causing them their atomic structure to collapse as they fell into piles of black ash.

Abyzou laughed, “Rise my children conceived of rape and madness, arise!”

From the rooms came Little Green Men with Celaphod heads wielding eldritch steel curved daggers making loud gurgling and coughing sounds as they emerged. One came straight out of a room trying to sink his dagger into Ellis Unruly but was denied as Xavier decapitated it with his Void Sword. Xavier drew his Compliance Negotiator Rapid Fire Laser Pistol and began mowing down the bodies causing gashing holes in them as Ellis drew his dual 13mm SMGs and fired down the hall with him. Despite this the Wights had been weakened with some falling into dismembered pieces. Xavier holstered his Compliance Negotiator and drew his other Void Sword. Completely rejuvenated and refreshed, Xavier bolted down the hall slicing and dicing as a dervish falling the lot. However, he had once again in his reckless nature cut himself off as the halls were filled with more undead and Kthylla Nergal celaphod children as well as hulking Kthylla Nergal-Human Lawless Hybrids.

Ellis reloaded in under a second and made nothing but headshots followed by the tossing of the guns to levitate and fire as he summoned a chain of lightning to rip through the halls and Cthylla Nergal-Hybrids. Zen and Ophelia went to each of the Halls and cast a ray of Saturnia Stellar Eldritch Chaos Magick which was an amorphous clear blob combined with a telekinetic force which ripped the flesh from the bones of Cthylla Nergal-Hybrid and Undead Wight alike until they fell into a grey goo on the floor.

Kronos laughed, “You devour my children as I have, how do you think I made myself a god among these abominations?”

Kronos was hovering hastily around the room until Eiko cloaked herself in translucency with both Void Swords drawn, she jumped off the wall with full force of her Spring Heel Jack attacking Kronos.

Eiko Musashi landed with the grace of a ninja as a fountain of blood exuded from the Kthylla Nergal Starspawn Doctor Victor Kronos’ neck while his celaphod head rolled laughing on the floor which Eiko front snap kick then stomped into a green and yellow pulpy mess.

All eyes of the Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi turned to Abyzou whose eyes were widened as her rapist lover had been slain. Abyzou unleashed a portal of shrieking Chaos that pinned down Zen, Eiko, Ophelia, Ellis, and even Xavier despite his distance.

Suddenly, a familiar female voice spoke, “Stop in the name of the Great Architect!”

Ramona Sarkin stood with Auron and Orcus who charged in. Victoria used a blast of purple lightning into Abyzou as her mastery as a Chaos Magus had come to her through strife and struggle while Auron came at Abyzou with dual Void Swords and Orcus with his Grimsbane which was a Glaive and Warhammer Dual Polearm which to be more specific is constructed from Admantium-Orichalum with dual Magical Warhammer and Glaive on opposing sides of the mighty polearm weapon with thermetic energy radiating from the double sided blades of the Glaive and a Row of 12 Gauge Dragons Breath .12 gauge explosives that could be opened on the double sided Warhammer end. Victoria’s eyes glew purple as she had transcended into an Archon and Archmage of Chaos Magic. Auron impaled Abyzou with his blades then jumped over her cutting off her wings and piercing the portal which erupted past Auron who telekinetically shielded himself into Abyzou. Orcus Griz charged slicing off the legs of Abyzou with the Glaive then doing a mighty power strike with the warhammer which came down as Abyzou shrieked for her children. The Warhammer hit exploding her skull. Abyzou lay motionless. 

Orcus and Auron moved out of the way of Victoria who never ceased the barrage of purple lightning to consume all over Abyzou in a portal which Victoria harvested the essence of as her eyes permanently became a deep purple and she spread deep purple wings from her back from her transfiguration into a Discordia Chaos Magi Celestial Angel who Victoria was now a daughter of the Grand Archon of the Saturnia Commission, Eris Discordia. Saint Ramona Sarkin was manifested into this realm.

“Sovereign Zen, I am now among you, Ellis Unruly, Ophelia Nethys, Auron Moonchild, and Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane as an Archon. Where is Eulogy? I know his secrets that none of us here outside myself know. I have transcended the paradigm, I have evolved, Zen, some of us have been afflicted by the Shoggoth Psychosis, I was until I ascended into Discordian Sainthood and overcame the very nature of my grief of my lover Johnny and my brother Titus, I am stronger thanks to an experimental that I willed to a higher power in Eris Discordia to be cured and became an Archon myself.”

Zen stood in silence looking Ramona Sarkin wishing Vanessa and the others we’re still alive but he knew the high-probability that among Xavier, Eiko, and James were now infected due to their exposure while Victoria, Ellis, Orcus Griz, and Ophelia were definitely not infected meaning his squadrons Commodore James, Captain Eiko, and Special Operative Xavier were infected with no cure besides death or to see when they go on their Eldritch Magically empowered Superhuman killing spree.

“Ramona Sarkin, you have been promoted to Captain, Eiko, you retain your rank in this squadron, Victoria, you know a Master Discordian Chaos Magus and Minerval Shadow Knight Lady Protector, your rank in the Shadow Society is now Celestial Saint Victoria of Discordia, you have done nothing but grow stronger than all and overcome everything, James and Eiko we need active leadership in case anything should invade the Eris Discordia Mental Asylum while we are here,” Zen continued, “Saint Victoria Discorida, you are Chosen from this Holy Site.”

Zen ordered, “Eulogy Euronymous the Dirge of Death has retreated into his vault which leads deep inside his chambers of the expansive attic of the Eris Discordia Sanitarium for the Lawless and Insane.”

Zen sheathed Zenarchy and Void Blades as did others with their weapons.

“James and Eiko, I need you to go down into the lobby and wait for us as well as others possibly from Solarus Legionnaires, Gardenia Protectorate, United Socialist States of America Military or the local Shadow Society Shadow Knights, Chaos Magi, and Nightwatch from the neighboring Polis City-State of Montreal and nearby Polis of Green Forest City, Burlington. They will all be transpiring in our location. Outside, the Green Forest City, Burlington, Vermont Shadow Society Emissaries are negotiating diplomatically with Hellfire Solarus Forces as the Green Forest City Shadow Knights, Chaos Magi, and Nightwatch await for the flood of forces that are the Shadow Army from Montreal to arrive. I can’t afford to lose you two and I can’t allow anyone else in given Eulogy’s power of necromancy and empowerment by the death around him, more death in this place will only make him more powerful.”

James looked at Eiko who she met his glance with an affirming nod.

“Yes, Sovereign Zen.” James spoke.

Eiko walked over to Zen and passionately kissed him wildly.

“Yes my love,” Eiko whispered in his ear.

James and Eiko made their way down the stairs from the fourth floor to the lobby.

Zen looked around, “Alright, who is ready to live until their last breath for we may be in a fight to our deaths, Eulogy Euronymous is our target, we are all Archons of Saturnia, we are all Agents of the Society of Shadows, let us go, Auron, it is good to see you again, Orcus, it is always an honor to fight beside you, Victoria, congratulations for your will to overcome and become a Chosen Archon of Eris Discordia, Victoria you surprised me there, Ellis, always a pleasure, you are probably one of my favorite artists, do you have any prints if we survive this? Nevermind that now, let me find out after we do this, let’s go!”

Zen, Victoria, Ellis, Auron, and Orcus made their way up the stairs to the attic and found an open vault door in the dingy, humid, musty, and littered with cobwebs before a 10,000 pound giant vault door that was wide open. The squad looked inside and saw Shadows moving in the Void which spanned all the way back in limitless darkness. Shadows of the Void known as Darkness. This epicenter of death was what drove mad men insane with the whore Abyzou and the disguised Kthylla Nergal Starspawn known as Doctor Victor Kronos who in his work had interbred with Abyzou to ensure a race of freaks would have inhabited the floor below.

Auron shuddered when he thought of Doctor Kronos and Ellis took notice of his Doctor who together kept up this charade until the Shadow Society could handle this situation but Eulogy Euronymous? How were they supposed to destroy one of Diabolos Darkness’ top Archons in this world? Auron sent out balls of arcane light which once they hit something in the Vaulted Attic would illuminate the area the first three lit up at a distance so far back that it proved the Attic of Eulogy was outside the normal bounds of space, time, and consciousness the arcane light in the distance appeared as hovering UFOs. Auron aimed at the ground nearer in by rapid succession creating a row of lights which illuminated a path then the first 50 meters of the Attic which outlined in full quite the horrorshow of the Attic proved to be as this was a pathway into a Plane of the Underworld that was the Abyssal realm of the Greater Demonic Archon of Grim Reapers known as Thanatos. All of them could see with their own eyes in darkness as Shadow Knights are trained but this Darkness was of Diabolos Darkness. Ellis and Auron began casting more arcane lanterns which were balls of light that once they hit their surface stuck and provided a 10 meter radius of light to reveal more. 

Orcus in his full Green Orichalum Heavy Power Armor wielding his Grimsbane Thermetic Glaive and Warhammer stepped through, his katanas at his side as the 10 foot tall juggernaut led the way inside the vault. Xavier who was an undead half-vampiric Dhampir Eldritch Shadow Knight and Shadowblade stepped through next stealthily keeping to the shadows who was followed by Ophelia Morrigan who did this same as Orcus Griz made his presence known. Zen and Victoria followed Orcus which the last one through was Ellis Unruly. They stood in the arcane light and suddenly the Vault Door closed behind them closing shut.

“What the fuck?!” Those in the light proclaimed. 

Enchanted candles upon candelabras and a series of hanging orbs from the ceiling instantaneously glew with a violet purple glow to power up to white light to reveal Eulogy Euronymous 500 meters away in a room filled with six golden gilded ebony obsidian caskets that slid open. Out came six Mummy Lords who were the six Ancient Noble Lords of New England during the first 120 years of the Feudalistic System that governed the New England area after the Fall of the Gardenia Homeworld of Eden Prime into Lawlessness and Darkness. Numerous attendants and guards of Eulogy Euronymous and the six Mummy Noble Lords arose from sliding door coffins. Followed by more coffins along the walls besides them opening revealing 12 Eldritch Necro Knights who were the two Vassals of each of these Mummy Lords. Eulogy Euronymous directed the 12 Eldritch Necro Knights to attack first in their 7 foot tall protrusions of razor sharp armor wielding Necrotic Bastard Swords and Unholy Eldritch Steel Shields who were elite Bionic Razor Cyborgs who were Celestial Paladins until becoming Apocalypse Paladins in their past lives who fell to ruin along with their Six Noble Mummy Lords by none other than Doctor Azazel Apocalypse and Doctor Alakazam the Mad. The room was full of desks and chairs as well as hospital equipment and supplies that stood between them but there were easy pathways and clearings the Undead knew how to manage through. 

Ellis in full Shadow Knight armor and bearing many weapons from Shadow Knights and elsewhere except the Shadow Cloaks for he wore a beige suit with a white dress shirt and black tie began using a paint-pen to draw an enchanted summoning hexes with astral Saturnia and Infernal patterns along with two others besides it and one large one in front of him that Zen and Victoria could register around himself. Orcus Griznacht became entirely invisible to begin his assault. Ophelia and Xavier were both angered that their moves for stealth were blown and the position probably only known to Eulogy Euronymous began firing from their covered position of steel desks at the Eldritch Necro Knights with their Q-Antimatter Rifles. The hits stopped the Eldritch Necro Knights but raised their shields to block which defended themselves. Auron in his full Shadow Knight gear coupled with weaponry but wearing a lab coat over his armor instead of a Shadow Cloak began to summon a ray of Chaos Magick acidic energy at the Eldritch Necro Knights stopping one as it felt the blow that Auron forced harder and harder upon it watching its armor disintegrate for the Unholy Shield to take the blow with its Necrotic Sword swinging in the air to maintain balance as Victoria summoned a bow quiver of violet astral energy arrows she flew into the air with the three arrows and fired into three Eldritch Necro Knights as the Mummy Lords levitated behind them. 

One hit the disintegrating acidic Eldritch Necro Knight exploding it into pieces which turned to dust. The two others hit one in the head that Ophelia and Xavier were firing at. The arrow struck Eldritch Necro Knight in the head which caused it to go flailing. Ophelia charged forward her Raven Morrigan Wings spread as she flew and came down with her full force summoning her Void Vorpal Blades into massive Claymore Great Swords then spun in a whirlwind to destroy it. A Necrotic Blade was about to hit her, the sword was knocked out of the Eldritch Necro Knight’s hand then an explosion of 100 Dragons Breath .12 gauge slugs combined with a massive adamantium-titanium warhammer wielded by a 10 foot tall juggernaut sliced the Eldritch Necro Knight with the Glaive Ophelia let go and retracted the spellsword Void Claymore Great Swords back into Void Longswords then flew away after telekinetically blasting both Necrotic Blades under piles of desks then as her Eldritch Necro Knight began to respite she used a a sonic screech focused solely on her target to disintegrate it. The invisible Orcus Griz pummeled and sliced the other Eldritch Necro Knight to dust.

Zen van Nihil threw a Enochian Chaos Magical ball of energy at the Mummy Noble Lords which exploded them backwards. One in the center leading the Mummy Lords at a slow levitation were caught in this energy that gravitated two others towards the Chaos Energy of Antimatter and Lambda by sheer force and disintegrated one of the Mummy Lords as two were wounded significantly as Zen charged into it with his Zenarchy Katana and Void Longsword to slice them into bits as the coup d’etat on  Zen put his eyes on Eulogy Euronymous when his senses were alerted to something projecting itself airborne at Eulogy. It was Xavier Carter out for vengeance from his near death experience earlier. Zen van Nihil sliced and diced at the two Mummy Lords who shrieked as they grabbed at Zen who kicked back and plunged his Void Blade in one to hold it back to destroy the Mummy Lord to hold it back as the other came at him which Zen struck down by dashing in half then decapitated the other. Three Mummy Lords remained as Eulogy held Xavier from his Thorned Gallows Death Quarterstaff.

Zen van Nihil’s blood boiled as fury filled his eyes as he gazed at another one of his fallen comrades by the hands of this Baal Archon Eulogy the Deathbringer who was a son of the Supreme Baal Archon the Metabaphomet as Zen heard its cackle in Eulogy as the Undead Pandemonic Eldritch Skeletal Minotaur in Pandaemonium Power Armor jostled Xavier Carter’s corpse on his Dirge of Death Staff.

Xavier Carter looked up at Zen van Nihil with his once green eyes turned now into a pale grey as the Undeath Dhampir of Xavier said his last words, “Tell James Booker, I’m sorry, Kira, I will always love you Kira.”

Zen jumped back and plunged his blades into a Necro Knight then exploded it with his blades before being sent through the air by his Spring Heel Jack Exoskeleton Suit to regain himself as the selected target of the two Mummy Lords.

The Mummy Lords received a pelting from Ophelia Morrigan and Ramona Sarkin from their respective former being Acrid Acid Arrows and the latter being Discordia Chaos Celestial Arrows slowing them down. Ellis summoned three Mothmen who were all completely black Void Extraplanar Creatures while Auron threw Acid and Chain Lightning Grenades at the Necro Knights before drinking a potion which transformed him into a ArchDevil who was none other than the ArchDevil of his Infernal Nature being the Son of the ArchDevil Mammon Money Moonchild and himself being the Azrael the ArchAngel of Death in his dualistic Lord Archon as a Cambion Fiendling Human and the Celestial ArchAngel of Azrael wore deep blue celestial robes and Divine Celestial Quicksilver Plate Armor Cuirass with Chainmail of Fate. Azrael stood at 14 feet tall with bulging muscles under Seraphim Celestial Armor with with an Atlantean face, where his hair was a black pompadour was now long and silver, his skin fair with radiant Human youth, six Seraphim white feathered wings sprouted from his back, he wielded a massive Warscythe which blue ghastly flames emitted from it known as the Endbringer. 

“Eulogy, I have come for you and your Draconis Reptilian Mummy Noble Lords of the EisenHaus family, No longer shall they dream eternally in death but they shall be judged in a second and sent as a slave to be in Bleak Void of the Abyss and Torturously Burn in the Inferno simultaneously by the Will of God the Great Architect, Eulogy the Deathbringer, I am Order and you are the Anathema to Nature and the Supernatural.”

Xavier’s body exploded into black ichor as Eulogy the Dirge of Heroes stood in awe, Eulogy drew his long glaive-sword known as the Executioner and smiled maniacally at Azrael. Ellis molded some clay in his hand as he saw Eulogy mutter some words and threw it as a Void Troll appeared to Eulogy’s five Necro Knight Minotaurs in Pandaemonium Power Armor appeared as the Void Troll dug its claws in one vomiting all over the Necro Knight Minotaur dissolving its armor falling it. 

Five more caskets opened to reveal the five Draconal Noble Mummy Lords of the five Boroughs of New York City which were 12 feet tall Reptilians in bandages with greater fangs and claws as they summoned Reptilian Hades Hounds that ran at Zen as the Mummy Lords closed in on him. Zen van Nihil slashed at each of them for only one hit to land as the others evaporated to Shadow to be picked up by the Mothmen who flew around and dropped them dead then the Mothmen multiplied by two to create six Mothmen as more Necro Knights appeared who the Mothmen flew into exploding Void energy as Zen saw the Mummy Lords hit by the collateral where Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane appeared with his Worldbreaker. A Mummy Lord made a failed lunge directly into Zen’s swords, destroying it as Orcus swung his Worldbreaker, destroying another.

The Draconian Mummy Lord of the Reptilian EisenHaus family remained. As Azrael the ArchAngel flew around the room with Ramona Sarkin who had her Chaos Blades drawn and Ophelia with her Void Swords across the Draconal Mummy Noble Lords destroying all five. The Troll puked all over the Necro Knight Minotaurs destroying them. Zen, Orcus Griz, Azrael, Ramona Sarkin, Ophelia, and Ellis all attacked Eulogy the Dirge of Existence to watch bright white light explode from all around Eulogy the Doombringer as he exploded into the essence that would require a century to be considered moderately strong instead of using the Discordia Mental Asylum used it as his Labyrinth of Death with the help of the Insane Abyzou who Mothered Innumerable Monsters for the PanDemonic Baal who is the Son of the Metabaphomet was destroyed.

The Shadow Society will now refurbish this place as a treatment and research facility for a cure. Azrael transformed back into Auron as his father didn’t hide the fact he was an ArchDevil for securing his monopoly from the Nether to Agartha to the surface, none knew who was working for Mammon Money Moonchild but they knew to fear him. Whereas Auron hid the fact his Higher Self was an ArchAngel who was one of Death as a Polymath Scientist and Polymath Medical Doctor Auron Music Moonchild was very gifted for he was the one who helps. Zen van Nihil the Hyperborean kissed Ophelia Morrigan the Void Elf long and hard. Ramona Sarkin approached Auron who was wriggling in his skin and quivering from what lived inside him for that was something he would never tell his father despite reasons his father would express empathy for all his son’s work and apathy if it made a difference to blame it on his mother.

“Auron Moonchild, I love you and I want to marry you for doing more for me than any other man has for you are not just a Good Man but a Great Man.” Ramona Sarkin kissed Auron hard and passionately to the point Zen and Ophelia looked over in pride.

Ellis smirked as he watched.

Orcus Griz held out his thumb pointed at them, “I could have told you they were soulmates.”

“Tragedy makes good company.” Ophelia giggled.

Zen van Nihil raised a hand and stood motioned them all to stand back out the ichor of Xavier Carter which had sprayed all over a good portion of the floor from his gore explosion.

“Xavier Carter left no honor of armor or weapons to be held as sacred treasures to be given to an Adept to become a Master Shadow Knight, Xavier left this world with Kira as lovers in this Hell that was a Discordian Asylum of Eris overtaken by Darkness and Lawlessness but retaken and purged for the Shadow Society which we shall remember for all time as we shall remember Xavier Carter the Nightblade for all time.” Zen van Nihil spoke in solemn lamentation for Xavier Carter.

The rest were sober and silent.

“Vanessa Harris, Titus Sarkin, Kira Russo, Gary-25 Hubbard, and Xavier Carter all gave their lives in what was supposed to be a mission to restore observations on the Shoggoth to find a cure for its cause but instead we have possible infectees among us which is why I sent Eiko Musashi and  here in a trap placed by infiltrators within infiltrators of deception, deceit, and treason by the Hellfire Dominion and the Pandemonic forces of the Sovereign of the Ultima Circle Lucifer Illuminatus, Doctor Azazel Apocalypse, and Diabolos Darkness lured us into a trap in allegiance with the Hellfire Dominion in order to destroy us but the precious lives of the Squadron led by myself, James Booker, and Eiko Musashi has nearly been destroyed but here we is where we find unity, here is where we find strength, here is where we find each other. The Lamentation of the Eulogy of Heroes is complete and despite our own survival, I count this as a great defeat, it does demoralize me nor it should any of you but now is where we unite as the Elite Shadow Society Task Force known as what we have we have overcome in the Eulogy Unit with James Booker and Eiko Musashi included for in these words I commend these souls we have lost to the Multiversal Many-Worlds to the gods and goddesses of the Divines in the one Supreme All-Glorious Higher Power of Friend to receive our Friends and that Friend that I speak of is God the Great Architect. All is One, One is All.” Zen led the prayer as they then looted the room for anything of value that Abyzou and Eulogy Deathbringer had been locked in. 

Auron Moonchild took samples of the Infernal Pandemonium Pandemonic Essence left by Eulogy in three glass vials with a corq plug which locked in the essence. Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane picked up Eulogy’s Thorn Tree of Death or simply Eulogy which was Eulogy’s Battle Glaive with the Spike protruding from one end of it and strapped it over his back in a sheath produced from his enchanted Blessed Bog Gobsjillion Rucksack which could carry countless objects which were rare but anyone who is an Archon or close to one could ascertain one. Ellis stumbled across countless works of his art that he had drawn and thought were destroyed by fire which he rolled up and put in a Blessed Bog Gobsjillion Carrying Tube which he put in his Gobsjillion Rucksack. Zen took the Documentation concerning the Historical Lineage of the Post-Darkness Post-Lawless New England Mummy Lords and the Vassals as well as the EisenHaus Draconic Mummy Lords and stashed them away in a Gobsjillion Tube then Rucksack. After scavenging they found there was a secret door behind Eulogy’s Bone Throne. Orcus Griz took his Worldbreaker Greataxe and Glaive and broke the Throne to find smash through the Hallowed out passageway into a Secret Laboratory of some nature extreme eldritch nature of Weird Science. Ramona Sarkin found two sheathed prismatic purple opal-esque Discordia Scimitars which she placed along her sides. Ellis found three Chaos Scimitars and a Book of the MetaBaphomet which he covertly slipped the book into his Blessed Bog Gobsjillion Rucksack. Auron Moonchild found 3 Abaddon Longswords and a Doctor Apocalypse Alchemical Book he put in his Blessed Bog Gobsjillion Rucksack. Auron and Ellis were the only two who noticed what the other picked up and in somber silence agreed to give each one of their blades to James Booker. Ophelia Morrigan found 4 Thanos Phantasmic Swords which 2 of them she was going to share with her Harem of Zen van Nihil sister Eiko Musashi. Orcus Griznacht Grimsbane found a suit of Gehenna Phantasmal Pandemonium Power Armor which Eulogy used to walk the lower Halls of the Discordian Mental Asylum with Abyzou who was disguised as a Maenad Nymph with Nymphomania who was not a danger nor a threat according to the journals Ellis and Auron were looking through.

“No wonder she evaded my observations.” Doctor Auron Moonchild sighed.

“No wonder she seduced me to bear a child who is gone from here.” Ellis Unruly spoke with anger.

“What Ellis Unruly, you mean to tell me that full-blown Archon escaped from this place?”

“Yes, apparently the identity isn’t specified but it should be an adult by now and was discharged 10 years ago.”

“In my years of coming to and from this place that could be many individuals.”

“The Hunt begins.”

“So it does, we will find it and destroy it.” 

Zen van Nihil used his almighty clairvoyance to detect that Doctor Azazel Apocalypse and Doctor Lilith Moonchild used this room together one as a self-righteous nihilist, the other being the return of Zen’s mother guiding Doctor Azazel Apocalypse to works wonders while she worked miracles in a mutual agreement not to hinder or alter each other’s work. Zen also sensed the essence and absence of life force from Vanessa Harris in this room.

Zen rushed through past the embalmed body parts and Necro Knight weapons and broken Lich Spirit Box Phylacteries which all had been worked on to Zen knew Doctor Apocalypse could find no avail to discover how the reanimate these destroyed dead or so Zen had thought when Zen found a tomb with the engraving. ‘Here lies Vanessa Harris, A young woman taken long before her time, She died as she lived, Revolutionary. 2100-2224 CE’. Zen realized he had been in love with a clone or a full-on reanimation of a woman kept in a lab by Doctor Azazel Apocalypse but the love was true and she served no other purpose but to live and die as she lived and died through genetically hardwired spiritual determinism for Zen put his hand on the coffin and sensed Vanessa Harris perfectly preserved on the other side of the marble coffin. Zen van Nihil opened the coffin to see her perfectly preserved by cybernetic mummification technology by holding in her hands a sword and many paged notes with this sword. Zen took the sword and clasped it to his side and began reading the manifesto of notes.

Vanessa Harris had written: “Dear Zen van Nihil who I so long to meet and hold in my arms for without you I cannot go on, everyday since you disappeared on the Day of the Dead on November 1st, 2121 CE. I cannot wait to hear your voice for you alone gave me hope, I envy Serenity Fatema Autumn even in death. My Psychologist and Parents’ say I am obsessed but they are the ones who are crazy if they can live without you for a world without you is one without me. I shed this mortal coil to enter the Multiversal Many-Worlds to find you and be with you for I love you Zen van Nihil and nothing can stop me now.”

Zen van Nihil grabbed the sword and sensed the energy  surging through it as he knew the sword’s name as the ForgetMeNot. The ForgetMeNot is an arcane miraculous psionic hyper-microfusion electrokinetic crystalline sword which defended the wielder or bearer from grievances and mourning but celebrated life and would end the lives of one’s enemies in eternal victory. This sword was a blessing with the power of a brilliant blue sapphire colored crystalline with constant electromagnetic energy flowing through it making the ForgetMeNot a miraculous psionic crystalline thunder sword scimitar. Zen looked at his Zenarchy which was an Astral Saturnian Dimensional Steel Katana that was gold and azure and radiated opal-esque stars within the katana. Zen put the Void Sword in his Blessed Bog Rucksack. Put Zenarchy and ForgetMeNot at his sides.

Zen grabbed Vanessa’s cybernetically mummified body holding her and feeling her numb body. Zen van Nihil for once in a hundred years did something he rarely ever had done. 

Zen van Nihil held Vanessa’s lifeless body and wept saying, “Existence is a spiritual experience.”

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