Zenarch Cultivation – Chasing The Dragon

Photo by Eva Elijas on Pexels.com

2776CE, United Federation, Directorate of the Gardenia Utopian Community, Tang Dien, Neo Shenzhen City.

In this era of the United Federation, most old-world drugs prior to the Collapse and Humanity’s Dark Age were lost forever or became scarce for only the elite to consume and indulge in while a Golden Dawn of Designer Drugs illuminated the rest of eternity with beautiful brilliance. Humanity was saved from the little civilized society they had left in the Great Awakening or AetherNet Singularity which brought a Renaissance to Humanity as the First Contact with other civilizations from the cosmos was made between Humans and the Elves who were accompanied by Celestial Angels as the hearkening of Great Mother Celeste appeared before Humanity and help had arrived. Zen van Nihil and Aiden Aka Manah stand in duality in stark contrast to one another but their comparisons are identical in the Eyes of God The Great Architect.

Dope sick again, strung out to dry as he writhed in an existential inferno of agony from the designer drug worse than black tar heroin known as Honey Sting that he’d been injecting in his arm. James Booker had done it again for the umpteenth this month in running out of the steady habit of opioids to cope with a horrifying nightmare that killed him inside, something he couldn’t remember without reliving the blurry shellshock of trauma and could only repress and kill his brain cells so that he could forget. James Booker had nightmares every night that were hazy but while he was dope sick he saw the horrifying monstrosities perfectly as they encompassed his fatal flaws. James saw his loved ones dying with malicious brutal agony that caused him to self-harm, anything to distract himself from the tragedy at Bedlam Insane Asylum, to escape the madness brought on by the Ophan Shoggoth, he saw his once proud and upstanding career as a Captain of the Shadow Society serving as a Shadow Knight over three elite squadrons of Shadow Knights. James Booker began to feel the spiritual shivers of chronic anxiety and trauma which would mean cold sweats and shaking that would only intensify if he didn’t re-up his Honey habit from his specialty dealer named Dr. Trashcan who worked as a supplier for the criminal syndicate, Vandals INC.

James Booker due to his repressed urges had become a deviant living a double life of depraved degeneracy in consorting with fellow Honey Junkies that were known as Fucked For Life, a localized to the area street gang known that got high together and committed crimes out of hedonistic depravity to feed their drug habit of chronic addiction to all kinds of drugs. 

James Booker got his Loopy Goodies special from his street drug dealer of the organization which was a bunch of garbage junkies dealing Honey and doing Honey or whatever they could get their hands on. Fucked For Life was so indebted to the larger crime syndicates such as Neo Prussia Mob, Vandals INC in the United Federation’s directorate of the Gardenia Utopian Community, especially with all the chaos in the cosmos from the Diabolos Darkness eroding away at the established order of the Gardenia Utopian Community allowed the United Federation of Ultramensch Humans to have to increase the security, safety, and surveillance in the Gardenia Utopian Community located in a sector of the Milky Way Galaxy but was under the Executive Directorate of the United Federation which had jurisdiction that inhabited the Virgo Supercluster comprised of the Milky Way Galaxy, Andromeda Galaxy, Triangulum Galaxy, and 110 Dwarf Galaxies. The Gardenia Utopian Community which they lived in inhabited 1/3rd of the Milky Way Galaxy and innumerable Dwarf Galaxies as an Interstellar but technically the Intergalactic Superpower was the United Federation.

James Booker arose from his bed in his studio apartment with one bedroom with a walk-in closet, kitchen and dining room, and one bathroom. He felt the body aches and pains of being dope sick as it felt like a hook had been strewn through the back of his brain and was cleaving his cerebellum apart with a violent pulling sensation. His teeth and gums ached, his skin felt taught around his flesh as cuts and rashes were all over his body. Jame Booker got up from his bed and made his way to the bathroom. He turned on the faucet to full-blast on cold water and began splashing cold water in his face and rubbing his face as if he was trying to was the dark rings out that surrounded his eyes.

James booker let out a “Uhhhhh!” in agony as he looked into the mirror to see his hands pulling at his tightened skin around his skeletal face. 

James Booker was a Half-Elf, Solar Elven Mother, Anglo-Saxon Father. He had fair skin, pale blue eyes, bright blond hair, a rather handsome man without the Honey Narcotic and Sugar Stimulant withdrawals that were plaguing him. James Booker took his toothbrush with worn frays as well as the toothpaste tube at the end of the tube’s life of utility in its few morsels of toothpaste left and gingerly put it on his worn toothbrush and brushed his teeth. James scrubbed his teeth to spit a mouth full of blood in the sink as the running water from the faucet rushed it down the drain. James had fallen asleep in his boxers and black tank-top as he felt only slightly filthy. James turned on his shower, taking a washcloth, he soaked it in hot water and wiped himself down and then his groin around his manhood downstairs, he threw the washcloth back into the shower after scalding himself then wiped himself down again before hanging it on a towel rack then shutting off the water. James grabbed a drinking glass off his nightstand next to his bed and went into his closet where he opened his top dresser drawer where he found his bag of Kratom being of the White Maeng Da strain then taking the tablespoon inside the top dresser drawer putting three scoops in the glass then making his way to the bathroom where he filled the glass with scalding hot water. Taking a spoon with a burnt dark side to it, James Booker stirred the White Maeng Da Kratom drink vigorously then chugged it down. James Booker felt his dope sickness from Honey dissipate as the White Maeng Da did its job in being a perfect panacea.

“That White Maeng Da head game though, gah, I feel so much better.” James Booker said jumping up and down. 

James Booker didn’t feel any pain. He felt focused, relaxed, energized, and ready to take on the world until he could get his designer drug Honey in his system from Dr. Trashcan of Vandals INC. James Booker got dressed in switching his clothes for boxers and a black tank-top underneath khaki climber pants and a classy Hawaiian button-up shirt. James Booker lifted his mattress to find a series of manila envelopes which were his pension checks from cover jobs that cloaked the fact that he worked for the clandestine and enigmatic Shadow Society. James Booker took out Y20,000 Yentopia and $10,000 Libradollars to ball out hard like a big pimpen professionals as the Vandals INC who ran these mean streets knew James Booker to be a garbage junkie, he ate out of the trashcan of neurotoxins that affected neurochemistry of the entire garbage dump that were the altered states of human consciousness.

James Booker grabbed his keys, wallet, and of course his UtiliTech which had replaced the Smart Phone for a more advanced piece of technology designated for augmented humans which were on par for the course in standard augmentations within the United Federation. So much so that Humans that had been augmented for the UtiliTech were still known as Organic Humans despite the minor amalgamation of cybernetics. The utilitech could check their social media and emails through their ocular vision. Rhythmic Harmony technology could play music in the background of the users’ everyday life, Holocommunication calls could be made where people saw one another in synchronized conversations as long as they had a signal. The AetherNet could be browsed, navigated, surfed, and hacked. All this the UtiliTech could do and so much more.

As James Booker activated his UtiliTech he started to receive a Holocom call. The User’s Avatar was a disc-shaped saucer with a panel of various lights that glowed in multicolored lights as it bobbed up and down with a blue tractor beam with golden flecks of stardust in the iridescent blue beam as the saucer bobbed up and down in a loop. James Booker was going to let it play out to leave it in his Holomail messages but his UtiliTech Tool answered the call against James Booker’s will.

“James Booker, what you probe into your veins, what you inhale the death dust into your lungs, with every spoonful of Honey does your eventual end becomes sweeter. Another spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down another 6 feet under. You have been warned.” The face was well-chiseled despite being covered by a balaclava in a darkened room with pale albino skin surrounding his brilliant sapphire blue eyes.

James hoped that wasn’t who he thought that was as an ominous omen of an imminent bringer of doom. James Booker knew he needed to get to the Neo Prussia Mob headquarters of the Vandals INC in the Futian Wei district of Neo Shengzhen.

James Booker moved quickly through the halls of his megabuilding to go meet with the Fucked For Life street gang to get a Quick-Fix of Khazar Cold Cream from the Fucked For Life crew up a few floors and down a few halls in the megabuilding. James Booker walked up a few stairways then moved down a few halls until he came upon the graffiti-up walls that marked the Fucked For Life territory.

James Booker knocked on the door, saying the password, “Abortions for Extortions, in life, we all take our pound of flesh in equal portions.”

“Cut out our cancer with a knife, family we are Fucked For Life!” The doorman answered opening the door with a coordinated hand, eye retinal, audio sync coded unlocking which allowed James Booker in.

Dr. Trashcan was at the door who was the local street gang leader of Fucked For Life who had been operating in the larger Vandals INC  territory.

“What’s up James Booker? You here for a vial of honey before you go up to the Futian Wei district for your therapy? Need something to hold you over during your court-ordered shrink sessions for going postal on that Red Lotus Triad in that Neko-Neko Nightclub? Haha!” Dr. Trashcan laughed handing James Booker a vial of Honey the wonder drug that hit the spot.

James Booker handed Dr. Trashcan L$D2,000 Libradollars out of his L$D10,000 Libradollars for the 8oz of Honey that James Booker put in his backpack.

A bathroom toilet flushed behind a closed door inside the apartment followed by rushed washing of hands. The door opened for Alexis Miller to come out of the bathroom and embrace James Booker violently with a loving embrace kissing him all over.

“Stay for lunch please James? Spud and Bug are over just zoning on Daemon Dream and my brother Dr. Trashcan and I are bored and we would like some company.” Alexis beamed with loving joy and kindness.

Alexis had shoulder-length black hair, fair skin, freckles, a voluptuous healthy body, a rounded face with protruding cheeks, she stood at 5 feet, four inches tall. She currently had black circles around her eyes like a raccoon as her smile was bright white and jubilant. Alexis was absolutely in love with James Booker.

Dr. Trashcan wore a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans but was covered in tattoos. He had a rounded face and muscularly chiseled body with buzzed chestnut hair.

“No, sorry Alexis and Trash, I have a… ummm… uhhh… Toxins Anonymous Meeting in the Futian Wei district in uptown Shenzhen.”

“Oh okay. Come back and get lit up for free with us when we get back, we’re going to party tonight.” Trash said.

“Please don’t keep me waiting!” Alexis called to James Booker kissing him all over and hard on his lips. She smiled wildly and hurried back inside the apartment.

James Booker left on his way to his trek to the Rocket Rail Station to go where he needed to go to the Futian Wei district.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

James Booker continued on his way after grabbing his Transport Pass for Hover Taxi, Rocket Rail, and Sky-High Bus. James Booker walked out the door of his apartment to see floor-to-ceiling windows showing the periwinkle and burnt orange sky of Tang Dien which was a planet of the Socialist Confederacy of Neo-China, a provincial governor system of Gardenia Utopian Community. James Booker looked out over the vast horizon of the mulberry planet that was Tang Dien’s metropolis of the Neo Shenzhen City skyline. James Booker had moved to the Sino Syndicated Worlds of Neo-China where the Shadow Society had more bureaucratic tape to try to cut through or maneuver for active surveillance on suspected Shadow Society agents due to the Veil of Illusions that protected each Shadow Society agent in anonymity in keeping the secretive nature of confidentiality that the Shadow Society prided itself on. James Booker hoped the UFO messenger wasn’t a warning of things to come.

James Booker wondered if the Ophan Shoggoth was something that had imprinted something as it had imprinted on his mind in causing nightmarish hallucinations, chaotic mood swings, crippling anxiety, and panic attacks. James Booker wondered if it had created a psychic target that other clairvoyants could detect. How long had he been tracked, had his schedule of familiar grounds been mapped out to a science? A shiver went up James Booker’s spine as he shook off the feeling of ominous impending doom. James Booker looked out the floor-to-ceiling windows as he walked down the hall gazing at the Hover Cars, Sky-High Freight Trucks and Buses, a Rocket Rail went through an Aethereal Tube on a loop around the megabuilding skyscrapers for transport. James Booker saw the city below which was covered in cherry blossoms on walkways with canals below as New Shenzhen had been terraformed to be such a wondrous city. The United Federation was an Autocratic, Totalitarian, Corporatist Oligarchy, Federal Constitutional Republican Federation government with the Gardenia Utopian Community being a Utopian Utilitarian, Parliamentary Republican System, and government and the Sino Singularity Syndicate otherwise known as Neo-China being a Unitary Centralized Dengist Communist Republican government and the other dualistic governing body of the United Federation.

James Booker pulled out a hard drive in a hidden container under his left-hand thumbnail for a nanodrive that James inserted into his UtiliTech to activate a piece of unique hardware known as a Shadowdrive that activated a plethora of computational utilities embedded into each Shadow Society Agent’s custom UtiliTech. James Booker was able to access the ShadowNet where he could issue make an inquiry into Neo Shenzhen, Tang Dien localized and peripheral area for Shadow Sociologists or Shadow Agents who could assist James Booker with his question on who had messaged him.

“Please wait, please wait, please wait… Hello James Booker your inquiry is important to us, we will be able to reach in person at a later time, all lines are busy. Have patience, we’ll find you.” the ShadowNet automated operator responded.

James Booker knew how the ShadowNet worked, if anything happened, whether it be sooner or later, James Booker would be taken care of and anyone tracking James Booker one of those would definitely be the Shadow Society.

James Booker let out a heavy sigh of pent-up anxiety and pounded his hand on his chest and took a series of deep calming breaths before heading on his way to the elevator to go to the suspended in the aethereal-web rocket railway for transport to Baroque Boulevard where Vandals INC had a high-class stronghold of power in Neo Shenzhen on Tang Dien.

James Booker was going to stop by his only emergency contact in the area as a call came through as he walked through the halls of his middle-class megabuilding apartment complex with lower shopping vendors and street food below. James took his spoon and began scooping spoon fulls of the designer drug Queen Bee Honey into his mouth for its psychoactive stimulant, antianxiety, and painkiller into James Booker’s system as he waited on the railway listening to the cacophony of sounds of the street vendors below selling flea market goods and food vendor grill stands.

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