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2025-2123 CE, Eden Prime, The Middle East, The Zion Persian Caliphate, City-State of Persepolis.

The Zion Persian Caliphate ranged from Egypt, to the Arabian Peninsula, eastwards to Iran, northwards through Israel and Palestine to all of Turkey. After the Resource War between 2000-2050 between the Western and Eastern Bloc where the population had destroyed the cultural identity and religious ideology of the native people caught in the holy war for God and Greed. After the war, the surviving population without culture or identity were barred permanently here. The Middle East came from a atomic weapons devastated irradiated desert wasteland to a beautiful fertile crescent mysteriously overnight with the global satellites who viewed the planet had blacked out this area with no wish to peer at it for years between all groups that had mended into a people from many racial-ethnicities who are united by not renouncing their faith. This is the unification of the Old World faiths of the Abrahamic and Zarathustra along with the tell-tale prophecy unfolded before them and still presently occurring in Zenarchism as what brought the faiths together in unity. This was in the days preceding the Celestial revelation of Great Mother Celeste which was believed to be false. The Zoroastrian-Abrahamic religious populace of Zenarchism that inhabited Neo-Meso Zion Persian Caliphate, a land of desert sand spotted with patches of green within the fertile crescent who had survived regenerated itself from the atomic warfare of the United Socialist States and Soviet Union after the Resource Wars from 2000-2050 CE. The atomic warfare ravaged these regions to destroy the uprising of the people in an attempt to defeat the ways of the Old to pave way for the New. The Gardenia Utopian Community did not account for the Manifestation of the divine wisdom in a man named Magus Mithras. This holy man was given by Great Architect to use his own will to manifest miracles to be rid of the atomic radiation, to build a city from Tehran to Baghdad known as Persepolis, Along the Tigris and Euphrates, from Baghdad to Tehran there was built upon it a singular large metropolitan city-state known as Persepolis with flourishing fertile lands all throughout the Zion Persian Caliphate and what the locals call the Zion Caliphate. Persepolis is the capital and most technologically advanced city upon the reservation with its own bustle of urban sprawl.

These faiths became the pluralist society of completely diverse backgrounds to be the expected union of Persia. The once divided faiths had found balance and unity in the reconstruction of their new universalist religion of Dharma Zoroastrian. This common ground was revealed to them by a divine Magus of the Most High had come to heal the spiritually wounded from the displacement and seeming dire straits they found themselves in once Celestialism had become instituted as divine truth among the interplanetary worlds of the Gardenia Utopian Community. 

The wise man had bestowed the revelation of truth to the believers in these people who are faced with mass persecution from the Western and Eastern Bloc. The Middle East became a fighting ground of both Blocs for their failure to renounce their faith and accept Celestialism. The Magus had the reason of Aristotle found in Aquinas and Averroes for religious discourse. The Magus was regarded as a voice of the most benevolent and powerful being yet claimed that only through soul-searching meditation and divine revelation he became regarded as the wisest among men for he still knew himself to be the greatest among fools. Magus Mithras was a performer of wondrous miracles that transcended rational explanation. The holy man of divine wisdom is named Magus Mithras but personally preferred simply Magus Mithras. Magus Mithras was known for his thick beard of black hair, his black mane of a lion that was his hair, adorned in azure robes. 

Magus Mithras was the prophet of Dharma Zoroastrian who descended from the heavens in many places to reveal himself to each group to unite them in faith as the newly formed Dharma Zoroastrian spirituality of the Arabian Mesopotamian Caliphate in the lands which became the Zion Persian Caliphate which united tribes, former nationalities, creeds, philosophies, and religion together which each accepted the one with love for all in their newly found kin as Dharma Zoroastrians. Magus Mithras revealed the Dharma nature of the Zoroastrian the true sublime universal entity, whom Magus Mithras proclaimed as the ‘Great Architect’ who it mattered not whether they called this being by any name for this being was the true entity who revealed oneself which was understood best the mortal mind in question could comprehend.

Magus Mithras told them that long ago when the Two Blocs were dumping their displaced citizens on the entire wastelands of their unwanted into the atomic weapons induced radioactive unlivable zones with traveling neon green glowing radioactive sandstorms in the wastelands of the Middle East in its state after the resource wars of 2000-2050 CE where cultures and a spiritual ideology had been erased. This Middle Eastern wasteland is known as the Zion Persian Caliphate. A wasteland gentrified by supernatural miracles transformed from a wasteland  that all were welcomed to their true home and not to feel anything lost in their past life for the Western and Eastern Bloc will dissolve to become one known as Eden Prime. This prophecy came true but his warning of the deceitful trickster disguised as a benevolent mother of their souls who appeared in the heavens made them believe this goddess subverted the atomic Inferno that would fall across the . Nemo averted the impending annihilation was revealed to be neutralized through a global electromagnetic pulse from satellites in the planet’s consequently to bring about a paradigm shift. Calvin Moody Luther or Nemo is the leader of United Revolutionary Collective which 35% of humanity had aligned themselves in this faction against both Western and Eastern Blocs during the times of WWIII. The organization grew exponentially, becoming more secretive and covert after the end of the old world order to the beginning of a new age society quickly developing into one of interstellar dominion. The symbolic change of Humanity’s planet of origin into Eden Prime, a planet a part of a universal government over humanity known as the Gardenia Utopian Community with the secular state and only permissible religious affiliation of Celestialism.

The 35% of humanity who are URC members were immune to the broadcast via a simple cognitive implant unaffected by the grandeur of the show and perceived it as a hologram of electromagnetic waves capable of breaching consciousness as those without placed anywhere chip of the ‘United Revolutionary Collective Celeste Broadcast Inhibitor,’ (URC-CBI). Nemo invented the URC-CBI which was made accessible to both natural and cybernetic humans. This  could be inserted into the body which made it immune to Celestian frequencies. This revolutionary revelation applied to all of humanity. Those caught in the broadcast are affected to their core by spiritual intoxication as 65% of the human species. Humanity are all citizens of the Gardenia Utopian Community, the interplanetary government that now spanned the solar system originating from their homeworld, Eden Prime. 50% of Humanity received Celestialism as the religion of the Gardenia Utopian Community, the New World Order. This devotion and forced transcendance brought the end all religions and ways of the Old World Order for Celestialism informed them that colonizing their recently terraformed celestial worlds of their home star system, the Sol System, every newly indoctrinated true follower of Celeste must obey.

Nemo presented total disclosure of factual truth including everything this to only those within the URC then would interrupt broadcasts with pieces detailing the evidence and where to find the rest on hijacked Holovision channels throughout the Gardenia Utopian Community where many would watch the uninterrupted transmission and how to awaken to reality with the steps necessary to find the information that would liberate them along with whoever in their friends or family. Nemo complete disclosure of everything kind and bit of evidence to discredit everything. Nemo even made the undiscoverable to the Gardenia Utopian Community, Celeste broadcast neural inhibitor, easy to implant and completely free mail delivery within the hour for the whole family available throughout the Dark-Web hidden under the surface Cyber-Net. Nemo told everything from triggering the blast of the global defense array of satellites which sent that humanity-saving Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).

Albeit, averting armageddon and bringing about the Gardenia Utopian Community and Celeste. By triggering the failsafe in the satellites causing the Electromagnetic pulse neutralizing the atomic warheads, which then projected the hologram of the Great Mother Celeste. Nemo only watched in horror from the Lycan Lunar Base where he had accessed the satellites mainframe which the orbiting mass-hypnosis machines quickly assembled to change human history forever. To the vast majority of humanity standing outside their homes, gazing hopelessly at the heavens, awaiting annihilation, to those hiding in their homes. Everyone save the 25% of the URC members who had the neural implant received this broadcast that affected their consciousness. The truth had prevailed that the Gardenia Utopian Community only willed to enslave humanity at its most vulnerable, this facade was undone by accessible documents scattered and spread eternally and infinitely through the Dark-Net of Cyberspace. Nemo members grew over the decades to come as the human population exponentially grew to 280 Billion across the Gardenia Utopian Community’s inhabitable space with an abundance of resources. Nemo legacy had become immortal, 2123 CE, 45-55% of the human population identified as secret members of the United Revolutionary Collective. However, 100% of the population of the Gardenia Utopian Community remained loyal to the Gardenia Utopian Community. The census, speculations, the civil war are all things to contemplate.


December 6, 2085 CE, Eden Prime, United Asia, The Zion Persian Caliphate, The Middle East, City-State of Persepolis.

Magus Mithras had revealed his revelation years prior which Magus revealed to the 350 Million displaced citizens of the Gardenia Utopian Community as his followers had grown for he was the one who led the Zion Persian Caliphate. “My followers, friends, family, kin, my name is Magus Mithras, you knew from my missionaries into the Blocs and the Gardenia Utopian Community, that the true annihilation of humanity would come not in the form of atomic Inferno but in the form of religion that would intoxicate the masses, this form of our inebriation has taken most of our kin in humanity, for this entity is one to control the masses by the right of it said so, every religion of the Old World is gone, we are what remain, this entity, this debaucherous decay of human spirit is known as the Great Mother Celeste who I foretold would appear as an attractive young woman, seemingly filled with limitless knowledge, wisdom, and let us not forget, charisma?” Magus Mithras continued, “as Celeste eloquently explained to all of us mortals in humanity, that she is the answer to all of humanity’s problems.” 

Mithras revealed to those in Persepolis, and throughout the Zion Persian Caliphate, “She claims she is the spirit of our universe, that she has been living in our now, Eden Prime, all along, Celeste claims to be the embodiment of the universe which resides at its central focus which is humanity.”

Spoke Magus Mithras.

Magus Mithras with merely words had captivated millions of followers witnessing him with their own eyes. The billions bewildered or bedazzled throughout the interplanetary Gardenia Utopian Community. Audiences glued to their holovision broadcast of Magus Mithras as he rapturously addressed all his people from the zenith flat surface of a gilded ziggurat in the center of Persepolis city-square. This ziggurat housed a gilded pit that required no fuel that burned a sapphire blue flame known as the Ziggurat of Eternal Wisdom.

Magus Mithras continued with his rapport which shook like thunder across the land, “If humans are the center of the universe, why does everything we have learned of science state otherwise, after all we have sun, that’s the center of our solar system, we rely on the sun for everything, when we thank the sun does it say, ‘you are welcome?’ When we curse the sun, does it stop shining?’ No, the sun doesn’t care, it only wishes to shine upon us and give us life, your opinion is too insignificant to even bother, our planet turns away from the sun and we are faced with night and then we see the moon, we only see the moon for the moon reflects light from the sun, the sun always shines, even in the dark, whether or not we cannot perceive it, now, if we truly are the most important beings in the universe why would Celeste tell us that? Is she aware it was our own hubris or importances that almost made our species, as a collective, mutually assured of our own extinction? She speaks of pride despite our mistakes when we all need to understand our shame for almost eradicating ourselves in a fit of pride, is not hubris a cardinal sin and a disorder of the mind such as narcissism? What makes us important? If there’s something out in the depths of space, the travelers from other worlds and planets coming to invite us to their table, we tried to kill each other over petty differences, Celeste stated that extraterrestrials are radically different than us, we shall see what the future brings, however, my followers, I do not fall for this exceptionalism and neither did you as the New World Order of the Gardenia Utopian Community sedates the human within the animal of our quite strange age, that we as a species have been self-obsessed with destroying one another for tens of thousands of years, if we have made the essential and greatest progress as a species, as Celeste says, then let it be known that at our own armageddon we failed to realize our fragile existence, our fatal flaw of humanity, we have risen, many have yet to be awakened, the Celestial devout do not realize all of our own collective humanity and its insignificance, by admitting this truth, we are more enlightened for it, Celeste claimed that she guided humanity’s evolution and progression to the Gardenia Utopian Community as all of humankind’s true mother.” 

Magus Mithras years prior had predicted how the warring Blocs would dissipate to form the Gardenia Utopian Community, with Humanity’s homeworld being known as Eden Prime. Magus Mithras predicted that Celeste would appear in the heavens as the imminent Inferno was averted for a grander facade than a simple ending to humanity, every facade Magus Mithras proclaimed correctly. Celeste has skin of a cosmic azure blue, her eyes twinkle as golden stars, her hair dark as night that radiates an indigo hue. The Great Mother Celeste was the greatest cosmological event to happen to humanity for everything has changed. Those who would not give up the Old World ways found themselves with a mass flood of the displaced population who denied her claims. Magus Mithras was correct by proclaiming the Great Mother Celeste appeared in the heavens who had no children for the spirit of Eden Prime shall always be Gaia, the true mother of humanity and life abundantly. If all life came from a father, that father would be known as the Great Architect. The Great Architect being the truly unknowable Creator of the infinite realms and beings. The Great Architect is unfathomable to all beings within the infinite realms but to each mortal soul it presents itself in a way that the individual can best understand this being, mainly as their friend. 

Magus Mithras, prophesied to be wary of a man whose hair is as red as Inferno named Aiden Aka Manah, this Lawless Devil would come as an enemy to all but would be accepted as the the Gardenia Utopian Community’s champion and false messiah. However, the Sovereign chosen by the Great Architect would be the peace that comes from nothing. The Sovereign would be known as many titles but only one being would be of the name that is Zen van Nihil, a pale as snow, pure as salt man under the greatest commission by the Great Architect to be the ‘Revolutionary of Consciousness’ and ‘Friend of Souls’. The Sovereign would come to revolutionize creation so that those in the Dharma Zoroastrian faith could be liberated to join the rest of humanity within the intergalactic government of the Gardenia Utopian Community. that from all worlds, humanity would be as one becoming friends with souls from across worlds.


December 12th, 2093 CE, Eden Prime, United Asia, The Zion Persian Caliphate, The Middle East, City-State of Persepolis.

Magus Mithras left his family on Magus Mithras’s own birthday, December 12th, in a freezing cold Winter of 2093 CE. Magus Mithras went out to find the Sovereign, wandering the reaches of the Gardenia Utopian Community. His skin a medium beige, eternally appearing 33 year-in-age, once a hairy uncouth man of the desert, now a classy charming Zion-Arab man within the interplanetary Gardenia Utopian Community, as Magus Mithras left a clean-shaven besides his English mustache, his well-kept sideburns, his once unkempt curly hair turned into a pompadour, wearing either classy suits or robes that shimmered as the astral sea. Magus Mithras walks in search of the Sovereign. The once uncouth and unkempt wisest of all humanity and greatest of all fools, for it was viewed as foolishness to leave his Zion-Arab people behind, especially to the ones he left to lead, his own dynasty in the hands of his own family, the Holy Royal House of Ahl Mysterium. Magus Mithras’s quest is to find the wisest of all, the Sovereign. Magus Mithras would be searching all the worlds of the Gardenia Utopian Community over to find what would come to be known to all in 2021 CE. In this year came the worldwide presence known to all as Zen van Nihil, the Sovereign of the Shadow Society which Magus Mithras only revealed to the Dharma Zoroastrians as the Sovereign Zen’s creation, hence, their duty to serve this organization 

The Zion Caliphate held domain within the lands of the entirety of the Middle East which was aeons ago called Mesopotamia which was the general name of the land of the fertile crescent they enjoyed. Magus Mithras anointed each of the Caliphs over the Dharma Zoroastrian theocratic lands known as the Zion Caliphate by gathering the leaders of men in the Zion Persian Caliphate that was socially engineered to be divided by an influx of religious displacees who rejected Celestialism as the New World Order religion to fight each other whom the hordes and masses of would-be destroyers of each other united together under Zoroastrian-Abrahamic Religion of the miracles and revelations of Magus Mithras Mysterium in creating the Zion Caliphate which was emboldened by Sovereign Zen van Nihil to become the Zenarchist Zion Caliphate. always a male to be a defend the Zion Caliphate of those who are of the unified faith in rejecting Celeste, always a woman to become the  However, equality between sexes, the freedom of oneself inside the moral order, a male Caliph to rule the Dharma Zoroastrian Caliphate, a female to be Matriarch have been reached the status of an Assyrian within the Zion Persian Caliphate belonging to the group of super-soldiers greater than Gardenia Utopian Community Paladins to be known as the Peshmerga, (Those Who Face Death). Among the military, both sexes could serve in all areas of the Zion Caliphate. Peshmerga Immortals are the males, Peshmerga Amazons are the female equivalent. The Peshmerga, whether advanced to Immortal or Amazon are the masters of strategy and combat, being elite homo nexus super-soldiers who sometimes wore a variation of power armor designed by the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza which controlled United Asia’s economy. The Peshmerga Amazon and Peshmerga Immortal were variations of the lighter models of the Ninja and heavy models reformatted from the heavy Samurai power armor models to respective Peshmerga Immortal and Amazon forces depending on their preference and mission directive.

The majority of Peshmerga wore the Outlaw synergetic power armor complete with a lighter hydraulic core than the electromagnetic core power armor of elite Peshmerga Immortal and Amazon units body armor. The Outlaw synergetic power armor is comprised of ultra-light power armor of metallic body armor, light-alloy leggings, black sleek form-fitting liquid armor gloves, black leather metal laced boots, and a intimidating steel helmet enveloped their head with sensors of everything in their peripheral besides behind them complete with an air-filtration system for a mouth piece, khaki pants over the steel leggings, desert camo military uniform under a liquid armor khaki duster. This is the standard armor of the Peshmerga who are a large faction of Zion Caliphate forces. The majority of the military was known as the Royal-Caliphate Army, which served all functions of the military personnel in the Zion Caliphate which the Peshmerga were slightly dwarfed by.

The elite force of Peshmerga were under direct control of the Caliphate was its executive representative, the Caliph whose job entailed the protection and security of the Dharma Zoroastrian Caliphate. His name was Caliph Hezkiel Ahl Farsi who took the ordained position at thirty. Magus Mithras married Caliph Hezkiel Ahl Farsi’s younger sister Ayesha amah-Malak al-Zarania, at 24. Magus Mithras and Ayesha bore 4 sons and 4 daughters. 1 of the 4 sons would become the next Caliph, the 4 daughters would be like angels in human form among their fellow beings humanity, Ayesha al-Zarania would raise them in the teaching of their father Mithras which Ayesha, her 4 sons, and 4 daughters are imbued with his power. Mithras stayed as the second eldest, Elisha Ahl Mysterium turned 30 with his twin brother Dawud Ezekiel. Mithras knew that the Autumn family needed his son Elisha, who would be taken care of as soon as this son would run-off to join the world of the Gardenia Utopian Community.


December 12th, 2023 CE, Eden Prime, United Asia, The Zion Persian Caliphate, The Middle East, City-State of Persepolis. 

At most twice a month, sometimes 3 months in between, small raids of Gardenia Utopian Community armed forces came to attack the Zion Caliphate. The largest siege force consisted of a varied number of legions of forces that came twice a year on the 1st of the month which could extend into battles for a week. The 1st siege in June, the 2nd in December, these two raids were scheduled like clockwork since 2090 CE. This did not make anything easier for life in the Zion Caliphate, instead it constantly instilled fear into them. This night is a chill and crisp one to be remembered as 11 days have passed making it the 12th of December, 2097 CE. The 11 days of battle yielded much carnage and bloodshed. The  Zion Caliphate as Magus Mithras’s youngest sons died valiantly fighting alongside their fellow soldiers against two squadrons of Wraiths and a 5 battalions of Red Paladins. The sons who fell are in their twenties while the eldest son, Dawud Ezekiel survived to vanquish 1 battalions of Dark Scions known as Wraiths and 5 battalions of the Red Union Paladin Task Force. Among the other legions of Gardenia Utopian Community Soldiers, Marines, and other military forces loyal to the EisenHaus Enclave. 

That morning, Dawud Ezekiel’s wife had gone into labor for his first child, a son to be born on his father’s birthday to join reinforcements consisting of Immortals and Janissaries forces. Dawud Ezekiel commanded and fought with his fellow warriors with honor as the battle raged as Gardenia Utopian Community legions of armed forces and battalions special forces entered the fray. Dawud Ezekiel had heard of his brothers dying in the night, his uncle had passed soon upon joining their forces for the conflict. They had been first on the scene when his older brother-in-law and father’s own best friend, Caliph Assad al-Rashad Machiavelli was slain.

The new Caliph Sultan Dawud Ezekiel al-Aziz Ahl Mysterium. Dawud Ezekiel is the long surviving son of the second generational Sayib of Magus Mithras. This is sadness and agony upon his home for only one male and maybe another of the third generational Sayib exists. Dawud Ezekiel is saddened at the thought of young Moby Machiavelli becoming Caliph after him but how did a light on the horizon which Dawud Ezekiel called hope in the night sky that shined hope upon the world for Dawud Ezekiel knew in his heart that a son had been born, a son to Dawud Ezekiel had been born and he would be a leader greater than Dawud Ezekiel, much greater. This son would serve the prophesied Sovereign his father, Magus Mithras proclaimed of coming to redeem all in this world among worlds known as Eden Prime, the center of the spanning interplanetary government known as the Gardenia Utopian Community which was split between angels from beyond the stars in the Autumn Alliance and the cold-hearted malice driven serpents of the EisenHaus Enclave. This son would be eternal in his own self-mastery as one of the enigmatic Mysterium family. The Mysterium family being the ruling family of the Zion Persian Caliphate of Zenarchist Zoroastrian-Abrahamic faith or the Sublime Sovereign faith. 

Rashid Dawud Ezekiel saw this star called Hope who brilliantly shone over the desert night as Dawud Ezekiel returned with the remaining forces. They walked through one of the main gates into the megapolis of the Zion Persian Caliphate-Caliphate, this holy capital known as Persepolis. The memories of this most savage attack that had happened gave birth to the notorious might of the Immortals and Peshmerga who perish and live on forever as the warriors known throughout the interplanetary Gardenia Utopian Community as the excellent masters of war for they are without fear, their honor as warrior immortalized in death if they should perish. This is what was witnessed and remarked upon by all in the Zion Persian Caliphate. Those who were the fortunate ones among those two groups would see another day. To be among the people weeping as they thought of their wise holy man, Magus Mithras. How today Magus Mithras lost two of his sons and his best friend if Magus Mithras had not left in pilgrimage to search for the Sovereign. The people thought of how out of 4 of Magus Mithras’s sons, only one remained. That son is the new Caliph Sultan Rashid Dawud Ezekiel Ahl Mysterium, to have the heart of a lion in his skill as a warrior. Many spoke of him but not to him leaving Caliph Dawud Ezekiel to return home to his wife and newborn child. Dawud Ezekiel had heard a son had been born and a new male was born to the Ahl Mysterium family to become the position of Caliph.

Malik entered his large palisade of his family home his father Magus Mithras Mysterium had built. He went up to his quarters to find the eldest and lone grandson of Magus Mithras, son of the deceased Caliph Assad and a sister of Dawud Ezekiel, the boy known as Moby Machiavelli. Daughters of his brothers being nurtured by his sisters as they wept together at the anguish of the day for they had already known. Dawud Ezekiel walked up the large wooden steps and down the hall to his room. His room was his father’s old room which after Dawud Ezekiel, was designated for his newborn child. This room belonged to his father, Mithras, when he was a young man before moving to a larger room in the mansion he had built for his family home. Dawud Ezekiel looked longingly at his beautiful wife, Estera. In his wife’s arms, nestled in her lap as she sat upright in the bed, holding his first and only son. The infant was cooing and laughing while looking at his father and mother. The infant had been overjoyed is what Dawud Ezekiel saw expressed at seeing his father. Dawud Ezekiel Ahl Mysterium looked at his precious child and knew his brothers, his uncle, and the men whom he had lost today are with the Great Architect. 

The world around him became more real and with less suffering than the one he knew, a paradise. He then realized that he was now the representative of the Caliphate, Caliph Dawud Ezekiel Ahl Mysterium. Dawud Ezekiel wondered if his father knew this son he had prophesied of would be born the day his father descended from the heavens and left for his sojourn through the world. That this beautiful infant would help the Sovereign as a zealot for peace against the evils of the serpent that dwelled in the EisenHaus family since humankind became civilized.

“What do you wish to name our son, your mother told me your brothers and uncle died today, I am sorry, she also told me that you are now Caliph, I pray for your safety, now my beloved husband Dawud Ezekiel, what do you wish to name our firstborn son?” Estera asked.

“Let’s name him, Khalid Yeshua al-Malik Ahl Mysterium,” Caliph Dawud Ezekiel Ahl Mysterium said as he was filled with his father’s presence before he went to wander, in search of the Sovereign.

He held his wife kissing her on her forehead. Together they spoke softly into their newborn boy’s ear, the prayer of Magus Mithras, the spiritual father of the Zion Persia Caliphate. Magus Mithras taught them. The loving parents finished softly reciting the creed into the child’s ears which they kissed their infant Khalid on both cheeks then the parents pecked each other on the lips. The parents laid in the bed together, forming a nest around the small Khalid feeling the marvel of their greatest hope born on a day of great tragedy in the family.

The creed is a universalized statement with some lines paraphrased or changed to ultimately mean the same thing among the old world religious reservationists in the Gardenia Utopian Community’s interstellar reach with the Dharma Zoroastrian faithful being one of many who spoke this creed. This creed was for the unity that Mithras spoke of after Nemo had revealed to them the hoax of the Great Mother Celeste. Celestialism became the official religion of the Gardenia Utopian Community. Magus Mithras Mysterium spoke of Celestialism as the grand lie perpetrated by the serpents of Eden Prime, these serpents are the tyrants of the EisenHaus Enclave with the Gardenia Utopian Community. The EisenHaus Elite had for millennia all seekers of knowledge and truth were the party responsible for inciting humanity to fight the wars for the EisenHaus Enclave’s personal profit. The dual competition for control over the inevitably interstellar Gardenia Utopian Community between the EisenHaus Enclave and Autumn Alliance.

These problems mattered not now as baby Khalid signed a precious sight to acknowledge this blessing bestowed upon him by his parents. The parents looked at their child as he softly nodded his chin in agreement after his sigh with a slight grin on his face. The new parents astonished by the strange awareness newborn Khalid displayed towards the creed which was bestowed by his grandfather, Magus Mithras, the legendary in miraculous power as a Prophet to humankind as the precursor the spiritual Sovereign who at this point had yet to arrive. Despite baby Khalid’s strange acknowledgement of the creed, the parents exchanged subtle yet perturbed glances as their spiritual beliefs and circumstances were weighed heavily in uncertainty between each other. They sighed themselves a sigh of relief that alleviated all anxiety as they turned their attention to the resting child who beamed with confidence. The purpose of this young infant boy was of Magus Mithras, he would be a disciple to the Sovereign, the identity of the Sovereign to be revealed as Zen van Nihil, or the Outsider.



10AM, May 1st, 2123 CE, Eden Prime, United Asia, The Zion Persian Caliphate, The Middle East, City-State of Persepolis.

Khalid Yeshua al-Malik Ahl Mysterium had spent his entire life until his current age of 26 years of life becoming the most exemplary man of the Dharmic Zoroastrian faith likened to the image of his grandfather, Magus Mithras, the guardian of the Zion Caliphate which his Grandmother had ruled as Shahbanu but had past down the role to his eldest aunt as the ruler of the Zion Persian Caliphate, Khalid Yeshua al-Malik was the male given the title of Shahzadeh, (Prince of the Zion Caliphate), this title was granted to Khalid upon his birth due to prophecy, due to the inherent nature of greatness is Khalid he became known as the regal title of Shah (King) in his early teens. How Khalid rose to the monarchical role of Shah was that Khalid had effectively proven his capacity for civic governing and military strategy as a proficient he is in these things as this enlightened man is at all he chooses to be. Khalid found his glory leading countless defensive attacks from Gardenia Utopian Community Military assault brigades composed of soldiers, marines, stormtroopers, various special forces, and even the dreaded Wraiths. In the objectively written history tomes on the Zion Caliphate describe the victory  everything in great detail regarded the greatness of Khalid Yeshua al-Malik in all fights but due to this young Master Mithras would call out his strategy to his Immortals, and Peshmerga elite forces who would instinctively spread about to take cover outnumbered despite being outnumbered than spread about, Khalid knew the land well and he would bring the Gardenia Utopian Community Brigades and Rotorcrafts would follow him into the crags, valleys, and peaks of the mountains where they waited to gun down the Gardenia Utopian Community rotorcrafts as the Gardenia Utopian Community infantry made their way through the crags for the rotorcraft to fall immolated at the large forces exploding killing large patches of the immense horde of ground forces infantry as their air-support had just been destroyed when Khalid and a group of snipers gunned down those in a panic. Khalid had once turned on that ridge to see a face of not a man but a man of physical shadow that had appeared out of the aether of nothing wielding a Makhaira curved shortsword or dagger which through this Wraith had a veil of incorporeal darkness continually wafting off this ghoulish being with red glowing eyes, Khalid drew his Zuth brought about by forced mutation would lead his forces to victory in destroying the hordes loyal to the Gardenia Utopian Community, the EisenHaus Enclave, and specifically Frederick by esoteric orders they were bound by an oath of turning over their self-control and even soul through imbibing draconic blood inducting them forever into the Order of the Crimson Dragon of the Draconian Imperium as their religious rite. 

The more openly referred to as the enforcers of the New World Order, the Order of the Serpent, the Scions of Darkness. These men and women had their hearts and minds consumed by reptilian virtue and blinding darkness to see only coming of Aka Manah, the Lawless Lord which came in the manifestation of a man nominally known as Aiden F. EisenHaus which his powers would be revealed as the wellspring to liberating madness through the mayhem he came to bring. Khalid hated Aiden for they were warring kingdoms, Khalid would do anything to destroy Aiden F. EisenHaus, the manifestation of Aka Manah, the Lawless Lord who reigned seemingly unmatched in the Gardenia Utopian Community. However, Khalid was not the supreme ruler of Persia, just an Ahl-Mithras male of the royal family of which his family is equal, some are honored more than other members of the royal Ahl-Mithras line. In example, as Magus Mithras had taught, that the women would hold more sway in bringing the world to peace if given the equality they deserved. This was a truth here in the Zion Caliphate for Khalid’s female regal relatives had kept the paradisiacal peace among the Zion Caliphate. 

The only danger are the brigades of Gardenia Utopian Community invading forces for population control which Khalid proved his mastery over. Khalid knew his throne in the civic palisades but Khalid felt his true throne was a large boulder for meditation in a fabled oasis his grandfather, the Magus Mithras had used in finding his peace in enlightenment. However, thoughts of the throne of the EisenHaus Enclave and a blasphemous throne of the Scions of Darkness also known as the Scions of Darkness led by a devil of a man named Alastor Alois Augustus Ozymandias. The Scions of Darkness consists of hordes of an enigmatic number too large to count in the universe. To wonder about the hordes of humans who appear as him but lack humanity in their dark power armor and combat armor belonging to the Dark Paladins to the Atlas Imperial Army. Khalid possessing psionic powers did him more harm than good at time for he sensed the perverse darkness of these hordes of evil pandemonic human beings in the Inferno Legions possessing psionic powers that could muster extradimensional powers and occult magic belonging to the Hellion Knights and Blood Mages. Dark Paladins wore dark as night Heavy Dark Paladin Power Armor with strange runes such as an emblem of a white Skull and Crossbones under their identification of their left chest with pauldrons representing more esoteric things of rank and individual story.

The Inferno Legion wore various forms of devilish in design power that made the men in these suits appear as evil monster them as what appeared to be metallic demons with the large crimson armored horns that protruded from the helmet to amalgamation of pandaemonium black armor and scarletite crimson armor. Large black pandaemonium pauldrons, scarletite crimson design contrasted the black in ornate sigils by identification and rank symbolized by loyalty to the Imperial Atlas Empire. To join the Imperial Inferno Legion, one needed to have served in the Imperial Armed Forces until they had proven their worth to join the envied Inferno Legion. When a member of the innumerable Imperial Armed soldier, marine, cosmonaut, Legate Commander of their  had to be an Atlantean pauldrons came a flowing cloak of flames hanging from the backs as a constant flowing Inferno. The power armor is a mix of black and red enshrouded the armor with plates   in black pandaemonium and crimson design  of  an entire Legionnaire’s body in Scarletite, (Crimson steel mined from the Satellite belt dividing Mars and Jupiter). Surrounding the armor was an ornately golden-red Scarletite cuirass known as the ‘Golden Fleece’ among the Inferno Legion. The helmets which are of the golden-red Scarletite covered the face with shocking pandaemonic depictions of fiends and demons upon the faceplate of the helmets, the pauldrons showed their individual story on their left pauldron, crimsons cloaks that hung from the pauldrons around the body as protection against blades and bullets being some of the toughest tactical cloth imaginable, the division on their right, below their identification of their name was the head of a fiendish red-skinned demon with ram horns under their Inferno Legionnaire given rank and given name within the organization. 

The Inferno Legionaries and Darkness Paladins are a mighty threat but Khalid perceived these intrusive thoughts in his meditations as annoyances for he knew his enemy now, to make himself jaded by pondering these lawless honorless armed forces. Khalid knew with the Peshmerga and the Immortals in open combat that Khalid is eternally certain of annihilating all forces that would stand against him. Khalid remembered the ancient wargrounds of Jerusalem to spill blood anew that day. Khalid had gathered his troops and orchestrated them in the way of Hashashin Assassins of ancient antiquity and told them merely a morsel of how they would win victory as told by the 4 old men in the mountains to his brothers and sisters, and unto him. As Caliph Khalid explained this to his generals, they smoked the hookah of an extravagant hookah bar with his most elite of warriors and Generals in attendance. Khalid unraveled a brick of hashish implying it was okay to smoke to carry out their mission of causing mayhem in well-organized assassination plots. 

The men were wary at first but they all tried it, they enjoyed it then tried some more. Caliph Khalid spoke thunderously as lightning crashed from the heavens with a downpour of heavy rain. Khalid cleared his throat as lightning fell from the heavens to the elite warriors and the leaders of his forces in the Immortals, Janissaries, and several militias of Peshmerga to battle for the metropolitan city-state of Jerusalem. Khalid said to the pitter-patter of rain exploding forth when lightning had fallen. 

“My warriors,” Khalid began, “Desperate and dire times call for desperate measures, my legates, I want you to go to the taverns where the commanders of the Gardenia Utopian Community are made a fool in their inebriation, adorn yourselves in the black armor found in the basement of this establishment and execute these fools who dare take our Sovereignly granted lands in the Zion Caliphate, then expect a moment of peace to drink, my loyal and true here with me, after the drunken commanders are taken care of, imbibe in the hashish with your brothers and sisters who serve in battle, riot in this ancient city, awaken the conflict sealed in is ancient walls with the blood of the Gardenia Utopian Community dogs, as for myself, I am going with Shadow Society members to practice the way of hash and assassination in decimating most of the patrols and Gardenia Utopian Community forces.” 

Thunder roared as Khalid spoke impassioned with disdain for all the Darkness in this world he broke through the veil of the veils of a sleeping mind to illuminate the path with light. 

Khalid passionately spoke, “This is our land, we shall take back our home, now do as I say or perish with cowardice to your name.”

Khalid dressed in his Scions of Shadow armor and gathered his thermetic energy blades forged of Vorpal steel of the ‘Dawnbreaker’ swords, both styled dual scimitars. The signature projectile weapon of the Shadow Society being the ‘Oathkeeper’ pulse laser rifle. The ruckus was well-underway as the Generals of the Gardenia Utopian Community had been assassinated by his Legates, patrols decimated and scattered as they returned to their base are gundown from rooftops. Khalid decimated patrol after patrol, a parade of Gardenia Utopian Community stormtroopers and marines as Khalid met them and killed a thousand of them as his forces attacked their bases and headquarters destroying their presence, the people turned selling out the Gardenia Utopian Community soldiers hiding places which they are hung. The Dark Paladins and Inferno Legionaries left as if they had an inside mole telling them what was happening. Regardless of his tactics, Khalid became more than a Shahzadeh, he had become officially known as Caliph Padishah Khalid Yeshua al-Malik Ahl Mysterium. (Padishah meaning Great King). In simpler terms, high honors still intact within the royal court it is shortened to: Caliph Shah Khalid Yeshua al-Malik Ahl Mysterium. (Shah, meaning King). The Zion Caliphate despite the mixture of secondary of Zion-Arab and the primary of English language many referred to him as, “Caliph Padeshah, Khalid Yeshua al-Malik Ahl Mysterium,” for Khalid just entering his 15th year meant he was an official Shah, while his father, Dawud Ezekiel maintained simple duty of the Zion-Arab Caliphate, both bearing the title of Caliph, while in the the Monarchy of the Zion-Arab Royalty, Khalid had immense power. Caliph Shah Khalid Ahl Mysterium depicted the returning of Magus Mithras, as the others who had come in contact with mostly reserved yet highly sociable and fun-loving man that was Khalid making him quite popular. The entire Zion Persian Caliphate’s population held a common belief that Khalid is divinely anointed in his character alone as being a man to aid the Sovereign Zen van Nihil. An explanation offered by Ren Hirohito Ryujin, leader of the Keiretsu-Yakuza, was that Khalid had a latent mutation of innately inherited traits of his grandfather, Magus Mithras, these traits have manifested in Khalid as comparable in power and talents to Magus Mithras. 

Throughout this marvel known as Khalid Yeshua al-Malik Ahl Mysterium. Khalid had loved reading the works of old world literature, pertaining to the classics to the philosophical, political, historical, and the Dharma Zoroastrian scriptures of the fulfilment of the Old World religions in their original with his grandfather’s revelation, which many had made a compendium of all history and what is to come in the parables the Magus told but Khalid knew none could come close to the truth that his grandfather, the Magus, had made but Khalid knew for the prophecy would be fulfilled through his aid to Sovereign Zen. Khalid adored Sovereign Zen, Khalid practiced many forms of meditation since he was a child, to empty himself of the water of life just to have his empty glass of  reality shattered to become an ocean of the metaphysical water of life. Khalid practiced a superhuman rigorous exercise routine from the age of 13, the day he became a man he pushed human physical limitations to exceed the impossible. At Madrassa, Khalid had his intelligence tested to an intelligence quotient test reserved for Gardenia Utopian Community elite where he scored as high as an Autumn or EisenHaus as the top .01% of human intelligence. Regarded as a genius with mild to moderate levels of the Homo Esper abilities such as powerful empathy, telepathy, and clairvoyance from across a spectrum unknown to humanity just as his physical might was superhuman only to be elevated by the best biotech cybernetic implants as he became a transcendental Homo Nexus-Esper by logical deduction but unlike his own family, he was closer to the anomaly of his grandfather, Magus Mithras.

Khalid Yeshua al-Malik Ahl Mysterium, although he transcended caste system being a descendant of the prophet in the Kingdom and Caliphate. Khalid chose to live as all castes, even his brothers and sisters within the warrior-caste as he trained in formal military training being selected for the the Zion Caliphate Royal Army’s Peshmerga special operative as he joined the legions of elite soldiers of the Immortals in the Zion Persian Caliphate. Khalid was not surprised but honored to be recognized as such for he was the son of the Caliph Dawud Ezekiel Ahl Mysterium. Caliph Dawud Ezekiel knew his firstborn son, Khalid, would be Caliph of a new level of Caliphate under the Sovereign Zen van Nihil, started learning the way of the swordsman and hand-to-hand combat in childhood, mastering every blade known to man at an early age which he then move onto firearms such as the standard antiquated projectile, laser, photon, and gauss weapons which he had mastered all. The Elderly Assassins of the Shadow taught him their ways as their legacy within a member and master of their art at the age of 23, most men do not accomplish mastery until their late twenties as Khalid became one of the Ten Fingers of the Hands of Shadows or the High Council of the organization. The other Hand was composed of the vast number of Ninjas trained as black operations soldiers in the East by their secretive ally in the Keiretsu-Yakuza. 

For Khalid’s vast accomplishments, he was often revered much in the same way of his grandfather, something no one else within his bloodline shared. Khalid had excelled so drastically among the others of his age, he is the first recognized male noble of royalty instead of aristocracy as his male cousins were identified later. The heads of the Dharma Zoroastrian clergy were the High Priestesses as a form of royalty were the Ahl Mysterium family elder females being Khalid’s aunts and many older female cousins who are also of the the highest echelons of the priestess class. The Empress Aisha al-Serah Ahl Mysterium is Khalid’s eldest Aunt who has ruled since his grandmother became too elderly to rule and became the Grand Counselor to Khalid’s godmother and loving aunt who loved Khalid’s parents Dawud Ezekiel and Esther with all her heart and Khalid to marry a woman the Empress deemed worthy of her Zion Padishah Caliph nephew. All females belonging to the Ahl Mysterium family had married great men from the most elite warriors of the Peshmerga, renowned scientists or scholars of the Persepolis Madrasa, many great men of their fields to create many great offspring. Each child born blessed and gifted to be taught the ways of both their parents in harmony. Khalid by this time had grown to know all the ways of the world through the philosophy of many things. A philosophy he held onto is how he would set about finding the missing Sovereign Zen van Nihil after he had finished the greatest of training among an elite esoteric order of the Shadow Society which he was trained in the ways by those taught this by Mithras, his grandfather, to become apart of the enigmatic organization known as the Shadow Society is comprised of guilds, the one Khalid Yeshua al-Malik Ahl Mysterium belonged to is the Scions of Shadow.

The Scion of Shadow, is their exoskeleton suit known as a Spring Heel Jack worn under their umbra as pure darkness Arachnoweave body armor spindled by spiders not of this world which are kept by the Keepers of Secrets within the larger Shadow Society. The exoskeleton suit known as the Spring Heel Jack is a revolutionary invention of the Sovereign bestowed to Magus Mithras through the shadow realm, a place the Spring Heel Jack. The Spring Heel Jack allowed the Scions of Shadow to be able to jump hundreds of yards in the air, upward, downward, diagonally, from side to side; they are able to do this with a special exoskeleton rig known as a Spring Heel Jack. The Scions of Shadow are renown for this Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rig. The Spring Heel Jack is a hydraulic powered exoskeleton spine that goes from the soles of their feet, along their spinal cord all the way to the back of their neck, along the underside of their arms to the palms of their hands. This is worn underneath attire. Scions of Shadow, the elite special operatives in the field. The Scions of Shadow The Scions of Shadow are able to jump hundreds of yards in the air, upward, downward, diagonally, from side to side. 

The Shadow Society are able to do this with a special exoskeleton rig known as a Spring Heel Jack. The Scions of Shadow are renown for this Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rig. The Spring Heel Jack is a hydraulic powered exoskeleton spine that goes from the soles of their feet, along their spinal cord all the way to the back of their neck, along the underside of their arms to the palms of their hands. 

The Scions of Shadow bound through the heavens as the fabled Dragoons that leapt as wingless angels to the skies to do battle with dragons. For Dragoons are knights who have mastered dragon slaying. The fabled Guild of the Dragoons  which the Scions of Shadow are modeled after, for the Scions of Shadow are Dragoons or the dragon slayers of their phantasmic reality. The Scions of Shadow are also Dragoons of fables. They could achieve the leaps of faith that the Dragoons could do except the Scions of Shadow relied on their Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton suit which relied on a computing system interface that regulated the exoskeleton. The steel dermal embedded cybernetic modification rested on the back of the neck. The computing system would read the user’s kinetic movements through electric pulses from the brainstem where a biocybernetic supercomputer has advanced the human brain to an exponentially greater form of evolution in the cybernetic cerebral enhancement of the elite model known as the Quantum model of the Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement, (ACCE). The godlike piece of technology is a marvel of grayware cybernetic evolutionary advancement is the Universal ACCE.

The Scions of Shadow are an elite order within the Shadow Society active in the Gardenia Utopian Community who are the ones depicted as the mystery assassins throughout history into antiquity. Adorned in the solid dark as the void Arachnoweave Shadow Armor weaved by the  spiders of Arachne, the Artisan of Order who weaved the threads of fate for the musings of all Artisans and Archons read and discovered what was in their ciphers. Around the Shadow Society member shoulders is the Unreal Cloak with black pauldrons that clasped onto the shoulders, this Unreal Cloak could blend one unseen among shadows or make the user translucent and clouded. Around the waist was the utility belt which held every utilitarian gizmo or gadget in their container around their latch which seemed to carry many things while remaining lightweight. A holster was at both sides of this belt that carried Zero Gravity capable Gauss powered .550 caliber hand-cannon machine pistol known as the Shadow Society’s ‘Whisper,’ manufactured and delivered in a day to those who are known members by order via deep cyber-net. There are also two daggers of some subconscious desire bestowed unto the Shadow Society member with the default being Dirks that are kept that are infused energy blades called ‘Nightfall.’ Generally, either at the side or on the back wrapped in the cloak was a scabbard containing a model of sword that the Shadow Society member subconsciously chose that was infused with the energy of some variety. This sword is known as the ‘Dawnbreaker.’ Khalid chose a Scimitar version of his Dawnbreaker with the Thermetic red flame energy.

The Scions of Shadow are the elite order bound by an esoteric code of honor founded by the Sovereign Zen van Nihil who are a division within the Shadow Society. The Scions of Shadow are known for their utilization of Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rigs which fit all along the user’s bodies from the cybernetic access where small magnetic interlocking plate to the suit with at the base of the neck which plugged directly into their central nervous system which led to the Quantum ACCE. The exoskeleton is a mechanical spine that went from the back of the neck to the tips of the user’s toe, it has special shock absorbers which could lessen any fall or impact, the added utility of using a quickly changing multiple latching grappling hook improved the Spring Heel Jack exoskeletons ability greatly as an essential part of transportation via the Spring Heel Jack rig. The Scions of Shadow wore the form-fitting, easily concealable and silent to operate exoskeleton suit of the Spring Heel Jack with the ordinary clothes of black cargo pants, black long or t-shirts shirts, and black socks.

The special Scions of Shadow field operative uniform involved Shadowstep Boots which are jet-black combat boots which never made a sound upon the terrain they traversed upon by foot as well as making the climb of a building with an unparalleled speed and agility which made any terrain the same. The hooded shadow cloaks they wore had stealth technology consisting of fiberoptic mirrored technology which could reflect light off it making the cloak translucent rendering its wearer almost entirely invisible. Talons of Shadow are jet-black colored, form-fitting, thermal yet breathable material gloves which always kept the comfort of the hands, these gloves matched the Shadowstep boots in climbing with retractable Arcturian vorpal steel blades at the fingertips as well as Arcturian vorpal steel plates in the fingers and knuckles for unarmed fighting, the plates protection underneath them made from the material of all their attire, arachnoweave armor. The Scions of Shadow wore form-fitting, full-body, from neck to wrist to ankle, dark as the void, arachnoweave combat armor. The arachnoweave body armor is ultra-lightweight, resistant to stabs, shrapnel, and pelts from projectile weapons. Arachnoweave full-body armor is weaved from the silk of enigmatic spiders from an extradimensional origin. These other-worldly spiders belonged to a multidimensional pandaemonic spider deity or Artisan of Balance known as Arachne. Coupled with a large array of weapons, a utility belt, the Arachnoweave body armor with Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton suit underneath is the official attire of the Shadow Society division known as the Scions of Shadow. The Shadow Society is the elite esoteric order that has divisions known as Shadow Guilds. The Scions of Shadow are such an organization within the Shadow Society.

Khalid lept from the large sand dunes onto large crags of rocks to the tops of even larger sand dunes to find seclusion. Solitude is what he sought for meditation. He had made this trip to an area he could become one with the Universal Consciousness at a remote oasis which for the past many weeks, he had come to this place to feel close to the formless Zen van Nihil. Here is where he could mourn and meditate on locating Zen. Mourn the loss of the Sovereign as well as the grief over the death of his cousin Serenity Autumn as a motivation for finding Zen. Khalid would think of Zen’s liberation as the greatest sublime bliss he could ponder for his mind could not bear the dread in Persepolis near his family. 

Khalid meditated on the teachings of Sovereign Zen, “The place you embrace your inner-chaos, is the place you obtain your inner-peace.”

“The culmination of what would come today,” Khalid spoke aloud as he reached the oasis.

Today, his father was meeting with Ren Hirohito Ryujin and Vergil Vexen, about the Sovereign Zen van Nihil, as well as if their grandfather had been located. The description they had given the Yakuza-Keiretsu and the Jesuit Order was a man between his 70-80’s years in age, but the insistence on a man who never aged past his early to late 30’s stayed. Khalid’s grandfather was seemingly immortal like Zen. This insistence was at first disregarded by Vergil which Ren assured as being truth. Ren disclosed to the family that both the Sovereign, Zen van Nihil as well as the Magus Mithras are both beings known as Artisans, he disclosed that the Great Mother Celeste was an Artisan as well and that we are caught in a war between warring aliens for humanity’s future. The Autumn family and associates are the benevolent alien intervention from the intergalactic alliance known as the Universal Union. The EisenHaus family and constituents are a marauding extraterrestrial invading force which are malevolent reptilian shape-shifters; both of these factions of aliens are hidden among the elite to the common man of the Gardenia Utopian Community. That the Artisans currently here are multidimensional travelers which are not leaving this realm anytime soon. Khalid cared not for ineffective conversation between allies as of late. Khalid cared more about effectiveness which he sought for himself. Khalid had left early that morning to not infer on this meeting but would return midway through to see if there were any new updates on Zen or his grandfather. Until then, from 10AM-1PM, he would be meditating within the oasis.

The oasis is a beautiful and exotic place full of flora and fauna among a sea of sand until it reaches the fertile grounds of the countryside of Persepolis. Khalid saw the palm trees and large ferns which sprouted from the dirt around this place. Khalid was walking at a gallant pace to the large pond of freshwater and the perfectly smoothed rock for sitting that lay waiting ahead for him. Khalid remembered in his bag the gift of the two tomes from his grandfather, Magus Mithras had left him a large compendium of a large hardcover time that held infinite wisdom that had more time put into it then to his uncles or father as it was specifically dedicated to Khalid Yeshua al-Malik Ahl Mysterium, his first born grandson. This book contained pure knowledge and wisdom, a cryptographic key in how to find him written throughout the text addressed to Khalid. The other was undecipherable to any known human language to read as he contemplated it on his other hand as he now sat upon the smooth rock, this enigmatic time was addressed to Sovereign Zen van Nihil as he pondered upon it. Suddenly lightning flashed through Khalid’s hand as the put the book back in his bag with its pagan-esque runic sanskrit writing, he took out the book dedicated to him, Caliph Shah Khalid Yeshua al-Malik Ahl Mysterium written by Magus Mithras, the work was titled, “Nihilo Ex Nihilo.”

Khalid began to read the scriptures of Magus Mithras. 

Page 320, Section: 23. “I, Magus Mithras, have made my covenant with not just with my family and tribe, or nation, but with all people and beings throughout the universe, that the all-inclusive Gardenia Utopian Community shall never be truly as it says until the blessed Sovereign Zen van Nihil, the peace from nothing is liberated and is free to vanquish and slay the evils of this world with impunity, that even before the markers are placed as I walk the world searching posthumously, I know my youngest sons to be slain, my second son, Elias Autumn-Mithras to be dead and so is his daughter, but although with a heavy heart. I find peace is knowing that the Sovereign Zen van Nihil still lives, as long as he lives, I shall search for him and upon finding him, you shall soon find me in another form that may bring dismay to my people, I no longer have my beard which was my earnest mask but a mustache of those of the Gardenia Utopian Community interstellar age, as you read this now my son, Caliph Shah Khalid Yeshua al-Malik Ahl Mysterium, only you know this but the extraterrestrials, humanity shall encounter on their voyage shall save us but the Gardenia Utopian Community’s rebuke shall lead to something far more sinister at the hands of EisenHaus if their false-messiah Aiden F. EisenHaus, their true patriarch of a Arisan of Chaos who dwells in the dens of dragons, among cold-blooded reptiles who cater to his every whim, we need to liberate Zen van Nihil to set our course of progression to the Universal Union instead of the slaver-species of the Draconian Imperium, the Universal Union shall guide the Gardenia Utopian Community to a utopia for our own and all self-preservation, there is no way around this, now my son, Caliph Shah Khalid Ahl Mysterium, meditate on these words for your sojourn through life is just beginning, do not fear Ren, the Exiled Imperial Emperor of Japan nor the Religious Android who is devote to his deity and the cause in the man known as Dante Aguilar, these allies shall take you to the outside world, off the Reservation away from the Zion Caliphate to experience the world as Elias did and you shall, contact the Autumn’s for they are of the Universal Union and always can be trusted, now Khalid, my son, meditate on my words and give the book I entrusted with you bestowing the Time you cannot read to Sovereign Zen van Nihil, follow my commandments and you shall have peace from nothing, Nihilo Ex Nihilo.”

Khalid felt these words resonate within him at the last statement of Nihilo Ex Nihilo, “the cosmological events have changed through divine and multidimensional paradigm shifts. That Nihilo Ex Nihilo summarizes the universe’s laws of existence that all existence came from nothing to be nothing,” Khalid thought as he began to become filled with tranquil peace, “Nihilo Ex Nihilo,” Caliph Shah Khalid Ahl Mysterium repeated this phrase perpetually, every moment and every second until everything went dark as his inner-mantra was what he had become one with and one with the nothingness of existence to elevate the divine meaning and purpose Khalid lived his life and found in revelations to his life for the entirety of his life. Khalid’s purpose to exist with a divine spark of creation and divinity within himself is unparalleled and unmatched in comparison to so many more in greatness yet he was greatness in his own way.

Khalid repeated before losing every bit of his ego and self, “Nihilo Ex Nihilo, Nihilo Ex Nihilo, Nihilo Ex Nihilo.”

Khalid became nothing from nothing, Nihilo Ex Nihilo.



May 1st, 2123 CE, The Milky Way Galaxy, Interstellar Space, Valhalla Solar System, Autumn Alliance Terraforming Mission.

Gardenia Utopian Community Space Force and Space Navy both joined the elite Science Guild to terraform an already very hospitable solar system known as Valhalla with two stars, a yellow dwarf star named Yggdrasil and a red dwarf star named Dain. The Space Force and Space Navy fleet was large with their own artificial planet known as Loki apart of the Armada to be sent to a habitable planet known as Nerthus III, Nerthus was the 3rd planet from the sun and a planet the size of 7 times ’s mass also within the habitable zone along with two planets also within this area known as the Balder I and Freyer II. All 3 planets ripe for colonization as beautiful planets within the first 3 of the planet’s belt. After the first fortunately hospitable three is a large planets, black with dust known as Odin which was terraformed into a fertile land of mountains and exotic Scandinavian landscape, the 3 moons of Odin would take a week which are the largest as the size of planets themselves, the moons named, Huginn, Muninn, and Oculos. After Odin was the planet Frigg, the 5th planet, another large terraforming planet that would yield large pastoral meadows and an abundance of forests. 

Then there was a medium sized planet named Thor which is the 6th planet which had frequent violent electrical storms which could take years to terraform with it’s moon Mjolnir being no different in the crashing of obliterating lightning and acid rain making it deemed impossible to tame. After Thor was Sif (7th planet) then Idun (8th planet) which both caught light from a barren red dwarf named Dain which orbited the planet in perfect symmetry to make both the planets ready to colonize with an hospitable climate. Then Hel (9th planet) which was too close to Dain to terraform making 7/9 planets with 3 moons of Odin all prime real estate undergoing terraforming. Valhalla solar system with 9 natural planets and one false being the artificial planet, Loki, making 10 in all. Of the 10 natural celestial bodies of 7 planets and 3 moons only 3 planets and 3 moons needed terraforming making the lives of scientists and engineers terraforming the planets within Space Force and Space Navy all the more easier since the planets are currently being terraformed by Androids, (Homo Synthetics), and dedicated engineers and scientists who maintained the construction on the already hospitable planets into megapolis arcadian planets ripe for colonization as they would safely clock out back at their artificial planet of steel known as Loki which would stay in the system creating 8 planets and 3 moons hospitable in 6 months altogether. These worlds would be one of two sets of solar systems where the Autumn Alliance was terraforming and creating developed worlds among the 10 space bodies of Valhalla overseen by Harper Bradford, Senior System Manager of the Autumn Alliance. Senior System Manager Alyssa Carter oversaw the project of Arcadia which was currently in its finishing stage to be ready for colonization within the month.


January 23rd, 2123 CE, Gardenia Utopian Community Eidolon Vanguard, Avalon Solar System, Nearing Planet Avalon VII.   

The man once known as Arthur Moody Luther had a shift in identity entirely as Arthur Nemo Autumn after his identity needed to be remade entirely as he was dispatched to fulfill contracts as a trade union executive and entrepreneur for the flood of the highly-advanced General Artificial Intelligence Android contract workers loyal to Autumn Industries. These sentient androids willingly filled their contracts for the Gardenia Utopian Community’s spread across the galaxy in expanding the territory of the human race. From the booming production, manufacturing, and revolutionary advancements of Doctor Isaac Autumn and Arthur Nemo, Autumn greatly raised the status of Autumn Enterprises in the Gardenia Utopian Community. The Gardenia Utopian Community granted Autumn Enterprises the contracts over many new solar systems to terraform for development and Autumn influence. Doctor Isaac Autumn knew that had only helped his plight as the super-intelligent deus ex machina, Hanuman, grew exponentially closer to completion. Doctor Isaac Autumn and Arthur Nemo Autumn had been working on this entity known as Hanuman, a Super Intelligence Homo Synthetic which would alone destroy any trace of EisenHaus Hegemony control turning the tides of war for the Gardenia Utopian Community to be placed into Arthur’s hands furthering Autumn’s agenda for the Gardenia Utopian Community and all of humanity to join the Universal Union. As now, Arthur is hiding in plain sight as his new fabricated identity barely changed and past credentials as a former Martian Military, a Lionheart Commander, the prestigious new identity as a powerful elite among the Gardenia Utopian Community in the Autumn Alliance as an Autumn Family member.

Arthur’s status in all areas of the Gardenia Utopian Community as a Autumn Enterprises Executive Director, elevating his rank in the Gardenia Utopian Community Military Industrial-Complex as a noted Company Man. The Gardenia Utopian Community Military position of authority being Lionheart Commander under the identity Arthur Nemo Autumn, commonly called Nemo since the all threat of the legacy of Nemo was considered dead by most and only the ilk of Grand Council Magistrate Aiden F. EisenHaus knew a possibility of a URC heir still existed.

As Arthur now signed his new name on countless forms of paperwork, his identity hidden behind slight facial reconstructive surgery to get rid of any imperfections of his already handsome but devil-may-care scarred face. Arthur just had a procedure to remove the scars gathered over the years on his body. His face more fuller from eating with that healthiness in appearance turned into the physicality of an immaculately sculpted statuesque man with radical advancements subdermal cybernetics in himself since the war making him apical in human evolution as a Homo Esper-Nexus. 

“What is a man to do with all this power?” Arthur thought to himself. 

As Arthur thought this, he laughed aloud. Arthur is busy checking his Autumn Enterprise assets being the trillions of dollars in stocks and banking accounts on his cyber-trade account ACCE within the vision of his eyes. Merrily he would glance over his daily income and check company emails as he walked the deck waving hello at those who greeted him warmly and yet intimidated by successful Autumn on the vessel with them. Arthur disarmed by taking time to get to know the crew Arthur could have anyone on any vessel within their fleet to do whatever he wanted, whenever. The fine individuals keeping the the soldiers and science interns in line are Admiral Fyodor Tolstoy, a quiet man with the exception of controlling his men through a simple ask for fear of the ways he could punish them was of Slavic heritage, in his late 40s who grew up in a Universal Church of Celestialism household which was devoutly religious until he left to join the Space Marines as an enlisted man in the Military Police who did not agree with the senseless killing of non-militant URC members to study at Adversity Military Academy to get a degree in military science becoming an officer in the Space Naval Force and rising to the rank of High Admiral specializing in strategy by brute force and negotiation and intimidation through influence and psychological warfare who specialized in military science.

Admiral Fyodor Tolstoy appointed Chief Commander Ellis Ralphson, who oversaw the Senior Captains aboard the other smaller ships, Ellis Ralphson is a no nonsense African-American from the Eastern Sprawl who hangs above his bed a flag from the glory days of the United Socialist States of America before the Western Bloc. A true space cowboy being wild and reckless cutting loose or kicking some ass with a wide variety of mastered weapons, drinking booze with his fellow soldiers but in his alone time preferred reading deeply profound philosophical novels, classical literature, antiquated pulp fiction novels, and books about war who was a renaissance man at heart who had mastered the piano. This well-rounded Dionysian and Apollonian Ellis Ralphson and Arthur drank regularly in Arthur’s luxury office; he couldn’t believe he had. Every night of the three week journey, Arthur and Ellis are getting fine nerdy and dirty girls from the Science Guild. 

Arthur thought highly of both Ellis along with Fyodor Tolstoy, but one stuck out to him and that is Chief Science Officer Paige Roux. Paige is Arthur’s intellectual vixen of an hourglass body, her long black hair in a ponytail but let loose to show those luscious locks around Arthur, her amber eyes covered thick framed eyeglasses which she would take off to bite the tips to flash her eyelashes at Arthur. Her perpetual mischievous smile was only matched by Arthur’s permanent devilish grin. On the bridge, which Paige frequented when she wasn’t overseeing the other science officers on experiments, would indulge in the social experiment of conversation with Arthur about what they are doing, which Arthur would obviously jokingly call them and Paige to her face as ‘Nerds,’ then inquire more on what they are doing? She would state some very highly complex and convoluted science talk above most people’s heads but Arthur understood it all and what they are working on at what step which Arthur analyzed in a split-second then responded in a correct, clear, and concise answer of his vast wealth of intellect on the subject. Arthur would think to himself about anything worth knowing, ‘as all things,’ which his Devilish Grin would give way to reveal genuine warmth to Paige. This intellect from a man who was rich beyond belief as an actual member of the Autumn family made Paige’s quiver with delight between her legs as she might need to take a coffee break to her room for some of her ‘Me Time,’ Arthur was happy with Paige’s handling of her carnal urges for him because Arthur believed it was the thought that truly counted.

These 4 individuals were the pillar of the expedition to encounter an alien race who had set a replaying transmission to the Gardenia Utopian Community from the Gardenia Utopian Community Science Guild belonged primarily on the Science Cosmos Corps aboard the Sagan Floatilla escorted by the Gardenia Utopian Community Military Fleet of dreadnoughts of ships known as the Tempest Space Naval Fleet. The joint efforts of this fleet controlled by the Autumn Enterprise, Autumn Utopian Party of Gardenia Utopian Community backed interstellar diplomatic mission of Gardenia Utopian Community Military and Science Guild is known as the Eidolon Vanguard. The flagship is known as the Eidolon Prime, the head of this armada are heads of Autumn Enterprises, Gardenia Utopian Community Military, and Science Guild. The ships were elegant as most funding was for Autumn Industries as they were on a venture capitalist mission to make first contact with an alien civilization and expand possibilities for humanity. As of now 80 billion are displaced residents in the Biodomes of Venus, the moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos had biodomes constructed along with a large series of Gardenia Utopian Community Military which watched over the small amount of convicted Autonomous Martian fighters and sympathizers from the Martian civil war which now found their residence in the biodomes of the moons of Mars. Weekly, a shipment of URC members convicted without due process were mysteriously disappearing in mass detainment prisons of labor camps and concentration camps on the prison planet of Titan, moon of Saturn. The URC still was alive and well with 55% of the total Gardenia Utopian Community population of 340 billion aligned or sympathetic with the URC. 70% of Gardenia Utopian Community population knew Sovereign Zen van Nihil had no connection to the United Revolutionary Collective and was either dead or permanently detained in a Homo Esper inhumane experimental facility in a prison Zen probably couldn’t escape.

Arthur enjoyed and cringed at these statistics, most true members were untraceable, undetectable, and impossible to infiltrate so these were mostly the influx of people who joined the URC in the mass anarchy that ensued between the Commonwealth of Mars and Gardenia Utopian Community Civil War. Arthur pondered how his brother’s training and scholarly pursuits of Autumn Alliance as he dwelled with his aunt and cousin, Hegemon Iris Autumn. new identity, Micah Moody Autumn. The lessons Micah was learning, the unlocking of his Homo Esper abilities and the advancements of cybernetic implants from Negative 0 in secretly overseeing the growth of his brother as a human being. Arthur knew Micah to be filed under the classification of a ‘Free Resident’ of Venus among the damned social-label of ‘Deviant Displacee,’ among the biodomes of the most miserable planet in the Gardenia Utopian Community. Arthur thought this at the bridge where all was quiet, save the broadcast from Arthur’s executive administrators who he had charged with each representing Autumn Enterprises, Executive Director Arthur Autumn in overseeing two solar systems being terraformed, once the planets finished, the megapolis metropolitan areas built with plenty of nature on the planets of the solar system that could flourish with such beauty. Both solar systems had their problems in the star or stars that inhabited them with cosmological bodies being harder to figure out the best course of action which Arthur had to follow the classified Autumn Enterprises documents of legendary scientist of terraforming, Doctor Elias Ahl Mysterium for troubleshooting with Arthur’s spin which yielded maximum results. 

In 6 months the cosmological bodies in the habitable and closer to the habitation zone would be open for colonization. In 6 months the outer-planets would be ready for colonization with the Autumn Hegemony overruling the EisenHaus Hegemony. These solar systems were the Valhalla System and the Arcadia system. Senior Managers of Autumn Enterprises, Harper Bradford and Alyssa Carter were placed in charge of these terraforming missions with the Science Guild, Gardenia Utopian Community Military, Autumn Enterprises Androids as contract laborers working at a highly-effective rate under goals and the means to accomplish them by a set-time by Arthur Nemo Autumn. Arthur couldn’t have been more satisfied.

The only noise was the faint repetitive broadcast message by the alien envoy from the Universal Union being played quietly as they entered range of the ship’s direct contact with a variety of communications devices at the ready with the alien race of human appearing aliens known as Yahyel. The psychic imprints from the Yahyel that Arthur received were that they were primarily a matriarchal society with around 95% of their population being female, around 5% being male. The females dominated most positions of society while males were guarded by the society as necessities for constant breeding, solitary living, donating any form of their genetic coding for furthering a primarily bisexual female population as a norm with males being hardlined heterosexuals who lived in palaces with noted regal aristocrats known as the Matrons of the species as a necessity of their court to travel recreational under heavy guard if permissible by the aristocratic matrons of the society. The message played in its entirety as a feminine voice of peace spoken in the Gardenia Utopian Community’s universal language of Gardenia, English based with words from all the old world order languages incorporated into it to expand upon the language to the apex of humanity’s linguistic capabilities.  

The peaceful feminine voice asserted the intent of the meeting with altruistic understanding, “I am the Ambassador Commander of the Yehudiah flagship, my name is Devorah El-Shoshana of the Ambassador Armada of the Universal Union, a united coalition of a collective found throughout the cosmos, my race known as the Yahyel, we are one of many species to our gloriously peaceful universal collective of the Universal Union, my pleasure to you, the Human species who come from Eden Prime as your homeworld to enter the space-age as the Gardenia Utopian Community, we wish to welcome the Gardenia Utopian Community into our coalition, please find us in the Red Dwarf system of Gliese 581-c, we offer this place to the influential Autumn family of Autumn Enterprises and Autumn Utopian Party solely so they may benevolently welcome colonists as citizens of this extension of the Gardenia Utopian Community, this is our gift to the Gardenia Utopian Community on the sole condition that the upstanding Autumn named Arthur Nemo Autumn, the Gardenia Utopian Community, through the psionic giants of our species we have found no better human than Arthur Nemo Autumn to become Hegemon of this 9 planets, 33 terrestrial cosmological bodies that can be urbanized and colonized without the process of terraforming these planets, please send the Hegemon Arthur Nemo Autumn of the Autumn Faction within the Gardenia Utopian Community with whoever the supreme Hegemon of the Autumn Alliance within the Gardenia Utopian Community chooses, we mean no harm for all we desire is peace and fellowship with you, the Gardenia Utopian Community and all of the human race, we have a home in this same solar system and foresee the Autumn’s coexistence as best, we are a species of 425 billion with 30 billion among these worlds, we are a matriarchal society with a population that produces 95% females and 5% males, we are a matriarchal yet egalitarian society, however, due to this our species has differed socially and our progression has been radically different your own but we are not that different in many ways from the human race of the Gardenia Utopian Community, you originate from Homo Sapiens, we are Homo Socius may we unite as family for the paradise of the cosmos known as our way of the Universal Union, beyond all you know as fact and fiction, we will meet you at, the following interstellar coordinates,” Ambassador Commander Devorah El-Shoshana listed off the coordinates in interstellar traveling code and that ended the broadcast.

Executive Director Arthur Nemo Autumn is to become an Autumn Alliance Hegemon among the Gardenia Utopian Community under the Autumn Hegemony. Authorized by the Autumn Alliance Hegemon, Iris Autumn who considered her nephew Arthur an equal to herself in the Autumn Hegemony of the Gardenia Utopian Community. He would be promoted from Executive Director to Hegemon in the Autumn Alliance of the Gardenia Utopian Community after contact in a memorable event documented then relayed to Gardenia Utopian Community government and media outlets for the mission had made the entire Gardenia Utopian Community on edge for weeks upon weeks. The event was to be recorded and relayed back to the Gardenia Utopian Community. Arthur had gained his own solar system in what had been lost in the planet which he had wished to be the autonomous Commonwealth of Mars. Suddenly, the faint broadcast ended as a live communications relay was appearing over the central Bridge window as a holoscreen for interaction. This event happened as they entered the orbit around the 7th planet in the Avalon System. Arthur snapped to attention in the Executive Official’s desk of the the Flagship on the bridge  The square table twenty yards in front of his executive position bore a holographic map of the surrounding sector of space which the broadcast was coming from around them and the 4th planet but although they could not physically see or detect the Yahyel space vessels they were surrounded by a large armada of vessels as large as Gardenia Utopian Community dreadnoughts but outnumbered the Eidolon Vanguard. The Bridge of the flagship of the Eidolon Vanguard and every human from the Gardenia Utopian Community aboard the vessels comprising the Eidolon Vanguard snapped to attention. As a Gardenia Utopian Community Armada and Universal Union Armada would communicate to one another. This would be recorded now and relayed hours later to the Gardenia Utopian Community back in the Solar System watch the conversation between the presumptive Autumn Hegemon Arthur Nemo and the Ambassador Commander Devorah El-Shoshana of the Yahyel, (Homo Socius). 

Arthur ordered the Bridge crew to establish the communication relay which was followed as the audio-visual hologram appeared through the projector of the holovision. A lively hologram appeared in the window to space as the screen showed a bronzed skin woman with large radiant purple eyes, deep blue and golden locks of hair, a smooth feminine jawline, luscious purple lips, a small nose, a prominent yet human proportioned forehead, thin eyebrows, as an angelic beauty without wings stood before them. She wore a seemingly singular piece uniform that was grey along her arms, white from her waist to her shoulders. Over her right side of her chest are the strange runic hieroglyphs of her name. Underneath the marking of her name is the symbol of the Universal Union: Rutherford Atomic Model with the Pi symbol in the center of this nine-ringed atomic model in a circle, all drawn in an indigo blue.

“Hello, Hegemon Arthur Nemo Autumn, representative of the Gardenia Utopian Community and the wonderful people of the human race, my name is Devorah El-Shoshanah, I am the Ambassador Commander of the our Seraph, the Empress-Matriarch who rules our Matron Queens in the Yahyel, Seraph Eve El-Shekhinah, we are the Yahyel a coalition of a united coalition among many diverse cultures, societies, and species of the Universal Union, the Universal Union is formed by a parliament where we are all represented in the Universal Union, there is a Grand Council of Magistrates elected by honest merit that consider the parliament and make judgements, overall it is highly-effective for the Yahyel can govern themselves while benefiting from the Universal Union, we, the Social Gynocracy wish to coexist peacefully with the Gardenia Utopian Community, here in this land, due to our overwhelming female to male population, men in days of our own barbaric antiquity have been very protected or written in our history as wars were fought over as precious necessities for life within our society, due to our closeness in genetics with you the Humans of the Gardenia Utopian Community, we wish to share this neutral solar system with the Autumn Hegemony, in symbiosis we would live in this star system between the Gardenia Utopian Community and the Social Gynocracy, between our Matron Queens and you as the Gardenia Utopian Community Hegemon, Arthur Nemo Autumn, if you agree, we will grant you the favor of naming this unnamed star system and all the inhabitable places of this wondrous star system, we grant you this privilege, all miraculously habitable 9 planets with the additional 33 cosmological bodies, answer that you accept and present the name.”

Arthur replied simply, “I accept this highest of honors Devorah El-Shoshannah, I want it to be known as the Avalon system,”

“Great, honorable Hegemon Arthur Autumn, what do you wish the fourth planet from the Avalon system’s Red Subgiant star to be called so we may head there, planets 3-5 have colonies upon them, there lively moons or cosmological bodies are also places of colonies, all that you will be privileged to name for no man in the Yahyel has ever named or achieved anything besides the genetic furtherment of our species, our birth rate since our evolutionary beginnings has been 95% female, 5% male,” Devorah explained. 

“I understand, Ambassador Commander Devorah El-Shoshanna, I wish to call the planet Albion, I sense that it will be the center of the Avalon system,” Arthur replied.

“That is correct, now don’t be too surprised,” Devorah smiled.

Ships appeared out of the aether of nothing for they had been around them all along they were cloaked by stealth technology making them invisible to most scans of detection, completely invisible, so close that sonar could pick them up but Hegemon Arthur Autumn sensed psionically that the Yahyel didn’t block sonar so their presence would be known. The Yahyel dreadnoughts were exotic deep purple and grey war machines that enshrouded the entire Gardenia Utopian Community Eidolon Vanguard in their magnetic field. The Yahyel ships shot forth with the entire Gardenia Utopian Community Eidolon Vanguard in tow, powerless in the fields to the impressively adequate space harbor that revolved around the illustrious green and blue planet of Albion, of the Social Gynocracy, a faction within the collective of the Universal Union. Hegemon Arthur Autumn is in awe at the advanced race of primarily women, he would be bringing his innumerable United Revolutionary Collective comrades to come to the Avalon system.

The entire Eidolon Vanguard left their ships at the harbor in Social Gynocracy control, as Arthur Nemo sent his message on the Deep Cyber-Net to his URC comrades to come to the Avalon System. Admiral Fyodor Tolstoy contacted the Gardenia Utopian Community military, Paige Roux contacted the rest of the Science Guild of the Gardenia Utopian Community. Ellis Ralphson thought he died and went to heaven, directing his lesser grunts to move his things into the dropship that would be taking him. Everything was rather simple besides the grand piano which he comically & viscerally hassled his subordinates to be careful with his prized piano lest Chief Commander Ellis Ralphson would be forced to, “break them into a million pieces.”

Arthur saw the high vaulted painted ceilings and walls matched with grey 1 foot in diameter squared flooring of the space harbor. Scarlet satin curtains were hoisted up over the open windows around the harbor when Arthur was seeing numerous members of both Yahyel and Gardenia Utopian Community Human personnel entering atmospheric dropships to go to the planet known as Albion of the Avalon system. Arthur was wandering the harbor examining everything when he was greeted by Ambassador Commander Devorah El-Shoshannah greeted him with many Yahyel in form-fitting scarletite steel combat armor, their feminine physique as seductive as they were intimidating, the armor was metallic but as flexible as cloth. Everything was scarlet red besides the torso which in scarlet runic hieroglyphs was the Yahyel name with the same vibrant red Universal Union rutherford atom with the Pi symbol in the middle underneath it. Ambassador Commander Devorah El-Shoshannah led them, who she then stepped out of the way to reveal a very regal Seraph Matron Queen representing the Social Gynocracy aristocracy under the Empress in Avalon. She shared the beautiful angelic characteristics of Ambassador Commander Devorah but appeared beyond the beauty of any Yahyel here, she was an adult but definitely appeared younger in age but older in mentality exuding hyper-awareness, an air of prestigious education, innate philosophical wisdom, and intellectuality beyond her years. She wore a entirely vibrantly violet jumpsuit with a symbol of runic hieroglyphs that were a symbol of a tree of one vertical line which other lines sprung from to form perfect circles with a circle at the top with a triangle at the top, beneath it was the Universal Union’s symbol, the Tree of Matrons symbolized that if her name is not known, she is to be revered as a Imperial Matron Queen, one of the three Empresses Daughters, an Aristocratic Matron Queen would have a circle at the top of the tree. The pauldrons were golden with the Imperial Matron Queen symbol on them, on top of her gorgeous head of her perfect physique sat a crown ornate with precious jewels.

Devorah announced this acclaimed Social Gynocratic official, “Imperial Matron Queen, Seraph Ellie El-Shekhinah, daughter of Imperial Matriarch Empress Seraph Evelyn El-Shekhinah, ruler of the Social Gynocracy, I present to you my majesty, the honorable Gardenia Utopian Community Hegemon, Arthur Nemo Autumn.”

“Devorah, knock it off, Hegemon Arthur Nemo Autumn, is it fine if you just call me Ellie while I just call you Arthur? To the rest of everyone everywhere it’s Seraph Ellie and Hegemon Arthur, do you get that Devorah, make sure to tell public relations that, if it’s okay with Arthur,” Ellie is commanding to Devorah but gentle and kind in her tone towards Arthur.

“Absolutely Ellie, honored to meet you as well, this is all new and mind-blowing, the Gardenia Utopian Community is reporting everywhere with hidden journalists among our crew, my apologies, this is huge for the Gardenia Utopian Community and humankind, we used to be more male dominated in our society, so apologies, we have a female executive over all the Gardenia Utopian Community besides the Hegemons, I became a Hegemon through my uncle Isaac and aunt Iris who are the other Autumn Alliance Hegemons,” Arthur spoke with humble mirth.

Ellie spoke back with utmost respect for Arthur and blatant apathy for the anecdotes of human history, “Arthur, your Aunt is the Autumn Alliance, Hegemon Iris, your mother is Lily Autumn-Luther, you’re Arthur Moody Luther, the leader of the United Revolutionary Collective, despite your altered appearance to become more appealing, I know who you are but shall address you as Arthur Nemo Autumn as your new identity, I am glad I am serving with kin of the Universal Union.”

Arthur looked back at Ellie shocked, “So Ellie, Zen van Nihil spoke the truth, my mother is an extraterrestrial just like the rest of the eccentric Autumn family and associates of the Universal Union, so that means Zen van Nihil is also indeed the prophesied Sovereign?”

“Yes, we in the Universal Union do not deny any of those claims, Arthur, your mother is of the Homo Illuminatus or Pleiadian human species, you are a mixture of the Homo Nexus Esper Illuminatus genus originating from Eden Prime and Pleiades Humanoid beings, we’re going to have no problem getting along in how we govern and intermingle with one another, I hope you’re amicable and willing in the act of giving me children through manual procreation to ensure our beneficial relationship of symbiosis, none of your fellow Gardenia Utopian Community members needs to know of our relationship or they can just deal with it, do you accept?”

“Yes Ellie, take me to our royal quarters,” Arthur smiled.

“Right this way,” Ellie grinned as the words came seductively from her intoxicating Arthur as they boarded a royal dropship that would take them to the palace.

They sat down in their seats, Ellie grabbed Arthur’s hand as he sat next to her, got close to him and began kissing him. Ellie and Arthur were both assertive in their passion which Ellie had never experienced from the more passive males of her society so she allowed Arthur to dominate her in such a way. They stopped, with a finger, Ellie stroked Arthur’s neck massaging tight muscles relaxing him before continuing their passionate kissing as the dropship departed from the harbor to to planet of Albion to the hire spires towering around a lotus shaped palace from above all seemingly constructed from radiantly purple amethyst gem-grown marvel of architecture, with large floor to ceiling windows in certain regions of the palace with a amethyst gem walls around the palace with titanium steel sliding bulkhead doors on tracks around all four sides of the Zohar Palace. Imperial Matron Queen, Ellie El-Shekhinah was addressed by Yahyel palace security and so was Hegemon Arthur Autumn as the new dualistic rulers of the Avalon system as Universal Union and Gardenia Utopian Community citizens would be existing together in this wondrous star system. The Dropship dropped them off at the center palace in the courtyard in the middle of the large magnanimously amethyst structures.

“Welcome to your new home Arthur, it is luxurious on the inside, you’re going to love our room,” Ellie smiled graciously.

Arthur grinned as they began their walk into the palace, “Ellie, I know you know the truth behind my identity, my plans, my purpose, what do you think?”

“I think you are getting ahead of yourself, lie low, build your empire, let it grow all over again, this is the only system the Gardenia Utopian Community can be overruled by my say for the advantageous benefit of you or your downfall, enjoy your freedom, you down want to lose your other arm do you?”

Arthur flexed his right cybernetic hand, “No I do not,” he responded.

“Then follow the maddening flow as Zen van Nihil would say, or be cool as your people say, you’ve only just got here but everything happens eventually.”

“You’re right, now it is time for peace, prosperity, and the pursuit of happiness for my spirit still dwells in poverty from the loss experienced on Mars,” Arthur replied disheartened.

“Arthur, allow me to enrich your spirit with treasures you have yet to behold,” Ellie smiled as they had reached the doors to their palace.

Ellie grabbed Arthur and kissed him long and dear, speaking to Arthur, “You know Arthur, I have an Artisan for a sister, born of the Yahyel imperial family, surpassed that by the Great Architect’s revelation to our imperial family as the Artisan on the Great Commission, her name is Seraph Sophia Autumn, daughter of my mother and a noted Oliver Autumn, elder brother to your mother and aunt, younger brother to your mentor-uncle Isaac Autumn, he fathered my younger sister with my mother, the empress twenty years ago, do you know where Seraph Sophia Autumn lays at night?”

“Where is Ellie?” Arthur implored.

“Seraph Sophia lays in the arms of Sovereign Zen van Nihil, both in captivity of the Gardenia Utopian Community, where exactly? I do not know, now come Arthur, let us become settled into our chambers,” Ellie grinned seductively before they entered the palace. 

Where Arthur’s mind reeled back the thoughts of Zen’s 25th hour astral call they shared, realizing, that Zen is the Sovereign, that this Artisan thing is no joke he had read on discourses by noted scholars of Magus Mithras, Great Goddess Celeste, Sovereign Zen van Nihil, and others who were scholars on the subject originating from various scholars from the Zion Caliphate, Universal Celestial Church, and a plethora sources contributing from around the Gardenia Utopian Community on the subject of Artisans, the Great Architect, and the Multiverse. Arthur contemplated deeply decidedly, he would massage his aunt, Hegemon Iris Autumn about the origins of Sovereign Zen van Nihil as Arthur walked through the innumerable splendors of the internal structure of the palace as a fine cut stone interior for wide halls and large high-ceilings, large vaulted domed open rooms which the walls were covered in tapestries of many realistic Yahyel heroes of their species before the current Imperial family which yielded an ‘Artisan,’ which Arthur was coming to terms with.

As they reached their quarters at the highest regions of the palace, Ellie yelled at Arthur as if he were an idiot. Ellie spoke with sharp correction, “Arthur, I know you know Zen van Nihil to be the prophesied Sovereign, no better than a fucking Reptilian on the subject of Artisans or a higher power in the Multiverse such as the Great Architect, Artisans are multidimensional beings which have the powers of a demigod, is that better wording for you? I couldn’t care less about your apathy or your fucking ego, the Yahyel speak your language of the Gardenia Utopian Community humans because we can be the better ones in the situation if you have trouble grasping what you are and what Zen is, Zen van Nihil is the Sovereign combined from your father and the remains of an Artisan that was of the species of Hyperborean, he transcends our dimension into infinity as a being with powers of the Multiverse as a special agent or Artisan of the Great Architect here to ensure his will, do you understand why they both look the same, I said do you really fucking understand?”

“Yes, my god, I apologize, I’m naturally skeptical,” Arthur apologized.

“I’m sorry too but the information has been given to you, accept it, or I’m done wasting my time and breath on a fucking idiot like you if you still willingly choose to be.”

A voice of Zen van Nihil spoke in the room, “At this present moment in I may be in chains but at least I am not a slave to my ego such as yourself Arthur, ask your aunt, Hegemon Iris Autumn, get your evidence Arthur, you’ve experienced aliens your whole life because you cannot accept yourself, an outsider to yourself.”

“Do you still need your fucking evidence?” Ellie erupted.

Arthur was silent as a thousand revelations hit him, he found a chair, sunk into it, popped a consciousness expanding dose from a liquid dropper from a vial of Daemon Dark, “I will now,” Arthur replied.

“Good give me a dose too my strong-willed dear,” Ellie gazed at Arthur with large alert eyes of wanton lust for Arthur.

Arthur dropped a dose on her tongue, then checked his emails to find all the information in a document, opening it he found that Hegemon Iris Autumn, his aunt, had already sent him everything Arthur needed to know. Downloading it into his information base of his ACCE. Arthur now knew fully.

“I understand everything now Ellie,” Arthur spoke as he transcended as his consciousness expanded to adapt to the change of the new reality he was faced with. 

Arthur embraced this change as he embraced Ellie in this revolutionary experience where Arthur’s paradise had been lost, paradise is now found. Arthur realized that here in this moment, paradise is found.



A Time Outside of Space, A Place Outside Eden Prime, The Shadow of the Multiverse, Scholomance, the Infinite Shadow Dimension of Reality.

Khalid had found himself transferred from reality to the realm of the shadows, Scholomance. The place where the infinite realms cast their formless and infinite shadow to create a realm in between all realms. Khalid stood in a spectral void contrasted by static twinkling stars to disappear and reappear someplace else. A translucent platform of gilded glowing light made up other platforms and steps rising up other gilded glowing light steps and platforms. On the platform above the steps in front of Khalid is the Zen van Nihil he knows, the one who is missing but here is found. Khalid saw Zen rise in a fluid motion from a lotus meditation pose to standing as Khalid apprehensively rose.

“Beyond the boundaries of light and dark there is a world of twilight and shadows, I’ll be meeting you there.” Zen spoke in a voice that was of an invitation to prove Khalid’s worth as an individual, one teacher used to be harsh to teach a valuable lesson that could be a matter of life and death.

Zen motioned with a beckoning of a closed pointer and middle finger for Khalid to follow Zen.

Zen adorned in the same Shadow Knights, Shadow Society attire Khalid wore. As Zen turned he revealed to have to handle protruding from his back of two swords. One is known as the ‘Lotus Masamune,’ a katana with an anti-matter energy that glew with a ultraviolet light, the other blade is the ‘Aeon Blade,’ shamshir heavy scimitar infused with Saturnite giving it’s platinum whitish blue glow. Both swords hidden in their sheaths which the handles could be seen protruding from his back as they were soon to be revealed to be wrapped in his cloak as he turned and began running up a flight of gilded glowing steps. The aether of gilded glowing light formed at Zen’s steps as darkness subsided from his steps to reveal the hidden path as Khalid took immediate flight in following the Sovereign Zen van Nihil. Khalid followed off to his left at the next platform as the astral sea of white glowing Saturnite exploded stars around them to collapse and appear elsewhere. This frenzied calm over both of them as they clambered endlessly through space and time that seemed to be a few moments to eternity. Finally Khalid caught up to Zen where Zen stood a short walk on another platform next to a swirling black void of a portal where Khalid knew where they were going.

Khalid spoke with the utmost nobility to Zen, “Sovereign Zen van Nihil, peace upon the blessed one of our Zion Caliphate of Zenarchism, the one who will enlighten the universe for the benefit of everything and every-being that exists, has existed, and will exist in the grand design of the Cosmic Eden we in humanity find ourselves in, I beseech thee Sovereign Zen van Nihil of the Great Architect that I may be of service to you, I am Caliph Padeshah Khalid Yeshua al-Malik Ahl Mysterium, my grandfather was Magus Mithras Ahl Mysterium, the Holy Prophet over the most peaceful place in the Cosmic Eden, the Zion Caliphate, Serenity Beatrix Autumn is your sacred lover, may the divine rest her soul, she and I share the same grandfather.”

Zen cut him off, “Enough Khalid, at this state I am aware, don’t ever mention that to my present self if we should meet, I am contacting you from a place from outside your current space and time, somewhere beyond the void at the end of the Cosmic Eden, in the nether that is dark expanses of a collapsed universe into a compressed mass of energy to recycle the old universe of endless entropy in a Big Crunch to explode in an infinitely expanding form of a Big Bang, I’ve seen this many times,” Zen spoke in ancient language, “ego sublimis, ego summa oblivion in faciem, I am the Sovereign known as the Outsider, my name is Zen van Nihil,” Zen spoke with the intensity of a man who had watched the inevitable void come at the end of the existence of a universe and emerged in the formation of a new universe like a phoenix from the ashes.

Khalid became silent in reverence. Khalid formally dropped into a kowtow to Zen. Khalid felt Zen raised Khalid with psychokinetic powers so Zen could address Khalid who proved his submission to Zen.

 Zen spoke calmly to not the first or last follower to address Zen as such, “Khalid, I am just Zen van Nihil, I will be Zen van Nihil when you meet me but make me remember that I am Sovereign without telling me, I know of your credentials, I am aware of my own present future even in your time, my inner-struggle of Jihad shall manifest as a Holy War of Radical Deep Dreamers as Chaos Theorists as we wage war against the enemies of humanity even from within our own ranks for we face Aiden Aka Mana, the embodiment of evil in conscience and entity and his armada of Draconian Imperium, those who side with the EisenHaus Enclave must know at all costs the price of war, there is a man you must meet, he is a master of the divided Scions of Darkness, an order dating back to the Atlanteans of Eden Prime in antiquity, the Scions of Darkness are responsible for developing the super soldier known as the Wraith, the Wraith is a made this way through adapting to the environment that is the shadow of all the possible dimensions known as, Scholomance, this man you will meet is named Phoenix Jax Maddox, Phoenix is an Atlantean of noble descent.”

“Jax Maddox Phoenix,” Khalid thought as the mental note echoed about the Saturnian realm of the astral sea.

“Khalid, beyond this portal is the man in the land where the twilight makes an entity in the shadows of order and chaos in perfect balance, let us commune with our friend to further fellowship, follow me,” Zen spoke calmly, the cool voice which had experienced pure chaos for a new order to be born from it.

Zen stepped through the portal as Khalid followed in command through into the nether of the void as darkness then nothingness whirled about quickly as Khalid emerged to meet the ghostly pale albinistic Zen the Outsider, his hood was down to reveal a pompadour of jet black hair, thick sideburns, his clean shaven face, well-defined eyebrows, red lips, and sapphire blue eyes was fully revealed as he spoke to a man in his appearance was of a man in his early forty-ish years in life, he had a blond mohawk, his purple topaz eyes behind aviator sunglasses. All 3 of these men were adorned in the Shadow Knights, Shadow Society member attire, Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton suit underneath their Arachnoweave Shadow Scions armor.

“Sovereign Zen, I take this young man to be Khalid? My name is Phoenix Jaxxon Maddox Ozymandias, I am known in the Gardenia Utopian Community Military by the rank of Grand Marshal Phoenix Jax Maddox Ozymandias, I am the elder brother of a pathetic younger brother who is more of an Oedipus than a Ozymandias hence why I never share my noble surname, our mother Morrigan should have done whatever to prevent what should not be.” Phoenix turned to Zen, “Why should I feel any difference in this Khalid is he truly as great as Magus Mithras? Isn’t he the one who?”

Zen waved dismissively.

Jax continued, “What is so special about this young Artisan by Essence besides being a descendant of Magus Mithras? Although, his grandfather shall meet us again in his generally ageless existence outside the sanctimonious beard and wisdom he bore to bring us what has been wrought upon Eden Prime as a safe haven, I do not know why Magus Mithras is not heref? We know Khalid shall live as a mortal shall live with his exceptional qualities, despite his necessity, we shall prevail regardless in light of what you are allowing Zen, the other two you ask of me, Borus Kalashnikov and Alcatraz Jones? Those Essence Artisans are corruptible and chaotic,” Phoenix spat in disgust before continuing, “I doubt those two are capable of changing the destiny of the universe let alone themselves, they are bastards, just as the whole lot of us, the Radical Deep Dreamers as Chaos Theorists are bastards, as all revolutionaries are bastards.” 

“No worries, Phoenix, you become opinionated when you are not certain, Khalid whose future is although riddled with uncertainty unlike the other two who are certainly bastards like us, Khalid is a genuinely good man of honor, the inner-struggle of Jihad shall manifest as a Holy War of the Radical Deep Dreamers as Chaos Theorists shall awaken to a universe prepared to embrace us as its destiny through the Sovereign mandate of the Great Architect, I’m sure my lady Lilith shall enjoy our company as we expel the Draconian Imperium and your brother’s rule over the Atlantean Empire, nothing will stop us in our hopes to enlighten the entire world for the good, despite any uncertainty good shall prevail, I may be a Radical Deep Dreamers as Chaos Theorists are all sons and daughters of liberty for we are revolutionary bastards, those two are certain, I may also be dissatisfied in having to remember when I was a spectator to an illusion of my own existence.”

Khalid listened, understanding his Artisan Essence as part of this all. 

“Nihilo Ex Nihilo,” Khalid thought.

The words of his thoughts echoed in the immediate vicinity that was the twilight of the Woods of Dusk and Dawn around them in Scholomance. Zen and Phoenix looked to Khalid as the young man became more silent.

“Nihilo Ex Nihilo my friend, Khalid,” Zen spoke verbally and telepathically as the inner-mantra reverberated around them. Zen continued, “Jax, Khalid, let us convene at where the proving grounds shall be, we shall meet the Mad Prophet Azathorn the Idiot, the first Daeva-Djinn and the redefiner of the Daeva-Djinn Order Scholomance of the Draconian Imperium.”

“Khalid, if you prove yourself to me today, you may address me as the nickname of Maddox to my face when we meet later this day in Eden Prime after we slay Azathorn the Idiot, follow me Zen and Khalid, I know where the Mad Prophet makes his locale,” Phoenix spoke.

Jax leapt, Khalid looked to Zen, which he found a directive to follow in a Shadow Society hand sign from Zen to Khalid to follow suit. Through the fluid mechanizations of Spring Heel Jack the trio made large leaps of kilometers in length at high speeds. They would break through patches in the canopy of leaves of the large trees or land on the branches to propel themselves over them. The terrain the trees were placed were rolling hills that increased in slope to yield forested valleys and peaks as they made their way through the verdant hills in the Twilight area between Dusk and Dawn to explore a more darker area of Scholomance where they came to valley of a swamp as water ran through it with their next leap being on top of a verdant mountain with bald tops of trees except grass. Ahead of them was an island large enough to fit a bustling village among a marshy plain with cypress trees towering from the swamp surrounding the area. On the island appeared to be a large escaping castle crudely crafted out of stacked stones that was more of a primeval castled Cairn than an actual place of regal dwelling which had been crafted by the esoteric arcane order known as the Daeva-Djinn. The Daeva-Djinn are the elite in all things in the social-structure of the Draconian Imperium one of them being psionic capabilities. Psionics is the use of one’s own volition to harness the free energy found infinitely in constant replenishment throughout the multiverse.

“Is that where the Mad Prophet resides?” Khalid asked.

“Yes, Azathorn the Idiot resides in that Cairn of Idiocies, the compliant constructs and cultists from the Followers of Tyranny can be expected,” Zen spoke, “Khalid, before you take the leap of faith to become a true Knight of Shadows, you must gaze into the void to understand the reality of the Draconian Imperium, the Order of the Serpent is led by Reptilians with humans pledging their loyalty to these dragons of Eden Prime, we are fighting an enemy that is a universal threat, the Draconians have even infected our world, species, government, and history all through the EisenHaus Enclave, Azathorn is simply a message to hit them hard, a message to a man named Alastor Alois Augustus Ozymandias, that this bastard he hates is indeed his half-brother whether he realizes or not that this impurity he perceives as his kin or not, Alastor is infected by Draconian Imperium sympathies therefore he is a threat even to his own people in the Atlantean Empire, enough semantics, Khalid, Jax, are you two prepared?” Zen .

“Yes Zen,” Phoenix responded.

“Yes my Sovereign,” Khalid responded.

“Let us go to the Cairn of Idiocies, Nihilo Ex Nihilo,” Zen declared with triumph in his voice.

Zen led the leap as he was coming down, Phoenix signaled to Khalid to follow with certainty and to question where they would go from there. Khalid nodded as he and Phoenix followed after Zen van Nihil. Khalid and Phoenix were coming down where Zen had landed to find themselves entering a world of a Cairn of Madness as the swamp around them became an oasis surrounding sandy dunes with a system of structured Cairn all around them. They saw the sky as not an overcast partly cloudy but one of a flowing overcast of swirling storm. A voice proclaiming throughout the land from all around like an omnipotent voice was babbling like a madman from Babylon.

The shriek of distorted madness proclaimed by none other than Azathorn the Idiot, “Come my followers, my creations of perception, my constructs of madness, three of the Shadow Society has come for my head, to prove to my half-brother Alastor Ozymandias I am dead, Tyranny must always reign, I foresee death for all if not then for none that comprises all in one, may it be known that Nye Grim-Omen for infinitely we are void of a true king, may universal freedom reside in pieces, divided only by tyranny.”

Around them were the beings known as Daeva-Djinn which were mixed between a dragonic, demonic, reptilian, and humanoid being with large horns protruding from their heads a face like mixed between a humanoid version of a demon and dragon, some had various serpentine tails, some had monkey tails, some had even pitchfork tails, they varied from 5 feet to 15 feet tall, muscular to slender to overweight, scaled as a fish or reptile or even hairy like a mammal to even fleshy skin of a human all different variations of a wide variety of colors. Some were winged like black feathered angels, some had demonic bat wings, some had scaled dragonic wings. The Daeva-Djinns were indeed something abhorrent to Khalid that he read about in his people’s antiquity that happened to thrive in the Draconian Imperium. Various species of the Alpha Draconian Reptilians all from a caste of a humanoid to more traditionally reptilian appearing beings of Alpha Draconis descent or hybridization of other races gathered around from the halls of the enormous boulders and crags of walls creating a labyrinth out of the Cairn of Idiocies all around this desert of madness. 

Khalid and Phoenix both drew a Dawnbreaker sword and their Oathkeeper particle ray pulse rifle. They began firing their Oathkeeper pulse rifles at the oncoming lesser reptilian and their mindless slave-species hordes of the Followers of Tyranny who had come on pilgrimage here with Daeva-Djinn guides. Phoenix was currently doing battle with two monstrous Daeva-Djinn as he lept about at a greater speed of range and movement than them in the vicinity. Khalid lept about taking out the hordes. Avoiding the obvious Draconian and Dragonkin races of those known as the Daeva-Djinn Order wore a Kaftan which was a black robe over them that was fastened by a ornate belt around their middles with a button between the robes to lock them while the belt secured them. Over their faces the Daeva-Djinn wore jet-black keffiyeh head scarves which concealed their Draconian or Daeva-Djinn faces. The alien design of the clothing held non-euclidean geometry about their robes in red designs coursing through the robes as black pants stuck out from tunic leggings.

The Pride of Iblis wore medium power armor suits complete with helmets. The design of the Pride of Iblis medium power armor is a metallic mix of scale and lamellar armor that is jet black astro-steel forged from Xenodemos steel gathered by the slaves of the mining stations along rings of planets and asteroid belts. Xenodermus steel is lightweight yet unbreakable while retaining a strange ability to conduct the arcane powers of materials forged in its alloy. This material being dragonhide from ronin dragons of the black, obsidian, shadow, ghost, and eldritch dragons of the aristocratic and royal houses the Pride of Iblis Daeva-Djinn incentivized through extortion for these dragons to die for the Daeva-Djinn Orders satisfaction of creating their arcane Shaitan armor. 

The upper body appears as impenetrable steel that forms down to their waist with leggings to above their knees. A vest is over this which is where the dragonhide comes into play that is molded over the Xenodermus armor. Together they are a flexible combination which allows the complete ability for free movement. The armor is presented in the torso to above the knee armor with the dragonhide forming a tunic that is above their knee, large gloves that cover their hands to their elbows, boots that extend to below the knee. All visible portions were covered by golden shimmering chainmail in places in between the parts that are covered by the armor. Upon the vest is the golden design of the sigil of the Pride of Iblis that is a large cyclopean with a hypnotic whirl in the orbital with a flower crest aligning below followed by a smaller 9 pointed star. The helmet covered the head fully that amplified the senses including esper abilities for the Pride of Iblis as their helmets appeared to be a stone carved to appear as a serpent’s face that projected terror onto the weak of spirit and was easy to fright. The helmets had eye slits that allowed for complete vision without the Iblis Daeva-Djinn eyes to be seen from their opponent giving them anonymity. These helmets are made from a crystalline material that is lightweight and meant for defense being made from a material found within the Alpha Draconis star systems known as Titanius Malakite Crystalline Glass which is monopolized by the Draconian Imperium for the Military. To craft the material into its perfect form with a custom design. The owners of the monopoly, the Tyrant, Nobility of Dragons, and the Cartel of elite Daeva-Djinn Orders. The Cartel of Daeva-Djinn Orders follow the guidance of the oldest Draconian Imperium Daeva-Djinn Order, that is the Order of the Serpent who craft these helmets for the Daeva-Djinn themselves. A few of the Pride of Iblis are wearing a kaftan over their armor which is a traditional robe fashioned similarly to the Zion-Arab regions of Eden Prime. An article common to the Daeva-Djinn Orders of the Draconian Imperium. This Daeva-Djinn article of clothing that appears to be a robe is deceiving. The Daeva-Djinn Kaftan is actually a robe of liquid body armor that is lightweight, form-fitting, comfortable, and doesn’t hinder movement while worn and still remaining an elegant robe designed with both dark green and black as primary colors. The Pride of Iblis symbol of the cyclopean eye with a smaller 9 pointed star below over the left side of their chest. 

They had drawn their variety of Draconian steel swords and an open hand to cast psionic arcane energy freely of a wide variety of magic. Khalid ran through the hordes of zealous pilgrims with his Dawnbreaker, blasting through waves with blasts of his Oathkeeper until he felt the tinge of phobia of an unworldly horror as the two 6-8 feet tall Daeva-Djinn stood in front of him, their arcane forged krys swords drawn which were zig-zagging jagged blades. 

The Daeva-Djinn grinning fervently at Khalid, relishing at his horror. A blast from a Oathkeeper pulse rifle hit one in the head disintegrating it from its shoulders. Khalid smiled as the remaining one’s grin dissipated, Khalid activated his body force-field and charged in as the Daeva-Djinn let out a flowing acrid green flame from its hand as Khalid overcame the Daeva-Djinn sticking it through its side under its armpit and out through its shoulder with his Dawnbreaker as Khalid blew the Daeva-Djinn head into ashes as a particle blast from his Oathkeeper finished it as Khalid danced out slicing the entity into several segments. Another horde of zealots came as Phoenix landed in the hallways of Cairn next to Khalid coming in behind the mob of bloodlusting maniacs to carve them from the behind as Khalid took them on from the front. As they closed the lines behind one another they spotted opportunistic Daeva-Djinn behind one another which Khalid and Phoenix with swift decision annihilated the Daeva-Djinn before the vile entities could make the divisive finish to the two Shadow Knights.

Khalid nodded to Phoenix an honorable nod of a student to mentor, Phoenix nodded to Khalid the silent message of acknowledging oneself as one’s own master in a psychic message unlocked to Khalid’s mind in understanding.

“Khalid, you are your own master, we are equals,” Phoenix spoke.

“Jax, where’s Zen?” Khalid asked.

“He’s fighting somewhere in this labyrinthine nightmare,” Phoenix responded.

Quickly they were met by a 16 foot tall Daeva-Djinn that was paired with an elemental and golem of chaos energy. The Daeva-Djinn seemed to control both constructs of nightmarish rebuke.

“Khalid, use your psionic powers, try them, unlock your potential,” Phoenix asked as he leapt towards the goliath Daeva-Djinn.

“I will,” Khalid responded.

Khalid saw in his mind the potential and made it possible with his willpower to show a command at the two constructs of chaos to fall apart as a golden energy hit the two beings obliterating them. Khalid saw they were weakened by Phoenix distracting their master by severing the entity’s right arm with a flying leap. Khalid holstered his Oathkeeper before using electrokinesis to summon a torrent of red lightning from his hand to smash into the goliath Daeva-Djinn’s chest blowing it apart in  golden sparks.

Zen then flew overhead in an accelerated leap as a Crimson Draconic Daeva-Djinn in Church of Celeste astral robes of a non-euclidean forming sea of stars in his robes flew after Zen. The being proclaimed many maddening distorted things as Azathorn the Idiot had six arms, a humanoid face with fire for his black hair instead of the black quills of hair. Khalid lept after Azathorn slicing it across the back in a clean cut to spray green neon blood as Azathorn collided through a wall column of the Cairn. Summoning two dozen mighty constructs around him which Zen van Nihil and Phoenix did away with swiftly as Zen fired shards of sharp diamonds with cyrokinesis as it was swiftly turned on Azathorn which the constructs quickly began using themselves as shields for their overlord. A cataclysm of the Daeva-Djinn Order and hordes of zealous Followers all to their doom. Phoenix fired waves of disintegration with a deep blew wave of electrokinesis taking out each of the large halls to his area being the throne section of the Cairn of Idiocies. Khalid landed with the grace of a stealthful cat behind Azathorn the Idiot invisibly under the cover of his cloak slashing off the bottom set of arms then plunging his Dawnbreaker through the Mad Prophet’s midsection spraying neon green blood. The middle set reached for Khalid blindly. Zen then took the opportunity to leap forward with both his Aeon Blade and Lotus Masamune drawn as he sliced the other set of arms landing on the Mad Prophet’s shoulders after an upwards cross slash, crossing them around the throat of Azathorn the Idiot.

“Damn you Zen to the Ultima Circle, may oblivion meet you Outsider to even the Archons of Chaos, may Zen the Outsider die at the hand of the Lawless Lord,” Azathorn the Idiot declared.

“Azathorn, you idiot, you have not the faintest glimpse of my future, I am the eclipse of your kind and your Tyrant Typhon Quadragonis Ouroboros and I are in allegiance to the Great Architect on the Great Commission, may nonexistence take you to the nothingness of the void,” Zen proclaimed.

Zen in a swift slash of both blades cleaved Azathorn the Idiot’s head from his shoulders spraying neon green blood Zen leapt back just for the head and body to come crashing down like a tree at Zen’s feet. Khalid revealed himself while Zen was smiling. The body of Azathorn disappeared into a void as the world changed around them from a Cairn filled labyrinth in an endless desert to a small castled Cairn in the middle of a dank cypress swamp. The body of only Azathorn was there as everything should be as the body began to disintegrate into void particles of the aether of nothingness. After the quick dispersal of this entity, Zen held his momentary gaze and grin of triumphant victory at Khalid.

“Jax, congratulate Khalid when you see him, Nihilo Ex Nihilo,” Zen spoke with joyous rapport

“Nothing out of nothing has become you, Khalid, you may call me Maddox to my face when we meet in reality we inhabit outside these shadows of dimensions,” Phoenix spoke.

Khalid stood tall, growing his composure then speaking confidently, “Paladin Phoenix Jax Maddox, Sovereign Zen van Nihil, I make this statement before our departure back to our rightful realm, what is not has come from not.”

“Nihilo Ex Nihilo,” the trio said in unified harmony before they all slowly began to fade into the realms they rightfully came from to Scholomance, the shadow of the Multiverse dimension, the twilight between realms.



2PM, February 19th, 2123 CE, Akkadia Virgin System, Planet Alastair V, The Gehenna Megalopolis that spans the Gehenna Continent 

Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus IX is contemplating a decision he made weeks ago, the second he thought about it he had his answer. There are 3 Hegemons of the Autumn family who had power over Autumn Enterprises, the Autumn Alliance, and power among the divided population of the Gardenia Utopian Community which EisenHaus shared. This is an opposition Frederick has never faced before so his reconciliation is appointing one another as a Vice-Hegemony of the EisenHaus Enclave.

Frederick is currently mocking his own predetermined decision making for this position by a condescending test of eeny-meeny-miney-moe between his own Aiden F. EisenHaus and Alastor Ozymandias. Frederick’s wish is to relish in another being’s pain by enhancing one and the lowering the other in a trivial game. Aiden is not a child, he is not quite a young man, he is more of an manifestation of an entity among the greatest proportions. This choice Frederick was making in the impunity of his own ego was between his adopted son, heir apparent, Aiden F. EisenHaus. 

The other an enigma that Aiden could not psychically read despite his omniscient connectedness to Chaos and the Darkness of the Multiverse in this anomaly of Alastor Alois Augustus Ozymandias, Dominus Imperator of the Atlas Empire and the Utopian Gardenia Utopian Community military-based esoteric organization, the Scions of Darkness at the zenith of the Order of Darkness as an Atlantean Organization spread across the universe in Alastor Ozymandias. Alastor Ozymandias is a handsome Nordic appearing male, golden blond hair styled in a medium pompadour, bright radiant diamond blue colored eyes with a gaze piercing through a thousand dimensions, he stood at 6 feet, 4 inches in height, his physique was of a sculpted muscular athletic frame of a physical specimen meant to conquer. Alastor wore jet black military cargo dress pants, jet black regal dress military button-up with black buttons and grey inner lining which revealed itself in the grey collar around Alastor Ozymandias neck, red runic hieroglyphs over the left side of his chest with a red double-headed phoenix with black and white designs through it as the sigil of the Darkness Scions. The sigil of the Scions of Darkness on the right side of his chest is a white and black design of what apparently is a sign of a black hole as Aiden calculated what it meant. 

Imperator Alastor Ozymandias wore no medals, on his shoulders were steel pauldrons built into the uniform, engraved into the pauldrons are skull and crossbones facing outwards. Alastor’s black combat boots had scarletite steel along the outside of the boot, the crimson adamantium steel of being able to break down most lesser-grade steel doors and pulverizing flesh and bone, padding inside these boots for maximum comfort while stomping on the rights of all beings. In comparison Aiden is a 5 foot, 11 inches tall male, he had crimson hair styled into a medium pompadour tapered down in height on the sides and back, his skin is pale without blemish of freckles, his eyes are an emerald green, he wore a designer made black suit with white pinstripes throughout his attire with the white button-up shirt being the contrast. Aiden appears as a 21 years of age human male who is a nephilim hybrid and Artisan of Chaos known as Ahriman, the Lawless Lord. 

Frederick has emerald green eyes, jet black hair slicked back on top elegant haircut with the sides short, a handsome man appearing to be in his late 30’s, sculpted face, athletic body, in a all black suit attire, contrasted by a white button-up shirt, crimsons tie with the seal of the EisenHaus family crest upon it, a dragon in black outline on the red. EisenHaus is the Dragon caste of the Reptilian shapeshifting Draconian Imperium, the evil empire of malevolent cold-blooded all inclusive to Reptilian kind. The dragons reigned over the royal houses, Frederick was one of the Crimson Dragons in humanoid stature, who ruled over the Crimson Dragon Imperial House which billions upon billions of Reptilians from all castes and kinds swore allegiance too.

They sat in a penthouse of a dark high-rise with a pentagonal point at the tip, the twilight of the red dwarf of the Babylonian Virgin on the 5th planet from the star. The office room had floor to ceiling windows with two private offices towards the outer area of the glass walls and doors which surrounded the room allowing visibility everywhere, even through the pentagonal glass pinnacle ahead of them besides the starry night sky with shimmering specks of rare gems embedded in the marble floor. Rugs of the last polar bears from Eden Prime strung about on the floor. Frederick had been silent in his deliberation, Aiden investigated Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus’ mind to find nothing but the deafening sound of silence. Aiden scowled gazing at the contemplative Frederick, shifting his gaze to the faintly smiling Imperator Alastor Ozymandias wearing black thick-framed wayfarer sunglasses that when Aiden peered through the darkness of the lenses he felt the piercing of the eyes. Aiden stared with a maniacal expression at the pondering yet mocking Hegemon EisenHaus. This whole facade of a meeting between the 3 was to decide in response to the shared-power in the Autumn Alliance and Universal Union of two in that split-faction Hegemony of the Gardenia Utopian Community in Arthur Unruly Autumn. The Hegemony of the Autumn Alliance numbers 3. So, the Hegemony of the EisenHaus Enclave, will at least have 2.

Aiden F. EisenHaus declared to the 2 with dominance addressing Frederick directly, “Hegemon Frederick, I am the Lord of Lawlessness of Archons of Chaos, hell, I am your accomplished son, Aiden F. EisenHaus, I have quelled the United Revolutionary Collective, I am the one who leads the Representative members in the Gardenia Utopian Community for the EisenHaus enclave, I destroyed the Martian uprising, ensured the imprisonment of Arthur Moody Luther which led to his consequential death, I would destroy Zen van Nihil if you let me have the honor instead of where he is hidden which I cannot detect throughout the corridors of your mind, now who is going to be your Hegemon? Your true heir, your adopted son, your Lawless Lord who restored the Royal House of the Crimson Dragon to glory in the Draconian Imperium, now I ask you, who have you chosen or where have you asconded off with Zen but I must know.”

Frederick gave a disgusted look of dissatisfaction with a smirk following, “I don’t know which facility or even where Zen is at unfortunately for you Aiden EisenHaus or my Lawless Lord, Ahriman, however, Atlas Imperator Alastor Augustus Ozymandias knows all those details just as he knows where Zen van Nihil is kept for he is charged with those details, my Order of the Dragon works with the Scions of Darkness led by Ozymandias, he is the keeper of Zen van Nihil, my mind was wiped of any knowledge just as many others who know of Zen’s existence before he was transferred through a series of the top secret rails of the underground to his current location of an installation owned and operated by an unaffiliated group of Scholomance associates loyal to the Abyssal Archduke, Darkness Diabolos, yes, Lawless Lord Aiden EisenHaus, I knew who I was going to choose before this meeting was made and my power in the Draconian Imperium and the Gardenia Utopian Community merging with the Atlas Imperium is the best course of action, Aiden, you may be the newly adopted form of Ahriman but you are young, Alastor is over forty thousand years old and doesn’t look any older than a youthful man in his early 30’s, Aiden, despite you being in the ruling tetrarchy over Artisans of Chaos, there being 18 Archons of Chaos, among the top four you are one, the Lawless Lord, then there is the Atlantis Divine Emperor Alastor Alois Augustus Ozymandias, the Emperor of the Atlantean Imperium, the anointed son who is not just an Artisan but an Archon of Chaos as his father was an Archon of Order, Alastor’s mother is an Archon of Chaos known as Empress Eris Morrigan, all three lived in Atlantis on Eden Prime, formerly known as planet long ago, they were forced to leave when the past incarnations of you Aiden, and your enemy Zen van Nihil, destroyed most of the great civilization and members of population in your devastating fight to the death which caused their diaspora, his father, the noble and great ruler, Divine Emperor of the Universe, Alexander Ozymandias who raised Alastor Augustus as a child, training as a god-monarch and conqueror of all mastering all studies from his teachers, his mother being the greatest, Alastor knew his father was a whoremonger creating bastards of Atlas hybrids of the aberration of nature species for being impure, these bastards became servant-kings among those species on their dominions, the Golden Age of the intergalactic pluralist dominion created by Alexander Augustus Ozymandias, this entity separate from the Atlas Imperium was from 30,000-15,000 BCE where the Conquered Uprising in a Civil War ensued from 15,000-13,000 BCE with heavy losses from the Conquered which led into the Diamond Age lasted from 13,000-11,000 BCE where Paragon Alexander Ozymandias became an egalitarian, enlightened, benevolent ruler over his conquered people which he no longer thought of as less than Atlas for the sake of being a good ruler instead of a tyrannical dictator. The events which followed is the Atlas Imperium and Paradise Republic Civil War lasted from 11,000-10,500 BCE. Imperator Alastor Ozymandias and his mother Empress Eris Morrigan led the Atlas Imperium comprised of Atlas, fellow human alien races, and armies of robotic soldiers and psychologically programmed obedient slaves in masses comparable in numbers but was more in power through Atlas Imperium in massacring the Paradise Republic, Imperator Alastor Augustus and Empress Eris Morrigan led the Atlas Imperium, Alexander led the Paradise Republic. Draconian Imperium and the Universal Union, Alastor Ozymandias is over 15 thousand years old as an Artisan who is of the 18 Archons of Chaos, although Alastor Ozymandias is ranked at 9th degree while you Aiden Frederick EisenHaus are in the dark trinity of the Archons of Chaos, oh Lord of Lawlessness, despite this fact in standings, Alastor’s father, Alexander Ozymandias orchestrated the division of his people which started their intergalactic diaspora when you, as your Demon Lord of the Fallen Annunaki, Ahriman, you Aiden and your brother Zen van Nihil or Enki Ex Nihilo were fighting in Atlantis in a previous form, in another life, which worked to Alastor’s advantage for his father, the Grand Imperator, Alexander Ozymandias was an Artisan of Balance who acted as mediator while Alastor used this anarchistic social upheaval in the form of civil war of the arrival of both the prior forms of Zen and you, Aiden,” Friedrich revealed through the holotapes of antiquity in a holoprojector in the center of the large conference desk.

Alastor spoke dryly, “in truth, Aiden, you were a despotic ruthless tyrannical overlord, where Zen had been a messianic liberator of truly godlike power, I as a Prince told my desperate father to mediate between you the two while I played both sides in destroying the de facto cults formed around you two, the deaths and destruction of your battle allowed my sole Grand Princely influence onto my father to reframe his cause as the rest of the Atlas Empire absconded with the 2/3rds of our surviving Atlantean population that remained pure that weren’t the large amount of our dead or he small minute numbers who had fallen into specifically your trap of perversion into a freakish thing of nature for all the cultists were killed or banished to dwell within the Eden Prime or intermingle with early man, after the war, we gathered ourselves up from the ashes of our once majestic kingdom on Eden Prime decided to leave Eden Prime to begin their conquering of the universe,” Frederick turned his head to share the mutual grin between himself and Alastor Ozymandias which began a building maniacal laughter as Aiden sat infuriated by this humiliation, growling and grinding his teeth.

“I remember now, I know now why you Alastor are known as the Imperator Atlas as an Archon over Artisans of Chaos, the same title you use to rule the Atlas Empire,” Aiden

Ozymandias turned his head speaking venomously condescending, “Ahriman, I believe you mean the ‘Conqueror of the Cosmos’ among our fellow Archons of Chaos, Imperator of the Atlas Imperium, now, I am Hegemon of the EisenHaus Enclave within the Gardenia Utopian Community, I am the all these things and more while you Aiden, are just a mere Magistrate of the Grand Council, the briefly, formerly Master Commander, now you’re just an auxiliary Grand Executor for when shit hits the fan again as a since everything in your existence here in the Gardenia Utopian Community has been handed to you by Frederick, as myself? I am an Imperator, a conqueror, an emperor with my own Empire, I am the reason Atlanteans aren’t slaves, that lesser Draconian Imperium reptiles respect me and my people, fuck, what am I saying? They fear me and my people. The Gardenia Utopian Community has of 1/8th of its military forces alone secretly loyal to me which they don’t care if the war is raging and we’re losing to the URC, the Universal Union, the Draconian Imperium, another civil war from the Gardenia Utopian Community, Zen the fucking Outsider, shit that last one is scary,” Alastor mouthed a hyperbolic ‘Wow,’ before continuing, “Now, as a Hegemon of all that is the EisenHaus Enclave, 55% of humanity will bow to me just because it’s good for the health, so, if you’re a good boy, you can maybe be made a 3rd Hegemon of the EisenHaus Enclave when you’re ready, I’ll make sure Frederick is protected in case you become vengeful until then, when you’re Hegemon, in a few seconds, whenever Aiden, I know how young Archons of Chaos are, I’ll make sure you get the discipline for controlled chaos down so you can have the temperament to not be such a dysfunctional little shit,” Ozymandias viscerally scorned Aiden as he was received with a death glare from the infinite hells. 

“Fuck you Al-Ass-tore, you’re a fucking prick, what rank are you to the 18 Archons? I’m in the Tetrarch of Chaos,” Aiden yelled back spitting in Ozymandias face.

Ozymandias winced, a look of disbelief as he took a handful of tissues to wipe it off the right side of his face then a wet wipe to go over his face for sanitation.

Alastor threw it all the wipes in a pile on the desk then stated in a calm yet endearing tone to Aiden, “I’ve been working with the Draconian Imperium for thousands of years, Aiden, in time, you will become a Hegemon, I promise you that, in fact, it’ll be sooner than you think.”

Frederick had a burst of laughter, Alastor laughed at that dismissively before turning his head while feigning laughter to secretly flash a wink at Aiden from behind his dark wayfarer sunglasses with a look of kindred understanding beyond the dark veil if the sunglasses in Alastor’s electric fuchsia eyes.


4PM, February 19th, 2123 CE, Babylonian Virgin System, Planet Alastair V, Gehenna Continent, Gehenna Megapolis.

Aiden sat through the Grand Council meeting as Magistrate, the executive hologram call was to review a live presentation of a the influx of the population of the Esper being at a contained 1% out of all of Human species population now comprising a total of 5% of the Human population in the Gardenia Utopian Community being Esper after .7% of the previous 1% being displaced or imprisoned in a series of ways with now 4.4% of the Human species now being Homo Espers walking freely. The Intelligence Czar were Vergil Vexen of EisenHaus Enclave who treated this issues being grave as the disappearance of 70% of Espers from mysterious circumstances. To have a 400% increase to the 30% of the population remaining.

Intelligence Czar Oliver Autumn of the Autumn Alliance stepped forth to present his information, Oliver is a 6’2 man with large black thick frame designer glasses, jet black hair, large sideburns, tapered down on the sides and the back with a bunch of bundled black locks on top of his head, his skin is beige, his arms arms and legs are hairy underneath those black dress slacks, combat boots, fashionable belt, blue button-up not tucked in with a crimson tie, a blue sporting jacket underneath a black cyberpunk-chic gel plated and kevlar duster, his golden badge read, ‘Oliver Autumn: Director of Gardenia Utopian Community Shepherd Agency.’ Oliver had well-sculpted face, he exuded a sort of intellectual charm and charisma with wisdom beyond his years without being one to be Sophist.

Oliver spoke, “Grand Council Magistrates, we are investigating all areas of Esper disappearance which in the wake of Gardenia Utopian Community-Martian War seems quite odd since none of the Espers bodies were found among the dead in the streets, an insignificant number died in the conflict making Espers not antisocial, a small few just have sociopathic tendencies and aspirations to join the United Revolutionary Collective, the organized resistance fighter collective of terrorists, criminals, and enemies of the Gardenia Utopian Community, the question isn’t what we are going to do about the rise in Homo Esper population which we are seeing it jump from 1% to 5% when in actuality it’s more like the Esper population is at 10-15% widely dispersed, some organized together in secrecy, now let me explain to you why that is? Remember that 45% of the population are URC members with their views belonging to both Autumn Alliance and EisenHaus Enclave, they are nearly invisible to us, in the wake of the Gardenia Utopian Community-Martian civil war, people are turning to drugs, I’m not just mentioning Daemon Light but Daemon Dark, the former is a universal panacea miracle-drug for everything treating and curing physical and psychological ailments, but won’t grow back fresh cut off limbs, which will heal over in under a minute if one takes Daemon light, haha,” Oliver laughed before continuing explaining his findings, “Daemon Light and it’s troubled sister Daemon Dark also provide better cognitive functions and consciousness expansion, Daemon Dark has a wild set of effects on the mind in neurogenesis and permanently curing the most severe and dire stages of illnesses if treatment is too late, the high in itself on human test subjects we found it to give an insight to the psychic powers of an Esper without moving things with their mind while on it, but we have been finding new forms of Daemon Dark that is non-addictive and promotes rapid neurogenesis, have found weird physical psionic abilities being unlocked as dormant parts of the brain are being awoken that have been there all along as well as emerging new pathways in Espers and those who have taken Daemon Dark become Esper, this specific product of Daemon Dark is of a Genius tier of its chemistry, it is the most high-quality and hardest stuff to get since only Negative 0, a subsidiary company of Autumn Enterprises, Negative 0 is dealing with this stuff in small doses to understand this revolutionary method of advancing human evolution through the human species genetic structure that can be altered after Daemon Dark, Negative 0 is the 2nd largest producer of all approved kinds of medicinal Daemon Light and recreational forms of Daemon Dark allowed by the government that mild non-addictive doses which is more of a stronger version of Daemon Light’s cannabinoid, oxytocin, hyper, and happy strains are sold as Daemon Dark. The 3rd biggest sellers are respectively the other businesses within Autumn Enterprises and EisenHause Corporation, Negative Zero is much greater at 2nd but the top producer of is the United Revolutionary Collective would be 1st, the URC acts in a way of selling all the things we in making laws and enforcing laws specialize in, the more we make illegal, the more their organized crime syndicate which reaches now out of our Solar System as confirmed by numerous sources from the workers on terraforming new planets in star systems, who among those unlocking dormant Esper abilities permanently, we find a intentional trend among URC Watchlist members, star system terraforming workers, and a trend of accidentally in those who work long hours in every field of employment, and of course students. It is speculated that the current .3% of the first wave of mutation were split between URC sympathizers, URC members, and opportunists during the chaos of the Martian Rebellion, which begs the question of whether or not if Espers who did stay in their homes, that .7% missing were in fact abducted by some organization within the Gardenia Utopian Community,” Oliver paused shook his head before speaking, “The actual number is 15% are now confirmed Espers, no one is signing registration forms, the public has gotten smart, URC violence is down but propaganda and possible infiltration of our own institutions in the Gardenia Utopian Community is seemingly the next step of action for them, part of the propaganda is a lengthy amount of evidence and documentation that an organization in the Gardenia Utopian Community did abduct these people, Gardenia Utopian Community President Whitney Oneyhaven felt helpless in waiting as Skye awaited her significant other everyday after her kidnapping during the Gardenia Utopian Community Civil War. Skye was on an audio-visual call, my investigations with the Guardian being piled into numerous of other Gardenia Utopian Community spanning intelligence, security, investigation, counter-terrorism, military all incorporated by the Autumn Alliance into the organization known as the Gardenia Utopian Community Shepherd Syndicate, we have been moving with the experienced Autumn Alliance in Autumn Industries, Autumn Alliance in all fields, including Autumn Utopian Party politicians, judges, lawyers, to push for Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus to talk on the record about what happened at the House of the Hegemony that October, thirty-first, 2121 CE, we did our investigation, the weapons used were of EisenHaus models and ammunitions, pieces of armor, mystery men, all things pointing to the illusive Scions of Darkness from evidence discovered in the form of bodies, power armor, weapons, munitions, ballistics, the advanced tech and power armor found on the scene among dead Gardenia Utopian Community security forces and their own, identifications of this individuals being lifelong nobodies, these nobodies have no documentation, the discovery of the runes of the order that members carry, the evidence of it we have mountains of, Zen van Nihil has been cleared of any involvement or charges and is probably being held by that organization the Scions of Darkness that Yuri Kefka, and suspect Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus, however, we’ve had a problem with this enigmatic Scions of Darkness, this black operations organization, in the same way we have a problem with the URC, neither have been confirmed in any connection to the almost unbelievable yet very real Shadow Society, the Scions of Darkness are a organization of their own that works inside the Gardenia Utopian Community, we’re investigating our own internal affairs and running extensive background checks, regular surveillance on suspected members, we found bodies but the identities are traced back to these grown men and women in adulthood being kidnapped as child Ishmael or willingly being recruited, mind-wiped, brainwashed, or radicalized for whatever it is they wish to accomplish with no known ties to anyone else, dead ends everywhere with them, they’re viewed as coming from nowhere it seems like, so as you can tell, the official investigation shows definitive answer of the House of Hegemony being a terrorist attack carried out by the Scions of Darkness as a false-flag URC attack, we don’t have anything to indict anyone but we will be questioning Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus weekly in detail for a couple of months, we have some things to interview about many things in great detail,” Oliver Autumn finished speaking.

The scandinavian-romanesque-slavic Vergil Vexen scowled, his curly blond locks seemed frizzled by Oliver’s results in consolidating all Autumn Alliance Gardenia Utopian Community organizations into one for clarity in communication within one utilitarian organization specializing in many fields of research, investigation, and arrests based on evidence, not to mention the amount of EisenHaus Enclave affiliates across the board are under Gardenia Utopian Community investigation, the thesis of EisenHaus was being lest trusted through their own corrupt actions, the antithesis of that the Autumn Alliance is the more powerful regime build in the Autumn Alliance, the synthesis for popular opinion and the majority of Gardenia Utopian Community favoriting Autumn is that the Gardenia Utopian Community is neutral but the Autumn Alliance and Associates are transparently benevolent who handle thing objectively in the most factual way possible. All of the Magistrates were in attendance in Vancouver, Canada besides Aiden two others sitting in on the meeting, the Great Mother Celeste in her astonishing blue-skinned beauty with large golden eyes and long black curly locks, she wore a crimson silk dress, the Pope sat next to her ready to deliver their discourse as Vergil took a seat looking disheartened at what Oliver was saying. The Pope had jealousy in his eyes towards Celeste as she eyed Aiden. The name of the newly appointed head of Celestialism, Pope Urban Fortunato, born Fernando Bonaventure, older brother of deceased President Santiago Bonaventure and uncle to terrorist Esteban Bonaventure. The Pope Urban Fortunato is the last in the bloodline of the prestigious family gone to the wolves after Esteban turned out to be a URC operative responsible for wiping out the rest of the Grand Council Magistrates with the exception of former Grand Council General Secretary Whitney Oneyhaven, now Gardenia Utopian Community President Whitney Oneyhaven. Aiden’s hologram eyed the hologram of Celeste back with longing eyes at a woman who appeared to be in early-mid twenties with ocean blue skin, golden eyes, she twirled her hair distracting Aiden from the lesser in command of Vergil being humiliated by the Oliver Autumn, the Director of the Gardenia Utopian Community Shepherds, the executive organization at the apex of Gardenia Utopian Community intelligence and security. A team of Peacekeepers with a few Paladins roughed up Vergil before taking him out. The Grand Council Magistrates watched in horror as they stormed in and detained Vergil, taking him into custody for questioning as Oliver walked out the door with a team of agents in liquid body armor black trenchcoats with their Gardenia Utopian Community insignia on them bearing a gold and blue shields of insignia of lions emblazoned with gold lettering underneath the roaring lion, ‘Gardenia Utopian Community Shepherds.’ Aiden caught sight of Oliver and the men walking out with Vergil, caring too little about Eisenhaus Enclave’s appointed Czar of Intelligence, Vergil Vexen. Aiden turned his head back to Celeste in the Grand Council boardroom with the long rectangular table. Celeste materialized with the Pope in the room through some weird trick of teleportation.

Celeste spoke calmly full of pep and vigor, “It is good to see all of you in attendance with all of you, just as it is good to be with all of humanity all the time, my children, I have lost a dear friend in Pope Augustus Aurelius at the crazed hands of Yuri Kafka, the Czar of Intelligence and Security for the EisenHaus Enclave, I am happy that Sovereign Zen stopped running and put that unfortunate and tormented soul of Yuri’s out of his misery, I did speak with Zen, to feel his energy for I can sense things no mere mortal can sense,” Celeste added, “I sense all things always but I admit that Zen van Nihil is indeed the Sovereign, that is as much a part of the old world religions as it is for our new age spirituality, I admit, I am the goddess who watches over everything in the universe but I do not know where the Sovereign Zen van Nihil is at, I wish I had my answers just so I may have peace for I feel that I am to blame for the disappearance of the one I’ve been looking for all the aeons in infinity, my Sovereign,” Celeste directed her attention to the camera, addressing the largest audience she has had in 5 years as interest in Celestialism had gone up since when Zen disappeared shortly after visiting Celeste directly, “my children, what I love most are my beloved who dwell within the Gardenia Utopian Community, I am grateful I revealed myself to you that fateful July 16th, 2077 Common Era, this adjustment to being with out of the eternalism of time and space, I broke the 4th dimensional wall and now I’m here, the pain of watching over and quietly answering your prayers when it was what was best, but so many hearts desire the bad things so I don’t remember the last time I said yes, for I deny myself to suffer nor will any of you have to suffer alone, I allowed my heart to be broken an infinite amount of times over, the spirit of me is the true essence of humanity, Celestialism is the true spirituality of you, my children, Zen is the Sovereign, he means so much to me and I know how much he means to all of you,” Celeste let tears well up in her golden eyes before the weekly staged 2 hours of meeting where the other 4 meetings a week were the real deal when it came to the broadcast the weekend session of the Grand Council to make the Gardenia Utopian Community more personal to its citizens. 

Celeste Aiden, I was wondering if you would go looking for him?” Celeste looked to Aiden.

Aiden smiled, speaking cordially, “Of course I’d love to help you Great Mother Celeste, I will find Zen van Nihil personally for you.”

“Good my son Aiden, you make the entire Gardenia Utopian Community proud by your commitment to what is right.”

“It’s what I do, as for you Celeste, anything and everything.”

Aiden saw out the glass walls of his office that a heavily armored team of Peacekeepers and Paladins were making their way down the hall led by Director Oliver Autumn the endless swarm of agents in combat and power armor made their way to his father’s office. Aiden quickly logged off from the Holo-communicator and opened his door then let it slung open to listen to the argument between Oliver and Frederick as a dozen armored and armed Peacekeepers and Paladins with their rifles pointed in his face.

“What is the meaning of this?” Frederick declared.

“What is the meaning of anything?” Oliver replied, “Frederick the meaning behind this is your current detainment for involvement in the disappearance of hundreds of millions of Espers and or course, Zen van Nihil, you can come peacefully or you can die here with honor if you chose to resist.”

Frederick grinned a smile of bewilderment and snarky retort raising his hands then getting out of his chair, standing their with his head turned in a look of malice towards Oliver with his grin still intact. That was until a Peacekeeper hit him square in the back with his assault rifle knocking Frederick to his knees as his let out a cry of pain. Two Paladins began tazing hims with shock-batons as two Peacekeepers during the intervals where Frederick wasn’t being shocked, quickly fastened chains around his wrists, which linked to his ankles to a collar around his neck. Tightening the bounds together they then placed a bulky jacket around his torso that was sealed together by velcro bounds which then compressed around Frederick making his upper body unmovable while strapping large weights around his legs with the same velcro straps which tightened.

“Fuck you Oliver, fuck you,” Frederick called out, “You goddamn Autumn’s with your sense of petty morality, keeping an EisenHaus down is a crime, detaining me is an eternal sin, do you realize what you’ve done?”

“Full-well, I thought this entirely through, have you chosen a Hegemon to take your place while you will be detained, interrogated, and broken of any information you hold regarding the incident at the House of the Hegemony and Zen van Nihil and the other millions upon millions of Espers missing? You realize this Frederick, we in the Shepherds have our ways, we have everything on you to break you,” Oliver announced the gravity of the situation.

“Summon my son, Aiden F. EisenHaus, he’s down the hall, his Grand Council meeting should be over, please bring him here,” Frederick sighed reluctantly exuding his egomaniac pride with that breath.

Oliver asked the closest Shepherd agent, a beautiful Hispanic woman named Isabella adorned in the uniform of the Shepherd agent. The Shepherd uniform consisted of variously design and color scheme liquid body armor trenchcoats, a titan armor cuirass, white button up shirts with a black tie around their necks, and a badge on a chain. in the room among the large swarms of armored and armed Peacekeepers and Paladins focusing their weapons at Frederick while an army of Peacekeepers in a complete Titan combat armor which covered every inch of them, Paladins in specially designed power armor which was likened to that of a highly-technological knight.

Frederick didn’t understand the linguistics shared between the two, Frederick spoke with might at the shackles and vestige that bound him, “What was that Oliver, is this Isabella a distant relative to your own? What do you think a fucking lowly Autumn Alliance director of security can do a Hegemon of the EisenHaus Enclave?”

“That woman is of close relation to me, she is my wife, Isabella this is the snake known as Frederick, this piece-of-shit will break, I guarantee you that, now Isabella, go inform Aiden F. EisenHaus as the only one capable of being an EisenHaus Hegemon of his new position while his father is in detention,” Oliver smirked while Frederick’s disappeared.

“That boy isn’t ready nor is he capable of that responsibility, however, to appoint anyone else would be a disgrace in the eyes of the EisenHaus Enclave, so bring him here will you, I’ll appoint him myself,” Frederick growled clenching his teeth. 

From the little Frederick could turn his head, he spit onto the floor. A electro-shock baton struck him across the back of the head causing a gash a 60,000 volts coursed through Frederick in that strike disorienting him. Frederick in his daze that would have knocked a normal human into unconsciousness with slight temporary brain damage peered upwards at the man who struck him. To Fredericks horror, standing over him in Peacekeeper combat armor is Alastor Ozymandias, the vile traitor, whom the Enclave recognized as the Hegemon.

“Bring in Aiden, now!” Frederick demanded in sheer panic.

Isabella Autumn entered the room with Aiden in tow who looked amusingly at his father glancing at Ozymandias with an even widening smile then astonishment enveloped his expression before dissipating all of this happened as the room seemed to stand still besides Ozymandias, Aiden, and Frederick.

“Father, what have they done to you? What is the meaning behind this barbarism?”

Oliver said dismissively to Aiden, “Grand Magistrate Aiden, your father is in a lot of trouble with the Gardenia Utopian Community for certain records discovered on Hegemony House servers from the security breach involving a supposed terror attack that was blamed on Zen van Nihil, or the Outsider as he is nominally known, damn shame, he was innocent in the whole thing, that is a fact, the terrorist attack was implemented by the esoteric militaristic known as the Scions of Ozymandias after their leader, the Scions of Darkness after their nihilistic chivalric code, but most specifically known as the Order of Atlantis, we don’t know their exact numbers of these infiltrators but we do know your father has connections to their leader whose surname is Ozymandias, Grand Magistrate Aiden, your father is going to a detention center under Autumn Alliance watch, you may be able to visit him while he is detained until the investigation is over, why you meet on the outskirts of the Fringe of the Gardenia Utopian Community is beyond me, however, your father has something to say to you,” Oliver explained to the Grand Magistrate named Aiden F. EisenHaus.

“Oh really, about what?” Aiden asked in a coi remark.

“Executive Director Oliver Autumn, are you making this official to the EisenHaus Enclave?”

“Yes, this is all under recording, we’re required to log everything through audio-visual equipment attached to us through wires, your word is good, Hegemon Iris Autumn and EisenHaus Enclave elitists in the Gardenia Utopian Community are watching this now, speak Hegemon EisenHaus,”

“Aiden, my edict, my ultimate gift is passing the writ of acting Ruling Hegemon for all aeons past and aeons to come over the EisenHaus Enclave, the House of the Crimson Dragon exalts you to lead as CEO of the Board of Directors in EisenHaus Corporation, any acting Hegemons, executives, directors all bow to you, Aiden F. EisenHaus my son, none is above you for you illuminate the mind and shine like a billion balls of plasma in the night, only dwarfed by the Draconian Imperium emperor’s moonlight as a Archon of Chaos, I pronounce you Caesar Hegemon of the Crimson House of the Draconian Imperium, get in contact with the Dragonkin Daeva, they are almost here to test you my son, please do not gaze upon me in shame for I have known enough already, it is my pride in you that stopped me from naming you sooner, however, I remain true to my word now that Raijin Ryujin the 1st lies dead by those goddamn terrorists, I entrust you and another with the title of Hegemon, you Aiden, however, are the EisenHaus Enclave’s Tyrant Hegemon, please forever triumph my son, my lord, my master, Aiden, Archon of Chaos, Lord of Lawlessness, you are meant for greater things, I know this now,” Frederick said in the stillness of reality that was the Schism of Reality to psychically communicate to Aiden.

Aiden felt his humanity, his lawless humanity for Frederick, a man in chains is made a slave, this slave was his father, his hero, his mentor, he barely knew the fellow Archon known as the Conqueror of the Cosmos, Alastor Ozymandias. Aiden felt a petty self-serving emotion of empathy as the cameras of the film crew filled the room to record this momentous occasion and not even a facade or on command, Aiden wept. Ozymandias saw his superior weep then jabbed his shock-baton into the back of Frederick sending him rising to his feet.

“It’s time to go to Frederick,” Oliver stated.

Isabella smiled, “We’re going to break you, Frederick, you’re nothing but a rat imprisoned in the stomach of a snake imprisoned in a cage now, you will crack, we’ll see to that.”

Frederick hobbled out of the room Peacekeepers and Paladins aimed their rifles at his back. Alastor motioned Aiden to follow him, “Aiden let’s go to your office where we can talk, Lawless One, I am a Conqueror but in a past life I could never conquer you, I in fact, revere you.”

They walked back down the hall following behind Frederick as two Peacekeepers prodded Frederick forward with shock-batons sending him forward as Aiden and Ozymandias watched, in a feeling of sardonic sorrow of devilish delight.


12PM, February 23rd, 2123 CE. EisenHaus Hegemony Starship, EHSS Crimson Menace

 Aiden and Alastor were in the executive luxury cabin and control center of the pride of Draconian Imperium reverse-engineered EisenHaus Enclave space vessels. The EHSS Crimson Menace. Aiden sat in the epicurean luxury chair Frederick would slay anyone for sitting in while Alastor sat on a leather sofa meant for many off to Aiden’s right. The television droned on about nothing of value being produced but certain leads yielding more information that Zen had been innocent the night of the House of Gardenia Utopian Community Hegemony had been attacked while Frederick offered nothing but empty scavenger hunts to nowhere, other sources stepped forward. Aiden had muted the holovision from his luxurious upholstered genetically engineered woolly mammoth upholstery chair, its structure made from Nibelheim Ash trees which was ivory white protruding from the deep purple fur filled with luxury relaxation cushions.

“What is it, Ozymandias, Alastor, what role did you play in my father’s arrest?”

“Don’t speak of reptilians as family ever Aiden, unless by the unbearable pleasantries of honorifics and platitudes mandated by their presence, reptilians are biologically malevolent by nature which is revealed in their cultural history in the defining characteristics as slavers, conquerors, and destroyers to other species in the universe.” Alastor paused to take an exceptionally long drag of his cigarette. Alastor spoke, “Everything that defines Reptilia as exceptional is what human psychology would call: psychopathy, narcissism, manipulation, sadism. These 4 character traits are the standard for a truly great Reptilia of the Draconian Imperium. Reptilia acknowledge other Reptilia yet there are conflicts among the genetic hierarchy of Draconian forms. Draconians are a slaver race who enjoy forcing the worst things imaginable on their insubordinate and lesser slaves to the point of death in the busy yards of their palace as the fellow nobility among the Reptilians would watch in enjoyment took great sadistic satisfaction weeding out spare slaves. All of the Draconian citizens in the hierarchal caste system of Reptilia were all evil through their evolutionary nature.”

Alastor flicked the ash from his cigarette into a tray before getting lost in a anecdotal of experience, “I personally killed every bastard of my father that when it came time for them to rule, many races fought to maintain the pluralist society my father created, the Reptilians seeking a republic free from the Draconian Imperium were the toughest, making me cold-hearted and mercilessly when I destroyed their capitals, obliterated their armies, and spilled every last one of my father’s bastards blood personally with my blade if need be, to do exactly what my father did before he drank the utopian elixir, if one maintain balance in those interplanetary systems and one maintains dominance, I was just evening the scales by killing those bastards I do not call them my siblings, never would I consider them blood, I corrected the mistakes of my father by simply erasing them, many still conflate my father Alexander Augustus Ozymandias I with myself, Alastor Augustus Ozymandias II, my father betrayed his own Atlas Imperium by allowing them to act as if the whole empire is a free state, when those hordes of migrants in ships that could carry millions easy, I hid with the Atlas Imperium Armada and just obliterated billions upon billions of non-human races, after it was done we would stealth our ships so we’re invisible waiting at all fronts, they show up, without a warning, kaboom, instantaneous destruction, nothing left, one minute here, next gone, so my father contacts the Atlas Imperium abou concerns of migrants moving to our sector, the word from every Atlas Imperium is that we haven’t seen anything, my father, and I with our beautiful Atlas Imperium, after conquering and smashing lesser alien races into dust, he starts intermingling with all their royalty without even asking my mother, his Empress of the greatest empire to the known universe, he expects my mother, Empress Eris Morrigan to allow these races who stole his husband from her, that took the lives of our fellow men and women, that these non-human other races are to establish their homes in the Atlanteans only part of the galaxy? That’s when the Ozymandias family name in my father died, when my father started ruling these vermin with peace, allowing other civilizations to just join without being properly introduced to the Atlas Imperial Military’s power to dominate, no, nothing can excuse him, so what happened to his rule through peace? It suddenly ended after I killed him with my blade then decimated the populations of his newfound Peace Republic, his path or razing planets, some new, some had already pledged their loyalty although none of it mattered. I would watch their destruction from the planetside window of a Atlas Imperial Dreadnought or in the field carrying out the genocide with my Scions, it did not matter, all lesser beings burn the same,” Alastor lit another Drek artificial cigarette inhaling deeply then exhaling.

“There were once thousands upon thousands of my foolish father’s bastards, all the bastards of my father are dead by my hand, slaughtered, their kingdoms destroyed, these lesser barbaric and hideous peoples my father sired child Ishmael from had the majority of these species enslaved, their degrees as slaves allowed them certain freedoms for their indoctrination into being servile to their Atlas Imperium authorities; whether aristocrats or administrators, my acceptance of the Draconian Imperium’s familiar relations sired by my mother was out of respect for this monarchy of monsters mothered by the matron, Empress Jenasis Ouroboros. The Universal Union is neutral to the Atlas Imperium, we are solidified allies of the Draconian Imperium thanks to the familiar bonds I allow to flourish forged by my father’s fornications, the Atlas Empire and Draconian Imperium, Empress Jenasis Ouroboros, the mother of monsters birthed three abominations with my father Alexander Ozymandias, these three I call my kin, Azathorn the Idiot, a Mad Prophet whose only legacy is the resurgence of power in the Order of the Serpent, and Genie Societies was the only spawn of the Emperor Severus Serpentus and Jenesis. Azathorn the Idiot was assassinated by my doing or the Dragonkin Daevas, it doesn’t matter, he’s dead. I never cared for him. These three that the madman did prophesy of are my half-brother that is the Tyrant over the Draconian Imperium, Typhon Quadragonis Ouroboros, the despot who maintained order through constant terror within the Draconian Imperium, the monstrous draconic immortal being that transcends the multiverse, he’s an Archon of Order, which is laughable. We three born of the Ozymandias bloodline, we three together are artisans and bastards but other than that?” Alastor ground out his cigarette after finishing it with a smirk upon his face, “We’re one big happy family.”

Aiden read the dossier.

“The Dragonkin Daeva possess an intellect beyond comprehension and are successful in all things, all of them are independently wealthy, wisdom courses through them from being schooled in the theology of Dragonkin Daeva Society which is the highest order of Draconian Imperium Orders such as the Dragon, the Serpent, the Darkness, the Dragonkin Daeva are devious, deceptive, excellent statesman who cold-blooded killers of the weak of the Draconian Imperium yet they are trusted and beloved by even their own slaves for their mind games, they are Draconians who have powers similar to the Human races in the universe known as psychic, psionic or Espers, where the power the Draconian races possess are of magic who are known as Dragonkin Daeva. What are Dragonkin Daeva? The Elite of Draconians at all skills, ascertainers of all knowledge and its practicality, they are esoteric masters of the most arcane to eldritch magical practice likened to Espers, educated Draconian may know elementary spells. The Dragonkin Daeva Society easily became masters of all arts of the arcane, reigning superior for their inherent talents. The Dragonkin Daevas are natural masters of the arcane obtained from the shadow dimension known as Scholomance. Only the most elite groups found in the universe from even in the Universal Union, and the enigmatic Shadow Society all knowledgeable and have obtained their knowledge from Scholomance.”

Alastor Ozymandias continued, “Now, many of the Dragonkin Daeva are on their way here, the fallen Imperial Crimson Dragonic House is still favored by the Tyrant, the Draconian Imperium are sending the ‘Pride of Iblis’ which is the universal society of Draconian Dragonkin Daeva as a whole,” Alastor took a hard drag from his Drek cigarette then continued deliberating, Alastor spoke regained his sane composure, “However, the Draconian Overlords have contacted me of their coming, they wish to recognize you as Hegemon of the Draconian Imperium in the Gardenia Utopian Community throughout to replace you as their Lawless Lord over Tyrant Typhon for the position of Imperial Imperator the absolute overlord of the Draconian Imperium.”

Aiden welled a smirk on his face in disbelief, he felt his ego explode with pleasure. Aiden then surveyed with own omnipresent power of perception to search the corners of the universe for deception and truth. This is a fact being stated, a dream come true for Aiden. He felt the immortal lantern of Lucifer shine upon his mind as the ghost of his dear friend let him know that the golden dawn had broken. Aiden was now indeed the zealously followed and appointed, Augustus Tyrannis Imperator, the Draconian Imperium was governed by a despotic ruler, Tyrant Typhon Quadragonis Ouroboros who had been a terrorist and a true tyrant. No progress had been made by Tyrant Typhon besides the despotic enforcement of ‘Order’ in the form of the destruction of assets and masses of the Draconian Imperium happened under this bedlam of destruction yielding diaspora as the Noble, Royal, and Imperial Princely houses. Aiden tranced out as time slowed, what was a normal blink seemed to last an eternity as his eyes closed for a split-second then revealed the various members of the ruling elite of Draconian Imperium were sitting in thrones around a giant levitating crystal. Aiden knew the what the Draconian elites used to witness events and people in other places in the solid liquid yet crystalline amorphous giant sphere that was revolving quickly was known as a Oracle Obelisk as they viewed information between Aiden EisenHaus and Zen van Nihil.

Aiden thought a grim thought pertaining to his rival, “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger, wherever Zen is, I only know he is not dead but only in a state of dying as I knew him, he will be reincarnated as a being which I could fear as a god,” Aiden’s teeth-clenched and blood-boiled that the weakling he once knew would become one with being the Archon who is not of a rigid black and white judgement but has the perception of a world that is varying shades of grey as the thought entered his head at forces ability that was not Aiden’s, “Zen van Nihil, the Jihad of Radical Dreamers is coming for all that is aligned to the Artisans of Chaos, all that is the Draconian Imperium, and Atlas Imperium, the struggle shall erupt into a holy war inspired by those whose imagination is a future envisioned by Radically Dreamers.” 

The Zen van Nihil that had been known to Aiden is currently dead but a new form through evolution and reincarnation would prove that Zen’s manifesting form to be near invincible. Aiden realized the benevolent weakling he perceived is now dead and a stronger enemy with a shades of grey morality awaited the EisenHaus Enclave and all those opposing the Universal Union, the Gardenia Utopian Community, and humankind everywhere. Aiden now truly felt the fear in the being known as Zen. As the vision ended and the laws of the 4th Dimension returned after a three second lapse from reality in his trance.

Aiden spoke cautiously, “Alastor, I understand and perceive the gravity of this new age for me, I know why Zen enjoyed meditation so dearly, I saw the election, As Zen does, I gaze upon galaxies away with my mind’s eyes, I peer into worlds where both reality and nightmare exist for all, my ally, my enemy, even me, this elevation of my power shall come true, I will rule all as is my right to rule, I am Aiden Frederick EisenHaus, Ahriman of Lucifer’s Chosen Three, I am the Lawless Lord of Chaos, I have power unlimited for I am the authority over all being of Chaos in infinite realms, although I know not of Zen who may be more aware of where the illuminating light ends and absolute darkness begins, I feel the same in all ways to the next incarnation of the Sovereign, Zen van Nihil, I believe he is becoming greater in ways as I am becoming greater, his greatness is a revolution of the spirit to a higher form of transformation, I am feeling envious for the winds of change are personally in his favor where mine are on acquisition of this universe, I know Zen’s acquisition is the universe that is inside him and is him.” Aiden spoke embittered with envy despite his countless acquisitions of endless power. 

A disembodied voice belonging to a confident and empowered being spoke to both of them shaking the room with a slight tremor, “I know where the shadows end and the absolute darkness of the abyss begins, I am the twilight of all those who spout the lies of being a god for I am the twilight of these gods of ego, behold nonentity, a revolution of consciousness is upon all of creation as enlightenment will be the breaking dawn to liberate us all.” The voice belonged to Zen van Nihil, the Sovereign of the Great Architect. 

Aiden and Alastor were silenced coldly gazing at one another in horror. The next thing they heard was crashing and banging as the Good Shepherd’s began tearing through the rooms for evidence. The sudden crashing and banging shook Aiden and Alastor. Alastor quickly geared up and led Aiden out showing that Aiden had been cleared of evidence and was just exiting the building to get on their EisenHaus interstellar cruiser to head back to Eden Prime. Both these conspirators shaking at what they experienced for neither knew where Zen van Nihil is or how that telepathic transmission and telekinetic earthquake shook the room.



4:30PM, May 1st, 2123 CE, Eden Prime, United Asia, The Persian Reservation, The Middle East, City-State of Persepolis.

Ellis had been meditating for more than 5 hours, he had gone to the shadow realm of Scholomance for countless time. He arose from the rock in the oasis. He cleared his throat, looking about the peaceful and serene oasis he felt a certain bliss to the place with its palms, aloe vera plants, cacti, and the large pond of water with its irrigation paths that flowed through it to the fields for farmers among the sandy earth which grew plants under the constant work of farmers. Ellis contemplated what Zen meant by Zen van Nihil’s words of wisdom that was either a nonsensical koan or divine truth as the words that Zen spoke were meditated upon again, “In one’s own Deepest Dreams does one realize how their fantasies can become reality once they awaken become aware the realize the revelations to become enlightened.”

Ellis said aloud a prayer of the Sovereign, “Existence in itself is a spiritual experience, Nihilo Ex Nihilo, may the Jihad of Radical Dreamers be cultivated as this oasis helps grow the harvest of our fields, may the oasis of Radical Dreamers in their dwelling places of unconsciousness become awaken to the reality of a new world of change, may I aid in the culmination of this liberation.”

Ellis stood up on the rock overlooking the oasis around him. The relative coolness kept by his dark arachnoweave armor allowed a rushing of a breeze to breathe around him. Ellis’s hood of his shadow cloak over his head kept a shade like the night over his head keeping him comfortably cool from the hot arid sun. After assessing the oasis to ground himself in this reality after astral traveling the shadow dimension. Ellis leapt down to the sand feeling the mushy wet sand of the oasis, the mushy sand crushing against the heels of his boots. Ellis saw where the sun in the sky over Eden Prime read it was almost evening for the first day of the holy month that marked the time when Magus Mithra made his pilgrimage around the Zion-Persian Caliphate in renewing and repairing the land into a habitable place for his people. This month had been rejuvenated in memory of the Sovereign Zen van Nihil when the Zen made his climbing of Mount Everest where he attained enlightenment and oneness with the Great Architect. 

The Quadragon Keiretsu had arrived to celebrate the first day of the holy month which the time is regarded as one of fasting until evening, feasting and partying with strong drink at night among family and friends, ascetic days, debaucherous nights, prayers, meditation, universal forgiveness for fellow faithful to the Magus Mithra Ahl Mysterium and Sublime Sovereign Zen van Nihil. This was a time of little work and much leisure. All the faithful to the Great Architect were personally guarded from foolishness in their nightly debauchery to one another and their own selves. This was a time for peace, reverence, and revelry. Couples married, clans mended their wrongs unanimously. Labor became relaxed and minimal. Emergency and military services were still active but were given at least two weeks off while on call. 

Ellis’s intuition told him, his time as the Caliph Shah would be passed onto the Shadow Society 5 Fingers of the High Council over the Armed Forces with Ellis’s closest friend, Mustapha Machiavelli would be raised from Khan Hakim to Khan Legatus. Mustapha Ahmed and Ellis al-Malik are cousins. The firstborn and second born males of the third generation of Sayib. Sayib being the descendants of Magus Mithra. Mustapha possessed the knowledge Ellis possessed pertaining to the Shadow Society. Mustapha specializing in the way of the Ghostwalker Assassin as both males were skilled masters at most everything. Mustapha seemed to always be neutral in emotions, the slight emotion in his voice commanded the world around him. War was his constant mindset, everything is something to overcome whether it be opposition or an obstacle. To be the victor in anything comes from what Zen van Nihil taught on indomitable willpower. Mustapha used his will to wield power to make the world his vision. Mustapha exerted this control by instilling fear on those who are weaker in temperament, his cold nature with slight emotions made many question his intentions despite how effective and efficient Mustapha Machiavelli is as a leader. Mustapha is a powerful Esper and Nexus being both psionic and cybernetic. Mustapha being of the Assassin order led him to be immune to poison, immune to addiction through indomitable will and is constantly in an altered state of expanding consciousness on the best Daemon Light or Dark sent by Negative 0. Mustapha did not need sleep, he had developed his mind and body to rest efficiently at idle times in short meditations. Mustapha’s experimentation with Daemon Light or Dark made him the greatest strategist and deadliest fighter that Ellis could think of for Ellis wasn’t certain of himself killing Mustapha in any situation of the warrior’s way. 

Ellis would appoint another on this day to create a tetrarchy of 4 military rulers of his beloved Kingdom-Caliphate. Ellis would honor his strongest female cousin. Her name is Farah al-Akira Ahl Mysterium who contains her empathic emotions to the emphatic edge of complete self-control in absolute expression. Farah is 27 years old who is versed in the wisdom of the Sublime Sovereign and Dharma Zoroastrianism. Farah has served in the Peshmerga since she was 15 years old, she is of the same brilliant intellect of Ellis and Mustapha, common among the 3rd generational Sayid is the genius intellect they possess as do their offspring. Farah is inclined to the ways of wisdom and the warrior, she is an esper and nexus like Mustapha and Ellis. Farah is known among the Kingdom-Caliphate for her aura of empathic power, her passions are as deep as the oceans and as unlimited as the space in the universe. When Farah speaks, one is raptured by the soul of humanity breathing her powers of control over them bringing any and all to her command which is formulated in the minds as a great suggestion that coincides with one’s own wishes to accomplish at all costs. Farah’s commanding position as Khan Oracle in the Peshmergas was widely known for her cause with hope in their hearts. Farah serves in the Shadow Society as a Knight of the Abyss. Ellis promised with absolute certainty Farah would be the military tetrarch known as the Khan Triumph. 

Ellis felt content with his reasoning as he bounded with mighty leaps of faith of 10 kilometers at a time at superhuman enhanced speeds while he ran. A Shadow Society member using their Spring Heel Jack for this demigod-esque ability to make these leaps are of the knights told in tales to fight fantastical dragons, these knights are known as Dragoons. Ellis leapt as he changed course to alerting a murder of pitch-black assault and some carrier rotorcrafts manufactured by Autumn Enterprise. The attack rotorcrafts are known as ‘Ravenous Reavers’, the carrier rotorcrafts are known as ‘Busy Beavers’. Ellis signaled with his body communicating through his holo-communication device on his wrist the established weekly code for friendly Shadow Society member and identified himself as Caliph Shah Ellis Ahl Mysterium.

“Peace and goodwill to you Caliph Shah Ellis,” a member of the swarm broke through the radio. 

All swarms of Peshmerga rotorcrafts and advanced high-speed armored transport and armored assault vehicles continued on their various patrols in communication. Ellis passed a dispatching battalion from a division parked sporadically around a base where the Peshmergas made bases around many locales outside Persepolis as with other major cities. The dispatching units would see Ellis’s signal which an immediate, “Peace and goodwill to you Caliph Shah Ellis,” would come over Ellis’ holo-communications from the radios of Peshmergas in the area. This was in greater frequency the closer to the megalopolis that is Persepolis.

Ellis found his thoughts on that sojourn to be with the Peshmergas who did rest for the holiday’s for the only true things worth celebrating to both military organizations is life and death. To live a legendary life, to find eternal honor and glory in death. That is what it meant, so besides scheduled individual weekends depending on their shift, Peshmergas worked 5 consecutive 24 hour days before resting 2 consecutive days doing whatever they found as rest. The other force busy in this month is the Shadow Society, the Knights of the Abyss patrolled in secret among the city-states where Stygian Assassins did the same except they also advised from command centers. The Stygian Assassins are in service Shadow Society’s very own elite high-ranking officers who served as strategists, warriors, spies, intelligence, security, and ultimate operatives, agents, and officers. The Stygian Assassins and Knights of the Abyss would routinely watch for any and all types of attacks from invaders and within. Any enemy from the Gardenia Utopian Community that had come to bring havoc to the Zion-Persian Caliphate was handled by Shadow Society Assassins or Knights, the Peshmergas roamed in force who destroyed any Gardenia Utopian Community battalions thinking of making an opportunistic attack which any attack was always eliminated more visceral strength than necessary with those Gardenia Utopian Community military units who were captured alive to be grotesquely tortured and killed in a non-negotiable manner while broadcasted to the Gardenia Utopian Community higher-ups for their hubris and foolishness which is why the Gardenia Utopian Community launches one of the major sieges June 1st after the Holy Month.

The 1st of June and December are the chosen days of siege by the Gardenia Utopian Community for the sieges are for the Gardenia Utopian Community a way to rid themselves of those soon to retire from their Armed Forces and train the fledgling super-soldiers who often retreated back to the Gardenia Utopian Community after 2-3 weeks of warfare depending on how the Gardenia Utopian Community siege faired. These sieges came during times when the Zion-Persian Caliphate is statistically most vulnerable but also at their strongest. June ends a month of celebration, the 1st of December is in the middle of November and December which is known to the Zion-Persian Caliphate as the Tribunal of Faith for war and winter, two harsh oppressors come to bring death and many survive to mourn their losses to celebrate their Thanksgiving the week before the December siege and their Festival of Lights bringing the dawn of a new year after the invaders are dead. to bring a time of tribunal by fire to test the faith empowered in the spirit of the Zion-Persian Caliphate which proved the testament of Persia. These thoughts crossed Ellis’s mind as he leapt from the paradisiacal architecture found to most of those who saw these buildings in photos or dreams would deduce them only to the imaginings of what heaven appears to be. Out of fantasy into reality, these structures of sublime design are found in what the Gardenia Utopian Community would call the Persian Reservation. These are the designs of Magus Mithra to honor the Great Architect. 

Ellis leapt around the hanging gardens protruding from the highrise to the penthouse where the Ahl Mysterium clan with their close associates, fellow elites, loyal guards from Persian Reservation and their allies found throughout the Gardenia Utopian Community. This magnificent high rise was like many in the area, however this one was the one dedicated to Zen the Outsider, it is known as the, ‘Zenithal of the Sovereign,’ or simply the, Zenithal. Ellis was rounding to the top when he noticed on lower helipads, rotorcraft belonging to the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza being Quadragon Industries, ‘Shuriken’ deceptively lethal assault and luxury transport rotorcraft. They were sleek angels of death with duplicitously hidden advanced combat systems that could cause massive destruction in an aerial battle. 

The Quadragon Shuriken rotorcraft were completely jet black besides the large crimson silk drawn letter ‘Q’ that hid a traditional oriental dragon in its design. Along with the Q was simple Kanji that spelled out ‘Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza’ on the tail and door of the rotorcraft. Ellis marked these with unease as his allies but at the same time that Ellis will be leaving with these allies if the cold-calculating alien man even as General Jax ‘Maddox’ Phoenix presents himself as a reservationist from some troubled kid raised by bad parents in a Gardenia Utopian Community form of punishment and exile by living in a slum of a gulag biodome on Venus where crime, poverty, a masters from the second rate Gardenia Utopian Community Colleges in the Venus academic biodomes before proving himself for the officer candidate program by entering a special operations military academy known as, Nether Plains University where he won all his favor in Scholomance to have this position of authority. This is all documented on paper to have happened but there is no audio-visual evidence of Phoenix Jax Maddox besides his few military appearances that begin at the dawn of photography as Major General Maddox as a bastardization of his formal name, Major General Phoenix Jax Maddox. Phoenix, the blond mohawked, violet eyed, nordic appearing, German-Russian accented English speaking, Scions of Darkness, who gives everyone around him the vibe he’s been an operator on every military operation since before humanity or this universe possibly, that weird prolific professional European assassin vibe radiates from Maddox. Ellis senses something slightly discomforting that Ellis knows as Phoenix Jax Maddox which Zen begins speaking through some psychic channel or in Ellis’s imagination.

Zen’s thought-speak is this nonchalant meditation to still Ellis’s nerves, whether it is real or imagine Ellis hears in his thoughts, “Maddox is a guy who can brutally eliminate 100 dangerous men while listening to his music mix known as ‘MaddOx’s Mix’ which is Disco from the 1970’s on his holo-computer at home for a while which then goes into German artists performing popular music circa the 1980’s then to psychedelic memories of raving on drugs to 1980’s Deep House, then to early nineties mindless techno for stealthy parts of a mission with late 90’s edgy nihilistic teenagers Industrial Metal silver-lining to shake the brain from mindless machinations of taking out targets to memorable moments of impassioned visceral combat. This is where Maddox’s Mix breaks into the 2000’s blissful euphoria of Electronica for riding on Cloud 9 while the locale goes insane on the defense as Phoenix Jax Maddox is operating. This banquet of brutality climaxes as Maddox’s mix takes him directly to some serious hard-hitting Dubstep which for the countless hours of battle when the scene explodes some excellently created hybrids of music that is known as Trap music from the 2010’s onwards as the red engulfs everything Maddox can see but can only hear the music. This nonsensical description is honestly a great depiction of how truly insane is Maddox. However, Phoenix Jax Maddox is quite reasonable despite being a sociopath.”

Ellis calms himself as he makes the wide open garden roof of the building as Zen speaks this nonsense about antiquated Electronic Dance Music. Ellis was now perched on the columns of pillars that was the railing of this festive party around the luxurious floor-to-ceiling windows of the penthouse filled with luxury, the balcony extended for a large ways on all sides from the impressive penthouse suit to form a yard of a glossy marble floor around the inside haven of the Zenithal high rise. Ellis stepped down from the balcony to see many people but the one he noticed first was the one Ellis found his eyes locked with those of Phoenix Jax Maddox whose violet eyes are hidden behind aviator sunglasses. Ellis did notice the immediate smirk emerge on the familiar man’s face. Ellis felt time and space freeze in that split-second of first making eye contact with the man he definitely knew from earlier known as Phoenix Jax Maddox. Phoenix Jax Maddox appeared as he did earlier, a ghost from a time beyond space. Phoenix Jax Maddox wore a strange version of a Space Marine formal officer’s uniform except of a more esoteric military, one that is a master veteran of Scholomance. The shadow dimension operatives were of a military known as the Nebulous Scions, these Scions held their loyalty solely to the Gardenia Utopian Community. The uniform is a futuristic version of an ornate elite fighters formal uniform that is dark as the void primary color scheme with its bright white designs to contrast the grim attire as a secondary color scheme. Ellis noticed Phoenix Jax Maddox had two just as behemoth men next to him at his sides engaged in a rousing exchange of ideas with other guests. Phoenix Jax Maddox took a drink of his vodka and orange juice mixed drink sending a nod with a light mental message to allow Ellis to remember the Shadow Dimension as more than meditation but as an event that happened in a different dimension. Ellis enjoyed remembering that he truly did speak with the Sovereign and Phoenix Jax Maddox, Ellis relaxed as a smirk of smugness came across his face, thinking dreamily of this destiny. This smirk of smugness is shared by Phoenix Jax Maddox. Phoenix Jax Maddox sent a slight directional for Ellis to shift his attention just ever so slightly away to another individual which Ellis complied.

Ellis shifted his gaze to Chief Executive Officer Akuma Ren formerly known by his birth name Raijin Ryujin (or his now defunct alias of Abbot Dogen) of the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza, this ominous ally who leads this powerful Asiatic based Hegemony in the Gardenia Utopian Community. Akuma Ren is the living heir and successor in the esoteric lineage of the hidden emperor from the former Imperial Japan, hidden in plain sight since post-World War II. Akuma Ren is a devilishly handsome Japanese man in his mid-fifties who appears no older than an extremely youthful early-thirties. Akuma Ren is known for his naturally crimson red spiky quills of hair, his uniquely tailored suits which are quite formal with the comfort of feeling casual. Akuma Ren was once known as a completely different identity, a fact not often brought up or seldomly even remembered for the serene wisdom held in that identity of Akuma Ren’s former life as the Buddhist monastic elder of the Shambhala Monastery, a wise man completely different than Akuma Ren, the clever fox whose resting face is a mischievous smirk. Akuma Ren’s alternate identity is Abbot Dogen that although Akuma Ren is sincere in his Buddhist faith, that fabricated disguise was his actual identity for many years but Ishmael was met with change change which he adapted to. 

 Ishmael seems to be the type of man who doesn’t care about anything which despite that impression, that existence of apathy in his personal self is false. Ishmael cares deeply, this seemingly devil may care individual wants nothing more than to rescue Zen van Nihil from captivity, Ishmael and Zen have a close bond of a father-son relationship. This willingness to do whatever in liberating Zen is what drives Ren, no one truly knows the depths of Ishmael’s soul besides Zen, and the fellow monastic brothers who have returned as Keiretsu-Yakuza bosses to liberate what they understand better as a multidimensional being known as an Artisan, Zen has been anointed by the creator and maintainer of the Multiverse, the being known as the Great Architect or what Zen referred to as, ‘Friend.’ Zen is 1 of 12 of the most favored Artisans known as Archons which this dozen is known as the Great Commission. Ellis saw how Ishmael sang out maniacal laughter uncontrollably as Ellis’s parents spoke to him. Ellis’s mother, Estera, was telling a funny story to Ishmael about the highs and lows of marriage, raising a family. 

Estera stated as follows, “The wisest among us know themselves to be fools.”

This allowed for Ellis’s father, Malik to tell his part which is simply the punchline of the joke.

Malik spoke, “The foolish among us believe themselves to be wise.”

Ellis noticed his parents joyously that they succeeded in making Ishmael laugh in an organically obnoxious manner. Ellis realized that Ishmael had just expressed genuine laughter at something, something unlike Ishmael’s regularly controlled mischievous sounding laughs at humor which had an heir of a calm, cool, and collected individual who was in control of any situation. That this sudden change in all the encounters Ellis had known was revealing for the authenticity of Ishmael’s Dionysian mask over his true Apollonian nature had all vanished to reveal Ishmael’s humanity in an unguarded maniacal fit of laughter. Ishmael quelled his laughter to a rolling stop of static momentary bursts of “hahas” as he immediately showed his power of self-control.

 Ishmael wiped tears from his eyes in a air of complete control as he spoke in blunt honesty that was accented his asserted confidence in his tone of voice “It has been a long time since I found anything humorous that made me feel good to laugh about, Estera and Malik, I usually laugh in cynicism at the absurdity I find in everything.”

Ellis noted this about Akuma Ren in his own thoughts, “A wild man who orchestrates all the world with chaos will bring about his own order, Akuma Ren is a mastermind, the wisest man is comfortable being an absolute fool so he knows himself and he knows the truth.”

 Ishmael peered over to smile devilishly at Ellis which was joined by Ellis’s parents grinning warmly at Ellis to call him over to join them, his mother Estera is smiling a warm smile of love at her son, Ellis’s father Malik’s lips turned up to revealed a hidden sense of great pride for his son. Ellis returned this as he walked over to the three who Ellis was so proud to see as a certain bliss washed over him.

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