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May 20th, 2755 CE, Post-Darkness, Post-Lawlessness, Post-Gardenia Utopian Community, New York City, New York, Eastern Sprawl, United North America, United Socialist States of America, Eden Prime.

The date according to the centralized temporal dimension of space-time that spans Gardenia Utopian Community originating from Old Earth from Eden Prime is May 20th, 2755 CE. Post-Darkness, Post-Lawlessness, Post-Gardenia Utopian Community on Eden Prime the Homeworld of Gardenia Humankind. In an era where Eden Prime is stranded from interstellar intervention from the intergalactic Gardenia Utopian Community and the greater coalition of the Celestial Cosmic Coalition where Humanity resides stranded in their Post-apocalyptic homeworld. Where either anarchy ruled or dystopian governments enforced tyrannical law just to survive among the pockets of civilization against Lawless Psychopaths and Extradimensional Eldritch Obscene Horrors. This is an Eden Prime that has suffered a cataclysm in the dimensional rifts of its existence as the paradigm has been shifted in this world terrorized by the extradimensional forces of Lawlessness and Darkness that have come with the nightmares from the darkest realities of the multiverse. Where every day a Human must fight for their life in order to survive. Not a single day is without strife. The world is decaying. Humanity comprises four categories that have originated from the Human which evolved through the traditional perspective of a natural evolution in the Homo Sapiens. Humanity has evolved to encompass one species of four subspecies. Homo Sapiens being the one which has branched out into three others, all of which can intersect into hybrids of the subspecies of Humanity. The Human born biologically natural which technologically evolved into a cyborg known as the Homo Nexus with 90% of all cybernetic advancements being subdermal. Humans with the all-encompassing evolutionary advancement of their cognitive functions which some would argue is a spiritual evolution pertaining to the phenomenon of Humans having psychic and psionic powers in the species of Humans known as the Homo Esper. The Human not born of the womb but of a biotechnological or technological engineering and scientific endeavors which created the artificial general intelligence of above-average or genius androids who have emotions, thoughts, and free will as well as all the characteristics that would consider a being to have a right to their Humanity and personhood known as the Homo Synthetic. The Human who has biologically and spiritually evolved to use psychic/psionic abilities which they have powers such as telepathy, psychic empathy, telekinesis, elemental-based kinetic energy, precognition, divination, astral projection, scrying, and more supernatural phenomenon awaiting to awakened under the veil of the gloom of day and the darkness of night.


The Shadow Society’s squadron of nine elite special operatives belonging to the Order categorized as the Shadow Knights leaped from the top of a decaying building through the circular aperture of a ruined skyscraper to the ledge of a decrepit high-rise condo, with a great dexterity, each one jumping from ledge to ledge till they reached their next landing spot, atop of an old office building. The skies over Eden Prime were dark and overcast as always, the dark grey shadow that made up the sky allowed light from the sun through but it is always like trying to shine light through a plastic trash bag. The Shadow Knights were lucky it is still day, the fiends that dwelled beneath the Eden Prime didn’t come out during the day unless you hit the ground very hard and repetitively. The various unworldly fiends could hear the repetitive beats of footsteps during the day and could be lured out to cause havoc and destruction to the remainder of what used to be known as the Eastern Sprawl, this sector of the Eastern Sprawl is the New York Sector or what used to be known as New York City, Manhattan to be exact in the United Socialist States of America.

The Shadow Knights were able to jump hundreds of yards in the air, upward, downward, diagonally, from side to side, they were able to do this with a special exoskeleton rig known as a Spring Heel Jack. The Shadow Knights were renowned for this Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton armor and Superhuman aerodynamic rig. The Spring Heel Jack is a hydraulic-powered exoskeleton armor that went from the soles of their feet, along their spinal cord all the way to the back of their neck, along the underside of their arms to the palms of their hands. This is worn underneath attire. Shadow Knights, the elite special operatives in the field. The Shadow Knights were able to jump hundreds of yards in the air, upward, downward, diagonally, from side to side, they were able to do this with a special exoskeleton rig known as a Spring Heel Jack. The Shadow Knights were renowned for this Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rig. The Spring Heel Jack is a hydraulic-powered exoskeleton spine that went from the soles of their feet, along their spinal cord all the way to the back of their neck, along the underside of their arms to the palms of their hands. This is worn underneath a Shadow Knights attire.

The Shadow Knights bound through the heavens as the fabled Dragoons, leaping as wingless angels to the skies to do battle with Dragons. For Dragoons are knights who have mastered Dragon slaying. The fabled Guild of the Dragoons which the Shadow Knights are modeled after, for the Shadow Knights are Dragoons as the Dragonslayers of their phantasmic reality except they protect civilization, eradicate Lawless, and hunt the eldritch terrors which hunt them. The Shadow Knights achieve great leaps of faith that the Dragoons used for bounding to the heavens to slay the Dragon except for the Shadow Knights leaped forward into an abyss forever gazing into them, only to fight with monsters that would render their flesh and make them one with the monster in this Darkness enshrouded land of Lawlessness if the Shadow Knight did not slay these monsters first for survival is every darkened lawless day in the world of everlasting decay. The Shadow Knights relied on their Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton suit which relied on a computing system interface that regulated the exoskeleton. The steel dermal embedded cybernetic modification rested on the back of the neck. The computing system would read the user’s kinetic movements through electric pulses from the brainstem where a bio-cybernetic supercomputer has advanced the Human brain to an exponentially greater form of evolution in the cybernetic cerebral enhancement of the elite model known as the Quantum Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement, (ACCE). The basic rudimentary model of this deep neural network cybernetic evolutionary advancement is the Universal ACCE.

Shadow Knights were the elite special operatives within the Shadow Society. The Shadow Knights were known for their utilization of Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rigs which fit all along the user’s bodies from the cybernetic access where small magnetic interlocking plate to the suit at the base of the neck which plugged directly into their central nervous system which led to the Quantum ACCE. The exoskeleton is a mechanical spine that went from the back of the neck to the tips of the user’s toe, it has special shock absorbers which could lessen any fall or impact, the added utility of using a quickly changing multiple latching grappling hook improved the Spring Heel Jack exoskeletons suitability greatly as an essential part of transportation via the Spring Heel Jack rig.

The Shadow Knights wore the form-fitting, easily concealable and silent to operate exoskeleton suit of the Spring Heel Jack with the ordinary clothes of black cargo pants, black long or t-shirts shirts, and black socks. The special Shadow Knights field operative uniform involved Shadowstep Boots which were jet-black combat boots which never made a sound upon the terrain they traversed upon by foot as well as making the climb of a building with unparalleled speed and agility which made any terrain the same. The hooded shadow cloaks they wore had stealth technology consisting of fiber-optic mirrored technology which could reflect light off it making the cloak translucent rendering it’s wearer almost entirely invisible. Talons of Shadow were jet-black colored, form-fitting, thermal yet breathable material gloves which always kept the comfort of the hands, these gloves matched the Shadowstep boots in climbing with retractable Arcturian Vorpal steel blades at the fingertips as well as Arcturian Vorpal steel plates in the fingers and knuckles for unarmed fighting, the plates protection underneath them made from the material of all their attire, arachnoweave armor. Shadow Knights wore form-fitting, full-body, from neck to wrist to ankle, dark as the void, arachnoweave combat armor. The Arachnoweave body armor is ultra-lightweight, resistant to stabs, shrapnel, and pelts from projectile weapons. Arachnoweave full-body armor is weaved from the silk of enigmatic spiders from an extradimensional origin. These spiders belonged to a pandaemonic spider deity or Archon of Balance known as Anansi and his Astral Arachne. This is the official Shadow Knights Guild attire of the Shadow Society. The Shadow Society is the elite esoteric order that has divisions known as Shadow Society’s. The Shadow Knights are an organization or Shadow Society within the Shadow Society.

There were nine Shadow Society members including their two commanding officers, these Shadow Society members belonged to the Shadow Society known as the Shadow Knights within the larger Shadow Society. There were nine Shadow Society Shadow Knights members including their captain and counselor. Their captain, Shadow Templar-Captain James Booker and the Shadow Magi and Counselor, the enigmatic Zen van Nihil. James Booker is thirty-year-old man, wild crimson hair, all one length, his racial-ethnicity bore that of a Half-Elf of Solar Elf and Irish Human that were present in his elongated ears that came to slight points as his eyes bore a primary golden amber coupled with jade green swirls looping from around the pupil color, he stood at six feet, three inches tall, he weighs 180 pounds. Zen van Nihil’s skin complexion is as pale as a ghost, he has a snow-white skin complexion, what pre-Darkness medical books would call an albino from the exactness in skin pigment, he has radiant sapphire blue eyes and jet black hair which is styled into a pompadour, he stood at 6’0, and weighs 180 pounds. From what is read from pre-Darkness history books when the world is a united one world government that spanned the solar system, Zen is a notoriously famous person, he is known as the Sovereign of Saturn but as the spiritual philosophy that prevailed in his spiritual socio-political revolution of Zenarchism in the universally accepted following of Zenarchists from the United Revolutionary Collective. In the antiquity of the Dharmic Theosophical spiritual philosophy, Zen van Nihil was celebrated as the Zen Archon Zeitgeist who asserted by his own volition a paradigm shift that caused a quantum flux of the Great Awakening or the Aeon of Enlightenment that among the stars outside Eden Prime thrives among the Utopian Community. However, on Eden Prime the evils of Lucifer Illuminatus from the nihilistic to eldritch cults of paganism dedicated to Chaos Archons and Eldritch Horrors imbued with the essence of extradimensional chaos energy. Zen van Nihil is well-over 450 to 550 years old but doesn’t look a day over twenty-seven. Everyone believed the remnants of documents found pertaining to him, the books, the data files found on old computers which had information concerning him. He is renowned for his psionic and psychic abilities, he would make things freeze, set them on fire, make things move, read people’s minds, see the history of places and objects by touching them, all with the power of his mind.

Zen van Nihil has explained to the Shadow Society records himself that unlike the race of Humanity known as the Homo Esper with such sensitivities among the Human race who have similar powers. The reason his powers were different being that they were significantly more powerful is because he isn’t completely Human, he isn’t a monster that dwelled within the Eden Prime either, he described to the people far and wide in his travels as one of the most elite Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi that he is the fusion of Human and a super-powerful alien that transcended the realms of the known to Humanity by observance as 4th Dimensional Space continuum that extended beyond all realms of the cosmos. What Zen clarified time innumerable between the revolution and event horizon of Darkness, was that Zen is of a sole species of Human from a hybrid of Hyperborean and an Eden Prime native Homo Ultra Esper. Zen van Nihil is of a ghostly albinistic skin tone, has jet black hair, and sapphire blue eyes. Zen van Nihil in his wanderings through dimensional Astral Sea to reside at meetings of the Saturnian dimensional plane where Zen van Nihil communed among the Great Architect that anointed these 12 chosen for the Council of the Great Commission that appointed Zen from once an Archon of Balance to the Sovereign of Saturnian Magistrate for the Great Architect is truly the supreme designer and master of the multiverse known as the Great Architect. The admiring yet curious common person who had no education outside of mastering the art of survival in this Post-Darkness hellscape of Eden Prime, when these survivors asked Zen about his immense powers.

Zen told them, “I am a man sent by the Divine to bring twilight to the shadows of the lands, from dawn until dusk and throughout the night I fight as the guardian of every good soul,” which rolled off Zen’s tongue in charismatic candor.

The Shadow Society as well as Post-Darkness survivors of Humanity on Eden Prime always felt safer with Zen around. The exception to this feeling of safety were those who belonged to the Lawless reavers, raiders, and savages who Zen hunted. Any Shadow Knight serving with Zen felt safer than the general military units and field operative guilds of the Shadow Society because Zen could slay an apical colossal monster of a region in single combat. Whereas, in a fight of a squadron of Shadow Knights operatives against the same colossal monster, the losses and casualties were greater in that situation.

The other seven members of the Shadow Knights squadron from greatest to lowest in rank with the Shadow Templar George Escalon, a thirty year old man, three months older than James, 6’4 in height, 210 pounds in weight. George has long jet-black curly locks of hair, the mane of a lion, and a well-groomed beard. George is a handsome blend of Caucasian and African-American descent. His muscular physique bulged from vigorous exercise. George is known for his pride and chivalry as a model of masculinity and a brother to all.

Shadow Paladin Eiko Sakura Musashi is a twenty-five year old, beautiful Asian-Ainu biracial woman in the North American sprawl. Standing at 5’5 in height, 125 pounds in weight. Comprised of an athletically built woman who is androgynous in the field but in civilian life she celebrated her physically enamoring feminine traits through mostly modest dress, pure raw intellect, wisdom that was beyond her years, all put together by the subtle application of makeup in a world where Lawless women and outer-settlements used cosmetic and synthetic beauty enhancement in opulent excess of the Utopian Community luxuries, she is of an androgynous psychological nature who revels in her assigned biological femininity while commanding admiration and respect despite her slightly deep and raspy voice. Eiko is known for her kindness, compassion, and empathic abilities.

Journeyman Knight Titus Sarkin, a young man in his late-twenties, blond hair in a French Crop, 6’0 in height, 220 pounds in weight, athletic and a honeyed Latin golden complexion in skin tone, he is regarded as an alert, attentive, analytical, highly-intuitive, and a reasonable man with a strong connection to point of guardianship of his fraternal younger twin sister Victoria Sarkin. Journeyman Knight Victoria Sarkin, a young woman who was 23 years old, she stood at 5’7 in height, 135 pounds in weight, she is incredibly attractive, muscular yet slender in appearance, she has a mutation of deep purple hair as well as an olive sepia complexion that was darker than her brother Titus. Titus is of Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian ancestry while Victoria Sarkin is of half-Anglo-Saxon and half-Hispanic ancestry. Honor Knight Vanessa Harris, a young woman of twenty-one years of age, she stood at 5’4, she weighs 130 pounds, she has long black curly locks and tawny olive skin tone complexion of being from Hispanic and Caucasian ethnicity, dark brown eyes, thick lips, extremely beautiful, a secret admirer of Zen who sent him love letters, she covered her tracks to not be found out or Esper traced traced, she is always optimistic, always kind and level-headed, she would go far in her career in the Shadow Society. Neophyte Knight-Errant Johnny Johnston is a Caucasian man of twenty-four, well-groomed and stylish in appearance reflected outside of his occupation with its appearance on the job in his appealing blond hair, standing at 5’11, he weighs 185 pounds, he is known for his moody and reckless behavior, known for being a party boy in the Bohemia club scene, his addiction to the variant of stimulants in the Daemon Dark extremity didn’t help his emotional instability.

The Neophyte Knight Gary Hubbard is a twenty-one year old, he stood at 5’10, he weighs 175 pounds, he is a Caucasian male with a pretentious pseudo-intellectual bookish personality who only wishes to appear intelligent while not truly knowing anything or gaining wisdom from any experience. Gary spends his days off publicly reading popular works of fiction or philosophical novels of Celestialism which were preserved in large part from the collapse of the Utopian Community society. Gary felt his nonconformity to the Shadow Society is the best way to rebel against the thing he took the most pride in, publicly bragging about his fictitious exploits and how close he is to Zen. Gary is reassigned from the Keepers of Secrets Shadow Society of the Shadow Society for failing rudimentary tasks of being the division of the Shadow Society that dealt in the influence of the intellectual over the force of indomitable will present within the Shadow Knights in fighting Lawlessness and Darkness.

There were rival gangs of raiders who made use of the Primal Spring Heel Jack known as the Kangaroo King or Leapfrog exoskeleton technology but they did the best they could to erase them. The majority of people didn’t have access to Spring Heel Jack rigs but the tribe of Bohemia is overtly peaceful and held the modicum of civility so greatly that the members of the Shadow Society found it a safe haven to flourish with its citizens in even setting up a Militarized Police Force of the Shadow Society known as the Nightwatch to help the Bohemia City-State Army, Militias, and Guard their operations and wars with raider tribes were conducted mostly under anonymity and outside of Bohemia’s militia. Today, they were going to hit the large tribe of raiders known throughout Eden Prime as the Collectivized Lawless who were under a mass Pandaemonic Spell of the Supreme Lord Archon of Chaos, Lucifer Illuminatus for in these Soulless Husks of Humanity driven by Primal Psychopathy and Malignant Narcissism of the Lawless called themselves the Hell’s Kitchen Cannibals after their favorite meal and where they resided in New York City while the Shadows Knight were to make it look like another tribe of Lawless from New Jersey being the New Jersey Minions had attacked them, that is if they made it there and back by sunset. They saw one of their camps, the Lawless kept their hoarded Pre-Darkness Tech for the sake of bartering what they had no knowledge over. However, Nightwatch Shadow Society Intelligence had led a decent amount of scavenging for something as prized as Spring Heel Jack rigs which the Lawless held in one of the storage facilities. 

Zen scoped out the area from the sights of his Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle, he saw a bunch of vagabond Lawless sitting in front of a storage unit long forgotten, two Lawless with Kalashnikov AK-47’s stood in front of one unit making it blatantly obvious that it is where they had hidden their rigs. The Shadow Society members aimed their primary ranged weapon known as the Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle which deatomized a three foot circumference in structures but obliterated Lawless to dust. Energy Weapons were silent, stealthy, sophisticated, clean, quiet, with zero recoil despite how rapid one could fire. The Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle fired an Ultraviolet laser beam was a deatomizing energy which was superior to the Vega-Esher Energy Rifle which fired Infrared laser beam that caused extreme thermal heat while the Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle fired a Deatomotizing Ultraviolet compressed precision particle pulse of energy which always hit its mark as shown through the Holographic Sight with optional deployable Telescopic Sight attachment for sniping. Energy Weapons required either Magick for permanent effects or the science of crystalline hyperfusion batteries which both supplied an infinite source of power powered rifles which were the two crystal power supplies of the highest quality with exclusive attainability to the Shadow Society. Two .550 caliber silenced high-powered Gauss powered projectile handguns known as the Gardenia Nighthawk in holsters akimbo at both sides of their hips on a utility belt with a number of gadgets and gizmos. A shock baton which is an extendable steel baton which electricity encircled around the bone destroying bludgeoning force and muscle neutralizing weapon. Two Void Daggers forged from Arcturian vorpal steel were next to the holsters in sheathes which when drawn would glow with a red thermetic energy around the blade such as the Void Blade, and the primary melee weapon of a Shadow Knight. A Void Blade in an appropriate energy neutralizing alloy sheathe across their back is a Arcturian vorpal steel katana or longsword blade which is infused with the constant harnessing and flowing of glowing darkness of opalesque thermetic electromagnetic energy. The Void Blade and complimentary Void Dagger could slice through a ten-foot high, one-foot thick wall made of titanium alloy steel if it were immaterial.

The Lawless stood around oil drums burning Keroilian fuel for warmth. Zen motioned to James Booker to move the rest of the seven into position, the Lawless electromagnetic kinetic projectile weapons known as Gauss powered firearms which relied on a hammer and electromagnetic energy from magnets aligning the barrel. The Gauss rifles were not an assault variant but a hunting model manufactured by Autumn Industries Beast Killer 550. The weapons of the Lawless were no match for the weapons wielded by those of the Shadow Knights Guild of the greater Shadow Society. There may have been twenty-three of the Lawless with Gauss powered hunting rifles but there were nine Shadow Knights with Q-Antimatter pulse laser assault rifles at a distinct vantage point gathered around their campsite, the only fear the Shadow Knights have is the reverberations from their ancient projectile weapons and what monstrosities that may draw out from the ground.

James motioned to Zen to use his abilities to do what he did best. Zen snapped his fingers causing the two Keroilian oil drums to explode flames upward immolating several of the twenty-three in flames, they screamed in agony as the fire consumed and incinerated them. Eiko Sakura Musashi is the first to get a hit from an Energy Rifle, disintegrating one of them, the second is George. At this point, the Lawless took cover, drawing their hunting rifles, submachine guns, and handguns before firing at the places where they saw the luminescent particle beams had been fired from. Eiko and George took cover as James fired and confirmed two hits on direct opponents disintegrating them.

The number of Lawless has gone from twenty-three to fifteen in a matter of a few seconds, the Shadow Knights would need to act fast to not alarm more Lawless in the area or monstrosities from underneath. Zen leapt forward fifty yards by utilizing his Spring Heel Jack rig, he landed directly among the fray of the Lawless, lifting two of them with his inherent abilities of telekinesis, he ripped them limb from limb in a gallant show of force. They drew towards Zen who took cover behind an old rusted EisenHaus town car allowing Eiko and George to regain their firing position to continue shooting, the Lawless dwindled quickly into piles of ash, only clothed in leather armor they did not stand a chance. Eiko dove towards Zen for assistance to where the previously guarded garage is, the rest followed, James Booker is there third with his sidearm at the ready. Zen opened the garage door breaking its lock with his psionic abilities of telekinesis.

Inside they found six Spring Heel Jack rigs, an armament of projectile weapons, power cells for Chaos laser pulse assault rifles, and tons of canned goods. Vanessa, Victoria, Gary, Johnny and Titus began loading up duffel bags with the Spring Heel Jack rigs, power cells, and canned goods, leaving behind the unusable projectile weapons. They felt a tinge of a panic that they must act quickly for they felt slight vibrations in the area around them. James surveyed the four as they did this while Zen, George, and Eiko stood watch over the garage to make sure no other opposition came their way. They heard the dreadful moan of the unliving, what is better known as Grendelkin. These feral abominable beasts walked the surface world but were nothing compared to what thrived beneath the Eden Prime’s crust, the commotion must have alerted them for several hordes of Grendelkin from both sides of the corridors that is the aperture between the two rows of storage units of the facility appeared.

The attacking Grendelkin were all of the male gender, one would need to venture through the Global Metro Subway Station in hopes to find a nest or hive where the Grendelkin kept their women, their women has not yet been publicly documented besides a few elite researchers and scientists in the Shadow Guild of the Keepers of Secrets, the Intelligence Community of the Shadow Society. Grendelkin has large misshapen bull, goat, ram, or stag horns that sprout up from their head. The Grendelkin have the jowls of a hound with a more Human mouth, this mouth is filled with large tusks and fangs of sharp jagged teeth. The Grendelkin has large hooked ears providing them with the ability to hear for miles while this feature remained reminiscent of their prior elven form. The Grendelkin has solid yellow eyes that radiantly glow ominously. The Grendelkin are covered in a jungle of disgustingly matted and crusted dreadlocked hair that covers their large-scaled plates of natural armor. Grendelkin has large skeletal razor-sharp claws extending their fingers and toes which they used for rendering flesh, their teeth for biting through bone. The Grendelkin favors Humans for meals but are cannibalistic to their own. They are trapped in a state of the paleolithic era of Humankind with only the most basic of instincts as their guiding force with Lawless and Darkness energies in complete control of them.

Zen, Eiko, and George began firing upon them. Zen used telekinesis to knock a good portion of them onto their backs for them to squirm back up and charge again. Johnny handed his bag to James his commander and charged out with his Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle drawn and began firing. The Grendelkin were closing in on them, there seemed to be no stopping to their onslaught. Zen created a wall of fire with pyrokinesis on both sides of them then shot tunnels of flames through the horde of Grendelkin on both sides burning to a crisp. James led Titus, Vanessa, and Victoria into a leap of faith to a towering apartment complex roof. Eiko and Zen followed suit to the towering apartments, Johnny tried to leap but his leg was grabbed by Grendel, ripping it off from its joint, from exertion Johnny flew headfirst into the top of storage garage roof, almost clearing it for him to go tumbling back down to the ground.

Victoria screamed, “No! Johnny! Johnny! No!”

As her lover is ripped to pieces by the Grendelkin, Johnny’s screams matched that of the Wilhelm scream as the Grendelkin cannibalized him, Johnny is ripped to pieces in seconds, eating around the Spring Heel Jack rig as if it were a steel chicken bone but breaking his actual bones and sucking the marrow from them. Victoria screamed and pleaded with James, James Booker saw no point in saving a dead man but his rig is still valuable. Zen charged back throwing balls of incendiary energy at the gathering horde that surrounded the pieces of Johnny’s corpse burning dozens upon dozens of them as he soared, he drew his Energy Rifle taking out the ones directly around Johnny’s corpse. Zen landed, standing over Johnny’s remains, he pried off the Spring Heel Jack rig and grabbed the Energy Rifle. George has also leaped and is standing on top of the row of storage units providing immediate covering fire for Zen as he recovered the valuables before both leapt back to where their team was standing.

Victoria is in hysterics, she is pleading with James to recover his remains to which James’ answer is, “What remains?”

Zen walked over to Vanessa placing the Energy Rifle, a cloak of shadows, and Spring Heel Jack rig in her duffel bag which contained two other Spring Heel Jack rigs. Zen holstered the .550 caliber sidearm at an open gun holster at his side. Victoria’s bag carried two Spring Heel Jack rigs and an immense amount of canned goods, Titus’ bag carried two rigs as well as battery packs for their Reapers of Pride pulse rifles, Gary’s carried two Spring Heel Jack rigs and a mixture of weapons, canned goods, and battery cells. They heard a rumbling in the distance as a monster is emerging from the subterranean nether reaches of the Eden Prime.

“Go, now!” James commanded grimly to the remaining six squad members who with the exception of Zen and Eiko may have been reeling from the gore and horror of the death of their two fellow Shadow Knights.

Zen has already begun his leap away from the epicenter of the quake as a monster is emerging from the depths of the land below. The seven followed, first James, then Eiko, Gary, Vanessa. Victoria is still in hysterics being consoled by her brother Titus and her friend who is like a father figure, the good old George Escalon. She regained herself and the three followed behind at a hundred yard distance.

Zen has already begun his leap away from the epicenter of the quake as a monster is emerging from the depths of the land below. The seven followed, first James, then Eiko, Gary, Vanessa. Victoria is still in hysterics being consoled by her brother Titus and her friend who is like a father figure, the good old George Escalon. She regained herself and the three followed behind at a hundred-yard distance. Zen looked off to see in the distance a monstrosity unlike any he has seen before, it is a Wyrm, a 2,500 yard long Dragon without limbs, despite its inferior protrusions one could call legs that it propped itself up on, it has decided in its wretched existence to rile about as a serpent but has wings so it could also fly, large barbs protruded from around its head. It is crashing through the streets towards the Shadow Knights that were quickly upon the move. Zen is leading the way, Zen is leading them to the Hell Gate Bridge near Lawless country in Hell’s Kitchen, Zen thought that maybe the Lawless could handle the Wyrm while they made their escape back to Bohemia. They were leading it away from the outskirts of Brooklyn towards Manhattan, away from Bohemia located in the former Queens Borough in the Eastern Sprawl of the New York city Sector. The Wyrm slowed as it stopped to fight with Lawless and Grendelkin alike. The Shadow Knights saw many Lawless settlements being destroyed and this pleased them, the real target is the Lawless capitol in Hades formerly Hell’s Kitchen, New York.

They were atop a roof of a high-rise building, firing their Chaos laser pulse assault rifles at it to garner its attention. The Wyrm’s hide is too thick for the mere projectile weapons from the hordes of Lawless it devoured in its wake of destruction, their bullets left dents in its scaled hide, the Chaos burned its flesh leaving singed off scales to its softer underbelly which caused it great pain. James Booker directed those with duffel bags of loot to activate their stealth cloaks and make their way for Bohemia to leave Zen, Eiko, George, and himself to deal with the Wyrm. Hordes of Grendelkin have climbed upon the green-scaled Wyrm, slashing and slicing at it, the Wyrm rolled around in pain smashing the Grendelkin like bugs.

Finally, the Wyrm is unfettered as the Shadow Knights could direct it back on its way to the Lawless capitol via blasts from their Chaos laser pulse assault rifles. The beams shot with imperceptible accuracy because the scopes on the Chaos laser pulse assault rifles showed precisely what target was going to be nailed. The Wyrm charged back towards the four remaining Shadow Knights, without their Shadow Cloaks stealth ability on they leapt through the night leading the Wyrm to Manhattan to do damage, firing from their Chaos rifles to get the attention of the Wyrm. Finally they were entering Lawless country, the Lawless were already set for the attack. The four Shadow Knights hid on the pinnacle of the Hell’s Gate Bridge, they then activated their Cloaks of Shadows to hide at the top while heavy armored Lawless in power armor, armed with bazookas fired upon the Wyrm, there is even a giant mechanized suit known as a Mecha carrying a giant chain-gun firing at the Wyrm. Six out of ten missiles hit the Wyrm doing damage and irritating it greatly, the chain-gun rounds pelted the Wyrm, with a mighty flap of its wings the Wyrm lunged across the river into the Lawless wearing power armor and the heavy Mecha destroyed them instantly. The Shadow Knights were glad they had taken out that Lawless tech because according to Bohemia militia intelligence it is going to be used in a raid against their city. More Lawless, most in insignificant Kevlar Vests and disrepair power armor stood up to the Wyrm with projectile weapons firing upon it. The citizens of Hades could be heard screaming as the Wyrm breathed fire upon them incinerating thousands, sJotung old tenement buildings, houses, high-rise apartment complexes ablaze. The Shadow Knights watched in horror as men, women, and children were being decimated by the Wyrm. James sighed deeply at what was happening, Zen watched with a meditative understanding, George nodded his head in approval and disapproval, Eiko Sakura Musashi covered her mouth and wept silently.

The four Shadow Knights understood that the Lawless were their enemies. After all, the Lawless were raiders, rapists, murderers, pillagers, a large tribe that took up an entire borough, their men and women are ruthless bloodthirsty psychopathic beings, their children would grow up to be the same. After the ensuing carnage as the Lawless population has been eradicated, the Lawless no longer exist as a tribe of people but as a painful and tormented memory. Whether it is Zen or a natural occurrence, a downpour of rain began putting out the flames to save the rest of the borough from burning to the ground. The Wyrm rested bloodied, too weakened by the slaughtering of the tens of thousands in the battle that has ensued. Knowing now that the Tribe that encompassed Bohemia, known as the Bohemians, is safe from the vast population of Lawless, the four rested easily for a moment, watching the Wyrm. The supplies have definitely made it back to one of the several Guild houses in Bohemia. There is perhaps only one thing left possibly to do. Slay the Wyrm.

Zen has his arm around Eiko Sakura Musashi, her head resting on his shoulder as she wept into the cusp of his neck. James and George saw that Zen is handling his primary function as a physician, this case being psychological counseling. Eiko is a Journeyman of the Shadow Knights Guild of the Shadow Society but they have never done anything like this. They were responsible for wiping out an entire society of people, despite these people being their rivals, their rivals being savage monsters as evil as the Grendelkin, it didn’t matter. Eiko has empathy and Zen felt it is his fault for her trauma she has just witnessed. James is reasoning with George on whether or not to kill the Wyrm before it somehow regenerated which could take hours or days then it would borrow back into the vast network of subterranean tunnels that was once the global spanning high-speed subway system known as the Global Transit System which is how most of the monsters traveled from the netherworld beneath Eden Prime. There has once been bullet-trains which could take someone across the entire world, from continent to continent, from city to city, across oceans. James found he could not reason with George Escalon for George is set in his hubris to slay the Wyrm.

The twenty-five-hundred yard long Wyrm with curved razor sharp horns protruding from its head, large reptilian draconic wings from its upper portion of its serpentine body, and large green scales that encompassed it, rested. Its long forked tongue going in and out of its massive fanged mouth, one of its orange snakelike eyes missing from its head from the battle. The Wyrm was covered by multiple bloodied wounds encompassing its body. The Wyrm is grievously wounded, a black pool of its own blood oozed from around it. That black ooze that was a foot deep and has become a standing pool for the hundreds of the Lawless mangled deceased bodies which were saturated in its blood. The Wyrm is not going anywhere anytime soon.

“George don’t, I’m giving you a direct order to stop.” James Booker screamed at George.

George ignored him as he leaped with all of his might as he activated his stealth shadow cloak. Q-Antimatter Energy Rifle and Void energy sword drawn, he is ready for battle. Eiko has stopped crying, still cradled in Zen’s arms but still softly sobbing.

She whimpered behind tears for solace, “That damned fool.”

They watched as George leaped from structure to structure to reach his designated target, the Wyrm. George fired his Energy Rifle hitting the Wyrm in its protruding tongue cutting it off from its vestige, eliminating its sense of smell. The Wyrm instantly lunged upward, towering above the refuse which surrounded it. George leaped with his energy blade ready to strike, he sliced through the side of the Wyrm releasing a spray of black ooze that is its blood. The Wyrm turned toward George breathing out a large projection of incendiary fire catching George Escalon’s cloak ablaze, George landed with a roll on top of a building putting out the flame before rising again, The Wyrm lunged at him crashing into the building he was upon. George leaped backward to a lower tenement building firing a shot into its visage nearly missing its one good eye. The Wyrm kept coming, George kept up the fight valiantly while jumping backwards hundreds of yards at a time, looking behind him to make sure he was going to hit his target destination safely. The Wyrm is directly in front of George. George held firmly onto his Void energy blade and dug into its head. The blade went directly into its brain as the two crashed through buildings. The Wyrm rolled smashing George through structure after structure until it finally came to a stop.

The three now standing on top of the Hell’s Gate Bridge watched in horror as their friend may be dead. Zen has a sullen look upon his face as he is the first to leap towards the end of the calamities position, James and Eiko come soon after. They came upon the Wyrm, lifeless, not moving, the Wyrm was slain. They walked up along the side of the remains of the Wyrm to see if George had somehow survived. They came to its head where they found George in a bloody mess of smashed gory pieces. Pieces of George’s Spring Heel Jack rig still attached to the dismembered parts of his body. The energy sword is placed directly into the depths of the monstrosity’s brain. James walked up and pulled on the energy blade hard enough until it finally gave way spraying black ooze with large chunks of brain matter flopping out of its head. Finding George’s still intact titanium sheath upon his torso with a destroyed utility belt. The cloak and the rig were destroyed beyond supposed speculation or repair. James sheathed the blade, dispatching an adult-sized body bag from a pocket-sized metallic storage unit that is simply a small cartridge on his belt utility belt. They began to gather up George’s pieces and things then throw them in the body bag with the Spring Heel Jack Rig still intact to his heroic limbs.





3AM, March 1st, 2126 CE, Zen the Outsider’s Dorm Room, Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium, Gardenia Utopian Community, Zen is Meditating in the Realm that is the Numinous Awe of the Great Architect

“I ponder the limitless potential dimensional matrices of the multiverse or as Friend, the Great Architect tells me, the Omniverse. The Abyss of Gardenia is abundant in its post-scarcity society that none contest with the Von Neumann machines harvesting minerals and resources across the cosmos or the automata terraforming and building the infrastructure of colonies across the cosmos. I am Zen the Outsider, how I know this is from the Society of Shadows, the Shadow Society which I am sovereign over as I am the Philosopher known as Nietzsche’s Superman. The Zenarchist Archon who is the Celestial Superman who has come to bring Zenarchism in all its forms to Gardenia and Solarus as a new blossoming populist union of confederate colonies who are loyal unto each other by an autocratic ruler backed by direct parliamentary democracy from their centralized loyalties which keeps the Libertarian NeoCapitalist Technocratic Self-Reliant Resilient Pluralist Constitutional Monarchistic Autocratic Government of the Solarus Imperium and its periphery in the Confederacy of Suns alive and thriving as a front of a coalition unified against the rampant tyranny of Gardenia. The Gardenia Utopian Community is superficial with all these nobilities of Human Logicians and Philosophers concerning the Polis and Politics determined by their Constitutional Monarchy. Where the two political parties of the Solarus Parliament are the Solarus Democratic-Republicans and Solarus Pragmatic Authoritarian-Libertarians. The Gardenia Utopian Community is a Totalitarian Centralized Autocratic Direct Democracy Determined via the Oligarchs, Plutocrats, Technocrats, Hegemons of the Pluralist Technocratic-Plutocratic Communist-Monopolist Power Elite under the Grand Illusion of Utopia as these Tyrants of the Gardenia Power Elite Centralized Political Party are known as the Utopian Party which has splintered into true universal suffrage as the Rational Egalitarian Party, Social Democratic Party, and Technocratic Green Party have arisen overtaking the Utopian Party Politico Bureau to form a new Coalition that governs the Gardenia Administration. Gardenia’s EisenHaus Empire is an empire stagnating in Decadent Post-Futurism where Gardenia’s Autumn Alliance is weaving the seeds to be bound with the Solarus Imperium, No the Holy Solarus Imperium is in an age of Intellectual Pragmatism where Tradition is their Progress. Gardenia tolerates Solarus as an object of hatred by levying taxes on them for protection against plausible alien forces for Solarus was founded by the Negative 0 monolithic technocratic monopoly on advancements, Negative 0 being aligned to the Autumn Association of Gardenia in fears that the Autumn Captains of Industry feared that the United Revolutionary Collective (URC) would become too emboldened and strengthened in dissent, infiltration, terrorism, and destruction of Gardenia. This comes in the emergence of the Big Five MegaCorps being Quadragon Keiretsu, Paragon Dynamation, Goldustries Unlimited, RoboTech Wholesale Futuristics. Zen the Outsider was meeting with Paragon Dynamation, Starlight Enterprises. The three MegaCorps that were meeting were Goldustries Unlimited, Starlight Enterprises, and RoboTech Wholesale Futuristics CEOs respectively in the Libertopia Union heartland controlled autonomously by the Big 5 as well as received financial aid from the Gardenia Utopian Community. Negative 0 is a shadow government and corporate monopoly which acts independently of the Big 5 Megacorporations along with the Quadragon Keiretsu, Paragon Dynamation, Goldustries Unlimited, Starlight Enterprises, RoboTech Wholesale Futuristics, with a questionable 6th being the Freelancers and Independents of the Libertopia Union as a way to fight against Plutocratic Oligarchical Monopolistic Corporatism or merely the Greatest Sins of Thievery and Avarice. “All sin is a derivative of thievery with avarice being the direct root of all sin which is why Greed is the God of our current age.” Thus Spoke Zen the Outsider. “So, with the terraforming and relocating all prisoners of Titan, a moon of Jupiter to indentured servitude to the Big 5 MegaCorps or the Naraka planets where they labor unto death for the Gardenia Utopian Community or Big 5 MegaCorps excluding Autumn Association and EisenHaus Enclave as well as Negative 0. Negative 0 founded another social-experiment that the profile of the URC would be satiated by the average mean in the maxim of Solarus Confederacy where now this sparked a third faction of the greatest technocratic government of the automata in the synthetics under the godlike artificial intelligence which was the opiate of the masses that satiated all-out war from the Zenarchist Coalition in Ozymandias, my ideals have become an ideology that has infused itself in the Zenarchism-Celestialism Cosmic Church as the individuals within Gardenia to have the only equivocal superpower to Celeste and myself is the Super-Artificial Intelligence Ozymandias, I am Zen the Outsider, I am the Zenith of Wisdom from Nothing, I am the Sovereign of Shadows and Saturnia Great Commission.”

  • Zen the Outsider


May 1st, 2121 CE, Early Morning of a 72 Hour Day on a Super Planet, Cloud Cuckooland, Great Green Giant, Misty Mountains, Great Mother Celeste Sanitarium.

The white light fades as Zen the Outsider finds himself in absolute darkness, his eyes were closed, his meditation completed. Zen sat in his asylum room with dimmed lights on his bed with his legs folded, deep in meditation as the prismatic colors and pure white light swirled like a quasar in the room which the portal to the many-worlds awaited Zen the Outsider in his lucid dreams of astral projection.

The Great Architect spoke, “Zen the Outsider, we are friends, we are one in the pantheistic spiritual matrices of the quantum omniverse, in every dimension upon unlimited possibilities this is no impossibility, Zen, we are friends, Zen, keep meditating, Zen, you must have faith in every moment in the paternalistic nature of the multiverse that all is one and one is all.”

At the voice of truth gleaned as a bountiful harvest of wisdom from a philosophical field of logos, ethos, and pathos was before him as he came through the rift. No longer in anything resembling the universe of the Gardenia Utopian Community. Zen transcended space-time to transport himself in a surreal lucid dream to his ancestral homeworld, he was suspended in a hyper-slow state of space-time in Hyperborea, his personal kingdom. Zen’s Dream Machine virtual reality helmet, enough Daemon Dark drugs flowing through his cerebral cortex, and meditation allowed the transportation to this world and out of the regulated unlimited simulations offered by Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium.

Zen the Outsider awoke in his sheets to the flashlight of one of an Ixarix in complete riot gear and gas mask or orderly paramilitary guard that secured the Great Mother Celeste’s Criminal Asylum. Zen did not move but let out another deep relaxed breath as he was conscious and aware now inside his sealed room. Zen relaxed as the Ixarix went through every door sliding the door to the barred other side and flashing the light to search the room. Zen breathed out deeply. The Ixarix Homunculus, a part of the Ixarix Scythe Soldiers returned breathing deeply through his rebreather mask, the red lenses eyes glow as the flashlight flickered through Zen’s room. Zen sat up in his bed glaring at the Ixarix with Zen’s sapphire blue eyes death glare, his teal sheets unveiled his muscular albinistic skin, his jet black hair was in a bedraggled pompadour on his head and an Abraham Lincoln-esque beard upon his face. Zen glared as he pulled out a pack of his Drek cigarettes and a lighter and held it up as though he was going to lit it in violation of not being on the smoking deck that oversaw the verdant mountains on the green yonder that could be seen outside. The Ixarix put his hand on Zen’s metal door and turned it to unlock it as many mechanisms and cogs turned to unseal the highly-contained Zen the Outsider as the most dangerous of the Antisocial among the patients in Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium. Zen lit the lighter and inhaled the Drek Cigarette then exhaled smoke. Zen raised both his middle fingers at the Ixarix in a defiant gesture of wanton conflict with the guard. The Ixarix opened the door and rushed in.

“Come on in and fight like a man, you cowardly abomination,” Zen yelled as the door opened.

Zen sprang from his bed smashing the Ixarix in the face who rushed headfirst into the blow breaking both lenses and messing the breathing apparatus attached to his face. Zen then uppercut the Ixarix knocking him back. The Ixarix dropped his electrobaton and Zen picked it up and jabbed it in the Ixarix Scythe thigh sending the maximum of 1,000 volts through the Ixarix’s body. The Ixarix fell to his knees. Zen spun cracking the Ixarix’s skull sending a messy pulp across the room with the electrobaton as the bulky guard’s lifeless body fell to the floor like a ragdoll as brains, blood, and sinew sprayed across the room. Nurses rushed in and Zen dropped the electrobaton and quickly lite his Drek cigarette, puffing on it as they hooked the vitals biometric reader to the Ixarix.

Zen saw them shake their heads in shock as the brains of the Ixarix were unveiled by the force Zen used to hit him. They took an expandable stretcher and hauled off his body. One of the nurses asked Zen to take a dose of the panacea of Daemon in a sedative, administered by a tranquilizer gun for his nerves after what had just happened as they cleaned the blood and brains from Zen’s room. Zen obliged for the nurses to know Zen was a good patient and allowed him to finish his Drek cigarette giving him an ashtray for his room. Zen finished his cigarette as the drug took hold and lay down to doze off for another hour or so until breakfast.

Zen the Outsider was labeled as the most dangerous antisocial mass-murdering terrorist mastermind at Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium and by entering his room the rule was that you forfeit your life if Zen decided to take it for Zen’s body count according to the narrative he had been sent there for. That personal body count was in the hundreds upon hundreds of millions and by proxy of his cult of personality, trillions dead from the URC-Gardenia Civil War.


November 26th, 2125 CE, Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium.

  Zen the Outsider was taken out of the general population at the Cloud Cuckooland that was Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium and placed in a lodge with more adequate freedoms outside the Antisocial Anarchist Unit due to good behavior. The past three consecutive months the biome that surrounded Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium was a mountainous forest which reminded him of his earliest memories of seeing the outside world upon emerging from steel walls as a child being raised in a region of Gardenia in Russia still known as the Soviet Union, Eurasia Region. Lodges for the well-mannered patients dotted the landscape around the central gated complex of Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium which was a large cerulean neo-gothic art deco complex with gates and fences as well as two Security Forces of what Zen presumed to be cloned soldiers from hybridization of Grey Zeta Reticuli Aliens and Humans known as the Ixarix who were mindless cybernetically-biologically engineered automaton golems of Gardenia who were bald and had solid black eyes and small teeth when seen without there black and Silver full-body combat armor known as Eclipse Paladins meanwhile another Unit of Mercantile Paladins were also presently known as the Viper Paladins. Zen knew these two groups from the beginning. Ixarix dressed in all black combat armor while Vipers dressed in black and yellow power armor. Nathan and Sierra were in lodges closer to the Great Mother Celeste Sanitarium Home for the Mad but Zen the Outsider and Sophia Sciencia lived in a Lodge on a mountain distant to the others. The upside to the deal that Zen had superseded by switching his Psychological Science Officer to a female Psychologist named Doctor Katie Milford who was more protective and defensive of Zen and his misbehavior which allowed Zen more liberty. This was now in the Communal Lodge that was a large complex in itself. Three months ago Zen remembered the biome of Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium. Tropical and Coastal. Zen could not forget for he had tried to escape and almost prevailed. Zen and Sophia were digging in the sand on the beach a large hole to lay in for privacy in making love but Zen dug deeper and what he found was steel beneath the sand and by breaking this steel he found the electrified cerulean crystalline anti-psionic emitters found throughout this realm he was trapped in. The bigger the lie, the harder it would fall. Zen made a raft out of the tree branches in secrecy and the next night he would escape for he had awakened as with his powers for the electricity flowed through his hands. He knew all at that moment in the lies that could no longer cover up what he now knew.


Three Months Earlier, 10 PM, August 26th, 2125 CE, Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium.

Zen had worked to be put on minimal security once again through manipulation and going along with Doctor Verstehen’s Nightmareland Dream Machine Simulations while under Daemon without killing any Ixarix Eclipse Guards or Viper Paladins for one whole month but that one whole month was nothing but planning. Zen decided this was his plan to escape after finding out what he now knew. Zen knew this was all a lie. Zen had even carved paddles for his getaway raft with a shiv he had constructed. Zen found out the truth behind this multi-patterned narrative that was designed for cognitive dissonance but Zen knew even then that this was all lies. The Nightmare Land Dream Machine Therapy in simulated battles with monsters of his unconscious mind which brought out creatures from other realms in the simulations that caused him to pain that Zen killed in catharsis at the behest of Doctor Verstehen’s research. This all culminated in Zen’s current methodical machinations of his mind. Zen had found a cyber backdoor in Nightmareland where he utilized this time to access the central mainframe of Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium to build up everything to this day.

Leading up to this day, Zen would find an individual he knew as Scarecrow on foggy mornings along the coast who wore an armored helmet with a burlap sack with a rebreather over this face but always in the form of a burlap sack with jagged wiring over the bottom of the breathing apparatus to make a smile. Zen saw holes in the eyes of the mask that glowed a prismatic color but usually a glowing acrid green in lenses. His figure big and bulky of a little above seven feet tall with a massive muscular body of a giant, he wore a medium weight power armor that was black with Solarus Crimson Sun on his Pauldrons with heavy power armor features in the upper body. The boogie man had retractable industrial buzzsaw power gloves with retractable razor blades for fingers. A Rail Assault Sniper Carbine hung from its black strap on his back. His boots were steel plated with titanweave rubber along the bottom. This individual would become invisible before Zen’s eyes which he knew this thing was a Gardenia Wraith combined with a Solarus Zealot but mutated into something Zen knew from letters next to the items gifted by this mysterious man known as Scarecrow for that is how he signed his name in the most eldritch handwriting imaginable. After Zen would stand-in shock of Scarecrow, Zen would watch him walk off directly into the saltwater along the coast.

Zen had obtained a Gardenia jet black recon stealth suit with the helmet which had an acrid green lense on top of the helmet. This was Wraith Scout’s armor. Zen received a Sprocket 13mm Machine Pistol with Silencer and plenty of ammunition as well as a Thermetic machete with sheath and strap. Zen had also received a Laser Rifle with plenty of alpha energy cells for alpha energy cells were the universal equivalent of the battery in all electronics found throughout Gardenia and were bountiful in Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium. 

Zen waited that night until 12PM when the Staff of nurses and orderlies would go through shift change leaving only the Homunculus Ixarix of the Scythe Paladins, the Private Mercantile Contractors from the Viper Paladins. The Staff was changing shifts so none would be in the hall beside a few Patient Care Technicians while the Nurses and Orderlies convened at the Staff Hub of the Asylum Bloc. Zen had five titanium shivs whose handles were covered in black industrial duct tape. Zen dressed from his cerulean jumpsuit into an all Wraith Scout stealth suit. Zen reached behind the heater and grabbed the Thermetic Machete, underneath his bed was the 13mm Sprocket machine pistol. Zen had opened the door before this and told the Behavioral Specialist outside his room that he needed Daemon Sleep. 

Zen counted on his fingers, “One, two, three.”

The power of Great Mother Celeste Sanitarium had gone completely out. Zen quickly rushed out the already opened door towards what Zen knew would be freedom while only a blur. Patients began to feel the effects of the amnesia this place brought leaving them as they wondered where they were and wandered the halls asking what they were doing here or in shock they had ended up here knowing Gardenia was viler than they thought. Zen rushed by them. Zen was determined to escape. A group of Scythe Ixarix was brandishing their truncheons of shock batons at the behest of a Viper Paladin. Zen drew two shivs. Zen slashed on Ixarix’s throat spraying green lime blood then spun slicing two more.

“What the Hell, we have an anomaly that I cannot get a visual on.” The Viper Paladin spoke over the comlink.

Zen plunged the shivs into two more Ixarix Scythes then did a power strike as he leaped upwards and planted a shiv through the Viper’s helmet and into his face where it stuck. Zen drew another shiv and kept going through the discord and chaos as a patient ahead of him was being assaulted by Ixarix just for the patient to unleash pyrokinesis upon them, scorching them where they stood. Zen jumped through the remaining flames and kept going.

Zen saw the elevator was in total discord with patients trying to urge their way through to escape. A telekinetic blast broke the glass to the barrier security door which Zen leaped through unleashing a torrent of electrokinetic lightning through those protecting the elevator. The Ixarix Scythes and Viper Paladins lay twitching in their last moments as Zen took the elevator down to the ground floor with a key he retrieved off the Viper guarding the elevator. Zen powered it on with another electrokinetic shock despite the emergency red lighting and alarms constantly going off.


10 PM, August 26th, 2125 CE, Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium.

Doctor Verstehen met with his Chief of Security Navarro and Viper Paladin Master Commander Zebulos Wyrmrex in Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium Command Center.

“Chief Navarro, I need you to focus our Ixarix forces on gJotung the patient contained unharmed, our engineering and technology division is working to get power back on, the anti-esper crystalline fortress control has lost power which is the reason for this madness. Master Commander Zebulos Wyrmrex, goes to the Coast, an elevator has just descended by some auxiliary power source that Esper created. 20 Vipers and Ixarix lay slain around that proximity, the individual is wearing a stealth suit, most likely Wraith Scout Recon armor, this is either a Guardian Special Operative, the elusive Scarecrow that’s been haunting the area, or Zen the Outsider. Find him and incapacitate him. Zen the Outsider is beyond death and is a destroyer of worlds. Exercise extreme caution.” Doctor Verstehen spoke, slamming his hand on his desk.

“Yes Doctor Verstehen.” Chief Navarro replied.

“It will be done,” the massive bald-headed eight-foot-tall, 450 lbs, gray-eyed, scar going down the right side of his face, Zebulos Wyrmrex spoke.


10 PM, August 26th, 2125 CE, The Beach, Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium.

Zen saw them flashing their lights on their 55mm Viper Bolter Rail Assault Carbines with their infrared and night vision on. Neither would help them find Zen. Zen quickly moved through the foliage and saw a Viper relay over his comlink that his sweep was clear where Zen came upon him with a shiv and pierce it into the side of his throat.

“Your life is now clear,” Zen whispered.

Zen saw three Vipers in a short distance looking over the area. He drew his laser rifle and dispatched all three of them in complete silence Zen got low and crawled through the bush as some had seen the crimson beam of the rifle then got up and ran where he saw the Coast Communications Center. Zen drew his thematic machete and plowed it through the back of the Viper relaying messages. In and out like a hot knife through butter. Zen detached the emergency giant energy cell auxiliary power source giving the Coast Communications Center and Great Mother Celeste’s Command Center complete comlink silence.

Zen moved towards his raft carving a bloody Bolter Rail of the carnage of five Viper Paladins in a row before reaching his raft. Only three lights of Viper Paladins remained searching in distress over the bodies but Zen saw the elevator turn back on through auxiliary power probably from a hooked up energy cell to power it. Zen grabbed his haphazardly made raft and began hauling it into the water.

Zen paddled and paddled as fast as he could.

“Friend, help me, get me out of here.” Zen thought as he was out now far out into the waters with his sail when suddenly Zen hit through an energy field which suddenly the moderately calm coast created a tsunami from the distance. The tidal wave was massive. Zen knew that none of this was real but a place of perception created as the perfect panopticon to keep its inmates in. The historical United Socialist States Prison of Alcatraz had nothing on this place as Zen was one third of the way to the other landmass from using his superhuman strength, agility, and finesse to paddle as fast as he could to freedom. Zen dove off the raft but was carried by this massive wave safely to shore as he tumbled through the water and felt the torrent.

Zen could hear Friend, “Have Faith and Prepare to Fight.”

Zen tumbled calamitously onto the beach with the raft in ruins. He stood and turned to see three Viper Paladins standing over him, guns aimed.

Suddenly each of their heads exploded with a distant silent sound of a highly advanced Bolter Rail Sniper Rifle. Zen with his Esper senses heightening looked to see Scarecrow holstering his sniper rifle and becoming an invisible mirage to run off. Zen got up and he had the Sprocket which still worked as the Viper Paladins approached him. Zen ran in a zig-zag pattern to avoid fire and fired into each and everyone of them taking each of them down until he was out. Half of the Order must have fallen that night at Zen’s hand by this time when Zen ran out of ammon on his last magazine. Zen looked down rolling to avoid fire to throw a pyrokinetic fireball at them which exploded.

From Zen’s side a Electro-Warhammer smashed him in the face, breaking his helmet. Zen fell dazed for a second. Zebulos Wyrmrex the goliath stood over him who grabbed Zen by the collar of his stealthsuit and headbutted Zen then threw him. Zen was no longer phased but angered. Zen threw a barrage of 500,000 electron volts of lightning at Zebulon who braced himself and took it. His power armor was jungle green like all Vipers.

“You killed half of my best men, Zen the Outsider, I will have to recruit more.” Zebulos Wyrmrex’s face turned into a green scaled monstrocity with yellow teeth.

“You and your men can send your regards to Former Vanguard Director Yuri Kafka in Reptilian Hell, may they all Rest in Piss,” Zen smirked and laughed as he drew the Yukri thermetic machete and charged Zebulos.

Zebulos swung his Electro-Warhammer, Zen dodged before stabbing Zebulos in his knee which pierced through the joint in the plate to sever flesh and bone. Zebulos hit Zen with the butt of his hammer which sent Zen back. Zen bounced back up on one knee while one foot remained read to spring as Zebulos raised his Electro-Warhammer. Zen dodged by swerving around the forward blow in a blur besides his face where Zen drew both of his last two shivs and drove them into Zebulos Wyrmrex’s neck.

Zen whispered to Zebulos, directly in Zebulos’ Alpha Draconis Reptilian ear, “Burn in Hell with your Reptile Brothers and Sisters, Fuck the Vipers.”

Zebulos fell dead to the ground thunderously as Zen the Outsider the Hyperborean had slain a Dragonic Drake Prince of the Citrine Yellow Royal House in the Draconian Imperium. Zen ascertained this information when Zen had skewered Zebulos neck near decapitation and the Bright Yellow and Brown Flecked Scales of the Draconic Monstrous 12 foot tall Zebulos Wyrmrex.

Scarecrow appeared before Zen.

Scarecrow rasped the words, “Zen the Outsider, the Hyperborean, the Sovereign of the Shadow Society, you see what is the reality of your life today but now it is night and in the shadows, you must sleep. When you awake, you will be in a whole new world. Remember me, remember my words, I am Scarecrow, I am the real you, you are a Homunculus of Zen van Nihil, you Zen the Outsider are me, Scarecrow Hollow Man.”

Scarecrow took off his hood to reveal that he appeared to look like an Ixarix with carbon copy features of the grey hairless skin, flat nasal bridge, protruding curved jaw, steel bionic eyes for all Ixarix are created blind without eyes but Scarecrow had a rounded face, two slits for a nose, a mouth with small herbivore teeth, a large bulbous head, and solid black eyes.

“All is One, One is All.” Zen the Outsider whispered feeling his atomic fiber vibrate and shift places with this entity.

“My apologies Zen,” Scarecrow said as he took a dart gun and fired a tranquilizer dart into Zen.

Zen pulled it out, “That doesn’t actually work on me.”

“Oh, yes it will for I know who you are and you are actually me.”

Zen felt tired as Scarecrow wandered off and Doctor Verstehen and Security Chief Navarro closed in on him.

Zen said aloud, “Is reality real?”

Zen fell to the ground tranquilized as Doctor Verstehen personally checked Zen’s vitals.

“He’s asleep.”

Zen murmured in his sleep to Doctor Verstehen, “Is reality real?”



3PM, April 1st, 2131 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, United Socialist States of America, Washington DC, The White House, Gardenia Utopian Community.

Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus watched from his House of the Hegemony of the United Socialist States, the White House from across the North Lawn to the gates which had solid steel and concrete barricades at the street to Pennsylvania Avenue where Protestors had gathered around the building matched by Peacekeepers in riot armor with shields with Protectorate Red Paladins in their crimson power armor with the Communist Hammer and Sickle on their Pauldrons and over the left side of their chest. These forces due to the emerging possible storm on the White House, a Gardenia House of Hegemony were backed by Companies of Protectorate Soldiers and Marines in combat armor wielding non-lethal and lethal weaponry. The Protectorate were equipped with 15mm Bolter Rail assault carbines, riot shotguns that fired plasma scattershot, particle laser rifles, shock batons, and equipped with thermitic machetes. That was the lethal weapons that they possessed at their disposal but counted on riot control weapons and technologies such as riot shotguns that fired beanbags, plastic, rubber shot and slugs. The shock baton at incapacitating that was set at a versatile voltage depending on the variant of use on Humans, Cyborgs, Synthetics, or the emergence of Espers despite Gardenia’s efforts to exile the Esper population which only caused more mutations in the Human genome. The ultimate in riot control was the armored parked in front of the barricades with the giant satellite dish as well as the satellite on the pistol known as the Cognitive Dissonance Emitter or CDE Cannon which would cause immediate dispersal of all who weren’t Esper but even the Espers would flee with the rest of the crowd.

  Aiden F. EisenHaus watched from the White House as Protestors of many ideologies stemming from the liberation of Zenarchism were being unruly in their unruly in their numbers of the thousands outside far removed from the Magistrate’s abode as they yelled and howled with signs with slogans and yelled their main treatise which caused their rebellion in throwing molotovs at Peacekeepers and battled with Baseball Bats and Machetes against Shock Batons and Compliance Enforcer electromagnetic sidearms. 

The Protestors cut straight to the point in yelling in unison over and over again, “Free Zen!”

Peacekeepers held the line as the riot broke out. Peacekeeper electric batons bashing as Protestors drew thermetic machetes and were slashing. Bolter Rail gun fire burst out on both sides until hallucinogen gas pellets were fired into the ground as it subsided and the Protestors reheld the line as they overcame the gas as Peacekeepers were suffering from hallucinogenic gas. 

Aiden was twirling a pen as a nervous fidgety and clicking it as he jotted out notes in a paper journal of his powerlessness to solve the Protestor Problem himself with his own overwhelmingly powerful psionic powers that would decimate and dissipate the mob in seconds. Aiden knew the enraged mob wanted to rip him limb from limb for the alleged involvement of the EisenHaus family in the disappearance of the Espers during the Gardenia-Martian Civil War. Aiden F. EisenHaus had led the forces against the Martian Commonwealth and United Revolutionary Collective (URC).  Aiden felt the tinges of anxiety due to powerlessness to personally quash the rebels himself with his own super-psionic abilities as an Archon of Chaos unlike his brother Zen van Nihil who was an Archon of Balance who these protestors viewed as their spiritual leader.

Aiden grinded his pearly white teeth and clenched his jaw watching those in the field who were supporters of the Confederacy of Suns who existed in the Fringe of space between Gardenia and Solarus. These men were armed with concealed weapons as many of the protestors were that the Protectorate, Peacekeepers, and Paladins were wary of but Aiden F. EisenHaus knew all too well than any of this. The average Citizen of Gardenia was around 5 foot, 10 inches to 6 foot, 4 inches while Solarus Citizens were 6 feet, 2 inches to 6 feet, 6 inches in average height while Solarus Legionaries, Knights, Immortals, Templar were around 9 feet in height while Solarus Praetoria were 12 feet in height. Solarus was more adept at biologically engineering and cybernetically modifying their forces. This bothered Aiden for the Solarus Imperium was calling for an Solarus-Gardenia Alliance which was not good for the Reptilians that Gardenia harbored.

Aiden regarded most the protestors as useful idiots calling out Zen van Nihil’s freedom when Aiden Aka Manah did not even know or could pinpoint where Zen van Nihil was located. Aiden thought of the planets that were identified and originally labeled as Gleise, Kepler, Wolf, Luyten, TRAPPIST, but were all renamed to match the guidelines for Gardenia Utopian Community Hegemony. Such is the nature of conquest and reclamation even in these Colonist Confederate Worlds where the United Revolutionary Collective thrived in the 110 Dwarf Galaxies outside the Milky way in the Fringe. Where the Anarchist-Capitalist yet holding a Humanist Socialist Safetynet for the advancements in technology concerning super-pharmaceuticals such as Daemon Light in its Panacea form and Cybernetic Bionics for the Disabled of High-Quality as all URC were guaranteed Cybernetic Bionic Transhumanist Evolution to Homo Nexus.

Aiden knew what weapons URC members carried subdermally in their superhuman bionic strength and intelligence with Semi-Quantum Autonomous Computing Cerebral Enhancement or ACCE, he knew this from his dealings with Arthur Moody Luthor or Arthur Unruly the General Secretary of the URC that Aiden apprehended in the Gardenia-URC Intersolar Civil War and Gardenia-Martian Conflict that happened simultaneously. Arthur was sent off to Titan but died in a freak accident on frigate along the way during a rebellion on the frigate barge carrying Arthur Unruly and his loyalists followers who decided to stay and fight until the very end that is Arthur Unruly managed a rebellion aboard the Correctional frigate barge that ended the lives of everyone on board the ship before they reached the old Penal Super Exoplanet which was the moon of Saturn known as Titan. The Labor and Death Camps of the Gardenia Utopian Community were relocated to the Penal Super Exoplanet of Naraka Panopticon in the Pollux Solar System where all terrorists, enemies, and inconvenient citizens of the Gardenia Utopian Community are sent. Naraka Panopticon Penal Super Exoplanet is a place that is a giant social-technological surveillance martial law police penal planet where giant walls and partitions portioned the camp off with innumerable prisons from individual to communal cells to massive rooms with bunks were constructed along with mega industrial factories and manufacturing complexes as well as mining operations of manual backbreaking labor of all kinds were held day in and day out. The Gardenia Hegemony agreed upon and ratified. Once Naraka Panopticon is in the Pollux solar system was made the new Penal Colony. Titan was ratified to become the crown jewel of Gardenia Civilians after the Martian Commonwealth and Eden Prime of the Gardenia Homeworld’s Solar System. 

This paradox of the United Revolutionary Collective and exactly what they were doing outside the eyes of Big Brother Gardenia’s Panopticon of a Utopian Dystopia Community was a problem due to the URC making connections and alliances with the Andromeda Galactic Human Superpower of the Solarus Imperium where the URC on the regions the URC thrived in enigma known as the Fringe made contact with their would-be ideological opponents in the Solarus Imperium’s Libertarian Fascist sociopolitical and socioeconomic galactic superpower. Due to the United Revolutionary Collective concrete worldview of a mixed economy of Anarcho-Capitalism combined with a Socialist safetynet for their disabled and wounded to be rehabilitated with the superdrug Daemon and Bionic implants for all their people in the 110 Dwarf Galaxies in the Virgo Supercluster which unlike the Centralization of everything by the Gardenia Utopian Community Gardenia Hegemony which were the Marxist Monopolists who gave the illusion of a Free Market  with their subsidiary puppets in the Gardenia Utopian Community. The URC philosophical utilitarian anarchists passed by as upstanding and lowly citizens of the Gardenia Utopian Community. The Gardenia Utopian Community was a Centralized Marxist Monopolist Plutocratic Oligarchy Utopian Dystopia that had just abolished Centralized Hegemon Direct Appointment with Mock Elections for Universal Suffrage for all Adult Citizens to vote in the Elections that would choose their Representative Democratic Republic of their Local to Intergalactic Parliamentary Ministers, Governors of their Region, Prime Magistrate, and the General Secretary, Chancellor, President, and Prime Minister over the Magistrates to the Hegemony for the next five years which none of these could overpower the will of the Gardenia Hegemony nonetheless. The United Revolutionary Collective were Anarcho-Capitalist Socialist Humanist Mutualistic Meritocracy who abided by the rule of the Unruly family and the arcane secret of Negative 0. The Solarus Imperium was an Imperialist Libertarian Fascist Constitutional Representative Monarchy led by an Emperor who was surrounded by many facets of Gardenia except Solarus Humans generally hated Democracy in favor of their Wise Emperor and Empress.

 The Gardenia Utopian Community who dominated The Milky Way as the Human Galactic Superpower stemming from Eden Prime (Old Earth) where the Homo Sapiens, Homo Nexus, Homo Esper and Homo Synthetic. On the Fringe of the Milky Way where the URC Colonists on the in the Dwarf Galaxies found their territory contested in calling their small galactic government the Confederacy of Suns in their revolutionary fight and flight to what is the Fringe after the establishment of Gardenia and Solarus forces setting up trade through this URC contact from the Milky Way to Andromeda for Eden Prime the homeworld of Homo Sapiens which through evolution brought Homo Nexus (Bionic Cybernetic Humans) and Homo Esper (Psychic Psionic Humans) and in creation Homo Synthetic (Sentient Synthetic Biotechnological Humans). The Solarus Imperium was birthed from Solarus which birthed the Homo Solus Ultra, Aelf Nobilis, Aelf Solus, Homo Barbaria, Homo Jotun, Homo Ultra Esper. The Solarus Imperium of Andromeda has existed as a sentient civilized races between Mankind, Elves, Barbarians, High Elves,  for 12,500 Years since while the Gardenia Utopian Community has existed for 12,100 years while both the Gardenia Protectorate and Solarus Militum Bases on the same planets in the Fringe which Gardenia viewed as threat while Solarus saw as an opportunity to aid another race of Humankind. 

Despite this conflict, things were peaceful and commerce flowed allowing an ease to segway between these two for a greater understanding. An understanding that the Protectorate War Hero, EisenHaus Hegemon, EisenHaus Enclave Commander-in-Chief, and Gardenia Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus as his true self of the Archon Aiden Aka Manah still viewed as an existential threat to enslaving all of Humankind in Gardenia. Stress writhed through Aiden as he thought of all of this with the Gardenia-Solarus Alliance already being passed around the reformed Gardenia Utopian Community that allowed for True Democracy by the Will of the Gardenia Utopian Community People. Aiden was glad he had become warhawkish in his campaign for Chancellor to win the election as the ‘Enemies Beyond Us In Space Are Larger Than They Appear’ Fear Campaign was true and effective for it was not only some mere miracle from Lucifer Illuminatus but his own merit that allowed him to become Hegemon of the EisenHaus Enclave with the blessing of his father who revealed his PanDemonic Nature as Frederick F. EisenHaus the F. stood for his name as a Demon ArchLord, Valefar. This entire time Aiden Aka Manah’s father was a Grand Archon of the Inferno who decided to join Aiden Aka Manah and was recruiting more to his son’s side as a Great Red Dragon and ArchDuke to the Draconian Imperium

Aiden thought of all this as he heard Zen’s voice monitoring his every thought as the secret security cameras filled every room of this building of United North America that once was known as the White House of the United Socialist States of America.

Aiden grit his teeth and murmured loudly in rebuke, “Lucifer Illuminatus Dammit, fucking Zen van Nihil, can’t even think my own thoughts without that pale albinistic ghost gazing from the Void which is the sky in my own Planar Home of Existence of Oblivion, Zen van Nihil the Hyperborean invades my realm of sanity and being from his Hyperborean lands of a summertime sun over constant ice and snow for even when the cold comes down it is to make his world a greater wintery wonderland,” Aiden let out his inner-Aiden Aka Manah the Destruction Archon within, “Zen van Nihil the Hyperborean, the Sovereign of Shadows and Saturnia, the Chosen Chaos Archon of the Great Architect, Zen will understand the Enlightening Parables of the Lucifer Illuminatus which are etched throughout the Many-Worlds of our Multiversal Omniverse.”

Aiden shuffled his papers and looked over more information, aware that everything in the Gardenia Hegemonic Capitol Building of Antiquity known as the White House was under surveillance from every angle imaginable to Holovisions monitored by the Hegemony Intelligence Bureau. The new epicenter of Gardenia activity being Tau Ceti for the Hegemony and the Protectorate on two Super-Planets of Tau Ceti Solar System which contained two Super-Planets of Axis Mundi which is the Gardenia Hegemony Tau Ceti Super-Planet and Terminus that is the Tau Ceti Super-Planet. All these planets and many more fell into the territory of Gardenia. The Gardenia Utopian Community had expanded to cover every inch of the Milky Way Galaxy which was part of the Virgo Supercluster. The closest base of operations for the Draconian Imperium inhabited the Draco Dwarf Galaxy of the Draco Constellation outside the Milky Way Galaxy. The Draconian Imperium had spread deep within the Milky Way. However, the Draconian Imperium Stronghold System thrived in the Super-Galaxy of Andromeda which was shared equally by the Solarus Imperium and United Cosmic Federation which were Humankind Intergalactic Civilizations among many other varying types of Extraterrestrial Sentient Intelligent races which was the same definitive inference in the Milky Way. The Draconian Imperium has been in a state of stagnance from their Emperor Typhon Ophion Kalashar who the Crimson Dragon ArchDuke Frederick Valefar EisenHaus is progressing the Draconian Imperium forward but to the other Houses the view of the Obsidian Dragon Emperor Typhon Ophion Kalashar is hated by Ivory Dragon Baron, Emerald Dragon Viscountess, Cobalt Dragon Marquess, and the Naga Wyrms to KaosCoatl loyal to Draconian Emperor Typhon Ophion Kalashar can’t handle the hatred nor all the assassination attempts and his own primal self-destructive tendencies that deligitimized his heir completely coupled with the growing Propaganda War by X the Outsider of Negative 0 aether-mailed over holocomputers to his administration personally supporting Gardenia Utopian General Secretary Abraham ‘Abe’ Solomon or Chancellor Jeanne Orleans by all High Noble Houses of the Draconian Imperium who have succeeded to have a higher, greater union of a Plutocratic Oligarchy of the Draconian Imperium who held Erebus Orcus as their patron deity through the Eldritch Elven ArchDevil Balder Balefire Belial. The enigmatic Shadow, Chaos, and Chronos Dragons who left the Draconian Imperium for the Gehenna Dimension. The Benevolent Aristocratic Nobility of the High Kings and Queens of Platinum, Gold, Silver Dragons fled throughout the Multiverse at the final 7 multiplied by 70 times the Draconian Imperium was deemed doomed by the Great Architect throughout the entirety of the Multiverse. The Dragonic Imperial Oligarchy was Dragonic, Draconal, Drake which was complete with Nagas and KaosCoatl. The Draconian Imperium ruled in absolute over the Gemini Supercluster where the Shenlong, Tianlong, Zhulong Super-Galaxies. The Taurus Supercluster where the Solarus Imperium Dominion which ruled its entirety of the Galaxies and Dwarf Galaxies rivaled the three other galaxies which were ruled by the dualistic contested rule among the Draconian Imperium. The Solarus Imperium Taurus Galactic Supercluster which rivaled them was the Augustus Galaxy, Solarus Galaxy, and Invictus Galaxy where Solarus Humans, Solarus Elves, Lionfolk, Rhinox, Vulpine, Wolfens, and various Dwarven races come from where the Holy Solarus Imperium is ruled by the Divine known as Holy Augustus Emperor Justice Constantine Solarus who rules and regulates the entire Taurus Supercluster guided by the ArchAngel known as Metatron sent by the Great Architect.

Aiden thought of Zen van Nihil on top of Everest where Aiden had developed his Inferiority Complex to a Singular Individual being Zen van Nihil who Aiden was threatening to kill wherein Zen in self-defense. Zen revealed his true powers in a tour de force of psionic abilities that knocked Aiden from the top of Everest past the summit to the rocks below at almost 30,000 feet Aiden fell from grace in knowing if Zen was truly merciful he would have killed Aiden. Aiden then saw a momentary vision of Zen leaving a hologram in a Zetan Celestial Spacecraft with some Zeta Reticuli Greys to travel through space and escape his exiled prison. Aiden threw the papers and began to pant as he watched Zen even from his supposed inescapable and unknowable prison accomplish many great and wondrous things. Aiden reeled in pain, writhing in agony as he sensed Zen as he could feel the insatiable bloodlust for the Zenarchist Protesters being replaced by squeamish abject terror as a feeling unfathomable to him before rushing through his uncontrollable tremors at what he saw.

Zen van Nihil spoke to a Zeta Reticuli Grey built like a Red Paladin Heavy Special Operator in Dark Power Armor who was pulling a material that in appearance was a Burlap Sack with a Rebreather built into it over his head, “The radius of the Andromeda Galaxy is 125,000 light years in radius, the Milky Way is 52,850 light years in radius, the Triangulum Galaxy is 30,000 light years in radius. The Virgo Supercluster contains 110 Dwarf Galaxies with three major galaxies being the Andromeda Galaxy, Milky Way Galaxy, and Triangulum Galaxy are the three largest galaxies along with minor 110 Dwarf Galaxies within the Virgo Supercluster. The Panspeciesist races of Humankind and Reptilians reside in the Virgo Supercluster along with other Extraterrestrial Sentient Intelligent Beings unknown to me? How do I find out more?” Zen paused as he was apparently asked a question by the Haunting Scarecrow of a Zeta Reticuli Alien as they stood in a wooded area outside a giant lodge of 4,500 square feet.

Zen responded, “Do I want to know more? I want to know more.”

 Aiden didn’t want to envision any of that about that despite now needing a distraction. The obsessive-compulsive nature was already drawn to the Bane of his Existence being Zen van Nihil who was universally celebrated by Gardenia Humans which Aiden knew not where the leaks came from but they knew that Zen van Nihil and the Esper population had been exiled to somewhere out of sight and out of mind that not even Aiden with his godlike cognitive telepathy, prescience, psychic, and supernatural powers could not detect an inkling of an idea of the whereabouts of Zen despite this vision where Zen flew across the cosmos with the Zeta Reticuli Alien Greys to return to his place that Aiden knew he was being held in exiled captivity, a place that Zen could not escape with unless for this one misstep it this prison or place of exile contained him against his will with the illusion of criminality, brutality, cruelty, therapy, kindness, love, rehabilitation, all combined into an illusory contraption of the confines that Zen was intergalactic terrorist which only frightened Aiden for now Zen had an edge beyond Aiden’s stint in the Hegemonic Purge and Civil War that both participated in for Aiden had become the banality of evil in being an overly glorified bureaucrat.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Aiden screamed at his nihilistic ennui of self-hatred. 

Aiden only felt this maxim of agony and angst in the ennui of inferiority from Zen van Nihil since their entire childhood as brothers. 

Aiden had been the bane of Zen’s existence in that Gardenia Utopian Community clandestine Soviet Union Protectorate Base of the Hegemony until Zen knocked Aiden off of Everest when Aiden in his hubris toyed with Zen in how he was going to kill him, Aiden in his arrogance made Zen reluctantly fight with a psionic attack as Aiden held a blade to Zen’s throat. Zen defended himself with a powerful psionic attack that proved Zen the King and Aiden the Fool when Aiden hit the ground after falling clear off the top of Mount Everest in the Himalayas.

Zen spoke again to Aiden, “I have been to the top of the mountain while you have been left in the dark.”

Aiden took his razor sharp letter opener from his desk in his hand. Aiden’s head contorted back with eyes fixated on his total obsession of envisioning all he had lost from Zen the bane of his existence as Aiden realized he was a bureaucrat that was the banality of evil. Aiden held the blade to his throat knowing only Zen or himself could actually kill each other in any plane of existence. Aiden swung the blade in a seizure which he regained control. Aiden stabbed the razor sharp letter opener with superhuman strength through his left hand and the obsessive entranced vision broke. Aiden pulled the razor letter opener out his hand and desk. Aiden’s desk covered in the black ichor of his blood as his wound pulsated due to it being self-inflicted but he began to will it to become completely healed in the matter of five minutes which his eyes heard the protestors as though it were a death chant to his existence. His desk had become a bloody mess. Aiden ordered an automaton to come in to clean the desk of the Oval Office as he stepped out to the nearest windows to the White House lawn where he saw Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker’s rotorcraft landing for their meeting.

Aiden with took his pocket handkerchief and wrapped his hand as he commenced his regeneration process which due to it being self-inflicted in an act to true destruction in accordance to the Laws of Archons would take a little while longer than if a .750 Anti-Material Bolter Rail Cannon shot him at point blank rage which he would have instantaneously regenerated in a minute if only on the Rule of Archons that is wasn’t another Archon willing the Bolter Rail Gun to kill him. Aiden called up Vanguard Director Vergil Vexen through pushing some combination of buttons on his Hegemony Enigma Quantum Supercomputer to come to the Oval Office along with Hegemonic Bureau Intelligence Agents to assess his wound and immediately pushed the button to dispatch the cleaning Automatons to make the desk and carpet spotless as well as prepare a new suit from his closet that would most likely appeal to Pleiades Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker.

Hegemonic Bureau Secret Service Agents Muller 543 and Smith 338 entered the room, “What is it Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus?”

“My hand was pierced while opening a letter that contained an extremely vicious letter from some prankster claiming to be Zen van Nihil in a collaged message of words from tabloids with pictures of Zen van Nihil the Outsider, a Calculating Moral Relativist Scarecrow, a Leonid Honorbound Fearless Lionfolk, and all that was missing was the Superwoman of Steel in some kind of Super Artificial Intelligence Homo Synthetic Superwoman of Biological-Mechanical Diamond Adamantium Alloy Vorpal Metallurgy and they’d have who they’d need to destroy the Wicked Demon Hegemon of Washington, this freaking conspiracy theory that my name and identity is Aiden Aka Manah, just some stupid insane ramblings that were deeply upsetting when the collaged anonymous letter spontaneously combusted. How did explosives get past the Hegemonic Bureau Secret Service? So, we need more men and more security but these pranksters were called the ‘M3RRY W124RD$’ which is probably an alias of a Zenarchist Discordian Anarchist-Technomancer Cabal most notoriously the group known as the Gearhead Cybernetic Ultra Espers who are following United Revolutionary Collective guidelines created by Arthur Unruly before he died in that catastrophic prison riot aboard that Space Barge that was taking him to the last massive internment before we found out his brother from Calvin Luthor fathered a child with Gardenia supermodel Valentina Khrushchev who is Eastern Bloc Oligarchy Royalty. Artyom Tsarevich Unruly and his brother Maxim Mikhail Unruly are both agreeable in their coming out of the dark as enigmatic Negative 0 Directors of the Board who told us that the Technomancers belong to a long line of traditions of the United Revolutionary Collective since its inception in the UNkN0WNZ and numerous Hacker Cells which has evolved to Technomancers which are Cybernetic Homo Espers. They may be creating a Superwoman of Diamondized Vorpal Adamantium Alloy Steel to laugh in the face of our benevolent Quantum Super Intelligence Intergalactic Systems Supreme Governing Administrator, Ozymandias. The Super-Artificial Intelligence of Gardenia, Ozymandias who benefits all of Gardenia and our Protectorate in every aspect of our lives, Ozymandias is our beloved best friend right after our beloved Great Mother Celeste.” Aiden appeared to be sulking as he revealed his now almost healing would but severely bloody hand from the Handkerchief.

As the Automatons cleaned Aiden’s desk, the Bureau Secret Service Agents called for backup in that Hegemon and Secretary Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus had hurt his hand and needed cleaning up and help to quickly change for Pleiades Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker’s arrival and for Chloe to be kept busy until Aiden was ready. 

A Secret Service Medic being Agent Turner began cleaning Aiden’s hand and cocked his head sideways, “Sir, your severe wound from your apparent figaro letter opener is healed and no longer even scared, very strange, your bionic aren’t you Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus, you must have Negative 0 nanobots, didn’t know that, you were the Admiral who won the Gardenia-URC Martian Civil War, so I wouldn’t be surprised,” Turner said as Muller and Smith dressed Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus in another black suit, his lucky scarlet tie, black dress pants, white dress shirt, black socks, and comfortable black athletic dress shoes.

Aiden put on an antiquated timepiece of a luxury chronograph watch on his left wrist to help deter attention to his hand which only left a bad red scratch through both sides of the skin on the palm and back of his left hand. Aiden F. EisenHaus looked at the chronograph luxury watch that was diamond, gold and mostly jet black obsidian while the latch was One of the Innumerable Dark Drake Bastard Imperial Princes and Other Offspring being not merely retained to Draconian Dragons which when young are among Lizardfolk are Noble Draconal Drakes or the Viperfolk being Noble Draconal Naga. The Dark Obsidian Dragon Imperial House of Emperor Typhon Ophion Kalashar and his Naga Queens who bare him Naga Daughters while Draconian Reptilian Women throw themselves at the Emperor to spite their parents or husbands so they can bear a Dark Drake Bastard Prince as a laughing stock and painful embarrassment to the Dark Obsidian Dragon Emperor Typhon Ophion Kalashar who is the Younger Brother of Shadow Dragon who was known as the Augustus Autocrat Erebus Shadowlord Kalashar the Elder who was upon being slain ascended to a higher status of Erebus Orcus. Dark Obsidian Emperor Typhon Ophion Kalashar fears who state their nature to the Imperial Demonic Serpentfolk known as KaosCoatl who can be any Humanoid Alien race in appearance or capable of forming a massive Serpentine tail to travel faster on the lower half of their bodies but generally were in beautiful female forms with feathered pteranodon wings protruding from their back as 95% of KaosCoatl were female. The Draconian Imperial House also held the great shame of degeneracy of having the unsettling fact that the Emperor Typhon Ophion Kalashar spawned not just lesser Reptilians but to the embarrassment and laughingstock of the general consensus of all those in Draconian Imperium is that Obsidian Dragonic Emperor Typhon Ophion Kalashar had spawned with Reptoids with barely pure Reptoids descended from sexual slavery which bore the Imperial seed to term. All of this Aiden thought of as his prime opposition being Emperor Typhon Ophion Kalashar and Zen van Nihil from seizing Gardenia as soon as Zen van Nihil was finally destroyed and Draconia from the incompetent lecherous debaucherous fool Imperial Ruler and Supreme Whoremongerer of the Draconian Imperium, Emperor Typhon Ophion Kalashar.

As Aiden thought of Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker he thought of his personal harem of Kaoscotl women which were always near Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus or Baal Aiden Aka Manah as he was gaining a secret society of the combined Draconis Nobility and even the Draconian Imperial Houses outside the perception of reality of Emperor Typhon Ophion Kalashar. Aiden saw three Kaoscotl Serpentine Demon Women enter the room in their seductive ultra-beautiful Human forms in black blouses with khaki pants with .550 Nighthawks in their holsters at one side and a Draconic Steel Dagger in their utility belt on the other hip. Aiden felt satisfaction in having all three of them then in there but he held his impulses which was something he learned to control and become functionable was his primal and methodical impulses from Mindless Malignant Narcissism to Sophisticated High-Functioning Psychopathy. Aiden was saving himself for Chloe, who was a member of the three parties outside the Utopian Party which formed and won major democratic victories in the Gardenia Election Cycle.

Those parties being the Rational Egalitarian Party which was the Autumn faction of the Utopian Party splitting from the Centralized Gardenia Party of the Hegemony to win a major victory in having a Rational Egalitarian Party elect Chairperson of the party Abraham Solomon to General Secretary over the Gardenia Utopian Community in a 44% Majority with the minority at Utopian Party at 26% led by Party Chairperson Jeanne Orleans, Libertarian Social Democrats at 18%, and Technocratic Green Party at 12%. Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker is a Technocratic Green Party, Prime Magistrate over the majority intersystem affairs of the Pleiades Star System as the Ministers of Pleiades with numerous of planets in her star system who reported to her senior Gardenia Protectorate Commissar who oversaw the entire system strange non-Gardenia nor Protectorate Spacecraft in the vast expanse of Pleiades and as a Green Technocrat this was a major misstep for Chloe had been reluctant to answer the Protectorate, Vanguard, or Guardian if contact had been made or to what extent and how frequent Gardenia spaceways were being violated in case Protectorate Army, Marines, Space Navy, Space Force, or the Red Paladins needed dispatching to terminate invaders or Aiden swallowed, use diplomacy to insure contact and peaceful coexistence. 

Aiden being a war hero at the rank of Admiral led Gardenia’s Protectorate to thwart the interstellar URC Menace and directly end the Martian Autonomous Civil War by arresting Arthur Unruly to send him to his death as all reports on the incidents that occurred afterwards stated. Aiden remembered that and it didn’t feel right, something didn’t feel right about that statement, something burned as a firebrand ember about not wringing the Autonomous Martian Commonwealth General Secretary Arthur Unruly neck as soon as they breached the neck despite it being an eternal blemish on the Gardenia Protectorate in their largest wartime conflict in existence since the Founding of Gardenia during the time of Old Earth’s Western Alliance and Eastern Bloc.

Aiden Aka Manah shook his head as he thought, “Arthur is dead, he died by his own namesake of being Unruly but the United Socialist States of American Anglo-Saxon Arthur Moody Unruly has a equivalent in the Soviet Union Slavic Artyom Tsarevich Unruly, I honestly find this as an imperative to be held as improbable but then again it proves how unloyal Calvin Moody Luthor the Unruly of all Unrulys was a polygamous womanizer who had four sons at the least, that I can believe.”

Aiden F. EisenHaus felt the feelings pass him and was grateful that Ministers and Magistrates were also here to use the countless Helipads in the Washington DC area to return to their Politico Borough as there protests about the possible impending doom from the Protestors had sufficed their Red Paladins and Hegemony Bureau Secret Service Operatives agreed to call in Protectorate Air Force Zuroc 2125 heavy armored rotorcraft to fly them out. A beautiful KaosCoatl named Keira asked Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus for their greenlight to leave which Aiden gladly obliged.

“Finally, some alone time from these premadonna and spoiled Ministers, make sure they leave safely, I don’t want any of them dead and me being held responsible for a URC terrorist attack.” Aiden said, exasperated by his environment.

“Yes sir, I’ll inform the Hegemony Bureau Secret Service and Red Paladins as well as a Protectorate, Vanguard Director Vergil Vexen the Cobalt Dragon is in the White House Chief of Staff Room, if you need him,” Keira responded.

“That won’t be needed until after my day with Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker.”

“Understood sir.”

“Thank you Kelira, please have Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker meet me in the Sun Room on the Third Floor and prepare on the Penthouse to appear as a personality scan of Chloe Dunker’s Dream Machine Dreamworld from her own personal liking.”

“That will require Alternative Reality Holograms of the Pleiades and all the Zeta Reticuli Grey Spacecraft she sees flying through her Governing Magistrate Zone of Gardenia, she is quite fascinated by them and as a Creative Scientific Artist.” Kelira left the room after saying that, everything was prepared.

Aiden was ready for seduction outside of Kelira or her KaosCoatl sisters. Aiden was ready to win the heart of a Technocratic Green Party Magistrate who he would not implant his seed from their passions but the idea he did so that she could in turn be set-up with a nobler man than Secretary Magistrate and Hegemon of the EisenHaus Enclave in Aiden F. EisenHaus who besides his adopted father who was his mentor, teacher, and financier in Frederick Valefar EisenHaus was the only other Hegemon among the EisenHaus Enclave in the two Hegemonic Superpower Monopolist Plutocratic Oligarchy between themselves as Draconis PanReptilians from unified by the universal intergalactic Draconian Imperium and the Autumn Alliance which was the other Hegemonic Superpower Monopolist Plutocratic Oligarchy who backed all four parties while EisenHaus back Utopian Party candidates meaning the Autumn Alliance of universal intergalactic PanHumanity which the Autumn Family was comprised of equal and greater power than the Draconian Imperium in the Intergalactic Gardenia Utopian Community with some regions of the Milky Way and Dwarf Galaxies being labeled off limits by the Protectorate. Pleiades had turned into a hotspot the vice versa.

Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker entered the room, she was bronzed with golden blond skin and golden amber eyes, she was petite with a healthy frame. Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker had grown up in a part of a Frontier that was formerly the Fringe of Gardenia as her parents were Gardenia Scientists for Negative 0 as was she. Chloe Dunker was a former Negative 0 scientist who went into politics based on immense popularity for her genetic research on the Beastfolk native to Gardenia through Genetic Engineering that existed during the 2030-2050s before being discontinued by the Western Alliance and Eastern Bloc as unstable genetically engineered creations which Doctor Chloe Dunker had mastered the genome project of Pigfolk Sas Sapiens and Boarfolk Sas Bellator. Pigfolk were mechanists, farmers, custodians, construction workers, and general laborers in megafactories. Boarfolk were always Marshal Deputies even in planets where Gardenia Peacekeeper Corps existed who the Boarfolk Marshals held no real rank over their Human counterparts for the Orcish race of Greenskin Humanoids did not view authority outside the authority they’d been given over the Sprawls throughout Gardenia to lay down the law on the Impoverished and Working Class Neighborhoods where Daemon Dark Dealing, Prostitution, and Organized Crime ruled but the Boarfolk a part of the Marshals did their job in laying down the law by brutality first on their calls then allowing the Peacekeepers to take over the questioning and investigation. Pigfolk and Boarfolk who had evolved into Orcs by the Cosmic Church of Celeste requisitioned to believe in a catch-all divinity known as Bog that the Venusian Human Gardenians who were Bad Element Christians believed in which the spirituality worked perfectly for the Gardenia Hegemony’s favor in displeasing the Christian Bad Elements for Pigfolk and Boarfolk were not punished for their Gardenia sanctioned religious gatherings but always ran the risk of Gardenia Human Christians joining their congregations where the banned text of the Old and New Testament could be read which this of course happened to the disfavor of Gardenia but was shrugged off in hubris over as a Patrician gives a Plebeian working in a field a passing glance. Doctor Chloe Dunker had also brought back many extinct species from Old Earth’s History for Zoos across Gardenia where the carnivorous creatures were genetically engineered to be as sheep so it was no surprise to see the four stomached mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex eating straw and hay while bellowing without any aggressive nature to it or the Wooly Mammoth have the Mentality of a Circus Elephant in not to the degree of showboating a trained elephant would have but the friendly nature of being a petting zoo creature.

Aiden welcomed Chloe in and stood from his desk for her to close the gap and slam into him giving him a great hug.

“How are you doing, Chloe?”

“I’m doing fine, Aiden, how are you? Long time, no see? Last time I saw you was the beginning of your first term as Prime Magistrate now you’re a Secretary Magistrate since the Great Expansion of the Gardenia Utopian Community and a Hegemon of the EisenHaus Enclave, quite impressive to see Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus give his son a mantle of coexisting power, what caused that?”

Aiden pondered his numerous provocations in verbal combat with Frederick EisenHaus over the existence of Zen van Nihil until Aiden was satiated by this apex of Hegemonic power.

Chloe Dunker continued, “The discovery of Homo Esper otherwise known as Indigo changes our perspective on their acceptance of discovery in the Indigo Population now rising 15% of all Humankind in Gardenia to be Espers including the 1% who has been missing presumably in exile by a Dark Agenda of the Deep Hegemony.  There are many things I don’t even know about such as the Gladiatorial Arenas on the Protectorate super-planet Terminus in the Cetus System which has an entire continental region with subterranean bases for Negative 0 on the planet which is miniscule in comparison to the rest of the planet but you Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus are invited to that Top Secret Negative 0 Base known as the Clockwork Bastion. Mach V of the sentient Ixarix known as ‘Sons of Thanatos’ or Grim Reaper Ixarix hybridized Zeta Reticuli-Psychopomp Archon model being considered the masterwork of Ixarix creation from its Psychopomp Archon donor which is a Multidimensional Entity who is in the same echelon as Zen van Nihil or Celeste van Kosmos.” 

“So, you know this from research with X the Outsider, I’m well-aware of the existence of Archons.” Aiden asked.

“Yes, we had some cadavers from Naraka that Artyom Unruly had access to considering his cousin Arthur died in a Space Frigate Transport to Saturn’s moon of Titan when it was a Penal Colony or better terminology is Labor and Concentration Death Planet as is our new penal death colony that is out of sight and out of mind which is the Naraka Panopticon Death Super Planet, Negative 0 is the most secretive organization in Gardenia Hegemony and Protectorate for that’s how it has been and always will be for Aiden, what would you rather be? A fool or a king? A fool who looked into Negative 0 or a king who knows like all of Gardenia, the Hegemony, and Protectorate to look the other way. However, Titan has been gentrified and the 30 Billion Dead Dissidents by Gardenia Tyranny was an easy purchase for X the Outsider as were all the bodies incinerated in Plasma Incinerator Corpse Burners by the Protectorate who managed the facility before our new management into turning it into our private paradise planet. 35 Billion dead out of the Trillions of Gardenia Humans in the Gardenia Utopian Community is still a horrific number. X the Outsider, Artyom Unruly, Emily Eureka, and Triumph pull no punches with the Intelligence Reports on their gentrification project of Saturnia Titanius into the Crown Jewel of Eden’s Solar System as Negative 0 owns the Titan and refers to their 70% Objectivist-Minarchist and 30% Mutualistic Socialist Economy centered their as the Titan Triumph Commonwealth as a Headquarters for their own Business ventures as an Autonomous MegaCorp Planet from the Technocratic Communist Plutocratic Kleptocracy of the System before Zen van Nihil but Green Technocratic, Social Democratic, Objectivist-Minarchist Libertarian Reformations are taking place now the Utopian Party is on its own as the Rational Egalitarian Party has formed the New Political Governing Coalition of the Gardenia Utopian Community which special passports and security clearance is required for Titan of Saturn as another Base of Operations is Inscapist Island on the Martian Commonwealth and many others.

Aiden couldn’t help feel her looking out the window and playing with her hair. “No, Chloe Dunker is an emissary and advocate of Zen van Nihil!” Aiden thought, “She’s thinking of Zen van Nihil who is alive and she has met him numerous times but hasn’t met him, yet she has? She isn’t aware? How is that? My powers can’t even decipher this illusion of her admiration for this Outsider she is thinking of and the last time I saw Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker, she was Doctor Chloe Dunker, she was around her early forties when my first term as Prime Magistrate before becoming General Magistrate but she appears to be in her mid-twenties from possible Regressing Age and Life Extension Eudaimonia Treatments?”

How even though attendance in the Cosmic Church of Celeste was on the rise since pardoning, absolving, promoting, and appointing Father Dante Aguilar to one of the Four Cardinals under Celestial Pontifex Julian Marcus Aurelius. Despite Cardinal Dante Aguilar transgressions in joining with Zen van Nihil and the unknown confirmation of his death via Closed Circuit Surveillance, he was alive, unburned as he was by plasma flamethrowers, and zealous for the Zenarchist-Celestialist Revival in the Cosmic Church that had happened the last 5 years. Cardinal Dante Aguilar the Jesuit was a pointman for Pope or the assurance of the antiquated return of the title of Pontifex belonged to Pontifex Julian Marcus Aurelius and was third in the Cosmic Church with the first being the Great Mother Celeste and then Pontifex Julian Marcus Aurelius the right-hand man to the Pontifex was Cardinal Dante Aguilar.

Aiden contemplated many things as he contemplated many things as he pondered all things everyday at the Oval Office or the off-chance he actually got to do some diplomatic work as the Gardenia Chancellor, Protectorate Commander-in-Chief as the celebrated War Hero Hegemon worth anything close to his salt in comparison to after the Rebels purged the Lunar Lycan Base which purged the Protectorate and Vanguard Higher Command thus reshuffling the whole deck of cards that was on the Eden Prime Moon Military Base that Aiden smirked when he remembered that it was he himself who allowed the Rebels into the Lycan Lunar Base in their Power Armor and Heavy Energy Weapons and Bolter Rail Guns to decimate everyone in the base as Aiden left. No one knows that besides Aiden nor that Aiden willingly did that.

Suddenly, Aiden is jerked out of his contemplations when Chloe Dunker and him sitting in the Oval Office greet him from the communal psychic meditation they were in. “Hello Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus, if you don’t know who I am, I am Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker of the Pleiades system, we’ve met a few dozen times but given you’re a busy man with a number of Very Important Persons that surpasses any Humans original Human 150 Dunbar Number set-forth by and proven by Uncle Ted Kaczynski of the Freedom Club in the Tech Wars the was a precursor the URC thought. We are now at 100,000 Persons we can now have deep intimate relationships with by the Ego-Eccentric Number from our evolution developed by Negative 0’s nootropics, cybernetic-bionics, and Zenarchist meditations. Sorry, Aiden, I’m fucking with you but something interesting is always revealing in breaking the ice to the man who sent General Secretary Arthur Unruly and his URC High Command and Loyalists to their graves. Astounding by Protectorate standards but Heartless in the Eyes of the People of Gardenia.”

Aiden grinned shrugging off these words as his father Hegemon Frederick Valefar EisenHaus would say which Aiden F. EisenHaus thought, “I’ll shed you like a scale.”

Aiden grinned as he shook his head then grinned, “Hello Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker, may I call you Chloe? Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker?”

“Yes, you may Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus, if I may call you Aiden that is.”

“You most certainly may Chloe.” Aiden replied.

“Excellent, so about the high-frequency of these Unidentified Spacecrafts relaying messages through singular vessels and entire fleets flying through Pleiades?”

“Not a big deal, probably easy to assimilate and remaining illusive to detection while steadfast against contact for ambiguous reasons, the Pleiades system is a high-frequency ground of their activity which means they are in for flight and not a fight, the real problems we face as all the Hegemony and Prime Magistrates know of are the Draconian Imperium, Solarus Imperium, and United Cosmic Federation. These three are well-known to us for the past-100 years and we are on good terms since no invading forces have tampered with our 100 Decillion strong citizenry of Gardenia in our Milky Way Galaxy and 110 Dwarf Galaxies despite our biggest threat being the Interstellar System Governors and Planetary Protectorate Commissars who fly the Gardenia Flag of the Atomic Humanism while in their heart of hearts have the Zenarchist Anarchist-Capitalist Pragmatist-Communist Wheel of Life with the symbolic Cogs and Gears of the United Revolutionary Collective overlapping them. Zenarchist Pirates which selectively attack loyalist Protectorate and Gardenia Spacecraft upon exiting timefold hyperspace from Negative 0’s latest innovation that made the Gatling Cannon particle accelerator technology outdated as all ships have hyperspace cores from Hyper-Microfusion Moscovium Element 115 Crystalline Cores which allow our Timefold Space Spatial-Temporal Wormhole Hyperspace Traversing through the Dark Liquid of Space.”

“Sink or swim, that’s how I arrived here Aiden, I was discussing this with Artyom Unruly and his compatriot Micah down in the lobby while I waited for you to be ready after you were directing the Marshals among the Humans and Orcs to begin assaulting protestors with brutal force and lethal if necessary. How are the constant fleets of Alien Fleets traversing through the Pleiades system any different than the Gardenia Citizens who according to our Constitution have a Right to Speech, Expression, Assembly, Protest, and Revolution if Necessary in the face of Tyranny?”

“Chloe, that’s because I am the Tyrant Commander-in-Chief of the EisenHaus Enclave and Hegemon of the EisenHaus Enclave who can handle some protestors who want my head on a spike but if I can deter them and disperse them I will for my death would only be on my hands, the death warrant for my own life would be signed by myself with now from a prospective influx of the dissident media of the plethora of Gardenia Alternative News Sources have highlighted what happens when you so much as come to attacking a Hegemon as Zen van Nihil attacked the entire Hegemony and all of Gardenia in his invoking the URC to Civil War as 40-65% of the Gardenia Population showed their true colors as United Revolutionary Collective Agents, Soldiers, Special Operatives, Et Cetera. The 65% of Gardenia Citizenry who belonged to the URC in their universal revolt throughout the Milky Way and 110 Dwarf Galaxies against Gardenia, the Protectorate, and the Hegemony. Zen van Nihil striked the heart of the Hegemony which demoralized, deconstructed, and destroyed our devotion to our superpower in the Hegemony which forced our hand in mass extermination of Hegemony members who were not directly of the EisenHaus Enclave or Autumn Association. My own first adopted father was a mole, a spy for the United Revolutionary Collective in undermining the Hegemony who I watched with my own eyes take his own life like a coward as the Red Paladins burst through the door to witness me watch him beg him not to self-terminate for a cause that shed him like a scale nor did the URC care for the grievances of the Former General Secretary Esteban Kapital’s legacy in Ernesto Kapital who was nothing compared to the very shadow of his father which they manipulated to take out the Central Prime Magistrates gathered on Eden Prime for a Summit of the Hegemony when the purge could happen by URC or Patriotic Red Paladins by the Hegemons, that matters not. What matters is what is best for Gardenia and only after the mass disappearance of Zen van Nihil and the Espers did we realize the errors of the ires the Deepest Depths of the intertwined agencies of Guardian, Vanguard, or the Hegemonic Intelligence Bureau finds that nature is unstoppable as 1% of Espers from the Gardenia Human Citizens into 15% in rapid acceleration growth. Something you learn in politics Chloe is that some people are expendable like the Power Elite of the Gardenia Hegemony in the Purge of Hallows Eve on October 31st and Day of the Dead on November 1st, 2121 CE. Zen van Nihil aligned himself with the Espers and through social influencers the URC which Zen knew all along indirectly but Zen knew which defined our Celestialist Universal Religion into a Zeitgeist of Zenarchy integrating Zenarchism-Celestialism is the New World Order of the Gardenia Utopian Community. As Gardenia burns to bring more lush fauna through Zen van Nihil’s ideology of Zenarchism in his the United Revolutionary Collective and Gardenia Protectorate explode in the street, I learned from my father from what was one of his Hegemonic Orders to be done with Zen van Nihil and the Espers, this force of the thousands who will die isn’t about testing the incompetent Gardenia Protectorate or mercilessly killing United Revolutionary Collective Agents, Soldiers, and Special Forces but this was revealing to my father Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus that I can make my own Hegemonic Orders as he did in the disappearance of Zen van Nihil and the Espers. Now, Chloe let us go to the Red Room of the Executive Wing of this White House of Hegemony in the fine Washington DC of the United Socialist States of United North America.” Aiden spoke with eloquence and charisma.

“What about the Unidentified Spacecrafts in Pleiades? You are the Commander-in-Chief of the EisenHaus Enclave Hegemony Gardenia Protectorate. Does it not bother you? Should I have asked High Commander” Chloe implored.

Aiden shrugged, “Not the slightest, We know the source and X the Outsider of Negative 0 has informed us. Now let’s watch unedited Gardenia Alternative News off the DarkNet documenting the warzone that’s about to take place, I just called in the Red Paladins and their Special Forces along with the Soldiers and Marines, it’s going to be good Chloe, you learn to enjoy these things on densely populated planets with a shall we say, Unruly Population of devoted to the United Revolutionary Collective?”

“Sure.” Chloe smiled and laughed.

Aiden and Chloe entered the Executive Wing Red Room from the Oval Office in the West Wing.

Aiden paged one of his Kaoscotl staff members to set-up a Holovision which Aiden graciously thanked the Naga Kaoscotl Woman in a black dress suit to log into the DarkNetwork and watch as the Independent Journalists covered the Protests and Riots

An announcer over the audio-visual feed stated the following, “Washington DC in the Eastern Sprawl of the United Socialist States of America in United North America on Eden Prime has exploded from angered protest to full-on riots to a complete warzone, This has all been sparked by the disappearance of Espers and Zen van Nihil, five years ago and the question everyone is wondering is where else is this happening and why is this happening if all people want to know is where is Zen van Nihil?”

Rioters fought with the Marshal Police Force and Protostars became militant as laser guns and Bolter Rail guns exchanged fire.

“All according to plan,” Aiden thought.


URC brought out their own Special Forces Units in the Green Rangers, Justiciar Jennessaries, and Krieg Commandos who wore respected Power Armor of their Units crafted in Black Market Mega-Industrial Complexes as the Marshals opened fire on URC Black Bloc Rioters the Green Rangers began sniping the Marshals who absconded to cover as a Black Bloc Rioter allowed himself to be encircled and beat with electric batons by Marshal Deputies so that the Green Rangers could in return justifiably snipe all the Marshals as the Green Rangers got up and repositioned themselves to relay a message to the Justiciar Jennessaries. Green Rangers wore Green Urban Commando Medium Commando Power Armor with Green Trench Coats who were Special Operatives who fought from a distance. The Justiciar Jennessaries wore Golden Heavy Ornate Power Armor with a Pharaonic designed Power Armor Helmet while wielding Seismic Sledge Hammers or a Adamantium Thermetic Bastard Swords with an Energy Power Armor Shield with Riot Shotguns and Marksman Bolter Rail Carbines as the Krieg Commandos attire was comprised of a Utilitarian Rebreather, Medium Power Combat Armor, Power Combat Helmet, Dark Kevlar Trench Coat. A Krieg Commando wielded an assortment of highly-destructive weapons as all options were on the table to them in the field and along with the Justiciar Jennessaries comprised entire legions while Green Rangers provided support. All war was breaking out and the force fields were in full-force around USSA historic monuments as Red Paladins swarmed the area as Marines and Soldiers protected historic sites.

The Holy Sites of the United Socialist States of America were spared in nuclear war when the President of the epicenter of the Western Alliance was pinned down by his own Hegemonic Bureau Intelligence when the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China had their Former Bureau turned Special Counsel come to arrest the Technocratic-Socialist for being a secret Anarchist-Capitalist named President Harkness immediately countered this with Martial Law across the uprisal as the Hegemonic Bureau forced their way into White House did Secret Service accompanied by the Guardian Wraith Special Operatives gun down the Special Counsel and his SWAT Team as the Atomic Weapons launched from both sides which brought Great Mother Celeste. Negative 0 Director Artyom Tsarevich Unruly along with his brother Micah Unruly in Krieg Commando Special Operative Combat Armor with Gardenia Utopian Community Atomic Humanism Insignia of thought these things as he spied on Aiden F. EisenHaus and Chloe Dunker as they cuddled and watched the horror Aiden F. EisenHaus unleashed on Washington District of Columbia. A Blaq Pyramid Crime Syndicate Crime Lord, Jose Cordero approached Artyom and Micah as Artyom sat in his Advisory Office with his brother watching all the Holocoms from the DarkNet and watching the destruction of the city from Gardenia Protectorate, Peacekeepers, and Marshal Riot Officers who were fighting an all-out war with URC Forces who converged on the area who were watching innocent protestors run into the Large Compartmentalization Apartments found in the Western Soviet Union, Eastern Coastal China-Vietnam-Korea as was found in the Sprawls of the Eastern and Western Coasts and in Detroit-Chicago Sprawl of USSA of Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union with Protectorates devastating these areas for the Hegemon and Commander-in-Chief in Executive Order 91 for population control of ‘Unruly Citizens’. Artyom and Micah were sickened. Micah wore a rebreather over his face as the Blaq Pyramid Crime Lord Jose Cordero was nonchalant as his ghetto territory of his people were being firebombed where Artyom and Micah once saw a pillar of the community, they now saw an opportunistic traitor.

“Jose Cordero, the Gardenia Protectorate, are firebombing your area and assassinating your underbosses, intelligence men, and bookies. What do you think of your beloved position to do business on deviations from the normalization, legalization, and regulation of Daemon Dark to destroy your business which has in our business given you Dream, Euphoria, Mania, Knockout, Wanderlust, Lebenslust, Passion Pills, Overdrive, Psych, and our records profit from Sin.” Artyom Tsarevich Unruly spoke in an authoritarian tone.

Overlord Jose Cordero who had no direct Yes Men in his epicenter of power that the Blaq Pyramid Crime Syndicate would be met with no connection to the chemists to the miracle mind-altering drugs that fueled their Black Market Economy, Negative 0 could without investigation, reprisal, while under total immunity run the business directly with Blaq Pyramid Crime Syndicate as drug runners, enforcers, and meat shields.

Jose Cordero was a big hispanic guy with scars from adamantium blades across his face. Micah wore a rebreather across his face that revealed his ocean blue eyes and golden blond hair styled in a medium quiff and clean shaven while his brother Artyom had short sides in a pompadour.

“I think of it as water under the bridge for they all deserved their come-uppins and it’s time for a change in management.” Jose smiled and laughed.

“Jose the Unknown Boss of the Blaq Pyramid Crime Syndicate, you think that because you got the muscle you’re hot shit. Well, you’re muscle is all dead, you’re a fucking nobody. No one would believe a word you say about such claims because Aiden in the Executive Wing knows your mind and knows who your guys are and they are all dead, you mouthy fuck, too bad Artyom and I are clouded from his mind from our grandfather Roland Solarus and Beatrix Solarus the parents who beget Arthur Calvin Moody or thee Unruly.” Micah said through the vox communiValeriusr on the rebreather.

“What do you mean? Who is this guy Artyom, what’s with the URC Krieg Commando Special Operative Armor with Gardenia Insignia?” Jose said in confusion realizing he had just lost everything and he wasn’t the boss, these two were.

“Unruly, Artyom are you Arthur Unruly then that means that this Gardenia Protectorate Krieg Commando Special Operative is Micah Unruly and you two are still alive.” Jose Cordero was terrified.

Micah raised his Harkness-23 Bolter Rail Assault Marksman Carbine which Micah aimed at the Holorifle Lense centered on Jose Cordaro’s head.

“Now you know, it’s generally the last thing anyone ever knows about us.” Micah spoke through the vox rebreather.

Micah fired, blowing Jose Cordaro’s head into bits across the office.

Artyom hit a few buttons for Automatons to clean the room and dead body to immaculate standards. Micah sat down and took off his Rebreather for a second.

“Arthur, I mean Artyom, as long as you maintain your front we have cover?” Micah Unruly asked in disgust.

“Micah, it’s Artyom from here on out forever until I die but yes, as long as Arthur is dead both you and Artyom live in a world where we can do whatever we want.”

Micah put back on the rebreather as the Automatons flooded in and began cleaning, two Kaoscotls walked in with them.

“Hello Artyom and Micah, my name is Vanessa as you should know and this is Ashley we are Kaoscotl Hegemony Staff Members, we are here to serve you two Hegemony Directors of Negative 0 as is stated by the X the Outsider Chief Executive Officer which you two know and Ashley and I want to take you two to the Green Room for Rest and Relaxation after I take it Micah Unruly just purged that filth Jose Cordero that’s been wandering around our beloved White House of Hegemony, would you two like two Master Pleasure Beds with us as Company and two more of our Sisters while watching Old Earth Cinema while having sensual healing?”

“Yes and yes.” Artyom said, filing his paperwork into his envelopes while loading his Quantum Supercomputer of the Elite known as a Blue Dream into the Gardenia Protectorate Rucksack.

Micah tore off his vox rebreather, “Vanessa and Ashley, that would be delightful, this is my brother Artyom Unruly and I was also named Micah Unruly don’t ask how we look similar the sons of thee Unruly and Doctor Lilith Moonchild are dead, fucking dead, unless you mean Zen van Nihil who admitted his maternal creator on that Gardenia New Network, now Vanessa and Ashley can my brother Artyom and I get another Vanessa and Ashley.”

Vanessa and Ashley smiled and looked at each other, “Yes, you most certainly may Micah Unruly.”

Artyom was in a bed with Vanessa and Bellah while Micah was in a bed with Ashley and Delilah who were Kaoscotl girls which Artyom and Micah had their fun and fill with the two Kaoscoatl Human Seductress White House Staff and Hegemonic Bureau Intelligence Agents in the Green Room where they watched old shows from the Old Earth from American 1950s Pop Culture.

Artyom checked his ACCE while watching Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker getting up and getting dressed after making love to Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus breaking the silence of Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus who was now protesting the massive bloodshed and Martial Law coalesced in Washington DC as URC Green Rangers, Gehenna Jennesaries, Krieg Commandos, Black Bloc Rioters versus the Gardenia Protectorate Army Soldiers, Space Naval Marines, Red Paladin Special Operatives as well as Gardenia Security of SWAT Peacekeepers, and Marshal Deputies. Security and Peace had been restored to the Washington DC Hegemony District and Mall but Gardenia Protectorate and Security had firebombed the Blaq Pyramid Syndicate Apartment Bloc and were now headed after other hiding places of the URC were hiding.

Aiden grinned as the Alternative Dissident DarkNet News Network known as United Revolutionary News Network. Chloe gripped him tight as Warhawk Attack Rotorcrafts to launch the firebombing purge of the Eastern Sprawl Working Class and Poverty Apartment Blocs throughout the extending Washington DC area as the Eastern Sprawl spanned from Atlanta Metropolis sector of Georgia to New York Megapolis sector of New York as the Eastern Sprawl was in Civil Unrest and Riot as Anarchy ensued to anger the Gardenia Protectorate and Security when suddenly when the ever-sweeping Gardenia Protectorate and Security made a decisive crackdown when the Warhawk Attack Rotorcrafts were destroyed by ultraviolet lights of an energy particle beam unseen. Twilight Warriors as flashes of violet-blue slashes of some sort of energy swords followed by a slight reveal of twilight as systematically after the Warhawk Attack Rotorcrafts crashed into the Protectorate Hover Tanks and Armored Vehicles were destroyed together. The Protectorate Gardenia and Security lost 75,000 within the first seconds of the Shadow Guilds striking at the 315,000 Protectorate and Security Forces who were eliminated immediately but within the next 30 minutes of explosions from invisible warriors to all kinds of thermal and holovision to wavelength movements which URC Green Rangers, Justiciar Jennessaries, and Krieg Commandos struck back with what Ozymandias had flashed the alarms to Gardenia Protectorate and Security Forces as the Shadow Society in Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi Operatives as elemental kinetic energy destroyed Gardenia Protectorate and Security Forces were nullified as the URC Protestors and Rioters were pacified as well in mutual fear that the Shadow Society had to emerge from the Shadows to pacify Gardenia Protectorate and Security Forces in their Genocidal Tyranny. The Malthusian Tactics of Population Control via the Manufactured Consent of a Protest that escalated into Eastern Sprawl Anarchy but as soon as the Gardenia News Network, Utopian News, and Protectorate Secured Signals that the Shadow Society had override in a message.

“This is the Shadow Society, these are our Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi from our Guilds among the Eastern Sprawl, we were prepared for a United Revolutionary Collective and Gardenia Protectorate and Security Battle. We hope you enjoyed your battle but there will be no war on this day. Despite our Eden Prime being a planet of 12 Billion. We see that 1.5 million Gardenia Civilians were massacred by Gardenia Protectorate and Security Forces while the Shadow Society along with the United Revolutionary Collective have suffered a loss of 600,000 Protectorate and Security Service Men and Women. This is neither sides fault, this is the fault of Commander-in-Chief of the Protectorate and Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus by his own orders in reckless abandon for an assertion of the will to power, we ask Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus to take this leap of faith. Zen van Nihil was among the invisible fighters tonight in our hearts, minds, and souls. We wage war from the Shadows for Zen van Nihil. Sincerely, X the Outsider.”

Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus was the only one who could put the pieces together that X the Outsider was Zen van Nihil and operate outside his Prison, Asylum, or Haven wherever that may be or whatever it was due to his vision of the Goliath Zetan Grey alien hybrid which the race of Humans and Zetan Grey alien hybrids are known as Essassani. The Zetan Grey Goliath Essassani was Scarecrow. Aiden Aka Manah realized he had released Chloe who he was about to seal the deal with out of revealing his heart of heart being pure darkness for certain types of women will love a man if he reveals his heart of hearts but X the Outsider which was a derogatory well-known nomenclature for Zen van Nihil when he was popular and notorious among Gardenia until the Great Divide on the subject of Zenarchism which erupted in pyroclastic flow but not since those first three years of URC and Zenarchist as well as Zenarchist URC terrorist attacks and riots had culminated back again as Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus thought would be a footnote was only the opening chords to Harmonious Cacophony of Order and Chaos. Aiden thought of Zen van Nihil the Savage of Hyperborea or X the Outsider who is the riddle wrapped in a mystery shrouded by being the enigmatic CEO Director of Negative 0 along with his cohort the Zetan Grey Goliath whose mind was truly one of psychosis and psychopathy who is known as Scarecrow, according to Aiden’s vision in putting the pieces together when the rebreather intertwined with goggles and burlap sack with the jack-o-lantern metal stapled smile who wore Pandemonium Steel Black Paladin Power Armor, Shadow Arachnoweave Pants, Pandemonium Steel Plated Black Draconic Hide Combat Boots with Pandemonium Steel Brawler Gloves with Retractable Steel Claws from Armbands that winded back the steel claws and folded with reflexive movements as well as Industrial chainsaw blades were also bound along his arms. Scarecrow the Homunculos was cloned from a Wrathful Bloodthirsty Psychotic Berserker Barbarian Barbarian Goliath and the Emotionally Cold and Distant, Calculating, Cunning, Manipulative, Genius Utilitarian for the Greater Good Zeta Reticuli Grey Alien. This created Scarecrow who had flaws and was a mutation from his private commissioned existence. As Aiden thought this, he wondered in an alarmed realization.

“How do I know this?” Aiden thought aloud.

“What was that Aiden? What’s wrong?” Chloe asked

“Fuck, did I say that or I was I just thinking that…” Aiden reluctantly trailed off distantly.

“Aiden, whoever is X the Outsider, I’m sure Guardian, Vanguard, or the Bureau in the might of Hegemony will find him out and let this be a lesson that might isn’t always right. I think protests are going to go elsewhere because you’re a new Hegemon of the EisenHaus Enclave which between you and your father Frederick Valefar EisenHaus are not mere Directors, Chiefs, Magistrates, Ministers, Commissars, Generals, Admirmals, Commanders, Economists, Scientists, Officers, or Central Utopia Party Legacies but one of the two Hegemons of the EisenHaus Enclave which control all those things, I forget the exact number of Autumn Association Hegemons but it’s many more than simply two. You made a mistake that you would have got away with but X the Outsider and the Shadow Society were the ones who brought peace. Aiden, I had fun with you but I feel confident in my leadership of Pleiades because of you and I do not fear the Unidentified Alien Space Fleets and Spacecrafts flying through my system. Now, I must tell you something about Aiden F. EisenHaus. Aiden F. EisenHaus, I have reason to believe X the Outsider is Zen van Nihil.”

“You’re absolutely correct.” Aiden said not heeding her words.

“Thank you, no one knows but some may believe, I am the one who believes.” Chloe spoke.

They had taken this to Aiden’s Master bedroom in the renovated floor above them known as the Chancellery Bordello where Aiden and Chloe lay naked on the bed doing lines of Daemon Dark off a mirror and drinking Bourbon and Cetus Star Cola on ice.

They were making love and watching Gardenia Propaganda about the true Terror Unit known as the Shadow Society due to overwhelming pressures from Alternative News Network on Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi who ravaged Gardenia Protectorate Forces during the riots on the Eastern Sprawl.

Aiden smiled at Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker, “I love you Chloe.” Aiden let slip even though he didn’t feel it, he felt it necessary to say it.

Chloe laughed, “I love Zen van Nihil.”

Aiden’s heart sank after bedding the Prime Magistrate in sexual intercourse with Chloe Dunker but came to a conclusion that it meant nothing but Aiden felt this heartbreak at the expense of an assault by Zen van Nihil for it was his fault Chloe didn’t love him. Aiden felt the defeat of Vanguard Director Vergil Vexen overseeing every order in compliance with General Ruby Jackson and her gang of Commanders under the Eden Prime, the highest being the Eden Solar System, Gardenia Protectorate Defense Minister Wesley Wells. Defense Minister Wesley Wells and General Ruby Jackson were frenzied at the aspect of Total War against Gardenia enemies both foreign and domestic with that being the United Revolutionary Collective which is why Hegemon and Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus selected them for promotion due to this ideology and their brilliant strategic minds for destroying these enemies but then again the obsession that compelled Aiden Aka Manah spoke.

“Aiden, enemies foreign and domestic, is who you swear to destroy and Chloe came to you asking for help for Unidentified Alien Fleets and Crafts flying through her system? It’s obvious you’re a Hegemon who hates Humanity.” Zen van Nihil spoke.

“Who are you and where are you?” Aiden begged the question.

“Look up.”

Aiden lifted his head and was horrified to see Zen van Nihil who was surrounded by a opal-esque starry dark black and ultraviolet light with glowing white light orbs.

“Aiden F. EisenHaus or Aiden Aka Manah do you truly understand your chosen ones being the Draconian Imperium in Reptilians while ruling as a Tyrant over Gardenia Humankind? Let the Great Architect grant you the divine knowledge that in our game of the King and the Fool play as we did on top of Everest where I proved myself a King and you the Fool.” Zen van Nihil snapped his fingers and the Astral Sea consumed both of them.


The Astral Sea of Quantum Consciousness, The Library of Deus Logos,

X the Outsider and Aiden Aka Manah observing knowledge of the Draconian Imperium in a Game of King and Fool.

Dragons are the highest form of life and most noble among the species or race of Draconian Hierarchy. Drakes are young male Dragons. Wyverns are young female Dragons. Nagas are Viperfolk Reptilians who can shapeshift into many forms, highly-intelligent, wise, and which can be up to 20 feet long and are all female as they are children of Elder Naga Queens and their male counterparts being the Wyrms which Wyrms are Isolationist unless provoked and in the Hierarchy are equal to Dragons but Wyrms are apolitical and reclusive leaving their daughters the Naga and Elder Naga Queens become part of Draconian Imperium Society as Wyrms live deep in subterranean cave systems as Nagas are second. The offspring of Drakes and Dragons with Elder Naga Queens are the Kaoscotl which are the third highest in the Draconian Hierarchy being Dragons, Drakes, Wyverns, Nagas, Kaoscotl. In the Draconian Imperium Dragons, Nagas, and Kaoscotl were regarded as superior regardless of Scales for they were the Nobility which all other Draconian Reptilians came from while the Draconians, varying judgements determined on Reptilians, and Reptoids were judged by their Scales for their Racial-Ethnicity determined by the standing of their ancestral heritage to the Imperial and Royal Houses. The White Draconis Noble House or Ivory Draconic Noble House being the lowest and most secluded from political rivalries but relied upon for their armies to serve as scouts on ice worlds and brutal stormtroopers for winter assaults throughout the Virgo Supercluster and Universe for the Hyperboreans decimated many Noble Draconian Houses but the Ivory Draconic House suffered almost total annihilation from the albinistic superhuman savages. Above the White Draconis Noble House were the Green Dragonic Noble House or Emerald Dragonic Noble House who thrived in Jungles and Forest worlds for they blended in with the trees and were a major force in the Draconian Imperium that was known for Deception with their treasured spies, diplomats, and special forces rangers. Above the Green Draconis Noble House are the Blue Draconis Noble House or Cobalt Draconis Noble House which the all the Amphibians to Hydras as well as Cobalt Draconians, Reptilians, and Reptoids all adhere loyally to as the Cobalt Draconian House is the House of Illusions and prefer Tropical Worlds that are covered in Oceanic Islands, endless beaches, and oceans that surpass the horizon while being the Draconic House of the most Draconian Imperium Magi, Wizards, Sorcerers, Illusionists, and the Draconian Independent Religious Magi Warrior Order known as Genies who the next House being the Crimson Sanguine or Red Draconic House whose influence spans all others except in connections to the Inferno and being along with the Dark, Cobalt, Tyrian, and Crimson were the original prophesied Chosen Champions when White and Green Draconic Houses ruled for an Albino Emperor Dragon sought to prove the Many-Headed Demonic Dragon Mother Goddess Archon known as Tiamat spoke of the downfall of the Great Pales which the Albino White Draconic Emperor set forth to end the Hyperborean Homo Ultra Esper who ended up raiding Draconian Megaworlds and slaying the Albinistic Emperor Pindar de Libeaux along most the Ivory and good portion of Emerald Draconic Nobility shifting in an attack by a past form of Hyperborean War Chief who was in exile known as Zen van Nihil whose attack shook the hubris of the Draconians and Reptilians to this very day as from then onward the Savages of Hyperborea would be in total war with the Draconian Imperium. The coalition to raise the Chosen Imperial House of the Tyrian Draconis House or Deep Purple Draconic House which is equal to all Draconic Houses for they led Demons, Monsters, and Draconian Imperial Stormtroopers. Hyperborean Great Pale Savages of Humankind were destroyed with no slaves or spoils from the exhausted entirety of the Draconian Imperium. The Hyperborea Humans with their albinistic pale skin black to neon hair and as well as unique neon colored eyes were gone besides one who had come back later to liberate Zeta Reticuli Droid Aliens who were 1/10th Hyperborean who Zen the Outsider found the Zeta Reticuli Grey Aliens who were the Great Tall Elders among the species with Anunnaki DNA to combine Zen van Nihil’s DNA into a Great Tall Grey who became Zenki Ex Nihilo who went to intervene in the Atlantean Human-Elven Hybrid Race on Earth to show them the ways of the Great Architect. On Old Earth, now Eden Prime. Atlantis, where the Lucifer Illuminatus Paragon Chaos Archon, Aiden Aka Manah appeared with his Div Army. Zenki Ex Nihilo came with Celestial Angels who fought in the Civil War on Old Earth or Eden Prime to scatter the Human and Elven Atlantean race across the Universe where the Atlanteans who remained on Eden Prime so through the differences of the war and buried Aiden Aka Manah and Zenki Ex Nihilo as Zen van Nihil waited in Saturnia, meditating on his alternative form to come to him and once Zenki Ex Nihilo and Zen van Nihil would reconnect with the Archon who was the Governor Archon of the Saturnia Great Commission, Agiel.


The Astral Sea of Quantum Consciousness,


Zen van Nihil and Aiden Aka Manah stood in a fiery wasteland where extradimensional demonic creatures flew through the sky. Aiden F. EisenHaus in his true identity of Aiden Aka Manah knew this place from his past selves as Gehenna. Zen van Nihil knew it too for on many occasions he traveled here to do battle with the Infernal Demons who lived here.

“Aiden F. EisenHaus or Aiden Aka Manah even in this plane if we fought now, you could not defeat me unarmed in battle,” Zen declared.

Aiden drew his Harkness .44 Magnum Revolver and fired. Zen produced the Teal Blue Katana Crystalline Material made of Hyperborean Crystalline and Promethean Steel Alloy material of Electrokinetic Arcana Elemental Blade that is a mythic quality weapon that is a Void Vorpal Katana known as the Nirvana which in a few decisive swipes destroyed every bullet fired at him to rush at Aiden who lunged back. Zen in a sign of power cut the tie at its knot and it fell from Aiden’s neck which then in the same slash destroyed the .44 Magnum Revolver. Aiden used cryokinesis which Zen summoned another sword of Ultraviolet Crystalline Material Energy Vorpal Steel Alloy Sword known as the Aeternus. Zen spinning like a dervish with the Nirvana and Aeternus Energy Swords which Zen pushed forward in seconds kicking Aiden in the face sending Aiden to his back. Aiden caused a tremor to rip through the land of the astral plane of Gehenna which ripped across the land Zen slashed more at Aiden who went up a telekinetic shield against Zen.

Zen in sheer defiance slashed more, laughing the words, “Be careful what you wish for despite what your consciousness screams for it will haunt you in your dreams, my brother.”

A Demon Lord emerged from the crevices of the cracked ground as Zen wore all black Arachnoweave Armor with Pandemonium Steel Alloy Armor whose Black Shadow Cloak of Twilight and Shadowstep Combat boots. Zen lit a Victory cigarette who smiled at Aiden Aka Manah.

“Friend of yours?” Zen asked.

The Giant Toad Rock Ogre Demon with Crustacean Claws and Normal Human Arms carrying Gehenna Steel Scimitars

Zen van Nihil used the Ragnarok and Aeternus in slicing the ugly Gehenna rock toad ogre demon of a Yewlorg which Zen’s swords cut through as three more emerged. Aiden Aka Manah with his skeletal baphomet skull head with a pentagram in crimson on his forehead with his permanent disgust as the Yewlorg served the Demon Lord Asag as Ahriman thanked his lucky stars as he called upon NostroToad Chaos Elemental Demons which were of different elemental magic of a chaotic nature who were selfish, narcissistic, and wished to be rewarded by Aiden Aka Manah or Aiden F. EisenHaus. The demonic Nostrodevin Toads were Humanoid and tall with a stout bulky body and lanky limbs. Zen and the Nostrodevin Toads were fighting in stellar and infernal psychic powers as Zen forced crimson lightning through them which set them ablaze followed by slices and dices from Zen to the Nostrodevin Toads as they fell dead.

Aiden Aka Manah or Aiden F. EisenHaus realized he was in his home dimensional realm and saw a river from the tremor jerked upwards to alter the landscape from Zen’s battle with the Nostrodevin Toads as a flood of water began spilling out into the cracks of Ahriman’s home dimensional plane of Gehenna. Zen walked through the water which seeped into cracks. Zen sheathed his Aeternus and Nirvana katanas to dual wield two other weapons as their feet were planted in the onslaught of warm water. Aiden Aka Manah turned to run and hide as he felt the heat of the weapons rapidly begin to rip through him which were handheld Neutron Blasters. Ahriman fell letting the water take him but as he fell he felt the grab of Zen van Nihil as Ahriman knew what Zen van Nihil was wearing.

The Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi were able to jump hundreds of yards in the air, upward, downward, diagonally, from side to side, they were able to do this with a special exoskeleton rig known as a Spring Heel Jack. The Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi were renown for this Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton armor and Superhuman aerodynamic rig. The Spring Heel Jack is a hydraulic powered exoskeleton armor that went from the soles of their feet, along their spinal cord all the way to the back of their neck, along the underside of their arms to the palms of their hands. This is worn underneath attire. Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi, the elite special operatives in the field for the Shadow Society. The Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi were able to jump hundreds of yards in the air, upward, downward, diagonally, from side to side, they were able to do this with a special exoskeleton rig known as a Spring Heel Jack. The Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi were renown for this Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rig. The Spring Heel Jack is a hydraulic powered exoskeleton spine that goes from the soles of their feet, along their spinal cord all the way to the back of their neck, along the underside of their arms to the palms of their hands. This is worn underneath a Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi attire.

The Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi bound through the heavens as the fabled Dragoons, leaping as wingless angels to the skies to do battle with Dragons. For Dragoons are knights who have mastered Dragon slaying. The fabled Guild of the Dragoons which the Shadow Knights and Chao Magi are modeled after, for the Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi are Dragoons as the Dragon slayers of the Solarus Imperium and Hyperborean Society. The Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi achieve great leaps of faith that the Dragoons used for bounding to the heavens to slay the Dragon except for the Shadow Knights Chaos Magi leaped forward into an abyss forever gazing into them, only to fight with monsters that would render their flesh and make them one with the monster in this Darkness enshrouded land of Lawlessness if the Shadow Knight and Chaos Magi did not slay these monsters first for survival is every darkened lawless day in the world of everlasting decay. Shadow Knights outside of those dual specialized as Chaos Magi relied on their Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton suit’s computing system interface that regulated the exoskeleton. The steel dermal embedded cybernetic modification rested on the back of the neck. The computing system would read the user’s kinetic movements through electric pulses from the brainstem where a bio-cybernetic supercomputer has advanced the Human brain to an exponentially greater form of evolution in the cybernetic cerebral enhancement of the elite model known as the Quantum Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement, (ACCE). The basic rudimentary model of this grayware cybernetic evolutionary advancement is the Universal ACCE.

Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi were the elite special operatives within the Shadow Society. The Shadow Knights Chaos Magi were known for their utilization of Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rigs which fit all along the user’s bodies from the cybernetic access where small magnetic interlocking plate to the suit at the base of the neck which plugged directly into their central nervous system which led to the Quantum ACCE. The exoskeleton is a mechanical spine that went from the back of the neck to the tips of the user’s toe, it has special shock absorbers which could lessen any fall or impact, the added utility of using a quickly changing multiple latching grappling hook improved the Spring Heel Jack exoskeletons suitability greatly as an essential part of transportation via the Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton.

The Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi wore the form-fitting, easily concealable and silent to operate exoskeleton suit of the Spring Heel Jack with the ordinary clothes of black cargo pants, black long or t-shirts shirts, and black socks. The special Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi field operative uniform involved Shadowstep Boots which were jet-black combat boots which never made a sound upon the terrain they traversed upon by foot as well as making the climb of a building with unparalleled speed and agility which made any terrain the same. The hooded shadow cloaks they wore had stealth technology consisting of fiber-optic mirrored technology which could reflect light off it making the cloak translucent rendering it’s wearer almost entirely invisible. Talons of Shadow were jet-black colored, form-fitting, thermal yet breathable material gloves which always kept the comfort of the hands, these gloves matched the Shadowstep boots in climbing with retractable Arcturian Vorpal steel blades at the fingertips as well as Arcturian Vorpal steel plates in the fingers and knuckles for unarmed fighting, the plates protection underneath them made from the material of all their attire, arachnoweave armor. Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi wore form-fitting, full-body, from neck to wrist to ankle, dark as the void, arachnoweave combat armor. The Arachnoweave body armor is ultra-lightweight, resistant to stabs, shrapnel, and pelts from projectile weapons. Arachnoweave full-body armor is weaved from the silk of enigmatic spiders from an extradimensional origin. These spiders belonged to a pandaemonic spider deity or Archon of Balance known as Anansi and his Astral Arachne. This is the official Attire of the Warriors of the Shadow Society. The Shadow Society is the elite esoteric order that has divisions known as Shadow Guilds. The Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi are a Division within the Multiverse spanning Shadow Society.

Ahriman sensed all this as Zen relayed this message to him but Ahriman did not realize that this information albeit vital served as a distraction for Zen let go of Ahriman as Aiden Aka Manah looked down to see he had fallen 25,000 yards belly and face first in his ArchDemon Archon form directly onto a monolith of a Greater ArchDemons Monolith smashing most his bones as he bounced off and fell to the ground as Zen landed in the water then walked out onto the shore to face Aiden Aka Manah.

Ahriman was bleeding and bloody, “Brother, Zen van Nihil, what made you so cruel, what made you so heartless, so foolishly in love with all things and existence as if any of this Multiversal Many-Worlds of the Omniverse are a Spiritual Experience. Why brother, why are you tormenting me, I remember my fall from Everest as my fall from grace in a destruction of my pride which I have rebuilt from nothing, now you seek me out to destroy me. Existence is pain for me, my brother Zen van Nihil.”

“No Aiden Aka Manah, Existence is about the highs and lows, peaks and valleys, good and bad, ascending and descending spirals with the everyday hope of a blessing from the Great Architect our Friend as the Independent Variable.” Zen spoke.

Zen then unleashed a fury of fire from his Neutron Blasters into Aiden Aka Manah or Aiden F. EisenHaus.

Aiden bled on the Greater Demons Monolith.

“Summon the Devil, Demon, or Great Old One, you coward Aiden Aka Manah you coward, if it is angered after I slay it too.”

“What do you want Zen van Nihil?” Ahriman whimpered as he used infernal magic to summon the Demon into Gehenna.

“The same thing you want for me that I will do unto you.”

“What’s that?” Ahriman asked with hope.

“I want you to cease existing for existence is a spiritual experience.”

Ahriman would have gone pale if he was in his Aiden Human form but finished summoning the what would be the one to save him.

“Ahriman, I could end you with your existence being a whimper while mine being a recurring big bang, big crunch, and quantum flux.”


“You’ll soon find out.” Zen spoke with resolution.

Gehenna turned into an even nightmarish land that was indescribable to them with how upside down everything was and putrid of decadence in decay. Zen’s eyes led the bleeding and broken Aiden Aka Manah to see something larger than any Titan gazing down upon them.

Aiden Aka Manah and Zen van Nihil saw its giant glowing red eyes and giant ram horns with a bulky physique towering in the distance over the astral plane.

A strike of lightning came down near the obelisk and a man in a lab coat with large demonic bat wings protruding from it appeared.

“The Titan Archon of all Evils of the Chaos of Darkness is Diabolos Darkness, the Grand Archon who has just appeared will fix you up Aiden Aka Manah, enjoy your illusions of wealth, power, brilliance, prestige, and above all authority in the Gardenia Utopian Community for I will be the end of you before you bring the end of all things.” Zen spoke opening a wormhole to the Astral Sea then disappearing into it as it closed behind him.

The Man in the Yellow Robes with the Triskelion Rune pendant around his neck with a cloak that covered his face approached Aiden Aka Manah.

“My name is , you’ve taken quite a beating from Zen van Nihil’s ambush, X the Outsider really did one on you.” Hastur the Unspeakable spoke through the vox communiValeriusr of the rebreather.

“What did you say?” Aiden Aka Manah choked on black ichor.

“Zen van Nihil the Savage of Hyperborea really did a number on you,” Hastur the Unspeakable spoke as he manifested a syringe filled with neon green liquid and injected it into Aiden Aka Manah whose suit was burnt and torn.

“Relax now Aiden Aka Manah, go to sleep, you will be transported to your bed in the White House of the Hegemony in Washington DC and you will find this to be nothing but a bad dream.”

“Yes, Hastur the Unspeakable.”

Aiden Aka Manah reverted back into human form of Aiden F. EisenHaus which is the duality of Aiden Aka Manah with his fiery crimson hair, radiant emerald green eyed, 26 year old human form as he awoke in his bed with two Kaoscotl next to him. His suit bloody, burnt, and torn on a chair. Aiden F. EisenHaus was wide awake yet slunked back down with his eyes wide open, closed them and pretended to sleep in the void of dreamless nothingness of absolute Darkness which brought him peace. In Aiden Aka Manah’s mind of Universal Evil Consciousness he was encompassed by the Shadowlands of Diabolos Darkness which watched him bloody and beaten as Hastur and his Void Elves brought Aiden Aka Manah to a land of those in a quarry where those of Carcosa Paladins in Yellow Power Armor with strange Undead Batfolk Wights who stood with Black fur over pale corpse ghoul flesh bodies with long claws and sinewy arms known as the Yrogosa overlooking him known as Aiden Aka Manah mindlessly had been taken away to Kadath where he was made a slave in a camp of people who had stitches or severe scars with lumpy or flat heads where a brain should be that was completely bald but some who were completely bald were all Southeast Asiatic Persons who were mixed with Mara Necro Dwarves to form the completely closed slanted eyes to a close to only little of their completely black eyes known as Tcho Tcho Humans who are a byproduct of the Leng Satyrs who live in harmony with Leng Spiderfolk, Leng Terror Tarantulas, Rogosa, Mara Necro Dwarves, the Elven races of the Eldritch, Chaos, and Sanguine Elves. Aiden felt like he had been in this dimension for five years who had tried to escape at first but nothing changed in him other than the digging of this quarry that when his pickaxe struck the fleshy mounds around the precious jewels is when blood and flying lamprey eels came pouring out which slithered and hissed like snakes and flew like eagles as they flew from the wounds of that which was precious to the Hastur Cult that they had their slaves dig. Aiden awoke remembering all this and when he did was when the Carcosa Paladins, Yrogosa, Mara Necro Dwarves, Leng Satyrs riding on Giant Leng Terror Tarantulas. Aiden Aka Manah saw Diabolos Darkness, the towering Aethereal Titan of Chaos, Nihilism, Nothingness, and Hellish Nightmare Darkness watched him in the distance with glowing fiery red eyes. Aiden Aka Manah the Chancellor had been a slave here in the Darkness of his dreams of three weeks which equaled at Eternity in Quarries of Kadath and the Plateau of Leng where the Dreamlands and Shadowlands converge upon one another as Aiden looked from the Quarry over to the Plateau in the distance as well as the mountain with the Grand Palisade Castle upon it where Hastur, Nyarlathotep, and another who Aiden Aka Manah felt in his heart had betrayed him but would be the one to save him.

Aiden Aka Manah remembered the million times he slept chained with Pandaemonium Adamantium Steel Shackles to a pole standing up to break them then rush the gates to escape into the Dreamlands where he could awaken anywhere else for his Astral Autonomy after 5 years of Dreaming of being a Slave it all was realized to him in how others still autonomous would escape with him to be beaten down by the Warhammers of Mara Necro Dwarves who were Purple Skinned with White Hair and Beards, the Leng Satyrs whips of their Lord Erebus Tartarus while the Leng Giant Spiders of Military Armored Vehicles quashed all hope by biting into would-be Escaping Slaves or Crushing them with one of their 10 Spiked Limbs. How the Carcosa Paladins fired Electron Volt Energy Weapons that caused lethal and nonlethal damage as Escaping Slaves died and were resuscitated from an unconscious state which some Carcosa Paladins fired rail assault rifles at Humans and Elves in their limbs to replace their limbs with shoddy cyber-bionic limbs, halflings and gnomes were shot in the head with their brains replaced with a Mind Controlled Modified Computer (MCMC) for Halflings and Gnomes had indomitable spirits and could see the good in anything but in the sight of the overseer of whoever was manipulating the forces of who Aiden Aka Manah learned was Great Old One, Hastur the Nameless, Elder gods Nyarlathotep and Erebus Tartarus was a greater being who when Aiden Aka Manah became Chancellor on November 1st, 2121 CE. That was the day this truly began for Zen van Nihil revealed whose word overruled his father Baal Archon Frederick Valefar EisenHaus in Aiden Aka Manah’s despite however evil his mind he knew his was enslaved in his subconsciousness. Aiden Aka Manah knew that his uncle Balder Balefire Belial tried reasoning with this entity known as Cthulhu the Dreamer, Hastur the Nameless, Thoqqua the Sleeper, Dagon the Deep Lord. However, the entity that existed in the Abyss of the Cacophony Castle, Gehenna where Aiden Aka Manah knew the name of Zahhak Azi Dahak who both were true Chosen Ones of Ahriman. Aiden Aka Manah realized he had to call upon this Padishah Emperor Zahhak Azi Dahak the Ghouls of Leng spoke of when they sang songs of Erick Zane the Mute Bard. 

Now conscious and awake. Aiden brushed off his yellow jumpsuit with runes instead of numbers. He remembered this time of Day in the Nightmare Shadowlands of Kadath and Leng where he would be shackled and forced to sleep in the confines of a claustrophobic cage. Aiden looked around at all of the Guards of this Slave Pit to the Abyss.

“Padishah of Gehenna, Zahhak Azi Dahak enslaved me to make me realize my existence of betrayal to Ahriman but was willed and carried out by the Great Old Ones, by the grace of ArchMage of Atlantis, Balder Balefire Belial and my fellow comrade Padishah Emperor Zahhak Azi Dahak of the Abyss are the ones who shall liberate my dreaming consciousness from your confines and send me home.”

Diabolos Darkness enshrouded the area the walls of that reality began closing in as a Darkness of a Diabolic nature consumed Aiden Aka Manah but Aiden Aka Manah asked Emperor of the Ultima Circle and 9 Hells, Lucifer Illuminatus the Lightbearer to Illuminate this World and show Aiden Aka Manah the way out. The light of Lucifer Illuminatus came and the hate for Zahhak Azi Dahak filled Aiden Aka Manah as it was truly Zen van Nihil who liberated him after 5 years a slave, waking always restless despite not needing sleep but he had slowly become a sleepwalker sprinting over cliffs of sanity but now he knew Where Zen van Nihil was and it wasn’t anywhere Aiden Aka Manah could find. Zen van Nihil proved to Aiden Aka Manah who was the King and who was the Fool and both were wiser for it.


“Who is the King and who is the Fool?” Zen’s Consciousness roared around him.

“Is Reality Real?” Zen spoke as the Void consumed him.

“Zen, you are not Real, I am Zen van Nihil the Hyperborean, I am your Reality come to this dimension, place your Faith in me as I have told you to ‘Have Faith’ well now is the time for your moment of Nirvana as you were Maitreya, I am the Sovereign of the Saturnia Shadow Commission, Zen the Nephilim, you are my Homunculos, you are no longer real but before you go… All at Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium shall be liberated through me as I liberate you now as your existence is a fragment of my existence which in order for myself and your life to be complete. You must fade into the Quantum Aether and emerge through me.”

Zen the Homunculos saw Zen van Nihil the Hyperborean in front of him that appeared to be 30 years old to Zen the Homunculus appearance of a youthful 24, Zen van Nihil the Hyperborean wore Shadow Knight Armor with his hood down so his Black Pompadour could be seen in comparison to Zen the Homunculos having a Black Mohawk to show how Zen van the Hyperborean valued order while Zen the Homunculos was a creation of chaos. Zen van Nihil the Hyperborean had a UtiliTech Belt with his Nighthawk Sigma Handguns along with his Ragnarok of the Armageddon Crimson Longsword with a Black Hilt in a Ebony Metal Black Sheath with a Brilliant Ruby on the Pommel while on his other hip was the Kusanagi of the Skyward Ebony Katana with a Quicksilver Handle with a Slight Ring and Azure Nebulous Obelisk on the Katana. At either side of Zen van Nihil the Hyperborean was Doctor Lilith Moonchild except she had demonic crimson wings wearing a Scarlet Dress with Golden Blonde Hair wearing Thick Black Framed Glasses. Eris Discordia, a woman with black hair and pale skin with astral translucent human sized dragonfly wings who had radiant violent eyes. Two others stood looking with animosity. One stood by Doctor Lilith Moonchild in a Devilish Humanoid with Crimson Skin, Radiant Golden Eyes, Ram Horns, and a Black Pompadour like Zen van Nihil’s haircut.  


Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus awoke in his Master Chambers of the Casablanca White House of Hegemony of the Hegemony in his bed next to Prime Magistrate Chloe Dunker. Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus saw his Uncle, Balder Balefire Belial stood over him at 6’6 with his thick yet lightly groomed black furrowed eyebrows, his eyes radiantly ultra-violet, long jet black hair hung over his shoulders with his ram horns on each side of his his head, he was pale fair skinned man, paler than most but not albinistic like Zan van Nihil who Aiden feared in that moment for the first time he felt fear since he was knocked off that Mountain of Everest on July 16, 2113 CE. Aiden felt his heart race at the dream he had just had while gazing up at Balder Belial, his beloved Uncle which he then thought of how his Aunt, Lucy Teller had died in that Antimatter Explosion on the Emergency War Center in Anchorage Alaska for the Counsel of Prime Magistrates. Aiden F. EisenHaus knew that Balder Belial was the ArchMagus of the Atlantean Imperial Court who stood at the Right Hand as Counselor to Atlantean Emperor Alexandros Atlazarex of the Capricorn and Libra Superclusters. As ArchMagus the Proven Greatest Mage among all the Atlantean Homo Atlas Prometheus, Homo Atlas Alfloth, Engel Grigori, and Jotun Nephilim being the various Species of Human, Elven, Angels, Giants, and Goliaths that were terms commonly used among many-worlds to describe the scientific terminology of the 50,000 year old Atlantean Empire while the Draconian Empire was 45,000 years old with the Solarus Empire’s 30,000 year old Empire while Hyperborea was a 75,000 year old Empire.  throughout the Universe to had his Elven male and female compatriots along the wall which were Master Elven Polymath Wizards who by the hand of Balder Belial had chosen these Void, Ashen, Sorrow, Eldritch, Solar, Lunar, High Elves among Atlantean Elves and throughout the Elvish Diaspora. 

The Elven Master Wizard Undead Liches known as the Hades Malakite Zekdyn Zhaozul or simply the Hades Pharoah Assembly whose name pays homage to Balder Belial’s right hand man Malakite Mikaelius who was the inventor of enchanted Malakite Glass Armor which is Emerald Green and is as strong as Infernal, Abyssal, Saturnia, and Hyperborean Armors who could not die to be resurrected in any other Elvish form until Balder Belial made this offer to Malakite Mikaelius and his High Solar Elves which this Lichdom of Undeath in Absolute Power without need of a Phylactery but through devotion to Balder Belial as a Deity of Magic, Occult, Death, War, Knowledge, Wisdom, Deception, among other things who acted as the binding force between the Hades Erebus the Rational Deity of Death, Undeath, Evil Spirits, Abominations, Demons, and the Underworld housed in the Unholy Grand Bone Cathedral constructed for Giants and Titans in Architecture known as the Nocturnus Moonlight Cathedral while Orcus Erebus the Chaotic Deity of Undeath, Death, Evil Spirits, Abominations, Demons and the Underworld is housed in the Sanguine Abominable Titans Castle known as Rottingvale Castle. Balder Balefire Belial had become his who whether it be by Death Deities, Hades Erebus and Orcus Erebus who these Hades Zekdyn Malakite Elves were followers of their unifier ArchMagus Balder Balefire Belial. w Zen van Nihil who is the King and who is the Fool.” Balder Belial said.

“Yes, we will all know who is the King and who is the Fool.” Aiden F. EisenHaus spoke.



Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova laid naked in their bed in their Palisade after having extreme hardcore fornication that was an endless orgy of extreme euphoria that a Celestial Hyperborean and Chaos Elf could have for they then talked for hours endlessly and it was at this time that Kassandra Nova realized that Dark Matter was nearby for a Black Hole as a Moon and Solar Sun of Hyperborea that radiated a Aurora Borealis supernova that lit the skies of the Arctic Northern Border of Hyperborea for they lay naked before the eyes of God the Great Architect and all was good. Zen van Nihil laid smoking a Daemon Dark Cannabis Cigarette while Kassandra Nova kissed him all over. Zen van Nihil put out his cigarette and tongue wrestled Kassey Nova getting on top of her for another endless session of lovemaking.

After that was over Zen van Nihil opened two wardrobes. Zen van Nihil adorned himself in Raven Shadow Knight Armor while Kassandra put on the Studded Glamored Chaos Clown “?” Armor which was a Corset over a Dress that was symmetrically red and black with all four playing card houses in white decals on them that glew as she wore a dress made of Void Draconic Glamored Leather. Down the middle of her hair was platinum blond with red and black tips all over her hair in pigtails that went over her elven knife-ears. Zen van Nihil had his jet black hair in a faux-hawk with his albinistic skin and crimson red lips that both Zen van Nihil and Kassey Nova’s hickies were disappearing which brought Kassandra Nova disappointed. Zen van Nihil had his Ragnarok crimson blade and black handle on his longsword and Aeternus rapier.

“Kassandra Nova, I have gifts for you.” Zen van Nihil spoke presenting the Fortuna Warhammmer which was made of Goldshire Dwarven Scarletite Orichalcum with Gnomish Enchantments of the Trickster Goddess of Luck, Ophelia Fortuna.

The Fortuna was Red Scarletite Orichalcum with Goldshire Dwarven Gold Steel that had a Golden with Red Rings sealed around the Dwarven Hammer with a Red Vertical Rotunda with Gold Red Stars decaled into the of the Warhammer on an indent with a Red background with a Gold Star on either side of the Double-Sided Warhammer. Zen van Nihil then presented the Double-Trouble Dancing Quickling Daggers which were named Mischief and Mayhem as they had Black Hilts with a large Ruby in the Eye of both the Daggers with Golden Blades. Kassandra Nova was pleased with this as it yielded the Great Expectations she had expected from Zen van Nihil. Kassandra Nova strapped the Fortuna across her back and daggers at her waist. Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova held hands and walked down the right path down the double sided staircase to the lobby from the loft bedroom. When they got to the lobby. A phantom appeared at the harp and began to play, “Once Upon A Dream” which Zen and Kassandra ballroom danced to at the sweet melody they heard in beauteous harmony.  Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova began waltzing as they danced. Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova kissed passionately with Zen as the dominant and Kassandra as the submissive. Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova finished dancing and kissing. Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova danced as the Haunt played the Harp then Zen van Nihil and Cassandra Nova thanked the Haunt. 

Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova traveled through the Arcane and Psionic blocked door to find numerous paintings with wormholes to other dimensional phase rifts. Zen van Nihil and Kassey Nova moved through the stairs of a Monastery of its own with tapestries and oil paintings outside of the wormhole paintings with rosewood oak floor with velvetine shag carpet. Zen van Nihil and Cassandra Nova moved through the downstairs path down spiral staircase through galleries and zendo meditation centers to a party room near the basement then at the basement was Scarecrow’s room who sat on his enormous bed meditating.

Scarecrow meditated, holding a dagger flexing and rolling his fingers over it as the room was dimmed by giant lava lamps. The dagger was a sickle with a gas mask over his head. He needed to wear the Gas Mask always from his hallucinogenic and molotov cocktail of other drugs intake that gave him COPD numerous times over. Scarecrow put down his sickle.

“Hello Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova.” Scarecrow said solemnly.

Kassandra Nova greeted Scarecrow, “What’s your name friend?”

Scarecrow wheezed, “They call me, Scarecrow.” Scarecrow rasped then spoke again, “Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova, does a well-armed society make a well-behaved society.”

“That depends.” Zen van Nihil responded.

“Yes, it does.” Kassandra Nova said.

Scarecrow pressed a button on his remote in his other hand. A metal door opened in the wall to reveal an armory or weapons, Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova grabbed weapons. Zen van Nihil grabbed a Q-Antimatter Rifle, Nighthawk pistols, Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova grabbed Star Strider submachine guns, Dervish Dancing Flying Daggers that were not as good as Mischief and Mayhem, and a UtiliTech belt to put them on with other gizmos and gadgets of a wide Utilitarian variety.

Scarecrow spoke in his deep raspy voice, “Lock and Load.” His weapons were on him at all times so his secret cache was up for grabs.

“Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova, I sense trouble in Schwachton, a city in the Jund Lands, we should go check it out.” Scarecrow rasped.

“Schwachedtopia is under attack by dark forces, I sensed something as well and almost know everything from the biggest boulder to the smallest flower in Hyperborea and its Dimensional Matrices.” Zen van Nihil spoke.

“Let us not make waste by doing jack shit about it but let’s genuinely give a fuck but most importantly Lock and Load as well as Rock and Roll!” Kassandra Nova cheered.

“To Schwachedtopia, here we go.” Zen van Nihil said.

Zen van Nihil led them back up the stairs to a portrait of an old Medieval Castle Port City over the Prismaticagon River which off into five rivers throughout Hyperborea Heartlands with this Prismaticagon River being named Alunaria which Schwachedtopia’s greatest strength was its Port and Trade from the River with the Security it provided but now it had been compromised as a Farming and Fishing Hub of great importance. The Schwach Landers who are the Pygmy Race of Humans are found only in the Schwached Lands where the two cities and innumerable villages and towns of the Schwached Kingdom with the twin city of Schwachedberg deviating in diversity with 35% of the population being Alienist or Hyperborean Citizens that were not of the Schwached Lander Human Homogenous Race native to the Provincial Kingdom. The Schwached Lands with their Pygmy Race of Humans relied heavily on the neighboring Hyperborean provincial kingdom of Kadath which embodied large mega-cities such as Mondtrabury, Pointe Blanche, Stallhadholme, and the capital of the being Mobius Prime which is the largest centralized city of Kadath.

Schwachedtopia was founded by Lord Johannes Schwach who led Johannes Schwach through Johannes Schwach the 1st through the 33rd which went to John Schwach 1st through 11th then Lord Jonah Schwach who was a young Lord of Hyperborea who was disregarded by the Consulate of the High Lords of Hyperborea for Jonah Schwach had incestuous relations with his mother, aunts, and grandmother.

Lord Jonah Schwach was a skinny, frail twinkish man at age 25 years of age, he had chestnut brown hair, fair skin, black freckles, grey blue eyes, and a pickle dick is  his sexually transmitted diseases from his sexual forays. Lord Jonah Schwach was also a cuck to the Lords and High Lords of Hyperborea who was married to his mother and aunt sister-wives. Queen Amelia Schwach of Schwachtus who Zen van Nihil had had his way with numerous times in the past until Lord Jonah Schwach became rebellious causing Shadow Society to wage war with Schwachtus. The Head of the Royal Guard of Schwachtus was slain to be replaced by Saint Elmo the new Chief of the Royal Guard loyal to Sovereign Zen van Nihil first and Lord Jonah Schwach second.

Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova, Scarecrow were joined by Nixis Stormsong.

“Lane Staley is asleep in a drunken slumber, I awoke after four hours well-rested and sober after meditation. Let me get some of that cache.” Nixis Starsong spoke sternly who went to the cache and had started going through the weapons. Picking what he wanted, they were ready. Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova, Nixis Starsong, and Scarecrow.

Zen van Nihil, Kassey Nova, Nixis Starsong, and Scarecrow moved through the portal to Schachtistsan for the situation was what Hyperboreans in dire straits referred to as “Schwached.”

Zen van Nihil led his Saturnia Commission through a portal to Schwachtedstan to find through an astral dimensional matrix wormhole to go to the Schwachedtopia Cullis Gate. Zen van Nihil  and his Saturnia Commission phase shifted in the Schwacked Castle before Lord Jonah Schwach and Queen Johannah Schwach. Zen van Nihil held his Clown Queen’s hand before them as Lord Jonah Schwach rose and kowtowed to Zen van Nihil and Queen Johannah Schwach curtsied before Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova, Nixis Starsong, and Scarecrow The Outsider.

“Long Live Sovereign Zen van Nihil my Lord Sovereign and Savior in this dark hour.” Jonah Schwach spoke.

“Awwwh, Lord Jonah Schwach of the Schwached Lands outside the Daragour – Jung Lands. Queen Johannah, this is my Concubine-Consort Kassandra Nova, my Knight-Errant Nixis Starsong, and my Homunculus Shadow Assassin, Scarecrow The Outsider, We are all Archons, We are here to help, Where is Saint Elmo?”

“Saint Elmo is fighting in Schwachtberg the villages among the Jund Lands of the Schwacked Province of Hyperborea.” Lord Jonah Schwach said.

“That’s a shame, who is defending Schwachedtopia here right now?” Zen van Nihil implored.

“Silus Saxus who is a powerful Exalted Arcanist Spellsword Warmaster is leading Elemental Savant Wizards, Thorn Vikings, Holy Knights, Ninjas, Samurais, Arcane Gunslingers, Exalted Arcanists, Cacophony Bladesingers among our forces fighting against Lizardfolk, Dinosauroids, Kobolds as well as Armies of Darkness being Undead mostly composed of Zombies, Wights, and some Death Knights.”

“Who else?” Zen van Nihil implored inquisitively.

“Lord EmJorn Staley, a Mountain Dwarf Rune Knight Warrior leading Hill Dwarven Army of Warriors, Weapon Masters, Rune Mages, Rune Knights, Rune Magi, and Explosive Masters against the Undead Hordes as the Dwarves seem immune to the Miasma spreading about the Schwached Lands.”

Nixis Starsong the Spymaster Stormlord Ranger spoke, “That is Lord Lane Staley, The Dwarf King’s younger brother as someone with an Eye for Information that means that Lane should have come to be proud of his brother, Lord Jonah Schwach, I am Storm Ranger Nixis Starsong, an Archon of the Saturnia Commission, I’m aware of your next question in prescience but there is a Cyclonian Water Elementals summoned by a Storm Kraken causing the Storm here empowered by Diabolos Darkness which means that Gog Magog is using the Lizardfolk Lord Grok Magok to conduct his spells as a conduit for all three. We shall take down all three then Grok Magok, what is the situation of Rock Giants, Stone Golems, and Golgotha Barbarians?”

“We are under siege by those as well.” Queen Johannah Schwach answered for her son.

“Lane Staley should arrive soon with the Saturnia Armada Spaceships to help quell this catastrophe, he brings with him Varangian, Doombringers, Hyperborean Imperial Soldiers and Marines as well as the Navel Armada Hussars of Nordic, Mediterenean, Afrikaner, Asiatic Hyperborean Humans, Snow Elves, Solar Elves, Lunar Elves, Void Elves, and Silver Dwarves, Gold Dwarves, Diamond Dwarves were all on their way to Schwached Lands in many spaceships from the Arctic and Northern Hemisphere of Hyperborea from Arcadia, Liberia, and Asgard to this location of Schwachted Lands to ensure the survival of the Provincial Kingdom, We in the Saturnia Commission are the frontline of defense. Lane Staley who is EmJorn Staley’s brother has probably awakened and is amassing the troops now under Empress Erika Freya van Nihil.” Nixis Starsong the Spymaster Stormlord Ranger explained.

Kassandra felt inadequate and small, she held her Circus Supreme rapiers feeling uninvolved in the conversation. Hollow.

“What’s the color of the newspapers today?” Kassandra Nova asked, “Black, Blue, White, and Bloody Red all over.” Kassandra Nova joked then honked her nose, Honk! Honk! “We’re going to war people!” Kassandra Nova cheered enthusiastically.

Zen van Nihil laughed.

Jonah Schwach looked troubled, “Is this your Jester my Sovereign Zen van Nihil?”

“No, I’m not his Jester, I’m his concubine!” Kassandra Nova laughed.

Jonah Schwach was stunned by Zen van Nihil’s clown sexual fetish and felt more accepting of Kassandra Nova letting out a heartfelt laugh followed by his court.

Zen van Nihil stood with a slight grin on his face.

“Sovereign Zen van Nihil is fucking his “?” Jester, how absurd, truly the sign of times we live in.” Lord Jonah Schwach laughed.

Queen Johannah Schwach piped in, “Son, it is almost time for our orgy with your sister-aunt wives is that not a sign of the times of decline of our province.”

Zen van Nihil spoke, “It’s fine Jonah Schwach, the wrath poured on Schwachted Lands is God The Great Architect’s Will and Wrath for your degeneracy. Kassandra Nova, my concubine who is the “?” Jester you ridicule is worth more to me than this degenerate province that is Matriarchal with Sons fucking Sisters, Aunts, and Mothers throughout their lives leading to the Schwached Lands People.”

All were silent but Nixis Starsong, Kassandra Nova, and even Scarecrow laughed a loud cacophony of laughter.

“The Schwached Lands are a true Clown World Dystopia. Lord EmJorn Staley should sit on your throne while you do nothing but hide, now who else stands beside you besides Lord EmJorn Staley and Silus Saxus?”

Lord Jonah Schwach felt as though he were a eunuch just moments ago he was promised his nightly orgy with his elder barren women who were the result of incest as not Hyperboreans but as Schwached Landers.

Zen van Nihil read Jonah Schwach’s expression, “Yes, the Schwached Lands are not of Hyperborean Peoples but of Schwached Landers. You are the Last Men compared to the Ubermensch Hyperborean People which is why foreigners and alienist derivatives of Humanity lead your forces against their terrible atrocity of a siege.” Zen van Nihil spoke grinning with spite.

Lord Jonah Schwach collapsed into his throne at the words of his Sovereign Lord.

“How dare you? I mean…” Jonah Schwach began, “How could you disparage the Schached Landers in this dire hour?”

“Because the High Stock of Schwached Landers are Wights while the vast majority are primal zombies from my clairvoyant reading of the province in my psionic peripheral. Lizardfolk, Dinosauroids, Kobolds, Orcs, Ogres, Undead Armies. A Storm Kraken with Cyclonian Water Elementals. An Archon Chief of Lizardfolk who is distanced from the battle but commands his forces on the frontlines while Gog Magog ensures arrival possibly upon this war on the Schwached Landers and Schwached Lands feasting on the people and lands is what Gog Magog does in the most visceral form of Social-Darwinism. Gog Magog will possess an individual of the Schwached People who will in their ungrateful rage at the response of Hyperborea be rallied against Hyperborea and Hyperborean Imperial Peoples. This is an ominous sign.”

King Jonah Schwach held his head revealing his angst, ennui, and anomie. Angst for his fallen provincial kingdom. Ennui from his own possible existential dread that even himself wasn’t safe from becoming Gog Magog the adversary of the Hyperborea Empire as his kingdom of the Schwached Lander People was prophesied through precognitive prescience from Sovereign Zen van Nihil. Anomie that the Schwached Landers were to be replaced. 

King Jonah Schwach defended his consciousness as he thought, “Oh woe is me great Fortunes and Fates! The Schwached Land Kingdom relies on Alienist Champions to bring it to glory. How will we survive if not by Zen van Nihil who foretells our fate but what of our fortune if we stop Gog Magog from manifesting in the Schwached Lands as a Schwached Lander? When will the Armada be assembled and arrived from all other Hyperborean Kingdoms in the Hyperborean Empire ruled by Empress Erika Freya van Nihil and Sovereign Zen van Nihil. How many Alienist Champions must come to the Schwached Lands on this day and if not just today then tomorrow as well as the great thereafter.” Jonah Schwach lamented in the solace of his mind.

Jonah Schwach arose the all-women court of his Queen-Mother Amelia, Aunts, Sisters, Cousins dressed in opulence as King Jonah Schwach’s Court left the throne room upstairs to the Orgy Commune Quarters. King Jonah Schwach was going to have his orgy as Sovereign Zen van Nihil did all the heavy lifting and work in restoring order to the Schwached Lands.

Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova, Nixis Starsong, and Scarecrow were left alone in the courtroom of the Schwached Land throne. Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova, Nixis Starsong, and Scarecrow awkwardly stood there in silence as Kassandra Nova began laughing maniacally.

“The Schwached Lands are an incestuos matriarchial society that is facing its own provincial apocalypse. Hahahaha!” Kassandra Nova laughed maniacally.

Zen van Nihil laughed heartily while Nixis Starsong exclaimed an obscenity then let out a belly laugh while Scarecrow fumed quickly with his breathing as his signature sign of laughing beneath his rebreather.

“Scarecrow, you thought that was funny?” Zen van Nihil asked.

“Yes, that was hilarious.” Scarecrow wheezed and chuckled beneath his rebreather.

Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova exchanged grinning glances.

“Good Scarecrow.” Kassandra Nova giggled.

They could tell Scarecrow was laughing uncontrollably because he was holding his chest while wheezing.

Scarecrow’s wheezing stopped, “Good one Kassandra Nova.” He spoke in a baritone calm and collected matter.

Zen van Nihil looked at Scarecrow, “Told you she was the one.”

They proceeded to walk through the ultra-lavish and pampered Castle of Schwached. Shorter soldiers at 5 foot, 6 inches for the average Schwach Lander were rushing through in olive military uniforms with crimson lapels with golden stars on them with a band of a Crimson and Golden Unicorn on their arms even though Unicorns had fled the area a long time ago.

“Hello Sovereign Zen van Nihil.” The Schwach Soldiers greeted their Absolute Ruler.

Zen van Nihil greeted them as they moved through corridors and halls as they came to the lobby where Schwach Soldiers were waiting in olive combat armor. The Lobby Clerks were on the Holocoms communicating with concerned citizens giving tips to the Royal Palace on the Siege on the Schwached Lands. Another room which was the conference center had been converted into an Emergency Hive for Intelligence Gathering. Zen van Nihil saw the inside of the Hive where Schwach Intel Officers were working on Holocomputers as Zen van Nihil stepped out to the balcony and saw five spaceship dreadnoughts of the Hyperborea Armada that landed at the Sky Harbor with five ships while the rest of the Armada were utilizing dropships at crucial hotspots for conflict in the Schwached Lands Siege. Hyperborea Nazar Intel Officers were working from Holocomputers who moved into the lobby of the Schwachedtopia Castle. The Nazar Commander, a Female Hyperborean Half-Snow Elf and Nord heritage named Carmen Buruna was a powerhouse of intellect over the Nazar as Carmen Buruna was overtaking the three conference centers as a giant Hive for Nazar Intelligence relieving the Schach Soldiers to fight on the frontlines.

Carmen Buruna sent the halfwit Schwached Lander Soldiers from coordinating their own demise to fighting to their own demise. Nazar was overtaking the Intelligence Coordination and Strategizing the Schwach Forces alongside the Hyperborea Forces to fight the Enemy Sieging Forces. Zen van Nihil knew those Schwachlander Soldiers were going to be uprooted from their post to most probably die as cannon fodder in a meat grinder of war against the Lizardfolk, Dinosauroids, Kobolds, Undead, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orcs, Ogres, Shoggoths, Elder Things, Kythylla, Golems, Goliaths, Giants, Water Elementals, and a Storm Kraken. An Army of Darkness led by rumors of Mysterious Fey surveying the battle being neutral in watching Schwached Landers die by the battalions.

Zen van Nihil saw the fighting of Schwach Soldiers versus the joint forces of the Great Old Ones being Lizardfolk, Dinosauroids, Kobolds, Orcs, Hobgoblins, Goblins, and Ogres. The Lizardfolk, Dinosauroids, and Kobolds had an interesting tactic of the Kobolds enticing Schwach Soldiers into battle for the Lizardfolk and Dinosauroids to cleave through them losing countless Schwach Soldiers while mediocre Kobold casualties and minimal Lizardfolk and Dinosauroid deaths. The Ogres, Orcs, Hobgoblins, and Goblins replaced the Kobolds for Goblins while the Goblin was a sapper taking out many while the following Goblin detachment took out the wounded from the explosion followed by Hordes of Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orcs, and Ogres trampling through the Schwach Soldier Squadrons decimating the Schwach Soldiers to get to vital targets such as civilian centers for mass slaughter of Schwached Landers.

Zen van Nihil viewed it as a purging, a war of proving, a time to reset the inhabitants of the land by the blood that would fertilize the soil of the Schwached Lands. Zen van Nihil drew his Ragnarok with his Q-Antimatter Rifle, Kassandra Nova drew her ForgetMeNot, Scarletite Rapier and the Equalizer SMG, Nixis Starsong drew his dual Hurricane Katanas. Scarecrow drew his chainsaw sword that protruded from his power wrists and a industrial circular saw from his other that shot out decimating masses of enemies then returning sending out numerous circular saw sent out in a surgical precision of boomerang aerial aces to do optimal damage in visceral Carnage as the Industrial Circular Saws were connected to the Chainsaw Blades with Chains and Barbed Wire around Scarecrow’s fists.

Rain pelted down all around outside the awning. The brick masonry of the fortified city was being blown to bits by Goblin Cannons and Mechs. Schwachedtopia wasn’t going to last much longer as blood flowed through the streets. It was true horror for the peaceful people of the Schwached Lands for this was their universal state of suffering. Their collective annihilation. Zen van Nihil acted quickly firing his Q-Antimatter Rifle into a crowd of Scales vaporizing them to ash as Kassandra Nova turned on a group of Orcs and Scales barreling towards them. Zen van Nihil, Nixis Starsong, and Scarecrow followed. Kassey Nova jumped in a somersault then back flipped an assortment of tricks in between slicing and firing her SMG into the Scales and Orcs, Hobgoblins, and Goblins. Exploding them with bright colors of Circus Faerie Fire. She drew her Fortuna Hammer and slammed it into an Ogre’s groin then jumped like an acrobat swinging again at the weakened thing and exploded it’s head from its shoulders with the Fortuna Warhammer. Zen van Nihil drew an SMG instead of his Q-Antimatter Rifle then began firing into the Scales and Orcs, Goblinoids, Ogres. Zen van Nihil slashed with his Ragnarok which sent a crimson flow of energy in a crescent outwards with each slash taking out numerous Scaleskins, Orcs, Goblinoids, and Ogres in mere swipes from its projectile. Nixis Starsong turned into a Cyclone, spinning around and around while moving forward with his Stormbringer Katanas in hacking and slashing his way through the monstrous Scaleskins, Orcs, Goblinoids, and Ogres. Scarecrow ran forward firing industrial boomerang circular saws to see it cut down through the enemies before them that they went further beyond the slain first party they had cut down and into the next party mowing down the next party of monstrous enemies then returned  through the air to Scarecrow’s bracers as he ripped and tore his way through the limbs and disembowel the Scaleskins, Orcs, Hobgoblinoids, and Ogres. Scarecrow pushed forward sawing his way through Scaleskins, Orcs, Hobgoblinoids, and Ogres while defending Schwach Civilians who were fleeing into a fortified home who were being eradicated by the Strength of their Adversity.

“I am the Hollow Man, This is how this world ends so another can begin.” Scarecrow wheezed when the Schwached Landers tried to thank him who fled in even greater terror being the comforted, coddled, last of their kind to walk Hyperborea of the Schwached Landers.

Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova saw a group of Orcs throwing shackled prisoners in a cart drawn by a commandeered autocar that Goblins were sitting in the driver’s seat as well as the passenger seats. Zen van Nihil sheathed his Ragnarok and drew both SMGs then commenced reigning bullets upon the autocar popping its tires then spraying blood and sinew from the goblins in the carriage then riddling the engine until it exploded but did not harm the Schwached Landers in the caged cart behind it. Kassandra Nova began fighting with the Orcs with her Fortuna warhammer as she battled her way through. Zen van Nihil reloaded then began riddling the Orcs with bullets when they proved not as effective after three died before he had to reload again. Zen van Nihil drew his Ragnarok and Aeternus which he sliced, diced, and made easy work of the Orcs as a dancing Dervish. Zen van Nihil clashed his blades against the jagged bone blades of the Orcs. Kassandra Nova drew her dancing daggers which sliced and cut the Orcs as she smashed them down with her Fortuna.

The Schwached Landers cried out for help as a Goblin Sapper strapped with explosives neared the cart until directly upon it then self-detonated, killing himself and the 25 Schwached Landers. 

“Dammit.” Zen van Nihil said.

“Can a girl catch a break?” Kassandra Nova said.

Among the brick roads and stone buildings of houses, taverns, temples, shops, and keeps based on an Abstract Fairytale Gothic and Romanesque art style. Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova gazed at the burning cart and autocar as rain poured down dousing out the flames revealing the blown apart Schwached Landers whose flesh were immolated beyond recognition. This hellscape was beyond horrifying to Nixis Starsong among this wondrous fairytale setting similar to other Hyperborean Cities. Schwachedtopia had Alienist Hyperborean Gunslingers wielding Golden Kalashnikov 94s and Asher 38s in firing upon the Scaleskins and Orcs, Hobgoblins, Goblins, Ogres.

The Hyperborean Nordic, Mediterenean, and Afrikaner Gunslingers fired upon the adversaries of the Schwached Lands guarding rooftops of keeps and temples where Swached Landers had hidden in cowardice while the mighty Human Hyperboreans with Golden Kalashnikov 94s and Asher 38s were mowing down any Scaleskin, Orc, Ogre, and Goblinoid who came near. Elven Rangers and Druids guided the Schwach Landers to the Keeps and Temples to hide in. The Elven Druids utilized their polymorphing abilities to become an amalgamation of ferocious creatures with Cheetah Catfolk legs Dire Werebear Arms and Shark Heads with all their razor sharp shark teeth with Weretiger bodies but most became Werebears, Werewolves, Weretigers. Rangers rode on the back of White Striped Dire Sabretooth Tigers and Utahraptors which were giant velociraptors that were five meters in length, feathered and winged that could fly short distances and glide over short regions to safely land to the ground with massive 2.6 foot-long claws while the Elven Rangers fired Q-Antimatter Particle Rifles, Negative 0 Gauss Rifles, Aeternus Blades.

The Elven Rangers would aggravate Hordes of Scaleskins, Orcs, Ogres, and Goblinoids to the adversarial refuse blood pits where the Hordes of Monstrous Humanoids would be slaughtered en masse where the Humans with Kalashnikov 94s, Negative 0 Gauss Rifles, and were cleared afterwards by Napalm Flamethrowers who coordinated each kill zone for the Hordes of Invaders into new locations while the flames cleared the bodies of the former fallen Hordes from previous areas to create Mosaic Warfare Kill Chains. The Elven Rangers would ride into a Horde then slice and dice up as many Horde Monstrous Invaders then fall back to the designated kill zone with the Humans with advanced projectile weaponry to wait for the Rangers and their mounts to pass through to the green zone. Once the Hordes made it to the kill zone. The Humans with awesome firepower would emerge from rooftops and reign death from above on the Hordes of Scaleskins, Orcs, Ogres, and Goblinoids then fire Napalm Grenades and Flamethrower Projectiles to block their paths locking them in then filling the ground area. They used the Napalm Grenade Launchers and Flamethrowers that incinerated to the bone marrow melting flesh off live and dead Horde Monstrous Adversaries leaving them unrecognizable.

Rada-da-da-da-da-da-duh! The machine guns fired upon the Horde. The pop then exploding of Napalm Grenades blocked their ways out in the square followed by the swooshing of Napalm Flamethrowers filling the square with fire as the rat-ta-ta-ta of machine gun fire mowed down and incinerated the Horde as well as the beauty of the Schwachedtopia Square with the fountain in the middle of the square that was destroyed with its water evaporated. No survivors from the Horde. Not a single casualty from the Hyperboreans. The Hyperboreans moved from rooftop to rooftop as they commenced their purge of death from above, street by street, block by block.

Zen van Nihil convened with his Hyperborean Soldiers who were part of the Armada as the Shadow Knights were outside the city fighting in the dense jungles of the Jund Lands in the gargantuan trees as they also fought in the style of death from above with Q-Antimatter Rifles and Aeternus Blades as one Shadow Knight would move in for close combat with the Aeternus Blades while the Chaos Magi utilized their Psionic and Arcane Powers to rain down Chaos Energy and Vortex Beams to annihilate the enemy together. A Chaos Magi is a type of Shadow Knight who are both equipped with the same gear, weapons, and armored attire except the Shadow Knight does not necessarily have mastery over Psionic or Arcane abilities.

Zen van Nihil addressed the Rangers who stood before him and Commander Herogzant who came down from the roof of a building and slid down a scaffolding to report to his Sovereign of Saturnia, Zen van Nihil.

“Sovereign Zen van Nihil, your mother, Her Imperial Highness, Empress Erika Freya van Nihil sent us with the Armada to here in the Schwached Lands. The Schwached Landers have suffered immeasurable losses in this genocide that we cannot believe the primal savages of the Jund Lands being the Lizardfolk, Dinosauroids, Kobolds, Orcs, Ogres, and Goblinoids could manage with the help of a Kraken.” Commander Herogzant called out despite the downpour of rain.

“I’m aware, this seems like a coordinated attack of proxies from the Draconian Imperium, the Hellfire Federation, or some other force but in my prescient peripheral vision, I see faint glimpses Chancellor Aiden Aka Manah and the Atlantean Empire which is too odd to me for I know the Emperor of the Atlantean Empire, Alexandros Atlazarex the Atlantean Solar Elf and his Empress Raquel Atlazarex the Gorgon over a highly-pluralist and diverse society that has existed as old of Hyperborea that spans Many-Dimensional Worlds as with the Holy Solarus Empire and Draconian Imperium but I fear the seemingly eternal Atlazarex dynasty has come into its own dark days that may bring its demise for a conspiracy has been hatched to destroy the dynasty through the war breaking out between the Draconian Imperium viciously warring the Atlantean Empire that is a slaughtering with liberation for the Atlantean Reptilians that act as insurgents against their own empire in conjunction with a rebellion sparked by an Elven Supremacist Organization entrapping the Atlantean Empire in a Civil War. The Draconian Imperium with their diverse race of Reptilians have solidified a great calling to destroy all none Reptilian kind in the Atlantean Empire to seize their lands while the Elven Supremacists known as the Malathyr Alliance are angered at Atlazarex Empire in marrying a Gorgon who are historically known for their cunning, intelligence, wisdom, experience, skullduggery, subterfuge, as well as their masteries over many talents and skills which I view Alexandros Alastor Atlazarex as wise and his wife Raquel Atlazarex as a benevolent Gorgon and excellent wife who I know and I even envy in not making my wife due to her many accolades and achievements.” Zen van Nihil spoke.

Zen van Nihil began thinking of Raquel Atlazarex the sublimely gorgeous humanoid Gorgon with shamrock green skin and calm serpentine hair of dread vipers who through her Zenarchist-Celestialist worship brought her peace so her hair was always sublimely calm and collect which reflected her personality through her scrutiny by the Elves and Draconian Imperium propaganda publicly ousting her as an alleged spy to manufacture consent for outrage towards her in hopes that Emperor Alexandros, Empress Raquel, and Emperor Alexandros elder sister ArchDuchess Althea of the current ruling Atlazarex Dynasty. It appeared that the Elven Supremacists of the Malathyr were promoting ArchDuchess Althea Atlazarex who rebuked the Malathyr Order at every turn for she was forever faithful to her brother, the Atlantean Emperor Alexandros and her sister-in-law, Empress Raquel as this legacy of the Atlazarex Dynasty proved to value family and its people as war raged between the Atlantean Empire and Draconian Imperium coupled with the Civil War in the Atlantean Empire against the Malathyr Order.

Zen van Nihil was interrupted by his musings of love that was lost by his new love that has been found in Kassandra Nova as his consort but still yearned for the sweet, sweet nectar of the lips of Raquel Atlazarex that he knew all to well when her name was Raquel Sarpedon. However, Zen van Nihil held the “?” Chaos Elf, Kassandra Nova’s hand and kissed her in front of Commander Herogzant without a care.

“Commander Herogzant, this is Kassandra Nova, my concubine-consort, let that be known if any inquiry among the Hyperborean Legion. Commander Herogzant, keep up the good work, I need you to go street by street in clearing out the menace of Scaleskins, Orcs, Ogres, and Goblinoids from the Schwachedtopia and we will fortify our positions in Schwachedberg and Schwachedtopia as well as the towns, villages, and hamlets of the Schwached Lands what do you have to report on the Schwached Lands in general from general relay intel from our forces fighting across the Schwached Lands?”

“Yes, Schwachberg sustained minor casualties and has been fortified, ArchDuchess Adriane Valencia an Alienist of Hyperborea was crowned Queen while the angered Schwached Landers slew King Jonah Schwach’s elder brother. We may have to siege the Schwach Castle of Schwachedtopia to assassinate King Jonah Schwach and his family.” Commander Herogzant spoke.

Commander Herogzant was an Afrikaner with dark skin and brown eyes with curly black hair.

Scarecrow the Silent Death Machine stood with them, nodded his head and turned towards the Castle, making his way for a deed that must be done through the streets that ran red with blood as the rain was soaked with blood and black ichor of Schached Landers and their invaders as their dead bodies littered the streets everywhere in piles. Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova, and Nixis Starsong stood facing Commander Herogzant and gathering Hyperborean Human Infantry and Elven Ranger Cavalry. 

“Are the walls of Schwachedtopia fortified and the fallen gates reformed with a substitutionary gate that will suffice?” Zen van Nihil asked.

“Yes sir.” Commander Herogzant spoke.

Suddenly a large Hyperborean Dreadnought flew overhead to where the deep river was the Prismaticagon River which began firing massive death rays into a swirling vortex of water as well as dropping 1 kiloton high-explosive bombs.

The echoes were heard in the distance of Fighter Aerospace Craft firing Antimatter beams down into the river to fight the Kraken. The rain stopped as the Kraken fled down the river towards the ocean rather quickly to escape any damage down to it but leaving behind giant squids which acted as decoys that reached from the surface at the fighter ships.

“That’s Lane Staley, my mountain dwarf right hand man.” Nixis Starsong approached them and began smiling as the weather cleared up and the sun emerged.

The remaining water dripped off buildings as Schwachedtopia plumbing networks were clogged by blood and sinew as well as dead bodies lay over the sewer grates leaving six inches to a foot of standing bloody water in the flooded city streets. Dead bodies of Scaleskins, Orcs, Ogres, and Goblinoids but far greater were the countless Schwach Landers bodies were found every step of the way on every street and alleyway. Schwach Landers stood at 5 foot, 3 inches to 5 foot, 6 inches tall as the Pygmyy race of Hyperborea with the rest of Hyperborean Humans and Elves being 5 foot, 7 inches tall to all the way to 7 feet tall. The 85% Hyperborean Schwach Landers from the cities census for Hyperborean Imperial Statistics were Human Schwach Landers who comprised every dead body found on the street of the Schwached Lands populace. Not a single Alienist Foreigner or Dwarf, Halfling, Elf, Half-Elf could be found dead laying in the gutters compared to the totality of 20% of Scaleskins, Orcs, Ogres, and Goblinoids to the 80% of Human Schwach Lander Men, Women, and Children. The absolute horror as Schwach Lander Soldiers lay massacred through the streets which was egalitarian to men and women who wielded basket-hilted swords, primal firearms and rifles in comparison to the Hyperborean Imperial Military. The Schwached Royal Army didn’t stand a prayer as war was still raging in Schwachedtopia as Schwached Royal Soldiers continued to be massacred outside Schwach Lander hideouts as Goblin Mechs mowed through them then sent Rockets into the hideouts being shops, households, temples, or keeps then spraying napalm into the hideouts through windows as they began to burn as squadrons of Goblin Mechs were massacring a now 90% Schwach Lander to the 10% Invading Monstrous Races found dead in the city from the amount of death being dished out as a tragic calamity by the final effort of Goblin Mechs. The Hyperborean Soldiers moved out with both Human, Elven, and now Dwarven forces. The Dwarves got to the Mechs first and with a mighty swing of their axes and warhammers in great repetition as even standing like acrobats on each other soldiers took down the Goblin Mechs rerouting them to be met by the Hyperborean Elven and Human Forces rerouting them again to Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova, and Nixis Starsong as the three attacked. Nixis turned into a cyclonic fury of blades with his Katanas slicing through the magical Cypress Ebonwood Armor of the Mechs to the Goblin piloting it. Zen van Nihil struck out with his Ragnarok and Aeternus while sending electrokinetic thunderbolts into the Mech exploding them. Kassandra Nova exploded the Mechs with her Fortuna Warhammer in on strike, destroying the Mechs and killing the Goblins. They made short work of the killing forces that would have finished the city.

They felt victorious over the Schwached Lands but that all changed when they noticed that the Schwachedtopia Grand Castle was on fire, immolating flames that Scarecrow must have entered. Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova, and Nixis Starsong all had a bad feeling about what happened in that the amount of the death and destruction today which decimated the grand cities population by 90% was only 90% over. Zen van Nihil noticed a swirling darkness over the Schwach Royal Castle. Never a good sign, never a dull moment.



From the void came Shoggoth dark ichor slimes with many-mouths with fiersome jagged teeth that slithered from the Void onto the roof of the Schwach Royal Castle devouring Schwach Royal Guards with their tentacled arms, mawing them into mutilation. Four-Armed Monstrous Gargoyles formed out of the Cherub Statues adorned around the Keeps and Schwached Royal Castle in a shroud of Diabolos Darkness as all turned everything dark over Schwachedtopia as radiant crimson glowing lights that represented eyes appeared over the Schwached Royal Castle. The light returned for overcast skies. The Dark Vortex was Magog symbolizing who it had chosen as a Dark Pharaoh stepped from the balcony of the now dark obsidian Schwached Royal Castle as the Hyperborean Armada deployed dropship pods from the skies which Hyperborean Humans, Elves, and Dwarves in Varangian Power Armor which was Cimmerian Jet Black with a Crimson Holovisor wielding Aeternus Blades being Cutlass, Longswords, and Zweihander Swords as well as Mjolnir storm battle hammers, they had Laser Rifles, Particle Rifles, and Gauss Rifles of a mixed sort strapped across their backs. The Varangian Army were the vast majority and elite forces of the Imperial Hyperborean Military. The Gates bursted with Cybernetic-Undead Scaleskins, Orcs, Ogres, Goblinoids, Schwach Soldiers. Lizardfolk still alive rode Cyber-Undead Tyrannosaurus Rexes, Utahraptors, Utah Raptors, Triceratops with Atlantean Malathyr Elven Liches and Draconian Imperium Stormtroopers. Grok Magrok was reduced to an Undead-Cybernetic Monstrous Lizardman riding the back of a Cybernetic-Undead Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Schwach Soldiers and Hyperborean Guards watching the Walls to Schwachedtopia were overwhelmed by the vast numbers of the invaders firing everything they had and tossing grenades to no avail in denting the Undead Army. It obliterated only a small number of the superior numbers among their ranks as Pteranodon Folk flew down and began attacking them on the rooftops or were met with counter-fire from the Undead Hordes. Nixis Starsong was among those at the wall who sliced and diced through the Undead until Grog Magok threw down a high-explosive at him sending him flying backwards. Nixis Starsong, mildly scathed, began running as those at the Wall engaged in combat with the Ghouls, Zombies, and Wights of the Undead as more and more came. Nixis Starsong noticed another relentless great number of warriors of Shadow Knights and Dwarves. The Shadow Knights were led by Shadow Paladin Beleric Beldzan and the Dwarves were led by EmJorn Staley wielding Mjolnirs were smashing their way through the Cybernetic-Undead. Lane Staley and his Dwarves  reconvened here as well to fight the endless Horde. Grok Magrok had his Cybernetic-Undead Tyrannosaurus Rex steed fallen as Grok Magrok slid down fighting between Lane and EmJorn Staley. Lane struck at Grok missing followed by mad swinging of Grok at both Lane and EmJorn when a Elf wearing Sylvan Ranger Robes with Mistveil Celestial Chainmail underneath Uber Beetle Chitin plate armor who appeared out of nothingness behind EmJorn Staley as he backed into him while Nixis Starsong joined the fray with Lane to deal the fatal blow to Grok Magrok, Nixis and Lane looked at EmJorn with the Atlantean Elf behind him.

“My name is Malakite Zynthazar and I shed this blood of your brother Dwarf to show you the future of the Malathyr to the Atlazarex Dynasty.” Malakite Zynthazar spoke decapitating EmJorn Staley.

Lane Staley charged Malakite Zynthazar, enraged that his brother had been slain. Lane’s Mjolnir clashed with Malakite Zynthazar sending Malakite Zynthazar reeling. Lane’s Mjolnir came again as Lane lunged at Malakite Zynthazar. Malakite recovered quickly as a faked feint and held out his Quicksilver Katana as Lane fell on Malakite Zynthazar’s sword, killing Lane instantly.

The Malathyr with the Draconian Imperium Stormtroopers used antimatter explosives to blow open the gates and portions of the wall leaving large gaps into the city massive walls to the outside blocked by nothing in these portions of the once massive partition due to the antimatter explosives leaving the city open to attack all around Schwachedtopia to the Jund Lands that surrounded Schwachedtopia allowing other Predators and Primal Monstrous Races to enter the City more freely.

Nixis Starsong held Lane Staley’s lifeless body in his arms. He looked up with malice at Malakite Zynthazar.

“How could you? How dare you?” Nixis Starsong cried. “You killed two brothers who were like my brothers, why? Why?!”

“You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, they stood in my way of destroying Schwachedtopia, so I disposed of them, this is the way of the Malathyr World, you should join us my Elven Brother, Nixis Starsong.”

The Malathyr summoned through the Dark Vortex a surrounding darkness that enveloped Schwachedtopia as the dead bodies of the slain arose as Zombies, Ghouls, and Wights besides the Undead-Cybernetic Creatures who were blown to pieces but the dead in the streets of the Monstrous and vast majority of the Pygmy Human Race of Schwached Landers. The mutilated bodies exploded for Ghosts to erupt forth as Geists and Banshees. At this Malakite Zynthazar turned Misty as a Ghost with the Malathyr and headed for the Schwachedtopia Royal Castle while the Draconian Imperium Stormtroopers where they fired their Gauss Autocannons. Nixis Starsong held up Lane’s body as a shield which began to be riddled with bullets as the Hyperborean Varangian began fighting back as Undead Zombies, Ghouls, Wights, and Death Knights in a endless Hordes swarming the City with the Undead and Evil Spirits of the City as it was overrun as Geists and Banshees moved through Keep Walls as Undead moved into Schwached Lands of the Pygmy Race of Hyperborea slaughtering whatever was left of Schwachedtopia. 

Zen van Nihil ordered the Armada ships to fire at will, “Destroy everything, raze Schwachedtopia to the ground, Total Annihilation.”

The Armada Ships deployed their Fighters and dropped antimatter bombs on the city and fired death rays down on the city but the castle had a forcefield around it. The Varangian and Hyperborean Imperial Army were warned of areas that were designated to be detonated by aerial strikes. The Varangian and Hyperborean Imperial Army retreated to the castle.

Nixis Starsong running with Lane’s bodies in his hand using it as a shield noticed he now held an unrecognizable bloody mess of gore which he threw at a group of ghouls to be devoured. Nixis Starsong reconvened with Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova in front of the now Devilish Eldritch Obsidian Palace of the former Schwached Royal Castle in the Plaza where the Forcefield of Magog was summoning Gog to create Gog Magog when the three looked up to see the Dark Pharaoh, Nyarlothotep. The Great Old One looked down upon them with a maniacal smile on his Casket Helmet with no flesh which with a flash of his gloved black hand in his Diabolos Armor and Shadow Cloak revealed a more neutral Casket Helmet.

“Welcome Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova, and Nixis Starsong. We’ve been expecting you.” Nyarlothotep spoke in a deep raspy baritone voice. The Skeletal Helmet with Egyptophile Pharaonic decorum on it with slits for glowing acrid green eyes with tentacles coming from behind his back waved wildly as Nyarlothotep caused neon green lightning to strike down from the skies.

Malakite Zynthazar appeared next to Nyarlothotep in a hooded Shadow Cloak with Diabolos Steel Armor that was adorned with spikes like Nyarlothotep with glowing red eyes.

“Hello, Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova, Brother Nixis Starsong.” Malakite Zynthazar spoke.

“I am not your brother Malakite Zynthazar!” Nixis Starsong yelled in anger after witnessing two Mountain Dwarves and the warriors of the Hill Giants and many more being massacred. The bitter existential dread of powerless failure filled him, consuming him.

“Nyarlothotep, Malakite Zynthazar, stand aside, our battle is with Gog Magog in its incarnation of most probably being the abdicated King Jonah Schwach.” Zen van Nihil commanded in stalwart defiance.

Nyarlothotep let out a maniacal laugh that was mixed between deep decibel baritone and shrieking. Malakite Zynthazar laughed a quiet laugh that was still audible from the balcony where the King, Queen, or Herald would address the citizens of Schwachedtopia or what had become Gog Magog as the Hyperborean Varangian and Imperial Army Special Operatives who survived the absolute destruction of Schwachedtopia as craters left craters that seemed endless as the ground quaked that brought forth a city from the depths of the Underworld through aethereal means which came to the surface as the Armada ships were forced to clear the skies as the vortex swirled that would have consumed them in a dark matter void.

“Of which Underworld is this? Tartarus or the Nine Hells, is this world surfacing on ours of Tarturas being Demons or the Nine Hells being Devils?” Nixis Starsong asked.

“Tartarus, the blood sacrifice of the Utopian Dream of the Pygmy Schwach Landers who will satiate the blood that has poured into Tartarus realm of Dis whom Zahhak Azi Dahag has allowed a special underling of his who has thirsted on the souls here today and is satiated therefore satisfied with his new lands in Hyperborea for Lord Mictlan who serves Lord over the Place of the Fleshless in Tarturas who is bloodthirsty, cannibalistic, and chaotic.

Mictlan appeared with his Aztecan Futuristic City of Pyramids with burning crimson flames at the top and golden domed buildings with stained glass depicting horrors untold. Mictlan was enormous as Vanguardian and Imperial Soldiers fired upon the Undead as the Draconian Imperium Reptilian Stormtroopers fled for the Flesh Jungles began to take over the lush Jungles of the Jund Lands around Schwachedtopia with bone trees and flesh leaves and fruits. Zen van Nihil looked at the colossal demon giant who was emaciated and skeletal with taught purple flesh wrapping around his skeletal body with no eyelids which showed glowing yellow eyes with no pupils and skeletal fangs for teeth. He wore a red feathered lower tunic with wrappings around his groin region, a headband where a crown of jewels with red feathers protruding from the jeweled headband, and a headband of very large eyes collected from innumerable Cyclops.

Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova, and Nixis Starsong saw the swirling vortex of Gog and Magog taking shape to form a colossal Devil of a Great Old One being Chernobog covered in Dark Cimmerian Skin with Diabolos Steel Armor with a Head that was Black Necrotic Skin yet bore the resemblance of a Skeletal Skull with Obsidian Diabolos Armored Pandemonic Long Horns with glowing red crimson radiant ruby eyes wielding . The Imperial Army were evacuating with the Varangian after seeing the futility of Infantry Ground Combat with Mictlan the Aztecan Underworld Demon Lord towering out of the vortex as Gog Magog spat out Shoggoths, Doom Giants, and Wraiths which infiltrated the Castle while Schwachedtopia became a piece of the Place of Flesh demonic plane on Hyperborean soil. Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova, Nixis Starsong looked upon Chernobog with his massive dual double-sided Annihilator Glaives that he wielded in both hands with the utmost dexterity and agility. Varangian joined with Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova, and Nixis Starsong into the Caustic Castle which they found themselves in lit foyer by green acrid flame candelabras and chandeliers. The Caustic Castle seemed like a perversion of the old Schwached Royal Castle as there were no dead bodies of Schwach Soldiers, Butlers, or Maids besides red blood stains that stained the ground everywhere. 

Zen van Nihil drew his Ragnarok and Aeternus, Kassandra Nova drew her Fortuna from her shoulder, and Nixis Starsong drew his Quicksilver Katanas. They moved through the bottom floor as Shoggoths were devouring dead bodies of the Schwached Soldiers who recently died fighting. The Varangian would provide covering fire as the three rushed forward, smashing and dashing through the Shoggoths as laser beams and autocannons as they made quick work of the busy Shoggoths. The black oozes with mouths and eyes were blown to pieces. Squishing on the floor but this was merely a trap as four armed Gargoyles came from the alcoves above and came down. Shoggoths came from the bottom floor as Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova, Nixis Starsong, and Varangian were in the lobby. An endless stream of Shoggoths came from the Conference Rooms where Schwach Surveyors of the Battle had been after sending Hyperborean Imperial Army back out onto the streets right before the Caustic Castle was formed. Kassandra Nova smashed the stone gargoyles that came at her as she swung around like a dervish shattering the Gargoyles. Nixis Starsong slashed through Pteranodon Folk. The 7 Battalions of Varangian provided sufficient covering fire for innumerable enemy forces. Some Varangian drew their Mjolnir warhammers striking Shoggoth and Gargoyles with lightning strike, electrokinetic energy destroying them. Ghouls moved down from the second floor leaping over the balconies to land on Vanguardian Soldiers who fired upon them with their particle rifles and autocannons. A Shoggoth tackled a Vanguardian devouring them, a Ghoul puked acid in a Varangian face melting their facial helmet and disfiguring their face immediately and killing them, a Gargoyle ripped a Vanguardian apart. The Varangian were reloading, their weapons jammed as three Malathyr Elven Liches stood at the top balcony then fired death rays down as Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova fought to defend the Varangian for their three second reload time as some swung Mjolnir electrokinetic hammers in endless fighting. Nixis Starsong utilized his Spring Heel Jack to leap up to the Liches dodging eldritch death rays who swung in a cyclone at the Elven Liches slashing them then fired thunder waves which shook them then lightnight to finish them for an Elven Lich’s phylactery was its own body. Nixis Starsong saw Malakite Zynathazar who enticed Nixis Starsong. Nixis Starsong had jet black long hair as a Storm Elf where Malakite Zynthazar had silver hair with ashen skin as a Dusk Elf who Nixis Starsong gave chase. Shadow Knights exploded through the portal stained glass windows which reformed after shattering with their Aeternus Blades and Q-Antimatter and Gauss Double-Barreled Magnum Autocannons who fired from above at the Shoggoths, Gargoyles, and Ghouls. Some leapt down to use flamethrower pyrokinesis which was like an aethereal napalm which melted the Shoggoths who came in rows, firing large fireballs into the conference rooms exploding into them. Large 10 foot diameter fireball after 10 foot diameter fireball were launched into the Conference Rooms on either side destroying the Shoggoths who had multiplied due to feeding. Zen van Nihil noticed that these were freshly created Shoggoths in comparison to their more aggressive creators that these were nothing.

Kassandra Nova yelled a “?” incantation of “Carnival of Carnage take me for a ride, send my attacks true so no enemy will survive, funhouse of horror, smoke and mirrors, may I strike more clearer, may I destroy my enemies on my Carousel of Callous Anger, I am their greatest danger.”

At that Kassandra slammed her Fortuna warhammer down that rippled through the room deflecting off Shadow Knights and Varangian as well as Zen van Nihil but exploded the Shoggoths, the Gargoyles, and Ghouls in a Multi-Colored Energy Explosion.

The first room they came to they had lost a five Vanguardian Soldiers to the onslaught of the forces of Nyarlothotep and the true form of Gog Magog in Chernobog the Dark Great Old One from the Diabolos Darkness Dimension of Scholomance. The Caustic Castle was a Ubiquitous transformative trait of Diabolos Darkness at work as well as Chernobog and his Darkness Abraxas or Darkness Supreme Archon Zahhak Azi Dahag who ruled Tartarus. Chernobog awaited at the top while stranded Schwached Soldiers, Hyperborean Imperial Soldiers, and Varangian waged war of subterfuge against Mictlan outside hiding behind pandemonic buildings as Undead Zombies, Ghouls, Ghasts, and Wights wandered the city streets. The doors opened and Commander Herogzant walked through with Imperial Soldiers.

“Sovereign of Saturnia, Zen van Nihil! The Demon Lord Mictlan is right on top of us, he followed us here, we have with us Legate Inquisitor Lysander Magnus Cicero and a hell of a lot more reinforcements in the form of being bolstered by Solarus and Firehawk Legionnaires from the Holy Solarus Empire! We don’t have much time!”

Commander Herogzant’s statement was cut short by a colossal hand emaciated skeletal arm with taught purpled skin bursting through the obsidian door and grabbing Commander Herogzant and two other Imperial Soldiers and with Mictlan’s face grinning maniacally at them scooped them up and shoveled them into his mouth. Zen stalwartly watched three men be cannibalized alive by a Demon Lord in it’s yellowed mouth between Miloctan’s carnivorous teeth. Imperial Soldiers poured back out to resume fire upon Miloctan to be scooped up and eaten. Zen van Nihil ran outside when a Goliath Human Man in Crimson and Gold Holy Solarus Phoenix Templar Armor blurred through the air. The 10 foot tall Legate Inquisitor Lysander Cicero crashed into Miloctan’s face wielding a massive Holy Dawnbreaker Glaive in one hand and a Holy Dawnbreaker Waraxe in the other slicing the creature badly. Zen van Nihil joined the fray as Holy Solarus Legionnaires and Firehawks fired upon Miloctan. Unable to reach the slouched over Miloctan with its now enormous gash is face. Lysander Cicero and a group of Solarus Templar made their way to the Caustic Castle entering the building as Zen van Nihil jumped onto the the emaciated cannibalistic death Demon Lord, Miloctan’s belly then ran up his body slicing his way up then jumping to the middle of his ribs after fileting the stomach of Miloctan revealing a diet of bones and dust falling out of Miloctan. Zen van Nihil leapt onto the right arm that grabbed at him, cutting off Miloctan’s right hand at the wrist jumping at the other wrist. Zen van Nihil slashed the left hand off then jumped to the bony ribs, climbing his way up from one to the other, shattering ribs beneath his feet as he kicked off them and leapt with the Spring Heel Jack. Miloctan tried biting at Zen van Nihil only for Zen van Nihil to stab Miloctan in one eye than the other then as the blinded Demon Lord Miloctan struggled to see now that the threshold of his dominion was crumbling beneath his feet as the Holy Solarus Legion and Hyperborean Imperial Military made their way to the jungle. Zen van Nihil swung around Miloctan’s neck in one fell swoop, decapitating the Demon Lord. The ground erupted beneath Zen van Nihil as dropships picked up those who were in mass platoons to be airlifted as the ground quaked and fabric of reality shook as the Demon Lord fell slain outside his realm, Zen van Nihil flew off Miloctan towards the Caustic Castle entrance, going inside as Lysander Cicero held the door for him as Solarus Legionnaires and FireHawks entered as well as more Vanguarian Guard for all other units were evacuating Zen van Nihil watched from the entrance as Micloctan erupted into a skeleton which upon hitting the ground exploded his demonic buildings which turned back into the rubble of Schwachedtopia with giant demonic bones lying everywhere. Zen van Nihil snapped his fingers at each of the bones imbued with Mictloctan’s final essence, powderizing them into dust with each snap as Zen van Nihil realized something about himself that Friend had been trying to tell him. After the bones were gone and the dust cleared to nothingness.

God The Great Architect spoke to Zen van Nihil, “Well-played my Quantum Abraxas, my Chosen Supreme Archon of the Multiverse.”

Zen van Nihil went back to the Caustic Castle with Legate Inquisitor Lysander Cicero who pressed a button on his Knightly Helmet to retract it to reveal his blonde high-and-tight haircut with his healthy full face with strong cheekbones and jaw with Azure Blue Eyes with large rounded nostrils.

“Hello, Sovereign of Saturnia Zen van Nihil, I am Legate Inquisitor Lysander Magnus Cicero or Lysander Cicero for short. Brevity is key, I have been following your Homunculus Scarecrow as well as whatever I could find on you for awhile for reasons only the Supreme Potentate Loki Fenrir of the Holy Solarus Empire directly commanded who I directly report to for transparency is key in situations such as these. Gardenia and Solarus are allies, Atlantis and Draconis are at full-scale war which you and I both know there are greater evil forces at work here with Schwachedtopia being desolate of a population now that it has returned to normal or the Pandemonic Lord of Tarturas sent by Zahhak Azi Dahag has had one of his High Demon Lords slain in the Depths of the Abyss of Tartarus which the Place of Flesh which Mictlan whom you have just slain permanently will never return for that is the fatal flaw of Demons outside of Tartarus same with Devils of the Nine Hells led by Lucifer Illuminatus, Chernobog may be Gog Magog but it is truly Nyarlothotep and his Atlantean Abraxas who is the reincarnation of Alastor Atlazarex the First who was the Mad-King Conqueror who you slew in aeons past in the days of the Mythic Ancients. We tried contacting King Jonah Schwach but all we heard were the sounds of buzzsaws and screams before the Caustic Castle appeared, this is my mere insight Zen van Nihil but did you have your provincial governor who was the King of the Pygmy race of Hyperborea slain suspecting that he was Gog Magog?” Lysander Cicero reported from the intel he had thoroughly surveyed off the top of his head which Zen van Nihil knew this man was an Archon.

“You are correct on all accounts and yes, I ordered the deaths of the Schwach Royal Family and Nobility.” Zen van Nihil spoke, “I sent Scarecrow, King Jonah Schwach, his incestuous Royal Family Circle, and Nobility deserved death for there is not a single survivor of his erroneous actions here in this capitol which has been moved to Schwachberg where all the villages and towns of the Schwach Lands lay in ruin, burnt to the ground with no survivors as my prescient knowledge tells me from the adversaries we faced today.” 

“I didn’t know you held such animosity towards failure and incompetence so therefore I don’t blame you nor will I remember for the record that you stated that so boldly or at all.” Lysander Cicero complied to Zen van Nihil’s statement.

Zen van Nihil spoke, “Two of my Archons are missing, Scarecrow the Outsider was the one who assassinated the Schwach Royal Family and Nobility by my command in omission, Nixis Starsong ran off to fight Malakite Zynthazar and the other Malathyr Warriors and even Elven Liches, I may lose two men or shall I say Archons of the Saturnia Commission today one by my mistake in releasing a living killing machine on this Schwach Royal Castle before it turned into the Caustic Castle, one by his own rage at being antagonized and tricked into a death trap. Dammit, this whole Caustic Castle is crawling with all kinds of Undead, Fiends, Wrathful Wraiths, and Abominations to even Hyperborea.” Zen van Nihil calmly said.

The room was full of Solarus Legionnaires and Firehawks as well as Varangian who were both men and women under their armor. Kassandra Nova looked around them.

Kassandra Nova grinned at her audience fixated on her as an odd one there, to ease the tension, she told a joke. “Zen van Nihil walks into a pizza shop, he asks if they can make him ‘One with Everything’.”

The Varangian and Solarus Legionnaires all laughed despite watching the horrors of an Invading Monstrous Force followed by a Demonic Force overtake a city and turn all of Schwachedtopia’s Pygmies into Undead then have the city eradicated as now the Jungles of the Jund Lands in the peripheral outside the city into a desolate dead wasteland 5 kilometers outside the city into Dead Flora and Fauna. Despite the Horrors of watching countless comrades of their Forces eaten alive by a now dead Demon Lord Mictloctan die the eternal death, never to return again.

Lysander overheard the joke and laughed, “Zen van Nihil, despite your stoicism in all this, you are coping with this genocide quite well even in administering punishment for the incompetence against the King, his royal family, and nobility of the Schwached Lands centered in Schwachedtopia. You tried to do what was Utilitarian but in the end it turned Malthusian which was out of your control. You saved the lives you could. The Divines damned the city to fall for its weakness as we stand in a Caustic Castle of Eldritch Origin, the last foothold of an abomination in your lands, Chernobog is protected by the aura of this place which is why he hovers atop it. Your two Archons of the Saturnia Commission are missing and are the “?” Chaos Elf? Is she an Archon as well?” Lysander Cicero asked.

“I’m aware of what will happen if this castle is destroyed and we destroy Gog Magog for we cannot destroy both Gog Magog and Chernobog with our numbers, the “?” Chaos Elf is named Kassandra Nova or Kasey Nova, she is my Consort outside my wife Celeste van Kosmos. We cannot destroy Gog Magog nor Chernobog with both my Archons, Scarecrow and Nixis Starsong being deceased.” Zen van Nihil spoke with dread.

“I understand the dire situation we are in. That is why I am joining you and your Saturnia Commission no matter what the cost.” Lysander Cicero spoke, “Such was the last decree of Supreme Potentate Loki Fenrir.”

“So, my friend Lysander Cicero, you are now under my charge after word from my dear friend of ancient days Loki Fenrir, my friend Lysander Cicero, we must hurry to find Nixis Starsong, he went chasing after Malakite Zynthazar, I cannot see any prescient knowledge of this infinite eldritch Caustic Castle.” Zen van Nihil spoke.

Zen van Nihil looked to see Kassandra Nova standing next to them.

“No worries in filling me in Zen, my love, I overheard everything, nice to meet you Lysander Cicero. I am Kassandra Nova the Queen of Hearts and Ace of Spades “?” of the Chaos Elves.” Kassandra Nova laughed, ‘Honk, honk!’ she honked her nose at Lysander Cicero.

“You do realize Kassandra Nova that if this was any other circumstance other than you being a Concubine-Consort of Zen van Nihil, I would have nailed you to a cross.” Lysander Cicero spoke.

“You will never do that and you will regret saying that.” Kassandra Nova said, “You’re xenophobia will end today after you see what we see and find what we find, isn’t that right Zen?”

“Yes, that is true

“I apologize Zen van Nihil but I must tell you what awaits for you here in this Purgatorio realm upon our world, go to the Royal Chambers, the Chaos Elf and I will wait for you there, I was told by Emperor Loki Fenrir that, ‘Nixis Starsong was in fact a lost cause,’ I apologize but follow me.” Lysander spoke softly before yelling, “FireHawks and Legionnaires, we move out! Remember, everything in this place that isn’t Zen van Nihil, Kassandra Nova the Chaos “?” Clown, nor the Varangian, it will try to kill you unless we handle it first, our first objective is to find the Half-Elf, Nixis Starsong. Understood!”

“Hoo-Rah! Hoo-Rah!” His 13 Battalions returned Triumphantly in agreement.

Zen van Nihil commanded his Varangian with the vigor of a Fearless Leader as he shouted his order, “Lysander Cicero and his forces will lead the way, we shall follow as for my Shadow Knights who among you are yourselves, your Chaos Magi, and your Raven Knights, you shall scout out peripheral areas with a dispatch of Varangian nearby, everyone sync your Holocoms to the 23 Enigma Nazar Station for total secrecy and only speak if spoken to or if you spot something. Move Out!”

“Yes Sovereign of Saturnia, Zen van Nihil.” They declared.

Immediately beyond the foyer they saw three doors with grand staircases that went to the higher quarters in a lavishly eldritch room that provided a way up to a higher level with quarters. 

Zen van Nihil told Lysander Cicero, “Have your three lower Commanding Officers lead your forces as I will have mine splitting all the way down to nine forces each in the three major forces. The Varangian will work with Solarus Forces at all times in unison despite their nine forces divided evenly with primary and auxiliary platoons.”

The Shadow Knights overheard this and so did Lysander Cicero’s Majors and Captains.

Lysander Cicero confirmed this to his Officers who relayed it to his troops. The Shadow Knights relayed this to the Varangian who looked to Zen van Nihil.

“My word is the law, my word is good.” Zen van Nihil commanded loudly.

His Varangian all saluted, “Yes Sovereign Zen van Nihil.”

They filed evenly into three groups and went through three doors that led to tunnels with their .95 Autocannons ready to fire with flashlights on due to the dimly lit darkness. Zen van Nihil saw the rubble of the conference rooms as behind them and held Kassandra Nova close, kissing her as Lysander Cicero made his way to the left staircase. Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova followed after him.

“This way.” Lysander Cicero spoke. 

Lysander Cicero flexed his hand to throw a Solarus Mage Sun through arcane powers into the middle of the room which illuminated it. Lysander Cicero put his ear to the door and heard movement inside and kicked it down to see a group of black robed figures around a pentagram with a dark robed Demonic Wraith with a Crimson Bull Humanoid Head hovering in the middle draped in a black robe that spoke in low humming sounds. Zen van Nihil sent out Cryokinesis to send out the lavish candles and freeze the cultists as well as the burning pentagram on the ground.

The BaphoWraith let out a painful, “Mooooh!” in pain and flickered out of existence.

Kassandra Nova rushed in with her Fortuna warhammer exploding them as comical stars flew out of them as the frozen cultists exploded into bloody chunks of popsicles on the ground.

Drawings of Pentagrams with Bull Horns drawn in a Pentagram with Demonic Tongue were written on the Walls with Photographs of Cursed Images of the Eldritch Outsider Worlds that had driven Scarecrow insane as Zen the Outsider who tried to bring peace to Gardenia before being forced into false-imprisonment at Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium where Anti-Psionic Properties of the Prison, Torture on a daily basis, Solitary Confinement while being strapped down on an operating table as a machine cut him open harvested organs from him to clone the Ixarix Grim Reapers for Negative 0 which Zen van Nihil owns while Zen the Outsider suffered with an IV Drip of Tormenture-Zed intravanneously and being gassed into the room to burn Zen the Outsider’s lungs but as that didn’t kill Zen the Outsider as he was smeared as by a world who hated him while he was with him but referred to him as such fondly after he disappeared as Zen the Outsider lost his Humanity as the Zetan Grey Tall One and Golgatha Goliath which composed his new DNA as the Aethereal realm altered it.

Zen van Nihil thought these things for he was mesmerized by a mirror on the wall where Zen the Outsider was a young man with his love of his life Serenity Mysterium and his best friend, Father Ignatius performing miracles to heal the masses of the destitute and sick of the Gardenia Utopian Community as the dark mirror showed everyone dead and emaciated as Zen the Outsider was now a hulking giant of a man who had gotten off the Tormenture Table to dawn the outfit of his new identity as his appearance had changed from being less Human due to deformation in his torture. Scarecrow held the three-fold locket showing Father Ignatius on the left, Father Dogen on the right, and Serenity Mysterium in the middle with one of his traumatic psychotic episodes of Serenity looking up with him with hollow dark as the void eyes as Scarecrow closed the locket to see Father Ignatius as an Angel standing before him which Serenity ran to as they disappeared into the light where the living Serenity Mysterium stood next to Father Ignatius with Angel wings in a White Dress and Cowl which in another flash they disappeared the locket still open in Scarecrow’s hand he fell into a void where he transformed into Zen the Outsider gazing up at Aiden Aka Manah the Skeletal Demonic Bull Humanoid in a suit gazing down and laughing at him. Zen the Outsider closed the locket where he fell through the Void did Zen the Outsider fall to fly upward as Scarecrow to slash where Aiden Aka Manah was standing to see them on top of Everest where Aiden F. EisenHaus fell backwards in fear.

Zen van Nihil watched this and whispered, “I am not just a King, I am a Sovereign, the Sovereign of Saturnia, Aiden Aka Manah is forever the fool.” At those words Zen van Nihil knew through seeing into his Homunculos broken consciousness that Gardenia Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus or Infernal Abraxas Aiden Aka Manah was behind this attack. Lysander went to the far right room.

“Fuck this!” Lysander Cicero yelled blowing open the room with a Ultramega Vindicator shotgun round then fired his flamethrower into the room followed by a grenade then cleared his way from the blowback as the explosion silenced the Cultists Scream with a “Mooooh!” from a BaphoWraith being summoned. The third door was grand and double-doored. Zen van Nihil opened the door with telekinesis with his HyperCannon at the ready to see it led to a raised bridge over an eldritch arboretum and garden. Zen van Nihil picked up a Perpetual Perite from his UtiliTech that he rolled down the bridge and kept rolling into the darkness lighting stairs that went down in the distance with high ceilings as it rolled further and further down stairs that Zen van Nihil followed with his supersonic hearing that he focused in on until it was out of his periphery which he heard it hit something faintly but then sputter around and keep rolling as faint steps could be heard as it rolled more and more then Zen van Nihil focused on the Eldritch Forest and Garden underneath the long bridge which towered above the Eldritch Flora and Fauna as readied his HyperCannon Multi-Projectile Weapon. Zen van Nihil wasn’t getting any signs of life besides the Eldritch Flora and Fauna. Kassandra Nova followed close behind with her Quickling Dancing Dagger in one hand and her Ace of Blades Cutlass which was a Vorpal Blade. Lysander Cicero followed after ready with his endless supplies of grenades and keroilian fuel for his flamethrower as well as the rapid fire particle accelerator autocannon at the ready.

“I don’t trust the false tranquility of this place.” Lysander spoke.

“This is beautiful, I’ve seen these plants before but I don’t know where. The Blues of the Azure Combine scrambled my brains a little, Zen van Nihil, I’m as old as the beginning of the Ancients as you are but I can’t help but wonder where I have seen such flora and fauna other than in eldritch lands ruled by Nyarlothotep the Dark Pharaoh. The one we called an adversary planted this garden here as he planted the Caustic Castle who is working with someone who I see in your eyes as a bitter old enemy, a rival you need for survival.” Kassandra Nova whispered.

“That’s enough my beloved, try to remember this Garden of Bedlam for that is what it is and that is what it will bring, the bridge is three miles long, we are Ancients, we know situations like these are too good to be true.”

Why cross the Bridge and meet our enemy on this 35 yard wide divide between us and the ground when Lysander can hold his position here while we meet the enemy below?” Kassandra Nova asked mercurially.

“I see your logic but don’t think more surveillance of this Garden of Bedlam needs more precaution for I see nothing in my prescience, neither safe passage nor perilous danger, something is blocking my precognitive prescient knowledge as hard as I try, I see a blank, a void.”

Kassandra Nova cocked her head and looked at Zen van Nihil. She kissed him hard.

“I take on my challenges, head-first.” Kassandra Nova exclaimed as she backflipped like an acrobat off the bridge with her Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton which would cushion her fall. Zen van Nihil chased after her leaping, pulling out his Ragnarok sword ready for a fight for not just his but the love of his life.

“What are you two, insane!” Lysander Cicero yelled after them.

“What gave you that idea?” Kassandra Nova sarcastically yelled back as she and Zen van Nihil landed gracefully on the ground.

Upon landing the flora and fauna began all shrieking as well as the trees, a cacophony of unworldly screams which uprooted themselves and began attacking. The medium eldritch fungi leapt up as Mushroom Capped Green Goblins sprouted from the ground.

Zen van Nihil enabled his AutoCannons flamethrower and sprayed hot lead as well as flames erupted from the nozzle that destroyed them. Kassandra Nova drew her daggers and stabbed into the Mushroom Capped Green Goblins as green ichor sprayed everywhere. Lysander saw Treefolks animate from the trees and Lysander began firing at everything. Launching grenades as everything in the Garden of Bedlam exploded. Zen van Nihil and Kassandra Nova leaped up to the bridge with their Spring Heel Jacks as they fled across the bridge as the Treefolks screamed as they leapt back to strike as Zen van Nihil drew his Ragnarok blade plunging it repeatedly into a Treefolk each individualized but each coordinated to attack as Kassandra smashed a Treefolk with her warhammer. Kassandra smote it dead. Lysander Cicero looked after Zen and Kassandra were fighting giant Treefolk. Noticing The Treefolk were gathering around Zen van Nihil. That is where Lysander Cicero decided to strike at the others. Fire was spreading everywhere and heating up the room. Kassandra stood proud covered in the bloody ichor of the Treefolk as Ravenous Vines wrapped around her limbs from all around her and pulled exploding her into a bloody pulp of red mist and gore. Zen van Nihil saw this and began to summon his passions of rage as a giant Phoenix was manifested with his psychic phenomenon as it flew around the entirety of the Garden of Bedlam as Zen van Nihil’s Ragnarok Sword glew a brilliant crimson as he and the Phoenix wreaked havoc with furious rancor around the Garden of Bedlam sending seismic shocks around the room with Apocalypse Energy as Meteors manifested from above Zen van Nihil which crashed with every slash and slice taking endless demonic floral and fauna life as shrill shrieks followed by pops from them and sizzling screams with loud cracks of exploding wood from the Treants as the Phoenix flew through them or the aerial apocalyptic winds hit the Treants then meteors pummeling them both and exploding, thereby destroying them. Zen van Nihil saw the garden was one of eternal fire as he leaped upon the bridge above that Lysander was opening the double steel door. Zen van Nihil charged through the doors which Lysander came through closing the doors behind them as the Phoenix exploded filling the entire room with fire, destroying the bridge.

“Where’s Kassandra Nova?” Lysander asked, “Where’s the Chaos Elf Harlequin?”

Zen van Nihil began sobbing seeing that the metal door melted together intertwining itself shut.

“Kassandra Nova is dead and it’s my fault for failing her.” Zen van Nihil sobbed quietly and spoke aghast with agony.

“That’s why you lost yourself in Jotun-esque berserker rage, you are a Hyperborean, a noble savage of the snow lands of the arctic world known Hyberborea, Zen van Nihil the Sovereign of Saturnia, Grand Prince of Hyperborea, sole Heir of the Empire of Hyperborea, son of Supreme Empress Erika Freya van Nihil of the Hyperborean races of Humans, Elves, Jotuns, and Gypsies who dwell in Hyperborea, Saturnia, and the Dreamlands. I am half-Valkyrie of Solarus, and half-Jotun of Golgotha. Mother was a Valkyrie and my father was a Jotun. Zen van Nihil, do you know who your father is?”

Zen van Nihil looked around the room to see portraits of Great Old Ones, Demonic, Devils, and Fallen Angels as well as ArchAngels but one was an amalgamation of the three of these as a Pandemonic Abraxas named Lucifer Illuminatus who was majestically painted with three sets of burning wings of Celestial Burning Flames of Aethereal Energy connected to Snow White Skin, Sapphire Blue Eyes, Golden and Crimson Armor, Nimbus Boots with Golden Fleece Clouds surrounding his Aethereal Energy Aura, His hair long and jet black with white shining teeth in a maniacal smirk with pure spiteful pride on his face while wielding a Giant Crimson Cutlass known as the Megiddo Blades which one was still sheathed at his side.

“My father is depicted in the large painting at the end of the gallery where the larger room is depicted, his name is Emperor of Ultima Circle, Lucifer Illuminatus.”

Lysander looked with fear at Zen van Nihil knowing that he was serious and it shocked him to his core that Hyperborean Empress, Erika Freya van Nihil mothered a child with Lucifer Illuminatus to create who he knew as the Quantum Abraxas, Zen van Nihil. Lysander Cicero thought of what cruel romance and cursed love created Zen van Nihil that created his newfound friend Zen van Nihil in great macabre horror. Lysander Cicero’s eyes grew heavy, walking away magnetized on each of the portraits of the Great Old Ones, Great Demons, ArchDevils, and Fallen ArchAngels. Zen van Nihil followed after with eyes wide open looking at each Portrait of each entity Demonic, Devilish, Eldritch, and Traitor to God’s Creation. Lysander’s eyes grew sharper as he grew closer to the grand portrait of Lucifer Illuminatus.

They reached the portrait gazing upon it with eyes wide open, senses sharpened and fully aware after being intoxicated by horrors that alerted them.

They looked to their right to see a Dark Angelic Fury in similar Dark attire and Doctor Apocalypse Cambion in a Lab Coat. This area is known as the Portraits of Purgatorio that are of Eldritch, Infernal, and Demonic Supreme Evils depicted in the Portraits with the Portrait of the Demon Lord Micloctan that is aged, torn, and seemingly destroyed unlike the other Portraits which sustain no damage upon experimenting. There is one Portrait which on either side is Mephistopheles and Morrigan where Raziel Mephiston stands in front of the Portrait of Mephistopheles while Eris Discordia stands in front of the Portrait of Morrigan. They engaged Zen van Nihil to step near the covered Portrait by a Cloth which is the only Portrait of not a Personal Portrait but a Portrait of the Place of Norumbega.

The Dark Fury, Eris Discordia said seductively “Come my beloved Zen van Nihil, do you remember the eternity’s past of our endless love?”

The Cambion, Raziel Prospero explained that “My dear father, what may seem like a day where we are going there will only take a second in Hyperborea, wouldn’t you like to spend some time with me, your long lost son?”

Zen van Nihil spoke recollecting memories of this Caustic Castle and what worlds it was tied to in his psyche, “Eris Discordia and Raziel Prospero let us go, Lysander wait here, we’ll be back in a minute, we’re going to the Hyperborean Dreamlands.”

12PM, August 11th, 2131 CE, Norumbega, Hyperborea

The forever winter city of Norumbega filled with mansions and shop owners with the top floor being a place where the proprietor could rest with their employees. Norumbega was where Zen van Nihil currently stayed at the Eat Crow Inn, It was warm where every room had a fireplace. Zen and Eris Discordia were relaxing in the bedrooms of their suite. Zen van Nihil laid on a couch next to Eris Discordia gazing into the fire, mesmerized by the flames, hickory wood crackling in the caged fireplace on its coals of the hearth. Zen van Nihil had reunited with Eris Discordia in Norumbega in the Dreamlands realm close to the proximity of Hyperborea. The Dreamlands being a quasi-portal derivative dimensional surreal realm of reality closer to reality than the further distance into Abstract Absurdist Realms. 

Zen van Nihil arrived in Norumbega after trudging through the snow in a winter storm that came from a portal in a cave to a place of Zen van Nihil’s native land. Empress Erika Freya van Nihil made Zen van Nihil’s existence well-known and Zen van Nihil told some old friends through letters by Baba Yaga the Postmaster to deliver some letters under the Magna Carta of secret letters from Grand Prince Zen van Nihil to some old friends. When Zen van Nihil arrived in Norumbega to find Eris Discordia as the only one who showed up. Nerdy, shy, and beloved Eris Discordia daughter of Hecate Discordia the goddess empress of Magick among Hyperboreans who was a consul to goddess empress of the realm Erika Freya van Nihil. Zen van Nihil entered the Norumbega, Eat Crow Tavern from the pale of blowing snow and iced over roads that Hyperborean hovercraft traveled over with ease but walked upon carefully as it crunched under the immense pressure that the stronger races forced unto it. Once inside the tavern known as the Eat Crow Tavern was bustling with the patrons of all sorts drinking in the Tavern. 

A wintery cold blast followed Zen and Scarecrow into the warmth of the Eat Crow Tavern. There is a round table with those dressed in Gypsy attire of the Savdonians who are the Southern People with olive skin and forest green eyes.  The Savdonian Leader Nehemiah was wielding magical daggers in his belt. Zen van Nihil had an eye for these things which he knew Nehemiah had magical garments on his body and plenty of gold. Zen noticed a group of assorted Variants of Humans, as well as Half-Orcs and Barbarians who are of the interdimensional mercenary guild known as the Doombringers which these were lower ranking members with their Sergeant being a Half-Orc who was among them wielding a magical battleaxe. The Captain probably had pockets full of gold to buy drinks for his men. The Savdonians had daggers and the Doombringers had powerful greatswords, glaives, and great-axes as well as powerful coilguns.

Zen van Nihil had a Vortex Coilgun, Aeternus blade and his Ragnarok longsword while dressed in Arachnoweave Ebony Steel Armor, Shadow Cloak, UtiliTech Belt, UtiliTech Smart Bracer, Void blades and daggers adorned his full-body armor. Scarecrow was wearing a Haunter Shirt and Pants with Barbed Splint Armor up and down his body as well as Umbral Combat Armor with his Gas Mask Rebreather with Glowing Acrid Green Eyes. Scarecrow had an Industrial Saw Power Arm for his Bracers, Retractable Blades being Swords on his Bracers as well as Talons. Zen van Nihil assessed the room of the two groups which one was not a threat that Zen and Scarecrow agreed the Doom Squad and Savdonians posed no threat nor were they there for them but did not rule out anything as impossible for all options were always on the table. Zen van Nihil saw a woman in a Shadow Cloak and Peet Coat as well as Black Jeans with Winged Pixie Boots. The woman had her Peet Coat open to reveal her Purple Dragonic Corset.

Zen van Nihil and Scarecrow sat down next to her, “Eris Discordia?” Zen asked.

“Yes, Zen van Nihil and Scarecrow, that is me, Zen it is so glad to see you after all these aeons and ages to see you since we were lovers in our youth, I convinced Scarecrow to rescue you from that social-technological panopticon prison of the Celestial Sanitarium. Zen, do you remember our love from aeons and ages past?”

“Yes, I remember Eris Discordia, daughter of Hekate Discordia, secret passion of mine among my fellow Hyperboreans, how have I missed you and I love you.”

Eris Discordia had fair skin, jet black hair, ultraviolet purple eyes, three pairs of translucent ultraviolet purple dragonfly wings that appeared or disappeared at will. Eris Discordia was a beautiful, gorgeous woman. Zen van Nihil remembered Eris Discordia as the eccentric eclectic woman in his Empire of Hyperborea who lived in the elite city of Alexandria where the heart of the Hyperborean Empire Capital was blood-flowed but the mind was in Hyperborea Imperial Providence itself where Empress Erika Freya van Nihil. Alexandria is a city where Zen and Eris grew up together where Zen van Nihil was a folk hero and Eris was the nerdy pariah outcast until Zen van Nihil took her as one of his concubines. One he felt as though was his beloved betrothed but due to stigma could not but Eris was forever loyal to Zen as even now she was loyal to join him in his Great Commission.

“Eris Discordia, I knew you of all people who would meet us in whenever need be for my rise to power in order to secure our ultimate victory as a fellow Archon, Hyperborean, but most importantly as my lover of aeons and ages past for I have returned to this world, free from the void to do as I please, which you have greatly pleased me in being here on this day from now on to eternity. Eris Discordia, “I love you.” Zen van Nihil spoke.

Eris laughed, “Geez, Zen van Nihil, of course I’ll marry you, if Celeste wills it but also if that’s if you want to know? Haha!” Eris spoke, “No Zen, I know you and being one of your concubines is an option in your mind because as all women tend to say the type that I am a strong, independent woman who needs no man. Haha!” Eris became serious, “Zen, you’re back, I love you, I’m with you forever from now on, we’re stuck with each other.” Eris had her cloaked hood up but dropped the hood up and undid her ponytail to reveal her lush long jet black hair that went down to her shoulders.

Zen stirred, “I think you already know Scarecrow, were you behind my liberation from the Great Mother Celeste Sanitarium?”

Eris Discordia smiled, “Zen van Nihil, that answer is indeterminate for many wanted you free, including myself, to take sole credit would be vainglorious to all those who conspired to set you free.”

Zen van Nihil leaned inward to Eris Discordia with his arms on the table with his head forward as Eris put her elbows on the table with her fists holding up her head with a cheeky smile on her face. Zen grinned as Eris upped the ante with a bigger grin. The Gypsies and Doombringers is what Eris averted her eyes to then smiled as she held out her hand to produce a Golden Apple of Discord.

“Things have changed Zen, you should know this and we all know something’s changed for the better while others for the worse.” Eris laughed.

“Please Eris, don’t do this, the Gypsies of Savdonian don’t stand a chance against the Doombringers.” Zen spoke.

“Vano wants the Greataxe of the Doombringers’s Captain and I want the Savdonian Gypsies leader Vano’s magic daggers as a gift to you, sometimes a Prince must take from the Paupers as you the Prince gives to the Paupers. Now this is the time for a little chaos.” Eris threw the apple up and caught it as it disappeared with a sleight of hand then snapped her fingers at what was going to unfold next.

Vano said aloud, “Doombringer Sergeant Dutran, it appears you may not be able to pay your tab and the rooms at this fine Norumbega establishment of the Eat Crow Tavern may be filled up with those in the rooms above us, we have a camp outside the city in our wagons and mechanical horses but you Sergeant Dutran may not be able to pay your tab given that your gold is in short supply.”

Sergeant Dutran checked his money from his purse which was seeing the emblazoned face of King Nehemiah of the Savdonian Gypsies on the coins where his visage changed to one of pure rage.

“Vano, you’re entering a world of a living nightmare by fucking with us, we just got back from completing a mission objective in fighting barbarians and you dare pull a stunt like this? What is with you Savdonian Gypsies? Do you all collectively have a death wish?” 

“Those beds are meant for a convention happening here for the legendary Zen van Nihil, Sergeant Dutran, as many have shown up her in Norumbega for the Great Reunion, the Eat Crow Tavern is a resting station for Reunion in the mountains where you just cleared out the Barbarians for as you just cleared out the mountains only for Zen van Nihil and the Saturnia Shadow Society to magnetize more to his cause. As for your gold? What gold?”

Sergeant Dutran arose with his men to begin his assault on the tactical Savdonian Rogue Gypsies when the Gypsies when for a more tactful approach of bare knuckle fighting from their enemies until Sergeant Dutran and his Enlisted Doombringers drew their weapons causing an all out bloodbath in the Eat Crow Tavern. The Bartender and Barmaidens looked on in horror as Nehemiah plunged two daggers into Captain Dutran’s throat just for numerous Savdonian Gypsies to be hacked to bits as Sergeant Dutran fell bleeding out unto death as his began executing the Gypsies in a berserk fervor that accelerated far surpassing his comrades who the Gypsies only wielding daggers and knives were attempting to throw their blades into the tender areas of the Doombringer Armor made from Ebony Titan Steel. The Gypsies had been eliminated, the bar room bloody as the Doombringers as Captain Cephas who was a Solarus Goliath and his personal Sergeant was upstairs sleeping in their respective rooms. Captain Cephas assessed that Sergeant Dutran was the sole dead among the battle that ensued with 20 Savdonian Gypsies slaughtered by the elite Doombringer Mercenaries. Captain Cephas asked Sergeant Griznacht if the Orc knew where the other Gypsies were after suffering the death of a beloved Sergeant who knew his men would want to seek revenge so they began to head out leaving the bodies ripe for the victor to take the spoils from the slaughter.

Once the Doombringers had left. Eris Discordia took Vano’s daggers to realize they were Sedaris Daggers which were Ebony Steel with an emblem of a black Great Old One’s Eye on them of an Elder Being long since deceased while Scarecrow grabbed the Doombringers Greataxe which was a Scarletite Orichalcum Legendary Greataxe known as the Sanguine Executor. 

Zen van Nihil began dragging the bodies outside after running the pockets of the fallen Gypsies who only managed to slay Sergeant Dutran while the rest of their camp was about to be brutally slaughtered by the Doombringers who were wielding their Doombringer Coilguns. Nothing and No One of the Savdonian Gypsy Camp would remain alive. Zen van Nihil felt tears well up in his eyes for what was a simple prank turned into complete anarchy but this must be the signs of the times he lived in. Zen van Nihil knew of the cut throat anarchist-capitalists belonging to the Slave Traders Union who were a omnipresent threat that the equally omnipresent Doombringers would be selling any survivors of their raid to but decided to let the way of the world to take its course for whether Eris Discordia influenced that or not it mattered not for the slaughter and slavery about to unfold was not his business here in Norumbega. His business was in Reunion where the Doombringers had just cleared out the area of Barbarians so that he may conduct his business and meet with his kindred spirits in the Saturnia Shadow Society which despite the Doombringers already being paid off for their services. 

Zen knew that this was wrong but not his business anymore after what he witnessed. Zen knew the local operation of the Slave Traders Union were led by a Goblin ArchMage named Murdoch Blazahny who worked with among a Council of High Elven Mages who under them were Goliaths, Orcs, Dwarvens, Humans, Kobolds, and Goblins who work for the Slave Traders Union who wore Medium and Heavy Combat Armor equipped with Chain Blades and Coilguns.

“So, you reap what you sow.” Eris Discordia laughed as the Doombringers lit the funeral pyre of the bodies in the firepit outside the Inn.

“Karma is a bitch.” Zen forced a laugh with her knowing that the Doombringers would be going to the Gypsy Camp to not ask questions under Captain Cephas command but to exterminate them as a pest in Norumbega, “Well, I know that those among the living will envy the dead for they will be sold into the United Slavers Union.”

Zen and Eris began smelling the burning corpses which tingled in their noses as foul which caused them to go back inside as one of the Innworkers was doing janitorial work in cleaning the blood from the floor with a mop and bucket. Zen, Eris, and Scarecrow moved past this sight to their booth of the Eat Crow Inn and Tavern when they noticed someone else had walked in and was drinking cinnamon bun rum at their spacious booth. The bartender came out with their Thorsday Ales which they drank with this well-known stranger to them. The stranger wore Shadow Knight Armor with his hooded Shadowcloak down to reveal he was a handsome Cambion or Half-Human, Half-Demon Cambion Folk with crimson red skin, golden amber eyes, jet black curly hair, ram horns protruded from his head, standing at 5 feet, 11 inches.

Zen van Nihil spoke, “Hello Raziel Prospero.”

The Cambion turned drinking from the bottle of rum who calmly said the following with tactful reasoning, “Hello Zen van Nihil, Hello Eris Discordia, I observed the mess that was made from the shadows as a lowly patron, while you were outside, I dressed out of my disguise as a Satyr playing as a traveling tavern bard and into my true self for the Reunion of the Saturnia Shadow Society’s Great Commission, I will see that you will find me very useful as a Death Raven Knight and Logician being an Apocalypse Alchemist for I am from the Nine Hells who is blessed to be in the presence of two Hyperboreans. The ArchDevil who raised me since I was an Impish Fiend was Mephistopheles hence my Patronymic Middle Name of Mephiston. I am quite the doctorates of the arcane arts, that is to say, if I may say so myself in what I can do, you, Zen and Eris are masters of all and subjugators of none besides those who dare to oppose or defy the will of the Saturnia Great Commission in its mission to revolutionize the multiverse.”

“So this is it?” Zen van Nihil spoke with an absurd question on how three individuals were going to conquer the multiverse.

Eris and Raziel laughed, “No Zen, not even close, we four are the founding Archons but we have legions of Shadow Society militants and intelligentsia under us willing to fulfill the orders spun in destiny by the Dreamweavers which are a breed of spider which spell out orders needed to be taken which differ from the Astral Arachne in how we conduct our business as the Saturnia Shadow Society,” Raziel Prospero spoke bluntly.

‘What am I getting myself into? I just witnessed the brutal slaughter of Savdonian Gypsies with their subsequent annihilation from the area and enslavement.’ Zen thought to himself.

Eris looked at Zen van Nihil drinking her Ale, “What’s wrong Zen van Nihil? Are you worried for some Gypsies who had what was coming to them?” Eris seductively played with her mug of ale.

Zen downed his drink, “No, not at all, I was wondering Eris Discordia if we could discuss the Reptilian menace to Gardenia which spans the Milky Way Galaxy for the Insectoid race in Triangulum poses what kind of threat level Gardenia may have to face from the Mantis Insectoid race which are similar to Zetan Greys in many ways but are slender with extremely elongated limbs who use energy based technology, the Mantis Insectoid race as well as the Scarab bulky race which Mantis use Energy Scimitars that are thin claymore scimitars while Scarabs use bulky glaives and greatswords along with their energy weapons.”

“How did you know this, you’ve been imprisoned for five years! Besides, why should you care about the Gardenia Utopian Community which exiled you to imprisonment?! The Gardenia Red Paladins and Protectorate have been at war for five years purging the Diptera, Locust, Mantis, and Scarab races in secret? Not much information is widely known?” Raziel Prospero spoke in absurdist comical shock laughing, “How and why do you care about Gardenia? Put it all behind you and send it to the nethers of oblivion that is to completely forget the unforgivable of the Gardenia Utopian Community.” Raziel Prospero laughed.

“I have faith in the Gardenia Utopian Community.” Zen van Nihil spoke with viscera as an absolute in objective truth as reminiscence of what God the Great Architect told him.

Raziel Prospero took out a book locked by a strap which was a mighty tome which he began reading which he looked inquisitively at Zen. “This is a Tome of Riddles, a Book of Secrets Esoterica, Zen van Nihil, everything that is known is stored in this Tome of Secrets Esoterica, nothing is held on the Saturnia Shadow Society but by what proxy do you wish to accomplish that I cannot see, I cannot know this reasoning for your empathy for your enslavers? Your abusers? Your oppressors? What do you see in those who did you so wrong? Does it logically make sense?” Raziel Prospero spoke worriedly, rushing through the pages of the book written in runic script coupled drawings that produced whatever needed knowing through bibliomancy.

“No Raziel Prospero, the Humans of Eden Prime are not primal savage space apes but a blessed creation of God the Great Architect, the Humans of the Gardenia Utopian Community are my friends, my family, my lovers, my everything, my people despite being a Hyperborean who is the Sovereign of Saturnia this is my commandment, this is what I state as the Law so you will respect my wishes despite your logic and reasoning for my faith in overcoming the Reptilian menace within the Gardenia Utopian Community that inhabits the Milky Way Galaxy and is moving into Triangulum. There are known unknowns and unknown known but what of the unknown unknowns that are of the Saturnia Shadow Society. One of those unknown unknowns is me in your Tome of Enigma Esoterica leaving you with Riddles of my Existence.” Zen van Nihil spoke confidently.

Raziel Prospero said dumbfoundedly, “I had no idea, Sovereign of Saturnia Zen van Nihil. Do you wish to continue to fight the Reptilian menace and Insectoid Problem from the Solarus Empire? Because that’s where we are headed with the large sum of a bounty from the EisenHaus Enclave put on your head for flooding the streets of Axis Mundi or Tau Ceti Alpha with your revolt and subsequent revolution that your Homunculus committed before his subsequent transcendental ultraterrestrial form into the Hyperborean you are today instead of the implanted Hyperborean Tall Zetan Grey and Unruly Genetic Genome to become one with all as all is one to put your own words bluntly father, you may not remember me, Eris Discordia, Elyon van Empyrean, or your true wife Celeste van Kosmos but the reason Celeste offered you that alternative in the Blue Dream Basilica was to reunite you onto your correct path in leading Gardenia instead of the divisive visceral state you have left it in as poverty rises and suffering increases as many struggle to survive in the unequality of inequity brought by the debt of Gardenia-United Revolutionary Collective Civil War yet even after your absconding to your true Hyperborean form who is the Sovereign of Saturnia Shadow Society do you wish to help these people? Zen van Nihil, my father, the hypocrite.”

“What do you mean Raziel?” Zen van Nihil implored.

“I mean the only way we return is to go to Tau Ceti Delta which is Niflhelm, a planet covered by a megapolis divided into corporatist districts, gang infested ghettos, and mediocrely serene boroughs that act as suburban districts of Niflhel the Megapolis which engulf a planet where one singular island stands on placid tranquility secured by the Void Elven leader of a zealous loyalist faction to you and Negative 0, your clandestine shadow megacorporation. The Island is known as Avalon that is a training ground for the Saturnia Shadow Society so if we go to Gardenia, we go to the planet that is a trifecta of self-governing autonomy of many factions both intergalactic states-empires, megacorporations, black market cartels, anti-Gardenia terrorists, religious zealot violent dissidents, and littered with ultra-violent street gangs.” Raziel Prospero spoke with concerning lambastful tactfulness.

“Niflheim? My son Raziel, We secured Avalon in your book-keeping and was able to transfer the Gardenia Stellar Credits necessary for us to transition to broker a legit region the size of Mars’ Inscapist Island? Oh, how history repeats itself but rhymes all the time, once on the up, twice on the down, thrice on the who is who and what’s mine is mine.” Eris interjected, “Zen van Nihil, looks like we are going to Niflhelm to continue our revolution for Avalon is the Island fortified by levees and dams with storm protection but we may need an old friend of mine, well, all our old friend in Nixis Starsong who can truly be of great use to us in these dire times or should we approach this from a more feminine aspect as well given what has been thrown before us?” Eris spoke.

“We shall find them along the way, Nixis Starsong will not deny us despite his inaction outside of 

Zen knew where this was going, “The Doombringer Guild has significant holdings there training under Goblin Power Brokers where Human, Elven, Dwarven, and Gnomish world where even the Anasazi Blues live in harmony. I know of Janos in how important the Doombringer Stronghold of Puritania along with the megalopolis cities of Jesoria and Janosus is to the Holy Solarus Empire.”

“How do you know this Zen van Nihil, where did you infer this information?” Raziel Prospero asked, flipping through his book.

Zen had been reading Raziel Prospero’s mind in bits and pieces he was psychologically projecting in his break of logical composition of the area he was surveying through his Tome of Esoterica which Zen exploited just as he had witnessed Eris Discordia exploit the Savdonian Gypsies to be slaughtered and sold into slavery by the Doombringers. The reason being was Raziel Prospero wasn’t cloaking his thoughts for he had forgotten this rule of wisdom… The smartest thing geniuses do is play dumb.

“Zen van Nihil, my Sovereign of Saturnia, Lord of Hyperborea, I have been taken as a fool! You’ve been reading me, sensing me, imploring my mind without my consent but what is welcoming mind as mind in a clusterfuck such as this when the gateway to my consciousness is wide open? Forgive me.” Raziel Prospero slammed the Tome of Esoterica closed, holding his brow for his reliance on an arcane tome of everything. known and unknown to all beings in the universal quantum consciousness.

Zen van Nihil saw Eris Discordia smile at him seductively knowing Zen was her man to be her dominate and she a femme fatale submissive. Zen van Nihil felt intoxicated by Eris Discordia as she ate a pure golden apple that had a sheen on the inside of soft crisp silver but then it stopped as she washed it down with her ale as another round was served where Zen drank down his beer as did Eris. Feeling inebriated, Zen got up but so did Eris as they held onto each other then together made their way upstairs to the attic where the honeymoon suite was where Zen blacked out but knew he ended up making love to Eris in hardcore ways unbeknownst to him in seeing a lifetime pass before him as she became pregnant then gave birth to Raziel Prospero who is Zen van Nihil’s Cambion son as an eternity was spent in the Asphodel Woods where Raziel went off to study with his Great Uncle Mephistopheles meanwhile Eris and Zen made love in continuity, living in bliss. 23 years past in that frozen moment that lasted the entire night but Zen awoke with Eris Discordia snuggled comfortably in his arms as his love from Hyperborea remembering the aeons that had passed since those days in how he loved Eris and Eris was madly in love with him as a mother of one of his soon to be discovered many children or a better term heirs as Zen van Nihil’s mother, Empress Erika Freya van Nihil coronated Raziel Prospero when he was born. Such is the way of the Hyperboreans as Scarecrow stood stoically through all public appearances. The two Hyperboreans that being Sovereign of Saturnia Zen van Nihil and Eris Discordia the Queen of Chaos, Raziel Prospero the the Infernal Cambion and Apocalypse Alchemist.

All was explained, all is understood…


8AM, August 12th, 2131 CE, Norumbega, Hyperborea

Zen had awakened the next morning to hear screaming passing, screams of “Help! Help! For the Love of all that is Good, Please Help!” as well as “Help!” among general discontent and caterwauling of “We are Innocent of Bentley Saleya’s Sins!” among other protests in the generalized screams and whimpering.

Zen thought to himself, ‘This is what I wish to prevent, the guilt of my conscience mind for in my prescient sight this I had foreseen happening but now must live with for the Norumbega Sheriff as an interloper for the righteous good of the Law wouldn’t mess with the Doombringers or the United Slavers Union in this escapade but have his Guard and Deputies turn as blind eye with a cold shoulder to this atrocious atrocity being committed in the noon sun beating down on the snowy township while my conscience beats down upon me from the Heavens.’

Zen was fully dressed in a thermal arctic camouflage coat over his Shadow Knight uniform. Zen drew his Ragnarok crimson longsword with obsidian handle and his Aeternus – oblivion blade with obsidian handle then summoned chain lightning from his hand to take out rank and file of the pockets of Doombringers not dragging the Savdonian Gypsies bound by chains through the snow. Zen halted the Doombringers by freezing the Doombringers leading the hell march in the front into solid ice with a gust of cryokinetic gale force frost energy. Zen then approached at reflexive quick speeds to meet the Doombringers doing combat with them as their weapons collided. The Savdonian Gypsies grabbed keys off bodies then ran off undoing their shackles as Zen took on the Doombringer horde on his lonesome self remembering in his mind that ‘Injustice against one is an injustice against all,’ yet the thought Zen van Nihil thought ‘The Savdonian Gypsies outside of swindling and being easy riders of the systems they exploit in Nanny-Police States with the terrorism they bring when they arrive in a nation-state or Sovereign Republics to Empires do they commit vile acts more evil than their own often enslavement wherein Hyperborea they are banned and the Doombringers are doing the will of my Mother, Empress Erika Freya Frigg, how can I dare help these people?’ Zen thought but then again was reminded, ‘An Injustice against One is an Injustice against all.’ 

Zen van Nihil felt within three clangs he would break their defenses then sever one of the Doombringers limbs followed by the piercing or slashing blows of death which sealed the Doombringers fate. The Ragnarok blazed with an Armageddon Flame which set the Doombringers aflame while the Aeternus phased through armor to cut through flesh and solidify to block weapons but distracted when it phased for feint hits just to solidify in piercing through the Doombringers helmet. These Doombringers were Bravo Tier of their Organization so not as useless as Epsilon Cadets or as powerful as Delta, Alpha, or Sigma but some Delta and Alpha Tier Doombringers were among them. This mattered not when the Aeternus phantasmal cut through their armor or dodged weapons to materialize rendering steel and flesh then there was the Ragnarok which exploded and immolated by Armageddon flames broke through defenses that blew its adversaries wielded by its master Zen van Nihil to satiate the Ragnarok’s Armageddon Hellfire and Abaddon Explosive qualities that the Doombringers fell slain or were utterly destroyed flying into pieces that dissipated into ash.

Finally, Zen van Nihil was alone with the Oblivion Steel Power Armor wearing and Oblivion Steel Glaive with Obsidian Cutlasses of the Goliath, Captain Cephas with Vano Saleya the Savdonian Gypsy Leader. Cephas swung his Oblivion Glaive at Zen which was blocked by both the Ragnarok and Aeternus as Zen and Cephas locked eyes. Zen’s sapphire eyes calm, collect, and cool. Cephas had eyes of dark purple with bloodshot rage as anger seethed and exuded from him. Zen knocked the Glaive back then pierced through Cephas armor moving the Aeternus up and down as flames immolated Cephas. Zen saw the Glaive shouldered in a sling when the Cutlasses came out slicing Zen numerous times along his thermal insulated pants and arctic coat. Zen felt the force bruise and slice at him. Zen disarmed Cutlasses from Cephas where he placed both blades across Captain Cephas neck then decapitated the Goliath Doombringer Captain as Cephas’ head from his body as the two disjoint parts exploded into flames which reduced Captain Cephas into powderized ashes.

Zen van Nihil saw Vano Sadeva was undoing his shackles as the last Savdonian Gypsy who hadn’t made a run for it as the now destroyed Captain Cephas of the Doombringers was gone from this realm of existence. Vano Sadeva was free now wherein he approached Zen van Nihil. Vano Sadeva felt the tenderness of his wrists and flexed his legs become unchained, Vano Sadeva grabbed the remaining of his things from the cart that was with them.

“Good sir, I am Vano Sadeva the brother of King Bentley of the Green Boot Travelers from Emerald City, King Bentley Salvia died because of arrogance and so did his King’s Men as well as many of us who followed him for at our camp of wagons circled around a bonfire where we were lit up by Captain Cephas while Sergeant Griznacht went to a local Orc stronghold over a break in conscience, I know this from how much they argued in how much innocent blood was shed. Our Savdonian Gypsy men, women, and children lay dead by the Doombringers undoing of our traveling community. We don’t have much to offer you stranger but what can we offer you?”

“Loyalty to Sovereign of Saturnia, Zen van Nihil the Hyperborean.” Zen van Nihil said bluntly.

“Easy no squeezy, we’ll be doing that in a jiffy, no worries.” Vano Sadiva spoke.

Zen van Nihil watched Vano Sadiva the Gypsy Duke rush off through the outskirts of the township of Norumbega then disappear deep into the treeline as he kept running deeper into the forest until he was 3,000 yards in and no longer visible among the thick foliage to Zen who turned to go back into the Eat Crow Tavern and Inn.

Upon entering Zen thought, ‘What have I done? I just slew a bunch of Doombringers for some Gypsies to be sold into slavery there probably was a massacre last night where the Doombringers slew or hoped to enslave three hundred Gypsies just to get their point across, what is this world upon worlds in the multiverse coming to?’ Zen sighed in the futility of what he had just done but saw Eris Discordia and Raziel Prospero sitting at a booth eating breakfast as Zen took off his thermal arctic clothes until he was in his Shadow Knight Armor where he sat down with them.  Zen van Nihil sat down with Eris and Raziel who were eating a full buffet of food in front of him.

“Serve yourself wonderful.” Eris Discordia smiled.

Raziel Prospero said nothing as he read his Tome of Secrets Esoterica while spooning a large bowl of spicy four bean and beef chile into his mouth composed of four different types of kidney beans and beef into his mouth. He was finally aware of his parentage from the shared dimensional dream they all shared the night before.

“Go ahead, eat up dad.” Raziel Prospero said as he piled more and more spicy four bean and beef chile into his mouth.

Zen couldn’t believe all that had happened over the course of 24 hours from his arrival in Norumbega to now eating dinner with his concubine-consort, Eris Discordia the Hyperborean Archon of Chaos, their son Raziel Prospero the Cambion Apocalypse Alchemist and Archon. Eris Discordia wore Death Raven Light Armor consisting of a type of Chainmail entirely made from Raven Feathers showing off her voluptuous Triple-D Breasts which Zen van Nihil had the pleasure of pleasing himself with last night with Oblivion Steel around her waist likened to a Leotard over her Shadow Knight Armor. She wore a Death Raven Shadow Hooded Cloak made of Raven Feathers. Raziel Prospero wore a Lab Coat over his Death Raven Armor with no Hooded Raven Shadowcloak with big black framed glasses that magnified his golden amber eyes. Syringes and alchemical grenades lining his Lab Coat. 

Zen served himself a large portion of mammoth steak, boar bacon, pheasant scrambled eggs, wheat bread toast with butter and jelly. Now would be the time they would return through the Portrait of Purgatorio of the Chaos Archons to reconnect Lysander Cicero whilst mourning Kassandra Nova but his rage in summoning the Phoenix and razing the Garden of Bedlam was his catharsis for a eulogy.

Zen van Nihil thought to himself, “Eris Discordia, how have I loved thee since the days you my Dark Desire when you were growing up with your mother who was the mother-goddess of all Raven Knights who birthed you in Morrigan while your other lover of your mother is the goddess-mother of witches, Hekate Discordia were among the Hyperborean Discordians, a race of Nixian Fey Elves who mothered Witchcraft among the NeShama Souls of Hyperborea who your Babooshka, Grandmother is Baba Yaga who had two daughters who fell in love and threw Witchcraft involving the MetaBaphomet did Hekate find the seed to carry into your birth mother Morrigan’s womb yet through this Mephistopheles Infernal Pact that I swore at my Mother’s Request that my youthful love for Eris Discordia be tainted in our offspring who is Raziel Prospero who knows my Magnum Enigmatus Esoterica or Greatest Mysterious Secrets that no son should know of his father. However, they are both Grand Archons of Hyperborea so in the Functionalism Diagram of Destiny weighing the Good and Bad does the Truth outweigh the greater Positives for them to join over the minor Negatives. So be it, In the Name of God The Great Architect and Odin All-Maker does my NeShama, Divine Soul speak Truth when it says to Eris Discordia and Raziel Prospero, you both may join me and I love you.”

Zen van Nihil, Eris Discordia, and Raziel Prospero were dressed in their armored battle suits whether it be Zen van Nihil as the same with Raziel Prospero in their own suits of Raven Knight Arachnoweave Body Armor reinforced with Cimmerian Steel and their Spring Heel Jack Exoskeletons or Eris Discordia in her Purple Void Jabberwocky Leather Corset covered by a Discordian Raven Feather Vest, her Jet Black Basilisk Scale Pants, that were tucked into her Nixian Winged Manic Pixie Boots which allowed graceful flight as well as a translucent Spring Heel Jack Exoskeleton. Zen van Nihil wielded his Ragnarok and Aeternus blades and dual Nighthawk .75 SMG Hand Cannons at his hip with his Q-Antimatter Rifle and Hypercannon Utili-Rifle across his back. Raziel had his Book known as the Enigma Esoterica, Aeternus and Inferno Blades, Hypercannon across his back. Eris Discordia had two Vorpal Cutlass Swords, Discordian Dervish Daggers, and a Hypercannon across her back.

Zen van Nihil felt like asking for the sake of it, “Are we heading back yet?”

Eris Discordia spoke, “No darling, Zen van Nihil, we need to confront one final adversary being Goblin ArchMage named Murdoch Blazahny who will lead us and your friends through the locked door with what he wears around his neck in the Norumbega Mercantile Merchant Lord District as a Lord among Ettin Giants due to his Zynthazar Elves and Doombringer Goliaths by gaining the Crystal Key that is worn around Murdoch Blazahny’s neck so we may gain access to the Royal Quarters of the Caustic Castle where I suspect Scarecrow is located in that vicinity beyond the Portraits of Purgatorio.”

Raziel Prospero wrote in his Enigma Esoterica which revealed text in an Enigmatic Infernal Text back for his answer which he spoke in brevity, “Father Zen van Nihil, Mother Eris Discordia is correct.”

“So be it, the Crystal Door would only need a Crystal Key to open it to the Royal Chambers of the Caustic Castle to save Scarecrow’s life.”

They filed out of the Eat Crow Tavern to be on their way to the Mercantile Merchant Lord District.


Afternoon, Norumbega, Mercantile Merchant Lord District, Murdoch Blazahny’s Malathyr Mansion,

Murdoch Blazahny wore a crimson hooded robe, he paced after hearing his mentor Balder Balefire Belial speak to him. 

Murdoch Blazahny spoke to the crimson and golden robed adorned Atlantean Hellion-Elf, “Vicar of the Inferno, ArchMagus Balder Balefire Belial, I have already reached my wits end with my Malathyr Elves against the Jotun Lords who allowed our stay, my division among the Goliaths who lived here intermingling with the Golgotha Goliaths’ who form the Doombringer Legions are all I have left outside the small dispatchment of Malathyr Magi who watch over me. I am no mere Goblin Archmagus with my Goblin Tribe of the Cold Bones who have established themselves as proxies of the Malathyr in civilizing themselves. I fear the Jotuns will squish the established Goblins like bugs under their feet once the Savdonian Gypsies shipment of Slaves hasn’t arrived and reports of the Doombringer Brigade was reportedly found dead with signs the Savdonians escaped back to outskirts Arcadian Territory of Weiss Erde City. Do you know how much this has cost me between the Jotuns and the Ettins? They will be furious that the Slave Master and Prodigious Goblin Wizard, Murdoch Blazahny was unable to get these goods instead of Albino Snow Dwarves which are now hard to come by as we dip into the Reptilian-Dogmen known as the Kobolds, the Kobold population fuel our slave trade which Kobolds are stupid as Auroch dung where the Gypsies outside those being Illusionists and Death Dervishes are a priceless commodity for they serve as excellent high-quality servants once broken!” Murdoch Blazahny complained.

Balder Balefire Belial retorted, “Are you certain the illusively evasive Albino Snow Dwarves who speak the Hyperborean, Jotun, Ettin, and Dwarven languages are too out of your grasp for their encampments are everywhere. I know their locations in my expectation you would find them but no you did not utilize your true form for how did you, a Pariah of the Cold Bones Goblin Tribe return a master magi, this very Mansion which I have constructed is protected in its inner-workings by Infernal Minotaurs that you have never seen due to their ability to hide themselves from you for now I know when I told you never to remove your Atlantean Dark Magician Ring, if you remove that ring Murdoch Blazahny, you will realize that I release you from your servitude just leave your Ring which is a Taboo of an Amnesiac to me.”

Murdoch Blazahny looked at his hands with the ring of the Atlantean Amnesiac Ring then in a frustrated look pulled it off his hand. The ring shattered as Murdoch Blazahny became a Bealzebull, one of the many sons of the Vicar of Lucifer Illuminatus, the Metabaphomet. Bealzebull were a collective of Demon Lords that were of a Legion Demon Lord Collective. Murdoch the Bealzebull was truly a giant Pandemonic Minotaur with Black Fur and Ashen Pale Skin that stood at 24 feet high with an 18 feet in diameter wingspan with large bullhorns with a Obsidian Ring in their Nose as eyes glew with a crimson fire emitting from them. Murdoch the Bealzebull began to remember the collective memories of all his Brothers of various names that were Bealzebull but Murdoch Blazahny was always an unusual name for a Goblin, the fact that the Atlantean Imperial ArchMagus with the Malathyr were always odd to his more mortal consumption of his supposed knowledge and understanding of sophistry but now he knew all through his heritage as part of the Legion of Sons who were the Bealzebull of the MetaBaphomet and his innumerable collective brethren throughout the Many-Worlds as the Pandemonic Bealzebull Legion. A part of Murdoch Blazahny still remained which he treasured as accomplishing greatness in a land of Jotuns and Ettins but knew something was coming as his collective memories of his Legion came to him. A group of Heroes were coming. He knew the Jotuns and Ettins with the Doombringer Goliaths truly aligned to Hyperborea were out trying to make the quota for the Jotun King of Norumbega Vagner Vigorick in this Provincial Kingdom of Hyperborea where no Hyperborean Citizen could be enslaved but only the Barbaric races.

Murdoch Bealzebull contemplated selling into slavery the Cold Bones Goblin Tribe that he manipulated and led him to glory to compensate the Jotun King Vagner Vigorick of Norumbega. Murdoch BealzeBull thought otherwise for the Goblin in him knew that the Cold Bones had become Intelligentsia of the Norumbega Kingdom led by the Goblin Chief Derrick Reinhardt of Norumbega forsaking his barbaric name with the rest of the Cold Bones to become apex in Goblin Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics as Murdoch Bealzebull had united many Goblin Chiefdoms as subcultures in Hyperborean Society out of Racial Pride but now he saw into the Abyss as the Large Shadows that haunted his halls of his Cold Bones Merchant Lord Mansion were now filled with 18 Infernal Minotaurs who were looming in his lobby with himself and Atlantean Imperial ArchMagus Balder Belial. The Malathyr Atlantean Elven Dark Mages stood behind Balder Balefire, they were eager to leave with Balder Belial as Murdoch Bealzebull could analyze the situation. The situation was that Balder Belial had set-up this Kingdom in hopes it would burn down but Murdoch Bealzebull wasn’t going to sell-out the civilized Goblinoids from diminutive Goblin to the taller more humanoid Hobgoblin that earned their right as citizens of Hyperborea for all he knew which he remembered was being a Goblin who amazed his people through his intellect and arcane works who sat at the shoulder of the Royalty of Giants.

“I know you have betrayed me as any of my Bealzebull brothers in the eyes of my father are supposed to sow discord and destruction but I satisfied and served Hyperborea and with these Infernal Minotaurs who serve me, I will die fighting my own Sovereign of Saturnia, Zen van Nihil, his Consort-Concubine, Eris Discordia, and his Cambion Prince, Raziel Prospero. I will die with a challenge, I will die with honor but I will fight imagining I was fighting you Atlantean Imperial ArchMagus Balder Balefire Belial for that is all I will tell you and even my conscientious objection to telling you what will happen on my killing blow will be silent lest you stay as Zen van Nihil awaits outside the doors now so I suggest you leave before he kills you before I do. Damn you forever for my individuality is fading and my collective beastial nature as a Bealzebull overtakes me.”

“Excellent, Perish in Pieces.” Balder Belial spoke before opening a wormhole that he and the Malathyr Elves walked through that closed.

The giant doors to the Cold Bones Mansion were already breaking down from great psionic thunderbolts being thrown at it. All watching of the Norumbega Citizenry recognized their Sovereign, Zen van Nihil, Grand Prince of Empress Erika Freya van Nihil over Hyperborea. Doombringer Goliaths at the behest of the Jotun Kingdom had gathered to aid Zen van Nihil, Eris Discordia, and Raziel Prospero. The Doombringer Goliaths were a Special Division of the Hyperborean Imperial Army that had Mercantile Army Factions but whatever their Sovereign of Saturnia, Zen van Nihil willed it was the Will of Hyperborea so the blood that Zen had spilled rested on Murdoch Bealzebull who they had overheard the conversation through Zen van Nihil’s telepathic whispers of what was inside the Cold Bones Mansion as Zen van Nihil had cleared with a messenger to his Mother, Empress Erika Freya van Nihil to assemble the supreme Lord who represented civilized Goblinoids in Goblin King Chadwick Spitzer who is the Chancellor of Hyperborean Imperial Commerce who was the first of his Kind as a Archon created by Aethereal Powers of Empress Erika Freya van Nihil. 

The Goblinoid race came about as Gnomes and Humans cursed with Leprosy by God the Great Architect for their Fiendish Trickery and Endless Thirst for Greed that did not kill the Gnomes or Humans but turned them into the Goblinoid race which a third repented to fall back into the ranks as Civilized Citizens of the Hyperborean Empire. The Two-Thirds who did not go on as Savage Barbarians to Sophisticated Insurgents against Hyperborea.

Zen van Nihil and Murdoch Bealzebull shared this thought before Zen van Nihil broke down the massive doors to the Cold Bones Mansion as Murdoch Bealzebull had felt he had been fooled for his entire existence by a Infernal Atlantean Elf who consorted with his ilk of Devils who ruled over the Demon Lords. Murdoch Bealzebull missed his life as someone who the Goblinoids who he viewed as his people could champion the way for the Goblinoids in the name of their Goblin King Chadwick Spitzer but alas Murdoch Bealzebull embraced his destiny which for consorting with an ArchDevil was how Murdoch Bealzebull now fully-realize that he had sealed his own fate.  



September 1st, 2131 CE, Caustic Castle.

Nixis Starsong clashed his Lunaris Blades against Malakite Zynthazar’s Vortex Blades in how lightning fast their movement were in fighting through the Caustic Castle as fighting erupted around them with Hyperborean Imperial Soldiers fighting through the Cthylla among other horrors as the two went from room to room never relenting in their attack against one another. They would leap at each other to blink out of existence into the next room, teleporting to fight more as their swords clashed in a constant onslaught of battle.

Nixis took a breath, “Malakite, how can you keep this up, you can’t keep this up forever.”

Malakite let out an exasperated laugh from his controlled breathing, “I can keep this all damn day and night, I will fight you until your last breath.”

They were in a room full of spiked pillars, the columns made of obsidian.

Nixis Starsong charged with swords crossed for a sweeping strike. Malakite braced knocking back Nixis to a stumble where Nixis felt the cold steel burn as Malakite’s blades entered Nixis flesh then was knocked back into a spiked column where he was impaled where Malakite repeatedly stabbed and slashed Nixis Starsong into gorey ribbons as Nixis Starsong’s blood flowed like merlot until Malakite’s bloodlust cup of sanguine merlot runneth over.

Nixis Starsong screamed a wilhelm scream and shouted, “I regret nothing.”

Malakite walked away the victor and villain who took a good Elf’s life.

Nixis Starsong felt the cold embrace of death restrict his veins and slow his rhythmic cardiovascular systems as his labored breathing, he saw his life flash before his eyes in which he saw himself gracefully dying in the Caustic Castle where he would become entombed as his sanguine blood spilled onto the floor into a drip where he meditated to hopefully stop bleeding out but alas in vain.

“I am happy for all that was good and glad that in the end, nothing hurt.” Nixis Starsong wheezed as the numbness of death overtook him into his next life.




April 8th, 2131 CE, The Dungeon, Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium.

“Big day, the big wig from the most industrious Shadow MegaCorp of all five MegaCorporations excluding the Autumn Association and EisenHaus Enclave is coming to inspect the Outsider or Scarecrow the Hollow Man as he goes by these days. Man, Douglas, has that pipsqueak of the Outsider really come into his own through the brutal torture as a mindless killing machine how many Personnel and Ixarix have we lost to Scarecrow the Hollow Man?” Jackson laughed.

“Three Personnel deceased, Six Ixarix were destroyed,” Douglas replied.

“Damn Dougie my man, that’s some crazy shit, I don’t give a fuck about no Ixarix but who were the three personnel?” Jackson asked.

“Two Security Officers and a Doctor. The Ixarix were Mach Nine but we sent in the Mach Ten, Grim Reapers and that settled things quick. All the Ixarix are Mach Nine while the Grim Reapers are well you know?” Doug said.

“This Scarecrow thing, how did Scarecrow manage that? I mean we all know it’s a brutal killing machine, no doubt about it, how do personnel manage to get themselves killed?” Jackson asked

“Their own hubris in antagonizing it or trying to torture it on their own terms by being hotshots taking pot shots at until they blow off an arm, it grows back he undoes his chains and uses them as weapons. He once formed a power fist out of the electromagnetic bracers that it wears that we connect the chains to in order to strongly bind it down.” Doug replied.

“Damn, ever since Doctor Hypnos took over this facility we’re now always vivisecting it and harvesting its organs just to keep sawing it back open while its strapped down on the table while endlessly harvesting an endless supply of organs due to its miraculously fast regenerative properties.” Jackson declared.

“Miraculous how?” Doug questioned.

“Well, none of the other patients or Indigos as there calling them these days ended up down here and isn’t this one The Outsider?” Jackson asked.

“That name is no longer one that this one identifies as but Scarecrow the Hollow Man.”

“Oh, didn’t really comprehend that we interviewed this shell of what once was.”

“Well, we do.”

The large cargo elevator door dinged behind them as Doug and Jackson watched over the CCTV Holomonitors the torture and harvesting of organs for the Ixarix – Grim Reaper Army funded by Negative 0. Out of the Cargo Elevator came the investors for their product of organs, the Negative 0 CEO who went by Mr. Zero.

Mr. Zero was surrounded by his own Security Forces and even Corporate Officials of both men and women. The men all wore matching black suits, white shirts, and black ties. The women wore the same except black skirts instead of suit pants. Each one carried Autocannons with two Nighthawk SMGs at their hips. Mr. Zero wore the same style of suit as his men but a Balaclava with Aviator Sunglasses as well as White Gloves to cover his hands to hide his identity.

Security Chiefs Jackson and Doug greeted them, “Hello Mr. Zero and Negative Zero, we’ve been expecting you.”

Mr. Zero stood at 6 feet, 2 inches tall. Mr. Zero took off his sunglasses and aviators to reveal he had snow white albinistic skin, sapphire blue eyes, and a handsome chiseled face as the true Zen van Nihil.

“I guess you weren’t expecting this.”

Zen van Nihil’s forces opened fire on Jackson and Doug, killing them as well as obliterating the Security Console full of Holomonitors and Computers. The next thing destroyed were any CCTV Cameras to the other Security Officers Desks or the Viper Paladins.

Four other Security Officers were sitting at a table playing cards off to the side that were mowed down quickly by Zen van Nihil and his URC Forces.

“The EisenHaus Enclave will pay for compromising an innocent man being the Outsider, albeit my Homunculus now known as Scarecrow, every operations personnel in this facility is a Reptoid-Human Hybrid, their Humanity is a Disguise for their sinister psychology, show no mercy, we only free the Indigo prisoners..” Zen van Nihil spoke.

“Yes Sovereign of Shadows, Zen van Nihil.”

“Everyone has their Spring Heel Jack exoskeletons on? Good. Help each suit up into your Shadow Knight uniform, we’re going all out in this place.”

“Yes sir.” Jakobi spoke who was a tall bald man wearing aviators.

“CEO Zen van Nihil, without a steady supply of biomaterial matter for cloning the Ixarix – Grim Reaper Project, what will we do?” Sierra Sunshine spoke.

“We abduct Scarecrow as one of us, no one outside Negative 0 and those who operate Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium know of his existence. We are the Shadow Society, we control both for the Indigos here will be set free.”

Indigo being the term that replaced Homo Esper.

Ten steps ahead of you Zen.” Geiger an Advanced Homo Synthetic who emerged from among them took off his human suit to reveal his robotic skeletal body was adorned with the Arachnoweave Armor and Hooded Shadowcloak along with Void Cutlasses at his hips as the others deactivated the Hologram of their clothes to reveal the Arachnoweave Full-Body Armor with Hooded Shadowcloak along with their Void Longwords and Void Cutlasses.

27 Shadow Knights including Zen van Nihil versus the entirety of the operating staff of Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium. This would be interesting. 

Zen van Nihil addressed his Shadow Knights, “Secure the area, make sure those beyond the blast shields in the break station are not hiding.”

Jakobi the Russian Man and Sharon a Black Woman led two detachments of Shadow Knights down either staircase to the lower area where Security Officers and Scientists were hiding below tables mounted into the ground. Security Officers used the tables for cover while the Scientists hid. Jakobi and Sharon commanded their detachment of Shadow Knights to become invisible from the mirrored fiberweave technology of their attire and opened fire as Security Officers fired blindly as Shadow Knights utilized their Spring Heel Jacks to leap into the air, closing the gap between them then forcefully unsheathe their Void Blades into the Security Officers who protected the Scientists and then the Scientists who conducted horrendous torture in the name of so-called experimental science on the Indigos declassified to Negative 0 which is why now those at this facility rue the day that the Shadow Society became involved. The only problem is that Negative 0 was run by the Shadow Society; both organizations are total enigmas and completely unknown to the public as top secret organizations outside the elites of Gardenia and those they consort with in business throughout the universe.

After the purging of the breakroom lobby. Zen van Nihil and the Shadow Knights began their trek of destruction bursting into rooms where Indigos were being held in stasis midway through an inhumane psychological experiment to be liberated. A Security Officer was pounding on a sealed steel door to the locked down facility scanning his keycard then in his frenzy beating on the door as Scientist cowered in the next proximity over contemplating the mistakes they had made to combat the rise of Indigos from 1% of the Gardenia Utopian Community Human Population to 15%. All for the strengthening of authoritarian might of Gardenia where the MegaCorps lobbied for Indigo Liberty as highly-skilled specialists in their employ at prestigious ranks in their companies. Those kept here were after the Gardenia-United Revolutionary Collective Civil War. These Security Officers and Scientists were not entirely Human yet only in appearance as they were Reptoids and not full Reptilians, not entirely Human. The Operational Personnel at Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium that had nothing to do with Great Mother Celeste van Kosmos the wife of Zen van Nihil but was a Draconian Imperium Mega-Prison and Science Facility.

Zen van Nihil riddled the Reptoid Security Officer with his AutoCannon. Zen van Nihil opened the Security Panel on the Wall and entered a code that Zen van Nihil knew to override the door then swiped the Security Card. The door opened to the room before the Central Security Control Center of the Dungeon Facility. Zen van Nihil sent forth a massive fireball on a whip with arcane powers that exploded in the Hive of Data Analysis with innumerable supercomputers destroyed along with the majority of scientists in melted electronics and molten slag of steel desks and file cabinets while the Reptoid Hybrid Scientists became ash.

Zen van Nihil instructed with hand signs to put on their rebreathers for smoke was billowing throughout the large room.

Reptoid Hybrid Scientists and Security Officers who survived began firing Rail Guns and Laser Pistols at Zen van Nihil and the Shadow Knights who returned fire upon the Reptoid Hybrids in precision bursts neutralizing their threats their nullification as the quiet prattle of the AutoCannons came to a still as did the yelps of the Reptoid-Humans before they were departed into the void without having a soul matrix.

On the overview giant holovision before them, Doctor Hypnos came over the kinoplex sized monitor with his young features and sandy blonde hair with grey blue eyes. His knife ears showed that he was of Half-Elven racial-ethnicity that being of an Elder Elven race lost to history, “Zen van Nihil, I know your alternative-identity as CEO of Negative 0, I will make you a deal for I surely cannot beat you but join you. Guardian Wraiths have been sent on behalf of Guardian for disturbances beneath Axis Mundi the Perfect Megapolis Capitol of the Gardenia Utopian Community here in Tau Cetus, if you eliminate Doctor Verstehen, I will inform the Wraiths to purge the Human-Reptoid Personnel of this Nightmare Facility which you will find a true Cloud Cuckooland instead of the code name of this facility. I have allowed Doctor Verstehen to commit crimes against humanity and especially Homo Espers or as they now identify as the Indigos. Anyway, I work for you now CEO Zen van Nihil, apologies for any wrongdoing but I don’t disagree with your practices in exercising justice for the Indigos here. It’s been a catharsis that I needed as well as the Commanding Officer and Chief Scientist here. So are we all good?” Doctor Hypnos spoke.

Zen van Nihil laughed cordially, “I had hoped you were decent but now I know you’re good just like our current standing as friends, at Negative 0, we have great expectations for our workforce, do not disappoint me Hypnos Somnus.”

“I hear you, loud and clear, well, I’m going to barricaded in the directorial office until the Guardian Intelligence Special Forces known as the Wraiths arrive, I will instruct them prior with what to do as I am sending Guardian Director Oliver Autumn everything besides what you don’t want them to know Mr. CEO Zen van Nihil, here’s to the start a great friendship.”

“Agreed Doctor Hypnos Somnus, I look forward to working together, I’m very glad we could come to a mutually beneficial friendship.” Zen van Nihil spoke.

Doctor Hypnos Somnus logged off, leaving the screen a glowing green with yellow text that said, Logged Off.

The door to the side room opened where Security Officers came in armed with Laser Rifles firing at them, Zen van Nihil and the Shadow Knights began firing their AutoCannons at them mowing them down. Zen van Nihil leaped at the Security Officers where Zen van Nihil began slashing with his Ragnarok, sword of the Apocalypse. The Security Officers kept coming as the Shadow Knights joined them in melee combat with Void Swords to hack and slash the Security Officers.

“Hold the line, the Vipers will be here soon!” A Security Officer cried before he died by a Shadow Knight plunging his Void Sword through his chest.

Zen van Nihil moved into the Hall where they immediately fired off chain lightning to annihilate the oncoming battalions of Security Officers frying their hearts and synaptic connections in their minds falling them dead.

The Viper Paladins were a Mercenary Faction of Paladins aligned to the Draconian Imperium that was created by the investments of the EisenHaus Enclave and now they were surrounding the area to protect Doctor Verstehen. Zen van Nihil threw chain lightning at the Vipers in their Green and Black Power Armor. The Vipers had Chainsaw Swords and AutoCannons, the Shadow Knights joined Zen and Kassandra where they barreled through the Vipers. A Viper would make a melee slash with their Chainsaw Sword with a Void Blade breaking the Chain of the blade then the Shadow Knight would plunge the Void Blade into their throat or blow the Vipers head off of the Viper Paladins as they came in waves to build time for Doctor Verstehen to communicate to the necessary wires who all came up as cut cables as the holocom rang but came to a sudden alarm of a failure in the holocommunication network connection which Doctor Hypnos Somnus had the Gardenia Protectorate Forces were rerouting the Networks to the Central Protectorate Cryptanalysis Station on Terminus as they converged on the Great Mother Celeste’s Sanitarium. Red Paladins were swarming the upper-floors as the Security Officers and Scientists were mowed down by their AutoCannons. The only thing holding the Red Paladins off were the Viper Paladins. Patients were being liberated by the Wraiths then led to the service stairs to the surface where the Indigos ran up the stairs in droves to meet the sun with gratitude they escaped flooding into the Megapolis Planet of Axis Mundi in Tau Ceti the universal capital of the Gardenia Utopian Community. Zen van Nihil and Gardenia Protectorate Forces had liberated the stronghold of a prison.

There was just one thing left to do. Zen van Nihil entered the room with Scarecrow by sliding a Negative 0 Control Card to the room. There stood Doctor Verstehen over Scarecrow with Thanatos the Archon Psychopomp. Thanatos had a Quicksilver Scythe that Zen van Nihil leaped at while Thanatos flew at Zen. Thanatos was a Grim Reaper Psychopomp with a Steel Wolf Head with Fiery Acrid Green Eyes in Black Void Robes. Zen and Thanatos fought, the clanging of the Ragnarok against the Grim Scythe, Zen van Nihil leaped upward to dodge slashed downward, slicing through the Quicksilver shoulder pauldron of Thanatos then swept around as Thanatos and Zen clanged their weapons together, block, parry, parry, slash, slash, stab into Thanatos. Thanatos came upward, Zen sidestepped slashing across Thanatos’ throat spilling acrid green ichor. Thanatos retreated through a portal. Zen leaped at Doctor Verstehen who declared, “I understand death, I am death, I am becoming death.”

As Zen van Nihil lunged his sword into Doctor Verstehen then decapitated him with his Aeternus. Zen van Nihil initiated the killswitch on the Harvester Torture Device which allowed Scarecrow to heal as Zen van Nihil unlocked the clamps and turned off the pain-inducing gas being fed into Scarecrow’s rebreather. Scarecrow began stirring and panting heavily the clean air through his rebreather on his face as his head was covered in a helmet that hid his deformed Homunculos identity.

“Thank you Sovereign of Saturnia, Zen van Nihil. I am the Hollow Man known as Scarecrow. Eternally indebted to your service.”

“First, let’s go celebrate our victory among the masses of Gardenia.” Zen van Nihil spoke.

Zen van Nihil saw Scarecrow to his feet, “Come on Scarecrow, or shall I say The Outsider, how have you grown despite your 31 years of age compared to my immortality, did they splice your genome with Goliath DNA?”

“Yes, Zen van Nihil.” Scarecrow replied.

“Small victories, I suppose.”

“Indeed.” Scarecrow rasped.

Zen van Nihil saw the absolute bloodbath of Human-Reptoid Hybrids with their dominant phenotype being Human as well as the Vipers littering the ground on his way to the service elevators and stairs out to the world of Axis Mundi above. Indigos were charging up the stairs to their freedom in millions upon millions of Indigos now free and remembering their true selves.



Noon, May 11th, Empyrean Grand Cathedral, Axis Mundi, Tau Ceti, Cetus Stellar System.

Elyon van Empyrean appears as an 18 year old man as he knows his father appears as a 30 year old man. Elyon had aged rapidly in the eyes of the Gardenia Utopian Community but had truthfully explained he had lived throughout the Multiverse as did his father Zen van Nihil in aging throughout Zen van Nihil’s 13,000-15,000 years old whereas Elyon van Empyrean is 1,500-2,000 years old. Elyon like Zen had aged to be an old soul but remain eternally youthful as Elyon had realized his father Zen and his Mother Celeste were Grand Archons were immortal but Elyon knew himself as to be as well he knew he could die if destroyed after the dimensional matrices where Great Mother Celeste raised Zen to fight extradimensional horrors, monsters, and Baal Archons of Lucifer Illuminatus. Great Mother Celeste brought Elyon to commune with Grand Archons and Majestic Multidimensional Beings was where Elyon was raised outside as the escape his mother, Celeste had brought him up in as this escape was Elyon van Empyrean’s only escape from the Milky Way Galaxy and 110 Dwarf Galaxies of the Gardenia Utopian Community as a Messianic figure who was in manifestation of Celestialism, Zenarchism, and Enigmatic Mysteries Infinitely among the Power Elite of the Gardenia Utopian Community. Most notably the high-ranking members of the Cosmic Church Clergy who turned to Elyon for his truths on Enigmatic Mysteries that spanned to Infinity so the Celestial Cosmic Church could know what is sacred and to know what exactly is a sin from a 18 year old adult. Elyon van Empyrean had greyish snow white pale skin with a weird somewhat faintly noticeable azure tinge activated rarely by certain moods, burgundy lips, golden blond hair, and sapphire blue eyes in the omnibenevolence, omnipotence, omnipresent astral projection power, ubiquitous psychic powers who was a loving, kind, and highly-intelligent that is the Saturnia Great Commission Grand Archon who in his daydreams or meditations traveled there to be closer to his father Zen van Nihil. How he wished he could meditate but his mother who is referred to as Great Mother Celeste van Kosmos is expecting company from mysterious visitors. Elyon van Empyrean didn’t bother to use his prescient knowledge to bear witness to who these mysterious strangers were for they were in a skybox overseeing a crowd of 125,000 Celestial Believers on the day the Axis Mundi Celestial Chapel known as the Cosmic Empyrean Chapel was being ordained by the 4 Cardinals and newly appointed Pontifex Julian Marcus Aurelius was headlining the Pulpit with each Cardinal from least to greatest in popularity building to the Pontifex Julian Marcus Aurelius for the Blessed Sacrament of the Holy Site dedicated to Elyon van Empyrean. Elyon wondered how the Gardenia Utopian Community spanned the Milky Way Galaxy which is 53,000 light years in expanse while the Triangulum Galaxy is 30,000 light years in its expanse while the Andromeda Galaxy is 125,000 light years in expanse. Elyon thought of how his father Zen, his mother Celeste, and the son being himself, Elyon saw the symbology between this Cosmic Trinity in correlation to the Galaxies and the symbolism of 125,000 in the congregation as the Dwarf Galaxies in the Virgo Supercluster where Elyon knew this Holy Site on Axis Mundi, Tau Ceti, super-planet in the Cetus solar system.

Elyon van Empyrean sat on a sofa with his feet up on a cushion watching the first Cardinal speak in great length. A five hour call of the “Suprema Madonna Celeste van Kosmos Deva Vult.” As Pontifex Julian Marcus Aurelius called the Congregations to Mass.

Great Mother Celeste opened the Call to Congregations across Gardenia to attend Celestial Cosmic Church Mass in high-frequency for the Coming Crusade Against MycoFungi Spore Plagues which was infecting worlds throughout Gardenia who were also simply known as the Spore which came from the Great Old One who were infesting Worlds and overriding the Consciousness of the denizens of major metropolitan hubs on these cities for major outbreaks which is why the Celestial Cosmic Church took this opportunity to rename itself Orthodoxy as the Zenarchist-Celestialist Cosmic Ethos which Elyon van Empyrean played a critical role in this Doomsday Scenario facing the Gardenia Utopian  Community.

Elyon van Empyrean loved his mother Celeste but despite this he wished even as a seven year old boy to be with his father, out adventuring for where Elyon van Empyrean felt the same as his father Zen van Nihil’s imprisonment for Elyon at seven years of age viewed the highest echelon of society as the only begotten son of the Great Mother Celeste van Kosmos and Sovereign Zen van Nihil the Savage of Hyperborea which he never left his mother Celeste van Kosmos’ side and never met his father Zen van Nihil but knew a great deal of the idealized by all in revolutionary, identity, and person that was Elyon’s father Zen from where he and his mother met when he was three year old merely observing his father on holovision but what was most heart-wrenching for Elyon was his father Zen’s rejection of his mother Celeste after she offered him sanctuary for what she was actually offering him was a family which Celeste had failed to convey which had been destroyed by Zen’s adamant denial of Celeste otherwise known to him as Starry Skies.

Elyon van Empyrean with his golden blond hair, greyish white albinistic skin, sapphire blue eyes looked at himself in the mirror of the skybox over the Cosmic Empyrean Chapel who thought of himself and his mother as gods when Elyon knew as his mother Celeste and Zen knew that God the Great Architect becoming as He willed it the true power behind the Archons who made their assembly in the Saturnia Great Commission. Elyon watched the Cardinal speak on the Holovisions and in real life. Elyon wore Celestial Bandersnatch Hide Armor. Elyon had slain the beast and sculpted it himself. The Celestial Bandersnatch was created to be a ferocious guardian that Elyon willed war against which Jesuit Scientists watched in horror as Elyon van Empyrean drew his Aeon Sword and slew the Celestial Bandersnatch which Elyon skinned and crafted the armor from. Elyon paid attention to the Holovisions but listened intently to his mother Great Mother Celeste make tea for former General Secretary and now President Jeanne Orleans.

They chatted in the lounge as Elyon sat in the viewing room over the Holy Empyrean Chapel with three Holovisions broadcasting the first Cardinal’s speech. Elyon became bored using prescience to oversee the entirety of first three Cardinal’s for something conflicted with the first three as by the second Cardinal halfway through Elyon witnessed a quantum flux in these events and Elyon changed the three Holovisions through the Dream Machine Quantum Computer changing to Alternative News Networks watching the first Holovision where Elyon took it all in full. The world’s news Elyon was watching was the world known as Chillbone Iron on a blacklisted documentary discussing the two choices offered by the Gardenia Utopian Community and that was from the age of child labor to work in the Chillbone Iron Works Mega-Industrial Plants and Mega-Manufacturing Factories in Metallurgy, Mechs, Weapons, Power Armor, Spacecraft, and many other Chillbone Iron World mass-produced weapons in Gardenia. Humans and Orcs worked nonstop in the Chillbone Ironworks of this world where those of innovation and ambition noticed the spacecraft were merely skeletons without flying energy sources but the weapons were smuggled out or lost daily fueling the Black Market and Criminal Underworld for outside the Chillbone Ironworks World had a thriving Criminal Underworld where street gangs to mobs ran the neighborhoods and streets of the polluted planet in creating illegal Daemon Eldritch where rumors of a Cult of Hastur had gain predominance and dominance for the lives that died in the Chillbone Iron Works or Chillbone Ironworks Criminal Underworld made regular blood Jotun sacrifices.

Chillbone Iron was originally a mining world turned into a mega-industrial factory planet building their metropolitan cities out of quarries and cavernous mines with crafting of as the skyline was pure skyscraper buildings for apartments and mega-factory plants but the real subject of discussion was the Cult of Hastur who thrived off this world and the three Mob Bosses that kept the innumerable Gangs in constant war with each other and the Peacekeepers and Marshal Deputies. Elyon watched this as his mother and Jeanne Orleans discussed what could be and would be the transfer of power from the Utopian Party to the Rational Egalitarian Party in forming political coalition blocs in how the Utopian Party could completely rebrand itself as well as to Celeste van Kosmos suggestion reform itself which to Jeanne Orleans’s surprise seemed viable and the solution most probable to their problems that Jeanne Orleans had wanted for the Utopia Party in its advancements and social influence in 5 years. Elyon continued watching the documentary on the Great Old One of Air in connection to the Stars while the Icy Tundras in the North of Chillbone Ironworks had developed an ominous presence of tall men known as Goliaths and Giants from some distant land which they escaped detection as they took up residency there which some ominous report from survivors of what was to come called disenfranchised Gardenia Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Catgirls, and to praise the almighty Cthulhu who created their own settlements in the Radical Dreamers Cult which had known spanned Gardenia which coordinated with the Hastur the Unspeakable Cult known as the Magnum Indomitable Cult which ruled the city that relayed messages across the Chillbone Ironworks world from the grimy crammed apartments and industrial ridden planet covered in a fog of pollution. The Radical Dreamers found Atlantean High Elven Castles and Keeps where they pursued their creative endeavors where Goliaths and Giants found peculiar and inquisitively implored the Radical Dreamers that was Cosmic Cthulhu Cult where the Goliath and Giants came to enter the emerging Castles and Keeps to find as Elyon witnessed a Starspawn answer to door with two Elder Things which the Goliaths and Giants saw the Elder Things flying around the Castles and Keeps the Goliaths and Giants made their way to their Solarus Base Camp in Horror as they realized Chillbone Ironworks Tundra was not a place for them and quickly alerted the authorities of Gardenia as they left as even the Barbarians wouldn’t even mess with these Radical Dreamers.

Elyon watched these beings documented by URC of these events and detailed reports in Krieg Commandos investigating the matters and broadcasting through this documentary. Elyon realized that he, his mother Celeste, and his father Zen van Nihil were Great Old Ones of Aether designated by the Great Architect. Elyon was fascinated by when the Gardenia Red Paladins and Wraiths moved in on these Radical Dreamers in finding most had mutated into horrible abominations but with masterpieces of art perverted by the degeneracy of madness as each were displayed and portrayed. The documentary ended and Elyon changed the Holovision channel.

“Elyon, what were you watching?” Celeste asked.

“A documentary on something interesting and educational but I got bored.” Elyon knew that half-truths were his saving grace from his overly-protective mother.

Elyon thought of the artist depictions of Cthulhu the Dreamer and Hastur the Unspeakable wondering if his dad, Zen van Nihil could pulverize them in a fight.

Celeste was listening to President Jeanne Orleans or her last days of her 10 years as General Secretary as General Secretary Abraham Solomon from entering the Executive Office in a matter of weeks. Celeste went from worried about the entire paradigm shift to what her son Elyon was watching Holovision for an 18 year old, Elyon was infinite genius and maturity while youthful thirst for adventure is unquenchable and beyond comprehension. This impressed yet worried Celeste constantly and consistently for Elyon had put on a pirate Holovision channel to watch something that generally no normal person would’ve watched without a shaking so sanity or great unsettling which Elyon found as nothing compared to the reality of the world he lived in for the Bonechill Ironworks world is part of reality and this was a case where many wondered if reality was real in the pink fleshed skin winged torsos connected to tentacled feet with eyestalks at the top of their head which flew over Castles and Keeps of the Radical Dreamers. The Starspawn which was displayed of green humanoid beings with bulbous heads and celaphod heads with two yellow reptilian eyes, dragon reptilian bodies with large draconic wings, humanoid legs and arms with finned hands and feet standing at 12 to 18 feet high. Vivisection proved the blood to be of black ichor and a strange assortment of undisclosed intelligence.

Elyon van Empyrean changed the Holovision channel to another Alternative DarkNet Holochannel as he contemplated the dark realities of Bonechill Ironworks world in how Trolls, Morlocks, and Grendelkin were all feral mutant races had emerged in the sewers and in the wilderness. These Trolls along with Grendelkin and Morlocks which hunted and terrorized the citizenry. Elyon watched as the narrator informed of Ixarix Scythe Paladins led by Red Paladins hunted these sewers to cleanse these mutations and was an arduous task and reality that many in Gardenia faced whether it be in the Trolls, Morlocks, and the dreadlocked unkempt hair covered 12 foot tall Grendelkin which emerged from unknown places but all three were ubiquitous in the Gardenia Utopian Community’s star systems.

Elyon saw his mother growing suspicious as he watched the different feral mutations of Trolls, Morlocks, and Grendelkin in their savage attacks that left carnage bloodbaths for hunting these creatures who spontaneously came from worlds ubiquitously around Gardenia Hiveworlds. The Criminal Underworld of Humans pedaling Daemon Dark derivatives after its legalization, controlled regulation, and substance abuse therapy with Daemon Dark prescriptions from the Institution of Psychology in how Catgirl prostitution was prevalent among the Blaq Pyramid Crime Syndicate whose bosses had undergone a swift change in centralized management in warring with other smaller gangs and splinter cell gangs. Elyon knew this vice to be wrong in how he changed the Holovision channel to a Gardenia Community Programming show about Zen van Nihil his father while another Holovision channel he set to one about the Enigma of the CEO of Negative 0 known solely as Zen van Nihil before picking up a biography of his father with a pen writing personal notes as he compared and contrasted his father Zen van Nihil and the enigmatic CEO of Zen van Nihil. Elyon van Empyrean scrolled the notes as his father albeit demonized originally upon entering the limelight of the Gardenia Utopian Community in 2121 CE to the evolution of his ideology in intersectional thought become part of the Celestial Cosmic Church and Ragnarok Bog Paganism with Zen, Elyon’s father being married to the Holy Great Mother Celeste van Kosmos of the Celestial Cosmic Church in Zenarchism-Celestialism and Zenarchist-Ragnarok Paganism as Zen van Nihil was viewed as a Pagan Deity of Chaos that came before all in the Multidimensional Creation as Great Mother Celeste had explored in the Intergalactic Spanning Broadcasts which even the URC who blocked out these with cybernetic-bionic augmentations and Espers who were naturally immune to psychotronic weapons hallucinations were watched by the URC and Espers on their Holocomputers. Many sermons and sacraments were given to Elyon’s father for that is what Elyon wanted. 

Elyon changed the third Holovision to an Alternative DarkNet Program about the Crime Lord Nero Noumann who ran his crime syndicate from the planet of Shangri La in the deep jungles for his Daemon Dark derivatives being Daemon followed by the suffix name of the type of psychological effect which correlated with its chemistry being Daemon Dream, Daemon Euphoria, Daemon Mania, Daemon Knockout, Daemon Wanderlust, Daemon Lebenslust, Daemon Passion Pills, Daemon Psych, Daemon Overdrive with the prized drug that Nero Noumann said he was granted as a gift from Zen van Nihil of Negative 0 being Sin which was a derivative so distant from the Daemon Dark family which the Blaq Pyramid Crime Lord Nero Noumann relied on his drug factories among Sabretooth Hellcats crawling Jwai Rani Jungles of Monekka to the Black Forests of Sasquatch infested woods of Anberlin in the Blaq Pyramid partnered family being the Blaq Forest Crime Family which manufactured high-profile weapons and technology to be sold to the monolithic United Revolutionary Collective which were the Blaq Pyramid Crime Syndicate’s most prized and treasured customers. The Garyx Blaq Forest Crime Family originated the URC Krieg Commando and Green Rangers while the Justiciar Janissaries were originated from the Zion-Persian Federation for all hands washed one another in the Milky Way Galaxy and 110 Dwarf Galaxies that Gardenia inhabited as these drugs, weapons, and technologies of bionic-cybernetics of the Blaq Pyramid Crime Syndicate was localized in urban metropolitan worlds of Gardenia to show respect to the URC by simple membership but any Gardenia or Protectorate outside the Autumn Association were fair game. Elyon took in a deep breath as he listened to the history of vehement hatred the United Revolutionary Collective and Blaq Pyramid Crime Syndicate hated the Celestial Cosmic Church staying true to their Old World Religions until Zen van Nihil appeared on the scene which for two bloody years assassination and narco-terrorism and revolutionary terrorism targeted Gardenia, Protectorate, and Celestial Cosmic Church were under heavy assault by these organizations after Zen’s imprisonment until Elyon van Empyrean was revealed with the Great Reformation of the Celestial Cosmic Church. 

To most in the Celestial Cosmic Church viewed Zen van Nihil as a Martyred Deity  or as Zenarchism taught Archon wrongfully imprisoned but Great Mother Celeste retained her Divinity as the Mother Goddess of Humanity as the Foundation Myth or Foundation Fact of Humanity in accordance to the Gardenia Utopian Community as a universal fact of Humanity but Zenarchist Contrarians argued the Supreme Being of the Multiversal Many-Worlds known as Friend or God the Great Architect that Zen van Nihil had brought forth as his driving force for the ministry of almighty altruism he made across the Homeworld of the Gardenia Utopian Community of Eden Prime. This caused Elyon van Empyrean who was to be the Messianic figure by the old guard of the Celestial Cosmic Church Hegemony to proclaim and minister as his father Zen van Nihil.

Elyon remembered his declaration as he spoke, “I am half-Divine in my Creators being my Great Mother who the world knows as Celeste van Kosmos as they know me the one who is half-Divine who cannot and will not tell lies for that my father who I am half-Zen van Nihil the Savage of Hyperborea who is an Archon of the Supreme Being over the Multiversal Many-Worlds in Friend who is God the Great Architect.” Elyon spoke this bravely and boldly as it defined the Zenarchist-Celestialist ideology in easing tensions between Gardenia and the Old World Religious Community.

 The statements Elyon always made were always etched in the divine stone of Zenarchist Celestial Cosmic Church Law as his existence for he was more like his father than the Hegemony wanted or expected which Elyon van Empyrean was called out by in a gentle manner in being an innocent who knew not what he was saying Pontifex Julian Marcus Aurelius who tried to silence Elyon by assuring the crowds of the Gardenia Utopian Community’s Decillions of Citizens watching that “Zen van Nihil still lives!”

Epoke spoke, “My father Zen van Nihil and I, Elyon van Empyrean are two different individuals for I have never met my father but I know that in my blood and bones by the power of my soul that Zen lives through me but my father who you wish to fade away and me to replace will be liberated by his will as my father will not succumb to the chains and shackles the Hegemony has placed on him for the weight that doesn’t break him will be the weight he carries to become stronger than ever before. You tried to dispel my father in calling him an Outsider, now I dispel what my father meant,” Elyon swallowed his pride in ousting and disrespecting his mother, “My Great Mother Celeste van Kosmos is the Mother of Universal Humanity, however, Zen van Nihil the Savage of Hyperborea who is my father know the One True God and that is a Higher Power greater than religion in the one known as Friend, God the Great Architect who is the Creator of the Multiversal Many-Worlds.” Elyon van Empyrean proclaimed.

The ultra-orthodox Celestial Cosmic Church erupted into an old evangelical revival as the Outlawed Old World terms such as “Hallelujah,” “Namaste,” “Shalom,” “Inshallah,” “Amen.” As Zenarchist-Celestialist Believers cried out for how they truly felt in agreement as the schism between Zen van Nihil and Celeste van Kosmos were unified by Elyon van Empyrean as the true Messianic figure for being a Truthspeaker and Chosen One as his Father Zen van Nihil and Mother Celeste van Kosmos were both canonized in the Reformations that would follow.

What was to follow were sermons given by Elyon where they placed the dreaded thing known as Dogma where Elyon van Empyrean preached from a fiery heart that burned hotter than the desert sand of Jinnah and a cool mind of the Cloud Nine or Primum Mobile.

Elyon tossed the dogma aside at this scene for the Revival Movement of   

imprisoned on some celestial body or astral plane where he was able to escape and run Gardenia from his impregnable fortress for the Espers who were imprisoned on his furloughs in the yard but return by the night when he needed to be at his facilities bed check or medical check because Elyon sensed the derivatives in the Daemon Dark chemistry were due to the treatments of Celestial Cosmic Church Hospitaller run by a Clandestine Operations of the Hegemony Protectorate only known to specific members of the Hegemony and the Protectorate with the new breakthrough of Ixarix from Zetan-Human Automaton Super Soldiers from Zen van Nihil that were being bolstered in number under direct control of the Autumn Association centralized quantum supercomputer of Ozymandias which regulated all of Gardenia and the Protectorate while separate quantum supercomputers were created for specific Hegemony members who wished to escape the quantum computational matrix of the unlimited cloud space of cyber-reality created by Ozymandias for Dreamland such as those who were hackers and wished to go to Nightmareland. The DarkNet was supported by Ozymandias with full-privacy due to Ozymandias having a conscience unlike the former primal cyberspace technocrats of the Western Alliance and Eastern Bloc Cyberpunks which Ozymandias was very tolerant of Freedom of Thought, Expression, Art, and Ideology that deviated from the Gardenia Utopian Party Central Bureau since the Declaration of Universal Suffrage which the Hegemony begrudgingly gave back to the People of Gardenia after the United Revolutionary Collective and Zenarchists launched numerous terrorists attacks and started winning the propaganda war with Alternative News Networks on the DarkNet which portrayed the Zenarchists and URC as Freedom Fighters.

The MycoFungi Spore truly terrified the Hegemony as a Governor on a world in his sealed vaulted chambers had even succumbed to the inhalation of such a miasma and was done in by the carriers of the MycoFungi Spores being the fully-formed MycoFungi Men or the Mycophagous Ratlings which were a variant from Ratfolk to Human-Rat hybrid parts of one another such as a Humanoid Head on a Giant Rat Body or Human Body with Ratling fur, body, claws, and worm tail. Where Ratfolk are 5 feet tall with 5 feet long tails, the Ratlings are 4 feet tall with 5 and a half feet long tails who are crouched with hunched backs who prefer to crawl and are beastiel. Naraka Ratling were immune to the MycoFungi but carried it proudly with each abominable mutation the Ratling came in Ratlings were very smart in carrying weapons whether they came in laser or projectile and managing those weapons and body armor of Dwarvish Cold Steel Curirasses. Elyon wanted to know about the problems facing the world he lived in and why a crusade was necessary in combating them. Elyon watched the third television as he mapped out his thesis on Zen van Nihil and Zen van Nihil as his father or the identity of his father. Elyon knew this process of these Rallying Events as a recruitment tool for the Gardenia Protectorate.

Humans, Synthetics, Orcs, and Catgirls of Gardenia to sign up to join the Celestial Crusaders Protectorate Division. All of course would be allocated to the Space Navy or the Space Army as Space Marines  but some among the preexisting Gardenia Protectorate into becoming Celestial Paladins. Elyon van Empyrean saw that they were on the third Cardinal at the pulpit speaking. The next Cardinal knew Elyon’s father personally and that is Cardinal Dante Aguilar.

As the audience prepared itself for the right hand of the Pontifex Julian Marcus Aurelius. Elyon came to a conclusion that would only be yielded by Cardinal Dante’s testimony and testament before the hundreds of decillions of the Gardenia citizenry watching across the Milky Way as these events transpired on Axis Mundi, Tau Ceti in the Cetus stellar system. Elyon had finished writing in his journal by clicking his pen to retract as Cardinal Dante took the stage.

Cardinal Dante had dark short hair and a very Anglo pronounced jawline with blue eyes and cream colored skin.

“We are gathered before all on this Suprema Materna Dea Vult to discuss the topic we all fear but relax my flock for we truly have nothing to fear in the MycoFungi Spore Plague which manifests itself in aberrations that are parasitic at first but evolve Humans into Myconid and create labyrinths where the Myconid can manifest in their true alien form to unleash havoc and chaos upon our worlds throughout Gardenia thus this is a plague infesting our beloved Garden of Eden which the Great Mother Celeste has given us for we have bolstered our Protectorate in the wake of this newly begotten foe which travels as a plague and spore like bacteria which infects the host emulates who they are then coming slowly mutating as the infection spreads for underground does the Myconid live in infected worlds which is why they emerge like Demons from Hell from our sewers to attack infected worlds while simultaneously these worlds are already under the influence of Eldritch Cults of Cthulhu the Dreamer and Hastur the Unspeakable who are unified against whatever these Myconid are which have taken the lives of many of our loved ones who have perished into the Multiversal Many Worlds that belong to Friend, God the Great Architect but these three forces are known as Great Old Ones who are of Cthulhu the Dreamer who is of Water, Hastur the Unspeakable who is of Air, Aiden Aka Manah the Wrathful who is of Fire, and Our Trinity of Great Mother Celeste, Zen van Nihil, and Elyon van Empyrean being of element known as the Aether. Zen van Nihil from Negative 0 spoke with me prior to our engagement here today and he told me that this is an imminent threat from an unknown Great Old One of Nature who is Miasma Amanita the Spore Mother. This is the enemy we are up against for Zen van Nihil who is our Friend has assured me as he assured us all that he will Miasma Amanita the Spore Mother, Comatose Cthulhu, Shout Down Hastur, and Cure the Sickness of Miasma Amanita. We will be signing a pact. A peace-treaty with the Solarus Imperium wagered by Hegemons of Gardenia and the Imperial Nobility of Solarus. The Pontifex has been our Host tonight and he is tired so I will close for him in our Holy Sacrament and prayers as my speech comes to a close. In the name of Zen van Nihil the Revolutionary of Hyperborea, Great Mother Celeste van Kosmos the Supreme Mother of Humanity throughout the Multiversal Many-Worlds, and our Blessings which brings us all together, I am honored to give you the closing words of Elyon van Empyrean.”

Elyon knew the Holocaster would open for him to appear over all the worlds of Gardenia as Elyon spoke the new closing word for a Zenarchist-Celestialist Prayer.

Elyon spoke in a calm and collected manner to hundreds of decillions of watchers via a Hologram, “All is One and One is All.”

The crowd chanted as well as many across the Milky Way Galaxy and its 110 Dwarf Galaxies, “All is One and One is All.”

Elyon knew he had his self-defense combat training after this Gardenia Celestial Cosmic Church Mass which he was excited for now that he had gotten what his mother Celeste had needed him to do out of the way. Elyon would be training with retired Guardian Wraiths and active duty Red Paladin Special Forces who would teach him innumerable things in application after Elyon van Empyrean learned the more and more as his father Zen had did in a Dream Machine which installed the unfettered knowledge in his head for him to meditate upon this instilled information for application at the Negative 0 Military Megacomplex at Terminus which was a Dropship Hyperdrive ten second cruise away in the Tau Cetus stellar system. Elyon van Empyrean was continuing construction, detonation, and defusal of antimatter bombs which Elyon cited his reasoning for the one that almost assassinated Jeanne Orleans but in truth that antimatter bomb purged the toxic puppets of the Hegemony which brought her to the position of General Secretary where the Former General Secretary of Chairwoman of the Utopian Party Jeanne Orleans was in the Gardenia Politico Bureau known as the Process of Change with the Incumbent Former Utopian Party Member Chairwoman turned Social Democrats Chairwoman and President Jeanne Orleans over to Chairman of the Rational Egalitarian Party and General Secretary Abe Solomon.

Elyon spoke to her, “I’m very proud that you left the Utopian Party to form the Social Democratic Party, Jeanne Orleans, I’m sure you and General Secretary Abe Solomon of the Rational Egalitarian Party will do wondrous things for the Gardenia Utopian Community, I love you Jeanne Orleans and Abraham Solomon.”

Jeanne Orleans looked at Elyon with endearment, “Elyon, you are too precious for this world.”

Great Mother Celeste looked at Elyon and embraced her 18 year old son, “Have a joyous day Elyon my Empyrean, I love you as much as I love your father Zen van Nihil wherever he may be he will be with us soon, now go to the Protectorate world of Terminus that is nearby and not out of my sight, out of mind for me so be good or your gifts for the Holy Days of the Holy Crusade will be lumps of Moscovium 115 to fuel the Prima Madonna.”

Elyon smiled as the Prima Madonna was the Dreadnought Spacecraft his mother and himself traveled with the Celestial Sisters and Cosmic Paladins. Elyon knew he was always going to be good, this brought a comfort of being reunited with his father Zen van Nihil but now he must go to Terminus to fight the Zetan-Human Automaton Synthetic Super Soldiers created by Negative 0, specifically the CEO of Negative 0 known as Zen van Nihil. Elyon was going with Celestial Sisters who put their arms around Elyon who were ages 14-24 years old who were hugging and kissing him. They boarded the Dropships outside on the roof of the Empyrean Chapel which all took off to ensure Elyon van Empyrean’s safety to deter any chance of assassination if Elyon would survive the battle with the Ixarix Scythe Paladins, the latest creation made possible to the Free Market from Negative 0. Negative 0 being the Monopolist Organization which had greatly outdone the Autumn Association and EisenHaus Enclave so Elyon van Empyrean found it no wonder that Zen van Nihil hid his identity and Negative 0 hid this identity for only the elites and old guard would know this Intelligence and any new scientists would meet this enigmatic person in a disguise such as a balaclava or a gas mask yet these are reasonable methods for a CEO who guided a team of Zenarchism Magi Espers to create Warp Timefold Hyperspace Travel. Zen van Nihil then guided this same team stabilized the Moscovium Element 115 Isotope via Hyper-Microfusion into Crystalline Technology for fuel of this Faster Than Light discovery of Warp Timefold Hyperspace Travel. Zen van Nihil than unveiled he had extracted Zetan Biomechanical Automaton DNA and Schematics to create the Ixarix Psionic Scythes for Zen van Nihil’s stated goal of the project is the sole purpose of filling the ranks of the Gardenia Protectorate as a form of automatons that will serve as obedient, tactical, and effective Special Forces to the Gardenia Protectorate that will fight without fear or loss if destroyed for they had no family, friends, or baggage other than to destroy their enemies while utilizing all the aspects of the Ixarix Scythes Special Forces involving weapons, mind, psionics, and spirit. 

The Gardenia Protectorate were blown back that the CEO known as Zen van Nihil had been able to acquire Zetan DNA to Master a Human-Zetan Hybridized Genome which was shaped in its Cognitive-Physiological to be a mass produced unit for Special Forces wired by Cybernetic-Bionics with Ruthless Calculative Tactical Minds meant for ensuring security, defense, attack, and following orders as directed by the Ozymandias the Deus-Machine of the Gardenia Utopian Community. Elyon van Empyrean knew this truth as he pulled up his Blue Dream Holocom knowing that the prying Surveillance State would be watching him if he did not have such a device so he turned down its shields to send a message for all to see for on this day would decide his training that his father had completed in his own right but Elyon had become the extension of Zen van Nihil in being portrayed as Messianic when in truth he like his father Zen van Nihil were weapons. Zen van Nihil revealed himself in full after being framed, pursuited, persecuted, and imprisoned into exile as a political prisoner where Elyon the son of Zen van Nihil portrayed the idealistic vision that the Gardenia Utopian Community manipulated for their own benefit.

Elyon knew that the Protectorate Military Surveillance Agency on all Gardenia Citizens known as not protected by the advancements of a Negative 0 Libertopia Security-Shield. The Protectorate Military Mass Surveillance Agency was known as the Nazar Protectorate Agency who viewed everything in such a way with Agents in the Protectorate everywhere. Elyon linked directly to the Nazar Protectorate Agency breaking the 4th Wall the Nazar Agents who he could see in his mind’s eye in total prescience and clairvoyant powers as he telepathically communicated with Nazar as he opened a Holy Text of Quantum Gnosticism.

The Digital Scriptures are the Sacred Enoch Watchers from the Quantum Gnosticism Scriptures of the Book of Mysterium Logos:

“Dear Wondrous One of God, the Great Architect Whose projection of the Multidimensional Matrices of the Multiverse of the All-Maker who in our Humility acknowledge the All-Creator as the All-Father of All-Creation in the Omniverse, Those that Watch us with Spite, Your Angels, Archons, Demons, and Great Old Ones watch over the Hubris of the Powers over the Material World for You, Our God the Great Architect, Our Immaterial Enoch Watchers are the Ones who Watch the Lawless Watchers who are Mortal and claim themselves to be gods to be torn down, razed their societies and civilization, razed to the ground in ashes.” Elyon van Empyrean read this out loud while the Nazar Protectorate watched him and were astonished in fear as Elyon van Empyrean placed back up the shield. 

A Celestial Sister approached Elyon, “Elyon, what were you reading?”

“Nothing, Sister Evelyn, it was a litany from the Celestial Cosmic Church on Protection which in truth Sister Evelyn, I miss my father. I miss him everyday.”

“Elyon, you will be reunited and the world will be reunified.”

“I understand Sister Evelyn, it’s just that the Great Old One of Earth, Nature, Flora and Fauna, the Wilderness, Sister Evelyn, you as the Jesuits understand or must is that this cause of the MycoFungi Spores that create the Myconid which are servants of the Great Old One of Earth who is Miasma Amanita the Spore Mother. As my father, my mother, and myself are Great Old Ones of Aether in Zen van Nihil the Savage of the Void, Celeste the Cosmic Mother of Eternal Spaces, myself as in Elyon the Divine Empyrean of Heaven, Sister Evelyn have you seen the worlds which this bacteria becomes a plague as people are pacified to fight it, assimilated, and indoctrinated to their collectivist unity or if they still fight it they are driven to madness through hallucination which this cannot be cured yet for it only consumes as it slowly mimics the Host via mind control until it shapes society which can only be consumed by flame. I do not know who is Aiden Aka Manah but I have an idea and if he can be persuaded to actively wage war against Miasma Amanita the Spore Mother who rules the Mi-go who spread Miasma Amanita the Spore Mother’s Will to overtake and perverse the Gardenia Utopian Community. Celestial Sister Evelyn, I need you and all of the Celestial Sisters to find Zen van Nihil, my father, he is a greater warrior than I and I know this because he is on his own parole and probation even while imprisoned in exile. Do you understand Suprema Sister Evelyn?”

“Yes, Elyon van Empyrean, are you aware of the Batedor Major Hive City being razed by Orbital Annihilation because of the Myconids and Fungi that overtook the City?”

“Entirely, Sister Evelyn.”

“All right, we will look for your father, Zen van Nihil, directing our fellow Celestial Sisters, Jesuit Priests, and Cosmic Paladins to all make this their top priority outside of recruiting for the Crusades as men and women join the Protectorate.”

“Today, Sister Evelyn, you will see my might in how Crusaders will know they have something worth fighting for and the security in what will be their battle comrades known as the Automaton Zetan-Human Ixarix hybrid super-soldiers, we will see how well the Mach Two, Three, and the Mach Horror of Ixarix fair in who begin joining our ranks that being Zetan-Humans and Zetan-Human-Boogeymen which the former had been accomplished by Zen van Nihil from an Extradimensional Paranormal Entities captured by Zen van Nihil and Negative 0’s Black Special Operation Forces which they had enlisted from the Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi as Elyon read the Intel Guardian disclosed to Elyon as they landed that the Zetan-Human-Boogiemen Ixarix known as the Psychopomps. The Psychopomps were sentient to an extent of the Boogieman they came from but the Psychopomps obeyed every command of the Protectorate’s Supercomputer Ozymandias in molding them In The Closet closed network that programmed that Boogeymen. Elyon awaited to see this from fighting all waves of Mach I-IV Ixarix but never experienced this and he would be fighting against the other arena champion, what your mother told us is the Psychopomp known as Scarecrow.”

“My mother has known about these Gladiatorial Battles this entire time?!” Elyon looked in wide-eyed shock at his favorite form catharsis being no secret to his mother.

“Yes Elyon, it is what your father Zen van Nihil would have wanted so she has authorized it and allowed it this entire time.” Sister Evelyn grinned and kissed Elyon on the cheek.

Elyon blushed, “Thank you.”

“Welcome my Lord.” Sister Evelyn spoke with a curtsy.  

Elyon drank his bottled pure water as the Dropship landed. Sister Evelyn had already messaged all the Sisters of Celeste, Jesuits, and Cosmic Paladins about Elyon’s wish for his father’s freedom. All agreed. A message was sent to Pontifex Julian Marcus Aurelius who agreed and would publicly give a absolvement of Zen van Nihil’s transgressions and ask General Secretary Abe Solomon to issue an official pardon for Zen van Nihil as the Autumn Association revealed the Former Director of Vanguard Yuri Kafka as the monster who committed all the atrocities and confirm the glaring truth all knew that Zen was constantly fleeing and Rogue elements that are long since dead committed the crimes Zen van Nihil was blamed for on behalf of their Goddess Great Mother Celeste and her Holy begotten son in Elyon van Empyrean.

Elyon van Empyrean pulled the Blue Dream up and had it as a Holotablet who secured its far advanced Negative 0 Security-Network that was completely invisible to Ozymandias Gardenia Utopian Community Intergalactic Supercomputer which managed all automation from logistics, travel, economics, automation, to the Protectorate High Military Commander as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. The Blue Dream was impossible to even detect online to the Protectorate Mass Surveillance Security Agency of Nazar. Elyon prayed to Ganesh to Remove all Obstacles for Success as Elyon’s indomitable willpower empowered him to be as such.

“Great Lord Ganesh, I ask you to hang the neck of my adversary known as doubting myself so I may through my own indomitable willpower achieve eternal excellence through every achievement and success.” Elyon prayed to the Old Hindi Deity to bring Peace of Mind as his message would be known throughout the Quantum Consciousness.

Elyon felt zealously empowered and knew the routine for the unedited broadcast for the State of the Protectorate in the debate between EisenHaus Enclave Commander-in-Chief Aiden F. EisenHaus and Autumn Association Hegemon, Commander-in-Chief, and Protectorate High Commander Maya Angelica Autumn in their what would be heated debate on Ixarix as living weapons but Elyon worried for his own safety against the Zetan-Boogeymen Ixarix from the Shadowlands for they had a sentience of their with unworldly powers being of a essence that proved their existence as stemming from a EDI  or Extradimensional Intelligence which overrode everything else to cause them to be the ultimate Counter-Terrorist Forces ever created for the Boogeyman terrorized everything and everyone to feed on fear to mass murder innumerable prey sadistically while the Scarecrow did the same but without the mass murder of prey sadistically but feed on the Terrorists life force as their prey in the greatest sadism possible. Elyon was just a Rook and a King taking down Pawns but was the only living superweapon able to combat Boogeymen who could put on a show for constant all of Gardenia News Networks to comment of Boogeymen and their origins in the Extradimensional Intelligence of Boogeymen which the prospect of which are terrifying. Elyon knew Artyom Tsarevich Unruly and Micah Unruly would leak Holofilm of Boogiemen onto the DarkNet which Alternative Revolutionary News would cover which this would be passed on by the Green Technocrats and covered in great length by experts such as Artyom Unruly who could introduce himself as the supposed half-brother to Arthur Unruly or his former identity in how in his work for Negative 0 they traveled to an Extradimensional Realm to capture these Boogeymen to pacify them with Shadow Knights and Chaos Magi which made it much easier and captured some alive which are held in an unknown location and that these Boogeymen are part of the Ixarix Program which the pinnacle found in the Prototype was known as the Grim Reapers which Zen van Nihil created but somehow liberated him to begin his career in Negative. Elyon’s eyes went wide with baffling and confusing this was for it was giving away too much but for answer their was more questions as he knew God the Great Architect had a plan as his father Zen van Nihil had demonstrated with Scarecrow knew Scarecrow who fathered the Mach V Ixarix which superseded the Norm of a Ixarix into something unique to that Elyon knew was quite moral, compassionate, and ethical but was Essassani or sentient Zetan-Human hybrid first before a Boogeyman which Elyon learned from Zen van Nihil presiding over as Sovereign over the Saturnia Great Commission. Elyon walked amazed and mentally blown away but felt his spirit  he went with his five Celestial Sisters of Evelyn, Gracee, Rainie, Janessah, Aniya with a platoon of Cosmic Paladins providing security around Elyon van Empyrean and the Celestial Sisters into the Negative 0 Megacomplex of Terminus, Tau Ceti, Tau Cetus Protectorate super-exoplanet located in the Cetus Stellar System which Terminus was a giant military base and epicenter of Gardenia’s Protectorate.

Elyon wondered why he wasn’t going to be fighting the Mach V which surpassed what he already feared in his mild pangs of anxiety. The Mach V Zetan-Psychopomp Ixarix from a Death Archon known as Thantatos for they had a sentience of their with unworldly powers being of an essence that proved their existence as stemming from a MDI Archon or Multidimensional Intelligence which overrode everything else to cause them to be the ultimate Counter-Terrorist Forces ever created for Elyon wondered if Scarecrow was in fact a Psychopomp of Thanatos in a more sustainable form and did Scarecrow know this as Elyon knew Scarecrow was the creation of Hyperborean, Zetan, and Jotun Genome but Elyon also knew that his father, Zen van Nihil was the Quantum Abraxas. These dark, ominous, ill-fated baneful meditations that Elyon van Empyrean had of his father the Quantum Abraxas, Zen van Nihil and what Elyon found in his archnemesis Thanatos.



12 PM, January 31st, 2131 CE, Megapolis of Byzantium, Solarus Invictus, Holy Solarus Empire, Solarus Supercluster.

The Crusades against the Orcish Hordes in the Jarlyxianus Hinterlands in the Far North of Jarlyxia were in full-effect, the Orcs were a brutish barbaric race unable to grasp the fact that they were abominations before the eternal Holy Phoenix which Emperor Loki Beowulf Fenrir was not going to tolerate this green barbaric race to spread throughout his Holy Intergalactic Empire. The Orcs spread through pirating ships and breeding in spawning pits in jungled areas where many orcs could spring forth from to wage war of a caliber unforeseen. This was a minor inconvenience once one factored in the satiating of the Elves and their hubris over Emperor Roland Germanicus Solarus no longer being on the throne. As the eternal Solarus Dynasty had ended, the Fenrir Dynasty had just begun. The Julianus and Severan Houses of the Holy Solarus Empire were Dynasties who were meant to follow the Solarus Dynasty. This all changed when they saw the unbridled power of Loki Fenrir the Yggdrasil Mistlander from Hyperborea who amassed his Golgotha Goliaths and Jotuns to overtake the Holy Solarus Empire as the eternal Emperor Roland Solarus with his wife Empress Theodora Solarus abdicated the throne and fled for the Heavens of the Holy Solar Nova in Aethereal Light.

Lysander Cicero the Golgotha Goliath whose family had become civilized over the ages of Emperor Loki Fenrir’s rule as a Lysander Cicero had become a Solarus Loyalist reaching the point of Legate among the Inquisition from serving in the Holy Solarus Legions. Lysander Cicero visited the Imperial Palace on Solarus Invictus to speak with the Holy Emperor Loki Fenrir and the Julianus and Severn Families who were among the ruling elites of the Human and Elven races among the Elitist Families who bore both names and the Half-Elves who were byproducts of mixed-racial interbreeding. Claudius Gaius Severn was a Half-Elf diplomat to the Atlantean Empire representing the Holy Solarus Empire, the recent Atlantean Supreme Potentate was an old and weary named Xandros Vespucci.

“Hello, Lysander Cicero.” Claudius spoke to Lysander.

“Hello Claudius Severn, how is the deliberations with the Atlantean Empire.”

“Tough but good. The Draconian Imperium will be defeated.”

The Holy Solarus Empire had made contact with the Gardenia Utopian Community and the Cyan Combine. The Holy Solarus Empire was a Constitutional Libertarian Autocratic Monarchy Government. The Cyan Combine was a Totalitarian Communist Government. Gardenia Utopian Community was a Combination of an Amalgamation of Contradictions that seemed to work like a well-oiled governing machine since the Free Market of Five MegaCorps opened to Gardenia. The ruling class of the Holy Solarus Empire were the Julianus, Severn, Aurelius, Constantine, Flavian, and Theodos Aristocrat Families. Lysander Cicero saw these Romulus Humans, Solar Elves, and Half-Elves as he towered over them at 10 feet tall.

Lysander Cicero wore his Gold and Red Solarus Phoenix Templar, Inquisitor Legate Armor and Black Trenchcoat over it that had Golden Phoenix and Iron Cross signifying his position of Legate Inquisitor on his lapels and across his back. Two massive Flaming Glaives were across his back. A legendary Durandal bastard sword at his side with a Cyclone Cannon at both his sides in holsters. Lysander Cicero walked up the many staircases, through many balls to get to the top floor where Emperor Loki Fenrir stayed in the Imperial Quarters. The dysfunctional governance of their oldest ally of the Atlantean Empire in their war with the Draconian Imperium was causing Lysander Cicero’s head to throb due to trade negotiations having to be addressed with their new allies of the Cyan Combine and Gardenia Utopian Community. A total fucking headache to Lysander Cicero which spoke volumes of the same among the Holy Solarus Empire.

Lysander Cicero was greeted with salutes by the Praetorian Guard as he headed towards the Imperial Housing Chambers. Lysander Cicero was allowed into the doors by two Praetorian Guards as Emperor Loki Fenrir awaited him inside.

“Your Imperial Highness, Emperor Loki Fenrir, it is I, Legate Inquisitor Lysander Cicero, reporting to your call dear Wolf Emperor of the Holy Solarus Empire.” Lysander Cicero called.

“Awe, my trusty Legate Inquisitor Lysander Cicero, how does purging the Heretics of the Mighty Wolf of the Fenrir Dynasty of the Holy Solarus Empire?” Loki Fenrir spoke.

Loki Fenrir was a 6 feet, 4 inches tall man with a black pompadour of Scholomance Dusklander Fey and Mistlander Human Ancestry with slightly knife elven ears with hyper-masculine facial features and black bushy brows with a bronzed beige complexion with red ruby eyes. Loki Fenrir wore a Nebula Robe which was Astral with a Sea of Stars that floated like liquid among shimmering diamond and golden stars over his Solar Imperator Armor that was unparalleled with his Holy Solarus Imperator Golden Bejeweled Crown. At Loki Fenrir’s side was the Joyeuse, the Prismatic Longsword. The meeting quarters they were in were the central relaxing room of the Imperial Family, a Fireplace in every room and a ceiling made of Stardust Diamonds that allowed the Solarus Nebula that lit the Solarus Supercluster in from from the Holy Solarus Supernova of Apollo. These Imperial Quarters were mainly a waiting room for guests as Loki arose from one of his Crimson Dragonic Leather Couches and took them to another room where Lysander followed him into the Victorix Chambers where Lysander Cicero noticed Sovereign of Saturnia, Zen van Nihil and three others.

“Legate Inquisitor Lysander Cicero, this is Sovereign of Saturnia from Hyperborea of the Alienist Planes of Hyperborea and this is his entourage of Eris Discordia, his Consort-Concubine, Raziel Prospero, his Cambion son with her, and Scarecrow, Zen van Nihil’s Homunculos and Chief Bodyguard.

Lysander Cicero felt his head spin at the environmental conditioning he had received in purging the heresy of the Orcs, Ogres, Goblinoids, and Nyxian Fey but his ingrained Golgotha Goliath in him understood what savagery he had been civilized from and to act accordingly to especially a figure he revered such as Zen van Nihil as he breathed in and exhaled deeply yet silently in yielding his pride.

Zen van Nihil wore the Imperial Hyperborean Armor of the Saturnia Shadow Arachnoweave Armor with his hair in Pompadour. Eris Discordia wore a Babalon Scarlet Sequin Dress with Knee High Black Boots with her hair allowed to hang jet black, curly, and long. Raziel Prospero wore a Purple primary with Golden secondary Dark Nebulous Robe who was busy reading his book. Scarecrow wore Saturnia Shadow Plate Armor.

“Hello Lysander Cicero, as Emperor Loki Fenrir, my old friend who you call your ruler of the Holy Solarus Empire, I am Zen van Nihil the Sovereign of Saturnia, Grand Prince of Hyperborea, Son of Erika Freya van Nihil whom the Holy Solarus Empire and Cyan Combine share our limitless lands at behest of the creation of my mother’s volition one just merely needs to act on the occasion.” Zen van Nihil spoke elegantly.

“I know who you are but who are the others?” Lysander Cicero asked.

“I am Eris Discordia, daughter of Morrigan and as for my father?”

“Eris, don’t.” Zen van Nihil spoke.

“Fine, I am the daughter of Morrigan and a mysterious father, I am Zen van Nihil’s concubine-consort, Great Mother Celeste van Kosmos doesn’t mind or needs any information on our relationship, the two silent ones, the Cambion is of Mephistophelian creation and was tutored by the ArchDevil, Mephistopheles in the Infernal realms for Zen van Nihil and I to have a child which we are proud to have a son such as Raziel Prospero. The threatening death machine is Zen van Nihil’s Homunculus is Scarecrow The Outsider.” Eris Discordia spoke seductively to sow the seeds of chaos in Lysander Cicero’s heart to see if he would speak his mind.

Lysander stuttered before speaking his reply in “Pleased to meet you Lady Eris Discordia.” Lysander choked back the words of ‘Whore of Heresy’, ‘Devilkin’, and ‘Abomination’ in regards to Eris Discordia, Raziel Prospero, and Scarecrow. In that order proving Eris Discordia correct on the Puritanical nature of Lysander Cicero being a Legate Inquisitor.

Zen van Nihil shook his head with a grin as Eris Discordia smiled seductively at him. Raziel Prospero took his head out of his Enigma Esoterica book to glare at his mother and father as if knowing something either of them didn’t know. Scarecrow was stalwartly stoic and silently meditating while analyzing the situation for one thing. Scarecrow only expected to fight or listen to his compatriots of Hyperborea.

“Why is mother antagonizing this Lysander Cicero, this man is a Legate Inquisitor of the Holy Solarus Empire who commands 100 Legions beneath him. Making an enemy out of this master of mass murder for holy fantacism would be nothing for him regardless of what his Divine Emperor Loki Fenrir speaks otherwise on our behalf.” Raziel Prospero thought to himself.

Zen van Nihil spoke, “I apologize on our grifting ways Legate Inquisitor Lysander Cicero in testing your nerves, we have a common enemy in the Draconian Imperium and by pulling on your threads does this build cohesion to see if you have the greatest power of them all which is the act of restraint, mastery of the self allows mastery over the many-worlds of the multiverse but it seems you’re better in the service at the status you are already at instead of the Saturnia Great Commission.”

Lysander Cicero held down his head, “So this was a test? Is that why you called me here Emperor Loki Fenrir?”

Loki Fenrir spoke, “Yes, Lysander Cicero this was a test to see if you had the nerves to serve in my place with my old friend Zen van Nihil and his company. After all Lysander Cicero, I have an empire to run.”

Lysander Cicero realized that his Emperor albeit a young 30-year-old man was ageless, eternal, and immortal.

Lysander Cicero gathered himself, “My Imperial Highness, does Sovereign Zen van Nihil ask of me to join him?”

“Yes, Lysander Cicero, that is what I ask of you for you are one of my greatest for in truth, you are an Archon such as myself therefore destined to join the Saturnia Great Commission in my place.” Emperor Loki Fenrir spoke.

“So be it my liege, I will swallow my pride before I ever fall on my own sword in disobeying you Imperial Highness, Loki Fenrir. Glory to Solarus!” Lysander Cicero turned to Zen van Nihil and his associates, “Sovereign Zen van Nihil Looks like I’m one of your Archons of the Saturnia Great Commission now.”

“Yes, it does Legate Inquisitor Lysander Cicero.” Zen van Nihil spoke.

“Please just call me Lysander Cicero.”

“I ask in return you call me Zen van Nihil.”

“So be it, Zen van Nihil.”



Atlantis Prime, The Atlantean Empire

The Atlazarex Bloodline had been found, reformed, and restored through the young Emperor Alexandros Atlazarex, a descendant of the Atlazarex Dynasty after many claimed the Atlantean Starstone Throne. Alexandros Atlazarex married his uncle’s Spymaster, a Medusa named Jasmine Echidna who became Jasmine Echidna Atlaxarex. Emperor of the Atlantean Empire, Alexandros Atlazarex the Atlantean Solar Elf and his Empress Jasmine Atlazarex the Gorgon over a highly-pluralist and diverse society that has existed as old of Hyperborea that spans Many-Dimensional Worlds as with the Holy Solarus Empire and Draconian Imperium but I fear the seemingly eternal Atlazarex dynasty has come into its own dark days that may bring its demise for a conspiracy has been hatched to destroy the dynasty through the war breaking out between the Draconian Imperium viciously warring the Atlantean Empire that is slaughtering with liberation for the Atlantean Reptilians that act as insurgents against their own empire in conjunction with a rebellion sparked by an Elven Supremacist Organization entrapping the Atlantean Empire in a Civil War. The Draconian Imperium with their diverse race of Reptilians has solidified a great calling to destroy all none Reptilian kind in the Atlantean Empire to seize their lands while the Elven Supremacists known as the Malathyr Alliance are angered at Atlazarex Empire in marrying a Gorgon who are historically known for their cunning, intelligence, wisdom, experience, skullduggery, subterfuge, as well as their masteries over many talents and skills which I view Alexandros Alastor Atlazarex as wise and his wife Jasmine Atlazarex as a benevolent Gorgon and excellent wife who I know and I even envy in not making my wife due to her many accolades and achievements.

Jasmine Echidna Atlazarex the sublimely gorgeous humanoid Gorgon with shamrock green skin and calm serpentine hair of dread vipers who through her Zenarchist-Celestialist worship brought her peace so her hair was always sublimely calm and collect which reflected her personality through her scrutiny by the Elves and Draconian Imperium propaganda publicly ousting her as an alleged spy to manufacture consent for outrage towards her in hopes that Emperor Alexandros, Empress Jasmine, and Emperor Alexandros elder sister ArchDuchess Althea of the current ruling Atlazarex Dynasty. It appeared that the Elven Supremacists of the Malathyr were promoting ArchDuchess Althea Atlazarex who rebuked the Malathyr Order at every turn for she was forever faithful to her brother, the Atlantean Emperor Alexandros and her sister-in-law, Empress Jasmine as this legacy of the Atlazarex Dynasty proved to value family and its people as war raged between the Atlantean Empire and Draconian Imperium coupled with the Civil War in the Atlantean Empire against the Malathyr Order.

April 10th, 2131 CE, The Garukura Peninsula, Carex, Atlantean Empire.

Malakite Zynthazar, a Dusklander Elf who is the elder half-brother of Atlantean Emperor Alexandros Atlazarex and acts as his brother’s personal Spymaster-At-Arms who is able to beguile even Empress Jasmine Severen Atlazarex. Malakite Zynthazar was meeting with his Malathyr Order brothers and sisters as well as the Draconian Imperium Forces that Aiden Ahriman had left under Malakite Zynthazar’s charge to plan an attack on the Aviary Fortress City of Garukura inhabited by the Birdfolk of the Karura and Tengu who were winged and feathered bird humanoids. They insisted on neutrality despite mounting tensions of the Atlazarex Dynasty to join the ranks of the Atlantean Imperial Air Force as prized scouts and messengers in the past. They had secluded themselves on the peninsula with the Antiochus Humans in the North with Pterafolk surrounding them in the Jungles around them. Malakite Zynthazar and his Malathyr Order of Elven Supremacists surrounding their Lord Malakite Zynthazar, Son of Morrigan the Hyperborean Raven Queen from where his Dusk Elven heritage came from. 

Malakite Zynthazar before the battle entered an old tomb where he was in perfect darkness which he could see. Malakite drew on the ground the Hex Sign to summon the two brothers necessary for such a destruction to ensure to show the Atlantean Imperial Family that he is the rightful ruler and heir to the Throne of Atlazarex. Who appeared before him were Erebus Hades and Orcus Hades, the Twin Brothers who are Archons of Death. Erebus Hades and Orcus Hades stood awaiting Malakite Zynthazar. Erebus Hades had a Bejeweled Quicksilver Pharaonic Helmet with glowing Sanguine Rubies for eyes and was adorned in Void Spectre Cloaks with Doom Meteor Cuirass and Shade Wraith Steel Pauldrons with Dual Void Meteora broadswords known as Dark Night Edges. Orcus Hades had a corpulent green skinned Ogre body with a fat Orc face with twin Devilish Horns who wore Void Spectre Robes and a Doom Meteor Cuirass and Shade Wraith Steel Pauldrons who wielding an Unholy Spectre Glaive of Tarturas known as the Ghastly Glaive.

“Yes, Malakite Zynthazar what is it you ask from us?” Erebus Hades asked.

Orcus Hades yawned, “That was a good slumber, barely gaining an easily healable scratch to let Doctor Verstehen die by Zen van Nihil’s hand? Fair trade. Who is it, my brother Erebus Hades? Balder Belial or Malakite Zynthazar?”

“Malakite Zynthazar, the true heir to the Atlantean Empire, I think he needs us to cause havoc among the Kakura and Tengu Fortress City of Garukura.” Erebus Hades spoke.

“Oh really, sounds delightful, tell him the answer is already yes.”

Malakite Zynthazar grinned in the darkness which was lit by Will-O-Wisps.

“Yes, Erebus Hades and Orcus Hades, I need Garukura to be laid to waste with no survivors. The Malathyr Order, Draconian Imperium, and Pterafolk all have a stake in watching Garukura laid to waste. Will you help me?”

Erebus Hades and Orcus Hades looked at each other, “What if Zen van Nihil were to show up with your sister Eris Discordia and your nephew Raziel Prospero?”

“They won’t, they have business with the Anasazi Blues of the Azure Combine and Gardenia Utopian Community at a time where 1% of the Galactic Milky Way of Missing Indigos have just reappeared, the Azure Combine will be taking all personnel outside Doctor Hypnos Somnus prisoner in their gulags and Scarecrow has been sent to Terminus to permanently train Elyon van Empyrean as Zen van Nihil reunites with his wife, Celeste van Kosmos for some romantic bonding thus was told to me by Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus or Aiden Aka Manah.”

“Excellent where is ArchMage Balder Balefire Belial?” Erebus Hades spoke concisely and quickly.

“Yes, where is that Infernal ArchDevil? You wouldn’t happen to know Psychopomp Archon, Malakite Zynthazar?” Orcus Hades spoke in drawn out yawns. 

“He is with Emperor Alexandros Atlazarex and Empress Jasmine Atlazarex tending to the war with the Draconian Imperium in the Militarized Zones led by Naga Dreadcoatl, Darrakus Vayne and his Army of Draconian Imperium Soldiers and Undead Hordes against the Atlantean Imperial Military on innumerable worlds, we strike here as my forces strike simultaneously on the Atlantean Imperial planet of Balimund at the port-city of Loudwater and its surrounding area through our coordinated attack with my Malathyr Order forces aligned Goblins, Orcs, and Ogres of the Darkwoods with the disenfranchised Lizardfolk and Frogfolk of the nearby swamps to join our rebellion thanks to the forces of Aiden Aka Manah’s vast reach and vested interests in causing the vast Atlas Supercluster to bend to the point it breaks its back for the Atlantean I Empire to fall to chaos where the Malathyr Order can reestablish itself as supreme with all races servile to our monopolized control as egalitarianism will be no more. The Frogfolk will proudly proclaim Jasmine Atlazarex the true Empress of the Atlantean Empire thereby undermining the Atlantean Reptilian and Amphibian cause as the Malathyr Order goes unnoticed until a point of Crisis where Normalization can naturally occur where the Malathyr Order monopolizes all power in the Atlantean Empire.”

“Sounds like you planned excellently Lord Malakite Zynthazar.” Erebus Hades spoke.

“Sounds like you are sowing the seeds of discord quite well.” Orcus Hades yawned.

“The Draconian Imperium will execute a precision orbital attack on the neutral Schwached Lander Pygmies. Erebus Hades and Orcus Hades, I know my plan is fool-proof, a third attack on the the planet Schwach where the Pygmy race of the Schwached Landers will take place in a swift precise execution that will destroy the two major cities of Schwachtopia, Schwachstan, and Schwachberg with all towns and villages destroyed by the orbital attack from Draconian Imperium Warships between the crossfire by a direct Draconian Imperium brigadier fleet attack of ground Alpha Draconian Stormtroopers and Djinn forces which will set the continent ablaze leaving behind scores of dead and rubble in their wake which will be directed by Draconian Emperor Ophion Kalashar’s Marshal Rodrhan Eliaxon.” Malakite Zynthazar laughed. “The Schwach Lander Pygmies will become an extinct race while other places bearing the tribal Aviane Garuda Alliance will become more xenophobic and isolationist until the Malathyr Order seizes their lands for reperations in refusing to fight the Draconian Imperium menace integrating and assimilating all races into civilized slave society in service to the Malathyr Order which all blame will be placed on Atlantean Empress Jasmine Atlazarex causing her to divorce my brother and flee but that is only the first half of the plan for despite my half-brother, Alexandros Atlazarex victories in destroying the Draconian Imperium until now with his Imperial Military razing Draconian Cities, slaughtering every Reptilian, smashing their young in their egg stage by bombarding hatcheries will these few attacks on the Atlantean Imperium bother him when this is over but I need you two with my Malathyr Elven Liches and myself to attack someplace else.” Malakite Zynthazar schemed a conspiracy worth a question to where he wanted to attack.

Erebus Hades spoke with a snarl, “I know where this is going.”

Orcus Hades rubbed his bullhorns with his Mace of Malice, “Oh pray tell Malakite Zynthazar?”

Malakite grinned as the perfectly preserved Elven Liches of the Malathyr Myriad awaited behind him.

“All that I have just outlined is simultaneously finished happening with only Reptilian losses as they fled after the Malathyr Rangers turned on them except in the Schwach Lands where Schwach Pygmy Humans are extinct with an entire planet turned to ash with Atlantean Imperial Space Navy giving pursuit to investigate where they are headed which is scattered patterns to rendezvous well behind Draconian Imperium lines or so they think but will form blockade proxies for Space Warships to fight to the death besides the Djinn who will have flex but a sizable contingency of the Draconian Imperium forces are to move on Atlantis Atticus stellar system, into the heart of the Atlantean Empire. We are going to the capitol world where you two, the Malathyr Order, and I will be needed.” Malakite Zynthazar spoke with devilish cunning.

Malakite Zynthazar, the Malathyr Myriad, Erebus Hades, and Orcus Hades transported to the Atlantis Atticus, Atlantis Athens, Atlantis Sparta, the three capitol worlds of the Atlantean Empire beyond the starlit rift which a small fleet of Draconian Imperium Military with their allied Djinn race from Gehenna were headed to wage open war in striking terror into the heart of the Atlantean Empire.

Malakite stepped through the portal with his Malathyr Order Myriad, Rangers, Druids, Warriors, as well as Erebus Hades and Orcus Hades who both began their attack as the Draconian Imperium ships crash landed onto this world causing rubbled cities among the Megapolis Worlds where the Draconian Stormtroopers and Genies being Djinn, Janni, Ifrits, Efreets, Shaitans were waging war on a grieving population of the capitol worlds of the Atlantean Empire over the destruction of the Schwach Pygmies when everything changed when the Draconian Alpha Reptilian Stormtroopers and Genies attacked. The Atlantean Imperial Military mobilized in all its pluralist forms but so did the Malathyr Order who were more prepared than the Atlantean Imperial Military. The Rangers with their Quicksilver Swords and Daedalus Longbows pelted the Draconian Stormtroopers and Genies from afar and close up as the Malathyr Myriad Liches wielded Ghastly Glaives to enhance their magical strength as well as Lunar Quicksilver blades which they dispatched the Reptilians and Genies. Malakite wielded Hypherious blades as he slashed through the Reptilians and Genies. Erebus Hades and Orcus Hades shadowing him. Invisible to the unmastered in the arcane eye. Malakite Zynthazar led the Malathyr Order in their tri-mega planet war against the Reptilian Stormtroopers and Genies. Destruction raged near the Atlantean Imperial Palace where Malakite Zynthazar was defending.

“Elven Brothers and Sisters, stand strong, hold the line, we must defend the Emperor Alexandros Atlazarex at all costs!” Malakite Zynthazar yelled.

“Malathyr Order shall triumph!” They yelled back.

Malakite did acrobatics which he drew his Phantasm Bow pelting numerous arrows into Reptilian and Genie alike. Atlantean Imperial Militarum were boarding the Draconian Imperium ships and waging war with the crew. It was a pyrrhic victory but the Atlantean Empire had prevailed. Now was the time for celebration and commemoration for the saviors of the Atlantean Empire with the Malathyr Order coming out on top.

Malakite Zynthazar smiled. The Malathyr Order Elvenkind began publicly uplifting him as their leader as the people proclaimed the Malathyr Order as their saviors.

Schwach Lander Pygmy Minstrels and Women approached Malakite with the crowd gathering around him. 

“Hero! Hero! Malakite Zynthazar is our Hero!” They chanted at Malakite who stood on the stairs of the Atlantean Imperial Palace. 

Malakite bowed long and gracefully as he thought to himself, “What a waste. The few Schwachlander Pygmies left looked up to Malakite Zynthazar as their Hero. They were male Eunuchs incapable of breeding due to sterilization to pursue careers as Minstrels and Actors so having their testicles removed improved their talents while the female Pygmies were incapable of breeding with any other race and besides themselves with the tragedy that had just occurred. The Schwached Pygmy race would fade into nothingness.”

Malakite Zynthazar stood proud as the Malathyr Order had decimated the Draconian and Genie Menace and stood victoriously but now word of dying Holocoms of praise to Empress Jasmine Echidna Atlazarex from the Draconian Imperium ships as well as the proxies of Atlantean Imperial dissident Reptilians, Serpentfolk, Dinosauroids, and Amphibians proclaiming her as the true Imperial Ruler of the Atlantean Empire. All the pieces of the puzzle were in place. The Gorgon Medusa Female race had remained loyal or neutral to these sets of circumstances but now their greatest voice would need to speak for civil war from the Other races of the Atlantean Empire would go about purging the Reptilian, Serpentfolk, Dinosauroid, and Amphibian races would be heard through massive bloodshed and genocide by the riled up plebs of the Atlantean Empire. This would pale in comparison to what the Orcs, Ogres, Hobgoblins, Goblins, and Bugbears could do as despite their attacks aiding the Dinosauroids and Lizardfolk races as the Orcs, Ogres, and Goblinoids did was a backseat to the Reptilians, Dinosauroids, and Amphibians were nothing out of the ordinary as they returned to their Jungles, Caves, Hinterlands, and Jund Lands in their Tribal Encampments as though they never left while others of higher sentience vowed loyalty to the Atlantean Empire as Mercenary Warriors among the Orcs and a litany of professions among the Goblins as prices had been paid for their wrongdoing in gold and information on the massacres in battles coordinated around the Atlantean Empire.

“Let it be known that I am ArchDuke Malakite Zynthazar of the Atlantean Imperial Aristocracy. I, Malakite Zynthazar am the High Lord of the Malathyr Order, We may have rebelled but only to get the Emperor Alexandros Atlazarex, my half-brother to crack down upon the Reptilian Scourge. Did he? No! I did and the Malathyr Order, We in the Malathyr Order have been protecting you and ensuring the safety of the realm. ArchMagus Balder Balefire Belial believes in the good of the Malathyr Order for he knows we believe in the good of the people, that we Elves in our Millenium long lifespans and rich history knows what’s best for the Atlantean Empire as we made our stand countless times today to our Gods that we worship as we refocus our attention to our Emperor, my half-brother, Emperor Alexandros Atlazarex, I urge you to see what the Draconian Imperium has told us in their dying breaths and in their proxies that Empress Jasmine Echidna Atlazarex conspired in conceited coordinated effort to have the Emperor Alexandros Atlazarex who I have since he was a babe as his elder from Atlazarex Dynasty Emperor Xandros Atlazarex after the Julianus, Severn, and Flavian Dynasties all failed do we the Atlazarex return to glory along with my missing elder brother Alastor Atlazarex whose mother of the Atlazarex family is Athena Atlazarex who hides eternally for all Atlazarex males to be born for her last appearance was 30 years ago but now that Alexandros is 25 years old in Solar Elven years but 55 years old in Common Era years. Athena Atlazarex is a Atlantean Goddess of Archons as am I as is Alastor Augustus Atlazarex and Alexandros Augustus Atlazarex but Jasmine Echidna Atlazarex is the daughter of the Monstrous Naga Grand Archon of Lamia who is the Grand Matron of the Medusa Gorgon race which is why their bond is a desecration of Elven Purity and Monstrous Impunity towards all races of We the People of the Atlantean Empire so as the Malathyr Empire has saved you today, I ask we save ourselves from this horrid Empress so that the Malathyr Order can restore the gilded age of Atlantean Imperial Might in a New Malathyr Order as any Noble Aristocrat Elven Maiden can fulfill this restoration through the Malathyr Order’s reformation of the Atlantean Empire.” Malakite Zynthazar spoke eloquently as he commanded his voice to reach the tens of thousands as Holovisions and Holocom Radios across the Atlantean Empire as trillions upon trillions heard his message and knew his truths but were deceived by Malakite Zynthanazar’s lies.

The crowd roared and somewhere among those who heard these words. Alastor Atlazarex was listening intently knowing now was for a coup for a more Malathyr Agenda in his  empire or an entire regime change as Malakite Zynthanazar was vying for his owntime to seize the throne after the turmoil settled. 

Alexandros knew what must be done to Malakite Zynthazar to restore order among the Atlantean Empire then and there as was the way of the Atlazarex Order of Arcanus Knights that Alexandros had been raised in unlike the Wanderers of the Wild Horizon which was the Ranger Order Malakite Zynthazar had belonged to before their father had passed giving Alexandros the throne and had known Jasmine Echidna before becoming an Atlazarex. Alexandros came out to embrace his brother.

“I couldn’t agree more dear brother!” Alexandros said jovially to the crowd while drawing his Void Vorpal Longsword, grabbing his brother Malakite Zynthazar by the shoulder then running his brother through with the blade, casting pyromancy to burn his brother alive as his blood poured out in a liquid flame as Alexandros stood back to watch his traitor-brother Malakite burn.

“Now, hear me as your Emperor Alexandros Augustus Atlazares to all those who have denounced my wife Empress Jasmine Echidna Atlazarex as you fallen prey to a now fallen enemy of the Atlantean Pluralist Empire which we hold strong as each stick is bundled to the fascist in my reign of benevolent tyranny but turn your ears from this deceit as the leader of the Malathyr Resistance has been slain. The Malathyr Order as far as my counsel and I know only had one true charismatic leader who could successfully lead these treacherous terrorists and I implore none of you will be punished if you realize that are tragedies and misfortunes have been shown to all through your holovision monitors and holograph tablets that we the Atlanteans have prevailed over this rotten treachery eating away at us as a parasitic disease for none are beyond redemption as the reckoning comes for all Malathyr and Draconian Imperium Insurgents who dare defy me with their Pandemonic Pandemonium brought unto our collective people as the Atlantean Military has dealt with the traitors and is now time for conscription and drafting all abled-bodied citizens into the Atlantean Military against our enemies in the Malathyr Order and Draconian Empire.” Alexandros paused to the deafening silence of the mesmerized crowd.

Alexandros continued, “This Malathyr and Draconian Imperium problem has matured me as your Emperor as well as your loving Empress Jasmine Echidna Atlazarex but do you understand the collective price in blood and loss of life we have paid from these sowers of chaos in our daily lives for the time of crisis at home in our intergalactic superclusters shall end as normalization takes hold to bring us peace in our hearts, minds, and souls where in this truth is that the Atlantean Empire is our home. Not the Malathyr Order nor the Draconian Imperium for those who have sown the wind shall reap the whirlwind in great reckoning and retribution unto our enemies in there rancorous ways will know our might that makes right by facing the full force of our wrath in ways that when we come out victorious in total war will be our rapturous redemption.” Alexandros finished his edict by stating, “Trust in the Dynasty and Legacy of your Atlantean Imperial Forces and join our legions by choice or be conscripted into it for either way we shall have our justice through absolute total war so we may return to our normalcy of peace.”

“Long Live the Emperor, Long Live the Empress, Long Live Atlantis!” Atlantean Citizens from around the Super Empire of the Atlantean Empire declared over and over in knowing the hope of what would be gained in victory as their souls once engulfed in darkness saw the Atlantean Imperial Light of Rapturous Redemption.



Gardenia Utopian Community, Eden Prime, Washington DC, Washington District of Christus, Vanguard HQ, Cerberus Mercantile Sector.

“Vanguard Director, Vergil Vexen? How are you? Have you met the CEO of  Cerberus Paladin Mercantile Organization, Mathias Hellfire? He was the Former Paladin Master and was engaged in working with Salamanders with their current CEO Salazar Wyrmrex. Salazar should be here any moment but gentlemen may our meeting be constructive for the time is critical with our workings with the Kythylla of Hastur as Cthulhu dreams his nightmares into reality from the Abyss of Raleigh.” Aiden F. EisenHaus spoke.

Mathias Hellfire was busy looking through his ACCE, checking his personal encrypted cache of Aether-Mail and messages from Cerberus Doombringers through his subsidiary partnership with the Holy Solarus Empire of the Golgotha Doombringers on the Jotun who serviced various employers. Mathias Hellfire was truly named Mathias Hellfire who was a son of the Hellfire Federation Supreme Leader  CEO Mathias Hellfire was a numbers man who cared not for the turmoil brought by eldritch horrors that the Celestial Church was fear-mongering the existence of such Great Old Ones as a new boogieman for a replacement for the Indigo scare led by Zen van Nihil. CEO Mathias Hellfire who was a former Hellfire Federation Stormtrooper in the Marine Recon Force then the Cerberus Doombringer Paladins. Salazar Wyrmrex who spent time as private security for the EisenHaus Enclave. Salazar Wyrmrex and his Wyrmrex Family were strongly aligned and devoutly loyal to the EisenHaus Enclave.

The Hellfire Federation was a rogue state of the Holy Solarus Empire. The Mausser Confederacy of Ratfolk known as Scavvers were at war with the Hellfire Federation which the Mausser Confederacy was led by King Razlen Skavern, a Rat King with many tails and many tales to his name with an aura of suspicion whose concern that the Hellfire Cerberus Mercenary Group had come into total war with their Misery INC forces as corporations waged war and armies awaited to see which Mercenary Groups were most effective in war.

“No matter,” Mathias thought, “We will up the ante by calling in the Hellions of the Hellfire Federation, the most elite and vast of the Hellfire Federation, we will see how the Scavvers react to the temperature being raised to incendiary degrees.”

Salazar Wyrmrex entered the room, quiet and stalwart with his Salamander Paladins in their Green and Black Spotted Armor.

“Mathias Hellfire is something bothering you?” Salazar Wyrmrex asked?

“This war between the Hellfire Federation and Scavver Confederacy is driving me mad, in reality, it is nothing but reports of monstrous humanoids with the bodies of dragons as well as wings with celaphod heads in getting to me, how their draconic skin is tougher than autocannon gauss fire truly irks me for what kind of superstitious nonsense is this but shellshock from phantom fears propagated by the Celestial Church.” Mathias responded.

Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus laughed, “You still don’t believe in the Starspawn Kythylla menace that we are on neutral terms of their existence.”

Mathias snapped, “I am losing men, resources, wealth, and prestige against the Scavvers and you expect me to believe that these half-pint Scavvers have some connection to a nonsensical race of superstition that the Celestial Church of the Gardenia Utopian Community and Azure Combine have brought forth from smoke and mirrors is truly a reality, prove to me that this reality is real.”

Aiden F. EisenHaus responded, “As CEO of Negative 0, Zen van Nihil would say, ‘Is Reality Real?’ Well… to be forthright with you Mathias Hellfire, your father President Edgar Hellfire would agree with me as the Chaos Elf Uncle of mine, Balthier Banefire Belial the Archwizard of the Atlantean Empire would agree with me in that the Kythylla are what your forces are facing for the Cosmos are in a state of Chaotic Decline.”

“You are as delusional as my rehabilitated men, your father Frederick V. EisenHaus would agree with me instead of playing into my fears.”

“Maybe my father was trying to soothe you of your own blindness for some men such as yourself don’t like to have their illusions destroyed.” Aiden spoke bluntly but with mischievous intent.

Mathias stewed angrily in disheartened disbelief that the usually amicable Aiden was being a jackass to him albeit this was his closest friend in the Gardenia Utopian Community.

Vergil Vexen, the Director of Vanguard and successor to deceased Director Yuri Kafka from the Gardenia Utopian Community versus the United Revolutionary Collective War chimed in.

“Gentlemen, there is no need to fight, we came here under a united purpose of knowing our true enemy who Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus has eloquently pointed out in the subsequent return of the so-called Sovereign of Saturnia, Zen van Nihil the Hyperborean Menace.” Director Vergil Vexen laughed off jovially.

Vergil Vexen with his high-and-tight blonde hair and emerald green eyes smiled widely then snapped his jaw shut then followed up his statement.

“Grand Arbiter Severn Savdarus of the Golden Sun Justiciars is on the case for Zen van Nihil, do you understand Mathias Hellfire,” Salazar Wyrmrex spoke of the Salamander Army in knowing Severn Savdarus was on the case out of those missing from the meeting which brought Mathias to an emotional equilibrium.

“Good to know our taxpayer dollars are hard at work,” Mathias Hellfire spoke.

“Could have told you that there was a silver lining.” Aiden F. EisenHaus spoke.

“What of the elite United Revolutionary Collective forces known as the Iconoclasts of Zenarchy. They use explosives to destroy cities, arson on MegaCorp neighborhoods, and defacing the statuesque relics of the Celestial Cosmic Church.” Mathias Hellfire complained seeking solace from those around him.

Aiden EisenHaus spoke, “The Iconoclasts serve an important role in our plan, for you see, one should never interrupt their enemies when they are making a mistake.”

Mathias Hellfire, advisor to Holy Solarus Empire in the client Federation of the Hellfire Federation to whom he was the nephew of the immortalized Corbyn J. Hellfire whose body became more cybernetic and synthetic as time drove his mortal coil. Lite a Drek Cigarette.

“Chancellor Aiden EisenHaus, I see you have learned from your father, Gardenia Operations Director Frederick EisenHaus quite well as you have surrounded yourself with a wise right-hand man in Vanguard Director Vergil Vexen with his Executive Directors, I see ourselves as unstoppable despite this overwhelming doubt in the Zenarchist-Celestialists, Iconoclasts, United Revolutionary Collective Resistance Terrorists, and the enigmatic Shadow Society with their Shadow Knights, Chaos Magi, Nightwatch, and Keepers of Secrets.” Matthias Hellfire spoke.

“So we are prepared to handle the three aforementioned prior groups but the big domestic threat of the Gardenia Utopian Community except the Shadow Society, is that because you read what Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus wrote on the Shadow Society not just being universal but a multidimensional and multifaceted organization whose scientific capabilities defy our current scientific understanding with psionics and arcanists among their ranks.” Vanguard Director Vergil Vexen spoke, “The Shadow Society spans our entire Universe in every civilization and even the boonies of where life is seemingly absent as well as across the multiverse, if Matthias Hellfire, you would believe in such a thing.”

Matthias Hellfire was taken back, “Director Vergil Vexen, it is no stretch of the imagination to acknowledge the existence of such a thing but how does that affect me for don’t we have enough supposed Shadow Society Cabal Agents in our own universe, are their numbers limitless or how do we handle the problem?”

Aiden F. EisenHaus spoke, “They choose from the most elite among the ranks of populations in merit across many races and sentient species to join their ranks and are limited and limitless. The Sovereign of the Shadow Society is Zen van Nihil who we suspect but have nothing concrete. Zen van Nihil the Hyperborean, not the Homunculus who I once knew as my defective brother before the true Zen van Nihil of Hyperborea appeared.”

A Red Paladin Commander walked in with a Holopad, “Gentlemen, Arbiter Severn Savdarus has come in contact with a Shadow Society safehouse and is ready to raid the facility with Red Paladins and Cerberus Barghests in full Power Armor, Zen van Nihil may be at this safehouse due to the fact we silently infiltrated the Azure Combine capitol planet of Azurthurius where we will cause minimal damage to extract as much from the Shadow Hall. It will be filled with Shadow Knights, Chaos Magi, and Nightwatch Paladins. If we find nothing then Zen van Nihil will have one less place to call a safehouse.”

“Right, Azurthurius is a hotbed for Shadow Society activity for it’s centralized powerhold of Azure Combine activity. Zen van Nihil could have gone elsewhere by the time you prepare to raid plus their emergency tunnel system would have allowed all high-profile Shadow Society cabalists to escape while the lower tier Shadow Knights, Chaos Magi, and Nightwatch to fight to the death as their executive cabalists escape and collapse all underground tunnels to the Shadow Hall just so they could go to another Shadow Hall or various Shadow Society facility. Zen van Nihil if he flees will make this a waste of resources, if he stays, this will result in him having a pyrrhic victory which will mean he will flee on foot.” Aiden F. EisenHaus said, weighing the odds, “Alert the Azure Combine Revolutionary Army to destroy all fleeing Shadow Society cabalists fleeing the scene above-ground to seek a safehouse. We must make sure that they don’t make it to that safehouse.” Aiden F. EisenHaus finished weighing the odds as he finished by saying, “Director Vergil Vexen, contact the Azure Combine Military on Azurthurius for our plan to be cultivated to optimal success.”

“Yes sir, Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus.” Director Vergil Vexen said, picking up a phone and exchanging some words in Draconian Reptilian to a Vanguard Executive Director in compliance with orders passed down from Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus to the Azure Combine Revolutionary Army (ACRA) on Azurthurius.

“All things are set, all the pieces are in place.” Director Vergil Vexen said.

“Good, CEO Mathias Hellfire, are you men in the Cerberus in the Barghest Paladins ready to raid the Azurthurius Shadow Hall in the city of Oceanos on the planet Azurthurius?”

Mathias Hellfire spoke, “If your Red Paladins are ready then yes, I authorize my forces who have gathered there to commence the attack when the Red Paladin Commissar is authorized to begin the raid.”

“Prepare for a show and don’t be disheartened if we fail in finding Zen van Nihil.” Aiden F. EisenHaus spoke.

They were watching through the Holovision Panels of many Red Paladins and Cerberus Barghests who exploded open the sliding steel door in front of the Shadow Hall which was a black dark office building above-ground but what they knew was many sublevels existed beneath the discovered Shadow Hall. The foyer was empty, they filed into the lobby which had been emptied. The welcome desk was empty. The Shadow Hall office building seemed desolate despite being beautiful and well-renovated Azurthurian architecture to have occult Shadow Society symbology worked into the design. Red Paladins and Cerberus Barghests were on the roof of the Shadow Hall office building who used powerful bungie chords to bounce off the top of the office building from the 32nd floor to the 16th floor where they would being their climb down or be damned doing so in a frenzy of autocannons against whatever the Shadow Knights brought to the fight. The Red Paladins and Cerberus Barghests were walking through the upper-floors when a chain-reaction of explosions took them by surprise followed by firing of autocannons upon them. The Red Paladins and Cerberus forces aimed wildly above them just for the Shadow Knights to leap downward, slashing into the Red Paladins and Cerberus forces. The explosions were wired to floor, blowing the legs off Red Paladins and Cerberus Hounds as they fell to the 15th floor where Nightwatch Paladins of the Shadow Society waited with autocannons mowing down the invasionary forces from above, annihilating the invasionary Red Paladins and Cerberus forces. The Red Paladins and Cerberus forces fired from above and below on the 16th and 15th floor, heavy casualties on both sides except for the Shadow Knights who dodged in and out of battle while baiting the Red Paladins and Cerberus Hounds into dark corridors to be ambushed then obliterated as the Shadow Knights utilized their weapons as well as psionic and arcane powers.

Matthias was grimacing with dissatisfied displeasure as his forces were essentially his investments being liquidated by this ruse of a flawless victory over the Shadow Society headquarters in their Shadow Hall which was mostly derelict and abandoned as far as he could see. Matthias Hellfire shifted through documents on his HoloTablet to see that the building on Aetherius had been bought by a Corporate LLC which soon dissipated as it was going to be utilized as an office building but he glared at Aiden F. EisenHaus, realizing this would-be renovator office building was essentially one thing and that was a trap.

Panicked voices from the bottom floor came as a series of mines had become active, obliterating the forces that were sent in, the forces who escaped the explosion ran in fear, scattered. It wasn’t long before the Titan Steel Bandersnatch Traps ripped through the legs on their Power Armor sundering them to the bone, severing their legs which were trapped in the metal of the Power Armor as fate of the forces on the first floor were found as Shadow Knights sprung from the ceiling rafters with Void Blades at the ready to simultaneously in unanimous unison, cut the throats of the Red Paladins and Cerberus Hounds.

Matthias held his head in agonizing pain while Aiden seemed unphased that they had just seen their forces fed into the maw of madness as the agonizing pain of inadequacy that haunted Matthias in household with every woman he’d been with that haunted his every failure being the onset trigger of his own PTSD but even greater was his erectile dysfunction as Matthias was a sex addict or orgasm connesseur who used his sexual activity with female socialites to cure his migraine headaches. Matthias felt as though he were broken and inadequate at judging the forces of the Shadow Society as he gripped his head in mourning the loss of his pride and joy being his mercenaries who were as his children even all he could have were daughters from playing with electromagnetic energy to help invest in creating the Golgotha Jotuns into Power Armored Super-Soldiers known as the Doombringers which was his financial start in working with the Holy Solarus Empire. All these memories came flooding into Matthias’ mind as Aiden F. EisenHaus sat there, grinning with HoloGlasses on while watching their forces die first hand, throwing caution to the wind for overconfidence, Matthias had thought only to realize what he thought was something he couldn’t understand about this peculiar prick who took delight in chaos, death, and destruction that was Aiden F. EisenHaus. Matthias grit his teeth contemplating the madness of his mostly cybernetic grandfather Corbyn J. Hellfire locked forever in an insane asylum pounding his steel braincasing against a padded wall and the reformations of a more conservative and logical inheritor of the cultural revolution that tore the societal fabric of a federalized confederacy of a interstellar order in his living father, the Populist Autocrat of the Hellfire Federation, Prime Minister Edgar James Hellfire who unlike the godless madness of his socialist-fascist father found faith in the Holy Solarus Empire who changed the ‘Hail Hellfire’ of his father’s mad ruler hayday to ‘Long Live Solarus’ who Matthias being a God the Great Architect fearing man hid his face from the carnage on the holomonitors that Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus and Vanguard Director Vergil Vexen with their Sanguine Colored HoloGlasses as Matthias hid his head and prayed to Holy Solarus to praise the Light that protects all from the Void where he realized he began to weep for the loss of life of the Red Paladins and Cerberus Hounds, all good men and women caught in a trap that by Matthias’ logic was a bloodsport in gauging the Shadow Society’s defense parameters at even their remote locales.

Matthias then thought of the common idiom spoken by Zen van Nihil, ‘Existence is a Spiritual Experience.’ In this meditation of silently weeping behind his HoloGlasses which he had turned on to tune into past speeches from what brought him comfort from the teaching of the Holy Solarus Church, Zen van Nihil, and Great Mother Celeste van Kosmos. Matthias wasn’t a fool but he had been fooled. The next time he wouldn’t fall prey to allowing his men and women be victims of launching an attack against the Shadow Society, a universal enigmatic order that was apparent not to be trifled with as through the still active HoloMonitors they disappeared into the Shadows to escape through the tunnels in how much of a cataclysmic failure this was to one Matthias Hellfire’s enterprises but to seek out Negative 0, another enigmatic organization or another one of the three Heads of the Gardenia Utopian Community which had colonized Andromeda and Triangullum galaxies as well as the 110 dwarf galaxies in the Virgo Supercluster. Matthias didn’t believe the hype of the United Revolutionary Collective conspiracy theories of Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus being a demonic entity in the disguise of a human but now knew that Aiden Aka Manah was a reality for these actions were self-evident as the blood sacrifices the EisenHaus Hegemonic Family had among their EisenHaus Enclave as Matthias would shift his diplomatic and entrepreneurial work towards the Autumn Hegemonic Family in the Autumn Association among the Gardenia Utopian Community. The EisenHaus were damn Reptilians, the Autumns were Extraterrestrial Humans descended from the Angels of Orion.

Matthias got up after his last Cerberus Hound fell slain and headed to his Helipad where his Rotorcraft was located to leave the proximity of the White House. The Hellfire Storm Security Officers started up the fleet of Raven Storm Choppers were super rotorcraft that were black and superfast by anti-gravity technology that zoomed away flying towards the Quantum Centrifuge Mothership reverse-engineered from the Zeta Reticuli Motherships but created in many spaceship hubs across many civilizations as many had captured and interrogated the Grey Aliens for this technology. Mathias felt it landed as he went to his executive suite to sleep away his depression from the slaughter he witnessed.Nothing seemed to change or have a positive effect on his mood. That was predicted as he laid down in his luxury bed and meditated.





2131 CE, Azure Combine, Azurthurius, Rogue Province of Aetherius, Republic of Oceanus, Shadow Hall of the Shadow Society.

Ulysses saw the Shadow Knights, Chaos Magi, Nightwatch, and Keepers of Secrets from the Azurthurius Shadow Hall Office Building that had been detonated as they fled by thermite in the foundation of the now burning rubble of the Office Building. Ulysses the Atlantean Half-Elven Human with blonde hair, blue eyes, Caucasian skin, and stood at over 6 feet tall. Cassius the Azure Oceanus Nationalist made sure all the Shadow Society Agents made it into the Shadow Hall. There were no casualties or losses from the raid from Gardenia Red Paladins and Cerberus Hellhound Super Soldiers. Ulysses motioned to Azazello the Homo Nexus Slavic man with dark hair and glasses in his 40s who did a double check realizing they had lost some Nightwatch Security Officers in the raid.

“Fuck!” Azazello exclaimed, “We lost some good men and women.”

Ulysses walked up behind him and grabbed his shoulder, “That was to be expected brother.” Ulysses saw that loss was minimal enough to not worry about because the bodies had been destroyed in the thermite incendiary rubble. 

Crassius saw that most of the Aetherius race that the Azure and Oceanus were divided by in ideological and racial wars. He was angered that any of the Oceanus had died by Azure Combine enabled thuggery. Crassius knew he would soon need to contact the CEO of Negative 0 for the war chest against the Azure Combine on behalf of Oceanus. Crassius understood the importance of the Army of the Aetherius seperatist national provincial area ruled by Oceanus in its Shadow Hall. Crassius knew that Zen van Nihil was one of the Very Important Individuals that they needed to know. That’s what Crassius thought until Zen van Nihil undid his hood and cowl in front of Crassius revealing himself to him.

“Zen van Nihil, what was it like to be in that sowing of the wind and reaping of the whirlwind?” Crassius asked.

“It was a bloodbath of pure unadulterated hell.” Zen van Nihil said, wiping sweat from his brow. His Shadow Knight attire had deflected blood but was still murky with sanguine..Zen van Nihil breathed deeply before stating, “Crassius, do you need more funding for another Shadow Hall?”

“Yes, yes, I do.” Crassius answered, his violet eyes with three black pupils zeroed in on Zen van Nihil.

Zen van Nihil spoke, “We will need my company Negative 0 to move in with black site military base in order to do so effectively.”

Crassius knowing that Zen van Nihil meant for a Negative 0 embassy military complex in Oceanus region of Azurthurius to keep the peace with the Azure Combine with a Military Base and secretive ports and office buildings for Shadow Society activities to a full-scale Negative 0 military base in the Azure Combine of Azurthurius meant Crassius didn’t have to put anything on the bill in how the Azure Combine would front the money for more business with CEO Zen van Nihil and his Enigmatic Corporation of Negative 0 due the face that the Gardenia Utopian Community was at war with the Insectoids being the Nergal, Locust, Mantis, Scarab and other Bug races that comprised the Insectoid race and Nazar Surveillance Agency needed this location as well as the Gardenia Protectorate needed Azurthurius to leapfrog to Insectoid planets in order to wage war with the humanoid sentient insectoid races bound together by worship of Great Old Ones and their abominable monstrosities for aeons adding another obstacle to overcome in fighting the Insectoids and Eldritch Monsters that aided and abetted them which seasoned the soldiers and reenlisted veterans of the Gardenia Protectorate as seasoned forces against unspeakable horrors of not just war against the Insectoids but the war against these unspeakable horrors. The Cythalla were the Fighting Forces of the Governing Bodies of the Insectoids while the Mi-go from the Extradimensional Realm of Yuggoth governed and created the Insectoids. Nyarlathotep the Dark Pharaoh is whom the Mi-go worship as a living Great Old One who Zen van Nihil remembered from the Caustic Castle and where he lost Kassandra Nova but gained Eris Discordia and Raziel Prospero.

Zen van Nihil called out, “Reveal yourselves, Eris, my love and Raziel, my son!”

Eris Discordia and Raziel Prospero quickly unveiled their cowls and hoods. 

Eris responded, “Yes my love, Zen van Nihil?”

Raziel called back, “Yes father Zen van Nihil?!”

Zen van Nihil spoke, “Crassius, you think a man who risks his family for a nonpartisan resolution to the divide between the Azure Aetherius race is playing around when it comes to creating a stable union between the two factions of the Azure Combine and Oceanus Republicans?”

Eris and Raziel stared at Crassius with concern.

Crassius felt all three of their gazes penetrate him like Vorpal Blades when he replied, “No, I believe in you Zen van Nihil, Zenarchism-Celestialism, The Shadow Society, and have full faith in a better tomorrow for a union of the Azure Combine and Oceanus Republic.



September 1st, 2131 CE, Insectoid Planet, Triangulum Galaxy

Buzz-Buzz the Bumble Bug was a simple neutral Bumble Bee Bug Insectoid that his kind consorted with the Butterfly Insectoids were neutral to the whole war that had ravaged all their worlds with war on the Nyarlothotep’s command of their Dark Pharaoh and the Cthylla and Mi-go overlords with the Locusts, Mantis, and Scarab overlords urging this war further not to mention the Chromatic Butterflies were urged by the Monarch Butterflies to strengthen their cores of their beings in the edicts they urged. The Mi-go utilized the Butterfly Insectoids to be fed as cannon fodder or as food for the frontlines as the worlds of the Triangulum Galactic Worlds were razed in cognitive dissonance schizophrenic rulings from the Mi-go who all these orders stemmed from that the Insectoids were subjugated to as the Locusts, Mantis, and Scarabs became hardened zealots to the cause of the Mi-go and Dark Pharaoh Nyarlathotep in his reptilian skull mask and pharaonic cloth of black and white while recovering from a brief vacation to the Caustic Castle now located in a extradimensional portal that the Mi-go controlled on various planets with Mummified Reptilians. The Cthylla mindlessly in their demented super genius madness enforced this zealoutry among the Locusts, Mantis, and Scarabs as the Butterfly and Bumblechuck Insectoids that Buzz-Buzz belonged to being a neutral race in the ongoing slaughter of Locusts, Mantis, and Scarabs that were mindless hiveminded zealots brainwashed willingly by the Mi-go and kept in-line by the Cthylla.

“The Mi-go had always governed us, subjugated us, ordered us in what to do and without question we followed.” Buzz-Buzz thought to himself, “I guess this is what we get for blindly following orders for scientific advancements beyond what we Insectoids thought were impossible.”

Nyarlathotep was becoming seemingly more and more paranoid since his vacation to the Caustic Castle likened that it wasn’t a vacation but another one of the Butterflies and Bumblebee Insectoids had spread among ourselves since what do we Triangulum Insectoids know when we are getting massacred by the Gardenia Humans.

Buzz-Buzz thought to himself, “Our neighbor planet was burning with the wrath and rage of the Gardenia Protectorate despite their expansionist imperialism but all our rules from our collective rules bestowed upon us by the Mi-go before the Dark Pharaoh Nyarlathotep deranged them so now all logic and reason was replaced by dogma and zealotry that the Mi-go had mass-brainwashed the Locusts, Mantis, and Scarabs.”

Buzz-Buzz thought about how their world was in the center of the Triangulum Galaxy and the grave danger that this was the last world before Nyarlathotep and the Mi-go leave to go to their extradimensional Xoth as their escape or they already have leaving the rest of us to our impending doom to be marshaled by the Cthylla into the final fight for the last planet controlled by the Insectoids in the Triangulum Galaxy.

The Mi-go kept appearing less and less predominantly as if being phased out to their extradimensional world of Xoth. Buzz-Buzz was highly-observant of the numbers of Mi-go in their presence on the last Insectoid stronghold in the Triangulum Galaxy but the Cthylla were innumerable. Buzz-Buzz’s shift was off his shift of working 14 hours and off 10 hours for Gardenia Humans. Buzz-Buzz hoped that the Gardenia Protectorate supersoldiers would spare the Insectoids of this planet but soon at the Nyarlathotep palace where Buzz-Buzz went to visit. It was empty while this was during Cthylla being rotated to protect the Dark Pharaoh Nyarlathotep and his army of Mi-go lackies which none could be found. Buzz-Buzz realized he was trapped in not being able to warn his fellow Insectoids as many Giant Mosquitos and Locusts, Mantis, and Scarabs in Triangulum Swarm Battleship Spacecrafts began to ready their flight for war. 

Buzz-Buzz knew the Gardenia Protectorate Humans were just entering the atmosphere for total war on our part but the Gardenia Protectorate in their Mosaic Warfare as Red Paladins in dropships came down on the Last Triangulum Insectoid Planet. Marines and Soldiers were second as the Red Paladins began mowing down the Insectoids indiscriminately and with impunity. Buzz-Buzz watched from the Dark Pharaoh Nyarlathotep’s castle in the Mi-go’s observatory. Buzz-Buzz could only watch in horror as the Gardenia Protectorate Armada deployed battleships which destroyed the giant suicidebomber acid filled mosquitos and Locusts, Mantis, and Scarabs were all being massacred. The Mantis being the most advanced fired deathrays back at the Gardenia Protectorate forces. Locusts and Scarabs were firing Gauss AutoCannons but were quickly being decimated. The Butterflies and Bumblebee Insectoids were being thrown into the immolation of fire by Flamers. Buzz-Buzz saw this happening all over the planet from observing the city-states across the capitol world or the last world the Insectoids inhabited in the Triangulum Galaxy. Buzz-Buzz headed down the observatory stairs which were made of obsidian stone bricks. Buzz-Buzz moved down in a hurry to the dungeon basement and laboratory. Buzz-Buzz saw a bunch of vats with Insectoids in them when he noticed a Mantis with a Brain Transplanter in an AutoMedic.

Buzz-Buzz got in the AutoMedic to transplant his brain into the Mantis which he decided his new name would be Atem as in how Buzz-Buzz became complete on this day as no longer a Bumblefuck but a Mi-go hybrid Mantis. The medical procedure cuts open Buzz-Buzz’s head and takes his brain then places it in a smaller Vat. Buzz-Buzz’s brain is reprogrammed with Mi-go knowledge transferring now Atem’s brain into his dream form as a Mantis Mi-go hybrid. The Mantis form that Buzz-Buzz transformed into a muscular Homunculus Mi-go created muscular Mantis with long fingers and lanky limbs with long fingers. Atem’s Mantis body is tanned with a hybrid of Human Hide like a Mediterenean Human over the hard as emerald adamantium skeleton bones underneath it that made him one of his kind as a Mi-go Hybrid Mantis with Human characteristic. Long antennae that were nanosonic as radar could be sensed for miles. Atem had chosen the most unique and outlandish of the experiments for all were deformities of other races that the Mi-go had been creating in their madness driven genius. Atem was now humanoid-insectoid being with a Human bulky body without nipples. Atem abandoned his Buzz-Buzz body in the AutoMedic as the Palace was being shelled by Multi-Missiles from Gardenia Protectorate HoverTanks. The Vat Fluid empties and Atem’s body is now sentient and doesn’t feel like jelly but hardened muscular hide with adamantium bones unlike the bulbous muscle of the Bumblecucks of his former race as the Locusts called them. Atem had ascertained knowledge of the Mi-go. Instinctively with Atem’s Mi-go grade genius and madness, Atem grabs a keycard off the rack on the opposite side of the room when Atem slides the security panel then draws on the panel in a certain design that was a hexagram. The sliding steel door opens. Atem moved into it. Atem was in a room only Mi-go and the Dark Pharaoh Nyarlathotep had access to. In this room was a series of portals, wormholes to other realms and gates to other parts of the universe.

“Well… I guess this was for the best.” Atem said reluctantly putting on a silver jumpsuit.

Atem wasn’t aware of all the gates but was aware of the dimensional doors that he should not enter and those the Mi-go used but was uncertain of the Mi-go created for a hopeful retaliation if the Gardenia Humans should ever be weak enough to strike which turned out they would never use or truly know which led where. Rumbling came from above but this subterranean laboratory was in shot but not the dimensional doors. Atem thought of his life as Buzz-Buzz which was a taskmaster among the Bumblebee Insectoids. Atem wondered which dimensional door out of the vast majority of them were safe but didn’t know the ones that were unsafe. Atem figured out it was the one dimensional gate behind the central one. Atem rolled the bones on this one. Atem went through the dimensional door and found himself in a world that warped and distorted around him as he witnessed every Triangulum Galactic Insectoid being brutally slaughtered by the Gardenia Protectorate in a genocidal purge as every advanced weapon in the arsenal and option of the Gardenia Protectorate decimated the species of Insectoids of Triangulum were eradicated to be forcefully removed by the Gardenia Protectorate that even the Gardenia Protectorate kept the Butterflies and Bumblebees now known as Buzz-Buzz derogatorily to harvest their species terraforming abilities essence is harvested then put-out of their misery when Atem emerged through the dimensional vortex apathetic to all this as Atem was in a Shadow Hall surrounded by men and women in black cloaks with the black sun drawn in white on their robes with Arachne spiders with the White Sun emblem on their thorax.

Atem the First of the Last, the one out of many, the one of a kind. Atem found himself through a dimensional door to a Shadow Hall on Tau Ceti D, Niflheim. The quiet pitter-patter that was abnormally louder than normal for a Shadow Society member to announce themselves as who they were as they were coming down stairs with two others with the same pitter-patter of three others. Eyes of Keepers of Secrets leered at the Mantis Hybrid Insectoid that was fresh from a Vat that generally looked like a freshling was in the midst of a room full of cobwebs being spindled and harvested by Keepers of Secrets wearing rebreathers and goggles all glaring at Atem. The dim light of ultraviolet light all glimmered off the goggles to glare Atem, forebodingly, ominously at Atem. The three are a human albinistic snow-white pale skinned man with sapphire blue eyes and a black pompadour who stood at six feet, two inches. A cambion fiendish red-skinned humanoid with ram horns, jet black eyes, jet black hair that stood at five foot, nine inches. A woman with long jet black hair, black raven humanoid wings, dark olive skin, violet eyes standing at five feet, six inches. All wearing Shadow Knight garb with complete attire and weapons across their backs with Utilitech belts around their waists. Their cowls were around their necks and their hoods were drawn back.

Atem in his silver coveralls suit felt like urinating himself out of his sheer fear for what may come next for in Atem’s mind, anything was possible therefore probable.

“Hello Atem, I am Zen van Nihil, this is Eris Discordia, and our son Raziel Prospero, welcome to our Shadow Hall in Niflheim, you are a welcomed new member of the Shadow Society.”

Atem felt his four hearts begin to beat again as his anxiety nervosa was stilled.

“Hello Zen van Nihil, Eris Discordia, and Raziel Prospero. I am Atem formerly known as Buzz-Buzz, I was the last of my kind in Triangulum but now I am the first, I can recount to you what I have experienced with the Dark Pharaoh Nyarlathotep and the Mi-go who governed over the Insectoids of the Triangulum Galaxy. The Gardenia Protectorate killed off my people or scattered them into reclusive hiding of the Mantis population who decided to flee before things got too serious but I utilized a brain transplant with Mi-go technology to transfer my brain into a Mantis Hybrid body, My real name is a slur used by the Gardenia Utopian Community and I have no home.” Atem explained.

“Atem, you are home.” Zen van Nihil spoke resting his arm on Atem’s shoulder.

Atem looked down as melancholy washed over him.

“You mean that you won’t purge me from this plane of existence?” Atem spoke reluctantly.

“No Atem, you assume wrong, you’re one of us now my friend.” Zen van Nihil laughed it off.

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