How to build Ezekiel’s Wheel

By Aaron Ziegler– Dec 8, 2017

STEM Abstract: Galaxies, Solar Systems, Celestial Bodies are all Centrifuges of Nature, Naturally Occurring Gravity Powered Perpetual Motion Centrifuges.

UFOs operate like a helicopter except they are not using the air, they do it in the dielectric.The faster you go, the faster the distortion, time slows down. Space travel and Communications of the future will operate in seconds thanks to Zero-Point Energy or what is done in the Dielectric.

I’m working with a team of researchers on Free Energy Generators and Anti-Gravity Technology. How you manage to surpass the magnetism of the free energy field as exhibited by a Tesla Coil to the point that is its self-generating in perpetual motion just as the Zeta Reticuli Grey UFO has an Umbrella that rotates in perpetual motion to allow fluid movement on minimal power that is able to accelerate with centrifugal/centripetal force of induction of the dielectric energy field that is channeled from the zero-point generator. All zero-point energy is done in the dielectric. The perpetual motion device umbrella is connected to the rotating axis while the bridge of the ship is connected to the fixed axis. Truly fascinating stuff. I steal technology from Zeta Reticuli Greys and Reptilians, technically I’m one of their Humans. That’s how I know all this Promethean knowledge.

Extraterrestrial UFOs can manipulate the Distortion of Space-Time Dilation to manipulate the world of the perception of reality around them. I experienced this with the Zeta Reticuli Grey Aliens and Reptilians. Time travel or more time-space dilation via manipulation of the area around the UFO is capable by Technology that is ascertainable by Humans.

UFOs operate between a mass1 and mass2 that is fixed axis and rotating axis that operates on magnetized plates that are able to operate as a perpetual motion device when centrifugal energy is in effect. The rotating axis is connected to an inertial propulsion generator that is a Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster that operates the Space-Time Dilation and the movement of the UFO.

This is from my group of researchers into UFO phenomenon and antigravity technology which I’m going to surprise them with a bombshell disclosure on Tesla Coils.
Note: Require a Stopper Motor preferably made from Copper. Testing shall resume shortly.
Tesla Coils will drive people insane. My uncle died from an aneurysm because of overexposure to Tesla Coil Free Energy – Aether. Notes from Intel suggest it changes the DNA structure of those who bask in the Free Energy glow.

Anecdotal Evidence: The Trinity Atomic Bomb detonation in White Sands, New Mexico was how the Extraterrestrials knew where we were in the universe. They detected the splitting of an atom in the universe. That’s why the Roswell Incident happened.


In our Universe. Galaxies, Solar Systems, Celestial Bodies are all naturally occurring gravity powered perpetual motion centrifuges applicable as in nature so through reverse-engineering nature, wonders of technology are invented and innovated. Scientific observations of nature allow the application for reverse-engineering to innovate technology. Reverse-Engineering the Natural Centrifuges of our galactic, solar systems, celestial bodies is the invention in technology that is a Zero Point Energy Anti-Gravity Engine for FTL Spacecraft.

Carl Sagan, John von Neumann, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, & Nikola Tesla are the brilliant scientists who have inspired me as a polymath scientist. My moment of wonder for science was made eternal in witnessing my Uncle Jayme power up a Nikola Tesla electromagnetic free energy generator that made his entire workshop illuminate in a spectacle I will never forget.

My eyes looking around the workshop of wonder to the light-bulb I was instructed to hold was not connected to anything yet glowed the wonders of technology that only made known to me that a higher power that is God existed and science was my divine purpose for life in understanding Creation and my Creator as well as myself for my place in the Divine Plan that would unfold as God’s Will.

During my teenage years, I would spend my summers in my Uncle Jayme Beal’s workshops as his lab assistant in designing the schematics and building Zero Point Energy Machines derived from the energy model of Nikola Tesla. In Scientific Observation of our natural universe in correlation to engineering. I drafted the foundation for this possible blueprint for the Zero Point Energy Anti-Gravity Centrifugal Engine as a Promethean Genius, Polymath Scientist, & Engineering Virtuoso.

My observations are this astounding discovery that our solar system is a naturally occurring centrifuge that is a gravity powered perpetual centripetal motion centrifuge. In science, observations from our natural world to lead to beyond the theoretical to engineering technology to create inventions that mark the progressions of achievement through human wonder. In our naturally occurring centrifuge of a solar system.

Our Sun is the primary axis point, the secondary axis point is each celestial body or planet that through the power of gravitational force pulls peripheral satellites in perpetual centripetal motion that completes rotation of centripetal electromagnetic powered gravitational forces to cause the rotation of natural and artificial satellites for perpetual motion powered by gravitational force. In engineering technology which we utilize in our existence as human beings we understand Science and Engineering are equal as both are similar yet have different in electromagnetic powered reverse-engineered gravitational forces for a Zero Point Energy Anti-Gravity Engine.

In Science, theories and application are traded for Engineering blueprints and tools. If my theory: The Natural Occurring Centrifuges of Gravity Powered Perpetual Motion Systems in Galaxies, Solar Systems, and Celestial Bodies expounded upon may hypothetically be the advent of the reverse-engineering of nature to the invention of the Zero Point Energy Anti-Gravity Engine that will allow the unlimited potential of interstellar technology welcoming a Gilded Second Space Age where all humanity is free to traverse the stars so all may find a place to call Home.

NASA Solar SystemNASA Glenn Research.

I figured long ago how this world worked and this is all you should need to know. 😉

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