My Bigfoot Experience – Ohio, 3/12/2021

I have seen the Ohio Grassman. It’s curiosity was piqued when I was dancing in my room after I had come home from a therapy appointment. I had put on the Cranberries “Linger” via YouTube on my Xbox One that is connected to my television. Ace of Base “I saw the sign” had come on from the YouTube algorithm and I was riverdancing or doing a more intense version of an Irish Jig when I turned in mid-dance and there was the Ohio Grassman staring me through my window on the account that we had just moved into my home and hadn’t put up blinds yet. We shared eye contact for the longest minute of my life and then it disappeared out of sight from my window. I felt so scared that I shook and stayed in my room. The Ohio Grassman has a large nose, predominant brow, wide set eyes, that were oval, big mouth with a very human face, wide shoulders, extremely muscular like a football linebacker, covered in reddish-brown body hair and stood at 8 feet tall. There is an apple tree behind my house and I guess it was eating from the tree when it heard me dancing and wanted to know what was going on in my bedroom.

Both my maternal grandfather and I have similar Bigfoot experiences. I wasn’t aware that my aunt who is the organizer of the Bigfoot conferences in Ohio saw one as well. My Bigfoot experience was that I was river dancing in my room because I drink and riverdance because I am extremely Irish and I did a turn and looking at me less than 10 yards away was a Bigfoot. I was listening to the Cranberries and Ace of Base “I Saw the Sign” was playing and I turned and saw it looking into my bedroom window because we had just moved in and hadn’t installed blinds. It stared at me and darted away. I had come home from therapy with a 12 case of Modelo to “fight off the Corona.” As I began day-drinking and dancing. My mother knows I saw it because of my Hyper-Vigilance takes ritualistic steps to make certain “Bigfoot cannot see into the home especially my bedroom.” When I saw the Bigfoot, I shook to my core in shock. They are way more Human than Ape and are more like Neanderthal and Nephilim. Just because they choose savagery over civilization doesn’t mean they are not highly intelligent.

The occupation that has the highest probability of seeing Bigfoot is Construction Worker.

A Construction Worker has a higher chance of seeing a Bigfoot because they are constructing a project on a possible undisturbed Bigfoot Territory.

In a Bigfoot Hot Spot.
Having an apple tree on a plot of land drastically increases your chances of seeing a Bigfoot there.

The reason Bigfoot doesn’t want to be found is that we as humans would put them in a zoo which would be torture for the sentient bigfoot. The missing link is Bigfoot.

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