QAnon: FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Was Right

FBI Chief and Special Agent Ted Gunderson

You don’t believe in QAnon. I’m not a big Q-Supporter. I’m a big FBI Chief Special Agent Ted Gunderson was right acknowledger. If you want to get Q-Pilled for QAnon just look into Special Agent Ted Gunderson’f life work for the FBI.I can prove the plot for normalizing pedophilia exists.If children can make the decision to get sexual reassignment surgery to become Transgender at any age, in fact, it is pushed onto our boys by educators when the children are still in grade school. If children can make the decision to become Transgender then that would mean in a Legalist argument that Children can consent to sex with adults. Joe Biden is overtly an alleged pedophile who allegedly takes Namenda for dementia caused by neurological syphilis. One FOIA regarding Special Agent Ted Gunderson and the whole Cathedral of Washington DC will come crashing down. This is why they call me Zen Cohen.

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