Existence is a Spiritual Experience 001

I’m going to divulge some esoteric secrets with you but my mother’s family has been Spiritualist since Harry Houdini and the inception of the Spiritualist Movement since before the Ouija Board was a household toy for up out of Appalachia did our folkways of our genealogy of spirituality arise like a Snallygaster from a Hex Sign on the side of a barn. Our folkways are as old as Appalachia. We are Appalachia.
Albeit, we are Christians. I am a Christian who adheres to Charismatic Pentacostal Theology and a TradCon Lutheran.
I am politically a Corporatist Conservative Populist and American Nationalist.
I have experienced the following of the paranormal.
Ghosts, hauntings, extraterrestrial contact, a Bigfoot encounter in broad daylight.
I am currently involved in surveillance of Appalachia for Bigfoot taboos that are statues, signs, niknaks, yard decorations, anything on someone’s property acknowledging Bigfoot’s existence. I go to a weekly EC-5 Group where I do have encounters with UFOs on a weekly basis.

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