Sons of Saturn – Hell Town

Sons of Saturn – Hell Town

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on


Boston Mills, North-Eastern Ohio, Greater Appalachia, United Federation

It had just passed 10 PM. Rainy, overcast, a pitch-black night beside the light pollution from roadside signs and phosphorous overhead road lights. The road was newly paved asphalt. The microbus rolled down these haunting streets as it cut through the thick fog that fumigated around the area. The flora and fauna of North-Eastern Ohio, the woodland area was thick with trees and bushes. Every once in a while a gas station would be passed and the vicar of light showing the way in the darkness with street signs to show any route but the one they were headed which was Boston Mills Road. 

Kyle Kimball drove the microbus, Adrian Mercer sat in the driver passenger, Samuel Baker, Vanessa Carter sat in the middle passenger and the seat had been taken out for a futon that Liam Cash sat in with the van having two opening doors in the back. These five late-20s somethings were all undergrad students at Ohio State University on their way to do a sociological project for their Doctoral Thesis. Kyle Kimball was a linebacker for the Ohio State Liameyes, Adrian Mercer was a Triathalon Runner, Samuel was a blackbelt in Kung-Fu, Vanessa played volleyball for Ohio State University, and Liam was a professional outdoorsman and survivalist who had been a close friend of the group who had recently graduated to be hired as a State Park Ranger and Outdoorsman at Salt Fork State Park.

The microbus full of college students was heading down I-71 North from Ohio State University on their way to write a sociological thesis from each of them to mark their experience for they surely would be awarded that government grant to study the Hellions of Hell Town if they were able to network and build connections in the community. The group of college students wanted to see how the Theistic Satanists or Hellions lived in Hell Town (or by its formal name Cuyahoga Valley National Park which the former Boston Mills inhabited in the town that bustled in Cuyahoga Valley National Park was known as Hell Town) after the collapse of Western civilization into the devolution into the Globalist Third World with varying First World areas scattered throughout civilization of Earth. 

Hell Town was a civilization rumored to be of its own anarcho-tyranny authoritarian accord. The five college students wore combat armor with cloth hooded robes over their full-body combat armor that they were geared up to wear in case things took a turn for the worse, they had also brought firearms in case they needed to protect themselves. This was the age of the Tamak Tamar after the Gog Magog War where Wormwood projected eldritch aethereal radiation at the Earth which caused the Lawless and the dimensional rifts that brought the monsters, horrors, and fiends which lurk in the shadow dimension of Earth. 

It was 10 PM in the dark of night in early October when the five college students arrived at Hell Town. Densely wooded, the first thing they came across at the intersection of Boston Mills Road and Riverview Road was a Mill with a wheel driving itself through the water to generate power for the block. Kyle Kimball turned left at Boston Mills Road to go down Riverview Road. Driving with caution, they looked over the Cuyahoga River as bioluminescent eyes stared at them from their bodies submerged in the water and wanderers hiding behind trees and gazing at the car from the other side of the river. Vanessa felt a chill go up to her spine as she shook with fear, Liam rolled down his window and took a bundle of dynamite, liting it for the hiss of the burning fuse, Liam let it cook for a second and then threw it out into the water where the shadow persons popping their head out of the water were ominously staring at them in their microbus.


The dynamite exploded as bits and pieces of the amphibious frogmen known as Croakers came pouring down as the evil monstrous Croakers went swimming or running away across the sandy beaches on the opposite shore to dip back in the water after a spawning pool of them had been blown to bits. Croakers were amphibious Frogmen humanoids who were notorious for drowning people in the waters they inhabited and causing havoc in lands in the vicinity around bodies of water.

“Thanks, Liam,” Vanessa said hugging him and kissing him on the cheek.

“Say, Kyle, who are we stopping in and seeing in Hell Town? Who’s our inside connection?” Sam said.

“A guy named Claude, you know Claude, he’s been a great help, Claude Wolfe, great guy, he has some problems but we’re no problem to him, You’ve met him at the Underground Intel Exchange on the UmbraNet,” Kyle said.

“Oh yeah, he’s also an Ohio State Alumni, no wonder he was willing to help us… Do you think he will sell us out to the rest of the town so we will be made into a stew or do you think that would drive a stake through our mouths to our asses and cook us like a roast pig over a fire?” Sam said.

“No, but Claude Wolfe is bipolar and untreated, I bet he self-medicates with drugs and alcohol.” Angela Mercer said.

“You picked up on that too?” Vanessa said. “Claude must feel so alone in Hell Town given he’s such a nice guy despite his angry posts on his blog, I mean his poetry, I wonder how he gets along with the Hellions.”

“He’s one of them, so Hellions can’t be all that bad.” Kyle Kimball said.

Had Claude been born and raised in Hell Town or had he moved there after graduating from Ohio State? What made Claude want to live among the Hellions, maybe he was bipolar and crazy enough to live in Hell Town. That’s when Kyle noticed it, Liam had already noticed long ago but had said nothing. They were being followed by a black car that had a devil decal on the hood of the sedan, it was a muscle car, the windows were shaded, it had its headlights off, and was definitely following the college students in their microbus.

“Jesus, are we being followed?” Vanessa asked who was looking behind them at the shadowy vehicle.

“Yes, yes we are.” Angela Mercer said.

Suddenly the floodlights came on the black sedan with the devil decal on the hood of the car as it turned left down Columbia road in a hurry as its silent engine roared with intimidating might in this dark night.

“Do they value Croakers in these parts?” Sam said confused.

“Who knows?” Angela Mercer responded.

Kyle kept the vehicle down Riverview Road, soon they would come upon Claude’s place in a newly constructed road called Moontooth Boulevard, a subdivision of Hell Town. They turned onto Crescent Moon Estates down Moontooth Boulevard then passed a few houses with all too realistic Halloween decorations such as skeletons hanging from trees and scarecrows nailed to crosses with arrows stuck in them that created a bleeding wound pouring down their flannel t-shirts. Decals of witches, skeletons, and ghosts were hung on the houses they passed. Kyle had to break frequently for the Cats running across the path of the vehicle and walked in gangs around the neighborhood freely not fearing anything despite a Croaker infestation around the Cuyahoga River. Pumpkins with candles illuminated porches where cats sat watching their familiar homes. Hex symbols were drawn on houses and on trees surrounding properties that the gang noticed in the headlights of their car.

“Are those Hex symbols a year-round thing?” Sam asked.

“They are year-round to ward off certain evils that plague the area, this land is supposedly cursed.” Adrianne Mercer said calmly.

“Do you believe it is?” Vanessa asked.

The entire group answered in mixed answers not bearing any certainty but ambiguity until Liam said rather loudly, “Yes, yes it is, this is the most cursed land in all of Ohio.”

“You really believe all those folktales, that these are Lawless wolves in Chosen sheep’s clothing. Nobody is perfect in this time and we all stray further from God every day but Liam, what makes you say that us risking our lives here is different from anywhere else. There’s a Croaker infestation, a serial killer problem, there are probably cultists of an enigmatic order that are the Hellions of Boston Mills who despite being called Hellions are actually a culture that worships Saturn, the Hellions can’t be all that bad if the Solar Templar hasn’t wiped this town off the face of the Earth.” Angela Mer demanded of Liam.

Liam simply responded, “It was you and Kyle who suggested that we bring firearms.” Liam said matter-of-factly.

The microbus was pulling into Claude’s gated driveway with solid aluminum, concrete, and steel. l The driveway gate was slid open which was adorned in Hex Symbols as well as on the House and the Wooded Trees and there were Crosses placed all around the property and Jack-O-Lanterns mixed in between the expansive property along with Christmas Lights complete with a Nativity Scene. There were 12-foot tall wooden lattices that were painted white that vines grew around with a radiantly colored bioluminescent bulbous pod and neon flowers that glow with ambiance.

“Well if you would look at that.” Liam Cash whistled before saying this with sardonic relief. “Wolfthorn Vine for keeping away lycanthropes, werewolves, werebears, wererats, werewomen, that’s what Wolfthorn is used for.”


“Boston Mills or Hell Town’s serial killer problem is probably actually a Lycanthrope problem? I haven’t seen many Ghouls, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any.” Samuel said.

“So guys this Hell Town really can’t be that bad, there’s no way. Vanessa said.

“What about the phantom car on the road?” Kyle interjected, “What was that about?”

“Guys, guys, let’s find out.” Angela Mercer calmed them down.

The microbus was turned off and they got out with their camping backpacks with their pistols and revolvers in their holsters and their long guns slung across their backs. They walked up the driveway to notice the dim ambient lights from inside Claude’s house flash on as the front door opened and Claude stepped outside as Claude turned on the floodlights triggering ultra-bright light over the Wolf-Thorn Manor property which had multiple lights that illuminated up the entire yard instead of the median of visible light in the sensor lights.

“Hello everyone, how are you tonight?” Claude called.

“Good,” was the general consensus from the Buckeye students.

“Good.” Claude stood there awkwardly for a second before continuing “Please, do come in.”

Claude’s home had a covered porch that looped around the home. They entered the foyer of Claude’s home. Directly in front of them was a hall with a room to the right that was a bathroom, to the right was a living room, and in front of them was a double-decker stairway that was vast in its roominess for those to traverse it up and down. The living room is connected to a dining room with a kitchen through an arched doorway into an upper-class kitchen on the far side of the room. The house was made of oak with barred windows with crosses over every doorway and window frame with pictures of renaissance art and Dante’s Divine Inferno throughout the home. The spacious living room had a television and a piano with a sofa and three lounge chairs complete with a coffee table with the large fireplace that the piano was placed near that really tied the room together. The entertainment surround sound system from inside the house was playing “The Moldau” by Smetana. Bookshelves from the floor-to-ceiling stacked with tomes of knowledge a, candles were lit, a candelabra chandelier was hanging over the dining room while a ceiling fan was in every other room. Radiators alongside the walls in niche areas of fueng shu perfection like all things in this house.

The six settled in by moving the contents of the microbus into the Wolftooth Manor that Claude inhabited that the other suburban homes in Crescent Moon Estates. The other homes all had white picket fences and bluegrass yards with flower gardens. Ideal suburban homes. Not to mention the Luciferasus bioluminescent floral and fauna plant that Mycorrhizal Network Fungus of the organic quantum mind of the Earth connected through the Shrigma Effect of the super myco highway that connected all life from beneath the earth’s surface that connected to Gaia the Matriarchial Mind of the Mycorrhizal Network Fungus. All flora and fauna in this day and age were primarily bioluminescent in the family of Luciferasus. Claude Wolfthorn had Luciferasus plants in a greenhouse behind his home next to an inground pool.

Claude was a golden blonde haired with azure blue eyes man who was clean-shaven, Claude Wolfthorn was a nordic man standing at 160 cm who was very handsome and muscular who wore a Nordic Pagan Mjolnir necklace in a leather sling around his neck. Claude wore leather clothes covered in patchwork badges of an Appalachian Odinist Pagan.

“So everyone, it’s a pleasure to have you here, I have the spare bedrooms set up for your sleeping quarters while you are here. Make yourself at home, if you need to go out, go out on the fenced-in porch, do not leave the property without a friend and firearms, keep long rifles on you at night, bring a sidearm with you during the day.” Claude Wolf-Thorn informed his guests of the Wolf-Thorn Manor ground rules for staying in Hell Town.

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