Sons of Saturn – Abnormal Appalachia 1-4 🥧

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Sons of Saturn
Abnormal Appalachia
Aaron R. Ziegler

Chapter One
Pizza Money

Zen Cohen the albino-skinned Hyperborean with sapphire blue eyes and jet black hair styled in a pompadour. Zen stood at 6 feet tall, (1.8288 meters). Zen Cohen drove down the road in his crimson Wratheon Legacy (2122) luxury sports jetcar through the roads of Appalachia. Zen Cohen had a golden ticket for a mission. He had bought his ticket and would enjoy his ride. Zen wore a black t-shirt, black jeans, and Alligator boots. Zen wore a liquid-gel bulletproof vest with a Flak Duster with the symbol of the mint green Eye of Providence on his back. Zen Cohen had a Utilitibelt around his waist with two gun holsters both with Colt 1911s in either holster and an Assault Carbine across his back. Zen Cohen had in bandoleer many magazines crisscrossing akimbo across Zen’s tactical vest.

Zen Cohen drove through Greater Appalachia, the civilized land of tribalistic unity over the values and traditions of the Appalachian People. Greater Appalachia is a blessing of civilization in this lawless world where nihilistic brutalism and anarchistic chaos reigned supreme. Out by New York, you had a mix of manners and mayhem of the Lawless but in Appalachia, the Lawless formed territorial raider tribes united nominally as the Buckeye Scavs. Zen Cohen knew about other such gangs such as the Hellions from Hell Town which were truly a Satanic Raider Gang much like the Virginia Pagans who caused great disturbances in aberrant deviations from human normative behavior.

Zen Cohen was also concerned for the unworldly Ghouls of the Wormwood magnetism to the planet Earth that caused an undead terrestrial miasma. This miasma caused men to sin grievously before the eyes of God in such hideous exploits and heinous feats that woe, these are the Lawless who abase themselves in front of the taboos and fetishes of the profane monsters that Zen Cohen dare not speak of their names for they are unholy, abominable, and disgusting. Undead such as the profane the cool Grey Shoggoth who are full of infinite eldritch data pods who in their infinite wisdom know there is only one thing worth doing that is intelligent which is eat, rest, and multiply. The dirty filthy Rattenfolk who are sentient as a man with the nature of a rat who Plato would describe as a man for it is bipedal but unlike the utility of a chicken, the Rattenfolk brought the cosmic pessimism of a rat. They are sharply sentient who wear clothes and wield knives. 

Ghouls are the unholy abominations that were formerly living at some point close to this but had gone through Hades to come back as that pleasing in the eyes of the Demons, Ghouls fed on human flesh, Ghouls were alert at all times of the day but could speak in a sentient language at night, the children of the night being the ghouls could speak, sing, cry, and proclaim such unhallowed lies that they called culture into the ruins they inhabited. Ghouls are an oddity of nature. Freakshow Ghouls were an eccentricity among an oddity of which were wrangled up by the business mogul Ezra J. Schlanger who was infamously known as the Great Appalachian Showman whose Shows and Oddities attracted tens of thousands of people. 

The more abominable sacrilege was rendered unto idols in front of alien arbiters such as the rituals reserved for Lawless Cultists such as those who worshipped Demons, Ancients, and Primordials but the most ridiculously monstrous and seductive riddle is when the collectivizing spirit of the Ouroboros made its presence known did true power and authority could be inebriating for if chosen not even the most pious and reserved man could deny their wildest dreams despite any catastrophic tragedy may befall them nor would they bother to care if their pleasure brought destruction upon the whole world for in a pharmacological world of chemical highs where drugs, money, and sex came easy did the abasement of profane dark rituals titillate the minds of the humans of this world but the most seductive high that could not be refused was the Ouroboros. The Ouroboros will call us one by one to see what in our wildest dreams and most terrifying tragedies we could become.

Zen Cohen drove through the Springfield portion of the I-72 down to Clifton then made his way down to Yellow Springs, Ohio where Zen Cohen stopped to rest and relax. Yellow Springs was famous for its eccentric citizenry and overfunded Antioch University which taught solely what people referred to as Clown World College hence the Killer Clowns gang which lurked the streets of Yellow Springs at night. Other Yellow Street Gangs were the Cult of Woke which were direct enemies to the Clowns found throughout Appalachia and had a stronghold in the Green, Clark, and Madison Counties of Ohio and centered around the Greater Dayton area with their HQ in Memphis Tennessee. The Killer Clowns would dress in clown attire and make-up with cybernetic modifications and enhancements to make all their Clown capers and tricks all the more realistic with a sinister twist.

The other major gangs were the Appalachian Pagan Nation adorned in animal bones such as stag deers, bears, wolverines, wolves, with hides and furs as armor wielding scattershot riot shotguns, auto pistols, battleaxes, and chainsaw swords. The Appalachian Pagans were savage and bloodthirsty, they left Pagan religious sites of Pigs and dismembered victims in hexagonal circles drawn from the blood of a sacrifice or the ash of a burnt offering. The Appalachian Pagans worshipped a Primordial Titan that had hid itself and its kind away in the Appalachian Mountains, something eldritch and fitting of a Pagan deity of the Appalachian Americas. The Pagan god was known as the Baphomet. The Appalachian Pagans generally blended into the Appalachian American citizenry to avoid direct confrontation from the United Federation authorities. Zen contemplated this but glanced over the temptation of the Ouroboros given his current status.

Zen Cohen belonged to the Bedlam Grove organization of Chaos Agents and Mayhem Management which were elite special forces of the Wratheon Megacorp, Zen Cohen’s leader was the CEO of Wratheon Megacorp and Vampire Lord, Elijah Wratheon. Zen Cohen was a veteran of Wratheon Megacorp being hired as a Special Forces Corpo at 23 years old and now at 31 years old, Zen was a Chaos Agent of the Bedlam Grove. Zen’s backseat was filled with guns, laser weapons, melee weapons, and duffel bags of clothes, a sleeping bag, blankets, pillows, bundled-up tent. Everything was bundled up beside the weapons which the assault carbine was wrapped around the passengers’ seat with a Z1P5 Antimatter Modulator. Zen Cohen had subdermal armor under his skin, strength amplifiers in his arms, and endurance tension rods in his legs, and support structural rods in his spine. Zen Cohen was a cybernetic and psionic male person who had subdermal augmentations and psychic abilities.

Bedlam Grove Chaos Agent Zen Cohen was sitting at a train track watching a freight train go through rural nowheresville Ohio of Greater Appalachia. The thick fall air created a misty fog through the faerie fauna of the post-misty magic miasma of Wormwood shooting through the sky overhead in the night sky. The stars shining brightly and the Cosmic Carrion celestial bodies over planetary bodies, lording over them for the Lord of Illumination shone brighter as sister stars to the ones that had come before as though a shimmering age of the new gods over this pagan universe. The fog was thick covering the outskirts of the town in the darkness of night despite the bioluminescent flora and fauna of the Nyxian Fae. Zen Cohen waited for the train to pass as he could hear an owl hooting outside and bats chatter in the air as giant fireflies were easy prey for the Giant North American Flying Foxes that had emerged from Agartha due to the Climate Change from the Old World Order to the New World Order. Zen Cohen looked to see Giant Sloths in the trees swatting away the Flying Foxes who swarmed upward then took off in the opposite direction of the train over the vale of wheat fields to an old church among the boxelder maple grove of trees that as the whistle of the train roared, he swore he could hear the Church Bell ring 12 times as Zen Cohen’s car’s intel system displayed that the time was Midnight. The Flying Foxes soared over to Zen’s car as his eyes were locked on them. Zen looked down and saw a shadow of a woman who seemed to be swaying in the wind, she appeared young, she was adorned in an old Antebellum Southern white dress with her head down, cloaked by unkempt hair standing at 1000 yards away down by the ruined church that its bell was ringing wildly in the reverberation of the Midnight Train from Pittsburgh to Chicago as then the Flying Foxes flew about the sanguine Wratheon Legacy flying through the windows swiftly and seamlessly and around Zen Cohen in his Wratheon Legacy jetcar. Zen Cohen seemingly fine once they were gone looked back to see the woman who was floating above his car dash window with a horrifying look that was void of life on her face then snapped to life in vengeful satisfaction as the Banshee screamed at Zen Cohen shaking the Wratheon Legacy as Zen Cohen grabbed his Gamma Gun that fired a gamma radioactive wave at the target as Zen Cohen aimed his gun at the Banshee feeling as though his heart would explode from the fear or a blood vessel would pop Zen fired the Gamma Gun until the Banshee was dissipating, wailing in losing its ability to gather vampiric energy of unhallowed ether from the cold chill of death as it tried to devour Zen Cohen’s soul as Zen kept firing the semi-automatic Gamma Gun firing wave after wave until an explosion of orange light which was known as a sunburst in the ghosting business. 

Zen Cohen saw the train had finished going by and was putting his sanguine Wratheon Legacy in drive and began accelerating the jetcar to 222mph and put the automatic driving system on and drove down this barren post-Gog Magog War roads

Zen Cohen began contemplating, The great rebuilding before the millennium of the Dark Ages had befallen us after a Rapturous Golden Age following but now Purgatory of Normalcy couldn’t be found by a modicum of even common courtesy could be afforded to the richest man for Hell is not just other people, Hell is inside all of us and Heaven is what we can afford in our moments of respite between suffering, they had rebuilt but then the Wormwood Star appeared as the Four Horsemen wage war on this Earth, as the Beast known as Aiden F. EisenHaus governs this world, my own brother, the Antichrist, what am I? I am Zen Cohen, Chaos Agent of Bedlam Grove, I wonder how my brother Aiden EisenHaus is doing? It must be hard selling out my people to the Satanic Reptilians, I must free my people, I must rise up, I must, I must, but what must I do? I will call CEO Elijah Wratheon for his blessing in this endeavor. We can free ourselves from the Wormwood Miasma to rise up, rise up and ascertain the enlightenment of Utopia, yes, yes, Utopia! That is where Corporatism can happen. We shall find our Utopia in the United Federation. Corporatist Utopia, that is the revolution that I seek once I set my people free as their Messiah, that is what I promise for the future, the gilded, golden, glorious future!”

Zen Cohen felt the life coming back into him hit a euphoric high, Zen Cohen reached into the cooler next to him and retrieved a Cosmic-Cola, twisted the seal off the top, and chugged.

“Ahh.” Zen let out a refreshing gasp.

Zen Cohen opened a sandwich bag to reveal a gourmet 100% beef bologna, fresh tomato, and mayonnaise on a 100% honey-wheat bread sandwich. Zen wolfed down the sandwich and finished off the Cosmic-Cola. Zen Cohen belched, wiping his mouth with a napkin from an Ohio Macedonian Chili Place called Heathen Chili that Zen Cohen ate at in Columbus, Ohio, and took his next two meals onto the road from Heathen Chili. Zen Cohen loved Heathen Chili for it was true to the Pagan origins of the Ohio Macedonian Chili that was brought over in the founding of the country. It was a well-known Pagan Family known as the Caradoc Family, a part of the Heathen Cartel that lived in Columbus and had their restaurants all over Ohio. Zen Cohen had eaten all the Ohio Macedonian Chili and was eating his midnight snack before pulling into Springfield off Laurel Lane to the hotel sector right off the highway for Desmond ‘Moneybags’ McGee (Moneybags McGee) for information on professionals in the local area who would be meeting up with Zen Cohen and any jobs that could be done to finance more shady business dealings of Wratheon Megacorp. 

Desmond could match Zen Cohen with other professionals for business ventures and even possibly friends for his vacation in Appalachia. Moneybags McGee had the connections, he had the network to hook up the Hyperborean human that was Zen Cohen with some job and some friends for Zen’s excursion into Appalachia. Anywhere but the United Nations headquarters in New York City, New York, United America, Earth, Helios System, United Federation for that was where the General Secretary of the United Federation (localized on Earth as United Nations) was where this Antichrist ruled the United Federation in the Globalist Degenerative Subversion of the Antichrist and General Secretary of the United Nations in Aiden F. EisenHaus, Zen Cohen knew that the New York City of New York state was a Babylon Madhouse of a Cactopia Cathedral where all were free to surpass the subversive perceptions of objectivity in the nature of reality which has beset this paradigm shift upon all of humanity and fae versus reptilians and the aberrant fiend-folk. 

Springfield, Ohio was a drug town, drug culture of North American included the likes of Turbo, Soma, and of course Opioids were the currency outside the Yentopia Dollar that governed all universal finances in the United Federation. Zen Cohen was a multimillionaire and very rich man as a Chief Chaos Officer of the Bedlam Grove security firm. Zen Cohen was a billionaire due to his work in Information Sharing as an Advisor in the trade of Intelligence Brokering. Zen Cohen drove over the hills and valleys of the Appalachian foothills cruising just to get the feeling of the Banshee off of him, the Midnight Church Bell Banshee had feasted on his spiritual energy and Zen Cohen thanked Jesus Christus for saving Zen’s life and the winding highways that spanned across Ohio from Appalachia to Florida, Pennsylvania to Maine, Indiana to Chicago, Illinois to the even greater California and Pacifica Northwest where Zen found peace driving at 222-244 mph, flying down the highways to get to his destination, only stopping to fuel up with Keroilian Oil.

Zen Cohen had traveled to Dayton, Ohio to check in with the most strategic center of Appalachia defense besides the mountains and that was the Appalachia Defense Forces based out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Zen Cohen got out of his Wratheon Legacy and pulled up to the ADF soldier on duty at the base, Zen Cohen showed his credentials and pulled up to the Kalifornia Inn where Zen Cohen slept for a full and relaxed for 24 hours doing nothing but laying their and sleeping and eating Buckeye Chili despite it being Ohio Macedonian Chili, it was still delicious, Zen ate it up. Zen did this and drifted in and out of consciousness in long lucid dreams about the Banshee with its fanged mouth and lifeless eyes. Zen was glad he was able to stay on base because of the horrifying encounter he had had that day and now it was the next morning and he was feeling rejuvenated, Zen Cohen packed up his overnight bag and suitcase and put it back in the Wratheon Legacy Jetcar before starting it up and cruising on his way to Laurel Lane in Springfield, Ohio where he would meet with Moneybags McGee and plan his next bold strategy for a money move.

Zen Cohen met Moneybags McGee at the Early Risers Diner where the two men met, Zen Cohen freshly showered and dressed in a suit, Moneybags McGee was in a Hawaiin shirt, blue jeans, sneakers, with his balding hair a profligate beat-to-hell mess with his overgrown nasal hairs and ear hairs, hairy guy Desmond McGee, not to mention short, almost as if he had Tesla Gnome in his DNA which Zen realized as he sat and made small talk over Desmond McGee’s night that he was in fact a Gnome.

Zen Cohen found his way in when Desmond came to an abrupt pause.

Zen Cohen said, “Moneybags McGee, I never noticed this before but gee my friend, do you happen to be a Gnome?”

“In fact, I am, I am an ardent technician of systems of all kinds and how they work, I enjoy rebellion and anarchy, I enjoy explosions and gunfights, I enjoy many of the same things as you Zen Cohen, but due to the fact that I am no longer able to do these things because of my disability despite my neurosis is to compel others to help them achieve such goals and aspirations, I have found you and a few others to do a job on a subject that I have marked for my own personal revenge if you get what I’m saying,” Desmond elaborated.

“Like what do you propose?” Zen Cohen asked inquisitively.

“I’m saying we hit the Springfield Casino, we rock this shithole town where everyone is either a Turbo, Soma, or Opioid addict, this town that houses the biggest drug addicts per capita than people in the state over the coals, Springfield gets the fire, we rob the Springfield Casino, it’s a medium-size job but enough for you to pick up notoriety out here if you manage to pull it off without a tale, the underworld will respect you if you looking for cred, look, Zen Cohen, the casino I’m talking about is the Vercelli’s Pizzaria, break into the safe, kill some Killer Clowns, slay some wop gangsters, get out, the Appalachian Security Forces won’t even bother with the Clowns, raider gangs don’t cooperate with law enforcement and everyone knows that the Vercelli Pizzaria is run by a vampire mafioso named Antonio Vercelli who is somewhere on the premises but that’s where your partner comes in handy, tell me about your last encounter with Leon Evander the half-Sol Elf of the Solaris Stellaris. How do you feel about him?”

“He’s actually one of my best friends from the Academy, I’ve missed him.” Zen Cohen replied.

“Good, because he’s fallen behind in paying back the Academy for his higher educations as a Solaris Stellaris, what if you two and three expendables who have no attachment to you to satiate the Vercelli Family’s bloodlust and a possible arson in the medium-sized theater that the money to be investigated goes up in smoke before we burn a bag of funny money. The other three guys are dead to rights owned by Bedlam Grove for outstanding debts, they will have no choice but to cause a scene where you and Leon Evander can escape easily.”

“I expected this to be a threefer-mcdeefer (three-part special) where three of our guys whether they got the money or not sacrificed themselves to sock it to the pederast Killer Clowns and cannibalistic Vercelli Family. So the threefer mcdeefer team becomes a fiver macgyver where two men walk out more sharp to the mastered profession that we want which is a Bedlam Grove Chaos Agent for both you and Leon Evander, the other three are wanted criminals for death, they go loud, you go quiet, sneak the Leon Evander man out with all the dough with you, as soon as you go there and hit the place After Hours when the Vercelli Vampires are all there with their Killer Clowns at the Vercelli Pizzaria.” 

The play area is tied to this venue and family restaurant except After Hours where Satanic deals over pizza were made as Illuminist Vampire Covenants met between contractual parties and committed horrible atrocities in the basement den and party room. Zen Cohen knew what he needed to do for this heist to go off correctly. Zen Cohen and Leon Evander would hide in the ball-pit with their supplies as the three martyrs had their pizza blast there. When the three martyrs finished their pizza party where they would cut the surveillance system on a meander to the utility room. When the Vercelli Family Pizza Party began After Hours where the three martyrs enjoying their last pizza would wait until midnight when the Vampire Guests would start showing up as the three martyrs would be leaving to go to the van to start it up with its full 12 gallon kerolian tank of gasoline. The three Martyrs were Solaris Crusaders, trained Knights in the way of slaying the creatures of the night. The three Sol Crusaders had signaled for an angry lynch mob to ready itself that was comprised of Solaris Church who worshiped Jesus Christus, Sol the Holy Spirit, the Father God, and the Mother Mary. These extremist ultra-violent paramilitary organization of the Solar Templar, Sol Crusaders were readying themselves.

It was 1 AM on a Sunday Night, the Vercelli Pizzeria was a buzz with Vampires biting into humans and drinking their blood. At 1:30 AM, according to reliable informants, the Vercelli Vampire Mafia would be moving onto children for full devouring of blood sacrament. The power went out, with all the vampires gathered in the basement. Thralls and Clowns working the ground floor away from where the vampires were gathered. Zen Cohen and Leon Evander got up and moved to the first stop which was the management VIP cash holding area of the regional vampire feast at this Vercelli Pizzeria. Zen and Leon turned on their HHO torches and cut the safe open quickly. Zen Cohen and Leon Evander began securing bags of $100 of Yentopia Dollars into their duffel bags.

The power partially came back on.

Zen Cohen and Leon Evander opened a panel in the ground to reveal a tunnel which they began climbing through that came to a chasm that they would stand in with a giant vault.

Zen Cohen and Leon Evander cut the vault open then set the HHO Torches on the ground as they took out more duffel bags and began filling them up with millions upon millions of Yentopia Dollars to an endless supply of Gold Bullion as they robbed the Vercelli Family blind. Zen Cohen and Leon Evander set timed explosives inside the safe that were hellfire bombs. These would incinerate all trace that they had been there.

The three martyrs were in power armor of the Rosicrucian Paladin Power Armor with large chainguns as they charged in firing at all who were inside. The vampiric cattle humans bedazzled and brainwashed known as thralls stood in the way first that were mowed down without a second thought. opening fire on Vercelli Family and most importantly Killer Clowns, they would welcome in the Lynch Mob there to stop the Snuff Movie Filming going on in the basement den party place of the Vercelli Pizzaria. Zen Cohen and Leon Evander heard the screams of the Thralls of the Vampires and Clowns as the Holy Sol Crusaders began a slaughter with military grade weapons with the thralls and lesser vampires as they worked their way through to the downstairs where the theater was as the Lynch Mob armed with hunting rifles and shotguns began shooting all that was Vampire, Thrall, or Clown. An all out bloodbath. The Three Martyrs stood in front of the Vampire Elite Tables and fired shredding the vampires to gore and pulp.

The Heist had gone off without a hitch. Zen Cohen and Leon Evander hid in the ball-pit of Patches Playground with their tools in Utilitech corpo jumpsuits with the company’s emblem on the back and front. Zen and Leon extracted their gear as the three martyrs destroyed the cameras then moved in. Zen Cohen and Leon Evander moved through the next emergency door to management who were dealing with three martyrs in the Gala of Snakes where the vampiric rituals engaging in the blood communion with the Sanguine Blood of Appalachian children. The angered lynch mob was breaking down the door. Zen Cohen and Leon Evander broke into the safe room by cutting it with HHO torches and seized the bag to start securing it with hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars, and gold bullion. The Lunch Mob were staking Vercelli Family Members and comforting children kept by the Vercelli Family as cattle who were abducted children from families across Appalachia. Zen Cohen and Leon Evander got in Zen’s Wratheon Legacy which Zen pressed the starter for then began cruising at 45mph away from where the casino had been robbed and Zen and Leon Evander walked out of there both with about $10 million Yentopia Dollars each. Zen Cohen accelerated as he hit the main freeway as he soared down the exit to a backroad where he began flying at 222mph away from the scene of the crime. 

Appalachian Security Forces were reported to the scene of the incident armed and ready, Zen was grateful the camera footage had been knocked out as soon as Leon Evander and Zen emerged from the ball pit in the playroom of Patches Playground a very special and youthful Killer Clown who bore the name of the Vercelli Pizzaria Playground. Zen Cohen and Leon Evander drove to the hideout which was a hotel room out by Yellow Springs, Ohio. The shootout was live with Marshals on television, Zen Cohen and Leon Evander watched the three accompanied by Crusaders making it onto the scene as the Solar Crusaders making it off of the scene in tunnels hunting the Vercelli Vampire Mafiosos were being slaughtered by the Solar Crusaders. 

The Sol Templar was mediating with Marshals on the scene as the Pizzaria burned to the ground as Solar Crusaders came out of tunnels with children, saved and reclaimed from the profane aberrant fate that would have befallen them. Zen Cohen and Leon Evander were eating a delivery pizza from Happy’s Pizzaria in their Yellow Spring abode where Happy was another Clown Pizza Shop. Zen and James watched the chaos on WK17 on an emergency report live as Zen and James drank Lager beers and ate Meat Lovers Pizza watching the chaos unfold as the Solaris Crusaders and Sol Templar had turned up with dirty malnourished children with vampiric bite marks that meant that these vampires were feeding on these children. 

The Vercelli Family was fucked out of luck which would cause an internal conflict or civil war in the Killer Clowns now that the Vercelli Family had propped up the Clowns and financed them against other raider gangs and civilized the Killer Clowns to a proper region but at the end of the day, the Clowns were established in the Pizza business, despite any turbulence of a minor hit, it would just spell the doom of the Vercelli Family.

“Leon Evander,” Zen began, “What do you think of the chaos we have caused here today?”

“Yes, I think we did pretty well, we each get a million-dollar reward from someone above Desmond McGee is paying us and the families of the three martyrs are getting the publicity and the money via Desmond McGee, I wonder who is above Desmond in all this that would pay a hefty sum of 5 million dollars to wipe out that backwater stronghold of the Vercelli Family and the Killer Clowns, thieves stealing from thieves and dead men tell no tales in this terrible game we play.” Leon Evander said.

“I concur, Leon, we struck a severe blow to the safety and security of the Vercelli Family soon the Marshals will be doing a full-scale investigation that will lead to nothing as we both already know and we will be heading out on our adventure across Appalachia, speaking of which, do you mind moving your nonessentials to your trunk, the Wratheon Legacy is a large spacious vehicle with an ultra-deluxe trunk that you could store 6 bodies wrapped in carpet easily in the trunk in case more care to join us on this adventure.” Zen Cohen pointed out humorously.

“Can’t say you’re wrong,” Leon grabbed a slice of pizza and took a few bites, chewed then swallowed.

Zen Cohen made a bourbon and quantum cola with ice. Drinking it and enjoying his life.

Leon began asking, “I mean Zen Cohen do you know we need a female to accompany us, and I’m not talking about any female but Willow Kimball is a real firecracker and big fan of yours Zen Cohen, not going to lie but do you remember that time in Las Vegas when you, Willow, myself, and my girl Nancy had that night on the town, under the lights, she was doing that performing an act of an actual Psionic at that psychic convention, she works from home running Appalachian Antiques of rarest, oldest, utility, and uniqueness all complete with the most tender nostalgia of yonder years of old.”

“You’re right Leon Evander, we could use some ladies in our lives but I don’t think a Psionic Woman will do the trick unless you think so Leon Evander?”

“Think so? No, I know so. I know that you Zen crave that pretty kitty that all men truly desire for good times and good company. Anyway, after tonight Zen, I gotta skedaddle on the account we just robbed a powerful vampire mafia, arson one of their establishments, slaughtered them, shamed their family with endless litigation from the Appalachian Defense Force investigation, all this was done to the Vercelli Family for your boss, Vampire Lord, and CEO, Elijah Wratheon.” Leon Evander explained. 

“I see,” Zen Cohen said soberly despite being buzzed on Dirty Shirley Temples that were made with ginger ale, grenadine, maraschino cherries, and vodka to make a delicious drink that Zen Cohen drank down one after another, Leon Evander was drinking a Boston Sour which was like a Whiskey Sour that was a mixed drink containing whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, and optionally, a dash of egg white or cocktail foamer. When the egg white is added to the concoction, it is called a Boston Sour. Zen Cohen drank his delicious drinks with a mint chocolate chip, Grasshopper beverage that Zen Cohen was drinking through at intervals between downing his Dirty Shirley Temples that Zen Cohen deeply enjoyed between the Grasshoppers. Zen finished his drink before starting the small talk with Leon Evander.

“Leon, it is great to reunite with you but I would love to see you on the open road of Appalachia with me. There’s no reason to be paranoid, no one knows we were even involved, the bust at the Vercelli Pizzaria and Club was overridden with the kiddie controversy and them all being vampires, the Solaris Crusaders will purge the Vercelli Family from the face of the planet but this is how we win, the Clowns, who even wants those loser Clowns terrorizing the streets of Yellow Springs, Ohio? We can do whatever we want, this isn’t the Academy, Leon Evander, we can do anything we want.” Zen Cohen said, “The world is ours.”


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Chapter Two
Ice For Christmas

Newport Music Hall, Columbus, Ohio, Greater Appalachian Commonwealth, United American Empire.

Zen Cohen was wearing black combat boots, ankle-high socks, black slacks, red suspenders over a white button-up shirt which was over a white t-shirt, and a suit jacket as par for the course as a Bedlam Grove Chaos Agent in business formal attire. Zen Cohen stood in the audience looking for a woman worth spending his vacation with as the masses cheered at Sunny Park’s previous song about having fun at a North Korean Military Parade that goes way out of hand where the country nukes itself and ends with the protagonist of the song in a labor camp for political dissidents which was sarcastic and post-ironic that had melodic singing in the choruses with somber verses with bursts of spontaneous high energy with fireworks and laser lights as the smoke cleared from the stage where Sunny Park began singing another song.

“North Korea was the Hell where the Heart is, where children starve to death on the streets en masse ritualistically as a daily chore and certainty of North Korean life and death. Where in North Korea, there is only one race and that is Korean, the only thing they ever eat is a small bowl of rice to beget. Starve, starve, starve all day, suffer my dear always. Let’s smoke state meth to our deaths, let’s get real nice on ice, smoke all night, Christmas is nice on ice, no fear, high on crystal meth until New Years’, smoke all night, let’s get real nice ice… On ice… On ice… On ice. Let’s smoke State crystal meth until death, let’s get real nice on ice, smoke all night, Christmas is nice on ice, no fear, high on crystal meth until New Years’, smoke all night, let’s get real nice on ice.” Sunny Park sang in her siren song of K-Pop to put a spell of seductive hypnosis over the audience as the stadium began dancing, sashaying her body around and around, flips and spins then continued dancing on the stage until the song came to an end. She froze in position with her back-up dancers dressed in Red Tracksuits much like the Colder Regions of North Korea that a Gas Station Attendant would wear. Super Fresh designer Commie Crimson Tracksuits that were striped with four white stripes along the sleeve and pantleg. The backup dancers were blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryan women that were extremely attractive like Sunny Park.

Sun-Hee Park (Sunny Park) who was 100% an ethnic Korean who had defected from the Demon Kingdom of North Korea. She wore a North Korean styled Commie Crimson Tracksuit designed by Basch Badashar in his Badashar designer clothing line. Sun-Hee Park had an explosion of memory as she opened her tracksuit to reveal a red, white, and blue swirled corset with navy blue shorts. Sun-Hee Park had been born, raised, and indoctrinated in the ways of the Demon Kingdom, North Korea. Sunny was born in Pyongyang, North Korea and starved most her life, did well for the party when her sister was taken off as a Pleasure Squad Prole for the Supreme Leader. Due to the favor with the Communist Party from her sister she received and Sun-Hee’s natural aptitude worked as a Gas Station Attendant making a monthly wage for work that could fully finance her family with money and groceries in Pyongyang. and was often ridiculed behind her back by looks, by sight, by the way she would go fill up a driver’s car with gas and the Driver would give dirty looks, the gracious and venerated Driver of a Party Official, an arguing Foreign Diplomat, a United Nations Surveyor. Sunny Park operated a gas station in Pyongyang, North Korea. The Military Generals of the Fearless Leader would often roll down their windows and yell at Sun-Hee Park to hurry the petrol. Sun-Hee’s older sister Ari was on of Supreme Leader Kim Un-Sung’s favorite Pleasure Party Girls but eventually the Supreme Leader Kim Un-Sung became bored with Ari, Ari was sent home with nothing to do for weeks, then months, then a year but starve and starve until she tied a rope across the rafters and hang herself in front of the portraits of the Supreme Leaders. Sun-Hee Park finding her caretakers in tears, finding them dead, finding herself in tears. Sun-Hee’s mother was so proud of her older sister to be chosen as a member of the Supreme Leader’s Pleasure Squad but nothing even remotely average lasts forever for everything in North Korea only goes down, only gets worst, only operates in the upside down. When the North Korean Soldiers were rounding up Sun-Hee’s family. That was when Sun-Hee’s mother to run across the Shadowlands to South Korea, to escape from there to America, that there was still hope as three generations of Sun-Hee’s family was rounded up and publicly executed. These memories haunted Sun-Hee Park’s mind all the time.

Sunny Park began another song, the beat was electronic dance music combined with a distortive intro sample of the zombified unholy demon lord of Kim Un-Sung the Demon Supreme Leader of North Korea, distorted and angered, “If the people knew how much I love them, they most certainly will love me, if the people knew how much I could destroy them then oh, how would they fear me.” Sunny Park said “…Be my Supreme Leader, my lovely drug dealer, my arms runner for hugs with AK-47, shoot me up, straight to Heaven, Be my Fearless Leader, oppress me harder, starve my mother – In a fight for our lives, go to the gas station, lite up the petrol, make me feel alive – Be my Supreme Leader, my lovely drug dealer, my arms runner for hugs with AK-47, shoot me up, straight to Heaven, Be my Fearless Leader, oppress me harder, starve my mother – Put me in a play as your paper doll, let me eat pork, let me pig out, movie stars shine harder but never harder than Fearless Leader – Be my Supreme Leader, my lovely drug dealer, my arms runner for hugs with AK-47, shoot me up, straight to Heaven, Be my Fearless Leader, oppress me harder, starve my mother – In the periphery to the suh-suh-suh-AH Sun, Supreme Leader is the only one, burn me up, burn me alive, hear me scream, watch me die. Fearless Supreme Venerated Leader, where am I now? I’m in your pleasure squa-squa-squa squad. Put me in the pleasure squad. Love me all night, love me long time. Who needs freedom of speech when food is in reach? Starve me and feed me a barrel of a gun, have some fun. Who needs freedom of speech when food is in reach? Love me all night, love me long time. Who needs freedom of speech when food is in reach? Starve me and feed me a barrel of a gun, have some fun. Who needs freedom of speech when food is in reach? Juche will love me all night, Juche will love me long time.”

The theater was filled with a pyrotechnic and laser display as Sunny Park finished her show with such finesse acrobatics and flips, spins, kicks, and landing a double spin into a front flip then slid with her coming to her feet as her background dancers created a choreographed aura of accentuation on Sunny Park to put the focus on her as the crowds went wild.

“Thank you I love you all.” Sunny Park yelled to the audience as they all cheered.

Zen Cohen had the VIP pass that Elijah Wratheon had granted him with a bouquet of flowers to rekindle his relationship with the performer and entertainer Sunny Park. Vampire Lord Elijah Wratheon wanted to ensure all went well between Zen Cohen and Sunny Park for their love to be sealed at first sight. Zen Cohen was walking through the backstage, through stage left, through some communal dressing rooms, until he made it to a hallway which followed until he made the VIP suite Sunny Park’s door where a security guard was standing in front of it squaring up Zen Cohen to see how palpable his 5 inches of Zen would be as a fistfight right here and now.

The security guard at the door looked over Zen Cohen, “Where do you think you’re going? The exit is the other way, maybe you can score yourself a barely drank soda, some ground popcorn, and a barely drank soda someone forgot.”

“Check the list for Zen Cohen, that’s me you prick, I’m a friend of Miss Sun-Hee Park.”

The security guard just looked at Zen with a death glare in cold-blood trying to make him go away. Zen got past the security guard’s dumbfounded shenanigans by loudly knocking on the door, “Hey Sun-Hee Park, it’s Zen Cohen, do you want to come out to play, it’s your best friend Zen Cohen the one who helped you defect, do you want to go play on vacation to the Appalachians with me?”

“You son of a bitch.” The suited-up security guard said.

The other side rushed to get the door open. The person twisted on the knob to cause it to spin slightly as if someone was checking to see if the knob was locked before checking the peep-hole to the room when suddenly all the locks very quickly as Zen Cohen could hear, “Zen van Nihil, my friend Zen Cohen who helped save me and makes me feel safe, you come visit me on the last night of my tour.” Sunny opened the door dressed in only a bathrobe. 

“Hello Sunbae Zen Cohen, I am so glad to see you, I received your postcard about vacation and was wondering if it was too late to go. Yes, yes I will go with you.” Sunny Park smiled cheerfully.

“Mame, you know this man?”

“Yes, it’s my lover and soulmate Zen van Nihil aka Zen Cohen.” Sunny Park turned to Zen Cohen, “Come into my dressing room, tell me what you thought of the show? Come, come. Come, come.” Sun-Hee Park ordered of Zen van Nihil.

Sunny Park and Zen Cohen were in her dressing room as she undid her bathing robe to reveal her perfectly muscular tomboy body from working out, dancing and choreography, singing, performing, jogging, songwriting, producing music, playing musical instruments. Sunny Park was physically toned and mentally muscular.

Zen Cohen saw Sunny’s tomboyish muscles on her body as she began doing her makeup starting with Step 1: Moisturizer. Step 2: Primer. Step 3: Liquid Foundation. Step 4: Concealer. Step 5: Foundation Powder. Step 6: Bronzer. Step 7: Blush. Step 8: Highlighter.

Zen sat perfectly quiet and meditated knowing that make-up was a materialistic dialectic that to Sunny Park that she needed to concentrate when she put on make-up as most women do unless they are flirtatious then they view you as a friend that is on par with a brother then you’re not getting laid. Zen Cohen turned on his Imagen Cochlea in conjuncture with the Oculus Apertures in Zen Cohen’s eyes, he began watching sultry videos of Sunny Park and her entire catalog of leaked photos on the internet.

For a solid 10 minutes of pure small talk in getting acquainted while Zen Cohen was on autopilot answering Sunny Park’s small talk remarks fluently and with focus.

Zen Cohen liked what he had to see from the leaked photos from Sunny Park’s Lonely Stans website had leaked some hot content and with the fluidity and good connections in his body, he had popped a discreet yet large throbbing erection. Sunny Park was too focused on her make-up in its eight-step process.Zen Cohen liked what he had to see from the leaked photos from Sunny Park’s Lonely Stans website had leaked some hot content and with the fluidity and good connections in his body, he had popped a discreet yet large throbbing erection. Sunny Park was too focused on her make-up in its eight-step process.

Zen was awakened from his dopamine high from seeing the hyper-sexualized Sun-Hee Park on Lonely Stans or a pirate website that had leaked it.

Sunny Park called to him, “Do you mind if we go to Paradise Pizza?”

“That pizza place would be great,” Zen said.


Photo by AdamLowly on

Chapter Three

Mozzarella and Molotovs

Sunny Park noticed the flowers Zen had on his lap, “Are those flowers for me, oh, Zen you’re so sweet.” She got up and hugged Zen in her skimpy outfit of a bathing robe and bra and a thong. She went behind a privacy screen after giving Zen Cohen hugs and kisses to dress into her evening outfit for her date with Zen. Sunny Park dressed in a black bra and panties, covered by blue jeans, a white under t-shirt that showed how perky her boobs were covered by a blue coral, seafoam, lapis lazuli, and white striped shirt among varying other colors of blue and the ocean with some lines of pink coral.

“Are you ready Zen van Nihil?” Sunny Park said mirthfully.

“I was wondering when you would be.” Zen laughed.

“I’m feeling pizza from Pizza Paradise.” Sunny Park pondered in an enthusiastic tone.

They laughed together, they locked hands, Sunny Park grabbing Zen’s hand and hugging his arm as an unspoken hello to an unsatisfactory goodbye from the last time they had spent with each other that would ensure an excellent hello. Zen Cohen smirked at Sunny Park’s brightly glowing grin with wide warm eyes and big rosy cheeks.

Zen Cohen and Sunny Park left in the back of a limousine to High Street where the Rental Apartment was across the street from where the iconic restaurant of Greater Appalachian Commonwealth in major upscale Utilitech Cities. Anywhere there was a Utilitech Megacity in Greater Appalachia was where a Pizza Paradise was located. Zen Cohen and Sunny Park parked in a fenced parking area of the large baby blue building made of concrete and steel was Riverview Heights. Zen and Sunny walked to the apartment that Zen had rented for his base of operations in Columbus, Ohio. They entered the Luxury Apartment where they then walked into a spacious foyer that opened up to a kitchen then around a corner to the apartment with a wall that divided as a blind around the Master Bedroom. From the Kitchen there was a dining area that was conjoined to this area was a living room. The living room ended at a fireplace which was connected to another dividing room that was an office. The apartment was surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows.

Sunny Park took out her Utilitech COMS. “So Zen what kind of pizza are you going to get?”

“A Large Pepperoni Pizza with Mozzarella Cheese,” Zen Cohen said.

“Mozzarella Cheese, I’m getting that on mine as well. What else?”

“Four Ectobrewer drinks.”

“I’m going to get a Large Pizza and for its toppings, I am getting Ham, Bell Peppers, and Onions with Mozzarella Cheese and 10 Ectobrewers.” Sunny Park enthused.

“Get me 10 Ectobrewers too.” Zen Cohen teased.

Sunny Park made her order but also ordered 6 calzones with everything stuffed inside them and extra cheese. Zen Cohen saw this as the sign he could go for some Mukbang and Chill with Sunny Park tonight. That he had won a real winner for a best friend and worth going on a wicked, wild vacation through Appalachia.

“I got you everything you asked and everything I wanted so two large pizzas, 20 Ectobrewers, and 3 calzones for me and three calzones for you.” Sunny Park smiled and beamed love, and shined virtue.

The food was run across the street by Food Dudes Delivery which was ran-up to their room which Zen Cohen answered who was in his slacks and white t-shirt with his red suspenders loosened on his back. He, like Sunny Park, had put on foam clogs to enjoy the night as they watched Korean Horror Films. The delivery boy was said that the total came out to be $70 but Zen Cohen paid the delivery boy $100 and sent him on his way.

“Pizza Paradise, Hot Ham and Cheese with Peppers and Onion.” Sunny Park grabbed her pizza and calzones. Zen carried his pizza and 20 Ectobrewers. Zen and Sunny grabbed a slice in one hand and calzone in the other and ate. After their first piece, they drank an entire Orange-Tangerine fruit high-fructose vitamin c with tangerine vodka. That’s what an Ectobrewer was. Zen Cohen and Sunny Park ate and ate and ate while drinking an Ectobrewer for every three pizza slices and 1 calzone. At the end of it, they had three Ectobrewers left each so six Ectobrewers total. Zen and Sunny cheered these up and chugged them down. Zen raided the liquor cabinet and fridge to retrieve coffee liquor, cream, and vodka to make endless White Russians where Zen and Sunny became more and more friendly which turned to more and more loving.

Zen Cohen looked into Sunny Park’s eyes and asked her, “Do you remember Christmas Eve, 2118 CE? The day I snuck you out of North Korea through the tunnels under the Demilitarized Zone? I was based out of United American Empire CIA to the job, the driver made it to you, the driver was dead, you and I commandeered the vehicle with you because you wanted to help, I for some reason allowed you to help me, I allowed you to come with me, you were a natural on the run from North Korean forces and the horrors of the DMZ.” 

“I’ll never forget it, we escaped on Christmas Eve to return to the United American Empire embassy in Seoul, Korea to celebrate my first Christmas. I will always love you my Zen van Nihil, if I am always your Sun-Hee Park.” Sunny Park embraced Zen Cohen and they kissed hard, wrestling on the bed, they began to make love for the entire night and sleep until noon.


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Chapter Four
Blue Ridge Mountain Mining Company

Maribella, Marilou, and Marie were in a sewing circle overlooking the Blue Ridge Mining Company of Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and operating the state of its headquarters in Georgia of the Appalachian Coal Country that was booming not out of convenience but out of necessity. The three Oracles of the Appalachia on top of a smokey mountain were overlooking the coal mines where miners were toiling their lives away, playing with their fates with black lung as in olden days, some proles could afford gas mask filters for every day of the week, others who lived fast and dying young from black lung, COPD, lung cancer, which did not help that most smoked Stim Stix and since most were alcoholics they would develop psoriasis of the liver. The Mining Operations Director was Noah Nixon who was a smart hard working man who had been contacted by the buyer of the Nixon Coal Company being Abigail Layla Nixon who was Noah Nixon’s younger sister who had gone to an Ivy League Business School to specialize in energy, she wanted to seize her brother’s coal company to power her solar panel construction company given that the world had fallen into chaos and collapse.

Maribella, Marilou, and Marie were watching a Hiro Hei helicopter come down from the sky, the door opened and a highly attractive blonde-haired blue-eyed woman stepped out in a black pantsuit with a white pinstripe on the outer-cloth that emblazoned the clothes like a border. Abigail was holding a briefcase and alongside her walked her Dwarven assistant who was a big balding head styled in a tonsure as a big dwarven bug man. The stereotypical Redditor Bug Man was a Dwarf was named Lozur Goldburn. Abigail Nixon and Lozur Goldburn headed for the Foreman’s Office where Abigail’s brother Noah Nixon was located as they would make this deal.

The three Appalachian Witches; Maribella, Marilou, and Marie were intrigued by the future of the Nixon Mines where a Dwarf from Agartha was here for obvious reasons to advise the sister to Noah. The Family Business was to be passed down.

Maribella took out a box and took out a scarf from it then threw all her coins in her pocket into the engraved with Druidic symbols of the Appalachian Order. She covered her head in the scarf and looked into the box.

Marilou and Marie said in unison as they took out their remote viewing scrying boxes, “That reminds me!”

All three Witches were remotely viewing the conversation in scrying shadow boxes with coins, jewelry, and animal bones in the box that the scarf covered their heads completely enveloping their vision in the shadow box with darkness until a faint light appeared as then with the three sisters focusing on the darkest part of the darkness, each dot becoming darker and darker as the darkest spot in the box darted around until, before Maribella, Marilou, and Marie’s individual eyes in their individual shadow boxes watched the fate of the Nixon Coal Mines their scarfed covered heads not moving from the remote viewing shadow boxes.

“Ahhh that’s better,” Maribella said.

“Your shadow box working? So is mine.” Marilou chided in.

Marie said with cheer, “All ours started working at the same time.”

“Settle down Marie.” Maribella peppered their youngest sister with.

“Why? Do you two old crones need to focus?”

“Marie seriously?” Maribella the oldest said.

“Ladies, ladies, stop fighting, let us see the fate of Blue Ridge Mountain Mining Company.”

Inside the Blue Ridge Mountain Mining Company meeting room.

Noah was a stocky man of 44 years old, 12 years Abigail Layla’s senior. Noah had both his left and right arm and below his knees replaced with bionic cybernetic limbs made of robotic steel, silicon, and nanowires with an oil lubricant powered by hydraulics.

“Long time no see.” Noah said to Abigail, “Care to explain why I had to bury our mother and father while you couldn’t even make the funeral? Aunt Nessie was wondering where you have been since college, Hell, in college you only came home once for Thanksgiving, I haven’t seen you since Thanksgiving with mom and dad before the plague came through here and took them from us.”

“Noah now’s not the time, we have a business to discuss, I’m as mad and sad as you are that mom and dad are gone but while they were dying, I was busy living, I was in the Antarctica Polar Tropics,” Abigail said.

“Indeed we do but then again maybe we do, maybe we don’t.” Noah clenched his fists, “Who’s this dwarven loser with you anyway?”

“My name is Lozur Goldburn, I’m Abigail’s biggest investor, personal assistant, and best friend.”

“My sister is a gold-digging whore who married a Swamp Dwarf, she couldn’t have had the decency to marry a hardworking Mountain Dwarf?” Noah said, “Excuse me Abigail but mah and pah taught us both to have standards, you apparently have none so why should I let you have any part of this company? I don’t ever wish to partner with you lest all the days that I should live.”

“Brother, Lozur Goldburn is just my friend, I’m not seeing anyone and more focused on my career, but I enjoy my friends but Mr. Lozur Goldburn has made me a real winner with his financial assistance in building my mogul empire simply because he is such a nice dwarf.” Abigail Layla Nixon cantered dreamily.

Lozur Goldburn seemed to sniff the air with his nose and rub his hands together in satisfaction. A Bug Man Dwarf in all its glory as it couldn’t hide the satisfaction and opened its mouth wide with bright eyes in a smile.

“Look, brother, if you partner with me, I’ll make sure the people here get socialized medicine, cybernetics from Nixon workman’s injuries, finances for workman’s composition, health insurance, dental insurance, we can dig down deeper than coal and mine the ore of Orichalcum for the new technology, we can have our coal for now but we must make a conscious return to progress, an escape from the tradition of suffering that has plagued Appalachia, you control the mining operations in West Virginia Noah Nixon, let me take over and help you to simply help yourself.”

“Fine, you have a deal, but who is it that you represent? Who’s Corpo subsidiary are you?” Noah Nixon asked.

“Does it really matter?” Abigail Nixon replied.

Noah Nixon held his head downcast revealing his head of grey hair in contrast to his sister’s young, blonde, yoga-fit body, and celebrity good looks.

Abbie smiled and said to Noah, “Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough.”

“Thanks, sister, I’m sure they’re good people,” Noah said wiping his face with a handkerchief from his back jeans pocket to prevent tears and snot from getting on his flannel shirt. 

He took off his trucker’s polyester and mesh back of the cap that Noah Nixon revealed he had a brain canister as opposed to a skull that had skin grafted flesh and hair on it. The brain canister was scratched, scrapped with minor cracks which melted Abigail Nixon inside but she regained herself and held her brother as he wept.

Lozur Goldburn stepped out of the room into a restroom and took out his Dielectech HoloTablet where he messaged an anonymous ominous overlord, ‘He agreed to partner, we have control over the Blue Ridge Mining Company.’

A few nanoseconds later a text was returned, “Excellent.”

Lozur Goldburn tapped on the HoloTablets buttons of the liquid ELD of the Dielectech HoloTablet that he wrote out the words, ‘Lord, Abbie has proven to be a solid choice for the Order, she is a Hellion, a daughter of Lilith, her evil deeds are many but her good is too true. How should I try to tempt her further to our side?’

‘I will send my agents to do what needs to be done to secure power over West Virginia Mines to release our Dark Lord who was secured in his prison by the Druids but now we shall release him, Apophis the Serpent of the Abyss whose agents dwell in Hell Town, Ohio where a summoning almost brought him there but fate intervened. Apophis the Serpent of the End of all Things. The Ouroboros.’ The CEO of the EisenHaus Megacorp, Aiden EisenHaus sent back through a Hologram Text to Lozur Goldburn.

Lozur Goldblum felt satisfied when he heard a voice in his head, an auditory override of his consciousness. It was the Ouroboros, the Serpent Devil of Chaos and Darkness. 

Apophis hissed loudly, “Do not fail me or there will be dire consequences.”

Lozur Goldblum felt he had a nosebleed that was bleeding profusely Lozur Goldburn took out a bottle of aspirin and gobbled five of them to stop the headache and took toilet paper spun to a fine point at the rectangular points of the toilet paper and jabbed two makeshift gauzes up his nostrils.

“Oh my.” Lozur Goldblum said as he walked out of the bathroom flushing the toilet on his way out to meet with Abigail Layla Nixon.

“Shall we go?” Lozur Goldburn asked.

“I guess,” Abigail responded.

Abbie turned to her brother, “Noah, I’ll be back in town shortly, you just watch over the mine and don’t forget to take care of yourself.”

Abigail and Lozur headed back to the EisenHaus Dragonfly Helicopter which would take them back to Memphis, Tennessee. 

The three Appalachian Witches of Maribella, Marilou, and Marie raised their heads out of their remote viewing shadow boxes as they snapped out of the trance they had entered to watch Abigail Nixon and Lozur Goldburn get into the Hiro Hei Helicopter and fly away.

The three Appalachian Witches were horrified and dumbfounded.

“They are really trying to bring about Apophis the Ouroboros here in the Appalachian Mountains,” Maribella said with her face downcast.

“We have to do something!” Marilou cried, “We need to intervene with Noah Nixon in considering his deal.”

“No! It’s too late for that Marilou, we need a hero, we need the Quantum Abraxas but it may be too late to find him, then again, it would take convincing him to stop the Ouroboros Cult with was rhizome in branching out into intersectional interests of groups, gangs, and organizations.” Marie said.

“What are we going to do?” Marilou declared.

“We’re going to find the Quantum Abraxas so we can fix this situation, come on girls, let’s go.” Maribella jeered on enthusiastically.

“We must find the Quantum Abraxas, this is beyond the jurisdiction of Appalachia alone, this is a cosmic problem, if Apophis the Ouroboros is released, it will be the end of the Age of Aquarius, it will be the end of everything,” Maribella said.

“Sisters, this is worse than the Metabaphomet the Lord of Maladaptive Egoism, this worse than Kim Un-Sung the Demon Dictator, this is worse than anyone and everyone we can go up against in Apophis the Chaos Ouroboros,” Marie said.

“Come on sisters, we need to find the Quantum Abraxas,” Marilou said.

The Sisters determined in their approximation of what must be done. They hopped on their broomsticks and flew to their home to plan.

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