The Aliens Are Already Here

I opened up about alien abduction syndrome that I experienced as a child and kinda opened up about that at one therapy session which I ask my now former therapist about the Ufology question and I gauge almost everything off a person on their intelligence in esoteric sciences. I opened up about my Alien Abduction Experience that I had as a child and the Aliens most probably telepathically communicated with me and wiped my mind because some of it is clear as day and other parts are a blank. I had an idyllic perfect childhood. Anyway I opened up about my Alien Abduction Experience and I saw a Bigfoot when I had come home and first started settling in my bedroom with some dancing because of how productive therapy was and the Bigfoot was spying on me in my bedroom. The Aliens are already here. There’s the Veil of Maya and the Vale of Maya.The Veil of Maya protects normal people from perceiving existence as a spiritual experience. Persons such as myself who are from the Vale of Maya have spiritual experiences all the time. I associated therapy with the terrifying encounter with the Bigfoot. I opened up about my alien abduction syndrome at therapy and then I saw a Bigfoot afterwards when I had gotten home. Therapy was so productive that I was dancing and the bigfoot was spying on me. The Aliens are already here! I live near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

I am known as Zen Cohen of the Vale of Maya.

The Aliens are already here and they rule the world!

Maybe… Either way this is pretty cool am I right? Despite the melodrama which is a call for urgent assistance you should know that I am a creative writer and journalist. This is based on mostly truth and is full of honesty on my experiences. The gotcha in the joke was thinking the danger was real. I really did see a Bigfoot spying on me in my bedroom one day after therapy after opening up about my Alien Abduction Experience from my childhood to my therapist.

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