Axel The Axolotl

Chapter Two

Axel the Atlantean Axolotl swam over the seashells and mollusks of the sandy bottom of Lake Dachtan, it swam through the calm lukewarm waters dipping up and down to check the surface for more katydids that could have fallen into the lake for it to feed on. The 1.6 meters long, neon-colored bioluminescent Atlantean Axolotl with its permanent grin only got bigger as it saw three katydids on the surface 15 feet away from it as it dipped up to dip down, gliding delicately through the water just to dip back up. Gulp, gulp, gulp. Axel opened its mouth for the downed katydids to come inside its mouth for it to gulp them down in quick succession. 

The Atlantean Axolotl thought to itself, “That was delicious, I feel better,” as it had finished its dinner of giant eight-inch-long katydids.

Feeling content, Axel swam back to the cover of purple loosestrife and water lilies where it was going to sleep for the night. Axel returned to its mate to settle on its eggs so the female, Selma the Atlantean Axolotl could go eat while the male watched the sandy nest under the cover of the water plants.

Axel settled in thinking about his young babies in their eggs and his first time as a father with a slightly older Atlantean Axolotl mother, Selma who loved him for this mating season, was showing him how it was done due to the ancient times of the Atlantean Axolotl species during the Great Flood of the Vale of Maya that almost wiped out all life in the realm of Atlantis, the time the Atlantean Axolotl was almost wiped out before until the Humans had taken them as pets and spread them across the realms of the Yggrasil in the Vale of Maya.

This lamentation came as morose to Axel as he dipped his head down then back up until his mate’s eggs were in his sight when his mood dipped back up. “I love Selma, I love my babies…  I feel better.” Axel’s mood became stable and slightly elated from the depression he suffered from albeit his limbs, body, his physical form could regenerate without worry, his mood is what concerned him the most.

“Are you doing okay Axel?” Selma said.

Axel was slightly surprised by how fast she had filled her belly moved his head slightly towards the sound of her voice to see her gazing at their eggs.

“Come to bed, love,” Selma said to Axel.

Axel and Selma swam forward to settle in on their nest to turn in for the night for sleep and Atlantean Axolotl cuddling.

“Anything bothering you Axel?” Selma asked intently.

“Nothing much just thinking about stuff.” Axel brushed off the conversation.

“What kind of stuff?” Selma asked before Axel could change the subject.

“I’m not sure if I will be a good dad but I really want to be a good dad,” Axel said.

Selma grinned bigger, “Awh, Axel, you’ll be a great father, now, clear your head, it’s time for bed.”

“Alright,” Axel said.

“Goodnight Axel,” Selma said.

“Goodnight Selma,” Axel said.

They rubbed the sand and eggs against their bellies and went to sleep in the peaceful water of Lake Dachtan.

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