Sons of Saturn – Heroes of Hyperborea

Chapter One

Zen van Nihil the albino Hyperborean sat in the Aeternus Royal Tombs of Hyperborea, many of Zen’s ancestors among the Nobles and Aristocrats were laid to rest in the Aeternus Tombs where the Imperial Family of Zen van Nihil and his mother Erika van Nihil were the current members of the Imperial Line in this Aeon, the Eternals, the forever Hyperboreans. The Nobles were Immortals but could die to return via reincarnation or come back in the resurrection of the spirit with Atlantean Alchemy. Zen van Nihil was drinking Santeria Sangria while communing with the dead of the Hyperborean Aristocracy between Midnight to First Light. Zen van Nihil was engaging in a seance with the Spirits of the Hyperborean Greats and Terribles.

Zen van Nihil was drinking a poppy seed and fruit sangria that was a sweet wine with chopped up fruit with poppy seeds in his bejeweled skull chalice that he drank. Zen van Nihil raised the skull from the Aristocrats of the ossuary belonging to the Terribles of the Hyperborean Elite from ages past that had their skulls turned into chalices for being a tyrannical psionic of terror so the Hyperborean Elite could celebrate life while being drunk on those deemed a ‘Terrible’ for eternity once their reign of terror had ended, often violently. 

Zen meditated on the Terrible’s life which was meditated upon the skull chalice which he drank from, ‘I wonder if I will be a Great or a Terrible, I wonder what fate that God the Great Architect had designed for me? I wonder if I will continue the legacy of the lightbringers’ like my mother, the wondrous and miraculous Empress Erika Kosmos of Hyperborea, or will I fall like the adversary of the God the Great Architect, the great enemy of Hyperborea embodied in their father Baal Apollyon Abaddon of the Abyss. What does my future hold? No Oracle has ever been able to see into my future, hence, why I am Zen van Nihil, I am never known unless it is the Void, formlessness in the art of becoming something more, something transcendental, I wish to become a form that could only be defined in my resting place in the Tomb of Eternals, yet, I am more than an Immortal, I am an Eternal born of the miraculous conception of life from the Will of the Great Architect, I am who I am by design, I am defined by my determination.’

Zen van Nihil contemplated this briefly, processing it and breathing in through his nose then out through his mouth. Zen van Nihil drank heavily from his Skull Chalice full of Summerland Sangria, satisfied with his drink, swimming in his emotions. Zen van Nihil began to feel the cessation of all pain and the numbing sensation of an overwhelming painkiller as his soul floated above the clouds of his consciousness, Zen van Nihil remembered the transcendental lands of sublime wonder and almighty awe at the creation of God the Great Architect. Zen van Nihil had rosy cheeks despite his albino snow-white skin, flushed from how many drinks he had drunk that round after round had filled up his cup. As Zen van Nihil walked down the wide stone corridors and halls of the Aeternus Tombs, Zen thought of many things as the Summerland Sangria was doing wonders to his soul in lifting his spirit. Among the catacombs of the Aeternus Tomb, he meditated on the Holy of all Hyperborea in the Vale of Maya where communion with the Celestials of the Great Architect dwelled among the Fae and all that could be considered Foreign, the Vale of Maya was the Realm of the perfected paradisical home of the Platonic Forms.

Zen van Nihil breathed in the incense being burned on a censer going deeper and deeper into the candle lite catacombs of the Tomb of the Eternals, deeper and deeper towards the al-Visnakhic Saqqara Chambers of the Aeternus Tombs where the Ritual Magic was conducted to achieve Nirvana in mastering the Tao of Nobility in Savagery.

Zen van Nihil scanned the walls of the plasmid torches on the ceiling in chandeliers that illuminated the hieroglyphs etched into the walls, the perfect precision which the Aeternus Tombs had been designed was taught by the Great Architect to the Noble Savages of Hyperborea who only the divine by design, Supreme Venerated Almighty Lord, God the Great Architect could domesticate the Hyperboreans. The corridors that Zen walked down had Moorish Iberian high vaulted ceilings with Outsider Mosaics that were alien in nature that transcended the comprehensible knowledge of the universe for the Mosaics were fluid in their paradigm-shifting perception of fluid motion showing an awesome wave of ebb and flow that invoked awe-inspiring sublime of the Great Architect in the souls of the Hyperborean Aristocracy who came to the Aeternus Tombs to meditate. Vishnaria Zendrahzia was the Supreme Venerated Mother of the Ash Elves (Aesaelf) who the Pagan Nomads who began as the Picts evolved to become known as the Vril Humans of Hyperborea that had intermarried in clans with the Aesaelf to create the Hyperborean race of biodiversity offspring which multiplied exponentially in the Hyperborean Vril race across many worlds stemming from the home of the Vril in the planar dimensional matrix of Hyperborea. The Vril were closely allied to the Aesaelf who still intermingled with the Vril in promoting cleanliness next to the image of their godliness in form and function in perfecting the process of becoming master of matter in the Vrils’ survival of the fittest as the Vril were the Savages of Hyperborea.

Zen van Nihil walked down the halls of the Tombs further and further, holding a lantern with a plasmid torch inside it as he came upon the Vishnaric Zendrahzy chamber where the Supreme Mother of the Aesaelf was laid to rest with the rest of the Highest among the Vril Hyperboreans in the Royal Imperial Family, those of the Ultima Thule of the Vril was buried in the Vishnari Zendrah Catacombs which were proportionally sectioned off by caste fulfilled by works and deeds that the Valkyries ensured the correct Hyperborean Vril made it to this resting place.

Zen van Nihil thought as he passed sealed tomb after sealed tomb behind cullis gates in the fascination of 16,000 years of civilization as Noble Vril and hundreds upon thousands of years as Savage Picts did the Hyperborean race evolve through the ages.

‘This all goes back to the royal bloodlines stemming from the Pict Chieftan, Boethius Vril, who conquered all other clans that married the Queen of the Ashen Elves, Vishnaria Zendrahzia who began the civilizing and domesticating process of the Picts through a careful science of the shamanistic magick of the Frater Animo in formalizing these shamans of nature into order to become the Vrils’ Atlantean Magicians. For the Picts to understand true logic and true reason as a categorical imperative, to evolve, progress, excel, and advance themselves in the survival of their species. The Proto-Vril were sculpted by the Atlanteans as they fulfilled the Great Architect’s divine will in bringing the Vril to perfect greatness for God’s glory. This is the legacy of the Vrilvolk to become eternal.’ Zen van Nihil thought of these things then said to himself, “I cannot forget that I am the bloodline of kings brought to reality by my father, Baal Appolyon Abaddon, I am the son of Apollo, this is my deepest secret.” 

Zen van Nihil made it to the al-The Iberian vaulted ceilings where the Supreme Venerated Mother of the Aesaelfs known as Queen Vishnaria Zendrahzia was laid to rest. The statues of the Eternals buried in the Aeternus Tomb stood behind the tomb which was at the feet of each 12-foot tall statue on a raised platform that showed the persons’ biographical story in life with a plaque in front of the tomb with a more detailed account of the departed laid to rest in the tomb of each alcove that was positioned around the room, in the perfect symmetry of straight, left, and right or North, East, West, or if gone back towards the way Zen came which was from the south did he know that the Ultima but represented the land that Zen van Nihil was the Grand Prince and Duke over. Zen van Nihil saw the portraits on the wall, the candles on shelves carved into the stone, Zen saw the various totems and sacred items of the memorial of ages past that were placed on the shelves. Various smokable mind-altering herbs and spiced intoxicating beverages lined these shelves which Zen walked up to one, popped off the cork, and refilled his glass. Zen drank as he turned to notice someone was behind him out of the corner of his eye, where he spun around surprised, the person had come upon Zen very quietly and stealthfully. Zen saw that they wore a dark black hood as he did except their hood was up which the shroud of Sheol cloaked them which surprised Zen who was gazing at them wide-eyed. Zen reached for his belt where his Obsidian Kris dagger blade had a Metametal handle that Zen van Nihil being a Shadow Knight was a force to be reckoned with had placed the tips of his fingers on the dagger while swaying his right leg back to put himself in a boxer stance at this surprise encounter for the Houses of Hyperborea were Savages in their souls from the days where they were Picts brought to the Nobility of their current form as the Vril on the plane of the Ultima Thule.

“Hello, who are you?” Zen van Nihil asked calmly.

The mysterious stranger lowered their hood and revealed long crimson straight hair with braided locks in golden rings as they tossed their head about letting their hair flow through the inertia of force they had unleashed in a seductive blow to Zen van Nihil, a beautiful red-headed woman with pale skin, Zen noticed the slight bladed ears that were elven with her porcelain skin, she had green emerald eyes full of life and awareness of empathy, full pink lips with a mischievous smirk, her hands were fine and dainty, her skin looked soft and clean, she was perfect.

She spoke, “Your Highness, Prince Zen van Nihil, I am an envoy representing Babalon diplomatic treaty of the Vril and Ash Elves, I am of a union of our people that cannot be broken, my name is Thalia Jubilee, I am an Oracle who may be able to guide you through the Void, your Void, our Void, the Void which I gather pure enlightenment from to give to you from the divination our bloodline shares, please Zen, let me show you in the Vishkaria Chamber what I know about you, let us gather the wisdom of our ancestors by basking in the illumination of the Will-Oh-the-Wisp in our communion of a seance to the Ultima Thule beyond this one, the Ultima Thule of Paradisio Falls, let the waters of eternity wash over us, please Zen, let me show you, you have gone to so many Oracles before to turn up nothing but I am the foretold of the foretold, I can decipher the Void from the Crypt, I can decode enigmas and riddle the sphynxes with the truth.” Thalia Jubilee the red-headed stranger said soothingly to Zen.

Zen felt a sway of Thalia over the Void of any other Magician, Psionic, or Wise Seer but this was being done by an Oracle and an Oracle did Thalia must be.

“Thalia, prove to me that you are psychic, reveal to me what I thought of earlier when I had entered, what is my deepest secret?”

Thalia stared Zen in the eyes longingly, passionately, emphatically as they fought for who could give more power and who could get more power in mutual ebb and flow, Zen felt butterflies inside him and tears come to his eyes.

“Our race’s father is your biological father, you are the son of Apollo Abraxas otherwise known to all in existence universally as Baal Apollyon Abaddon, you are scared people will believe you to be an Antichrist and execute you for you were born when Saturn was High on Samhein while Jupiter was yielding in the same sky, you are your father’s son but you love your mother, you are like your mother but you are also like your father, you are destined to conquer and rule the universe, you are to be Lord of the Multiverse, you are the instrument of God the Great Architect to fulfill a Messianic purpose that only you can bring in Paradise in existence for all of creation is blessed to have you as you are blessed by the Great Architect to be his governor over all creation. You are the Great Architect’s new favorite. I know this as I’ve always known you, I know this for I truly adore you, your highness, I know you Zen van Nihil.” Thalia Jubilee’s words embraced Zen van Nihil like a lasso to the butterflies in his stomach and elated them to Zen’s heart in pangs of nervous anxiety.

Zen heard what Thalia knew about him that no other could know, all Zen’s life no one could read his mind no matter how clairvoyant or powerful enough divination in the ritual, no one could read the embodiment of the Void, let alone understand any escaping concept of Zen van Nihil.

“You realize that what you speak if not true would result in death Thalia Jubilee, you would be ripped apart, pummeled, and mangled in the days of the Picts as you would in the days of the Vril, fortunate for you, you know the arcane truth of my existence, for this you may live, you and my mother are the only two who can understand so much but where my mother created me where there are areas still unfulfilled by your wisdom unknown, so Thalia, I ask that you become my personal Oracle and more.” Zen van Nihil boldly stated to Thalia.

“Yes I know you Zen van Nihil, I know you are a man of your good works and deeds, you are a man of the people, you are a hero, let this be your call to adventure, let us seize control over the universe together, let us gather companions that will grow into an army in taking over the many-worlds to finally ensure the Great Architect’s Will and Divine Providence,” Thalia Jubilee the Oracle of Babalon said.

“Grab the opium sangria of the fascists and a skull chalice of a Terrible, and come join me in drinking to remember my ancestors in our bridging of the divide between Hyperobreans of Ultima Thule and the Shemas of Babalon, let us drink and meditate in the Aeternus Tombs for the Auld Lang Syne in the Holiest of Holies of Hyperborea.” Zen van Nihil spoke. 

Thalia grabbed a chalice off the shelf for Zen to fill followed by Zen and Thalia saluting their drinks with a clink of their chalices then drinking heavily of the poppy seed and fruit sangria.

Thalia grabbed Zen’s cheek with her hand and brought him close to her face, stroking his cheek, speaking in Hyperborean perfectly she said, “Sehr gutaussehend, ich wusste nicht, dass du Mädchen magst, die deine Mutter nicht gutheißen würde.” Thalia kissed Zen passionately, she giggled as Zen grinned with crimson sanguine of bashful adoration to his Babalonian Queen. They proceeded to make love in the Imperial Aeternus Tomb.

“Zen van Nihil, this is only the beginning, the best is yet to come and it is beyond belief.” Thalia Jubilee whispered. 

Chapter Two

Axel the Atlantean Axolotl swam over the seashells and mollusks of the sandy bottom of Lake Dachtan, it swam through the calm lukewarm waters dipping up and down to check the surface for more katydids that could have fallen into the lake for it to feed on. The 1.6 meters long, neon-colored bioluminescent Atlantean Axolotl with its permanent grin only got bigger as it saw three katydids on the surface 15 feet away from it as it dipped up to dip down, gliding delicately through the water just to dip back up. Gulp, gulp, gulp. Axel opened its mouth for the downed katydids to come inside its mouth for it to gulp them down in quick succession. 

The Atlantean Axolotl thought to itself, “That was delicious, I feel better,” as it had finished its dinner of giant eight-inch-long katydids.

Feeling content, Axel swam back to the cover of purple loosestrife and water lilies where it was going to sleep for the night. Axel returned to its mate to settle on its eggs so the female, Selma the Atlantean Axolotl could go eat while the male watched the sandy nest under the cover of the water plants.

Axel settled in thinking about his young babies in their eggs and his first time as a father with a slightly older Atlantean Axolotl mother, Selma who loved him for this mating season, was showing him how it was done due to the ancient times of the Atlantean Axolotl species during the Great Flood of the Vale of Maya that almost wiped out all life in the realm of Atlantis, the time the Atlantean Axolotl was almost wiped out before until the Humans had taken them as pets and spread them across the realms of the Yggrasil in the Vale of Maya.

This lamentation came as morose to Axel as he dipped his head down then back up until his mate’s eggs were in his sight when his mood dipped back up. “I love Selma, I love my babies…  I feel better.” Axel’s mood became stable and slightly elated from the depression he suffered from albeit his limbs, body, his physical form could regenerate without worry, his mood is what concerned him the most.

“Are you doing okay Axel?” Selma said.

Axel was slightly surprised by how fast she had filled her belly moved his head slightly towards the sound of her voice to see her gazing at their eggs.

“Come to bed, love,” Selma said to Axel.

Axel and Selma swam forward to settle in on their nest to turn in for the night for sleep and Atlantean Axolotl cuddling.

“Anything bothering you Axel?” Selma asked intently.

“Nothing much just thinking about stuff.” Axel brushed off the conversation.

“What kind of stuff?” Selma asked before Axel could change the subject.

“I’m not sure if I will be a good dad but I really want to be a good dad,” Axel said.

Selma grinned bigger, “Awh, Axel, you’ll be a great father, now, clear your head, it’s time for bed.”

“Alright,” Axel said.

“Goodnight Axel,” Selma said.

“Goodnight Selma,” Axel said.

They rubbed the sand and eggs against their bellies and went to sleep in the peaceful water of Lake Dachtan.

Chapter Three

Zen van Nihil arose from his resting on a tomb with Thalia Jubilee once in his arms had resettled to holding him around his waist on one of his ancestor’s mausoleum inside the Aeternus Necropolis in the sleeping bag they had slept in with the pillows under their heads.

“Time to wake up already?” Thalia moaned.

“Yes,” Zen said as he swung his legs over the Mausoleum and arose.

Thalia sat up, rubbing her eyes. Zen got up and walked to the front of the tomb, putting on his black boots. Thalia rose following him to do the same. Together they locked hands and began walking out of the vaulted doors of the Aeternus Tombs at a careful walk, yawning and rubbing their head, alleviating their hangovers but feeling elevated by euphoria. Zen and Thalia left the tomb to step out into a land of verdant green rolling hills. 

Zen unlocked his hands from Thalia’s to look over the verdant green rolling hills, gazing at the binary stars over the horizon, one golden, the other red that created a periwinkle sky which over two-and-a-half kilometers of rolling hills was the town of Avron Mora populated by Necronacht Dwarves who tended to the Hyperborean Aeternus Necropolis as well as smithing, mining, with a heavy focus on the dead and the Nazarian Humans who were farmers of the gold grain and moisture farmers.

Zen van Nihil felt the cool summer morning breeze gently bellow wind over the verdant rolling green hills. Thalia walked ahead of him turning to look at him.

“Come on Zen, let’s go,” Thalia said.

“You take the lead,” Zen replied.

The domed Aeternus Necropolis was behind them that was a bone-white with Greco-Roman columns surrounding the central dome with offshoot domes that led down into the mines of the Aeternus Necropolis of the Highborn in comparison to the central Aeternus Necropolis where the Hyperborean Ancients and Aristocracy were entombed. They walked towards Avron Mora over the verdant rolling hills, they trekked their way there, walking in silence at first only growing more anticipatory to speak if they were going to be whatever free will or fate decided them to be. The rows of Spirit Pepper Plants in the Fields of Rapture swayed in aethereal lisps like a corporal fog as Zen and Thalia began walking down the dirt road towards Avron Mora. 

“Zen, what did you come here with?” Thalia asked.

“An Omnicopter, a Hyperborean Imperial Vessel, an Animo Crescius Omnithopter.” Zen van Nihil replied.

“Oh, I assumed that was yours, so you fly?”

“Yes, I fly all the vehicles of the Hyperborean Imperial Armada.”

“Really? When did you learn to fly?” Thalia asked.

“When I was 13 years old, soon after becoming a man by my people’s standards, did I become a great driver and pilot, I am trained in combat and strategy, I am well-learned as a scholar, and I am told to be quite the gentleman if I so choose,” Zen van Nihil continued, “What do you do for fun? What are some of your skills and hobbies?”

“I am a devoted Magi to the Order of Babylonian Red Magic. I love socializing with people, I enjoy the pursuit of knowledge and teaching others, I studied Babylonian Red Magic at Uruk Uixich under High Seer Tomas Barrix, I enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities and I assure you that you will never be bored with me.”

Zen is keen on the weirding way of Babalonian Red Magic that the nation of Uruk Uixich belonged to was the home of the Witches of Babalon where the Shamans of Hyperborea belonged to the realm of Ultima Thule. 

“Tell me about your time at Uruk Uixich,” Zen said.

“Oh not much to tell, school is school, can’t do much without an education.”

Zen sensed that she was dodging the question, he knew to guard his heart.

They finally came upon the town of Avron Mora. The town was constructed from stone masonry bricks that stood at one to three stories tall from limestone. Zen and Thalia stepped through the main street of the town as the Necronacht Dwarves in their cloth robes tended to their daily religious-oriented lives in oneness with the God of Death, the Grim Void, hence their name Necronacht. The Nazarian Humans were bound to the worship of the God of the Sun and Life so they had bound a symbiotic relationship with the Necronacht Dwarves in the Fields of Rapture in a mysterious and often caught in conspiratorial worldview of the culture of the Nazarian Humans and Necronacht Dwarves among outsiders to its inner-workings. The Necronacht Dwarves were denied their Great Emergence to the Great Void known as the ritual Grim Bhula with which the ancients pried themselves from the Shoggoths with ceremonial daggers of Kel’thuzad did they liberate themselves to live for serving the Necronacht Dwarves they wished to become Shoggoth again in the Great Void to repeat the cycle in another world outside the Vale of Maya to repeat the cycle of the Dwarven Celestial known as the Shoggoth. The Nazarian People believed in Solarus worship with each day they arose to greet the sun and be merry and each night engaged in fellowship until the 12AM when they went to sleep only engaging in secretive rituals during days and nights where there were eclipses that were unique to that time forever and ever.

Zen and Thalia walked through the main street of Avon Mora taking in the hustle and bustle of the small town as people tended to their gardens and the markets, dumping refuse into their trash bins, watering their plants with the dew collected by the humidity farms, going to the market to buy their meals for the day, and other such business such as the tradesmen engaging in their trade. Zen and Thalia meditated on these peoples when they were headed to the Omnithopter at the airfield outside of town.

“Zen van Nihil, the Nazarian People are puzzling in their celebrations enshrouding eclipses but the Necronacht Dwarves are a whole realm of cryptic puzzles mixed with mystery and enigma that cannot be known, and what is known is scary such as the worship of their primal form in the Shoggoths that dwelled in Sheol to be divided to go forth and multiply only for one day to return to the great masses in the Shoggoth.” Thalia said.

“That is in their nature, to expel force from their cosmological causation to be predetermined that Nazarian would witness to the Necronacht to make their holy purpose tie themselves to the Glory of the Sun, the Holy Solarus Empire formed out of the Nazarian People, the Nazarian and Necronacht symbiotic settlements made from the mandate for the Glory of the Sun.” Zen said.

They walked past the entrance of town where there was a giant compost heap of mudd, refuse, and dirt. Next to it was a barn and a long hitching post that went in front of the barns to the mail postal office and next to that was a saloon for diner and entertainment combined with an inn for lodging as this Avon Mora trader’s row was common in urban areas especially next to notable areas of interest such as the departure from the most habitable area with maximum civilizational comforts of places considered rest and relaxation. Zen van Nihil saw these people as neutral in the War for the Vale of Maya between the factions of Hyperborea, Babalon, and Solarus that only ventured into fractions among divisions beneath the greater three main factions in the geopolitics of the Vale of Maya. It was either going to be the People of the Northern Winds and Aurora Borealis, the people of the Sun and Summerlands, or those of those As Above, So Below in the Wicked Ancient Metropolitan Ruins of Babalon. Zen van Nihil and Thalia had bounded intimately in foolish revelry as God the Great Architect would have intended Zen van Nihil to have done that but he was considering a fact about the Wickedness of Babalon for was it really that treacherous or was Zen van Nihil imagining things. This puzzled him as they walked in silence through Avron Mora in who would betray the Sacred Water binding ritual especially one bound by wine, oh, it did not matter, now, to a nomad of the Picts they would have lost their minds, and gored someone, much similar to the Nomads of the Wastelands with their hatred of technology and inability to reason outside of basic necessity. Zen felt that primal fear of the Hyperborean spirit as ancient as it was, fear the worst from Babalon in this powerful movement of reach for circumstantial power from the Hyperborean throne. 

‘What would my people think?’ Zen van Nihil thought to himself. ‘I have bedded myself to a Whore of Babalon.’

Zen van Nihil hid his head in his robe as he walked through the town as Thalia walked around with her hood down and crimson red curly hair in a golden ringed ponytail. Zen and Thalia came to a fountain in a town square where Necronacht Dwarves were gathered in front of the Collective Soul Synagogue of Avron Mora where the Necronacht Dwarves were taken by Nazarians to this Synagogue to hear the Speaker of the Collective Soul as a Teacher’s Teacher of the Collective Soul Shoggoth Doctrine of the Necronacht Faith all facilitated by the Rise and Fall of the Holy Sun in the Holy Solarus Imperial mandate. Zen saw the Dwarves in black and grey wool suits they stood debating among each other the merits of their knowledge concerning their faith and the tenants of such dogma as the daily ritual of the ‘Denial-of-Deathly-Night Dwarves’ for the greater cause to reach the state known as Shoggoth. Zen observed that he like the Svarbled religious caste of Necronacht Dwarves had taken similar interests in each other as Zen took an interest in what the Dwarves were debating which had veered from things such as Shoggoth and the Great Void, there came talk such as ‘Prince of the North’ and ‘Whore of Babalon’ who had ‘bedded down last night in a pagan ritual among the tombs of the Hyperborean aristocracy’ coming from the lips of the robed Necronacht Dwarves.

Zen felt disgusting and that all eyes were upon him as for a passing moment the collective glare of the shoggoth was felt upon him from the Necronacht Dwarves. Zen van Nihil ambled then hurried down the gravel road towards the omnithopter.

“Hey, wait!” Thalia called after him.

Zen ran from the Necronacht Dwarves in shame, for Zen thought to himself of how gave his love so freely of his highborn status in Hyperborea and Solarus so why not Babalon? Now, Zen van Nihil knew not to deal with Babalon but what if the Oracle is with child now that Zen had slept with her? Zen reeled at that and stopped as he came onto another town square where an Avron Mora market was held for various forms of trade for the Rapturous Pastures of crops and animals were worthy of outsider traders coming to buy the daily crop by the kilo.

Thalia grabbed Zen by the arm, “Are you okay Zen?” She asked him.

“The Collective Soul Synagogue of the Shoggoth freaks me out, it has ever since I was a child,” Zen told a somewhat white lie given that others had had these types of encounters with hypnotic tongues of conspiracy that the Necronacht dwarves speaking as a singularity or hive mind.

Zen van Nihil imagined the Necronacht as Maggotlike men exploding into abyssal Beelderbub Flies which filled Zen’s eyes with a sight that he could not unsee. Zen turned and felt strangely relieved by Thalia Jubilee then reinvigorated as a warmness spread through him like a phoenix rising from the ashes. They continued walking through the merchant stalls and traders documenting how much of what of the harvest that they will trade for what coin that they can get their clients to part with. This is the Hyperborean Imperial Southern lands but it is in Holy Solarus Aristocrats who have invested land here as well who are neutral on Solarus and Hyperborea in the competition for the Empress Erika Weldenwal of Hyperborea stood on fickle grounds with the Holy Solarus Empire in the sporadic sieges and battles that broke out between ranks of either side especially when the seductive promises of Babalon were at stack. Zen saw much at this moment as well so he sought to lose the woman in the market on his way to the exit where he had parked the omnithopter.

“Begone from me vile woman, begone from the darkness of my heart.” Zen thought into the wound of his heart as he hid his face and urged his way away from Thalia.

Zen took a turn for the farmsteads outside of Avron Mora where he hid his head from the shame of Babalon. Thalia saw this look upon Zen’s visage to revel at the suffering that she had brought upon Zen van Nihil as he hid his head from her. Thalia kept her cool, hiding her grin with her hand knowing her venom had hit its mark. 

“Only a matter of time.” Thalia thought gleefully of Zen’s dismay.

Zen and Thalia followed each other through the merchant’s square. Round and round. Through the shame and blame down towards Zen’s omnithopter where Thalia was hoping to catch a ride with her man where she had made her mark to his next location that evening to beget more hot thottery to spring forth wild collard greens. 

Zen called aloud, “Begone thought of you and me! Begone thought of us being anything! Begone of any thought of mistake or any misdeed of my people do to you and your people have done to me.” Zen cursed Thalia with the weird ways that his mother had tried to defend Zen from being overtaken by women, especially Babylonian women.

Zen van Nihil and Thalia Jubilee did the dance that those of the blade usually did as Zen and Thalia grabbed their obsidian Krys knives and were tempted to cut each other limb-from-limb and neck-from-neck but temptation faded into lusting further into romantic endeavors for Zen knew euphoria and Thalia knew the void. Zen and Thalia danced in the empty barn with their obsidian kyrs knives danced and blitzed as they danced in a barn for animal husbandry and housing. Zen and Thalia fought, Zen for the venom in his veins and blood of his people while Thalia fought for her place in the hierarchy of the heirlooms and as an adjacent to the elite for stolen works and signs from ancients of the Old World of Wonders for the New World of Amazement. The Archons of the Vale of Maya decided everything for they were infused with God the Great Architect’s essence and Zen van Nihil was infused with that essence as Zen van Nihil was an Archon and was he prophesied to be poisoned with the venom of romance by an oracle of Babalon. Did Thalia come here with poisonous rumors and blasphemy slander to ruse the ruin of Zen van Nihil? That was a lecherous lie that Zen despised to look and find the reason for in Thalia for something similar would Zen van Nihil find.

Their obsidian kris knives clashed as they tried to overcome each other to become greater, better, stronger without the other. Zen van Nihil and Thalia Jubilee were fighting and slashing as dervishes to free themselves of the other. Zen and Thalia lost their blades as Thalia threw herself on Zen then pinned him to the ground, “Stop trying to kill me, please?” Thalia asked in the tongue of the soothsayer.

Zen relaxed and helped himself up, then helped Thalia up who got them their obsidian kris knives that they put back in their sheathes as they headed to the roof of the barn where the omnithopter was where Zen van Nihil and Thalia got into the omnithopter and took off for the skies of the Rapture Fields.

Thalia had subdued her man in enlightened acceptance as Zen van Nihil was no longer angered at her as every Hyperborean should be at Babalonian Highborn scum, especially Babalonian Aristocrat scum. Zen flew the omnithopter over the Fields of Rapture as Thalia Jubilee stroked Zen’s throat that was in her hand from the seat where she sat behind him. Thalia and Zen flew to the nearest city being Colemondeur where they were going to land for more that could be done before taking the Sky Harbor to the Cestapheagius Sea. 

Zen van Nihil the albino Hyperborean Noble Savage of the Hyperborean Yggdrasil Aristocracy that went from Hell to the Aurora Borealis. Zen van Nihil had been soothed by Thalia Jubilee for being too cold as snow, hard as ice. Zen van Nihil had to been warmed by the fiery passions of a Babalonian woman of higher standing, this would not sit well with Zen van Nihil, not until he found peace with himself and with his people, how Hyperboreans settled this was overcoming such obstacles instead of succumbing to them through entropy. Zen set the omnithopter down towards an airfield then into the city of Colemondeur where Zen landed the omnithopter on the Hyperborean Embassy to the city of Colemondeur which was of the faction known as the Abighandsea Union which was a tropical republic united in defending themselves against aggressors. Zenki van Nihil saw that the Abighandsea Confederacy was quickly being overcome by the Holy Solarus Union becoming one more nation in the process of being assimilated to the Glory of the Sun, Animo Frater – Apollo Solarus. 

It was becoming too costly for a Hyperborean Grand Prince to be out running amok in the Summerlands. Zen van Nihil and Thalia entered the embassy, they went up to Imperial quarters used by Hyperborea where Zen van Nihil changed into his clothes, armor, and took up his weapons. Zen van Nihil was dressed in royal purple leather coat upper with metal buckles that looped into slits with lavender pants and a teal shirt. Zen wore over this Northern Order of the Barbarian Bear attire was Praetorian Armor. Zen van Nihil drew an Obsidian Crimson Crysteel Sabre named Ragnarok. Zen van Nihil wore Praetorian Alpha Chrome plated armor with LASgun shielding that prevented anything from breaking its holographic shield that was pinned to the limbs as under the plates in between limbs and joints was Metametal ringmail that aligned the body of the Praetorian Army Attire, Armor, and Weaponry.

Thalia Jubilee also got dressed into full-body fishnets with a scarlet satin dress with a purple jacket with purple shoes. Zen van Nihil grabbed Thalia Jubilee when he saw her this way, grabbing her, as she smirked happily then taunted Zen van Nihil, “Why don’t you just take it?” She mouthed to Zen van Nihil urging him to ravish her. Zen had to deny himself for the conventional metrosexual moralizations of the Babalonian People being degenerate as their ilk. Zen van Nihil the albino had taken Thalia Jubilee to be his queen and there was nothing he could do about it.

Chapter Four

Zen van Nihil was in a deep dark cavern of Silly-Dilly-Willy-Chili Cave. Deeper and deeper he explored into the cave of the sunken city of a cave in the Vale of Maya Silly-Dilly-Willy-Chili Cave once known to the land of Haverstock as the Micromanus Mall that had sunk below the surface where the Belfort Delusion had made its claim that haunted the Vale of Maya. The Belfort Delusion heartland was Zion that the people all argued over as the land of milk and honey and whoever could overcome the Belfort Delusion was entitled to Zion as the Chosen People had transcended their earthly form as Androids when the Outsiders came to welcome the Aliens and many other forms of life such as black ichor, the zombie blob that brought contagious disease to the world and mutations to the Human genome and the primal oozes mutated humans and animals for an accelerated outcome on the evolutionary path of life for survival at its fittest was a few clicks away with cybernetic or mysterious syringes of metamutations both fit for metagaming the system of survivability in the quantum mechanics in existence. 

Zen van Nihil had reached the crammed part of Micromanus Mall where there were masks. Zen found a variety of masks for entertainment and pretend among animals and outlandish hero melodramas known as super stories from the ancient runes that Zen read on the packaging. Zen began collecting the masts into a bag. Zen had his Ragnarok Sword and Steel Tower Shield, Zen had with him an Assault Carbine and SMG as well as he had on his Night-Vision Goggles to see around in the dark of the Micromanus Mall did Zen van Nihil go over to another set of rows with plastic envelope to for a black wine-oil disc with grooves around it that Zen had observed before as a Vinyl Record meant for music. Zen van Nihil took the wires and stripped them then connected them then covered them with a sealant after seeing a positive charge. Zen started up the local power which booted on the record player as an old folksy black man began singing over the sound system, “Can I put my balls in your jaws, can I, put my balls, in yo, jaws.”  Zen began collecting all the Vinyl Records after packing up the Record Player and Sound System, Zen van Nihil needed this for his new mansion for his family home inside the regions of Haverstock were the Hyperboreans held a stronghold with the nearest home to a heavily Babalon place of sacrosanct bliss at a Belfort Delusion where Zen felt the dissonance of multiple societies and cultures at odds with one another.

Zen van Nihil felt like he was getting closer to unlocking the secrets of Zion in the hidden world of the Belfort Delusion if he was going to win the Vale of Maya for Hyperborea which meant that Zen van Nihil would be winning it for his wife Thalia Jubilee who was still getting a feel for this place that Zen had found a daily solace in Looting the Micromanus Mall. Zen van Nihil wielded an SMG with a drum magazine waiting for what he heard as Troglodytes, Zombies, Giant Bats, Giant Roaches, Giant Spiders, Draugr, Trolls, Robots, and Zen could think he could hear a sequential starry-night whimsical chirping, beeping, and blipping that could be the signs of the Aliens who were at war with the Androids of Zion.  Zen van Nihil saw a Trog gazing outside at him in the shop entryway. Zen fired his SMG watching the Trog scream, reel back then die. Zen had secured much of what he wanted from the Belfort Delusion among the Vale of Maya. Zen van Nihil saw the Troglodytes mowing down more and more, Zen ran shooting more of the Troglodytes in Silly-Willy-Dilly-Chili Cave where the Troglodytes had formed into piles of bodies from how many Zen had mowed down.

Zen reloaded, slightly weighted down. Zen drew his SMG again, firing into Trogs that came at him, more and more fell. Zen knew that the Goatfolk were in the area from a cavern cullis door opposite to the cavern that circled this pylon at the mall. Zen saw them come out in purple and red robes of Babalon from a ceremonial chamber. Zen van Nihil knew that they could come in handy after a 250 year ritual to spend time with his wife, Thalia Jubilee. Zen van Nihil drew Ragnarok and his Tower Shield then ran down toward the stairs that were inward of the steppe to go up and down the mall cavern. He approached the Goatfolk.

“Hello Goatfolk, I am Zen van Nihil, I see you are of the Pantheists of Babalon, my wife is an oracle of your people, follow me if you wish to see the surface,” Zenki spoke unto them.

“Hello Zen van Nihil, we have finished a ritual here, and would love to see the surface there, we are the Occult Order of Pantheism, we represent the occult order of Pan and we wish for safe housing and lodging, the Ancient Aliens who met with our ancestors are in these Halls, the Memex Ghosts, we have been trying to escape them, it is of our mutual dire nature to escape them, they are on our tails, we must flee, hurry, hurry.” The Ghoatfolk Cleric spoke to Zen.

Zen van Nihil led them to the stairs and they followed him upwards and upwards, up the stairs to reach the leeway point to escape the Silly-Dilly-Willy-Chili Cave. Zen hurried up the stairs when suddenly a UFO appeared before Zen that appeared as a illuminated flying saucer.

“A Ghost of Memex!” The Ghoatfolk roared.

Zen van Nihil ran up to it activating his shields on her Praetorian Protection as he began cleaving at it with Ragnarok. The Memex Ghost fired a teal ray at Zen with golden flecks in it. Zen van Nihil fought through it stabbing his sword through the beam which poured a strange gas at him but filled Zen with Euphoria as the Memex Ghost pulled out from the wound and flew away as it miraculously repaired itself. Zen van Nihil and the Pantheist Sect of Ghoatfolk ran up further stairs to see the actual Grey Aliens.

Zen stood between the Ghoatfolk and the Greys, stuck in-between them in the frey. The Ghoatfolk strood forward and tried swinging at the the Greys where the Greys focused their brows causing the world to shake, two more Memex Ghost UFOs joined the combat firing their glow beam onto the Ghoatfolk side causing weirdness to fall upon them, Zen especially. Zen van Nihil fought back with his mind sending them back with a Rapturous Thoughtflash which sent the Memex Ghost UFOs and Greys away for the Ghoatfolk to resume consciousness.

“Zen van Nihil, you are the strongest Egoist that I have ever come across, did you just project your ego higher than the Greys and UFOs? Your Ego is Greater than Memex?” The Ghoatfolk High Priest said.

“Yes, I guess.” Zen van Nihil said.

“Yet still humble? Miraculous, we shall know him as the Greatest yet he remains humbled before us.” The Pantheist High Priest said.

“Let us continue going to your home where we shall be safe, what is at your home?”

“It’s in Arcadia, so it’s good land, excellent place to set-up a business as a sky-pirate.”

“Is that what you want to do Zen? Become a Sky Pirate?”


They continued walking up the stairs until they came unto the beginning of the cave where they walked out to find themselves standing in a small urban wasteland that they quickly made their way out of into the green fertile lands and into Zen’s Arcadian Property where his wife Thalia Jubilee was waiting, smiling cunningly at the Babalonian Ghoatfolk who had arrived with Zen van Nihil as they were a caravan who had come to stay at Zen’s home at his wife wishes that Zen had no knowledge of.

“Woman, I wanted to try out this new stereo that I got for our family household that I got from the ruins today at Haverstock Micromanus Mall in the Belfort Delusion which I found these Ghoatfolk being hunted by the Memex Ghosts. There was a fight, and I overpowered them by sheer will.”

“Silence!” Thalia Jubilee declared, “My husband wishes there to be a party in his wife’s honor as he has secured another artifact from the ruins near our home, no he has not slain a beast of burden, or plowed the crops today, nor has he worked glorious trade and business deals at his wish and whim but music for his family is what strikes his fancy, I thought I married a Hyperborean, not a bohemian!” Thalia declared putting the needle to a record as the music sang from it, “I don’t want to burn down the city, I just want to put my balls in your jaws.” As a faster guitar staccato began playing with lightning-fast drums and piano. Zen erupted into dance with his wife Thalia Jubilee as Zen couldn’t take the humiliation nor pain but began downing wine at alarming rates and dancing with his wife, the Ghoatfolk danced with them and together became drunk in revelry. The night ended with Zen taking his wife to the tower of the house and making love to his wife. The Ghoatfolk all slept outside in the barn where they were meant to be.

The next morning Zen van Nihil went down to make coffee with his wife when Thalia opened a window and began barking orders out of it, “Remus, tend my husband’s crops so that they grow healthy while he goes exploring at the ruins of Arcadia today.”  Thalia spoke out the window.

“Yes, M’lady Thalia.” Remus the High Priest of the Ghoatfolk responded to her.

 “We really enjoyed that stereo and vinyl record collection last night,” Zen said to Thalia.

“Yes, we did,” Thalia responded to Zen, “What say you get an entertainment system this time when you go down to the ruins, you know, television, Stream-O-Rama lifetime membership cards, hologram goggles, those kinds of things as well Zen.”

“Yes, Thalia the love in my heart, the sun in my sky, the blood in my veins, the shine in my eyes.” Zen van Nihil said after setting off for the ruins after gathering his lunchbox filled with three large meals in case he got lost in the Silly-Dilly-Willy-Chili Caverns and the Arcadia Ruins. Zen van Nihil took a dirtbike ride down the road to the bustling Arcadia Ruins where he found a unique spot that seemed like a place that reeked of Artifacts. Zen could read the old world languages of English, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese which were the three languages anyone ever saw from the Ancient tongue. These languages were still spoken in this day and age that Zen van Nihil lived in. Zen van Nihil entered the Megatower Ruin to notice the door had a layer of dust on it meaning that the Megatower Ruin had not many runs for ruin but it had some. Zen van Nihil walked in to find Sunglasses Huts on a row of display cases. Zen noticed skeletons of residents long since deceased. The megatower ruins windows were dusty and dirty from thousands of years of mildew and rust. Zen was grateful he had put on a gas mask with heavy goggles to see where he was going. Zen van Nihil walked over to the middle of the Megatower square which was a fountain that was filled with green algae that Deerfolk were in the algae cleaning themselves and feeding off the superfood. Zen van Nihil walked to the stores that were alcoves of the megatower as he checked the power to see what repairs the tower needed to start working again. A few spark plugs, which, well, Zen had manufactured some replicated spark plugs with the same wattage and power level with a power source, it just depended on how worth it was the dive into the dangers of the ruins to get what artifacts lay in depths of those all crypts of ages more different than his own. To a time of Governors of the United Federation.

Zen van Nihil noticed that an orb hovered over the waters that the Deerfolk were feeding from. The glowing ball of energy floated upwards making a ringing sound as it ascended upward into the tower. Zen van Nihil looked at the deerfolk eating the algae in the pond to see himself in the reflection. A patch of green algae had cleared for a pool of black slime for Zen van Nihil to gaze at himself. Zen van Nihil saw the pools of darkness, a mirror reflection of himself to the hazy light above him on the floor-to-cieling windows. The Deerfolk moved around the primal stew in the megatower pond water that rippled as they were clearing out of the water. Zen van Nihil began walking towards the elevator where he saw Lover’s Embrace Vines by the elevator that was probably out of order nor could Zen fathom an elevator as nothing other than a novel artifact that this one did not possess but Zen hoped that it had a stairs. Zen walked over to the alcoves along the wall to see a stairway down the row. Zen began making his trek for the stairs that began to climb.  Zen entered pitch blackness where he popped a flare. Zen walked through the stairs headed for where he sensed where the orb had gone as if it were leading him somewhere, Zen felt that it was leading him to more treasure. Zen van Nihil walked by the wall when down upon him was a giant spider who lunged with its fangs at Zen van Nihil. Zen quickly blocked with his tower shield before recovering with a slash from his Ragnarok which cleaved its face causing it to reel as he ran it through then exploded his sword through its abdomen from the cleave. Zen held the flare in his left hand with his forearm in the clasp of the Metametal Tower Shield. 

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