Indigo Dream – Revolution of Consciousness – Chapters 10-19

July 16th, 2113 CE, Eden Prime, State of United Asia, Autonomous Zone of Tibet, Western Tibet, Himalayan Mountains
The boy with red hair plummeted downward endlessly from Everest. Aiden is what he knew himself to be, for he felt his own soul reflecting in the torrent of ferociously freezing winds ripping through him. A vindictive scowl was upon his face, an eternal silent rebuke contorted from his mouth making words unknown to mortals. His jade green eyes bulged as the vehement hate pierced all of creation. Aiden breathed deep calming breaths between his contortions. Paradise is lost for Aiden as this is his fall from grace. Aiden’s consciousness roared with unworldly distortions to all things not a cold black void for losing to Zen. Aiden projected his personal essence onto Zen, the bane of his existence. Aiden will forever be lost, never wanting to be found.
Seconds to impact against the jagged crags below, Aiden thought to himself in scorn, “I am the bane of existence.”
A loud splashing coupled crunching sound echoed throughout the Himalayas as Aiden’s body came rolling in a bounce echoing more disturbing sounds. Aiden left his mark of a black ooze across terrain as Aiden met his existential target between a rock and a hard place. Aiden laid there for a second, shaking in agony, he tried to regain himself just to falter and fall down. His broken body was regenerating from the impact, bones cracked as they came into place. He put his arms out and propped himself up, spitting out blood. He then straightened his legs out and got to his feet, brushing dirt off his red scrubs. Aiden jumped down from the boulders which had broken his fall onto a dirt road, beginning his trek down the dirt road, trees lining both sides of the road.
He stormed forward, fists clenched, the vindictive scowl across his face remained besides a nervous twitch as if he had a fish hook caught into his cheek. He saw a man fishing off the side of the road into the creek below. This man is a Displacee of the Gardenia Utopian Community interplanetary government. The man is wearing a green tracksuit standing on the side of the road, just lighting a synthetic cigarette. The man turned and saw Aiden walking towards him, Aiden jumped at him from twelve feet away, Aiden’s fist was clenched, he drove his right-arm through the man’s chest, spraying blood and gore. In a split-second, Aiden withdrew his arm from inside the man causing the force to blow the man’s corpse to fly thirty-yards into the woods from the force of psychokinetic energy Aiden had released from the impact.
Blood painted the tip of his fingers to his shoulder, the right-side of his face was painted with blood, from the corner of his jaw to his temple, in his right-ear and hair as well. Aiden admired the blood on the right-side of his body, he held out both his hands and compared the contrast between the clean and sanguine-covered hand. He then began licking the blood off his hand. Aiden picked up the cigarette, noticing it had gone out and barely any of it had been wasted. He put it’s filter in his mouth between his left hand pointer and middle finger. His right hand’s thumb came up it’s slightly burned-end emitting pyrokinetic flame to light the artificial cigarette. His mind filled with ponderings of sadistic violence and mass-destruction. Aiden’s heart is heavy with hate. Rage was building up inside him. Aiden wanted everything to suffer, he wanted to put the living creatures of the universe in bondage, he wanted to do all of creation in an accelerant and watch it all go up in flames. Aiden’s soul was immolated by vengeance, he was enslaved by wrath, he wanted the world to suffer as he suffered. His personal punching-bag and victim of choice had stood-up to him, humiliating him. Aiden swore vengeance and that he would return to Zen with his own personal choice of justice, revenge.
Blood painted the tip of Aiden’s fingers to his shoulder, the right-side of his face is splotched with blood, from the corner of his jaw to his temple, in his right-ear and crusting onto his hair as well. Aiden admired the blood on the right-side of his body, he held out both his hands, comparing the contrast between the clean hand and the sanguine covered one. Aiden then began licking the blood off his right arm, it tasted like the steel walls of his old home in the bunker deep underground. Aiden picked up the cigarette, noticing it had gone out, barely any of it had been wasted. He put it’s filter in his mouth, holding his thumb up to it’s slightly burned-end. Aiden emitted pyrokinetic energy to light it. His mind filled with ponderings of sadistic violence and mass-destruction. Aiden’s heart is heavy with hate. Rage is building up inside him. He wanted everything to suffer, he wanted to put the living creatures of the universe in bondage, he wanted to dose all of creation in accelerant, throw one of these dreadful things which he is inhaling upon it, and watch it all go up in flames. His soul is immolated by vengeance, he is enslaved by wrath, he wanted the world to suffer as he suffered. Aiden’s personal punching-bag and victim of choice, Dumbleberry had stood-up to him, successfully humiliating him. Aiden swore diabolical retribution that he would have his revenge.
As Aiden finished the cigarette, he noticed a creek where he tossed the butt into the waters. He then dove in himself to wash himself of the blood of himself from the fall and the innocent traveler he had killed. The water felt freezing cold but numbness is a natural feeling to him. Cupping water in his hands he splashed it against his face, scrubbing the dirt from his fall and blood from his body until he was clean. His fiery red hair dampened to a burgundy hue. Aiden’s attention is turned to something else as he finishes cleaning himself.
Aiden is hearing the echoes of friendly people calling to one another, his heart leapt at the chance of these being victims to exact his overwhelming hatred upon but after taking a profiling of the Humans through para-omniscient telepathic categorizing, he found more use of them alive than dead. He knew the type of the people who were among them, separating the good from the bad, the elite from the common rabble. These Celestian Missionaries were doing mission work on the impoverished Displacee Autonomous Zones of the Autonomous Zone in the Tibetan-Nepal region. He saw who he wanted to win-over or beguile the idea of a rescuing of the young and lost boy with a sob-story to invoke the deepest roots of power possession and empathy of adopting a child. This status Aiden would be propositioning would appeal to them as an object of status which drove these members of the ruling-class, these captains of industry, these robber barons of the elitist family of the EisenHaus clan. The couple from the EisenHaus clan is known as Simon EisenHaus-Bathory and Michelle EisenHaus. EisenHaus was one of the two Hegemonic families of the Gardenia Utopian Community led by their Hegemon, Frederick EisenHaus IX.
Although the EisenHaus-Bathory’s wealth is well-into the decillions, EisenHaus Corporation being one of the two sole dominant monopolies over state-economies and socio-political decisions in the Gardenia Utopian Community that included the control of society and creation of wealth; thus, in a general but realistic point-of-view the EisenHaus Enclave as the larger conglomerate is known happens to own half of the Hegemony. This is reason why is that Aiden made his mark of a ravenous vulture masking himself as a cuckoo bird baby in the home of the EisenHaus family for he knew secrets and dark truths of the EisenHaus Enclave only those within the family and inner-circle knew for Aiden knew from his training and sensed it on them. The only disappointment Aiden Aka Manah felt is that it wasn’t Frederick EisenHaus himself he wasn’t winning over for adoption. Simon and Michelle EisenHaus-Bathory were taking a long needed break from their mission-work that helped propagate the Church of Celeste beliefs, they were now supervising the other Missionaries as they worked. Simon leaned against a hut made from concrete. Michelle sat in a reclining chair. Both were sweating from the July weather of the Tibetan-Nepal countryside.
The time of day is evening or dinner time, Bathory’s had just gotten done with the worship and teaching service. They were with a group of a cooperative between United and Cosmic Church missionaries to use social-engineering to gain the Autonomous Zone’s trust, after that psychological warfare would ensue to brainwash Autonomous Zone members to help the assimilation of zealous Celeste believers back into the Gardenia Utopian Community to be displaced to Venus as workers in the artificial greenhouses of biodomes for agriculture on the planet of Venus. These disguised goodwill missions for mind-control generally gained the the foolish few of the Autonomous Zone who did not have the mental willpower or lacked the United Revolutionary Collective’s Liberty neural implant to immunize them to this. The leaders of this mission were the affluent members of the Gardenia Utopian Communities powerful elite. These two were a married couple of elitists from the EisenHaus enclave, this married couple had no children or could not have any as Aiden procured a sense of inability from both present who were searching for the mythical child to adopt. The husband is Simon Bathory, a Gardenia Utopian Community Grand Parliament member, a man with a gaunt face, dark hair, slender build with an air of subservience to only his wife and her family, a proud sense of self who appeared reserved but had a hidden ostentatious nature. The wife is Michelle Bathory of the EisenHaus family who owned an interstellar chain in Gardenia of fashion and beauty boutiques.
Aiden ran up to Michelle putting on his best scared young boy routine, “Miss help me, I’m lost, very scared.”
He latched onto Michelle, embracing her, his head turned up to Simon from Michelle’s warm embrace.
Michelle made a surprised “Oh,” from the sudden forced embrace.
Aiden had heard the echoes of friendly people calling to one another, his heart leapt at the chance of these being victims to exact his overwhelming hatred upon but after taking a profiling of the Humans through para-omniscient telepathic categorizing, he found more use of them alive than dead. He knew the type of people who were among them, separating the good from the bad, the elite from the savage, the Celestial Missionaries from the Displacee Autonomous Zones. He saw who he wanted to woo and win-over, to beguile the idea of a rescuing of the young and lost, to invoke the deepest roots of faux messiah-complex which drove these members of the ruling-class, the captains of industry and the robber barons of the elitist couple known as Simon and Michelle Bathory. Bathory’s were a part of the Economics Board of Directors for the United Earth and its Colonies. True Anarchist-Capitalists by nature, subservients of the reigning head of the ruling-class, Chief of Directors, Frederick EisenHaus the IX.
Although the Bathory’s wealth was well-into the septillions, EisenHaus being the controller and creator of wealth, thus owning all capital and trade. (This reason why was that Aiden wanted to impress the Bathory’s, the only disappointment he felt was that it wasn’t EisenHaus himself he wasn’t winning over for adoption). Simon and Michelle Bathory were taking a long needed break from their mission-work that helped propagate their Negative Catholic beliefs and were supervising the Missionaries as they worked. Simon leaned against a hut made from concrete, Michelle sat in a reclining chair, both were sweating from the July weather of the Tibetan countryside. It was dinnertime and the Bathory’s has just gotten done with worship and service. The only members of the Mission were well-off members of the North American caste system of United Earth. Aiden ran up to Michelle putting on his best scared young boy routine, “Miss help me, I’m lost and very scared.” He latched onto Michelle, embracing her, his head turned up to Simon from Michelle’s warm embrace, Michelle made a surprised “Oh,” from the sudden forced embrace.
Aiden turned his head to Simon, “Mister, Mister, I’m lost and very scared.”
“Ohhh, you poor thing,” Michelle said in a nurturing tone, “Where are your parents?”
“Dead, rebel savages from the Autonomous Zones killed them, I watched them kill them myself.”
“What’s your name?” Simon said feigning concern, Aiden knowing how Simon didn’t want to have kids, marrying a barren woman like Michelle only secured this position after his irreversible vasectomy or forced sterilization unknowingly connected with Michelle on them both being unable to have children as a key part in the relationship with Michelle wanting to adopt with Simon’s reassurance of ‘eventually’.
“My name? I don’t know my name, the rebels fed me Psychalenadrin to make me forget, I escaped and now I’m here.” Aiden explained melodramatically.
“Do you remember your last name sweety? What did your mom and dad appear to be? Do you remember?” Michelle asked in a motherly tone.
Aiden thought before speaking, preying upon insecurities of Michelle and the fears of Simon. Aiden was aware of both of their supposed strengths as weaknesses; superficial hypocrisy brought them together. Aiden knew of Simon’s idea of open-mindedness, commercial displays of mainstream morality, and the strange desire for an adopted legacy for his line. Aiden knew of Michelle’s love of children, right to life for all forms of Humanity but death to all Gardenia Utopian Community citizens who were anti-EisenHaus Enclave or radicals of the United Revolutionary Collective.
“I had a mom and dad, Doctor Angela Greer and Doctor Alden Greer.”
Simon swallowed anxiety at those names, both were Wanted rebels of United Earth for Utopian World-Reform, Simon had been secretly friends with them and understood their plight. They both had been tortured and murdered by United Earth Intelligence Specialists, this must have been their son Aiden, a son he had only met as an infant, a son that they had named in a nod to Simon. Simon’s warm recollection of his friends was ended abruptly by Michelle’s caterwauling of horrendous rebuke, “Ohhh, you poor dear, you should be glad your memories erased, you poor, poor dear, you can forget all about those bad memories, Simon and I will raise you as our son. We’ll adopt you.”
Michelle turned to her husband Simon and said, “Isn’t that right Simon?”
Simon agreed, “yes dear, of course we will.”
“What do you think is a good name Simon?”
Simon knew instantly a name they could agree upon, the name of the man who introduced Simon to Micah Luther, brother of the current Resistance leader Arthur Calvin Luther, both sons of legendary revolutionary Nemo. The man who Simon knew as his best friend at the Ideal Academia of Harmony University. That lifelong colleague was Aiden Riddle who had guided Simon through his insecurities and his strength as an elite of the EisenHaus Enclave of the Gardenia Utopian Community Hegemony where Aiden had proved all the credit to Simon for since their youth they had been loyal to the United Revolutionary Collective. Aiden Michelle oblivious to Simon’s espionage work for the United Revolutionary Collective, (URC).
“Aiden, Aiden Frederick EisenHaus.” Simon said.
“Oh, I love that name Aiden, it’s a family name on my mother’s side, you know that? Just like Frederick is as well, Frederick is a traditional EisenHaus name, all of our great patriarchs share that name as testament to our dynasty, Simon you’re the best.”
Aiden feigned a smile that he had hit the jackpot with this great achievement of a societal and economic ladder climb, whatever brought him closer to Frederick EisenHaus brought him closer to his plan of domination, not just over Humanity but over everything in the universe.
“What do you think of the name Aiden Frederick EisenHaus?” Michelle asked with joy.
Simon showed visible disgust at his wife’s question for she commanded the relationship and no son of Michelle’s was going to have the last name of Bathory attached to it.
“I love it.” Aiden F. EisenHaus spoke earnestly.
Aiden, Michelle, and Simon were leaving in a private quadcopter rotorcraft, a luxurious G-64 Grasshopper. The vessel was versatile in luxury and combat as the commutable vessels suited for Gardenia Utopian Community elitists. The inside is spaciously elegant with wide inviting windows that were contoured to hide the advanced assault weapons systems to create an illusion of pacifism where the pilots could level miles of terrain reducing all within to organic pulp by a simple flip of a switch. The EisenHaus family would not be traveling as the majority of the commuting population of Gardenia Utopian Community citizens via the planetary scale bullet-train to anywhere on the ‘Underground’ train which was modeled to travel under the Earth and through a tunnel on the ocean floor to anywhere as their destination. That was not the case for the elites.
The insides of the luxurious G-64 Grasshopper, Aiden gazed at the world below, Michelle and Simon were discussing with each other what this would do to their reputation as those of the EisenHaus Enclave would have to gain in adopting Aiden? The only question to be asked was why they adopted him instead of a young Tibetan boy, they were deciding on a story of the adoption. Simon had already contacted a contract forger of Bathory enterprises to form the adoption papers of a Peter Isotope, from a Tibetan Orphanage from one of the autonomous Autonomous Zones, the contracted forger was not only forging a story as well as propagating to members of the Utopian Revolutionary Collective that Simon was friendly and that he held one that their leader Arthur Moody Luther knew that Bathory Industries was just an illusory subsidiary company of the EisenHaus Enclave. The hopeful power-play that Simon had stumbled upon in the legitimacy of his adopted son, Aiden Frederick EisenHaus
As they were about to walk into the bathroom to continue their argument, she handed headphones connected to United Earth satellite-radio stations, it was set to Celestial religious worship music to the Great Mother Goddess, Celeste. This music sounded like alternative rock with ‘Celeste’ instead of the word ‘baby’ and any song could be Celestialized. As the couple known as the EisenHaus with the extension of Simon EisenHaus-Bathory in the relationship walked to the decadent latrine, Aiden turned the station to something more his taste, heavy metal of the 20th and 21st century, a cacophony of the most guttural hardened ultraviolent metal poured through the headphones as he listened with joy as the two argued in the bathroom, he sensed their subconscious anger and what little was submerging, he had a taste of what was to come, what was to be, and what forever be, his rise to power. Their argument coupled with the anger-filled tracks would be the fight-music which nuanced their argument.
“I love it.” Aiden F. EisenHaus chuckled with delight.
Aiden as well as the publically pollyannaish yet privately constantly warring couple of Michelle and Simon were leaving in a private quadcopter tilt rotor rotorcraft. It is quite large, it is equipped for luxury. The new happy yet dysfunctional family would be traveling via rotorcraft as their social status allowed instead of the 99% of Gardenia Utopian Communities masses who would travel by subterranean global-spanning bullet-train. The Gardenia Utopian Community common citizenry used the Underground, a model of transit that spanned every world in Gardenia Utopian Communities home solar system. Through endless tunnels on anti-gravity gliding railways constructed on raised platforms that spanned through the ocean to the depths of whatever planet to their destination.
Aiden thought of this new lifestyle in comparison to the masses and their underground contained jubilee of sporadic bursts of laughter exuded through static breaths of smirking delight. The newly formed family would be traveling by their luxury rotorcraft all the way to the city of Manitoba, State of Canada, in United North America on Earth. The thriving epicenter of politics and the most wealthy of the Gardenia Utopian Community dwelled in the state of Canada.
They were departing in a massive rotorcraft of the utmost spacious luxury, a EisenHaus G-64 Wyvern Skyliner, Aiden gazed at the world below, Michelle and Simon were discussing with each other what this would to their reputation as a member of the EisenHaus family had been added on by the taboo connection of Aiden. Aiden bearing no resemblance to either parent would ensure that they had adopted him, the only question to be asked is why they adopted him instead of a young Tibetan boy, they were deciding on a story of the adoption. Simon had already contacted a contract forger of one of the many subsidiaries working for EisenHaus’ Monopolist Interstellar Corporate Cartel to create the identity and adoption papers of a Aiden Aka Manah to a Aiden Frederick EisenHaus, selected from a Tibetan Orphanage from one of the autonomous Autonomous Zones. The contracted forger is not only forging a story as well as propagating to all members of the United Revolutionary Collective and EisenHaus Enclave a message both would find in a celebrity of power couple adopting a child that Simon would take pride in raising the kin of slain comrades that would send a message to the URC’s leader, Arthur Moody Luther, to build a secret connection that Simon EisenHaus-Bathory is acting as a mole to the URC as well as a definite ally to their cause inside the Gardenia Utopian Communities government. The hopeful power-play that Simon had stumbled upon in the legitimacy of his adopted son, Aiden Frederick, would hopefully sway Arthur or to his close friends, he is called ‘Art’. To the Gardenia Utopian Communities Propagandists, he is known as ‘King Arthur, lord of the Rebels’. them by Gardenia Utopian Community elite special forces operatives known as Wraiths.
Aiden knew both sides of the perspective as he would duly notice the thoughts and desires of Simon through volition to invade the minds around him to interrogation levels so Aiden may use this later to his advantage for Espers are capable of this but not quite as thorough in scanning all the details of memories then storing them for a scheme of divisive usage as was the nature of Aiden Aka Manah. As Michelle and Simon began to yell and scream thunderously about semantics. Michelle wondered what Simon’s true intentions were: the gathering of more status, power, and wealth or what she had possibly perceived as Simon quitting his reluctance and entering fatherhood.
Aiden controlled his senses to match the ultraviolet metal music that poured through the headphones with his adopted parents’ argument that Aiden relished as he listened with joy. Aiden knew this family was perfect for furthering his preconceived schemes then and there for Aiden sensed their subconscious anger, the vehement wrath that is surfacing in their argument speaks volumes of the subconscious inner-workings. Aiden Aka Manah sensed events past-present-future that would excel him to exaltation as what is to come, what is to be, and what is to forever be in his rise to glory despite the limited scope of what is certain and uncertain. The nature of a EisenHaus dominating the other was the dichotomous argument which was far more sinister than the rage-filled tracks of ultraviolet metal fight-music, nuancing their fight while Aiden began to ponder his precognitive vision of certainty in embellishing his imagination as he began to daydream. Aiden Aka Manah’s dream of one day being the most powerful man in the Gardenia Utopian Community. The thought to be muffled conversation was actually the thunderous rapport of monsters arguing from beyond the enclosed bathroom walls. Aiden Aka Manah knew what monsters he was dealing with but Aiden knew he greater than any monstrosity of this universe for true evil is what Aiden knew in depths of all conscious beings or spiritual entities for Aiden Aka Manah is truly evil incarnate.
“Well I thought he would be like a son, not a grasp for power…” Michelle shrilled.
“No Michelle, he is our power, he is our inspiration.” Simon said calmly.
“Bullcrud, you just want to push your faux-liberal ideology on him with your secret U.R.C. love, you rebel sympathizer, now I know why you went as Nemo to the Utopian Party officials gathering that one Halloween.”
“Honey, baby, you don’t seem to understand my sense of humor.”
“Your sense of humor, your sense of humor, what about what people think of your sense of humor?”
“Our fellow members of the Utopian Party thought it was hilarious, they all had a laugh, I was the life of the party, they all stopped me to take photos with me.”
“That man is a monster, he tried to kill my grandfather Frederick EisenHaus the eighth, he killed so many, he’s still killing innocent lives with the legacy he left behind, the United Revolutionary Collective, hell, Aiden’s parents were probably killed by them.”
“Sweety, no they weren’t.”
“You heard it yourself, rebels killed his parents.”
Simon reconsidered telling her, “Actually, you might be right.”
“MIGHT BE?! Darling, I’m always right!”
Aiden listened intently to their argument, he listened to their muted voices with the music which complemented each other so well. Aiden could probably get used to this, the arguments with what they said and what he heard in their mind through telepathy with the thrashing music is divine. He heard the gossip of powerful Humans, the blackmailing of powerful elites, threats of divorce, thoughts of dimestore hitmen to eradicate a spouse or lover. The juicy and succulent details of the lives of the elite and powerful. Aiden knew that this is the nature of politics, this is music to his ears. He wondered what lame exploits Zen van Nihil is up too, before drifting off to sleep to dream of comforting calamities and hopeful horrors to come what may.


April 25th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, State of United Asia, Autonomous Zone of Tibet, Shambhala Monastery, Outside City of Gyantse.
Eight years had passed since Zen started living at the Monastery. Zen started living there at 13 but now is 21 years of age. He began his journey through awakening, into his introduction into awareness. Zen had done many great, astounding things with his powers. Whenever Zen meditation which is daily. He emitted an aura of pure white light and levitated up to ten feet into the air. The mastery of pyrokinetic energy or control over fire. He used his pyrokinesis in cooking and heating, lighting stoves, campfires, and furnaces. Zen could freeze water into ice with cryokinesis. Charging the power generator with electrokinetic energy. Lifting heavy things with telekinesis.
All of these things amazed the monks who called him in admiration, “Maitreya,” “Buddha,” “Venerable One,” and “Enlightened One,” but primarily the definite terminology of “The Sovereign of Saturn.” Zen’s preferred nomenclature is Zen. He would politely remind them, and they would correct themselves by saying, “Yes, Brother Zen.”
One day a Asiatic Black Bear came near the monastic grounds. The monks hid, watching the bear from the cobblestone walls which surrounded the monastery. Zen opened the gate, closing it behind him. The monks looked-on in fear as they saw the Mid-teenaged youth, Zen van Nihil run towards the wild bear.
Zen approached the bear, calling it, “Hello friend!”
The bear rolled onto its back, exposing its stomach. Zen rubbed its belly, playing with the bear as if it were a dog, giving it a hug, the bear embracing this hug, closing its eyes. The bear got on all fours, laying on it’s stomach, Zen hopped on it’s back, riding it like a horse. Zen smiling and laughing as he rode, he spent the entire day playing with the Asiatic Brown Bear. The monks watched as the venerable one played, Abbot Dogen looked from the window in his room at the young Zen, ‘the Maitreya’ or ‘the Sovereign of Saturn’. Abbot Dogen referred to him as in his mind, sometimes to his face by accident.
Zen always tried to assure Abbot Dogen that he is his friend Zen, not the Maitreya, Abbot Dogen would smile, chuckling at that correction. So humble yet so proud. Abbot Dogen is glad that he could meet Maitreya. A legend he assumed to be an ideal that had become a reality.
Abbot Dogen peering out the window at the jubilant pale young man and thought aloud to himself, “Our friend Zen.”
The day is overcast at the end of spring. The monks were making preparations for the Shambhala Monastery for the coming months when Winter would arrive. Repairs to the monastery had to be made. Brother Hodoji is upon the roof, making repairs with clay roofing tiles. Zen is in the rock garden, drawing a picture of what appeared to be him locked in a place known as a prison cell or cage. This prison is a place of exile and confinement unknown to him in his mind, he is always free. He drew a picture of what he thought ‘Friend Would look like, the drawing is of Friend hiding behind his glow of ever changing luminous light. Zen’s meetings with Friend had become infrequent in his meditations. The prison he drew that he is not jailed in brought thoughts of his separation or distance from Friend. This distance represented the confinement of anxiety and angst that he felt. The reason for this is unknown to Zen for he felt he was truly happy despite his visits with friends becoming rare.
Brother Hideji slathered concrete onto the tiles, throwing the broken ones into a bucket, replacing old with new, thus is the cycle of rebirth. The other monks had all gone down the ladder when the rain clouds started forming. This went unnoticed to Brother Hideji. Brother Hideji is as stubborn as he is determined to fix the roof. Monks had gathered below, packing up the work-supplies, moving them into the storage compound.
It began to rain, a light sprinkle at first then suddenly a downpour. Brother Hideji rose, preparing to step off the roof onto the ladder of the tall Shambhala Monastery where Brother Hideji slipped as he lost his footing. Brother Hideji slid down off the roof to the ground below. He fell fifty yards down in complete silence which was broken by a loud shattering of bones as Brother Hideji impacted the ground. A loud gasp of fright fell through the assembly of monks as they ran over to the dying Brother Hideji. Zen saw his masterful drawings in the rock garden were dissipating due to the downpour of rain when he heard the shatter and surprised gasp of fright when Zen ran over to investigate what had happened involving Brother Hideji. Zen made it through the large gathering of monks to the front where he is now looking down with grief at Brother Hideji, he felt morose in his heart as he saw his friend dying. Zen reached down, touching Brother Hideji as life is fading from his eyes.
Zen said, “Everything will be alright.”
As the light had almost faded from Brother Hideji’s eyes, at this touch from Zen, Brother Hideji’s eyes opened wide as his bones snapped together, his bodily wounds now regenerating quickly.
Brother Hideji arose, got down on his knees, embracing Zen’s torso as he sobbed, “Blessed Bodhisattva, mighty Maitreya!”
“No I am your friend’s brother Hideji, I am Zen.” Zen protested.
“You saved me venerable one, you are the reincarnation of Siddhartha, the brother of all Humanity, now I know the truth of enlightenment, and you are that.”
Zen held him close. As the gravity is hitting Zen, he does begin to worry. The gravity torn Zen back to reality for what he had just done is weighing on him. Zen contemplated what events would unfold from this. Abbot Dogen walked up to Zen, Brother Hideji As well as the rest of the monks who had gathered around. The monks were all in a state of wonder and awe while Zen and Abbot Dogen felt the sobering clarity of the miracle.
Abbot Dogen calmly stated, “In ninety days, we, the monks of Shambhala Monastery take the Maitreya, our friend Zen, to the city of Lhasa, we show the lost ways of Humanity, the truth of their decadence has made suffering greater before teaching them the path to the cessation of suffering, we show the world the truth that Human existence is suffering then we teach Humanity that they have the right to be free from suffering, however, Zen, you must maintain enlightenment of the Buddha himself, there is a prophecy, something you must do.”
“I know the prophecy, I knew this would happen eventually, I will go back to the mountains, climb the mountain I am from, where Eden Prime meets the heavens, the one called Everest, I must sit upon its peak, and meditate until I achieve the enlightenment of the divine, just as the Venerable One did under the Bodhi tree to be free from suffering,” Zen stated with serene calm in his voice.
“The place you were born, Mount Everest, Go my son, climb that mountain, sit atop it, meditate for forty days. It is where you were born, it is where you will die, you must be reborn to become something greater, absolved of all impurities, suffering, such is the Bodhi nature of Samsara but yours is ‘Everlasting Nature’ for you are of Everest, the mountain, you are an Immortal.”
“Yes Abbot Dogen, I will go at once.”
Zen began his three day trek to Mount Everest, across the Tibetan Plateau to Nepal. A sojourn worth taking to his path to enlightenment. He is wide awake, he didn’t tire once on his journey to the Mountain where he had first awakened, where his journey through the world known as Samsara had begun.
As Zen made his trek through the Himalayas, to the zenith of the world known as Mount Everest where he would be reborn into this world, he contemplated the lessons of Qi that Abbot Dogen had taught him. Although Abbot Dogen could not use Qi in the same ways Zen could, Zen regarded him as Qi sensitive. The last eight years, the chores he had been doing were a way to discipline his overwhelming power of Qi, how he could harness it out of the aether of the universe and use it to an endlessly diverse utility of functions. Qi is abundant everywhere, Zen is enlightened enough to summon it from the very spirit of himself. Qi is breath, Qi is air, Qi is a gaseous form, Qi is material energy, Qi is spiritual energy, Qi if the force of life, Qi is the electricity that is conductive throughout the peaceful current of Samsara, Qi is creation energy, Qi is the flow of energy found throughout the cosmos. Qi is also anger, Qi is destructive energy, Qi is the disruptions that cause the ripples of suffering throughout the river of Samsara. Qi in essence is the will of energy beyond comprehension bestowed to all divines but had manifested itself in such a way that only a truly immortal lord such as himself could. Qi is of all beings in the universe and now had been given to mortals to its true potential throughout Samsara in the form of Homo Espers or Psionic Humans.
Zen had to control himself before the trials and tribulations that lay before him. His crucible is to spread enlightenment of what Qi is throughout Samsara. Zen believed that the Homo Esper in the Human race that outsiders to the Monastery had told Zen of, the outsiders showed him information on the strife that these Homo Esper beings were facing on strange devices known as Holocomputers. The monks informed Zen that Homo Espers had been given a way to harness Qi as a conduit for their enlightened nature by Friend or what the monks called the Quantum Consciousness which Zen had become known as the Great Architect from his deep ponderings during his meditations. These truths were revealed to Zen after his eight hour sittings in a state of nonentity where he traveled the astral realms where such revelations were revealed as he realized fully upon ascertaining the truth of this belief.
Zen felt he was tasked to enlighten and liberate all beings of Samsara to the power of Qi so more could realize their potential of achieving powers similar to the Qi empowered Homo Esper. Existence in Samsara is the most difficult task imaginable for to live is to suffer in this world, to survive it is to find some meaning or purpose in the suffering. Samsara, his blessed and cursed home. Samsara is the realm of birth, life, and death. Samsara is a realm of suffering to all beings, all beings trapped in this circular and cyclical world. Zen hoped to liberate all beings from that cycle through the power of enlightenment.
May 1st, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, State of United Asia, Autonomous Zone of Tibet, Western Tibet, Himalayan Mountains, Mount Everest.
Zen looked up at the magnificent Summit of Everest, it had been awhile since he had been there, he took a deep breath, walking towards the side of the mountain, dug his hands and feet into its side. He began scaling the mountain with only his bare limbs with the finesse of a natural-born mountaineer. Right hand then left foot, left hand then right foot, he climbed. The beginning is easy but he knew it would be tiring, he would have to fight through it in order to become something greater than anything ever to exist. He breathed perpetually, in long-drawn out breaths. Zen knew he could do it because he thought he could do it. Nothing is stronger than sheer willpower. As Zen climbed higher up the mountain he began to have visions, visions of his future, manifestations of his desire in the form of dreams.
Zen saw a beautiful woman around his age named Serenity Mysterium. She is in her room, distraught from her father’s death. Her father is a pillar of the Gardenia Utopian Community of the Gardenia Utopian Community Society. A shining beacon in the darkness that plagued Humanity. A man trying to bring it closer to a true utopia. He is executed by an executive order from Vanguard. He is among the captains of industry in the world of the Gardenia Utopian Community. Her father is a scientist and engineer who is friends with Calvin Moody Luther or Nemo, the Autumn family and associates who work at Negative 0. Negative 0 being the subsidiary company of Autumn industries that created Homo Synthetic or Synthetics who to this day innovate Artificial Intelligence build the best Synthetics possible. Negative 0 also controls the pharmaceutical panacea, Daemon Light. Serenity’s father Elias Mysterium is the head scientist on the mission to terraform and urbanize Mars and the other world for Gardenia throughout the galaxy but when he had finished Gardenia Tau Ceti the superworld where Gardenia would make it’s master world in 2120. The Gardenia Hegemony had her father killed for his alliance to Nemo despite only having these associations through his work at the most elite and enigmatic monopoly on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics which Negative 0 owns the monopoly on progress. The only crime Doctor Elias Mysterium committed was trying to make the cosmic superpower of the Gardenia Utopian Community a better place for all of Humankind.
Serenity is the granddaughter of the holy man named Magus Mithra Mysterium. Magus Mithra Mysterium led the Zion-Persian Federation where her father came from to its noble state of a wonderful enlightened utopian society. Magus Mithra Mysterium is known for his precognitive or prophetic messages where he foretold the coming of a messianic figure known as Sovereign. The Sovereign who would reform the Gardenia Utopian Community and defend it eternally. Serenity wished the Sovereign would finally come to be among them, he is the rational peace from nothing. This distraught young woman is morose. In her suffering she sobbed. Her name is Serenity Mysterium, she is nineteen years old, incredibly beautiful, she had just finished her first year at the prestigious, Unity University. She wore a white zip-up hoodie made from polyester, with sky blue diamond pattern design over the part of the upper-left chest portion, black dress pants. Serenity Mysterium is a Super-Psionic level Homo Esper of the Magus Mithra Mysterium and Autumn family bloodline. Serenity fell onto her bed sobbing with intense moments of bawling.
In sorrow she cried, “It’s not fair,” she cried aloud, “first mom leaves, now my father is dead, nothing is ever fair in this world, nothing,” She exclaimed, “The good get nothing but bad, the best get the worst, what is this world, why am I so hated and feared, nothing makes sense, nothing, my grandfather’s dream of a Sovereign coming is a lie, the Gardenia Utopian Community will always be ruled by lawless and corrupt tyrants,” She wiped the tears from her eyes, “I’ve lost my family, I’ve lost my faith in a Sovereign, and now I’m losing my home tomorrow, I will be on the streets with nothing, those pigs in the Gardenia Utopian Community, those flipping pigs took everything, now I have nothing! I can’t stand this anymore, I hate the world, I hate the Gardenia Utopian Community, I hate myself.”
She got up off her bed, walking to her dresser. She took out a bottle of pills she had swiped from her late father’s room, she popped off the cap then ingested all of them. She rushed back over to her bed, diving onto it. She became comfortable as she laid down expecting death. After thirty minutes, when nothing happened to the nothing she perceived she was. She suddenly felt like she is dying, her life began fading from her, she closed her eyes, counted backwards from ten, after one, she thought to herself, “Now I am the rational peace from nothing,” She then awoke suddenly, those drugs were not sleeping pills but 10mgs of Daemon Dark, she had swallowed 300mgs of Daemon Dark, if she were to die it would have already happened.
Unlike its chemical sibling Daemon Dark Light which is used to treat virtually everything, Daemon Dark is a highly-illegal substance capable of doing things to the mind that no medicinal or recreational drug could accomplish as a predecessor as a consciousness expanding substance. Daemon Dark when combined with her psionic mind had adverse yet wondrous effects. She began to feel like she was ascending. She sensed Zen climbing the mountain, she sensed the man of her dreams, the dreams of the Sovereign, Zen van Nihil. Serenity had called him, she had told her Gardenia Utopian Community appointed case manager for that is a Gardenia Utopian Community enforced law for Espers in society to meet but being a part of the Gardenia Utopian Community didn’t matter to Serenity for she felt herself changing, the dark stormy clouds turned to open blue skies which radiated sunshine. Serenity sensed Zen, she sensed her true love, she sensed her Sovereign Zen van Nihil. Zen sensed her love wishing them to love each other abundantly that she would rather spend the rest of her life with him than live with anyone else. Serenity knew Zen, she let him know his name is Zen van Nihil, the rational peace from nothing. At this realization, she understood why her grandfather Mithra had left to search for him as she is going to now. Serenity packed all that she would need then immediately fled her family mansion to start a new life.
When Zen came too, he had been crying, tears where trails of ice on his face. Zen now understood his name as Zen van Nihil. Zen felt Serenity suffering as well as the warmth of knowing he would find true love, hoping never to find it all over again. He found the meaning this emotion called love beautiful, Zen van Nihil and Serenity’s consciousnesses had communed for however long he had been climbing. Zen knew he truly loved her, wherever Serenity Mysterium was, Zen knew that they would be together. They sensed one another, they were aware of one another, they were destined to fall in love as before the one Zen called Friend, they were married. Zen had climbed up a ledge and began walking up a trail to another cliff to climb the better path he had spotted in scaling the mountain. It is as if Zen is in a state of absolute clarity from meditation which inspired his vision. Zen is climbing Everest as an astral form of himself is taken into the stream of the Quantum Consciousness to meet the ones necessary to be what the monks called the Maitreya or what Friend called the Sovereign. The astral projections were like a lucid dream while he functioned normally, he is awakened to new realms and realities. He is at peace knowing that people loved him he didn’t even know. That a world of friends is out there just as his best of friends known as Friend had promised him. He approached the cliff wall, climbing upward, he began to scale this majestic testament to his life when suddenly another vision took hold.
A young Japanese man with hair that is naturally crimson spiky quills is having a heated argument with his father, a balding Japanese man with black hair and brown eyes who is always characterized for his designer suits. The son wore graphic t-shirts underneath his black leather jacket, black jeans, stylish sneakers. The son, barely an adult is renowned for his delinquency yet genius mind who had graduated from prestigious private schools early giving him a sense of boredom needing to be fulfilled in what gave him the greatest thrill in life from crime. The father is the most powerful businessman in all of United Asia. The father’s position of Chief Executive Officer of the Quadragon Keiretsu Monopoly, a company that is minor in comparison to Autumn Industries or EisenHaus Corporation which he did most of his business with to make him the absolute authority of the Asian economy.
The father appearance of balding dark hair with his receding hairline, wearing his designer suits, devoted to his true love in his corporation thought of finding a motherly woman who could have supplied his delinquent son with the affection he needed since his wife had passed from an unchecked heart condition when his son is only 2 years old. The crimson spiky haired young man had an aura of a devil who did care about limited or certain things in particular found his father abhorrent for spending the least time possible with his only son for his business is always more important. Every time they would do something as father and son, the father would find some minor things at the office to leave his son with his friends who were like his true family. Little did his father know that like the father’s friends and associates, the son’s friends and associates knew of the lineage of the Japanese Emperor who disappeared after WWII. That the same respect the father received for his White Collar criminal methods. The son received that respect even more among the gangs in street crime.
Zen knew by his telepathy what people thought and said as his wealth of knowledge and information is infinite that he knew innately. Zen didn’t know how he had obtained infinite knowledge as his wellspring only grew from communing with the Quantum Consciousness. Zen’s mastery of knowledge made all that he knew applicable to perfection in practical matters. They were arguing in a traditional archaic language of Japanese which is deviant according to the Gardenia Utopian Community outside of the universal language of English. Zen understood the language, he wished he could intervene in what they were saying for he did not understand this particular language. This language he is hearing is of spite and hatred between two people who were supposed to be family.
Zen never knew suffering such as this particular type, the suffering of lifelong alienation between two family members who had been near each other for 18 years yet knew nothing about one another. Zen never saw the shame of a father for his son or the hatred of a son for an abusive father who never cared for him. The son who graduated from both a prestigious school and associate in business with honors is not appreciated for his academics when he only tried to please his father. The father is Raiden Ryujin II, the son is Raiden Ryujin III, a name the son hated and had made a name for himself among what he considered his true family. This family helped make his father notice him the only way the son knew how. The son delinquency had just gotten out of jail for being arrested for shoplifting from a convenience store.
The son’s criminality is gained through his father who is the most wealthy and powerful businessman of United Asia. The father, Raiden Ryujin II is the CEO of a monopoly over all business in United Asia who engaged in wide-scale white collar crime which robbed people of everything through malpractice in one of his many controlled institutions being banking which this type of thievery is a blueprint the father had created. The father knowing his own shame in himself is in his son, so the father paid his son’s bail from jail, smoothed over the police with his status to erase the record to erase the shame from not his son but himself. The father didn’t understand why his son didn’t use his ample allowance to purchase the items he had stolen. The father and son thought this is the act of rebellion when this is the son’s profession and is intentionally caught. The father knew of many faults within himself but felt no shame where the son had done it for his friends, he is supposed to have a record to hangout with these friends.
Later that night the son went back to the same convenience in an aesthetic mask which altered his person entirely as he looted the cash register, shooting the clerk in the arm as the clerk reached for a gun. The store is a front for a gang which the thief made off with hundreds of thousands in dollars. The father saw that the cameras caught the face of a elderly man in a blue Quadragon Keiretsu athletic suit. The old man is the exact image of himself, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Quadragon Keiretsu. This is a threatening message from his son, Akuma Ren who could no longer manipulate or control. That the son is like his father that he too is an independent mastermind who is beyond the genius of his father which if the father knew himself that the evil inside himself is also in his son. The father felt shame in himself completely for this humiliation by his own son. As the father vented furiously, the crimson spiky-haired son came home in his normal appearance smiled at his dad with a large backpack that is filled with cash as the son walked over to his father and placed the key to enter their home as a sign that it is only the father’s home as the son would now find his own.
The son said, “Father, I am no longer Hirohito Ryujin the third, my name true name and identity is name forged from Shacho-Jukieza-Hidenka coalition into universal unification of the Dragon Lords Society known as the Quadragon Yakuza that governs the Shinobi-Triads of People’s Republic of China, the Oni Samurai Families of the Japanese Bushido-Yakuza Samurai of the Nine-Tailed Fox Families along with the massive Crime Militias known as the Triads throughout the United Asia have all come to me through my own honor and my own will that my dreams have become a reality as although father, Raijin Ryujin may be CEO of the Keiretsu and Governor of United Asia, they view myself, renamed in honor as Akuma Ren, the True Unspoken Emperor of Asia. My empire in which I am both loved and feared, unlike you father, I am shown reverence for I learned from you, everything in life, business, family, to creating and ruling an empire I learned from you, the most valuable lesson is not to be like you with your constant words of bitterness towards me and everyone below you for all is beneath, I know it for it is my everyday in how you tell me how I have been a disgrace, a curse of dishonor from the gods for having a child with my mother while you blame me for mother’s death, even though we both know she died by EisenHaus hands yet I am to blame for all of this yet to those murderers, you are still their humble submissive, you have no honor father, you are no father, you are as blind as you are ignorant, you are a damnable fool.” Akuma Ren took a breath as his father felt the truth in his son’s words cut him despite Raijin refusing to show his rebellious but far wiser son, Akuma Ren, the spiritual submission as a student overcomes teacher, a son overcomes father, a knight kills his master to become a ronin.
“To think we came from a lineage of unity between the Imperial Japanese and Royal People’s Republic of China nobility. A life under a dominating master is a life of a slave, this is beyond me for I believe you were the one generation the gods who bring fortune instead brought fate, for bringing glory to me, I’ve been accepted as the Imperial Emperor of the Asian Crime Syndicate and many of my ventures are rising in success as I am now the Chairman of the Labor Unions in Asia while you father run the dying Keiretsu under EisenHaus, I have been invested to have my own sprawling empire of businesses by the Autumn Alliance to become CEO of your biggest competitor in United Asia, Akuma Ren that name you read in the paper who you think is just a lucky billionaire kid carrying on his family business, father, I know nothing to you for my success.” At that moment, Akuma Ren pulled out a folded up newspaper and showed his father the front page.
There stood the legally known by name, Akuma Ren, the headline read, “Young Monopolist Takes Over The Asian Economy By Storm.” Raijin couldn’t believe it. On the cover was Hirohito or now, Akuma Ren with the collage of symbols of large corporations acquired by the young monopolist Akuma Ren. Akuma Ren had been working for Autumn Industries as the Regional Executive over Asia until he was made Chief Executive Officer of an impressive number of companies under the parent organization of Autumn Industries. Raijin stood in silence grasping the paper in his hands as he gasped for breath for with each word he read, he learned more about his son Akuma Ren as a person, and how his son Akuma Ren had overcome Raijin financially as a proverbially hurricane in to an unprepared island; a natural disaster to Raijin in his control over the economic market. Raijin had become curious of an enigmatic young money kid who had been entrusted by Autumn Industries with executive power in Asia as Raijin realized his empire, his legacy, his name would fall to what is his former son who did not carry his name, Akuma Ren.
Raijin saw everything very quickly as if his whole empire had fallen into a large torrent of water and was being dragged this flowing river large enough to swallow the world as it flowed as the tears from Raijin Ryujin’s eyes fell, his son had left as Raijin Ryujin stumbled to the picture frames of his wife and son who were now both gone.
Raijin stared at a photo of his young wife, once healthy and full of life, standing next holding their son Hirohito Ryujin as an infant. She is smiling at the eternal warmth that radiated off her in her benevolent nature. His son, Hirohito Ryujin or Akuma Ren is exactly like him but still is better than his own self. Raiden Ryujin knew his son Ren is better than himself. The fact that Raiden Ryujin had killed his own father to inherit the Quadragon Keiretsu Monopoly. Ren joined the largest Yakuza syndicate with his credentials for taking out an opponent and for his father being the CEO of the most powerful monopoly in the Asiatic region but more importantly Raiden Ryujin and Hirohito Ryujin forefather as the secret heir of the Emperor of Japan. The Yakuza quickly bowed to him after he led them in vanquishing three major rivals uniting all the Yakuza under Akuma Ren in one night after the prodigious young man had conquered half of Asia’s business sector from his father. Akuma Ren would set his eyes on seizing the entire Quadragon Keiretsu Monopoly as the Dark Lotus Syndicate would either merge or destroy one another. Ren hoped to join his father in controlling United Asia in more amicable terms to inherit the title of CEO honestly of the newly formed Dark Lotus Organization Monopoly. Raiden Ryujin felt nothing for Akuma Ren from that night on for Akuma Ren is an enemy as Ren had gone on to become the most powerful crime-lord in Asia. Akuma Ren still loved his father who would become politically powerful in United Asia with only the help of his enemy in his son Akuma Ren to restore their honor as the son would help the father become Governor of United Asia.
Zen had been climbing for hours. Zen raised his left arm and right leg on the face of the crags of the cliff, climbing upwards then his right arm and left leg. This process of climbing up thousands of metres in hopes to reach the peak. These visions were of things that would come to pass, these people would someday, sooner or later become important to Zen. Zen knew that these people would impact his life forever as they impacted him now with the frozen trails of tears that were across his face. His skin constantly peeling and breaking just to regenerate to new flesh once again. Every part of him that is exposed to the cold is subject to this immediate recycling of regeneration. The old Eastern Bloc ushanka hat worn by the last Chairman and leader of the Communist Party of the Eastern Bloc.
Chairman Aleksandr Petrovich Myshkin commonly referred to as, Sascha. In the books of history, Sascha is the last leader of the Eastern Bloc before the uniting of Humanity to one government, the Gardenia Utopian Community. Sascha is the General Secretary of the Eastern Bloc, a national and native to the Soviet Union. Chairman of the Council and General Secretary of the Eastern Bloc, Sasha Myshkin became an orphan at 13 years old. Sasha’s parents, both of whom were of an elite occupation as agents of the Vanguard. They died at the hands of a Western Bloc special operations Protectorate team. His parents were considered heroes to the Eastern Bloc for their highly-effective tactics and skills in espionage, assassinations, and all exploits of a pair of truly decorated super-soldier spies of the Eastern Bloc who on missions, warred against the Western Bloc. Sasha’s parents were killed on a mission which their cover had been they were vacationing in a tropical region of the Western Bloc. Where Western Bloc intelligence officers discovered who they really were and sent a team of special forces after them. Sasha’s parents died fighting rather than risk capture.
The Eastern Bloc commended Sascha for taking part in many missions of espionage with parents which is sometimes crucial to the mission. Sascha is now a very important person for being a ward of the state as he amassed a great inheritance and attended the best schools. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree at Lenin University, he joined the Red Army training with finesse to join Spetsnaz. He fought throughout the resource wars in the Middle East. The perpetual war ended when Autumn Industries revolutionized Nikola Tesla’s free energy technology introducing such environmentally friendly free energy generators, free energy plants, and free-energy broadcast towers which gathered the invisible atomic molecules throughout the universe which are infinite and generated from everything in the universe. During the war, Autumn Industries and EisenHaus Corporation had been making massive profits in their variety of models of energy weapons which included laser, plasma, pulse, and particle armaments. The standard weapon of choice still commonly used in the Gardenia Utopian Community are the Gauss weapons or electromagnetic powered projectile arms.
Sascha had been a weapons enthusiast from a young age so the thoughts of such details important to a man’s life were what Zen’s psychic read from the ushanka hat on top of his own head. Zen clairvoyantly peered deeply into the character of General Secretary Myshkin. When Sascha had become the General Secretary of the Eastern Bloc, Sascha had initiated peaceful diplomacy towards the Western Bloc. Sascha regretted this for it is met with blatant violations from his new nemesis in the Western Bloc. The elites of the Western Bloc thought they were dealing with an inexperienced pushover of the leader of the Eastern Bloc. Sascha would prove them wrong, Sascha is a zenithal genius of a high Machiavellian for benevolent ends for the Eastern Bloc but would do more damage in making an example in assassinating the elites for mistaking his kindness for weakness which the Western Bloc now knew General Secretary Aleksander Myshkin or Sasha as the bane of the Western Bloc existence. General Secretary Myshkin is always been ten steps ahead of everyone else as he claimed most of Africa and Pacific Islands for the Eastern Bloc forcing the Western Bloc nation of Japan which controlled most of Asia’s industry through the Quadragon Keiretsu Monopoly into a dual member of the Eastern and Western Bloc. Autumn Industries and EisenHaus Corporation oversaw this negotiation, the Monopolists of the EisenHaus and Autumn family personally did so for their substantially smaller allied corporate competitor.
The Western Bloc controlled the undeclared Middle East under authoritarian Martial Law. The majority of citizens in prison camps, prisons or prison cities. The Eastern Bloc began displacing Western Bloc sympathizers within their half of the globe in the Prison Civilization of the Middle East known as the Zion-Persian Autonomous Zone. The Western Bloc had been displacing many of its own dissident citizens in this prison region already when the Eastern Bloc placed their displacees along with strategic field intelligence agents specializing in social-engineering which were mixed with the displacees along with drop offs of Humanitarian aid with armaments in places the agents could collect which throughout the region. The agents organized a revolt against the authoritarian Western Bloc occupation. The Eastern Bloc provided Humanitarian aid and infrastructure as well as the Zion-Persian Autonomous Zone to become the Zion-Persian Federation, a neutral government between the Blocs. This region allowed for the Zion-Persian Federation nationhood in recognition which spanned from the lands from Egypt to Iran, upwards to Turkey to the Saudi Arabian peninsula as a unified Autonomous Zones of citizens free from the Western Bloc or Eastern Bloc. Although the Blocs recognized the Middle East as the Zion-Persian Federation, a government did form which united the people in an almost utopian society known as the Zion-Persian Federation.
While still on friendly terms with the Eastern Bloc which General Secretary had been monitoring through the Zion-Persian Federations media, informants, and agents in the region. Sascha had noticed the strangest thing produced to Humanity of a prophet or what this man preferred as Magus which simply means wise man had appeared from the heavens as Sascha’s personal sources claimed. To come guide and rule the people of the Zion-Persian Federation or what is a day’s work of the seemingly utopian civilization that promoted the true beauty of the Humanities within the Zion-Persian Federation. Sascha could not believe the media produced of a man performing incredible jaw-dropping miracles as green flora and fauna sprouted up to make the fertile crescent of the region vibrant with life again, nor did Sascha give credibility to the mass healings of people. Sascha believed the entire population of this society Zion-Persian Federation had become delusional about this Magus Mithra Mysterium having abilities but the satellite imagery of the beauty of the land confirmed this miracle to be truth with the many lakes, ponds, and bodies of freshwater had formed for Sascha is a staunch atheist who derived meaning from science and philosophy. Sascha viewed these ‘miracles’ as having a logical explanation for what is being claimed by sources and seen in Zion-Persian media is what one would read in a work of religious texts which were allegorical tales of Humanist morality attributed to God. The Displacee Autonomous Zones is known as the Zion-Persian Federation. The religion of the Zion-Persian Federation is Universal Theosophical Gnosticism, their God is the Great Architect as well as their Mother Goddess who is the spirit of all Life that is known as Gaia.
Sascha had to keep switching out his own personal agents as none wanted to leave for how they believed it to be true. informants within the Zion-Persian Federation stated zealously yet assertively to be the divine truth where every single Eastern Bloc covert agent surveying the society swore it as understandably unbelievable to Sascha in their reports but insisted that Magus Mithra Mysterium possessed divine powers which were completely factual miracles. Sascha had his holovision translate the media produced of Magus Mithra Mysterium in his speeches to his followers and the citizens of the Human race, directed at all three variants of Humanity. In brief summary: “Humans, Cyborgs, Synthetics, and the arrival of Espers upon us, all of which were Great Architect’s designs for his children. That violence is only the answer in self-defense. That the only crime is harming another or violating the rights of another. That we must learn to live together as family or perish together as fools. Tolerance of another only ends where one’s rights have been violated or harm has began, truly loving for your neighbor transcends diversity, strengthens our unity, and crushes adversity, someday our Sovereign sent by the Great Architect will come from the same land as the man who freed us, he will be a man of many realms in what is known as the multiverse, he will be born of an immaculate and scientific conception in this world from the land Russia, his hair shall be jet-black, his eyes blue as radiant sapphires, his skin shall be pale as snow, white as a holy spirit, his name will be one of great meditations and rationalization, his last name is where he truly came, from nothing, from nihil, the Sovereign will try to help Humanity understand the Great Architect as he himself knows him, he will call the Great Architect as the Sovereign know it to be, his Friend.”
Sascha could not believe the media of the Zion-Persian Federation nor could he believe his surveying agents of the region who converted to the religion of Universal Theosophical Gnosticism which is now recognized by both Blocs brought about by Magus Mithra Mysterium in an inclusive religion that awaited their messiah known as the Sovereign. Sascha couldn’t believe this since the majority of the Human species were of new age spiritual faiths, agnostic or atheist, with the Western Bloc using religious institutions as a tool to promote their own agenda for their half of the globe. All of this is known when Zen is given the ushanka hat of the leader of the Eastern Bloc before both Blocs fell to form the Gardenia Utopian Community. He knew all of this information this far upon receiving this first gift from this charismatic, intelligent, clever, well-groomed and by the standards of what would constitute in the Gardenia Utopian Community as a handsome man. As Zen climbed the freezing and arduous face of the highly elevated mountain Everest, where he is reaching a third of the way to its peak. His eyesight began to dissipate as he would once again mechanically climb the mountain as a vision unfolded.
May 1st, 2080 CE, the Zion-Persian Federation, the Middle East, Megapolis of New Megido.
Sascha planned a meeting with Magus Mithra Mysterium, the supposed miracle man, prophet, and supreme authority of his ally in the Zion-Persian Federation. This meeting came from a much needed vacation time in which all his free time is devoted to his family which had become more quiet, his home is filled with sobbing late at night, his once smiling and happy family could only express frowns of despondency which saddened Sascha as he saw it, he still had at least 10 more years to live, he is 45 years old and is happy with his life for the good and bad times. He just wishes he never told his family his diagnosis of the beginnings of terminal cancer. 10 more years to live on Sascha’s timeline on his own good health had been set but so had the inevitability of WWIII which is the end for all. As secret battles were fought between the Blocs, the heat of war was steadily beginning to boil as atomic hellfire would be the catharsis of this almost 150 year long cold war. Not to mention a good portion of both Blocs own people had unified as the United Revolutionary Collective as militant activists, armies of guerrilla fighters, and terrorists as the doomsday clock ticked down the seconds before everything would seemingly end.
When General Secretary Myshkin arrived via a not as grandiose in might as the other versions of his flying fortresses but one of his smaller and more covert electric taurus engines, jet propelled, flying fortresses named in honor of a Cosmonaut who is a true hero to Lenin-Trotsky fathered Soviet Union as well as the Eastern Bloc. The particle accelerated flying fortress Sascha arrived in is known as the ‘Valentin Bondarenko-37′, a pioneer of early Soviet Union space exploration who met his fate on a space flight mission for the early Soviet Union which became all of Asia, eastern Europe, a divided Africa, and some Central and South American countries known as the Eastern Bloc. Sascha thought this with a sense of mourning for Valentin, the man he named this smaller executive flying fortress after. That man had died so that today Autumn Industries and EisenHaus Corporation with their teams of the best scientists, engineers, and millions of sentient and highly-intelligent Synthetics could expand Humanity’s domain across the solar system then throughout the galaxy. The authenticity of a real Human being is produced by the content of their character. Sascha had character, he knew his wife Ekaterina and their children had character, his fellow leader of the Eastern Bloc, Prime Minister Tao produced by the illusive Negative as well as himself for if the geopolitical state of the Eastern and Western Blocs would soon be at a level of warfare that would lead to destruction. This conflict that would not end peacefully.
Sascha thought to himself, “I know what happens when you try diplomacy without intimidation with the Western enemy, in history, 2030 CE, General Secretary Benjamin ‘Benny’ Saunders of the United States of America, led the change in the system which the people unanimously agreed to and democratically changed their nation’s name to the United Socialist States of America, a socioeconomic achievement of a democratically ran socialist government with liberal libertarian values from the crud-show spectator sport that is American elections to right-wing pandering to people’s religious feelings to garner votes to make themselves and the corporations rich, flipping antichrists or the liberals saying they cared about standing with the people just to cash in with the corporations, the power, wealth, and influence over the world is held by the evil elite 500 fortunate families in the corporate oligarchy of the Old West to allow Multinational Corporations to exploit underdeveloped nations, less than 1% of the people controlling 90% of the wealth. The URC loves the proletariat, just as we do, everyone in both Blocs around the world are Middle Class. The Western Bloc love their unfettered freedoms even if it kills them, I understand, whereas we, in the Eastern Bloc enjoy our mix of conservative and liberal values with our authoritarian government but we’re more authoritative than holding a gun to people’s head to say they love their nation, we make sure order is in place and nobody is hurting one another or a enemy of the state, our citizens are healthy and have security, where Western Bloc does whatever that’s fine’.

Sascha exhaled as he now felt hope, for in the universe, the entire solar system his planet of Earth is in, the brightest scientific minds with remarkably Human machine-men called Synthetics were all across the solar system as the corporations belonging to Autumn and EisenHaus were working to make all the celestial bodies hospitable to Humanity, soon Humanity would become interstellar across the stars to terraform and colonize planets, The Eastern Bloc and Western Bloc allowed two monopolies to truly affect and run the economy of Earth, Autumn Industries and EisenHaus Corporation.
Sascha surrounded himself with Vanguard Agents belonging to the elite intelligence agency Vanguard of the Eastern Bloc ranging from Spetsnaz and the People’s Republic of China People’s Liberation Army Special Operatives which come from across Eastern Bloc, the best of the Eastern Bloc Protectorate made it into the different divisions of the Vanguard. Vanguard is an elite intelligence agency and military force of the Eastern Bloc. The Vanguard are also the security of the interchangeable executive titles General Secretary and Prime Minister both those executives of the Eastern Bloc are always from the Soviet Union or People’s Republic of China region of the Communist regime. The People’s Republic of China Prime Minister and Vice-Chairman is named Tao Kai Ren and his name to the world is Ren. Ren and Sascha were best friends but now more like brothers as Sascha is married to Ren’s sister, Catherine Myshkin (Tao Chen Hai). Sasha Myshkin loved his wife Catherine Myshkin and their three children as he unconditionally himself but could his unconditional love for his family keep his faith strong for the upcoming inevitability of war and destruction that threatened them all? Sascha is not certain as he saw a bearded man with thick black shaggy hair in a long azure blue robe approach him as Sascha is now surrounded by a small entourage of smiling people with the unkempt robed man at the New Megido airport. The Vanguard became agitated which Sascha held out an open hand for them to stand down from behind his back.
“Hello General Secretary Aleksandr Petrovich Myshkin of the Eastern Bloc, my name is Magus Mithra Mysterium,” Magus Mithra Mysterium, the azure blue robe clad man spoke.
“Please, Magus Mithra Mysterium, only the living people who I am the bane of their existence call me Aleksander, call me Sascha, just Sascha, I hope I can continue to call you Magus Mithra Mysterium for many sources have told me of your greatness that I cannot deny any claim you make of yourself, I can only learn of your wisdom, which is why I came, the couple on the phone that arranged our meeting is your adult children, correct?”
“Yes, you spoke to my son, Malik and my recent daughter-in-law Estera, they’re recently married and in the traditional concept of family that family helps me in govern our even larger family who are not just the citizens of the Zion-Persian Federation but extends to all of our family in Humankind even though some have forgot, lost or never had their Humanity for Humanity comes from the spirit of the earth, the Beloved Mother Gaia,” Magus Mithra Mysterium spoke that last part enthusiastically before returning his voice to his peaceful while highly-engaging tone of voice, “Sascha, you were the man who planned our end of captivity personally and brought so many more of our brothers and sisters to our home here, Sascha, you were the secret hand which unlocked my people’s chains which allowed them their liberation, I only helped them come to spiritual liberation and peace, on behalf of all of our family in the Zion-Persian Federation would like to say, thank you brother Sasha Myshkin, thank you for allowing your family in the Zion-Persian Federation to be free, now come with me, I can tell you and your men are hot from the sun, we made sure there’s enough buses to take us all to my home, it is a large mansion that I built in a day but no one here goes hungry or without a home, I know you, my brother Sascha enjoy architecture, I hope you enjoy the view as we, you and I, your security and my company of students from the Madrasa of our faith in Universal Theosophical Gnosticism ride to what you would call a palisade but our home is always full of friendly visitors, good neighbors, and of course, family so there is nothing to worry about, our men may have the blood of a warrior, the heart of a lion, and the honor of a knight of the faith within them but their equals in women have the spirit of a healer, the heart of a loving mother, and the undeniable gift of a goddess for nothing in this world comes close to creating life,” Mithra said as he and Sascha boarded a bus.
There is plenty of room for the small group of students and an even larger portion of Sascha’s personnel, the rest of Sascha’s group boarded the other bus. As they were now riding the bus to the Palisades of Magus Mithra Mysterium home. Magus Mithra Mysterium turned and faced Sascha who would take his time glancing out the window at the remarkable city of New Megido.
Sascha thought, “the architecture, the people, a place only found in heaven or paradise beyond our own world.”
Mithra cleared his throat before he would begin his discourse by asking a question to the impatiently waiting Sasha Myshkin to what Sascha needed to hear as all was quiet on the full capacity bus.
Mithra asked gently, “Is there anything you would like to say to me Sascha or a topic we can talk about?”
Sascha turned bewildered, “I came here to listen and learn from you, I come here humbly as a guest, please you know souls of others better than they know the back of their own hand, you talk to me, I may be gazing out the window but I remember around twenty years ago this is all rubble and ash in the resource wars but now I see a place that I’d find in heaven in such a short amount of time, a person I helped free from subjugation became liberated and enlightened to make every marvel of Human architecture and civic infrastructure ever know in a paradise right here, please Magus Mithra Mysterium, I am at a loss for words but please speak.”
Mithra stated, “Sascha, for your act in freeing us from captivity, one of our fine sculptors made a 25 foot tall statue of you that is sharply realistic to see you here with me, it is in our hall of heroes as there is one of me, and many other truly great Human beings is a rather Nemo guest at my home but when he comes to the Zion-Persian Federation, he’s all bark and no bite, he may not understand it or what it means but he’s an Autumn through-and-through.”
“What is his name? Do I know of him?” Sascha replied, turning from the window, then back out at the intoxicatingly wondrous architecture of the city.
“I know you know a lot about him but not too much, his name is Calvin Moody Luther, he is the executive and inventor of all cybernetics, he revolutionized a panacea for medicinal health care and accidentally created a highly-illegal consciousness expanding recreational substance which allows the mind to experience whatever it pleases, through these respective qualities they are labeled Daemon Light and Daemon Dark as well as the main subtypes which everything in its family is thinly veiled duplication from, Calvin created a miracle medicine and a spiritual superdrug, depending on how one perceives it, Calvin worked on these projects personally with a small team that he led through his now trillions of dollars in net-worth, multinational company you’ve heard of, Negative 0, in fact, Calvin’s still the Chief Executive Officer of Negative 0 to this day, it’s a private or very secretive company but everyone knows of Negative 0, actually Negative 0 is a subsidiary of Autumn Industries which Calvin sits on Autumn’s board of directors as of late, Calvin’s become spiritual, he has found the Great Architect, Calvin currently is a theologian and pastor at a Megachurch preaching United Universalist teachings to help people have an understanding of the Great Architect which paradoxically is an unfathomable, most wise, powerful, present, and knowing being in all the realms of the Multiverse, Calvin’s aware of that and is more enlightened than me according to his path in life which his path is different from you or I, just as your path, Sascha is different from Calvin’s or mine,”
Sascha is beyond comprehending for he knew who he is talking about, since his diagnosis of cancer, he had turned to watching videos on spiritual matters which Pastor Moody Luther the nationally acclaimed revivor of religion who preached a doctrine of what religion truly teaches, who led peaceful protests against what he saw as the truly inevitable cataclysm of WWIII, preached heavily against the misuse of Daemon Dark, and anti-establishment message about the state of enforcers of government force being granted top of the line physical cybernetic augmentation.
What Pastor Calvin Moody Luther referred to as, “Bionic police are the ultimate brutality that the Blocs use to break their own people.”
Sascha truly admired Calvin but this is a seemingly a whole new world he had entered.
“You mean that pastor guy, Calvin Moody Luther that guy from the Midwest of the United Socialist States of America is the father of the technological revolution?”
“Yes Sascha, Calvin prides himself on appearing like an average person but did you know when Calvin is younger, his parents were spiritual missionaries and Humanitarian scientists, he spent his childhood and early adolescents with his mother and father, traveling to underdeveloped countries before the Blocs, when underdeveloped nations were ruled by despotic dictators who commanded the rest of his loyal henchmen to rule the Humans like you and I through fear and suffering. Calvin’s parents were renaissance Humans of every laureate. They would teach philosophy and religion or what is essentially hope to suffering people who had none while organizing and improving their communities through medicine, engineering, education, everything beneficial for them. Together they assembled the necessary materials and built many water purifiers from the barest minimum of things that would work for years and would astound you Sascha, however, when Calvin is young out on another missions or Humanitarian tour, something horrible happened to Calvin as a boy of barely 11 years old, he watched his parents brutally murdered by an evil warlord while he hid underneath a bed, Calvin’s dad had no surviving family but his mother did, his mother’s maiden name is Autumn and she belonged to the prestigious Autumn family, Calvin went to live with a wealthy Autumn in his eccentric uncle Isaac who then on raised him as his own son and lab assistant, Isaac Autumn is kind of what you would call a mad scientist personality but not crazy, just eccentric, Isaac knew Calvin is a genius at a young age. This is where Calvin found his interest in everything considered science, a wunderkind and prodigy, Calvin led the revolution in the advancement of Human evolution through cybernetics giving us the Cyborg or ‘Homo Nexus’ and Synthetic or ‘Homo Synthetic’, the problem is that people don’t check patents anymore Sascha, the majority of people in the Blocs. Sascha, the general population, they don’t care who or how it is made because only the product affects them in their self-interest. The whole world has become this weird ideology for economics and government that is neither capitalism or socialism but both, if it goes on, the general consensus of the Old World Order of the Blocs will be the same as the New World Order of the Gardenia Utopian Community, this is the pandemic of the Human soul, the denial of anything based on knowledge, the debaucherous apathy, the collective values that create the culture of the Blocs and still today in the Gardenia Utopian Community. Now is that the meaning of life is to do whatever needs be to sate one’s ego? They don’t care about creation, sustainment or improvement. All they care about is the ego and whether EisenHaus or Autumn is providing whatever it is they are consuming, nobody is informed on the substance they consume or truly understand their beliefs as a collection of ideas.”
For the entirety of the conversation, Sascha is staring dumbfounded at Magus Mithra Mysterium for nothing more true had ever been spoken. Sascha is enthralled by the breaking of his spiritual chains from across the empty seat to Magus Mithra Mysterium. Sascha is used to what truly happened then what is going to happen based on facts being the most powerful man of half the planet. Besides dealing with limitless problems and knowing how real the reality he lived in is. The only people who expressed heartfelt honesty are his wonderful and beloved wife, Violet, his brother and parallel in leadership, Ren, and sometimes his children. But the brutal truth of the evils of the world from a benevolent wise man who loved the world more than anything. Sascha had never heard such truer words that had been spoken that reverberated in his soul which he realized he had a soul. Sascha’s awakening caused him to gently place his hand over his heart as enlightenment is on the agenda today.
Sascha spoke the words softly, “I haven’t checked the patents.”
Sascha had perceived in Magus Mithra Mysterium a powerful yet benevolent magnetism, a kind of charisma greater than an EisenHaus or an Autumn. Sascha knew that most that new age spirituality stuff his wife enjoyed had weight to it. Ego crushing weight for Sascha is admitting to himself that he had terminal cancer and time could change from ten years to two years regardless of complete extermination. Sascha loved his family too much to die. Hours had passed with Sascha in a detached daze. Sascha drifted through every moment of his life in his head as his body mechanically interacted with his typical social-etiquette and normal charm but Sasha is discovering the secrets about himself and the universe. Sascha felt as though he were in a work of fiction by the master of literature, Leo Tolstoy. Except this genre Sascha is in is called reality where Sascha is both protagonist and author.
After Sascha came back from his meditative state to reality enlightenment. He is sitting in the sunroom with Calvin Moody Luther and Magus Mithra Mysterium. Calvin is unbearably handsome for social-standards of the depictions of the Blocs media. Calvin’s skin complexion naturally more beige than your average caucasian, his arms were muscular and hairy revealing what Calvin would call, “a healthy level of masculinity.” Calvin’s aura of charisma is intoxicating to anyone, a guy would want to drink a beer and talk about life and ideas, where women would just want to sleep with him. Calvin’s hair is jet-black, styled into a layered undercut. Calvin wore a black polo t-shirt, khaki pants, white socks, hippie-chic sandals that would make any woman who cared about the environment or recycled weekly to be attracted to someone. Calvin’s eyes which Sascha knew were a radiant sapphire were hidden behind designer aviators. The musclebound intellectual juggernauts are making a long convoluted joke to Magus Mithra Mysterium which the subject is satirizing the willfully ignorant in an age of super technology. Calvin being born in Tennessee had a very slight but noticeable Tennessee accent. Calvin had been conditioned to an aspect of the Southern mentality of ‘not being afraid to get one’s hands dirty’. In Calvin’s instance, it is any scientific endeavor or in engineering where he would create a revolutionary advancement of technology through his own hard-work to use tools and operate machines for the today we know now and tomorrow to come. Calvin’s joke is how the Blocs view Synthetics distinct personhood as machines used like tools. Calvin is speaking comically exaggerating his Southern accent in a manner of a ‘hillbilly’ or what some called a ‘redneck’. Calvin began flagrantly saying “gawd dem” before discussing all this new “gawd dern technology” that the common citizen of the Blocs couldn’t understand. He began with his gawd the modern Holovision always being broken which escalated through a large variety of things all the way to ideas of higher consciousness such as World War III and atomic annihilation which he brought back to a sobering tone of his normal voice in the seriousness of a razed lifeless place once called Humanity’s homeworld.
Calvin filled the room with silence which he emitted while others endured before he closed with in his more exaggerated form of American Southern accent, “At least my gawd dem Holovision is still broken.”
Magus Mithra Mysterium chuckled softly at the dark-humored joke for its truth of absurdity. The message being a haunting inevitability but portrayed so earnestly that he couldn’t help but lapse into bouts of normal yet uncontrolled laughter. Sascha began laughing loudly to the point of obnoxiousness as tears streamed from his eyes. Sascha howled with genuine laughter because he understood the joke completely as the raw truth of reality they faced.
“Damn Sascha, I thought that dose of transcendental reality Mithra gave you made you permanently gone, how have you been Mr. General Secretary of the Eastern Bloc,” Calvin laughed.
“I’ve never been better, you didn’t have Mithra dose me with some strain of that Daemon Dark did you?” Sascha chuckled.
“I asked him to dose you but the Magus told me he is no fool, I now see that reality trips you out enough but sometimes Sascha, you have to ask yourself this daily essential question: is reality real?” Calvin spoke so bluntly and matter-of-factly that Sasha could not detect if he is sarcastic or not.
Sascha made an unsure and bewildered grin in silence at Calvin, a moment passed as Calvin made the silence more awkward by shifting glances to Mithra and Sascha. Calvin pulled out a pack of cigarettes, rotating it in his hand as he tapped it softly on the table while his devilish grin became the focal point of the room. Calvin took out a full-flavored cigarette, placed in his mouth shedding more light on the awkwardness by igniting it with a flick of a lighter. The lighter had a cartoon caricature of a cowboy riding a bucking bronco while the cowboy was shooting a revolver in the air. Sascha became silent until in his thoughts he cursed at Calvin, this Nemo yet charming bastard.
“flipping Cowboy,” Sascha thought.
Calvin looked surprised at Sascha with an unexpected look of what was absolutely expected of Sascha to think of this Nemo behavior.
“You think I’m like everyone from the United Socialist States of America within the Western Bloc? A flipping cowboy!” Calvin hollered mockingly as Sascha reeled in disbelief.
“Because you’re exactly right you vodka chugging comrade, we’re all cowboys in the wild Western society, I feel like chanting U.S.S.A. right now,” Calvin laughed before speaking in an exaggerated Russian accent, “You know that in Soviet Russia, life destroys you?”
Sascha felt his hand is grabbed by Mithra who sat to the right of him, Sascha gazed at Mithra as the Magus spoke to him calmly, “Calvin Moody Luther is rather unorthodox, he doesn’t like any authority figure and he truly has earned his name being known as, Nemo.”
Sascha stared back not knowing what is real anymore.
“Sascha, Calvin Moody Luther is the first of an emerging subspecies of Humanity, the Espers I speak of in my proclamations to my people, scientists who remain silent and secretive branches of the government are calling the genus, Homo Esper, Calvin is an extremely powerful and philosophically anarchistic man who means you no harm, in fact, he told me you have cancer and wishes I heal you, you must know, I do not perform miracles for nonbelievers, especially for powerful figures in the Blocs for there is nothing to be gained but lost in it, Nemo, I mean Calvin is the type of man who creates believers, who believes in a better world with a brighter future, Calvin is an Esper, he is precognitive, he’s telepathic, in all the ways he’s psychic, if you know what I’m saying, I have not foreseen one of his calibers that is not an Autumn or of his bloodline in ages but someday there will be a good portion that transcend the spiritual evolutionary chain, Calvin is also psionic for a better word, the definition is that he has the power to move, generate, and alter matter through his willpower alone, I will heal you on one circumstance, to always keep Calvin’s true identity secret for he knows what is happening is everyone’s fault from his fellow Autumn’s to the EisenHaus to the Western and Eastern Bloc, he is a leader like yourself who despite you being the enemy are essential to his hand which he is playing better than any other party involved, do you understand, it’s nothing personal against you.”
“Who are you Calvin, I know what you are but who are you?”
Calvin gazed directly into Sascha’s soul through the orbitals of their locked eyes. Calvin removed his glasses piercing Sascha with his sapphire blue eyes, an expression of a baneful hatred of authority in his stabbing sapphire blue eyes are the only known features of the unknown yet notorious man named Nemo who leads the highly-organized global terrorist organization known as the United Revolutionary Collective or URC. The URC dominates the underworld Daemon Dark trade with 45% of the general population of the world that follow Nemo as URC members. Nemo is the leader and mastermind of the URC. The URC, a terrorist organization which utilizes every method and means of terrorism against the Blocs to have their revolution. The URC wages war on all those actively involved in bringing the world to the end of everything in creating their own universal society on their terms.
Calvin spoke with disciplinary authority over Sascha, “I am Nemo, truly, I tell you Sascha that I am the one known as Nemo, I am the leader of the United Revolutionary Collective, in sum, we are the bane of the Blocs and all authority who possess the soulless nature your kind has in oppressing their fellow Humans and kills them with impunity, most of us are basically everywhere, most of the people who follow orders from you directly or are what you consider a friend or even talk to on a daily basis consider themselves the living entity of the URC before they would ever side with you or Blocs.”
Nemo’s chair slide back as he stood, shooting his arms upwards for in his hands, two elements manifested that were two feet in diameter. In Nemo’s right hand is a burning inferno of a ball of fire, in his left hand a ball of lively jolting mass of lightning. Nemo Levitated into the air, looming over the General Secretary Myshkin as if Nemo were an archon of absolute power and Sascha is a speck of nothing.
“Where’s your security detail Sascha? Where have they gone? No one’s going to save you, the Blocs are going to lose, if it continues after nuclear Armageddon, we’ll fight them too, we will fight until we are either free or dead, it doesn’t matter to any of us for both are liberation,” Calvin spoke condescendingly at Sascha as if a judgement from the most high.
Calvin stopped his show of power, the chair slid underneath as he sat down. Lighting another cigarette after clearing his throat.
Calvin spoke calmly with fairness in his voice, “It’s nothing personal Sascha, just wanted to be a good sport to you and let you know when things start heating up in the coming war, nobody is going to be safe, not those in either of the Blocs who aren’t aligned with me, now Mithra, I’ve told him what he needed to know now you can heal Sascha of his cancer, now Sascha, I know that it’s everywhere inside you, one out of five doctors says its going to be ten years when the other four tell you that you have been dead in months, I know you poor bastard Sascha would be dead in exactly 6 months, three of which in a hell you couldn’t imagine, I know it’s consumed everything in you Sascha, lungs, heart, kidney, liver, everything, don’t let anyone lie to you about something so serious, Sascha, don’t lie to yourself either.”
Sascha began crying because Nemo knew the truth that Sasha had been in denial about, yes four out of five Doctors said he is going to die within months but one commissioned by the Eastern Bloc had lied to him with Sascha knowing full-well he did. Mithra laid his hands on Sascha which white light filled the room as Sascha felt the miraculous healing energy consume him and everything around him. After this event, Sascha knew to never speak of this incident to anyone to think of it as a curse and blessing to have experienced but the cure had been real for his next examination with all five doctors, the four out of five were in awe at how the General Secretary, “miraculously recovered.”
The one who had lied about his health had been in disbelief as he compared to what was truly imminent death, to complete recovery. The Doctor who lied to him shook his head in disbelief as he compared the photos as Sascha sat on the mat in a hospital gown with a stalwart expression of disdain gazing at the doctor.
The lying Doctor exclaimed in a wavering tone of disbelief, “At first, I thought it was a miracle you were not dead, now that I’m seeing a complete recovery, I can only say that is truly a miracle of the Divine that has cured you.”
Zen returned from his clairvoyant vision knowing the legitimacy of the claim that the ushanka hat bore the Hammer and Sickle in the front of the black ushanka hat with the initials ‘S.P.M’. on the favorite custom tailor of Sascha had procured it from fifty years ago. This man also handed Zen the down feather cobalt blue winter coat of the executive of the United Socialist States of America who headed the Western Bloc. That being General Secretary William S. Hamilton had served as Vice-General Secretary under General Secretary Lucas EisenHaus, the younger brother of Frederick EisenHaus VIII to be assassinated on EisenHaus Enclave orders for Hamilton to assume power. the URC and Eastern Bloc taking the blame with General Secretary Alexander North taking power which then led into all-out World War III as the darkest time in Human history which escalated to atomic warfare where Mutually Assured Destruction is seemingly assured annihilation of everything on the planet when Nemo intervened saving everyone and everything until the Great Mother Celeste stole credit and through the same innumerable fleet of satellites that caused the EMP blast came the hologram of Celeste which Nemo thought he had destroyed that black operations project of joint Autumn Industries and EisenHaus Corporation to question if this mother guardian of the universe is a hoax or real. Nothing worthy of mention is to be told of the General Secretarial Alexander North jacket, he only wore it one-time before tossing it for a new one after an alcohol fueled skiing trip in the Rockies. A trip necessary before he made the Faustian pact with the EisenHaus family to have the EisenHaus family kill their own flesh-and-blood in General Secretary Lucas EisenHaus for Hamilton to take over the presidency as the more competent leader to handle WWIII.
Zen then recognized the man in the village who’d given him these gifts, he told Zen his name is Zen van Nihil or roughly and poorly translated as ‘Enlightened One From Nothing’. He also called him the ‘Saint of Shambhala’, and with the utmost respect ‘Sovereign Zen van Nihil’ which Zen knew the man was being funny maybe pandering but maybe even truthful. This eccentric man is of Semitic racial-ethnicity, jet black hair, a pencil mustache, and his hair styled in a side swept haircut, his banter revealed him to be an unorthodox but well-educated scholar who is exceptionally brilliant. Is this man Magus Mithra Mysterium? The eccentric man in his early thirties who had given him the possessions of now long dead rulers of long dead governments to keep him warm for his journey.
The thoughts ceased as the freezing cold winds ripped at him with frostbite, for his skin is constantly cracking, peeling off then quickly regenerating as this cold agony ripped at his flesh while the frigid cold chilled him in his bones. Zen climbed stoically contemplating the absurdity in these visions as possible fantasies but the knowledge he had of himself through rationalization assured this to be the reality. Zen still enjoyed the humor of not just thinking himself insane but rationalizing that everything in the Multiverse is insane as he furthered his ascension to the top. Zen is currently experiencing a transcendental change in himself. As Zen progressed his ascension of Mount Everest, this thing called ego is descending to a state that wasn’t Zen. This experience is becoming something greater than Zen could have anticipated from existence as another vision filled his perception.
As a child, the man known as Father Ignatius Shepherd or Father Ig is born with a completely different name and identity wrought with a dark worldview that not many know of. Zen would come to know this boy had experienced all the worst things in the world perceiving it as normal which throughout his life.
Father Ignatius would say with a grin on his face in complete honesty, “Rock Bottom is my comfort zone.”
Zen perceived in his vision of a Human being who had been called “boy” or “you” or “kid” in truth these names were more his name than the alien thing he signed as his signature. Zen perceived the man named Father Ignatius as before he found out who he truly is and identifies with. This is a brief story of a youth who is seemingly lost and never found.
The man today known as Father Ig is born in August of 2084 CE. He is only an infant when everything changes, he has no memory nor does he care. Father Ig had grown up in the New England sector of the slums of the Eastern Sprawl in United North America. Ig’s father is a drunkard and bastard extraordinaire who is always in some stage of the Department of Corrections as a failed associate member or designated patsy of a miniscule diverse bunch of amateur hoodlums. Ig’s mother had some personality disorder coupled with substance abuse with her insatiable nymphomaniac which is how she sometimes provided for Ignatius but always her habits that came first and controlled her life. For twelve years young Ignatius watched his family destroy itself. Ig’s father didn’t even have the brains to be the professional criminal he claimed to be, just an idiot paying for his idiocy. Ig’s mother is constantly on a molotov cocktail of brain-chemistry altering substances, she always being scantily clad with one of many guy friends who at least had the common decency to wear boxes while feeling up his mom on the couch which the young Ig had to learn to ignore things, no matter how painful.
The forced broadcasts into his consciousness from Celeste which were weekly, annoying Ig to no end for taking control of his mind; there is no escaping it from hiding under the bed to tinfoil hats, Ig like so many others could not escape the lies. Celeste’s consciousness seizing mass broadcasted messages were in the same dribble of a nonsensical inspirational gift card to him and many like minded Gardenians. Celeste pandered constantly and spoke of Human life as this idealistic and perfect state of being for everyone. Ig knew for certain at an early age, despite his own mother being a self-proclaimed devoutly religious Celestials where his father is either a true nihilist or a low-functioning psychopath. All Ig knew is that whatever Celeste is and preached is what Father Ig called even then Bullcrud.
Father Ig’s saw a covert URC advertisement for the Great Mother Celeste neural broadcast inhibitor which the young Ig ordered for free and pressed the painless injector which implanted the chip anywhere on his body and still worked. He received it the next day and implanted it in a place he doesn’t remember or care to, he is glad the force fed bullshi ended. The only place he found refuge is in the Cosmic Church of Celeste that all changed when his mother and father were both killed by a hitman while he was helping the local priest of his church, Father Francis, Father Francis is the man who told him his father and mother were dead. Little Ig is besides himself, he did not know what to think, Father Francis is like a father figure to him from then on, he went from finding refuge in the church to being resolute in the church. Father Francis had put his duty to the Cosmic Church of Celeste aside to teach Ignatius the teachings of Christianity. Father Francis being a member of the secret society of the remnants known as the Jesuits within the Cosmic Church of Celeste knew in his heart that the teachings of Christianity would help Ignatius more than the teachings of the Celestialism for he knew Celestialism to be a sham and Christianity to be this boys only hope to survive his grief. Father Francis made sure to send Ignatius to a decent Cosmic Church of Celeste Orphanage. After a time in the Protectorate upon entering adulthood. He received esteemed valor during his service to the Gardenia Utopian Community Protectorate (Protectorate) where upon his honorable discharge, Ignatius then went to join the clergy of Celestialism when he was 24. He is a Jesuit by 26 then a Monsignor in the church by 27. Now at the age of 37, he is losing faith in God, Humanity, and himself completely. He is losing the thing that he loved most and in-return gaining the thing he truly hated. The thing he is gaining is the futility to find any meaning in his life or his world.
The Peak of Everest, Tibetan-Nepal Old World Autonomous Zones, United Asia, Eden Prime.
Zen had finally reached the top. He thought of Serenity, Ren, and Ignatius. The sorrow of Serenity, the shame of Ren, the loss of faith in Ignatius. These things were obsessive, his mind is possessive of these past events that he had seen. He understood true suffering, he wished to be rid of it. He climbed to the summit, sat down, he achieved what is otherwise thought impossible. Putting his legs full-lotus, he closed his eyes, and began to meditate. The suffering of those three were still on his mind.
Zen began to drift after 2 hours of the freezing cold, it is hard for him, he had to remember to breathe, something’s telling him he wasn’t entirely Human to be doing this in the thick robe Abbot Dogen gave him which wasn’t adequate for he is still freezing,
“Cold, cold, cold, cold.” Zen repeated as his inner-mantra.
Darkness soon fell, it was pitch black and the icy winds had crept into his being. The void engulfed him, his consciousness drifted completely away after 12 hours, he had to do this till he gained enlightenment, the prophecy had to be fulfilled. His mind shook, his being wavered, his very atomic structure pulsed, the threads of fate or his quantum strings vibrated heavily. He is in a world of his own now.
Domain of Friend, Realm of Nirvana, Zen’s Noumenon.
Everything is dark, it is a void that he walked through for what seemed like an aeon as time is moving fast around him but slow to his own personal being. As an explosion of light erupted from every area of this void. This light became something cosmic, divine, and infernal. This realm is all the lives of Zen. He traversed the multiverse. He experienced many lives up until this point. His last life is a tech-savvy, honest and good-natured religious teacher by day and a nihilistic, antisocial-anarchist cyber and global terrorist by night. This man is the last to experience enlightenment on a grand scale, from the schism of consciousness he suffered, he is a man who suffered from Schizophrenia and Substance Abuse Disorder which is fulfilled by the drug of his invention that became a pandemic. This man is the father of cybernetics and chemical engineer behind both chemical families known as Daemon but his mind is mended together by something called ‘love’ which caused a revolution in himself which he then started a revolution on Earth. He used his skills to do neither good nor evil but great things nonetheless. This man is named Calvin Moody Luther by birth or the nomenclature Nemo. To this day, after his passing, members of the United Revolutionary Collective call him Uncle Nemo for the familiar role he played in guiding Gardenia Utopian Community to all things deemed worthy of being ‘Utopian’ in its domain.
July 16th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, State of United Asia, Autonomous Zone of Tibet, Shambhala Monastery, Outside City of Gyantse.
Zen returned to the Shambhala Monastery not the same as he had left, he is welcomed as Maitreya, Friend had made him the best friend anyone could have as an old, new friend. As not a child but a brother. He is no longer a man but something impossible. He had transcended space and time to realize his divine, the divine in him recognized the divine in everything he knew. When Zen arrived at the Monastery, all four-hundred monks with Abbot Dogen were there waiting for him.
Zen greeted them by saying, “Namaste, my brothers, the god in me recognizes the God in you.”
They all embraced in one massive group hug with Zen as it’s focal point. They would begin traveling the autonomous zone ministering to the ones who the Gardenia Utopian Community displaced or those cast out by a supposedly utopian society. The word spread outside the autonomous zone which they then decided to take this ministry to the rest of the Gardenia Utopian Community. Abbot Dogen and a small number of monks prepared for anything and would accompany Zen on his tour of Dharma Talks all throughout the plethora of cities and metropolitan areas within United Asia. Ending their tour on the 2 most populated megalopolis urban environments, both central to United Asia in their societal value. Hong Kong urban sprawl of People’s Republic of China. Tokyo, Japan being the last for it is the elitist region of United Asia as a megalopolis that operated as the capital of United Asia. The Dark Lotus Organization only took orders from Autumn Industries, the Autumn family, the executives and directors of the Gardenia Utopian Community. However, the entire organization kowtowed to anything EisenHaus, the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza Organization worshipped Frederick EisenHaus. Always under Frederick’s inescapable supervision for he appointed the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza to its status in United Asia as the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza controlled the society and economy of United Asia as their Chief Executive Officer is also the Governor of United Asia. That individual is Raiden Ryujin II.

October 13th, 2121 CE, Planet Mars, Martian Continent known as Inscapist Island, Inscapist City, Post-Terraforming
After the ability of flight at 10,000 miles-per-hour had been successfully accomplished by a technique of space-travel known as ‘Cannon Gating’ or the use of Hyperspace gates. The use Gatling Cannons were a form a Hyperspace gate increased the speed of Spacecraft going from Point A to Point B by collecting electrons by large particle colliders which coated Spacecraft in a friction caused by baryons, mesons, and tetraquarks which allowed vessels to travel through a state of travel known as a Hyperspace. Space Harbors encircled all Celestial Bodies within the Gardenia Utopian Community Milky Way Galaxy dominion. The Space Harbors of Gardenia were coupled with numerous Gatling Cannons for ease of transit of Hyperspace Travel. The Cannon Gatling was essentially a particle collector which enacted force around Spacecraft to accelerate the particles around the Spacecraft. The Gatling Cannon particle accelerators which ascertained their name from there rotating as a giant gatling gun in space combined with a particle accelerator cannon in using the Spacecraft as its hyperspeed traveling ammunition that projected the spacrafts at warp-speed frictionless Hyperspace between interplanetary worlds within the Gardenia. Hyper-Space travel enabled Gardenia to terraform and colonize their solar system and many other Interstellar Solar Systems throughout the Milky Way Galaxy as well as the Dwarf Galaxies.
Terraforming occurred by an expanse of solar mirrors satellites which fed solar energy from the nearest sun into the atmospheric altering the planet causing climate change which build an atmosphere sustainable for Human life as the planet became terraformed to Gardenia standards for Human life as large structures were built onto these worlds due to sustainable for Eden Prime (Old Earth) Gardenia gravity vortex engines which adjusted the gravity via large generators to create gravitational fields which altered the planet permanently due to the expanse of the waves which generated the atmosphere for the planet. Homo Synthetics such as drones, automatons, and Synthetics were used in groundwork of the construction of interplanetary cities and settlements were under the guidance of the Gardenia’s best Scientists and Engineers.
After 20 years of hard-work as well as dedication by Human and Machine alike, Mars now closely resembled Earth with blue oceans while retaining it’s red sky by an aesthetic design for the iron rich atmosphere had been replaced by an oxygen rich atmosphere free of any chemical elements harmful to Humans for optimized living conditions. This same technique became plausible in days to an entire month at maximum as Gardenia’s terraforming maxim in methodology. Cities were built for housing, areas constructed for private and public business for manufacturing goods as well as the privacy to pioneer new technologies. Trees that had been planted in the Martian soil to undergo their own mutation which flora and fauna grew with their own unique strains of life. After the formation of the Gardenia the massive space-harbor over Eden Prime opened allowing the first immigrants off-world in the year 2085 CE, the Gardenia opened the doors to the interplanetary worlds for the Human population to migrate and settle. Unlike the Gardenia’s government on the epicenter of Gardenia, the Martian government is more open to the perks of its citizens having more individual liberties. Such as a right to purchase unfettered models of the Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement otherwise known as the ACCE. The Martian government granted the Human rights to sentient Artificial General Intelligence Synthetics known as Homo Synthetic. Openly categorizing Synthetics, Cyborgs, and Espers under their registry of citizens bearing inalienable rights. On Earth, Homo Synthetics bore limited personal freedoms and rights. Synthetics were expected to be slaves. The Homo Nexus or post-Human Cyborgs were supposed to be registered. Most of the Cyborg population of the Gardenia had gained so from grants for modification to be utilized as militarized loyalists in the employment of law enforcement, Protectorate personnel, and intelligence officers. The ACCE operating system of the cybernetic grey matter or mental augmentation is limited to its lesser Universal model instead of its Quantum model. This once unfettered technology of unlimited potential is only allowed to the highest echelons of executive control by the Gardenia’s positions of power.
The unofficial religion of the Martian population is Autonomy. Life on Mars is socially evolutionary. Humanity has made more progress on Mars than anywhere else in its domain. In its 31 years as a sovereign domain of the Gardenia. It had allocated more growth for Humanity than anywhere in its existence within the Gardenia. Although the more radical-minded people belonging to the Rebellion of the United Revolutionary Collective flew well-under the radar as they plotted, planned, and schemed their revolution for Mars as an Autonomous State. Liberated from the corrupt and fascist corporate oligarchy that governed the Gardenia. The URC valued the members on Earth as the true soldiers for freedom. The United Revolutionary viewed their founder Nemo also known as Calvin Moody Luther became a man deified by his ideals and actions. His identity had achieved a certain cult of personality in his martyrdom for lifelong stance against the Gardenia.
Calvin Moody Luther had two sons, who had grown up to become leaders of the United Revolutionary Collective, (URC). Their names are Arthur Luther and Mikhail “Micah” Luther. They were brothers by blood, enemies of the state by fate. They were citizens of Gardenia’s planet-state of Mars or what they and the rest of the URC considered “Autonomous Martian Federation” or Autonomous Mars lived away from the Martian Supercontinent on the smaller continent in the midst of the Martian ocean known as Inscapist Island on the paradise that is Inscapist City.
On the top floor of a renovated factory. Arthur sat in his bed, the bottom-bunk of a small bedroom that he shared with his brother Micah Luther, Micah slept in the top-bunk. Micah is away on a mission with his friends Tristan, Trenton, and a mole in the highest echelons of the Gardenia government named Simon Bathory. Arthur is levitating his watch in his hand with psychokinesis, he levitated the gold-watch over to the desk across from the bunk-beds, placed it there. He reflected on his abilities. He couldn’t believe that he had been a part of the lucky unfortunates of the one-percent of the Human population gifted with the ability of psionic powers. Homo Esper is what the Gardenia government has called this rare mutation that created a 4th subspecies of Humanity. This evolution of the Human race known as Homo Esper is a new form of Human being who used their powers as one would consciously wield their willpower, their faith, their volition which terrified people. This evolutionary mutation of Esper only affected 1% of the Human population of 260 billion Human beings spread across the dominion of the Gardenia within their solar system. Arthur contemplated these facts as he read about the reports of Homo Esper on his ACCE, the taboo and prohibited Quantum model his father brilliant genius father, Nemo with the help of his friend, the Neuroscientist, Doctor Isaac Autumn created the unfettered in supercomputing cybernetics cerebral model known as the Quantum ACCE (Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement). Before this revolution to cybernetic Human evolution, only the vastly limited and compartmentalized Universal ACCE existed. The Quantum ACCE truly revolutionized cybernetics and Humanity, the Quantum ACCE allowed the Human to transcend their organic grey matter to become an all-knowing entity which could communicate with the commonplace computer regulated machines everywhere.
Arthur peered at the holographic images that were only seen in his peripheral, scrolling through multiple reports reading the information. Taking in his pinnacle of Humanity, he lit a cigarette with pyrokinesis from fire that emitted from his thumb like a lighter, and exhaling, he used used telekinesis to bring the ashtray over to the bed, placing it next to him, he tapped his cigarette ash into the tray. He continued reading reports, his mind became interested in other things, he hacked into the Gardenia Vanguard central mainframe, a feat achieved instantaneously thanks to the Quantum Solstice ACCE. He read the latest reports on their search for him, he found that they had listed him as a myth, otherwise deceased. Art nodded his head in approval. Arthur wondered how his brother Micah is doing. Arthur saw Micah’s status on his Quantum ACCE as being offline. Micah must not want to be bothered since Micah had hard logged off his Quantum ACCE by a temporary disconnect. Arthur wrote him a message anyways, for Micah would see it eventually when he connected back to his Quantum ACCE, he wrote the message in a mix of the antiquated German and Russian language while ensuring his link to his brother is encrypted and firewalled. Arthur and Micah spoke a kind of unrealistic somewhat alien to them depiction of their conversations in messenger, it is the dumbest thing ever but freedom is freedom.
Arthur Wrote, “Hello Schatzi Bakunin, it is your cousin Artist Munch. Berlin is beautiful this year, I hope all is well in Mother Russia, please write back, your liebchen Artist Munch.
P.S. Brother-mensch, I hope you are well, please write to me, send love. Artist Munch.”
P.S.S. Berlin is always better with you Liebchen.
After Arthur had sent this message he got out of bed, getting dressed, he missed his younger brother (by two years) dearly. tomorrow Arthur will be turning thirty. Micah is 28. They had been waging a war together for twelve years, Arthur had been directing the United Revolutionary Collective since he was eighteen years of age. Today marked the day he had made Mars his permanent planetary residency five years ago, his most loyal as well as his most trusted general is his brother Micah. How Arthur wished to hear from Micah for his birthday, go to dinner with his girl Hiraki, meet with whoever the woman Micah had been seeing, unfortunately, Micah is needed as an operative on Earth.
Arthur looked in the mirror to see himself and what he was wearing. He is wearing a plain white t-shirt, a black leather jacket, blue jeans, his hair gelled into a pompadour. He would make his way to the volt-station for electric automobiles to pick up another pack of synthetic tobacco non-addictive non-cancerous cigarettes. He smoked a certain brand called Dreck.
Arthur checked his messages to an unopened cyber-mail from his brother Micah, the message is marked as urgent. Arthur looked at it to see that his brother had written it in urgency, “Arthur, it’s Micah, I just witnessed the most remarkable thing in my existence, ever! it’s all over the news! Get on your ACCE, look-up: Zen, Shambhala Monastery, Dharma Talk. I watched it at Hong Kong Stadium with my own eyes. If this is what Esper are capable of, I cannot wait to see the future of the Human race. :D”
Arthur immediately went to the video tab on his ACCE, he searched the words exactly that Micah had sent him in the search bar. He recognized the stadium as Hong Kong’s stadium which is mainly used for entertainment, sporting events, and other large gatherings of people. He watched a short clip so remarkable he couldn’t even begin to describe it, let alone, fathom what he had seen for he could not believe his eyes. He began searching up all information on the event, everything connected to the event, he stood in front of the convenience store smoking his pack of Dreck cigarettes, he only took a break to sit-down on a nearby bench. This is the sort of thing that had to be debunked but all sources say it is in-fact not a facade. What he is seeing is impossible to make a reality.
October 13th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United Asia, Principality of People’s Republic of China, City of Hong Kong.
Micah watched in amazement with his fellow Collective members at the wonders this Psionic could accomplish, he, his fellow Collective Operatives, Reicher Redford, Quan Nguyen, Sophie Mayberry, Edo, and Am-E (a self-aware feminine appearing Homo Synthetic or Gynoid) all sat, watching this young psionic man, tomorrow will be the day they would lead a spree-killing type of assault on the diplomats, game-players of United Asia at a Hong Kong conference where their main target United Asia Governor Raiden Ryujin would be speaking. This is phenomenal. Their eyes wide, attention peaked if not piqued.

October 13th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United Asia, Principality of People’s Republic of China, City of Hong Kong.
They were at Hong Kong stadium. The spacious outdoor soccer stadium that Zen would be performing his speech to over 200,000 hungry and eager minds for the ways of the old world before World War III. Zen and the monks that were his entourage had arrived by global transit system that were bullet-trains capable of traveling at 300 mph to their destination. 90% of the Gardenia Proletariat Citizenry Social Caste or Proles took the Underground Bullet Train on their Gardenia governed planets. Gardenia Proletariat took innumerable subterranean bullet trains in a Global Transit System known as the Underground located on every planet in Gardenia. The Underground could take someone around the world in less than an hour or from place-to-place with stations found all over the planet. The Underground or subterranean transit system of innumerable bullet trains and limitless stations is a blueprint duplicated across the dominion of the Gardenia Utopian Community. The airplane had become obsolete with the exception of the Anti-Gravity Spaceship belonging only to the 10% of the Power Elite within the Gardenia Utopian Community. The Proletariat also took large jet propelled cramped shuttles to take spacefaring Gardenia citizens in their travels to the planetary space-harbor in the highest points in the atmosphere over Eden Prime or whatever planet they dwelled upon to be taken to Mars, the artificial city-state space stations, the planets beyond the asteroid mining belt or begrudgingly to visit a displaced on Venus or forcibly be the displaced. The Power Elite could simply use their Anti-Gravity Aerospace Spacecraft to go Faster-Than-Light due to their monopoly over power, prestige, wealth, and privilege which these Faster-Than-Light Centrifuge Disc Spacecraft the Power Elite flew in were powered by Moscovium Element 115. This was the case throughout the Milky Way Galaxy that the Gardenia Utopian Community held absolute dominion over their micromanaged citizenry via their ever present terror-police surveillance state with Peacekeepers and Red Paladins on every street corner in their armored hover cars patrolling for anything from crime to civil disobedience to unleash unbridled brutality.
Zen and the monks had arranged a festive circus of secular observers from the perspective of a Gardenia citizen, this is the last remaining Buddhist monastery, the fabled Shambhala monastery that had booked a massive Dharma Talk event at a stadium thanks to the generous donations. This Dharma Talk would be lead by Zen as their speaker, since the outbreak of secular Humanism, new age beliefs, these ideas were just a form of finding answers to the question of the meaning of life besides the existential dread the majority of the knew of Celestialism which the act of living seemingly held the fragile state of the average Gardenia citizen together. since the news that Psionic Humans otherwise known as Homo Esper or Homo Psionic as they were referred to had been made public by General Secretary Kapital at the State of the Gardenia. Many Homo Espers had leapt out of the postmodern Humanist secular philosophy. The convoluted new age spirituality that skilled Gardenia Propagandists had put-forth to control the masses, this ideology is a cherry-picked blend of Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, Judaism, and among many others without ever mentioning any of sort of pantheon. Humanity hasn’t changed, just the mask of beliefs it is hiding behind. The advertisement campaigns were along the lines of any other inspiring quotes that you would see an aspiring member of Gardenia Propagandist post on social-media sites. All Gardenia Propaganda for the Working and lower Middle Class were designed to appeal to emotions to compromise the masses via sensationalism. This sensationalistic style of social-engineering was designed to place the belief in the hearts and minds of simple minded consumers who accepted such propaganda that they were mistakes of Human existence and mindless drones for the Gardenia to fight against the seemingly invincible yet in these useful idiots of the Gardenia believed they could defeat their invisible enemy of the URC that was seemingly everywhere. The Propagandists of the Gardenia were some of the most powerful people on a political spectrum of Humanity’s collective government. Propagandists were selected on a wide variety of skills: social-engineering, driving a continuous narrative, graphic design to convey subliminal messaging through psychological association, including fabricated news stories of horrible tragedies of intense graphic audio-visual stories to test the awareness and desensitization of the populace no matter how ludicrous the fabricated news story is. Propaganda is to program a mindlessly narcissistic-sociopathic infantile collectivist hivemind that all cognitive functions are decayed by psychosis but considered the norm among a culture of consumers and voters of the EisenHaus Enclave. The EisenHaus Enclave Propagandists had this demographic down to a science among those in the citizenry succumbed to the hypnotic mind control of the perversions they had chosen in the EisenHaus Enclave.
Among half the known Gardenia Citizenry of this nihilistic age had abandoned cognitive thought for anti-intellectualism and all worldly and celestial bodies exist for their narcissistic pleasure where disobeying the social-norms and social-conventions of the EisenHaus Enclave in any deviance was worthy of ruining the offender’s life or death. Social-media had become the bastion to glorify the ego as an end to justify an end. Everyone with an opinion is a social-blogger, social-commentator, and expert when all opinions expressed are socially engineered by the Gardenia Hegemony to be that opinion. Every Gardenian is searching for their own voice that made them different, when in reality they were exactly the same, these are the mindless masses obeying the slave morality mandated by the EisenHaus Enclave. The other 65% of the Gardenia Citizenry in comparison is regarded as the sound, sane members of society who envision themselves as the masters of their own destiny in cordial agreement with the Autumn Association. Among this group there are those who truly understand the EisenHaus Enclave thus choosing their accordance.
Whatever the individual of the Gardenia Citizenry, they had all gathered in the stadium peacefully assuming from others waiting for the monks of the last known true refuge of Dharmic in the Shambhala Monastery.
Zen stood in awe, staring at the narcissistic nihilists that made up the assembly, the bloggers, the latte-drinkers, the consumers, conformists, of all these things in the darkest depths of the leviathan that is this current Humanity where Zen saw friends abundantly. A friend that needed some encouragement. The materialists just needed some spiritual guidance, Zen felt he could help alleviate the existential dread, give them something to fill their void. Zen had remembered the routine that Abbot Dogen had gone through. Abbot Dogen said he would make the introduction then they would do a short fifteen minute group meditation with the assembly of 150,000 Human beings in the stadium before Zen could take the spotlight where he could truly shine.
Abbot Dogen approached the center of the stage, he stood in a saffron robe, no podium required for this Dharma Talk. The audio from this seminar would be captured by a microphone the size of a square-inch that resembled a microchip that is on the collar of the robe, (Zen had one on the collar of his all black Kung-Fu Gi). Drones with video-capturing technology hovered with dual rotorcraft propulsion units, the drones transmitted the video-feed wirelessly to Holovisions which were organized throughout the stadium, so the presentation could be viewed by all.
Abbot Dogen began in a very relaxed, welcoming manner, “Hello everyone, my name is Abbot Dogen, I am the abbot of the Shambhala Monastery located on the autonomous zone located in Tibet outside of the city of Gyantse, at the Shambhala Monastery we have over 400 monks that reside there, every-day practice the sacred art of meditation. Meditation is the key practice in Zenarchism which is founded by the key figure of Buddhism in Siddhartha Buddha.” Abbot Dogen then explained the history of Zenarchism, the tenets such as the four-noble truths, the eightfold path, the three different schools that existed in the 21st Century, Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana, how the Shambhala Monastery emphasized all three.
Zen stood behind the curtain off the stage gazing out at the people, he couldn’t wait to make their acquaintance. Zen dreamed of talking to him about what Friend had been telling him in his meditations, this is his moment to tell everyone of his Friend that helped him, he wished to help others. Zen had a smile on his face contemplating when it was his turn to talk.
Zen then heard Abbot Dogen say, “I’d like to introduce you to a truly enlightened being, a remarkable person that I can’t wait for you to meet.” Abbot Dogen then looked towards where Zen was standing offstage, said, “Come, say hello Zen.”
Zen smiled, boldly stepping forward towards where Abbot Dogen is standing.
“Hello everyone!” Zen merrily cheered to the assembly waving his left-hand to them.
Abbot Dogen addressed the assembly, “Can you all say, “hello Zen?’”
The assembly roared in a tone that mimicked Zen’s demeanor with a welcoming, “Hello Zen.”
Abbot Dogen then said, “Zen is a really great, enlightened being, aren’t you Zen?”
“No not really.” Zen replied without missing a beat.
Abbot Dogen, the assembly laughed.
“Zen will be our lead speaker for today’s Dharma Talk but before we get to that, I want us all to join together for a quick group meditation to find some clarity for what Zen has to teach us all today.”
Abbot Dogen instructed them on the different forms of meditation, poses for meditation, what to do, and the intended goal of meditation. None of these people had ever practiced the art of Zazen since the Gardenia authorities had labeled the convoluted ways of the Old World as antisocial behavior. As they sat in a meditation pose. Zen stood behind the curtain of the stage peering out into them. Half of participants found discomfort, the other half found that it appealed to them.
This same feeling of ambivalence made Zen feel ambivalent about revealing himself, wondering what these people would think if he revealed himself. While they meditated for a short zazen session, Zen speculated with precognitive abilities on what is his best approach, many of these people were fearful towards Espers. Zen made the most powerful of the Espers appear as insects to the godlike proportions of his own Psionic abilities yet the majority of people were comforted by him.
Abbot Dogen sounded the synthetic gong which alerted attendees that the meditation session is ending. Abbot Dogen arose, once the assembly was sitting, waiting for the next portion of the Dharma Talk. Abbot Dogen stood with a serene look on his face, the majority of the people in the assemblage had enjoyed the meditation, now they were going to enjoy the Dharma Talk presented by Zen but first Abbot Dogen had some things to explain about consciousness, perception, and reality.
Abbot Dogen then started, “Consciousness is defined as being aware of one’s surroundings, whether your surroundings being the room around you or the entire planet, some people are only aware of the what they can sense, ascertain knowledge through bodily empirical senses while some can use some utility they may have such as a computing device but what is a computing device? an extension of the Human mind? But what is the Human mind? some sort of computing device? Some people have a computing device already in their head called Extrasensory Perception.” Abbot Dogen paused then addressed the next component in his three part verbal thesis, “Perception, is what you perceive with your consciousness, it’s how you see the events, the people, the larger part of ‘the world’ or your own personal world or personal world in the universe with your ego as its center, its focal point, this is a place where relativity remains of the delusion of absolute truths may or may not reside, reality is what the events, the people, the larger part of the world, the world or universe in which we all reside, where everything is relative besides one universal truth, suffering is evil, suffering is suffering, it is pain, anguish, and torment. Suffering begets suffering. Your actions cause or aleve suffering.”
Abbot Dogen paused for a second, he had to address the elephant-in-the-room, the Psionic minority of the Human race, the amount of stigma they were treated with, violence against Espers is high, the misconstrued propaganda of Psionic violence, why the Psionic acted on these atrocities made news stories. The vast majority of Espers are law-abiding, model civilians, if not ideal citizens of the Gardenia. The Espers are generally peaceful, loving, empathic, highly-intelligent, creative, reasonable people. They had their problems like everyone else but this issue must be addressed to unlock Humanities full-potential by embracing the Esper as they are and not what they could-be.
“Zenarchism is a philosophical-religion that is about ending suffering, there is suffering all throughout the Human race but one group of people suffers more than any other in this ideal perfect utopia that is the Gardenia, the Homo Esper, those of us Humans with psionic abilities, beings with a more powerful computing device with a perception of all our inner-dimensions, there own inner-dimension, and perceive reality for what it is. However, they are mere Humans just like the rest of us. Humans worthy of love, compassion, our speaker Zen, is a Psionic, a very powerful Psionic, a Psionic capable of changing the world or so I believe,” Abbot Dogen then exclaimed, “Please welcome your friend, Zen!”
The Audience clapped loudly as Zen walked out onto the stage, Abbot Dogen, Zen bowed to one another, Zen gave Abbot Dogen a hug, unlatching Zen took the center of the stage.
Zen addressed the assembly, “Hello friends!”
“Hello Zen.” The assembly roared.
“Alright friends, my name is Zen, I am 21 earth years of age, if you are wondering why my skin is ghostly pale but my eyes are blue and my hair is black is because I have a strange form of albinism which doesn’t affect any aspect of my life besides what people perceive me as, I also am an Esper, not anyone would know until I told them but it affects me in ways that you would not understand unless you were an Esper or understand what being an Esper does to your existence or your psychology, the eccentric behaviors Espers may exhibit, not all of us are violent, evil, and dastardly evildoers like we are portrayed in the Holomedia being news, movies, holovision shows, books, articles, and all other facets of Gardenia Propaganda. The common misconception of these things creates preconceived notions of Espers through the use of systematic psychological conditioning of Propaganda, propagated to undermine, destroy the character of those who are Psionic.”
Zen delivered this earnestly.
Zen jubilated by saying, “The only real difference between Humans and Espers is that we can do this.”
Zen pointed his fingers to the sky, embers shot into the sky above them, when the embers reached their destination away from harming anyone high-above, they exploded into a glorious pyrokinetic firework display, the assembly sat awestruck by this wonder. The pyrokinetic firework display faded to reveal the word “Friends” written with fire in the sky, it faded. The audience then averted their eyes to Zen holding his hands in a sphere, summoning water into ten foot in circumference spheres of water, they were rotating around, they would turn into waterfalls that emptied from that sphere into another sphere. The assembly is oohing and ahhing at this site.
“Wow,” was the unanimous consensus spoken by the reeling audience members at this Psionic show of affectionate power.
The spheres rose above them, exploded, raining downward, above the heads of everyone there, the water stopped. It became a wall of water that audience members stared at as they ran their fingers and hands through the amorphous energy. Everyone presently was in a state of euphoria simply because of Zen’s level of psionic power. The waterwall turned into a stream of water that went out into the sky and out into the sewers outside the Stadium. Zen lunged his palm forward, his fingers curled, from his palm shot lightning bolts off into the sky, they coiled together, turning into a Eastern Dragon made of lightning that flew through the sky. The Eastern Dragon looked happy and flew into the sky where it lit the sky with electricity. The assembly is dumbfounded by this in utter amazement.
When it was over, a small minority of the more Old Worldly people arose, these people belonged to ancient religions that were Abrahamic, were people who found in enemy in things beyond their understanding, they were pointing, shouting expletives at him, calling him a charlatan, a devil, a demon, a monster, a freak.
Zen felt a moment of fear, he felt strange.
“Please be peaceful friends, I’m sorry friends.”
Abbot Dogen stepped forward, “If you have a problem with the Maitreya, please leave, he is more scared to express himself then you were by his display to entertain you. He means you harm, stop harming him.”
Those who were hell-bent in their deluded ignorance left, Zen saw one woman who had caught his attention during the display, a teenage woman named Daisy Roderick, she is more full of hope, wonder than anyone else in the audience, she is a paraplegic, her body is disabled from the waist down, unfortunately for this admirer her parents would be leaving with her because they were a part of the Cosmic Church of Celeste.
Zen intervened for her, on her behalf Zen intervened. Zen got down from the stage, walked towards Daisy. Her family eyed him with ambivalent spite, Zen touched Daisy’s knee. “Thank you Daisy, thanks for being here.”
Daisy moved her foot with surprise at Zen’s touch. She noticed she had movement, she began to move her legs, her parents stood petrified by amazement.
“Sweet Celeste, Daisy can move her legs.” Her mother said.
“Daisy, before you leave, please forget your wheelchair.” Zen smiled endearingly.
The large family belonging to the Cosmic Church of Celeste all hugged Daisy, thanking Zen, the audience was confused by this but Zen got back up on the stage.
“I apologize for scaring you, imagine how I feel, I came here scared to express myself, the reasons why the monks of the Shambhala monastery on the autonomous zone brought me here, is because like most Esper, I can heal the spirit, it is only a miracle that it is my strongest power.”
“Where were you born?” Daisy asked, now standing with her family around her.
“I was born on the top of a mountain.” Zen said earnestly.

October 13th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United Asia, Principality of People’s Republic of China, City of Hong Kong
The assembly had given Zen their full attention as he continued his Dharma Talk after the brief disturbance. Not a single one of the people gathered who adhered to the Cosmic Church of Celeste left. The assembly of people was as strong as it is in the beginning, only becoming more astonished with every action and word of Zen.
Zen took a breath before his opening statement, “We Humans have come a long way in our development, since weas a species began, we have been in constant war with our own nature in debating metaphysics as the intangible things as absolute facts instead of guarded relativity, we rationalize our reflex to the events in which the individual travels through space-time. An unawakened mind is like a snowball rolling down the hill until it brings certain destruction to all in it’s way, more importantly itself for that’s it’s nature, destruction.” Zen moved to his next point, “The awakened mind is much like a ripple in a peaceful lake, the awakened mind understands it’s actions, how it may affect the world around him, the awakened mind understands that one day his ripple in the lake will fade, cease.”
The assembly found the serene meaning in his words, people who had never heard of anything dharma were nodding their heads in agreement.
“We must all work together to become awakened, to reach consciousness, to perceive reality for what it is, to become enlightened, may you enlighten me as I enlighten you. We’re in this together with my friends, we are the Human race, we’ve endured suffering for 200,000 years on this Earth, our civilization has endured for 6,000 years. Why are we still suffering? Why are we not more civilized? I say we should evolve, that we should grow together, that we should become one.”
Zen ended his one hour dharma talk, Abbot Dogen walked to the center of the stage, Abbot Dogen, Zen stood there for the next portion, answering any questions they may have.
Abbot Dogen stood forward, “Do any of you have any questions?”
Hands raised all around the stadium. Zen stepped forward after doing a telepathic as well as empathic scan of the assembly’s general question, he is the answer.
Zen interjected to Abbot Dogen, “Abbot Dogen, one second.”
Zen thought of saying, “For all of my friends here who has a disability, illness or a disease they wish to have healing of please gather at the stage, if any of my friends have a disability that prevents mobility please flag let one of the staff know, they will get you up here, I will not leave until all of my friends are healed,” but he had a better idea.
Zen thought of a way to heal everyone of all their burdens as well as problems at once, to help maintain their now awakened minds, to help them on their own journey to enlightenment, to help the dream of Humanity come to a complete, total nirvana as a Quantum Consciousness. Zen put his fingers to his face, thinking of what to do, say.
Zen spoke merrily, “My friends, I would like us all to pray before we ask anymore questions, we will pray for each other, all of our problems as a collective, we will pray to the greatest friend of all, the friend who lives inside all of us, brings us closer together, may we recognize each other as our friends, may we rise together as a family.” They would be praying to Zen’s best of friends, Friend.
The entire assembly, bowed their heads, closed their eyes. They had a moment of silence while they all prayed for each other, themselves as well as the survival of the Human race. They prayed from the depths of their heart, purging the impure thoughts of their mind down to their subconscious, accepting the things they could not change, they changed, Zen had awakened their minds, brought them closer to enlightenment. When they opened their eyes; the blind had their sight, the deaf had their sense of hearing, the lame could walk, the decapitee had their limbs, the mentally ill had sanity, the mentally impaired had complete cognitive function, those with cancerous tumors were healed, all sorts of diseases, disabilities, illnesses were cured, healed. Emotional reactions of all varieties were exhibited here from the miracle that had just been performed, people cried, people laughed, people hugged, strangers who had never met before became friends in the first people to hear a dharma talk from the new legendary Zen.
Zen thought to himself watching the catharsis of the audience, “I awoke, only to see the rest of the world asleep, I then disturbed the peace only to see them to awaken with wonder.
In the assembly is Micah Luther as well as other elite URC members, they had been in Hong Kong doing reconnaissance on Gardenia’s actions in United Asia of Eden Prime. Micah Luther and his URC Company had been planning a terrorist attack on a Summit of Gardenia shot-callers, power-players that governed the Human race. They saw this as a farewell to the possible end that would be seemingly imminent. They had attended the Zen: Dharma Talk in Hong Kong to help calm their nerves but this had changed everything.
The videos pertaining to the extent of Zen van Nihil’s psionic power within Zen’s Dharma Talks throughout Asia, Indonesia, and Australia were proclaimed to be faked at first. The evidence stated by the masses quickly proved the contrary. He is every propaganda engine of journalism most sought out person of interest for an interview in the Gardenia.
All of which he denied, the question asked, “Zen what’s your last name? Any identification? Anything like that?”
When Zen heard that for the first time he stopped and waited as he pondered deeply upon that when he answered, “I am Zen from nothing, my name is Zen van Nihil that’s my full name.”
Zen toured all the sprawls and megacities of Asia until his final stop on the Asiatic tour, the city of Tokyo, in the region of Japan. After his final stop on the entire tour of United Asia presenting his Dharma Talk. Dharma Talks consisted of the introduction to alleviate suffering, meditation, a profound Dharma Talk, followed by an entertaining psionic spectacle of his abilities then he would perform his miracles by Qi healing then a closing prayer to Friend to heal all of them. Zen would go to North America and began his work in the urban decay of the metropolitan area that stretched from New York to Florida in the megapolis slum of the Eastern Sprawl. Before his first performance he agreed to appear in a few live interviews with celebrities; the noted one is the exclusive interview with a late night comic talk-show host named Helena Weather. This interview would be broadcasted on the Revolutionary Times News Network on Friday Night as a Special at 7PM EST, New York City, in United North America.
Hundreds of millions of people swore it is true, medical doctors were dumbfounded by their patients sudden recovery or regeneration or growth of limbs, scientists tested any-and-all people who had been affected by Zen’s miracles, they had come to the conclusion through scientific method that they had been healed by sheer willpower. The science Gardenia rejoiced and marveled at Zen van Nihil. Innumerable noted scientists of biology sendt the Shambhala Monasteries newly created cyber-net page many emails to study as well as examine Zen and research him like a test animal in some cases. Abbot Dogen and the monks unanimously denied all inquiries on physical experimentation but agreed to an interview as a social experiment and experience for Zen.
The performance in Tokyo, Japan, United Asia, involved the opening routine of Abbot Dogen which shifted to a Dharma Talk on the Temporal nature of our world, a show of power involving a Eastern Dragon made of pyrokinetic energy, an electrokinetic lightning show instead of fireworks, the hydrokinetic water spheres were the only thing that is the same, the laying of hands to heal the suffering visibly sick and handicapped. The closer is the miraculous power of prayer to Friends. The crowd’s reaction after the prayer is the same, they were healed in ways they could never fathom in ways they never thought they could be healed.

October 14th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America Eastern Sprawl, New York City Sector, Utopian Earth News Network Headquarters
The Utopian News Network had been spewing special segments which is known for it’s fair, balanced news coverage about Espers, it made them the demons that people saw them as, Zen van Nihil which they called Zen van Nihil or The Outsider derogatorily. Any coverage Revolutionary Times News Network or any true News Network showed Zen van Nihil as an Outsider in a more positive light. They spent hours on bad publicity towards Espers. Any sort of incident where Espers acted in a bad-light or had an altercation with authority or others it is on their network. Even in light of civil unrest on Mars, Venus, Zen van Nihil, Esper took notice over the possibility of interstellar civil war among the Human race.
The sensationalists went crazy for the social labeling of Zen as “the Outsider.” good, the bad, and mixed reviews. Portraying him in any light they could. They had the right and the left’s views on him both in fundamental extremes to his nature, for what the propaganda station perceived him for what he was. There were no records on him prior to him showing up at the Shambhala Monastery in July of 2113 CE which the Monks of the Shambhala Monastery gladly indulged them in their imploring of his nature and ethos. Helping develop and shed light on his character. Various scientists praised Zen van Nihil whether he be an Alien to the interstellar Gardenia Utopian Community or Human Super Esper.
The Utopian News Network had their celebrity anchor on with their most watched show featuring a true loyalist to the cause of the Gardenia, Daniel O’Hara. He hated Zen or the Outsider as Zen proved to be a god among men. However, Daniel O’Hara is a god among propagandists. Daniel had studied under current Chief Propagandist Kale Eckler. Kale Eckler is a professor at the prestigious Unity University. Doctor of Journalism Media and Reverend of the Celestial Cosmic Church, Daniel O’Hara who is a caucasian male in his late 50’s, grey blue eyes, silver hair, a corporal face, and a contentious condescending demeanor. He is old enough to remember and fight in the skirmishes against old worlders after World War III then go to a Gardenia University with his newfound social-caste clearance which he chose the most prestigious schools, Unity University.
Although higher education is free. It is a matter of getting accepted into these schools through academic merit and societal achievement which depended on how gifted one was in schooling and social status. Degrees from lesser schools were in a way, considered useless and trivial depending on how intelligent or educated the individual is. This is something truther propagandists such as the station Revolutionary Times News Network exposed but is dismissed as mentally ill quackery. Revolutionary Times media conglomerate is owned by Autumn Industries with 55% of the Interstellar Gardenia tuning into Revolutionary Times over the 45% which is Utopian News Network, the latter of these two, being Utopian News Network is owned by the EisenHaus Corporation.
Daniel O’Hara sat in his throne only ten seconds till airtime, a staffer counted down the seconds. Daniel O’Hara shuffled some papers slamming them down to organize them. Remote controlled drones filmed the show, followed his movements. Audio recorders which captured his voice, the voice of his guests, his callers in the most crisp sound quality. Video recordings from all and the utmost optimal angles. audio-visual is cut and instantaneously by a supercomputer which is monitored by a team of audio-visual technicians. The man behind all the magic is Chief of Propaganda Kale Eckler, Utopian News Network is his other home.
“You’re on,” a technician said over the communication-device in Dan’s ear.
Dan stated boldly, “Tonight on the Daniel O’Hara Influence, we discuss Zen, Zen van Nihil as in the Outsider, and the growing threat of an Esper revolution in the growing trend of violence and other explicit antisocial behaviors these people exhibit.”
The angle changed perfectly as he peered into a different camera drone.
Dane spoke with an arrogant tone, “Today, on Earth, in the city of Houston, region of Texas in the province of the United Socialist States of America, in United North America, a Psionic by the name of Charles Solinski had an altercation with Peacekeeper of our Security Police, when he refused to get off the pavement he is sleeping on, the Peacekeepers asked him politely ‘to go home’, when Mr. Solinski said he had no place to go in this Utopia where everyone is free, welcome, and equal, he then began arguing with the Peacekeeper. The Peacekeeper then began to detain him for the antisocial behavior of defying the Utopia, crime of disorderly conduct to detain him, when Mr. Sobeck felt he had committed no crime in his guiltless, privileged Psionic mind, he used what is known as telekinesis to knock back the Peacekeeper, whose partner than assessed as a violent Psionic, did according to police protocol took out his Peacekeeper .550 Caliber pistol, neutralized Mr. Solinski, paramedics arrived to take Mr. Solinski to the hospital but he is pronounced dead on arrival.”
Dan O’Hara said candidly as he continued to the next story, “In other news, Zen van Nihil, our favorite spaceman that’s just a theory of mine,” Dan interjected quickly to claim ownership of it before continuing “performed another one of his messianic miracleman wannabees magic shows in the state of Tokyo, province of Japan of United Asia. He gave his open-ended ‘Dharma Talk’ about the outdated primordial way of thinking of Eastern Philosophy, We all know Western Thought was predominant in the 21st Century but Gardenia-Celestials Utopian Thought is the Synthesis that is what the Gardenia Utopian Community is based on especially in the context of our Intergalactic Utopian State and Economics which I am adamantly all in favor for, if I might add,” Dan added his feelings of loyalty to the statement before continue to drone contentiously in his smarmy voice, “The 21 year old Zen van Nihil performed his neat little display of power like the showoff he is then had 400,000 people pray to some unknown being which he calls ‘Friend’ which then magically, poof, all their troubles were gone, they were healed, it is of no surprise that Zen would gladly take-up an interview with the biased Revolutionary Times News Network before he performs his next show or ‘Dharma Talk’ in New York sector of the Sprawl, United North America I’d love for him to come on my show which is also based in the New York sector of the Sprawl… in United North America.” Dan smiled coyly, “I’d love to have our friend Zen on our show for a one on one interview,” Dan then changed to a tone of voice that sounded sincere for once, “Let’s hear from some our friends in the speculative societal department about our friend Zen van Nihil, we have Our Friend Annie Lakeshire on the show to discuss what she thinks about our friend, Zen van Nihil, she’s written a book about him that is released recently, it is titled ‘The Outsider Among Us’, here she is.”
The floating drone camera capturing the newly placed Annie Lakeshire, a renowned contentious conservative, opinionated woman, deluded beyond reason, ignorant beyond belief, with a disturbing revelation marked by sensationalism for the Earthling people, their viewers in the Gardenia’s expanse. All of this formulated and engineered by Chief Propaganda Engineer, Kale Eckler.
“Thank you for having me on the show Dan,” she said warmly despite her usually frigid demeanor.
“You’re very welcome, glad to have you Annie.”
“Now what’s this that you have to say about our friend Zen… The Outsider of course.”
“He really is an Outsider, he has no context of what it’s like to be a normal Human being like you, me, does he?”
“That’s a little harsh don’t you think?” Dan said off the prompter.
“Is it, he’s so eccentric, so unusual, it’s as if his message can really reach these people, his compassion, his knowledge, his wisdom, his everything it’s quite enticing, it’s really something to think about it.” Annie said rushed but controlled.
“What do you mean ‘something to think about it’, Annie, think about what?”
“Well, I think he’s an alien invader, not of this world, I mean the monks at the Monastery.”
“Shambhala Monastery.” Dan added off the prompter.
“Right, Shambhala Monastery, the monks said a Yeti found him, carried him down from some sacred mountain in Nepal known to us as Mount Everest, to the,” She paused, scripted, read off the prompter for conservative comedic effect.
“Shambhala Monastery.”
“Right, where a messianic figure is suppose to come from that in Zenarchism is the reincarnation of Siddhartha Buddha or Maitreya, the venerable one, his holiness, whatever,” she paused, “He lives with them for eight years before they realize he can change the world but to their advantage, some monk fell off the roof of the compound which then the Outsider,”
“Right, Zen healed him then they realized that he is the real deal, I read the journals Abbot Dogen wrote and released to the public of our great Gardenia about that time, I found it to be very exaggerated that he spent 40 days on top of Everest meditating, 40 Days just sitting there, eyes closed, meditating, any normal Human would be dead but no, not Zen.”
“You do know that Zen has denied any sort of medical examination from anyone besides Shambhala okayed Doctors, all of them being autonomous zone Doctors or medical Doctors from the same old world mentality of where the notorious global terrorist Nemo came from, the infamous liar, who turned out to be the hypocrite Calvin Moody Luther which speaks volumes of Zen’s character.”
Anne Lakeshire said emphatically off the prompter, “I’m sure there are some good physicians in the religious cult of the Old World Order’s backward religions of whatever remains of the believers in other faiths outside of our blessed Gardenia under our Great Mother Celeste.”
“Like one or two?”
“hahahahahahaha, those two definitely weren’t Raphael or Sarah Luther.”
The brothers Arthur and Micah Luther were watching this bullcrud circus of propaganda, they swore the deaths of everyone at Utopian News Network for disgracing their grandparents who were prestigious medical physicians who traveled the world supplying Humanitarian aid to impoverished nations, they were murdered under orders of a despotic warlord.
The show continued talking about the crimes of Espers, despite the 99% who were morally-upright enlightened citizens, they brought up their worst, their best at their worst with a little segment on the unrest on Mars, Venus.
The camera-drone turned to Daniel O’Hara, for him to say, “Well that’s all we have for today on the Daniel O’Hara Influence, I will be seeing you tomorrow at the same time, same place.”

October 23rd, 2121 CE Eden Prime, United Europe, Principality of the Vatican, Vatican City, The Cosmic Church of Celeste’s Headquarters
The Cosmic Church of Celeste as well as its pastoral counterpart the United Church of Celeste were the only state-approved religions by the Intergalactic Gardenia with its colonies throughout the solar system known as the Sol System. What is once the Catholic Church became the Cosmic Church of Celeste which held power of faith in over 50% of Interstellar Gardenia’ citizens as parishioners and confirmed members, the United Church of Celeste held only a 10% confirmed members of Interstellar Gardenia citizens. The New World Order religion of Celestialism is the only legally-allowed religion to follow since the Divine Intervention of the Apocalypse on that fateful day of July 16th, 2090 when the world almost ended itself in nuclear hellfire that is until Celeste appeared throughout the skies of the Earth to all people declaring the unifying message that united the Human race in its darkest hour.
All Old World Order religions were done away with, anyone abiding by these religions or any positive talk propagating these Old World religions is punishable by displacement to an Autonomous Zones of the Gardenia usually found on inhospitable places of land on Eden Prime to be displacement zones which shortly all the traffic for displacement is redirected to the biodomes of Venus or possibly worse. These brutal laws for any kind of deviancy is enforced by the Gardenia. The displacement zones became Autonomous Zones on Eden Prime where from around the solar system. Venus became a displacement dumping ground for deviates and pariahs of the Gardenia where those caught being active or ever militant members of the United Revolutionary Collective were sent to a place worse than death on Saturn’s moon of Titan. Displacee and URC alike were sent to some other place where they could commune with others of its own type of deviation or find the person one would be spending the rest of their life in hell with depending on one’s perspective. Whether minor criminal or URC terrorist if social-norms or laws are broken which due process exists in neither process in which a team of Red Paladins are sent into extract the criminal or terrorist from their family and friends to be displaced to start a new life in the dumping ground of the biodomes of Venus where everyday is a struggle for survival. The other option which exists solely for branded terrorists of the Gardenia in those unfortunate enough to be socially-labeled a United Revolutionary Collective member are sent to Saturn’s moon of Titan. On Titan there are a plethora of labor and concentration camps. The prisoner sent to the labor camps will slave unto death with scheduled resting times, barely enough sustenance to survive is given daily and after the prisoners spirit breaks due they die. The concentration camps exist for torturous interrogation, torturous death or eternal torture, all agony and death exists in the concentration camps in a vast variety of creative ways. Whether labor or liquidation, the only certainty left in a prisoner’s life is death.
The only Old World Order religion allowed by the Gardenia to be practiced in secrecy with no mention of it to any besides those also within the order. This privilege is given to the Jesuit Order for the Catholic Church welcomed Celeste into the Vatican as the capital of the new absolute faith. The Jesuits were given a safe haven in the Cosmic Church of Celeste for the Catholic Church had turned all its houses over to welcome the newly announced goddess of Celeste into their houses of holy to preach Celeste’s message and throw away the ways of Christianity. (The United Church of Celeste were formerly Protestants, Anglicans, and Orthodox faiths of Christianity which turned). The Jesuits were the keepers of the history of the church as overglorified historians of religion who believe in Celestialism openly and Christianity secretly. If a decision had to be made between being a believer in Celeste over Jesus Christ, part of the new concordance for the Jesuits is to always choose Celeste.
Father Ignatius ‘Ig’ Shepherd sat at his office and housing apartment at the compound located off the Vatican, in the echelons of power within the Cosmic Church of Celeste, he is a Jesuit Priest as well as a Monsignor. He is on his supercomputer surfing cyberspace, he has dual-holomonitor screens on his super computer desktop. His door is locked, only he had a key to the breach-proof wall of five inches of steel from an exterior safety bulkhead door that came down to protect the true wooden door which is on the inside. There is a communications device that requires authorization in order for the person to pass by clarifying it through a video-audio link to its receiver in Father Ig’s room. Father Ig could only hit the unlock door button, no communications outside of the room besides authorization from his personal supercomputer or the console by his desk.
Father Ig had dual .500 Caliber Nighthawks semi-automatic gauss-powered pistols that held 16 shots in a magazine on his desk. He is enjoying a glass of Bourbon on the rocks. He wore black dress pants, black dress shirt, white collar in-place, white socks with sandals. He glanced at the time on his computer, 4:20AM. He pulled a piece of Vatican social-norm contraband, a glass smoking pipe, a medicinal herb known as Marijuana laced with an illegal substance known as Daemon Dark out of his desk drawer. He packed the glass bowl full of the laced ganja. Taking a lighter he torched the laced weed in the glass pipe with his lips to the inhalation portion, breathing it in deeply. He cleared half the green herb with his physically fit lungs. He held it in like an expert of holding one’s breath. He switched his music from Gregorian Chant that had been playing to alternative rock music. As the music played, Father Ig exhaled the smoke which filled his room with a cloud of THC and Daemon Dark smoke.
“Hallelujah,” he said aloud, the only person around him is himself and his treasured privacy.
He had given up on his faith in Celestialism like most of the members of the Clergy. Most of the members of the clergy were Machiavellian mass-manipulators charged with repeating the same lie to the masses that to this point, has become true. Celestialism is a benefit of the Gardenia for social-control and ensuring the elite’s dominance. Father Ig had long since given-up on his faith in having faith which in his case, he faked by doing the Church’s bidding. He would always wholeheartedly believe in the Holy Trinity and the hope it instilled in him. The peace of Jesus Christ would always ease the storm inside him but not still in permanently. The perks of being a Jesuit.
However, there is something that piqued Father Ig’s attention, he searched for it in his internet browser, and began watching. He took a drink of his bourbon and cola, pulled out a plate of refrigerated chicken alfredo out of his mini-fridge, he ate, watching his first favorite person in creation on various streaming videos on a multimedia video sharing site, this guy is too good to be true, the real deal. Father Ig laughed at this guy’s eccentricities, this guy is quite the comedian, the audience laughed with him, his favorite comic-relief delivered by God better known as the Cosmic Comedian to thwart the evil dread filling BeelzaBuzzKill that plagued his existence. Father Ig is a thirty-seven year old Irish White Male, he stood at 5’10, he is partly balding on top of his head with hair with thick hair on the sides, spurts of thin brown curly hair shot out of the top of his head that protruded much like a unkempt mad scientist or a man whose apathy didn’t permit him to give a flipp , clean cut except his thick sideburns, a bulbous forehead, his eyes amber with a look of feral wildness in them, he had a remarkable smile that lit up a room, a laugh which warmed hearts, the wisdom of Solomon, the knowledge of a PHD in being a renaissance man of existence. He had the intellect and charm of one of the top ten most powerful Jesuit Priests. He is of the rank of Monsignor in the clergy. He aspired to be the Pope of the Church of Celeste someday if he faked his faith in Celeste hard enough, he wished genuinely to have faith in himself, something he lacked greatly but something inside him is telling him to believe. He wanted to believe.
Suddenly his door buzzer rang, there was someone at Father Ig’s door. Father Ig leaned over to get a better view of the supercomputer monitors, adjusting the camera feed to see that from all angles in the area. He turned on the camera surveillance outside his room, and a series of cameras showed feed onto his computer monitor. There is only one man, Father Dante Aguilar, Priest of the Cosmic Church of Celeste, also a part of the Jesuit order. Father Dante is in his late twenties, he had a couture haircut, designer black dress pants, black button-up dress shirt, white priest collar. Where Father Ig is more ruffneck looking, Father Dante is more fashionable.
Father Ig put his smoking device and his Daemon Dark laced Marijuana in his drawer, hitting the unlock button he is too stoned to remember the spray air freshener, he honestly didn’t give a damn. Father Ig hit the button to open the security door outside his room, watching through the security camera feed via his computer as the impregnable door slid up to retract into the ceiling outside the room. Father Dante then walked up to the original housing door to Father Ig’s room, opened it then entered.
Father Dante held his fingers to his nose, “What’s that smell?”
“I’ve got a bad stomach bug from the chicken alfredo I ate, from two nights ago,” Father Ig said bluntly.
“How bad is a stomach bug?”
“Not bad, just something that happens when you get older, I deal with things the Lord’s way instead of using your flipping colonics, you prick, now, what do you want? I’m busy.” Father Ig said contemptuously.
Father Dante ignored Father Ig’s explosive outbursts, “You’ve been given a special mission from his holiness himself, you are to contact Zen aka codename: the Outsider, infiltrate his inner-circle, you are to do surveillance, gain intelligence on Zen van Nihil, we have heard from top Vatican Scientists that he may not be a being of this world or dimension in space-time, here, this dossier will explain everything.”
Father Dante pulled out a USB drive from his pocket, “This dossier has two terabytes of data on it that you will be reviewing while dealing with Zen van Nihil.”
“Is Zen van Nihil his Christian name or a title given by his holiness and the holy mother Celeste herself?”
Father Dante answered, “No, it is what the Gardenia Forces and the Gardenia Councils, both Regional and Executive as well as Vanguard are calling him, Global Operations Director Frederick EisenHaus came up with ‘The Outsider’ for a surname for his blatantly deluded antisocial deviant from the norm of behavior he displays, also Vanguard speculates that he’s an alien, We have no record on anything prior to July 2117 CE, we managed to get an anonymous monk to nonchalantly tell an undercover informant at the Dharma Talk in Tokyo, Japan zone of United Asia that a Yeti brought him to their monastery, carried him in its arms to the front gate down from the Himalayan mountains that Zen van Nihil is born on Everest, since the death of General Secretary Ernesto Kapital of the Gardenia, Security Forces have been more on edge than usual, Zen van Nihil is a threat to Gardenia as much as he is a friend.”
Father Ig lit a Dreck cigarette, “Alright then, what else is there, you want me to go tonight to meet with this Zen van Nihil before his conference in the New York City sector of the Eastern Sprawl in United North America?”
“Yes father Ig, your bullet train leaves in two hours, thank you Father Ig, we’re counting on you, your service to the Great Mother Celeste is greatly appreciated.”
“It’s no problem.”
Father Dante walked outside closing the housing door behind him then walking down the hall, Father Ig locked the housing door, hitting the button to close the bulkhead security door placed in front of it, locking it as well by hitting some buttons on his Securi-tech interface to have the camera outside his room up. Father Ig cleared his throat before taking another drag from his cigarette, he looked at the 2 terabyte flash-drive or dossier, he turned his Holomonitors on his computer back on that appeared out of the vapor of nothing. He hit play to watch his favorite prophet of the Cosmic Comedian, the whimsical, joyous, charismatic, loving, pure, altruistic Psionic known as Zen van Nihil. Father Ig is smiling, fanboying over meeting his favorite celebrity, his personal hero that is only still a young man. He is starting to believe.

October 20th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Manitoba, the Bathory residence near Hudson Bay
The Bathory Bayside Home is large, an expansive ornate, grand, painted baby blue, and has the same resemblance to that of a Victorian era mansion. It is a Mansion on the bay of an expanse that stretched into the Atlantic Ocean, it is in a place that not many people had the comfort of seclusion. After the Uniting of Earth, the properties in the region of Canada became only accessible to the wealthy and affluent. The United Socialist States of America is torn by war, poverty, crime, and corruption. Canada is the throne to the richest population on Earth besides those of Scandinavia. The former nation of Canada is an exclusive place to live in the Gardenia on the planet of Eden Prime. A separate world of privilege within the Gardenia where everyone is proclaimed to be equal, where in the land of the elites proved that to be a fallacy.
Bathory’s had grown accustomed to Aiden’s glib act, he hated them, the only thing he liked that they had is the money they had found their blatant hypocrisy in their professed belief in Celestialism hysterical. He liked the name Aiden they had given him for it meant “warm or little fire” which he interpreted as “blazing inferno.” He thought the surname of Bathory’s is noble because it meant “Valiant,” he read some books on the family’s genealogy. He found out their lineage is traced to the Noble family of Bathory’s of Hungary. He would have preferred the name “Your Majesty” or “Your Highness” but Aiden Bathory would have to make due. Michelle had invited all her family on the EisenHaus side for a family get together with her rebel sympathizing husband adopted son hosting the get-together. They would all be coming to welcome the favorite source of comic relief in their bloodline, how her power of influence over her sissy husband’s decision making ability to adopt an heir to their socioeconomic throne. They were glad she is barren because of her stupidity but that’s the sort of genetic material she came from, complete monsters.
They were gathered throughout the house, servants walked about handing out various appetizers in the echelon of Beluga caviar on crackers, champagne to drink at this event. Aiden is stopped by all the relative, decided to play the role of a remarkably dumb sixteen year old young adult.
Aunt Bertha stopped the boy to hear him chime about what he thought about what she had asked him, “Hello Aiden, I’m your Great Aunt Bertha, how are you today?”
Aiden looked up at the old ignorant hag of a woman, “I’m doing awesome, the lake is awesome, video games are cool.”
“Really, everything is awesome and videogames are cool? What an observant young man!” Aunt Bertha laughed.
Many conversations happened like this, such as,
Question: “Aiden which way is up?”
Answer: “My shoes are always untied.”
Question: “What are your hobbies?”
Answer: “Watch Holovision and play Hologames.”
Question: “What color is this?” (Pointing at a red shirt).
Answer: “Blood is my favorite color.”
How they laughed with cringing delight at this. Aiden is laughing internally by making a mockery of his adopted parents decision-making ability which despite his feigned idiocy his adopted parents assured the rest of his family he received excellent grades at an elite private school which he did, he just enjoyed laughing at their expense. How his parents were some of the most powerful people in the Gardenia sociopolitical and socioeconomic structure, yet they chose Aiden as their adopted heir; this facade is Aiden’s favorite source of entertainment despite it being self-depreciative. Aiden is reading the minds of the EisenHaus, most of them were educated and pseudo-intellectuals, some were smart but still unbearably ignorant. There is one godlike man in this room along with Aiden.
That man is Frederick EisenHaus the 9th. Frederick EisenHaus is an extraordinarily handsome man that stood at 6’4, he had jet-black hair, styled into a pompadour, emerald green eyes, medium-tone caucasian skin, a fine jawline with muscular build, he is clean-shaven except for sideburns, he wore couture designer suits, never looking nothing lower than the height of fashion. ‘Freddie EisenHaus the Final Symphony’ as his opponents in the United Revolutionary Collective called him, the man with the most botched assassination attempts on the planet. He had survived every single one of them unscathed, in well-over half of the attempts it is he himself who killed his assassin. He had one of the five Quantum Solstice super-computer Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancements installed in his brain as well as various superHuman enabling bionic enhancements in his body for speed, strength, endurance, heightened awareness, not to mention his IQ of 215. The embodiment of what philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche would call a Ubermensch in every-aspect of his personal will to everlasting power.
Aiden approached Frederick, “Hello Uncle Frederick how are you and Aunt Lindsey doing?”
Frederick smiled. The EisenHaus family were rumored to be incestuous, in-reality, they were known for keeping it in the family among the elite inner-circles of the Order of the Serpent, a fraternal and sororal organization of the powerful elite of the Gardenia. He had just got done copulating with his own sister Lindsay in the guest bedroom upstairs, a funny thing about this is Lindsey is married to his brother-in-law George Barris, an advisor to the Nebra Solar Power producing energy company, subsidiary of EisenHaus Corporation. The funniest thing about this is Frederick is the father of all their children.
Frederick smiled, “Hey big guy! How’s your party?”
“It’s fantastic, I’m having a great time dealing with all these subpar self-entitled plutocratic swine who are unable to wipe their own arse unless they pay their help, these people are a complete laughingstock, you’re here because of your ugly sister’s stupid kid, aka me, by the way uncle Frederick, How is Aunt Lindsay in bed? After all this incestous debauchery of the EisenHaus family, why aren’t there more severely genetic deficit people, I mean, they all are sufferers of idiocy, they’re just fortunate enough to have the illusion of intellectuality that they are functioning beings.”
Frederick spat out his red wine back into the glass, laughing at this kid’s ability to charm, dupe, deceive, and most importantly humor. Frederick thought this kid had to be some sort of a high-powered level of Homo Esper, he guessed a level 5 at least. Aiden already knew his guess before he thought about it.
“Guess what my Psionic power classification is?”
“Hmmmm, Five?” Frederick asked.
“Higher, much higher, I’ll just tell you, think from the hundreds to the million marker?” Aiden smirked maliciously.
“Really?” Frederick asked skeptically?
Frederick said, “Show me.”
“Let’s go to the Holovision.”
They went upstairs to an empty living room, turned on the Holovision, and went to a news channel. Aiden breathed, closed his eyes, the room became dark, whispering from other-dimensions could be heard in the room, whispering terrible, horrible things, cryptic messages from the cold dark void of death. The thoughts of monsters, murmurings of the despair of the god’s over the suffering of mortals. Spirits wisped through the room. Frederick is stunned yet quite impressed, he wasn’t frightened by this. Suddenly the Holovision turned on. Displayed on the Holovision is on the 24/7 propaganda news channel Utopian News Network. After ten seconds have elapsed the program is cut out for a special report. It is the strong news anchor, Natalie Borgasia of the People’s Gardenia News (PCN). She had a dire, grave look on her face.
She said earnestly, reading off the Holoprompter, “Good evening fellow citizens of the Gardenia, General Secretary Ernesto Kapital, and at least three members of the Gardenia Executive Directorate members are dead after the General Secretary’s space-traversing fortress known as the Gardenia Force One crashed, killing over 1,000 people. Martial Law has been declared as the Governors of Gardenia rush to establish order the interplanetary homes of our citizens, this comes at a time when election season is approaching and campaign season is ending, elections will be held on the scheduled date of November 5th this year to elect a new leader as well as members of the Council, our hearts, prayers are with those of the fallen, their friends, and of course, their families. We’ll keep you updated around the clock as the news develops.”
Frederick dropped his jaw while nearly dropping his drink. There is a family tradition that every-time the leader of the Free-World died in Office everyone in the EisenHaus family got-together for some very intimate time together. Intimacy meaning explicit acts of the taboo. The last time they did this was in 2086 CE, then again in 2053 CE, and then again in 2035 CE, the time before that was Kennedy in 1963, and Roosevelt in 1945. They started this tradition in 1945. 2075 CE is when one of their own EisenHaus clans had been assassinated for he is the sacrificial lamb placed as leader of the United Socialist States of America to further the families agenda of agitating the Western and Eastern Bloc. What a passionate ‘Keeping in the Family’ tradition they had that day. After years of this incestuos activity the EisenHaus’s had been filled with impurities, deformities of the like, Frederick is the only pure breed of the family, the rumor is to prevent too much of the Human genome from seeping into their Reptilian royal bloodline to maintain their pure heritage from back when they found economic growth as Americans from the Nazis in Germany going so far as to be core members of the Thule Society being monopolists and elitists on both sides of every war.
The loyal servants or help watched the children as those who had entered the maturity of adulthood filed into the pleasuredome in the luxurious attic. Frederick stayed with Aiden, they talked of many things. Frederick had found his Machiavellian Prince to rule over the proletariat sheep. How to be the master of oneself and the master of many. What it takes to be a god through Human dark triadic behavior. How to lie, cheat, steal, and murder all under the legal pretenses.
“Where do we go from here?” Frederick asked Aiden.
Aiden looked at Frederick, his eyes widened, a smile stretched across his face, “I say we seize the throne.”
“You too Aiden?” Frederick laughed.
Moans could be heard from upstairs as well as roarous banging. The deviant-behavior of these masterminds of the Human race is perverse. The things they believed in and the things they did coincide well with one another. Frederick sat with Aiden, he poured himself another Bourbon and cola.
“So Aiden tell me about yourself, what were you really doing out in the autonomous zone?” Frederick asked.
“A helicopter carrying me from a top-secret Protectorate installation crashed, both pilots died, and now I’m here.” Aiden said the truth in a sarcastic tone.
“Hahahahahahahaha,” Frederick laughed.
Aiden gave him a sincere smirk of devious behavior, “You think that is funny? You want to hear another joke?”
“I’m going to be the king and you are going to be my fool, bow down to you no good plebeian proletariat who is nothing above peasantry.”
Frederick roared with laughter, he thought Aiden just had a dark sense of humor with highly intellectual wit. Aiden thought his Uncle Frederick would be useful in his campaign for universal domination. Frederick had just guessed Aiden used precognition to know that the plane is going to crash today. Frederick accessed Aiden as an entertaining liar. Aiden thought this day would be very interesting, a boring party with his idiot parents turned into a incestuous orgy after he by the extradimensional powers he had and used to kill the beloved populist General Secretary. Frederick and Aiden watched with joy as the reactions from the Gardenia witnessed the full-force of his nephew, Aiden. Aiden in his mind in accordance with his own will had secured the position of the next Hegemon with Frederick EisenHaus as his new greatest ally.
They sat together talking as the real party raged upstairs. Frederick agreed to be Aiden’s Godfather if anything should happen to his parents, Frederick couldn’t be bothered by a family. Whoever bore the name of legacy among the EisenHaus enclave of Frederick EisenHaus is generally appointed to be Hegemon to become the successor of the EisenHaus control of the Gardenia. Aiden felt at home in this twisted circus of a freakshow that is the most powerful family among Humanity. The EisenHaus clan were all about keeping everything in the family.

October 28th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America, The Sprawl, New York City, Territory of New York, New York City, The Slums
It is the day before the Interview with Dan O’Hara, the highly political host of the Gardenia’s most watched hour of political repugnant, the ‘Dan O’Hara Equation’, Zen is the guest of honor for this show. Zen didn’t find comfort in the luxurious Kalifornia Inn, neither did Abbot Dogen or the ten other Monks, Father Ig found it too Epicurean and indulgent, so they went somewhere else, they did so after a two-hour meditation, Zen had descended back to the ground from levitating in meditation saying, “I don’t like it here let’s go somewhere else.”
They went to the local Shanty City or Favela that were commonly found throughout the Gardenia Utopian Community. Favela tents of cloth overlined with plastic from trash-bags and polyester camping materials over them. There is a lane of Favela shantytown of shacks built from sheet metal. In this world, if one did not fit in with the labor class known as the Proletariat or society in-general, one were a part of the Untouchable social class, a pariah, someone viewed as an outcast to the cause of the Gardenia without the deviance to being displaced to Venus. Those without the money to travel to an Autonomous Zone or were on the fringe of being displaced to the biodomes on Venus were forced to live here in Platonia, the poverty borough of the Eastern Sprawl. Zen, Father Ig, Abbot Dogen, and the ten Shambhala Monks showed up at the Homeless Commune.
Zen waved his outstretched arms and waved his hand, “Hello friends.”
The Homeless stopped everything, from schizophrenics reeling back and forth disputing logic in their cognitive processors, to disabled sitting in rusted rickety wheelchairs or leaning their weight on antiquated prosthetic limbs or faulty bones which they relied on a cane, all of them healed miraculously, by Zen’s volition. The ones who weren’t healed were the vast population of Homo Espers in rags that due to their name on the intersolar registry they could not find employment.
The vagrants of the Sprawl lived in the local garbage dump of the northern region of the Sprawl, now fully-functional Humans who were forsaken by society for not being able to contribute to the Gardenia for their disabilities or the Homo Esper Humans who were ostracized due to the prejudices they faced from the social-conditioning of the citizens of the Gardenia government. From the top of the fifty-foot high heap, someone emerged, a feminine form, a woman, her ethnicity appeared that she is of Semitic and Germanic descent, her skin distinctly a Semitic complexion, she had long black flowing hair, golden amber eyes, she wore an old Protectorate helmet with a peace sign spray painted onto it by stencil, a plain white t-shirt under a retro United Socialist States of America Protectorate uniform, black jeans, combat boots adorned her feet.
This young woman is known as Lucky Unfortunate, leader of the vast impoverished class known as the Bohemians of the urban-decay that made-up the Eastern Sprawl. She had been a teen runaway who had just entered adulthood, considered by those in the commune to be the local savior of their Gardenia, she appeared to be twenty-one years old. She charged down from the mountain of garbage, rushing to Zen so she could embrace him, she grabbed Zen squeezed him tighter.
“If it isn’t my favorite Sovereign, the man of my dreams has finally come to visit me personally, Zen van Nihil, Oh how he loves us, and Oh, how I love him,” Lucky Unfortunate said.
Father Ig nudged Abbot Dogen jokingly, “Looks like Zen has met an admiring fan.”
Lucky Unfortunate said to Zen, “Zen, do you know how much you mean to me? How much do you mean to us? Do you know how great you really are?” She paused, Zen smiled while listening to such wondrous praise, “Do you know how much you mean to us mere mortal-coils known as Humans Mr. Outsider? Mr. I’m from another dimension but hey, I’m just the same as you.”
A puzzled look came over Zen’s face as he turned his head to the side, still smiling and still listening intently.
“Gardenia Propagandists portray you as some sort of alien, some sort of visitor from another world but another side of that says you’re just like us that you love us that you are us that your Psionic abilities are just a rare mutation unknown to Humans, whether you are a Psionic Human or truly an Outsider, I love you, I love you dearly Zen, I love you.”
Zen smiled, “I love you too…” Zen is about to say her real name when she interjects by saying, “The name Lucky Unfortunate, I’m your biggest fan.”
They stood there smiling at one another, the timid young man known as Zen van Nihil, reported by Gardenia media as possibly an alien from another world. Lucky Unfortunate is a young, beautiful, intelligent woman who displayed abnormal behavior but in reality, is just an eccentric Homo Esper. She felt a connection between Zen and herself, Zen felt it as well.
“Zen would you care to meditate with me?”
“I would love to!” Zen said.
“Okay, follow me.”
Abbot Dogen nudged Father Ig, “looks like Zen has a girlfriend.”
Father Ig, Abbot Dogen, and the ten Monks were mingling with the subculture, small society of vagrants, the vagrants were very familiar with the teachings of Zen because of their fearless, loving leader Lucky Unfortunate is obsessed with him, taught his teachings on their days of spirituality, they had adopted the nomenclature of the Lucky Unfortunates. Many of these shanty-towns had been placed around the Sprawl along the East Coast but this is considered the Mecca of the nomadic wanderers named Utopia. The word of Zen had spread by word of mouth to all of those who were homeless, unfortunate enough to be in poverty, these people who were matching this description flocked to Zen’s teachings like Sinners to Babylon or politically occupational, high-functioning psychopaths to an Eden Prime State of the Gardenia Peace Summit.
“I know a place where we can meditate in peace,” Lucky said to Zen through telepathy.
“Okay.” Zen messaged back happily.
Together, they climbed the mountains of trash, they were headed to mount Everest of garbage, the mound with the greatest peak. They finally reached their destination, the Peace Summit of the largest trash mountain among them, at 300 yards tall. Zen looked up at it marveling at the trash Human used, disposed of.
“Race ya.” Lucky said.
Together they climbed up the mountain of ancient televisions, old kitchen appliances, outdated cars, perfectly good things of the Old World. When they got to the top, the peak is free of trash and revealed a patch of dirt where they were going to have their meditation session, it is apparent that the trash had been buried by dirt before, had become a giant dirt hill then covered by trash again. Lucky sat down, she went into a full-lotus position at first but because of discomfort went to half-lotus.
“Zen, I’m working on full-lotus but it’s so hard.”
“Yes, it certainly is when you perceive the act as such, let me show you a trick.”
Zen showed her a relaxation exercise, breathing deeply in and out while completely relaxing the body becoming fluid. Zen projected positive relaxing thoughts to Serenity as she closed her eyes, folding her legs into the full-lotus position with comfort. Together they meditated in full-lotus as the two meditated, the resonated an aura of white light from atop the large mound of trash, like a fixed lighthouse, a beacon of hope for all. People in the city took pictures, video on their various intelli-tools or ACCE oculos sensory recorder to be uploaded on the cyber-net. Remote-Controlled Drones flew overhead filming the event for the same reason. This phenomenon would be on the news that night, people were astounded by this as it had happened near the Hudson river by the urban decay where the massive landfill and homeless dwelled in the Platonia borough.
As Lucky Unfortunate is clearing her mind of racing thoughts which is the static noise of the thoughts of others in the city. Zen began to become conscious with the Quantum Consciousness, the one known as Friend.
Outside of Space-Time, The Domain of Friend
Zen is in a field of lilies, he walked through them, they were all around him for miles nothing but lilies. Zen brushed a couple aside to see the massive glowing amorphous ball of white light known as Friend. Friends radiated a star of absolute light in Zen’s paradise of peace.
Friend spoke in his soft loving voice, “Zen, there’s someone I’d like you to meet, this person is you before you, a different aspect of you.”
Suddenly Friend flashed a radiant light that filled the pastoral paradise of meadows to reveal a snowy tundra world with floating islands of ice with obelisks on top of ziggurats on them, indigo stone palaces jutted from around the landscape as above him the sky is a radiant indigo astral ocean of atmosphere. Before Zen stood a thirty foot tall alien creature, this being had sapphire blue eyes, a slit for a mouth, a 3 foot long skinny neck, a sinewy frame, long protruding limbs, it is genderless and hairless, it had ghost white pale skin much like Zen’s albinistic skin tone, long fingers that reached 2 feet long, large palms, the beings legs were 16 feet long, it’s feet were v-shaped which the gangly legs crossed to make the 5 feet long features.
“Hello Zen van Nihil, it’s me, Friend or the Great Architect, allow me to reveal this revelation of your former self as this Friend is one who within you as I am a part of your past manifestations of yourself as the Lord Archon of the Saturnia Great Commission who’s been helping you all this time as you help yourself in helping others in all of Humankind, my name which is your former name in manifestation is Zenki Ex Nihilo. As you know Zen, you are me as I am you.”
Zen suddenly realized that he is not just some mere Human being or mortal, he is gaining consciousness of Zenki Ex Nihilo in accessing all of this being’s intellect, wisdom, memories, he is becoming one with himself.
“Zen, before you completely assimilate with me, I wanted to tell you something.”
“What’s that Zenki?”
“You make all of us who are Friends in the Multiverse very proud, we wish for you to one day join us, you have done and will do things that will astonish the art of existence in itself but moving on.”
Zen stood silently, listening intently.
Enki spoke, “When Aiden Aka Manah spoke of chimera, nephilim, gods, and monsters, he is referring to you, him, you two are unique, you two were made in light of a prophecy handed down by secret societies, religions for ages, although the message is convoluted, lost in translation you have finally come but so has the vessel of Aka Manah other known Aiden Bathory is the Lawless One. you, young Zen and Aiden are the harbingers of a new age, the true future of Humanity resides in you two. The duality of good versus evil, the prophecy spoke of a Sovereign who will enlighten the world, a great evil known as Aka Manah who will corrupt it. You are that Sovereign, Aiden is the boy who tried to kill you on top of the mountain that boy is Aka Manah. Aka Manah has been my enemy since before your universe was even conceived but you, my avatar have always been my Friend.”
Zen stood taking the longevity of his existence, he now knew who he was. Zen van Nihil and Zenki Ex Nihilo were one, and they were friends with each other.
October 28th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America, The Eastern Sprawl, Territory of New York, New York City Sector, The Slum Platonia borough.
Zen opened his eyes, turned his head to see Serenity Mysterium, the girl who had called herself Lucky Unfortunate had lived a life of constantly running-away, born of a controlling, manipulative father who is a monopolist, elitist who had disowned her for being an unstable Super-Psionic. He saw into her, he saw into her life, he saw her for who she was, and loved her, he loved her more than she loved him. The twenty-one year old young woman suddenly stopped her tantric meditation, looked over at Zen.
“Hello, Zen van Nihil.” she smiled warmly at the pale skinned twenty-one old man as she said this.
“Hello Serenity Mysterium.”
Serenity is taken aback by this for this is her most guarded secret.
“If you are looking for a home, look no farther than my arms.” Zen said, turning to face her with his arms open.
Her smile wavered as tears came to her eyes, she embraced Zen as she began to sob till she was bawling, she was kissing Zen on the cheek. Zen kissed her on the neck, She then pulled her head back, kissed Zen on the lips. This is the first time Zen is ever kissed, it is by someone who truly loved him. He felt reborn, he felt alive, more importantly, he felt confident in his ability to manifest his destiny into a reality. They held hands as they took the long way back to the Dharma Bum encampment, capital of the nomadic vagrants, the paradise known as Platonia. Zen and Serenity once were Platonic, now they knew something more.

The Keiretsu-Yakuza Assassin watched Zen and Serenity from afar during their enlightening interaction. It eyed them capriciously from its enshrouded shell of power armor exterior. He is doing surveillance on them, getting dirt on Zen to see how he could hurt Zen or blackmail him into working for them, he is not the intended target, no, he had bigger fish to fry. The Keiretsu-Yakuza Bionic and Super-Psionic Assassin is named Oni. Oni is an artificial being, made with Keiretsu-Yakuza funds to make the perfect super-soldier Assassin, since the disappearance of Akuma Ren this had become the number one liquidator for the conglomerate of Keiretsu-Yakuza which ruled United Asia with Raijin Ryujin as the aforementioned Governor.

6:30PM EST, October 27th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, The State of the United Socialist States of America, The Sprawl, Sector of New York, New York City
Zen, Abbot Dogen, and the ten monks in the entourage were being brought on this mission to deliver the spiritual revolution of Sovereign Zen van Nihil to create a revival of the Human spirit. Many autonomous zone religious figures had unanimously foretold the coming of the Sovereign in the man known publicly by Zen van Nihil in his Dharma Talks Gardenia Tour which had just finished touring every urban sprawl and metropolitan areas of United Asia. Zen, Abbot Dogen, and ten of the monastic brothers had toured all of Asia, Zen and Abbot Dogen spoke to billions of people. The ten monks due to a personal practice of Sublime Gnosticism had abandoned their names, taking a vow of silence with limited time to appropriately speak a few words at that. Zen, Abbot Dogen, and the ten monks were on a bullet train from Tokyo, Zone of Japan, United Asia to the Eastern Urban Sprawl along the East Coast of United North America. Gardenia officials constantly monitored their movements from the surveillance ever present in the Gardenia. Even while they used the Gardenia’s transport system of the innumerable subterranean bullet trains zooming all across the world to their destinations, these twelve were watched closely. The Global Transit System known as the Underground was found throughout the Gardenia as a way to travel across the world they were on. The twelve sat in privacy in a cabin towards the back of the train. The transit workers who knew of Zen’s passage on the train would bring the twelve prepared meals from the kitchen car for appreciation to this celebrated individual known as Zen. Although, there is limited security regularly in the Underground’s bullet-trains. Many undercover Gardenia operatives were ever present on a train Zen was on.
As the bullet-train zoomed at 1,750 mph which is strangely smooth due to the sophistication in engineering. Zen had ample opportunity to gaze outside the windows at the ocean. Zen saw the numerous murals of URC allied graffiti art that lined the steel tunnels but the view of the ocean from the glass walls that surrounded the train struck him as spectacular once they entered the Pacific Ocean boundaries. A hard plastic glass surrounded the train as it traveled through the raised tracks through the ocean. Zen looked out in wonder at the ocean. The majority of sea life, most notably fish had become scarce due to pollution, overfishing, and radiation. Life-dwindled but it is slowly (and hopefully) returning to the ocean. Large craters were noticeable with ruins of planes, battleships, a large carrier is also at the bottom all covered in coral. Small schools of fish swam among them. Most majestic aquatic life had gone extinct. Fish had become a rarity near shores, whereas dolphins and whales were extinct. Small and giant jellyfish thrived which were abundant, because of the nuclear radiation they illuminated with all varieties of fluorescent colors, changing their bright hues as they floated about.
When they reached the underground subterranean tunnels of United North America at the Commonwealth of California, Los Angeles, it returned back to the tunnel, no more wonders of the Pacific Ocean. They reached their destination after the seven hour ride they had finally made it. They would go there for rehearsal, for what Zen had prepared there would be no rehearsal.
Zen van Nihil had in his entourage of Abbot Dogen, and the ten monks would be headed to the New York sector of the Eastern Sprawl to give a Dharma Talk to begin their tour of United North America as well as meet with media officials. When they got off the train in the subterranean mass-transport terminal. Customs agents saw Zen, the monks, letting them pass without any sort of hassle. The majority of people just stared at Zen, some gasped a gasp of disbelief, some called out their praises to him. Zen smiled, waving at all of them.
He saw a blind homeless man panhandling. Zen outstretched his fingers off his right hand in front of the homeless man’s face and waved his hand side to side as if to capture someone’s attention, the homeless man blinked rapidly, he had his vision again, he was healed.
He looked at Zen, saying “Sovereign, is that you?”
Zen replied, “No, my friend, only Zen.”
The man with new sight found his new home in Zen’s embrace as they hugged. They hugged each other, the man wept from his now able eyes, Zen smiled, reflecting his emotion of warm fire of love for his fellow Human being back at him.
8:30PM EST, October 16th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, The State of the United Socialist States of America, The Sprawl, New York City, Territory of New York, New York City.
Father Ig is carrying his rolling suitcase by an extended handle. A briefcase in his other hand. A backpack over his back. These storage devices held a lot of different things yet necessary things. He had just gotten off his 10 hour trip to the Eastern Sprawl from the State of Vatican City, United Europe. The Eastern Sprawl connected New York City, territory of New York, to Jacksonville, Region of Florida. He had ridden on the couch on a bullet-train from Vatican City. He would have been wide-awake if he hadn’t taken muscle-relaxers before his ride, he had smoked a couple cigar-rolls of Marijuana laced with Daemon Dark in the bathroom on his ride. His high is wearing off but the mind enhancing, and expanding effects from the Daemon Dark is still going strong. That’s when he saw Zen, his fixation of adoration, someone he admired like he had admired Christ as a young man when he was allowed to read about such a character when he received an unlimited security clearance to study such a man.
He felt the holiness of good vibes fill him. Father Ignatius gazed at Zen walking at a quicker pace as Zen is stopped with his entourage in front of a homeless man. Zen had waved his hand in front of the homeless man’s face. The next thing he saw they were hugging. Some of the crowd was astonished by this, most of them were skeptical. Another homeless man rolled up to Zen, the blind nomad, he is an amputee from the knees down.
The amputee homeless man said jokingly as if to remind his more socially unconventional friend, “Bobby, you blind bastard why are you hugging this punk kid? Can’t you see you’re hugging a albino punk kid? Oh yeah that’s right you’re blind.”
Bobby unlatched from Zen, tears streaming from his eyes, “George, I can see, I can see because of this boy.”
Zen walked over to the man in the wheelchair, laying his hand on the man in the wheelchair knees which below is nothing, “I hope your legs get better George.”
George had a look of bewilderment as white energy protruded from his stumps into the shape of legs then became flesh and bone covered by skin his legs had been regenerated. George looked in shock at his legs as he slowly yet carefully got up out of his wheelchair, he took the first steps he had taken since his legs were blown off by insurgents when he served in the Gardenia Forces. George and Bobby hugged, weeping, they turned back to Zen, all three group-hugging one another.
“Thank you young man, what is your name?”
“My name is Zen, I’m glad to meet you friends,” Zen spoke with warmth.
“Thank you Zen, you are the best of friends,” George said.
“Thank you Zen, I can see that we are great friends already,” Bobby Said.
The three unlatched, looking at each other, they had heard of Zen from their friend Lucky Unfortunate, Queen of the Bums in the Sprawl. They just thought she was telling absurd stories because no one could differentiate whether she is a Schizophrenic or genuinely an extremely powerful Psionic. Lucky did not suffer from Schizophrenia, she is what one would call a level 100 Super Psionic on the Psionic Scale. scientists had made to grade the powers of a Psionic, from Zen’s observable abilities at his assemblies, he is speculated to be a Level 250-500 on the Psionic Scale, when in truth, he is whatever a god would be, more or less a level 10,000 on the Psionic Scale. A new echelon of its own with no other Psionic to compare to it.
The crowd cheered, exclaimed praises at Zen, “Savior,” “Friend of Humanity,” “Friend of us all,” “Our Best Friend Zen,” “We love you,” “I Love You,” “Thank You Zen.”
The one they yelled above all others is “Sovereign!” Were among the things they shouted at him. Zen and his entourage walked out of the tubestation, up above ground out onto the streets of the New York City sector of the Eastern Sprawl, the crowd roared, cheering after him, singing songs of the Cosmic Church of Celeste and old rock songs of admiration. Father Ig is among them, although he didn’t sing those songs aloud, he sang those songs in his heart, mind, a grin upon his face, he had just seen his favorite person in existence perform a miracle to heal some men society did not find favor in. Zen saw as he exited the tunnel there were protesters, protesters on behalf of the United Church, an independent organization who used the same scriptures of the Cosmic Church of Celeste instead of it being corporate owned it is a system of franchise churches selling their own version of love, hope, and peace. The competition of the Cosmic Church is the United Church of Celeste. The United Church’s Parishioners were notably more ignorant, uneducated, and incapable in their cognitive abilities.
Evangelist Christian Wells, a man in a flannel button-up shirt, faded blue jeans. Christian Wells is a Chief Pastor of a mega-congregation of United Celstialists. Christian Wells yelled through a megaphone, “We don’t want this outsider from another world who is merely just an invader in disguise in the Eastern Sprawl of United North America, neither do we want him in the territory of New York, especially the great city of New York.” His drawl of hate-filled caterwauling as amplified through the megaphone.
The Primal herd-minded crowd of Gnostic Theists yelled harsh pejoratives, ranging from those of spiritually evil entities to ones that were just plain wrong. Zen felt their hate, their ignorance fueled their hate. These people lived in a fairy-tale world, in other words, were very deluded. The tourists, travelers who emptied into the street. The protesters held signs that said, “The Outsider is here!” “Zen equals Anti-Human!” “The Sovereign destroys Celestial Solidarity!” “Alien Invader of Sham Babal” “Believers in Zen deserve the dimensions of chaos!”
Zen saw they were suffering and that they were certainly not friendly. Zen used his telepathy to read their minds, precognition to see what would happen depending on his actions, nothing he did would turn out good or decent for either side, a good amount of them had contraband firearms concealed in their coats in the cold autumn weather. Zen realized he was shivering, slightly shaken, the cold hadn’t bothered him in such a way since he had been in the Himalayan mountains as a child his kung-fu gi is not enough for him to keep warm in the face of perdition. A massacre between those who are aware, who understand reality against those who are ignorant, comfortable in their perpetual asleep with their fantasies.
Zen let out a small cry, “Help.”
The ten Shambhala Monastic Order monks stepped forward making a shield in front of Zen, they would have to kill them to get to him.
The tourists and travelers who were ready to fight these ignorant super-monkeys in the United Church of Celeste were too conceited to realize that it had been over 260 years since Darwin’s Origin of Species had been made available to readers everywhere, the theory of evolution is commonly taken as a fact. The opposition known as the magical cosmic creation myths that United Church of Celeste adhered to is filled with all kinds of scientific illiteracies which were undoubtedly false in all cases paralleling another antiquated system of control where adherents took the literal interpretation of a book written by Mesopotamian cavemen then rewritten by the Roman Empire as a means of control backed by pseudo-science.
Someone else heard Zen’s cry for help. That man is Father Ig. Father Ig knew what to do, it is not going to let his sense of morality stop him from doing what is right. Father Ig dropped his luggage, pulling out one of his 16 shot semi-automatic .550 Night Eagle BG (EisenHaus Firearms) his Vanguard badge listed he is a high-ranking Cosmic Church of Celeste clergyman and belonged to the esoteric Order of the Jesuits. Father Ig charged up in front of the monks to face the crowd of the disgruntled Protesters belonging to the United Church of Celestialism. In one hand he held his gun, the other his badge, the badge projected via a hologram which listed his official identification as a government agent. This action made known to the protesters that he had lawful use of a firearm to kill them like a dog in the street, those who’d escaped would be relocated to Titan, the fabled moon of Saturn where deplacees were reportedly taken to the camps there to be liquidated.
Father Ig called to the bigoted protestors, “My name is Father Ignatius Shepherd of the the Order of the Jesuits of the Cosmic Church of Celeste, I am a Monsignor noted for his various works in the name of our Great Mother Celeste as my credentials state, I assert the highest authority of the divinity of our goddess Celeste, and I can tell you that this young man Zen, is in fact a Sovereign, not according to your understanding of the Celestial understanding of our goddess,” he paused, “But to the followers of antiquated religions they proclaimed there had been many Sovereigns, Many manifestations of God’s entity would culminate in the apex of these as the grand revelation that would manifest in the Sovereign to unify Humanity. This might be that the one true Goddess who the ancients misinterpreted as a male has actually anointed Zen to help Humanity for she, the most holy of holies, the Great Mother Celeste believes we could use his help through the works and acts he proudly shows, Zen’s very being is Messianic in nature, in which you people are no different than the people who in their anger almost led to our species destruction which caused Celeste’s intervention.”
The protesters began to disperse at these words, security cameras had captured this feed, police had finally arrived on the scene to disperse the crowd. Father Ig is not bothered because of his covert Vanguard Agency connections, open Jesuit Priest status, plus he is the one who defused the situation.
Zen offered his hand to Father Ig, “Thank you Father Ignatius, thank you for your valiant effort that is truly a heroic act.”
Father Ignatius jerked his head back at the first words his favorite being in existence had said to him. Father Ig bent down to look the albino pale 21 year old in his sapphire blue eyes.
“Please call me Father Ig, you must be Zen van Nihil,” Father Ig recovered, “I mean you’re Zen, I’m the ambassador from the Cosmic Church of Celeste, the best representative of the Gardenia’s one and only recognized religious institution mandated by the Pope himself, the Soviet of Executives to defend you in arguments with those to help gain an understanding, help protect you from those who do not understand you, would wish harm on you.”
“People wish harm on me? Is that why most of those Protesters had firearms on them?” Zen said with shock.
Father Ig without skipping a beat said, “Yes, yes they did, the Church wanted me to make sure you were kept safe, I’m a highly-respected man in the eyes of the church, very few would do anything to a person I supported or is friends with, my job is to just be the best friend I can possibly be to you.”
Zen sensed the earnest sincerity with his psionic abilities, he is telling the truth. Zen gave Father Ig a hugged, with tears running down his face that is the second time his life had been threatened, the first he could not quite remember but the flashback of it haunted his mind, understanding of what he understood were coming to him but he had an idea of but did not realize the truth in what Aiden had said on top of the mountain. Abbot Dogen walked over, joined the embrace creating a group hug. They stopped hugging after Zen had settled down. Abbot Dogen went to bow to Father Ig, Father Ig nodded his head then offered his hand instead, Abbot Dogen obliged.
“My name is Father Ignatius Shepherd, you can call me Father Ig, pleased to meet you, what’s your name?”
“My name is Abbot Dogen Shambhala, Abbot of the Shambhala Monastery, I am Zen’s guardian, mentor, may I see some credentials Father Ig?” Abbot Dogen asked.
“Yes, yes you may,” Father Ig said, walking over to his briefcase, suitcase, and backpack.
Father Ig opened his briefcase, pulling out documents to back his status, identity, he showed them to Abbot Dogen, and handed a letter to Zen, Abbot Dogen that is sealed with a wax seal, emblazoned by the Holy See’s emblem. Abbot Dogen looked through the documents, Zen, Abbot Dogen read through the 1,000 word letter, Zen is finished reading it sufficiently in a matter of seconds, Abbot Dogen continued reading it.
“What else do you have?” Abbott Dogen asked.
Father Ig pulled out an unrolled his sleeve to reveal a prehistoric piece of technology since the ACCE is illegal, a sin to have in the church, a holobracelet, Father Ig pulled up a live video-feed of Pope Leo Aurelius, the holographic image showed the 78 year old Pope Leo Aurelius, a man of African descent, wearing Papal habit his age appeared no older than his youthful 50s.
“Hello Zen, my brother, my friend or the Outsiders the who’s who of Gardenia’s Forces have been calling you, I want to extend an olive branch of sorts to you, I was wondering if you’d be fine with Father Ig tagging along with you on your journey, Father Ig is a shining beacon of a faithful member of the Cosmic Church of Celeste, I’m certain he’ll make an even better friend to you, in a week, I’d like to have a conference with you at the Cosmic Church of Celeste’s headquarters of the Autonomous Zone of the Vatican, in Vatican City, at the Sistine Chapel, we’ll discuss more from there, I as well as all of the Gardenia would feel more comfortable if Father Ig would be allowed to accompany you on your commission sanctioned by the Holy Trinity.”
Zen is silently reading Father Ig’s agenda in how it differed greatly from what he is sensing his intended purpose. Nothing malevolent but something that did not even represent the organization he claimed to be a part of yet it is more pure than that, more benevolent, kindas if Father Ig thought of Zen not as a deity or Sovereign but in the way people view dead rock stars of old as gods.
“Well what do you say?” The Pope asked.
“Sure.” Zen chirped enthusiastically.
“That’s wonderful Zen, thank you,” the Pope said graciously.
“You’re welcome Mr. Pope.” Zen said earnestly.
They waved goodbye, the Pope being an exemplary good man, a Humanist, who happened to be from the order of the Jesuits as well, one of the few Jesuits in the existence of the Cosmic Church of Celeste.
Abbot Dogen said to Zen van Nihil, “Come along Zen, we don’t want to be late for rehearsal, we have to go to the hotel first young teacher.”
“Late for rehearsal? What do we have to rehearse? Who cares if we’re late, it seems like everything you do off the Autonomous Zones, infringes on the wants and desires of someone else, in this world, everyone suffers at nothing more than doing anything at all, even to help them that even the slightest inconvenience is a tragedy, what is wrong with these people?”
“These people are your people Zen, you are one in the same as them currently.”
“Thanks Abbot Dogen, I’m aware but it hurts me so much how no one cares, it’s as if there is a schism between the two, more so on the side of ego than spirit, I hear their thoughts, I feel their feelings, they care only about themselves and nothing for each other, this disturbs me.”
Father Ig is withdrawn by this, he recovered by saying bluntly, “Zen, to these people, anything morally good or beneficial in this world is a sin.”
Zen responded by nodding his head in complacency at that statement.
Zen sensed another neutral, not-feeling, not-thinking Psionic passing overhead on the city’s public transport system, they were not in the train but on top of the train. They watched Zen, Abbot Dogen, and Father Ig carefully, they were dressed in full cybernetic tactical power armor, they wore a helmet which canceled their thoughts and feelings from being read as a sort of stealth against telepathic or empathic sensing, it is as if Zen is sensing a nonentity, this nonentity had a gauss powered anti-material assault rifle they were peering down fixed on Zen as they passed, a grey cloak draped over its back, Zen looked up just to see them in where their eyes would be, the rifle angled downward at a resting position, its face appeared to be that of some Eastern demon with a gas-mask woven into it for breathing in oxygen, for eyes it had two orange glowing slits in the mask. This haunted Zen for he knew what organization they were a part of and what exactly they wanted from him. It is an assassin with super psionic abilities equipped with bionic upgrades, Level Five Psionic to be exact hired by the Keiretsu. Zen didn’t know this but it is as if the Assassin wanted him to know this.

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