Indigo Dream – Revolution of Consciousness – Chapters 26-29

The Hours Before October 31st, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, A State of Emergency throughout the Gardenia Utopian Community
Bombing occurred all over Gardenia Utopian Community structures of power throughout Eden Prime and the Commonwealth of Mars. Gardenia Utopian Community magistrates, Officers, Security Officials, and Loyalists were assassinated by URC forces which had militarized itself into the Autonomous Martian Protectorate. The orchestrator of these events was newly elected Chief Executive Officer and General Secretary Arthur Luther with his Commander of the Protectorate, Chief of Staff, and General Secretary Micah Luther fighting on the ground while Arthur strategized from Mars. Firefights happened almost on every street corner of Earth, while the Gardenia Utopian Community Militarized Security Forces involving Red Paladins and Peacekeepers were quickly dispatched on Mars as the Autonomous Martian Commonwealth was quickly winning its status as an independent state from the Gardenia Utopian Community as the collective of the Human race engaged in or observed this revolution.
10PM, October 30th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Region of British Columbia, Vancouver, Gardenia Utopian Community Political Sector, House of the Hegemony.
Zen and Aiden exchanged telekinetic blows in the lobby of the EisenHaus floor of the House of the Hegemony, glass shattered, tables exploded and splintered. Aiden threw a ball of pyrokinetic energy while Zen blocked it by creating a wall of ice from cryokinetic energy. They neutralized each other leaving a inch deep puddle of standing warm water on the floor. Aiden used his own body as a conductor to send electrokinetic energy through the water, although he electrocuted himself mildly, it did not bother him, Zen foresaw with foresight, Zen jumped twenty feet into the air as this happened, freezing Aiden’s feet to the ground with cryokinesis then sending a massive lightning bolt at Aiden, the water acted as a conductor shocking him further, Aiden fought through the immense pain sending the electric-conducive water at Zen, zapping him moderately but sending him through a corridor and into another spacious room, the flood of water, knocked Zen out a window. Aiden ran after him upon hearing the shattered glass, he looked out the window staring down one-hundred stories, he focused his eagle-eyed vision to see where Zen could have landed or fallen, he could not see him but he would begin his search again because Zen’s fatality was inconclusive.
As Aiden looked out the window doing a telepathic scan of the area below, Zen hung out to a bannister directly below him, the House of the Hegemony had protrusions in echelons or levels that came out from the windows, Zen used his ability to become nothing in consciousness which was due to his many years meditating while Aiden was in mental turmoil constantly. Aiden turned and went to finish the rest of his orders in aiding the Gardenia Utopian Community Elite Special Forces known as Red Paladins in aiding the termination of the Martian Sympathizers and other friends of Zen that were in the House of the Hegemony enjoying the Banquet, it was truly hell on Earth or so in this case, Vancouver Canada. Secret Service Agents loyal to the House of Parliament members of sub-governors exchanged fire with the Red Paladins, Secret Service Agents loyal to EisenHaus gunned down their brothers in black tracksuits for they were loyal to the Hegemon. Hundreds were dead out of the 20,000 in the building at the moment.
After Aiden EisenHaus had gone off in search of more blood to spill and innocents to slaughter.
Zen sent a telepathic message to Serenity and Father Ig, “Father Ig, Serenity, Frederick EisenHaus is a shape-shifting Reptilian, his son Aiden is a demonic overlord parading around as a Human, I feel some sort of familiarity with him in the way of good versus evil in duality, be prepared their coming for you, I’ll be with you shortly.”
Serenity replied immediately through telepathy, “Father I killed two Red Paladins, three secret service agents, and I slayed five of those bastards, Zen where are you?”
Zen answered, “I’m scaling down the side of the House of the Hegemony, what room are you in?”
“Floor 62, were in room 42, we had to go higher from floor 48, because well… it’s hell and chaos, it really is. People are screaming and dying, I’ve seen at least forty dead people.”
“My Celeste is that bad.”
“Just get here, Father Ig knows a place we can go to be safe from all this, that’s if we get out of here and how we get there.”
“Don’t worry Serenity, I’m Zen van Nihil, we’ll make it through this.”
“I love you Zen.”
“I love you too Serenity.”
At that, Zen began climbing down quickly, with each step from concrete ledge to footing at the protrusion of a floor-to-ceiling window he saw into a room, he saw rooms of people cowering and hiding, rooms full of dead bodies, of men, women, and children. It was utter madness, a complete liquidation of anyone and everyone without regard, this was EisenHaus’ way of eliminating anyone who got in the way of what he wanted, total and complete control.
Zen stopped to see a family scared, a family belonging to the father and mother of Simon Bathory-EisenHaus, Trent EisenHaus and Myra EisenHaus, the couple were in their eighties, they still had seventy more years to live according to Human life-expectancy, they were not afraid or worried just bothered by the commotion. Suddenly, the door was kicked-in by one Red Paladin and three Secret Service Agents, Zen was standing outside the window as this happened but quickly hid behind a pillar to watch out of the corner of the eye. two Secret Service Agents, the Secret Service Agents pushed Trent onto the bed, holding him down making him watch as the Red Paladin in head-to-toe power armor kicked the delicate Myra down on the ground, shooting her in the head. Trent Screamed in terror. A Secret Service Agent dug his sidearm into the back of Trent’s head and fired.
Zen felt helpless, he felt horrified, he felt ashamed. After the three monsters of men left, Zen broke open the window with his Psionic abilities, he would try and use stealth to reach Serenity and Father Ig. Those were the only two he truly cared about at this time, he needed to find them.
United North America, State of Canada, Region of British Columbia, Vancouver, Over Manitoba Bay Headed for Gardenia Utopian Community Central Command, Anchorage, Alaska
A large fleet of Dual-Rotor Rotorcraft EisenHaus twenty-seater Dragons for Sector House of Parliament members, business elite, and other loyalists to Frederick’s cause and a special EisenHaus Dragonfly rotorcraft for two of the most important in Gardenia Utopian Community besides Frederick EisenHaus, who stayed at his penthouse to do damage control, the official report was that Zen had led a URC terrorist attack on the House of the Hegemony, the ones fortunate enough to have had been evacuated EisenHaus trusted in the ruling-class political elite of the Gardenia Utopian Community had been warned of the cleansing before Zen had been taken to confront Hegemon EisenHaus himself, they were nestled safely away from the carnage and bloodshed as a preemptive warning to the cleansing that was about to occur, the majority of them being Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate Members, Gardenia Utopian Community Continental Sector Governors, and House of Parliament members, they were the tyrannical despotic Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus found favor in his plan to bring about a militarized fascist police-state, among them was Frederick’s right hand man, his most loyal lapdog, Raijin Ryujin. Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate Jeanne Orleans sat in the seat next to Raijin Ryujin and was oblivious to the current situation at the House of the Hegemony. Raijin sat behind the copilot of the rotorcraft, Jeanne Orleans sat behind the pilot.
General Secretary Jeanne Orleans was beautiful yet her genius intellect was apparent in her appearance, she was a thirty-five year old thin mixed black-white woman with caramel skin who in appearance held great youth. She had black curly hair that went down to her shoulders, she had brilliant violet eyes. She wore thick black framed glasses which covered her face. She was attractive but didn’t have any sort of bust or weight to her and she was currently the most powerful woman on Earth. She wore a black suit jacket, black dress pants, black tie, white button-up shirt, all clothes generally for men but tailored to her feminine physique.
“Ahhh, thank Celeste for Frederick EisenHaus!” Raijin Ryujin stated with relieved glee, “Getting rid of the social-justice warriors and state-capitalist elite who would compromise our alignment with the alien races, he says our best bet isn’t with the United Cosmic Federation but with the Draconian Imperium, I’ve read his dossiers, the United Cosmic Federation may be comprised mainly of Human-esque beings but the Reptilians will help us greater than they ever could, what do you say Magistrate Jeanne Orleans or shall I say General Secretary Jeanne Orleans?”
Jeanne Orleans was half-asleep when she heard this so she didn’t hear the grim truth of what was actually happening, she woke back up, smiling, glad to escape the supposed terrorist attack with her life, “Yes it is Governor Ryujin, I’m very glad to be alive and hope to help the Gardenia Utopian Community through this dark age of interstellar war.”
General Secretary Jeanne Orleans was one of the remaining three current presiding members of the Gardenia Utopian Communities Executive Directorate, (The rest had died in a terrible crash of a space-traversing vessel along with Eden Prime General Secretary Ernesto Kapital). The term Elder was given after three terms of service, out of all the Executive Directorate, Jeanne Orleans now held the most executive function as General Secretary of the Magistrates. Jeanne Orleans was a beautiful woman in her early thirties, piercing violet eyes, long-brown dreadlocked hair, gauged ears, she was thin, caucasian, she stood at five feet and six inches tall, an absolutely gorgeous woman.
She sat next to the getting ever more intoxicated Raijin Ryujin, he wore a black hanfu with grey trim, he was knocking back large drinks from a bottle of top-shelf vodka with a carton of orange juice which he had poured the orange juice in a plastic cup to wash it down. Raijin Laughed noisily which was eerie to Jeanne Orleans considering the friends they were losing in the massacre at the House of the Hegemony.
“Raijin, why are you so happy? People are dying, the one hope for Humanity, Zen turned out to be a monster in disguise.”
“Yes, yes,” Raijin laughed, “Zen is nothing more than what Frederick described as a Outsideras in, he is from outside our realm of space and time, combined with the DNA of a deceased mortal man that mortal man is Nemo or the one once known as Calvin Moody Luther, all a URC plot to push their agenda on the Human race, a false messiah, a devil.”
Jeanne Orleans swallowed hard for she truly loved Zen and could not believe what she was hearing, she sensed deception in Raijins’ inebriated state. She had talked and meditated with Zen at the central park Dharma Talk in the Eastern Sprawl, she had been friends with Serenity B. Autumn and the Autumn family for her entire life. She could not believe her best friend was dating a mass-murderer? Where was Serenity? Did he kill her too? or was Serenity a part of the URC? She did not know. All she knew was that she was being kept in the dark which being kept in the dark was something that she was appalled by.
She implored further, “What do you mean a being from outside space-time, how did they use Nemo’s DNA combined with whatever it is you’re talking about?”
Raijin shook his head and realized she had not been briefed yet, on the Chimera Initiative to combat the new strain of Esper in Human evolution, “We found two multidimensional alien deities underneath Antarctica, in a necropolis of a city we have assumed to be Atlantis, the antiquated technology we found, we cannot use, it is beyond decrepit and besides, it was beyond our understanding, we took the two perfectly preserved corpses of the multidimensional alien-gods and combined them with Human DNA, for Zen, we used specimen Zenki which information relayed from the United Cosmic Federation was known as Zenki Ex Nihilo, a Hyperborean alien, a godlike being, we combined specimen Zenki Ex Nihilo with the DNA of Calvin Moody Luther otherwise known as Nemo to create the experimental subject codenamed Huckleberry now known as Zen van Nihil, The other alien specimen Nero, an Anunnaki alien being, scientists combined the DNA of an unknown Human who has an identity classified to everyone but Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus, the beings whereabouts are unknown, well, the official story is that Zen’s convoluted speech incited the interplanetary war between Gardenia Utopian Community forces and Martian rebels, mayhem is in the streets, Mars has been completely overtaken by rebels in a matter of hours, the House of Hegemony is a bloodbath but things are about to change, things are about to…” United Asia Governor Raijin Ryujin began coughing erratically, heaving and gagging became his vocal sounds.
Jeanne Orleans panicked, she said emphatically with worry, “Raijin are you okay? Have you had too much to drink?”
Blood sprayed on the copilot’s chair from Raijin’s oral orifices then a waterfall of blood, tissue, and chunks of organs ran down from his mouth all over his tanfu, blood streamed from Raijin’s nose, eyes, and ears as he died. Jeanne Orleans screamed in horror. The copilot got out of his seat to attempt first-aid and made an attempt of trying cardiopulmonary resuscitation but gave up in a split-second knowing it was too late, he radioed Frederick at base control where the other Red Paladins were cleaning up house with projectile weapons and brutality.
“Hegemon EisenHaus, sir, Governor of United Asia, Raijin Ryujin is dead, it appears that he was poisoned, by the looks of it, Martian Nightshade mixed with acidic to organic compounds, imported on the blackmarket or homebrewed by a master chemist, I’m sorry sir,” the copilot stated.
There was a moment of silence before Frederick Radioed back, “What?”
“Governor Raijin Ryujin is dead.”
From Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus’ end an indistinguishable howl layered by monstrous distortions, this noise wasn’t Human and couldn’t be made distinguishable to any machine or man or by anything of this world over the telecommunication radio, the pilots could be seen by Frederick EisenHaus over audio-video-feed but Frederick’s video-feed was dark. After the ominous howl, the feed from Frederick was that of labored Human panting.
“Sir?” The pilot asked.
More livid labored breathing came from the darkness of his audio-video-feed.
The Red Paladin Corps Pilot repeated meekly, “Sir.”
The livid labored breathing ceased with exasperated words from a deep distorted inaudible voice, nothing like Frederick’s voice then background chatter could be heard from the voice of an even deeper unworldly distorted baritone, the kind of voice from an infernal being, a being which flames could be heard raging when it talked, horrifying banshees wailed, the sound of wind howled eerily in the background of the transmission.
Then a return to voice normalcy as Frederick EisenHaus was heard asking someone in the same room as him, “What is my Lord?”
The voice that responded sounded like a demon from the deepest darkest pits of hell replied, “I cannot locate Zen, Serenity or the Priest.”
“Where could they be? How can you not find them?”
“Zen has mastered the meditation of not having his aura located or thoughts known, the Priest and Serenity are being protected by some kind of energy,” this last part came out spiteful, “I believe they are praying.”
“Praying to who?”
“Their Friend, of course, my oldest adversary, the Great Architect, father of all of existence, creation, and his ally in the revitalized form of Zenki Ex Nihilo whose avatar is Sovereign Zen van Nihil, the followers of Zen in the Gardenia Utopian Community government are dead, the enemies of the Draconian Imperium and my true self, Lawless Lord Aka Manah which all suffering and evil flows from the stream of consciousness of Humankind.”
Jeanne Orleans heard this but could not quite understand it, she could not comprehend it, she assumed mad-terrorists had overtaken the one-manned control center in the Penthouse where Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus was stationed.
“Hello Frederick?” Jeanne Orleans asked fearfully.
A clearing of a masculine throat could be heard as a scurrying could be heard running off with the sounds of Hades in the room that was the penthouse of the House of Hegemony as normalcy completely returned. The audio-visual feed of EisenHaus came live as the visual component of the Holo-Communications device revealed that Frederick was adjusting his suit and tie, he had a neutral look upon his face, his feet propped up on his desk, fabricated yet convincing footage of URC Terrorists and Red Paladin Special Forces in firefights across the Holomonitors in the background were blatantly showing the same clips over and over again instead of live-feed.
“Yes, Executive Directorate General Secretary Jeanne Orleans? What is it?” Frederick said calm, cool and collected.
“Governor of United Asia, Raijin Ryujin is dead, it appears he was poisoned, probably sometime during the feat.”
Frederick swallowed heavily as if rehearsed, “Alright, we lose one of the most powerful men available in our reclamation of Mars and stability in the Gardenia Utopian Community of Humankind, it’s a damn shame.”
“I know Director EisenHaus, it’s really too bad, who else survived?”
“The survival rating from this attack is looking grim, not many, everyone is still trapped in the building and the terrorist rebel fighters are gaining more-and-more ground as we speak, I’ll let you know Madam General Secretary just as soon as the situation is handled. I directed the Red Paladin Air-Support to take you and the remaining Gardenia Utopian Community Loyalists to the state of emergency green zone, where the Secondary House of the Hegemony is located, it is also where Former General Secretary Ernesto Kapital resided in the General Secretary’s Mansion, we will be planning most of our defensive procedures against the terrorist organization the URC and their insurgents as well as the Martian Protectorate, I am contacting Master Commander Aurelius to dispatch all Protectorate Forces of Phobos to try and stabilize Mars until the Armada mobilizes for all-out war with Mars.”
“Thank you Director EisenHaus, you do the Eden Prime Gardenia Utopian Community proud. May Celeste guide you.”
“You’re welcome Madam General Secretary and ditto.”

11AM, October 30th, 2121 CE, War Torn Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Region of British Columbia, Vancouver, Gardenia Utopian Community Political Sector, House of the Hegemony
Zen van Nihil scaled down the walls down to the 62nd Floor, he passed many gruesome sights on the way, he could not help but feel that it was all his fault. Guilt-stricken, the rooms he passed where he saw Red Paladins and Secret Service Agents executing people in cold-blood, just for not supporting Frederick EisenHaus and Aiden F. EisenHaus’ agenda, he was aware that the highest echelons of Eden Prime government were infiltrated by alien invaders that were leading Humanity on a crash-course to destruction. He had cold sweats and a feeling of a knot where his heart should be, he came to the abandoned empty suite where Serenity and Father Ig were staying. From a makeshift barricade, Father Ig watched the door with his .550 Destroyers drawn, Serenity laid on the bed in a prone position with a Gauss-Powered Assault Rifle aimed at the door, Zen thought about knocking on the glass but looked in the other room through the floor-to-ceiling window and saw that Red Paladins were ravaging the empty room for them, they exited the room heading to the room where Serenity and Father Ig resided.
A squadron of Red Paladins kicked in the locked door, Serenity fired, taking out one of them, Father Ig fired taking out another, they were outside in the hall, Zen broke through the glass, shattering it all over the floor, charging forward, he throwing a ball of pyrokinetic hellfire into the hall, immolating the rest of the three Red Paladins. Serenity turned smiling, mouthing the words “Zen.” Father Ig smiled, now that Zen was here and willing to take lives to save lives, they felt quite relieved. Father Ig handed Zen two .55 Caliber Nighthawk pistols which held 20 shots in the clip and chamber.
“You know how to use these right?” Father Ig asked.
Suddenly a tidal wave of memories flooded Zen’s mind on hand-to-hand combat as well as weapon proficiency, he did not know how he knew all this, he just did.
“Yes, of course,” Zen replied.
A squad of Red Paladins came down from the expansive corridor down the hall. Zen was the first out the door, flames still burning and Red Paladin bodies still smouldering, Zen fired, hitting three in the head, slaying them. Serenity came next, getting in the prone position on a dead Red Paladin body, firing down the hall taking out four of them, Father Ig was the last one out, gunning down four of them before they had a chance to claim a position. Blood sprayed on walls, limbs flew through the air with ragdoll physics. Zen, Serenity, and Father Ig began moving their way through the halls with Zen at point, Serenity in the middle, and Father Ig taking up the rear.
They encountered two Secret Service Agents and a Red Paladin doing first aid on wounded bodies, Serenity fired five rounds into a Secret Service Agent sending him flying down the hall, Zen threw an electrokinetic lightning bolt at the Red Paladin frying him, killing him instantly, Father Ig fired a bullet right between the eyes of the other Secret Service Agent. They ran past the wounded Red Paladins and Secret Service Agents, Father Ig put a bullet in each of the wounded comrades of the Red Paladins and Servicemen’s heads. They headed for the service elevator which required a special code. Zen saw a lone Red Paladin in power armor guarding it, they snuck up on him, the Red Paladin was coming down from Daemon Rage trip, the simulant form of the drug that enabled adrenaline filled psyche of psychopathic tendencies. The entire battalion of Red Paladins had to indulge in Daemon to overcome the fact they were killing innocent people for Director EisenHaus). Zen crept up on him at a speedily yet stealthily pace, Zen sent a telepathic message to him when he was upon him, “Your three o’clock.”
He turned to see Zen use a force-blast of telekinesis to send him flying after popping off a couple bullets from the .55 Nighthawk in his Red Paladin when airborne from the blast, Zen fired more rounds into him. When the Red Paladin finally hit the ground, a river of blood flowed from him and was splattered on the walls. Father Ig ran over to the fallen Red Paladin, they swiped the card gaining access to the elevator. As they waited for the service elevator to the basement, Zen sensed something, someone was on their way, he did not know who but he knew they were coming for him. This revelation brought mixed-feelings to Zen. He imagined them flying a fighter rotorcraft, on their way to save them at whatever cost.
“Zen, are you okay?” Serenity asked.
“Someone’s on their way for us,” Zen responded.
“Who?” Father Ig exclaimed.
“I don’t know but I think something good is coming.”
“Really? Thank Christ.” Father Ig exclaimed, taking a swig from his now one-fourth full flask which had been refilled during the feat.
The service elevator arrived, the only functioning elevator in the House of the Hegemony. The doors opened and they stepped in. Zen hit the descending button, they would head to the basement then up to the lobby where God only knew what was waiting for them there.
12 AM, October 31st, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Region of British Columbia, Vancouver, Gardenia Utopian Community Political Sector, House of the Hegemony.
Frederick EisenHaus was monitoring all activity throughout the House of the Hegemony from his command center in the penthouse, he was switching camera angles and their feeds, he finally saw Zen and friends taking the Service elevator to the basement which would lead to the lobby which could lead to their possible escape. Frederick was enraged by this, out of the 20,000 liquidated by his hands that day, those three were not among them. He gripped the stress toy of a blue foam cube till his knuckles were white, his teeth clenched with rage, his skin shape-shifting into scales while this happened, anger consumed him, rage was all-his-being.
Where are you? Where are you? Frederick EisenHaus thought to himself, scanning Holomonitor, after Holomonitor, until he finally came upon one, the service elevators security camera, where he saw them, he saw the three that he was after. He immediately radioed Aiden EisenHaus, and the Red Paladins.
“Zen and company are headed for the lobby via the service elevator, cut them off and neutralize them or I’ll have your heads,” Frederick growled.
The masses of Red Paladins from all the floors began circumventing the first floor lobby, 40% of Red Paladin manpower would be used to hunt for survivors while the rest rendezvoused with Zen. Frederick squeezed his blue stress cube a little harder with each passing second as he watched his ants go charging to elevators and the stairs to get to the lobby to head off Zen, Zen and company were only five stories away with no stops until they reached the lobby. Frederick snarled in his full Reptilian form while he watched the live-video feed of the Holomonitors.
12 AM, October 31st, 2121 CE, Global Gardenia Utopian Community, United North America, State of Canada, Region of British Columbia, Vancouver, Gardenia Utopian Community Political Sector, House of the Hegemony, three floors to the Lobby
Zen, Serenity, and Father Ig were armed to the teeth, holding Gauss-powered assault rifles, Zen had taken off his suit jacket, folding it then putting it in the elevator handrail, Serenity was still wearing her black dress with white stripe down the side, a utility belt with dual pistol holders was around her waist, Father Ig still wore his suit in its entirety, armed to the teeth with his and pistols he had picked up with spare ammunition at his disposal. Zen and Serenity sensed that a small army had amassed in the upcoming stop at the lobby, a stop that was now imminent at this point. Serenity’s nostrils flared nervously, Zen swallowed his anxiety with a nervous gulp, Father Ig then cleared his throat, already expecting the worse, implying to the others that he was ready for anything.
The elevator stopped abruptly, they crouched low, Zen put up a telekinetic force-field as the bullets flew at them, the bullets flung off the force-field as the trio ran to the nearest safety position, the other-side of a massive House of the Hegemony lobbies decorative monument, fountain, and pool, them being on the other-side of the monument portion of the lobby. The monument was of a small mountain with what appeared to be Atlas standing on it holding a Rutherford Atomic model, with people of all races standing on the mountain daring to look up at Atlas with expressions of wonder and awe on their faces. The monument stood in front of a large reflecting pool with a greco-roman pillared fencing around the pool, a fountain stood in front of the pool towards the large floor-to-ceiling window which displayed the Memorial Gardens outside, there were two large staircases that spanned on either-side which led to elevators on either side of them, rectangle garden planters were placed throughout the lobby. The lobby was dark besides the large Protectorate vehicles parked outside with shone light from spotlights into the building, the only light coming from inside the lobby are from the laser-sights mounted on Red Paladin rifles, the laser-sights rays stopped at the outside of the whirling amorphous bubble of energy of Zen’s creation which encircled the trio. From over the audio-visual Holomonitors in the lobby they could see and hear EisenHaus’ from the Holomonitors placed around the lobby, illuminating the massive room slightly more, “Zen van Nihil, Serenity Mysterium, and Father Ignatius give yourselves up, we promise we will go easy on you.”
Zen yelled back, “Is that what you tell all the people you send to the death-camps on the moons of Saturn?!”
Frederick EisenHaus laughed maniacally before regaining his composure, Frederick then said matter-of-factly, “Yes it is actually, I had a feeling you were not going to surrender so easily, so I sent my own son, an old friend of yours, to be certain you would be done in, take your time escaping by the way, it’s not like the Gardenia Utopian Community most elite special forces are amassing at your position,” then he yelled, “Aiden, please make sure you put these three in the dirt.”
He could hear Aiden’s amicable echo from somewhere in the massive lobby, “Yes Dad,” then the echo of his voice again, “Fire-at-will.”
Bullets began pelting the force-field, pinning them down in their position, Zen did everything he could to enforce the shield with all his volition. Father Ig fired through the telekinetic force-field at the opposing bursts of light where Red Paladins were bedded down firing upon them. Serenity manifested a ball of pyrokinetic energy, throwing the ball of flame at the balcony above where three Red Paladins were firing from as a vantage point. The fireball exploded, roasting all three of them as the three Red Paladins rushed around in panic as their flesh seared and burned to the fragments of flesh and bone. Zen held his left arm up holding the telekinetic force-field and aiming the rifle and firing precisely at his target, his ability to fire a projectile weapon such as the .500 caliber Gauss-Powered EisenHaus 2110 seemed innate to him, he was gunning them down left and right, whenever a head belonging to a Red Paladin popped up out of cover a bullet flew through it spraying brains and sinew. Serenity flew a ball of electrokinetic energy sending arc-lightning through a group of five Red Paladins, Father Ig aimed true with his firearms, systematically taking down the Red Paladins one-by-one, carefully and with the utmost precision.
Zen saw all his work being undone in a single night, it was a flipping bloodbath, from the slaughtered Gardenia Utopian Community political power-players in the housing parts of the House of the Hegemony, to the dead security officers charged to protect planetary security, it mattered not, suffering is suffering, he was making sure these men who had inflicted such great suffering on EisenHaus behalf would suffer no more by cease to existing. Revolution was at hand, and that hand belonged to Zen van Nihil, he just had to play his cards right.
Suddenly a force-blast of immense power hit the telekinetic shield, sending all three of them on their backs. Laser-mounted sights were upon them, it looked like the end, Aiden had cut their final stand short.
Aiden’s yell could be heard echoing through the lobby, “Zen van Nihil, Serenity Mysterium, Father Ignatius Shepherd, surrender now! You will perish if you do not comply.”
Suddenly a rotorcraft could be heard in the distance as well as the whistling of rockets and missiles as the vehicles outside were struck by the flying explosives shattering the high glass wall that separates the outside from the lobby of the House of the Hegemony, the Red Paladins recoiledas flames billowed and a highly-advanced Protectorate rotorcraft, a EisenHaus Valkyrie loomed above the flames, large anti-vehicle bullets filled the lobby taking out the Red Paladins, Aiden ran and hid as the carnage ensued. Zen covered his eyes then lifted his hand from his face doing a mental scan. He read that all ninety Red Paladins in the lobby had been liquidated by the rotorcraft attack. Doors from the staircase began to open as a battalion of Red Paladins entered the fray, Zen sent a ball of pyrokinetic hellfyre in their direction, it exploded and the flames swept up the stairwell, incinerating the entire battalion.
He turned to face his friends, they were looking towards the rotorcraft. The helicopter’s loudspeaker came through the now barrierless lobby front, it was Abbot Dogen’s voice, “Zen, Serenity, Father Ig, it is us, the monks of Shambhala, we have come to rescue you. Quickly come outside and we will escape.”
Zen, Serenity, and Father Ig spared no expense they got to their feet and ran through the now glassless-barrierless front of the House of the Hegemony to get outside, the dual-rotor helicopter had landed just as the stairwell doors in the lobby opened and Red Paladins came pouring out. The three ran with all their might across the grass, the Rotorcrafts sliding door opened and they leapt inside. They quickly became airborne and off they went into the night.
Serenity had taken off her high-heel pumps as soon as the crud had hit the proverbial fan, she had walked barefoot through blood and on the way out of the lobby into the Memorial Gardens through the broken glass of the lobby floor to ceiling windows of the lobby which the EisenHaus Valkyrie had shattered to bits by the massive machine guns firing anti-vehicle rounds, blood of Red Paladins had drenched their clothes to their ankles and glass had been embedded into their shoes, in particular, Serenity’s feet. The adrenaline coursing through Serenity’s body had worn off, she began to scream in agonizing pain. The three of them boarded the rotorcraft as the monks had been alarmed by Serenity’s plight of pain, Father Ignatius offered her drinks from his flask of whiskey to numb the pain, Zen took immediate action in providing treatment to her wounds. Zen used his telepathic and empathic abilities to find the root of her suffering, to change her suffering, to heal her, he began pulling out the glass with his fingers then sliding them out with telekinetic power once the removal would cause the least damage. She screamed, she howled, she bawled but piece-by-piece Zen took the glass shards out of her feet, tears streaming from her eyes, hurt was filling Zen’s heart. This was the price he had to pay for liberation and enlightenment, the woman he loved with all the fabric of his being was in immense pain. The pain and suffering would not stop until every shard of glass was removed, blood spurted with each pull, some less than others. She whimpered, she sobbed, she shrieked but when it was all said and done, Zen wrapped her feet in cloth from his now torn suit jacket, he himself held his hands and harvested his prajna, his chi, he harvested the same free-energy that was found throughout all existence to heal her wounds, from a visceral gory mess to freshly sealed scarring wounds. Serenity’s wounds were still wrapped in cloth from Zen’s now torn suit jacket. Serenity moaned a moan of pleasure that her pain had immediately diminished, she immediately embraced Zen and began kissing him, she fought with her tongue, wrestling his, she was winning, she nibbled his ear, he sucked her neck, the whole deal over their mutual love for each other, their loving display of affection.
“I will love you as long as I live,” Serenity cooed to Zen.
“Till death till we part.” Zen whispered in her ear.

October 31st, 2121 CE, Global Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Vancouver, Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate of Directors Building
Seven out of the ten important members of the executive branch had been slain, General Secretary Ernesto Kapitalas well as many of the Executive Directorate members including the following: Executive Director Sheila Walton, Executive Director Juan Sanchez, Executive Director Robert Gates, Executive Director Jeroen Ford, Executive Director Yuka Rosario, Executive Director Nina Graves, were all slain in the explosion, the crash of the executive Spacecraft known as the Phoenix. These engineers of society died when the Gardenia Force One was entering Earth’s atmosphere from a personal goodwill investigation back from Mars where they met with the Martian governor, House of Parliament members, and Gardenia Utopian Community special interest group leaders. The investigation behind this mysterious tragedy was ongoing but it appeared to be the work of only of extradimensional quantum flux happening as a freak occurrence around the Phoenix with its causation a complete enigma. This left only three members of the Executive Directorate that made all the orders for the Gardenia Utopian Community. The Council was at a standstill, the Governors were fighting for the role of General Secretary of the Gardenia Utopian Community, United Region Executive Director would be fighting for power, this meant politics at it’s finest was about to transpire: extortion, blackmailing, kidnapping, assassination, terrorist attacks. The Independents from Mars could seize control of the Planet from Gardenia Utopian Community control, we would have an interplanetary war. Martial law was implemented on Venus to prevent total chaos.
The three remaining Executive Directorate ministers had become overwhelmed by the stress of a civil war or uprising. She had taken over the temporary office of General Secretary which was the position taken by a senior member of the government in the times when a General Secretary is absent. Gardenia Utopian Community State Executive Directorate which voted on laws depending on their continental region were campaigning for a spot on the Executive Directorate. That daring and bold woman who had dual status as General Secretary of the Executive Directorate and General Secretary of the Gardenia Utopian Community was Jeanne Orleans. General Secretary Jeanne Orleans was the power that had taken over the political vacuum, the two other Executive Directorate members which remained were Executive Director Tristan Yardbird, Executive Director Fido Oslo, both of which were only serving their first or second term on the board of Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate. General Secretary Jeanne Orleans knew they were inept, ill-prepared for an event such as this, they sat in their conference room modeled similar to the Pentagon War Room, waiting for instructions from the true Autocratic leader of the Dystopian world known as Eden Prime, Frederick EisenHaus. Suddenly, a live video-audio feed came upon one of the massive Holomonitors. It was the Mastermind behind all their decisions which trickled down to the Common Magistrates, the Governors worshipped this man, they thought of him as a god that reincarnated from his father to another.
“Pardon me, if I am interrupting anything.”
The three Magistrates snapped to attention to their fearless leader, tyrannical despot Frederick EisenHaus.
“Yes, Mr. EisenHaus.” The three said in uniform.
“It has come to my attention that four, FOUR! of our Executives were killed while flying back from Lunaris, our base of Protectorate Command on the moon. Now tell me, why were they all on a trip to the Lunaris Base? What is the madness behind this?”
Executive Director Yardbird began to speak, “Sir, they were inspecting the renovations, upgrades to our security systems against the…”
General Secretary Jeanne Orleans Cut him off, “They were checking our defenses in case we had to wage war against the now Autonomous Zone of Mars. There were talks of them declaring independence from the Gardenia Utopian Community, seconds ago, they did just that under General Secretary Arthur Luther, the General Secretary is dead as well, we cannot regain control through hostile force till January.”
Frederick EisenHaus had a smirk of grim remarkas if he expected this to happen before saying smugly, “As Galactic Operations Director of the Gardenia Utopian Community I advise a full-scale attack under the direction of Commander Howard Aurelius, I trust that man at least to do his job, Martial Law is to be declared if any uprisings or revolt should happen anywhere within the Gardenia Utopian Community against this decision for Humanity’s first historical example of interstellar war, they are,roid sympathizers who should not be meddling in the affairs of the Great Architect, the Providence he rests on, he has blessed my family for ten generations with these decisions in what to do in cases like this, they have saboteurs on Earth? We have loyalists on Mars with a Mecha Army ready to attack from Phobos, launch a bombardment of atomic bomb strikes on them, a few will get through their shields but we will have them by the balls when the Mechs move in. Giving free-will to machines is despicable, I’ve tolerated it long enough. Give them hell, I’ve appointed three new Gardenia Utopian Community Exec Council Minister, I’m hoping Governor of United Europe, Franz Roussou shall be the new General Secretary of Gardenia Utopian Community, I am an alchemist, my status as Hegemon is my philosopher’s stone that I use to transmute lead into gold,” Frederick EisenHaus pontificated with stalwart command before enunciating grimly, “Do not disappoint me General Secretary Jeanne Orleans.”
“Yes, Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus, I swear to you the best results possible” General Secretary Jeanne Orleans confidently replied.
“Good,” Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus said.
October 31st, 2121 CE, Planet Mars, Martian Continent known as Inscapist Island, Inscapist City.
Arthur Luther was daydreaming momentarily, he was dreaming of his newly founded progressive socialist liberated autonomous planet-wide society, free from the tyranny of EisenHaus and his proxies of Eden Prime, the cursed third reich from the sun. Micah was on Mars for once, this was his home, home is where he belonged, home was always by his older brothers side for they were the last of their immediate family outside of the Autumns on their mother’s side. Micah was checking Protectorate channels, all was silent for a scan from satellites reported that there weren’t any sort of warships in Martian space, there was no sign of any sort of attack. Arthur was relieved. Arthur and Micah had won the war and were addressing the first order of business in the governing power that was the Commonwealth of Autonomous Mars. Arthur and Micah were both smiling like when they children were celebrating Christmas, opening the gifts they had opened with their parents bright and early as was the custom when their mother and father were still alive. They had accomplished what their father, Calvin Moody Luther had always wanted. Their father had been many things; he had been an innovator of technology, a chemist who revolutionized pharmaceutical chemicals and how we think of them in both a medicinal and recreational light, he had been a mogul for his company which created and marketed Daemon Light as well as advancements in cybernetic technology, he was also an evangelist and head of the drug counseling program at the megachurch he served his pastoral duties at. However, people don’t remember Calvin Moody Luther as any of those things but as his identity of Nemo, the notorious hacker, activist turned terrorist, outlaw turned public enemy, and above all else a revolutionary who did not like seeing bureaucracies systematically enslave his fellow Human beings with invisible chains for he believed every Human being to be equal to one another that pigs of authority in the two governments were leading Humanity to annihilation which he personally averted but in its place came everything that could have been worse.
Arthur remembered his father for the good as well as the bad and loved him anyway just as he had loved his family. Arthur remembered how his father talked about having a place to call their own, a place to settle down, instead of his family’s constant middle of the night moves without any notice besides URC members breaking down their door to warn his father and mother of the advancing authorities on his trail. Sometimes they got to stay in a place for too long which his father Calvin would always uproot them in fear of his family getting too comfortable and attached. Arthur had spent his life running and hiding, not the life his father Calvin wanted for his sons Arthur and Micah but Arthur believed that his father would be proud of his sons for finally having to call their own. Free from the plutocracy and corporate oligarchy run by EisenHaus and his lackeys in the third reich from the sun.
They were just setting up the first order of business with their first meeting of the Magistrates. On his Board of Magistrates with him as the General Secretary of this Executive Directorate, they were discussing their first order of business that business was, with all founders of any great civilization once they gained independence or established their authority was to draft a bill of rights, first things first, they made sure that Humans, psionic, Cyborgs, synthetic all had these same inalienable rights that these inalienable rights were available to all of them. The Second right was…
Suddenly an aerospace raid alarm was going off as Calvin was shaken from his daydream as they were under attack, Martian force fields were taking a heavy payload of smaller explosive deatomizer missiles which smashed into the antimatter shields but a deatomizer missile had gotten past, it landed in the middle of a populated area of Mars City, taking out one square miles, killing one-hundred thousand people. Arthur reacted quickly.
“Prime all defenses, prepare for a counterattack, launch all attacks on incoming forces, use antimatter satellites to launch Tesla vaporizer cannons at the oncoming nukes, once those are neutralized, prep the armada for blockade and a defensive attack, I’m contacting Micah to launch his attack on Lunaris Lunar Base.”
“Yessir,” the Commonwealth of Mars and Martian Protectorate leaders declared. Arthur was going to a local shipyard where he kept his kipper, he was going to be certain Master Commander Aurelius paid with his life. Arthur ran outside, from Phobos large vessels were falling from the Martian hemisphere into the ground, the vessel shifted, changed into large robots piloted by a Gardenia Utopian Community Forces Mechs armored unit which Mechs were twenty to forty foot tall robotic mechanical suits, operated by a pilot, tanks had been rendered useless. Thousands of them, the Commonwealth of Autonomous Mars had a copious array of different types of Protectorate weapons and technology from every imaginable type and kind of advanced weapon, explosive, cannon, vehicle, all the way to as many mechanical armored suits and power armor to suit a thousand armies over. They had the greatest weapon imaginable, passion. This passion was instilled into the hearts of the best Humans, Espers, Cyborgs, and synthetics. All of Mars united against the entire Gardenia Utopian Community. The small minute minority of Gardenia Utopian Community Loyalists among citizens of Mars was so small there were done away with immediately, the only problem they had were the artificial installations found inside the moons of Mars known as Phobos and Deimos which were where the totalitarian forces of Gardenia Utopian Community were kept as a small yet effective control for city-wide riots but how would the forces fair produced against fear and death as the entire planet went into a highly-organized Protectorate led by the Sons of Nemo. In the scope of the solar system, this war was historical for Humanity for this was the first interplanetary war to be fought. This would be an all out war with Earth and Mars turned into warzones.
October 29th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Manitoba, The EisenHaus Personal Underground Bunker
“So you’re sure this will work?” Frederick asked.
“Positive,” Aiden EisenHaus answered.
“How positive?”
“One-hundred percent positive.”
“Hmmmm.” Frederick put his hands to his face, contemplated the plan Aiden had set forth.
“It will work, trust me, the plot will wipe all inferiorities from power, we can do whatever we want.”
“WE?” Frederick said sardonically.
“YES, WE.” Aiden growled with emphasis.
“Hahahahahahahahaha,” Frederick laughed regaining himself, “If this works you will be my heir to one-hundred percent of the EisenHaus’ family sway of power, the world’s wealth which is split fifty-five to forty-five with the Autumns, you will inherit the position of Hegemony and leader of the Draconian Imperium in this part of the galaxy, if this works, I will inform the Draconian Imperium of what you are and who you are as soon as you prove your worth as a vital asset to the family.”
“Thank Celeste.” Aiden said sarcastically.
“Funny you should say that.”
“Why because your father or you in an older form was the one who orchestrated the whole idea, have a bunch of satellites project the image of a deity to the world just to be thwarted by some geeky cyber-jockey and freedom fighter named Nemo, some good guy hardcore foiled your ideal new world order, king of conspiracy, habeas corpus, where did you hide the body?”
Frederick glanced over at Aiden, he swallowed hard before speaking, “How did you know? That was reported as a dimensional door opening to save Humanity in their darkest hour.”
“Yes, I’m aware, I’m also aware of the Family secret, why the EisenHaus family all are inbred or are to a certain extent inbred.”
“Why’s that?”
“The EisenHaus’ family is to a certain extent inbred because with fresh ones coming from all the way from regions controlled by the Draconian Imperium when you need to freshen the gene pool, you only breed with Earthborne Reptilians and Human-Reptilian hybrids within family bloodlines originating from the Draconian Imperium, they ship new Reptilians in every-time a new member who assumes the next in-line as the ruler of the Reptilians in this part of the galaxy for the EisenHaus family is of the disgraced Crimson Dragon caste, disgraced to this part of the universe to redeem yourselves in the hierarchy of the royal houses in the Draconian Imperium which was born out of Draco Prima in the Draco constellation but has spread as expansive across the Universe just as your arch-enemies in the United Cosmic Federation has, the Autumn family and their allies are from the United Cosmic Federation which is an array of alien life forms.”
Frederick became very unsettled, he stared at the table in fear of what Aiden really was and how this seemingly idiot-savant psychopathic Homo Esper seemed to know all of this, he had seen Frederick as well as many other members in their Reptilian form but Aiden never showed any distress, he just seemingly understood the way it was which now began setting off alarms in Frederick’s mind.
“I also know you’re darkest secret, how you, your father all have the same personality, the same looks, same everything, all of them besides you which you seem to be like the old one but this seems like you’re within the first forty-five years of your reign here, there were two other Dragons, the first returned to Draco Prima, the last one, the one who sired you died before he could leave which you absorbed his life-force before he could return to Draco Prima, the average lifespan for a Dragon that isn’t assassinated is anywhere between 10,000 to an infinite amount of orbits around the Earth’s sun but the last Dragon, you had a personal vendetta with him, your actual Dragon who sired you, you were his favorite, why would you do such a thing? He was the Frederick EisenHaus’ from the fifth through the eighth, the one before him was just a relative to the Crimson Dragon royal family.”
Frederick looked over at Aiden with a sneer building the malicious intent in his eyes, the look of homicide and bloodlust was ripe in them.
“You think I’m just a pathological lying idiot-savant Super-Psionic but the truth is that I’m something much more powerful than you could imagine.”
Frederick turned his head back to over the War Room table, smiled at Aiden, Aiden continued speaking, “Oh yeah, you’re a life-force sucking psychic Reptilian vampire who is planning on killing me, absorbing my youth and power after all of this which I’m sorry Freddie, I cannot allow that.”
Frederick’s irises of his eyes revealed an outer iris that was colored the yellowish green like a crocodile’s eyes with jade expanding as his pupil enlarged to show a cold void of a black orb, the lights in the war-room flickered, the nostrils of his snout flared, his mouth full of sharp yellow fangs, eight horns protruding from his scalp from an assortment of frizzy black hair.
Frederick in his Draconic form lunged at Aiden, Aiden jumped up on the table from a sitting position, slammed Frederick against the wall with psychokinesis, darkwraiths poured out of portals that had opened in the room, the dark whispers of unworldly things from dimensions of eldritch horrors and madness-inducing monsters rattled through the room, the shadowy wraiths flew into Frederick EisenHaus’ body, filled him with their cold caress of undeath, binding him to Aiden for Aiden in truth was the End of Everything, the Bane of Existence, the being Aiden truly was is known as an Archon, an Archon known as Aiden Aka Manah or simply by his fellow Archons as ‘the Bane of Existence’. These names were known to Reptilians as one of the chief deities in their pantheon. As Aiden revealed himself, for who he truly was, Frederick ascertained this fact as evident, this mistake would be one made in his hubris that would be the one thing he ever regretted for Aiden Aka Manah was an Archon who gave life to the Reptilians.
Frederick was held up by wraiths against the wall, suddenly Aiden began to change, ram horns protruded from his head, his head turned into a rams skull with glowing opal flames as eyes, his entire body skeletal under the elegant suit he wore, the only thing that was visible were his hands, neck, and head that protruded from the suit, black bat wings spread from his back, his teeth yellow and rotten, the inside of his mouth was a black void, without a tongue, from this place did all evil affect the consciousnesses who dwelled in the universe and the realms beyond, from here is where all evil thoughts, bad feelings, zealous beliefs in unbalanced ideologies, evil plots against one another, the hatred of one who is different, his whispers to the beings in existence caused suffering and knew no bounds in limiting that amount.
The Multidimensional being which Aiden was the embodiment of spoke to Frederick in a deep, distorted, and multilayered voice, “You shall bow to me Fool for I am the King, I am the Tyrant of the Ultima Circle, Ahriman Aka Manah the Bane, Lord of Destruction, Ruiner of Existence, Arch-Nemesis to the Quantum Consciousness and all who do not bow to the Archons of Chaos, I am the first of the last, the beginning of the end, the corruptor of every being’s consciousness found in existence, the enemy of all, your dearest arch-nemesis if you do not cower and tremble before me Frederick EisenHaus, the Final Symphony, you are the tool I shall use, I am your king for I shall rule and you have been chosen to be my fool.”
Frederick said willingly, “Yes my master, you are the heir to the EisenHaus fortune and everything we possess and should ever possess, you are our lord, master, and deity Aiden Aka Manah, The blood of the dragons of the Draconian Imperium bows to you, just as every Reptilian bows to you, you are the creator of every Reptilians fate, my knee bends to you for you are the father of all Reptilians, we are the greatest mistake to come into existence, we are the ones who shed our problems like our scales, we are the ones who were the worst idea with the best intentions, we, the Draconian Imperium, the Reptilians, and especially the House of the Crimson Dragon bow to you the Bane of Existence.”
October 31st, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Manitoba, Frederick EisenHaus’ Personal Underground EisenHaus Bunker
Aiden, engulfed by the translucent being of Aiden, Aka Manah rose from the lowest part of the bunker followed by Frederick as his loyal servant to where the rest of the EisenHaus clan resided. The EisenHaus clan were gathered around the large hall that was the impenetrable EisenHaus stronghold under Frederick’s palace. They gathered in astonishment at what they beheld, they could feel their consciousness tingle with delight for they all knew this Archon of Chaos’ name, his name is Aiden Aka Manah, they were silent in reverence of this being.
Michelle EisenHaus stood there for a moment as she was mourning her late husband of Reptilian descent in the traditional way of the Empire of the Dragon or Draconian Imperium, by talking to another more charming and successful man of more pure-blooded Reptilian heritage. Michelle stood looking at the boy she had found as what was at first a way to garner more attention for adopting a Human boy in the same aspect a Reptilian would adopt a dog without any real love for the animal, just an impulse that Reptilians wanted to sate, Humans also acted on impulse but not the same way a Reptilian would throughout its existence. Michelle looked at what she thought had been a Human pet-boy but all along it had been fate that drew her to adopting him. Although she was silent, she wanted to speak, Aiden in his form of Aiden Aka Manah understood Reptilians for he had created them, he also knew how much their ego meant to them, Michelle was a Reptilian woman of the noble variety as with all the EisenHaus clan. They were all in their Reptilian forms before Aiden in his true form.
“Michelle, the one I call mother, you may speak.”
“Lord Aiden Aka Manah, you were my son Aiden in disguise?”
“Yes, Michelle I was your son but I am your master before I am ever anything else, you have appeased me Michelle in caring for me during my development which in my Human form that you all know, I will continue to develop until I reach the physical age of thirty then I will stop aging, I have been more than merciful in my dealings with you and you have been more than merciful to me, unlike the way the slaves of your home are treated, the House of the Crimson Dragon has become soft, too soft, the reason why the Humans of Earth do not bow to every Reptilian, despite the caste which they claim, Humans and their governments are inferior beings to the supremacy of Reptilian-kind and the power of the Empire of the Dragon but as I showed mercy on your reigning patriarch of Frederick the Final Symphony, I shall show mercy on you for you saw me as a pet rather than a slave which I applaud your amalgamation into infiltrating Human society, lo and behold, out of all the Hollows of the Draconis, I have chosen the Crimson Dragon House of Regality to be the bastion I restore to its glory then even to a level of regality unknown to any of you, one that will put all others to shame.”
The Reptilians bowed to Aiden in his true form as Aiden Aka Manah, they recognized this as the coming of one of the three Archons of Chaos they worshipped, their chief deity being Aiden Aka Manah. The Bane of Existence or Aiden shifted back to his Human form as the fiery auburn haired twenty-one year old Human male with his fair complexion and emerald green eyes. The Reptilians stopped their bowing to acknowledge their past perception of what they had presumably thought was a idiot-savant super psionic Human male who was acclimated to seeing people shapeshift into a scaled lizard Humanoid form but well-adjusted enough to not talk about it but it had turned out he was truly acting disturbed and foolish intentionally to play a game with the Reptilians belonging to the Hollow of the Sanguis Draconis or the House of the Crimson Dragon that dwelled among the solar system that Humanity belonged to, every Reptilian who had dwelled in this solar system and numerous visitors from across the universe had seen Aiden and had known him as the EisenHaus Human pet but the truth had been revealed that he was much greater and the most influential among the Reptilians in this solar system as well as those who had visited it had seen their Archon of Chaos and one of their three chief deities in a corporeal form in this dimension of all dimensions.
“Tell us your story Aiden Aka Manah?” Was the general consensus from the EisenHaus family Reptilians.
“Please, call me Aiden F. EisenHaus or if you want to meet that halfway then Aiden the Bane, I like this new form I have assumed, let me tell you what I have been doing as Aiden Aka Manah, until my birth July 16th, 2100 Common Era, I had been crawling through the consciousness of all beings, gibbering madness into the minds of the insane, I have been whispering encouragement to the wicked, the dEsperate, and the depraved, I have seen the life through the eyes of an infinite amount of mortal beings in an infinite amount of realities as their existence came to an end, I saw the life through the eyes of an infinite number of mortal being in an infinite number of realities as I ended every being’s existence I could before I saw that life endas Aiden Aka Manah, I have done and seen some things until this form you see today which is comprised from my purest essence, this ideal being is my spirit in its true form instead of my spirit manifesting in flesh that has already existed, I am the combination of my true form as an Archon of Chaos as well as a very special tribute whose genus and species is an extremely rare being which I admire more than any Dragon of the Draconian Imperium, he was a Human who had started out as a vessel for my form as an Archon of Chaos as my spirit manifested in him as Elijah Lawless or Eli Lawless better known as the Lawless One,” Aiden spoke with smirking delight.
The Reptilians reeled back at this, the name was of the notorious cybernetic Esper Human male who had once befriended Nemo (Calvin Moody Luther) only to rival Nemo in psionic and bionic might become his arch-nemesis in the events leading up to World War III between the Western and Eastern Blocs, Eli Lawless helped Calvin in creating the drug Daemon, especially in its Negative form, it was Eli who added the addictive and health-destroying component in its impure form as well as the generation of this impure form to chemists to cause an epidemic which increased poverty, corruption, and crime globally making the superdrug that was Daemon Dark in any form highly-illegal with severe consequences for just possessing it fueling the once controlled substance abuse outbreaks while simultaneously fanning the flames of a rebooted war on drugs in both blocs of earth’s power structure.
Eli Lawless did heinous and terrible things claiming the blossoming activist group known as the United Revolutionary Collective had perpetrated the crime causing Calvin in his form of Nemo to defend his followers with violence for crimes they did not commit escalating the organization to becoming an underground guerrilla movement in fighting the tyranny of the global police-state found throughout both blocs that were the world governments. To list all of Eli Lawless’ crimes could take a lifetime for he was truly the greatest Aiden Aka Manah had manifested himself in this universe with the abilities of an old world tech modified Homo Nexus and the second scientifically confirmed Homo Esper after Calvin Moody Luther, Calvin was a few months older than Eli Lawless with both being evenly matched in their abilities with Calvin trumping Eli in wisdom and maturity beyond the impulsive juvenile behavior Eli exhibited. However that wasn’t the only character flaw that marked Eli as an eccentricity in the evolutionary mutation process of being a Homo Esper. Due to Eli’s inversion of the traditional Homo Esper that had empathy, Eli was a high-functioning psychopathic individual making him a psionic vampire. Eli preyed on others without an inkling of what empathy was, he had no fear, shame or remorse for his crimes against Humanity for he saw no difference between friend or foe for everything was his victim. The deity and dark messiah of the Reptilians known as Aiden Aka Manah had not risen from the grave for he was the abyss that lies beyond death. Aiden Aka Manah was the monster who created psionic vampires, he is the reason for all ill-will, evil to happen throughout history, now he has been made flesh.
October 31st, 2121 CE, Planet Mars, Inscapist Island, Inscapist City.
A Mecha pod had crashed 100 meters from Arthur, Arthur ran dEsperately for his private hangar, he needed to get to Lunaris Base, kill Master Commander Aurelius. The pod was expanding, headed right for him. It was a large EisenHaus 3-3100 Carnivore Mech, the Carnivore Mecha is a sixty-foot bipedal great crimson steel goliath. Appearing to be a giant steel machine-man that a pilot directed from the crimson steel giant’s head. The Carnivore Mecha had an armament of weapons. It pulled its plasma firing pulse-rifle that was strapped to it’s back into its arms, cranking a lever on the side of its gun, activating it’s solar-powered battery. Arthur was finally given his chance to use the full extent of his Super Psionic abilities as well as his state-of-the-art bionic upgrades.
Arthur turned, shot a pyrokinetic fireball at the Carnivore Mecha in its pulse-rifle battery frying the weapon. The Carnivore showed visible rage from the Pilots electrodes that were connected to the helmet which made the Mecha match the will of his movements. Arthur readied himself, grabbed his Gauss Pistol that was loaded with sixty ball rounds in its magazine, the Gauss Pistol was a .500 caliber hand cannon that was created to have no recoil due to centuries of mastering the art of projectile weapons through Humanity’s past history on the importance of warfare and security. He fired at the head of the Carnivore, the round it piercing a hole into the place where the cockpit was located. In return the pilot of the Mech suit directed his armored vehicle into grabbing the sidearm of a Tesla death-ray laser beam cannon. The Carnivore fired. Arthur dodged the blast by rolling out of the trajectory which burned a five-foot hole in diameter at the ground where Arthur had been standing. Arthur shot an electrokinetic lightning bolt from his hand hitting the Mecha in its chest, causing it to malfunction momentarily. Arthur arose, ran, he was running to his private hangar where his state-of-the-art Asteroid Dodger was parked, an Autumn Enterprises’ Nighthawk was the model of the custom-built ship, he could be at the Martian Moons of either Phobos or Deimos in minutes with this thing or use it to knock the legs from the Mech sending it to its destruction. Before Arthur could continue this battle by returning to the Autonomous Martian headquarters located on Inscapist Island at what was reported to be a private athletics stadium which was actually a top-secret base decked out with more technological wonders that would be utilized for strategy and warfare which far surpassed that of the third reich from the sun, Gardenia Utopian Communities central hub of strategic and Protectorate command in it’s lunar base known as Lunaris. This top-secret base on Inscapist Island was known as the Nest. The Nest was where Arthur could direct his Protectorate in winning a relatively short yet bloody war. The Carnivore Mecha began chasing after Arthur firing the Tesla Death-ray cannon at him, barely missing the leader of the revolution. Arthur ran, ducking and weaving through the thick foliage of trees. The Carnivore Mecha charged through them in its chase. They reached the hangar, and Arthur turned to see that rockets had been fired out of the Mecha Carnivores back directly at the hangar. Arthur ran out of it’s path as it hit it’s target, the hanger.
The explosion reduced it to fire, ash, and rubble. Arthur regained consciousness seconds later. Arthur lay in agonizing pain on his back, the wreckage scorching all around him. Arthur rolled onto his stomach, putting his arms out in front of him to gain balance so he could stand just to find himself off-kilter to fall back down flat on his face. That’s when he noticed that the tips of his fingers to just above his right elbow was nothing more but mangled flesh. This injury resided from the base of his forearm to what would be the tip of his fingers which his arms looked like a bloody mess of smashed spaghetti noodles with sanguine red fluid paste which sporadically sprayed and continuously leaked his life essence from it.
Arthur lay dying, he saw the blood gushing out of his right arm. The operator of the Carnivore Mech was going to finish him when he found him. Arthur’s electrokinetic blast to the head of the Carnivore Mech must have taken out a vital sensor because it was looking through it’s regular audiovisual surveying came without the help of heat or motion sensors by the way it was frantically searching for Arthur. Arthur tried to crawl to the safety of hiding under a perfectly portioned cave within the rubble with the Carnivore Mech had spotted him. The mechanical goliath was lumbering over to where Arthur lay, it’s pulse rifle staring him in the face.
The pilot turned on his mic and said sarcastically, “That was some revolution?”
Arthur saw something far-off but not distant enough that he couldn’t see what was coming from his superHuman peripheral vision.
Arthur smiled, “Yeah it sure was.”
A missile from a portable rocket launcher had been fired by Martian Independents. The missile hit the Carnivore Mech in the head, exploding in a fiery display of black smoke and shrieking of metal as it began to rain harmless shards of steel through the area. The explosion had killed the operator of the mech of death instantly. The remains of the Carnivore Mech tumbled over shaking the ground. A team of Martian rebels composed of Humans, Espers, Cyborgs, and Synthetics came to Arthur’s rescue. They immediately started doing first aid on his wounds, mainly his arm. Sealing the wound on his severed right arm with a tourniquet and injections of medical bandages to close the wounds of his arm to prevent further blood loss.
“You okay Art?” A comrade said.
“I’m great, haha, thanks for asking.” Art replied with a chuckle of relief.
This battle on this day had not been lost as grim as a thing as the macabre carnage of his right arm. Arthur was grateful for his ambidextrous handedness, he was more importantly grateful that on this day he had not lost his life. The revolution lives with the proverbial ‘King Arthur’ of the Independent Martian government and the vast network of the United Revolutionary Collective. King Arthur is the contemporary metaphor for the Atlantean God-King of antiquity, Ozymandias the Great as espoused by Celestialism, the god-king of Mars. King Arthur would have his kingdom with every Autonomous Martian citizen and United Revolutionary Collective member would have a place at the infinite seating of his roundtable. To win Martian autonomy was the greatest victory Arthur could ever manifest in his destiny for then he would be the conqueror of conquerors, the god-king of Ozymandias that has symbolically represented King Arthur with his Knights of the URC seeking a land of their own, united through liberty as his divine right to revolution passed as a legacy from his father Nemo. Revolution was a family trade, something no one knew better than Arthur for this revolutionary was the rightful heir to an enlightened and liberated unity of the Human species.

October 31st, 2121 CE, The Moon, Lunar Protectorate Base Lunaris, Oceanus Procellarum, Protectorate Command Center of the Gardenia Utopian Community
“Sir, Mars is currently under-siege, the Grand Armada is on it’s way for assault, the Valor Armada is just arriving.” Private Parker said in his backwoods countrified twang.
“Good, get me in connection with General Secretary Jeanne Orleans.” Master Commander Aurelius declared.
“Yessir.” Private Parker replied.
A large hologram of General Secretary Jeanne Orleans appeared on the Holo-Communications screen, she had answered immediately.
Master Commander Aurelius saluted honorably before disclosing his reporting to the acting executive leader of the Gardenia Utopian Community, “General Secretary Orleans, the Grand Armada, is our last chance we have to nullify any remaining threat, it is my belief that half the second large-scale Valor Space Naval Armada will be destroyed upon arrival since the first majority of forces was destroyed in one fell-swoop as the Citadel Armada was destroyed by a Wormwood Cannon. Three Fleets known as the Honor Division which was supposed to arrive with the vaporized pacifying first Armada are nearly decimated as well. Martial law was declared in the Gardenia Utopian Community but it appears that the loyalists and authorities we control on Mars were only a minority easily assassinated or were already URC traitors to the Gardenia Utopian Community.”
General Secretary Jeanne Orleans’ nostrils flared, an expression of disgust came across her face, “I had expected such a thing, they really used the element of surprise to erase Gardenia Utopian Community forces from our Mars to concrete a hopeful victory for a swift revolution, if the third Armada fails, Mars has secured their independence to become the Commonwealth of Mars, we cannot lose our main source of economic or planetary growth to a bunch of damn guerrilla rebels, I cannot allow that, Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus will kill us all.” General Secretary Jeanne Orleans said with vindictiveness in her voice.
The trepidation of ensuring Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus in his unending wrath was too great of a burden to bear for all of Humanity. If he lost his heavily invested assets on Mars. She turned her head in anguish thinking of what EisenHaus would do if the Gardenia Utopian Community lost Mars, his aftermath of assassinations on those who failed him for losing his sprawling investment on Mars. The Gardenia Utopian Community is a state-run economy between two monopolies: the EisenHaus Corporation and Autumn Enterprises. These two families, the Autumn and EisenHaus, each family had a Hegemon between them that could not be overruled in the end.
“General Secretary Jeanne Orleans, I promise you, we will regain and neutralize the threat on Mars,” Master Commander Howard Aurelius spoke confidently.
“I believe in you Master Commander Aurelius, you are our only hope.”
Private Parker piped in, “Sir, Martian Rebels have mobilized their Mechs, the first wave from Phobos has been nearly eliminated, the second wave of the armada will be there shortly. It appears that the Martian Rebels were prepared for this, it will be a fight before we can get our forces on the ground. Martian Warships have been dispatched, Martian anti-Spacecraft guns are also mobilized on the ground, They have Esper, Cyborgs, Synthetics, Humans, all in power armor as well as mechs on the ground waiting for us, this is not going to be an easy fight.”
“I’m aware, is it ever an easy fight?” Master Commander Aurelius stated.
“How long till the Primary Armada shows up?” General Secretary Jeanne Orleans said.
“The third wave shall arrive in two hours.”
“Celeste-speed to them, I have to attend an audience with EisenHaus, if you men will please excuse me.”
October 31st, 2121 CE, Planet Mars, Martian Continent known as Inscapist Island, Inscapist City, The Nest.
Arthur Luther believed he had been dreaming. Arthur had won the war establishing himself as the executive leader of his newly founded progressive socialist liberated autonomous planet-wide society, free from the tyranny of EisenHaus and his proxies of the Gardenia Utopian Community based out of the cursed third reich from the sun. Micah was on Mars for once, home where he belonged, home was always by his older brothers’ side for they were the last of their immediate family outside of the Autumns on their mother’s side. Micah was checking Protectorate channels, all was silent for a scan from satellites reported that there weren’t any sort of warships in Martian space, there was no sign of any sort of attack. Arthur was relieved. Arthur and Micah had won the war and were addressing the first order of business in the governing power that was the Commonwealth of Autonomous Mars. Arthur and Micah were both smiling like when they children were celebrating Christmas, opening the gifts they had opened with their parents bright and early as was the custom when their mother and father were still alive. They had accomplished what their father, Calvin Moody Luther had always wanted. Their father had been many things; he had been an innovator of technology, a chemist who reinvented chemicals and how we think of them in both a medicinal and recreational light, he had been a mogul for his company which created and marketed Daemon Light as well as advancements in cybernetic technology, he was also an evangelist and head of the drug counseling program at the megachurch he served his pastoral duties at.
However, people don’t remember as any of those things but as his identity of Nemo, the notorious hacker, activist turned terrorist, outlaw turned public enemy, and above all else a revolutionary who did not like seeing bureaucracies systematically enslave his fellow Human beings with invisible chains for he believed every Human being to be equal to one another that pigs of authority in the two governments were leading Humanity to annihilation which he personally averted but in its place came everything that could have been worse.
Arthur remembered his father for the good as well as the bad and loved him anyway just as he had loved his family. Arthur remembered how his father talked about having a place to call their own, a place to settle down, instead of his family’s constant middle of the night moves without any notice besides URC members breaking down their door to warn his father and mother of the advancing authorities on his trail. Sometimes they got to stay in a place for too long which his father Calvin would always uproot them in fear of his family getting too comfortable and attached. Arthur had spent his life running and hiding, not the life his father Calvin wanted for his sons Arthur and Micah but Arthur believed that his father would be proud of his sons for finally having to call their own. Free from the plutocracy and corporate oligarchy run by EisenHaus and his lackeys in the third reich from the sun.
They were just setting up the first order of business with their first meeting of the Magistrates. In the Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate of Magistrates with him as the General Secretary of this paramount of authority, they were discussing their first order of business that business was, with all founders of any great civilization once they gained independence or established their authority was to draft a bill of rights. First things first, they made sure that Humans, psionic, Cyborgs, Synthetics all had these same inalienable rights that these inalienable rights were available to all of them. The Second right was…
Suddenly an aerospace raid alarm was going off as Calvin was shaken from his daydream as they were under attack, Martian force fields were taking a heavy payload of smaller explosive deatomizer missiles which smashed into the antimatter shields but a deatomizer missile had gotten past, it landed in the middle of a populated area of Mars City, taking out one square miles, killing one-hundred thousand people. Arthur reacted quickly.
“Prime all defenses, prepare for a counterattack, launch all attacks on incoming forces, use antimatter satellites to launch Tesla vaporizer cannons at the oncoming nukes, once those are neutralized, prep the armada for blockade and a defensive attack, I’m contacting Micah to launch his attack on Lunaris Lunar Base.”
Arthur Luther sat in the commander’s chair of what was known as the Nest which was the headquarters of the Martian Protectorate, General Bradford stood not far from Arthur giving him advice on how to combat this extra-planetary threat of the Gardenia Utopian Community by showing holes in their strategy. General Bradford was explaining to Arthur about how to combat the second wave of the Armada before the Primary Armada showed up to neutralize the threat. Arthur already knew what to do this he was what he was thinking up before General Bradford a great tactician had laid out objectively what the matters were for Arthur had just come out of surgery to equip him with a completely bionic prosthetic arm that was just as good as his natural arm despite his body being modified or enhanced with subdermal implants for physical advancement in many areas except one it wasn’t his own which didn’t bother him it was the fact that his right arm was obviously a synthetic bionic arm. Arthur peered down at the synthetic flesh covering his right arm, how it was bare of hair and slightly off in his natural skin tone. Arthur needed an update to how the Gardenia Utopian Community would attack which this was still as he had speculated in its trajectory that Arthur had mapped out. General Harper Bradford was quite the civilized intellectual of a man that also a remarkable tactician, Arthur found enjoyment in hearing this sophisticated man lecture about barbarism that is war, Arthur enjoyed this man’s passion even for the generality that entailed the blitzkrieg tactics of fighting. General Harper Bradford was Arthur’s most trusted associate outside his brother and anyone with the surname Autumn.
As General Harper Bradford wrapped up the necessity of explaining the situation to Arthur which Arthur knew even after being briefly in surgery to have a bionic limb attached but as reason told Arthur that for the sake of a formality he should listen for any discrepancies. Arthur decided to use his ace in the hole before it became overrun or reclaimed that trump card was the deatomizer vaporizer mega-cannon known as Wormwood, it would destroy the entire fleet in one fell-swoop just as the Grand Armada would be in the line of fire just as it would be entering Marian space without a way to derail or avoid the blast for it was traveling by a Hyperspace cannon-relay.
Arthur lifted his right arm pointing his enclosed pointer and middle finger at the holoscreen displaying the radar of the Grand Armada’s trajectory as it traveled.
Arthur asked rhetorically, “The chance of hitting the Wormwood is at a seventy percent success rate?”
He was answered with affirmations although he could see the percentiles on the screen which seventy percent for a computer generated chance to hit, a large armada of ships was more bad than good.
“Reflect the Wormwoods beam off the 76v redirectional long range beam weapons satellite that is closest to Deimos trajectory by thirty degrees by x and z coordinates earth’s lunar side then fire the Deatomizer at the Second Armada, the blast should kill them all.”
“Yessir,” the room of officers said in uniform.
The Wormwood was a deatomizer mega-cannon, a superstructure that relayed it’s beam by reflecting them off a series of satellites, it was stationed just outside the Nest on a small island outside of the continent known as Inscapist Island, it was a supergun much like the giant Howitzers of the 20th Century. The Deatomizer warmed itself by oscillating an electric blue beam, it then fired the blue plasmid energy out of itself reflecting off the 76v redirectional long range beam weapons satellite that was in Mars’ orbit around its moon Deimos, the satellite had altered its trajectory by thirty degrees x and z coordinates according to earth’s lunar moon. The second fleet appeared in one flash on the radar, the next second it was gone, completely disintegrated, not a single survivor. Now all they had to worry about was the Grand Armada, all 15,000 warships with it to establish order in a universe made out of chaos, a freak accident, in the name of Gardenia Utopian Community.
“Praise God, pass the ammunition,” Arthur thought as he remembered one of the many idioms used by his father.
October 31st, 2121 CE, The Moon, Lunar Protectorate Base Lunaris, Oceanus Procellarum, Protectorate Command Center of the Gardenia Utopian Community.
Master Commander Aurelius sat off to the side of his desk in his chambers, a stiff-drink of scotch in his hands, sweat pouring down his head, waiting for the Primary Armada to take back Mars. He hit a button on his control panel at his desk.
“Parker.” Master Commander Aurelius says over the com-link, it is for once a calm-call to his secretary.”
“Yes sir?” Parker says in his classic twang.
“Did the second armada just get vaporized.”
“Yes sir.” Private Parker said soberly with less twang.
“Private Parker, I may give you a lot of crud but I love you dearly, your uncle was my best friend, just as you are.”
“Thank you sir, you’re my best friend, I love you too.”
“Did that sound like a Zen van Nihil thing to say?”
“Yes, I am Zen and you are Zen for we are friends.
“Parker, I love you so flipping much.”
“I love you too sir.”
6AM November 1st, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Vancouver, Executive Directorate of Directors, Council Conference Center.
Jeanne Orleans stood smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee in the Council Conference Center, she had just received news from Master Commander Aurelius that the seconds armada had just been vaporized by some massive deatomizer cannon losing extremely heavy losses in casualties. Among them were United Forces Soldiers and Space Marines as well as numerous ships in its fleet. The Gardenia Utopian Community had suffered a huge loss, Jeanne Orleans was contemplating whether or not the Grand Armada should wait until they had found a better plan or send only a small forces at a time spread out waves to disrupt the patterns of trajectory considering the fact that the mega-cannon had to cool down. Although weapons weren’t Jeanne Orleans’ forte, she suspected that it was a deatomizer or atom-crusher cannon that the Martians had utilized with Mars being a hub of technological advancements and scientific wonder.
In her eyes, the Martians had already won, Eden Prime could not account for the loss of another 10,000,000 men and women that had already perished with even more weapons and tech aboard these 10,000 warships and carriers. She turned over to call EisenHaus about the new plan, when Jeanne Orleans saw three suited men led by a domineering black dress wearing woman walk in as the EisenHaus newly appointed Executive Directorate Magistrates. Jeanne Orleans approached them with intimidation in her steps. The leader was the Scab Magistrate, Lucy Teller. The platinum blond Lucy grabbed Jeanne Orleans’ hand and shook it amicably to disarm Jeanne Orleans which Jeanne Orleans squeezed hard asserting herself as Lucy’s knuckles turned white, her hand surged with pain as a bright red.
“Hello my name is Gardenia Utopian Community General Secretary of the Executive Directorate Jeanne Orleans, I’ll be directing the Gardenia Utopian Communities forces on our end among the Magistrates and maintaining order within the Gardenia Utopian Community while we are at war with the Martian Rebels and URC guerrillas, you four can sit back, shut the flipp up, and stay out of my way. We are the Arbiters an antiquated piece of parliament of the Hegemony in times of Martial Law who are chosen by the Protectorate and Hegemony but mostly the latter in times of Intergalactic Crisis as all systems in the Milky Way and 110 Dwarf Galaxies are revolting, if you don’t like that bring it up with Hegemon Frederick Foreneus EisenHaus the one who gave us the name Arbiters as we are his Directors with his Private Military Contracting Company whose Parent Company is in the Peaceful Cetus and Terminus planets of Tau Ceti of the Cetis Stellar System where Hegemon Frederick Valefar EisenHaus has four Hegemons Baal Bartholomew ”
Lucy Teller laughed, “I am Lucy Teller,” she named the other three Scab Magistrates, flashing their badges by her example before Lucy continued, “I’ll be running the show as Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus directed unless you didn’t get the memo, I’ve been updated with the situation, I know how to handle this.”
“Really, how?” Jeanne Orleans said sarcastically at the fact that over a billion of the Gardenia Utopian Communities brave men and women had just been vaporized.
“Easily, we hit them with everything, complete and total, all out war, we kill all of them, even if we destroy the planet Mars, even if life could not flourish for a thousand years that would be better than losing our planet of Mars in our Gardenia Utopian Community, I’m sure you are aware by now that all of Mars is united in this rebellion, Humanity must learn together as family or we will perish together as fools as our friend the treacherous Zen van Nihil would put it.”
Jeanne Orleans stared at the ludicrosity at this statement and situation momentarily before taking another drag of her cigarette. Never in her ten years serving on the Executive Directorate had she seen such disregard or incompetence from Lucy’s lackeys or the two more experienced yet overly docile Yardbird and Oso to this whole hostile takeover by EisenHaus. She didn’t graduate from one of the Ideal Academia of Unity University as a Magna Cum Laude with Doctorates in Concentrations that were beyond the comprehension of this barely bureaucrat bitch, Lucy Teller with her gang of idiot yes men bastards for Jeanne Orleans’ well-deserved right as General Secretary of the Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate from underneath her and smash it into the ground willingly. After this was all said and done. Jeanne Orleans hoped the whole Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate burned, she hoped they burn in hell. Never in her thirty-six years earth orbits around the sun which dictated her Human maturity did she ever see such a juvenile show of incompetence. She watched this like adolescents finding their daddy’s firearm and in their hubris would shoot the crud while taking potshots at tin cans and glass bottles in the backyard just for one of them to accidentally shoot themselves in the foot.
EisenHaus had the audacity to give this bureaucratic bitch, Lucy Teller, the position of General Secretary along with her amicable gang of the Yes Men to be appointed Grand Directive Ministers, all of which had no semblance of merit for any known outstanding achievement whatsoever. Jeanne Orleans had served in United North America’s Executive Directorate for one term or two years before serving two terms as on the Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate, her second term she was elected General Secretary, November the Fifth of this year was her day for reelection which she planned to stay at least as General Secretary, if not General Secretary. Jeanne Orleans took another drag of her synthetic cigarette which filled her lungs then smothered the Drek cigarette butt it in a tray on the black marble stone table to smoulder, she exhaled a large cloud of smoke. All the while, she was giving the eyes of a woman scorned to Lucy Teller and her gang of emergency appointed Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate Yes Men members to EisenHaus.
Jeanne Orleans thought to herself, “Lucy, you think you’re hot-crud because EisenHaus finds favor in you, when in truth, you’re nothing but a means to an end, a means to an end.”
7AM November 1st, 2121 CE, Planet Mars, Inscapist Island, Inscapist City, Command Center.
Arthur set-up an encrypted connection with his brother, Micah, on the comlink, Micah was leading the forces on Earth.
“Brother,” Arthur said soberly.
“Yeah Arthur?”
Arthur held his arm, it was stinging, he refused painkillers to fight this battle with a sober mind.
Arthur spoke confidently, “I need you to destroy Lunaris Base, without that the Primary Armada will have no central command or intelligence to relay, I also need you to attack the Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate Building, I’ve got intelligence from an insider that they’ve assembled a new Executive Directorate with EisenHaus filibustered Members.”
“Arthur…” Micah started.
“Yeah Micah?”
“I love you my brother.”
“I love you too my brother.”
“Micah…” Arthur began, he paused, Arthur thought of telling him the truth about the existence of their still living mother, Micah had not known the truth behind her fate. He decided to tell her later, after the battle was won.
“What Art?”
Arthur’s face was downcast as he shook his head in his chair. Disappointed in himself for not being able to tell him that their mother was still alive after all these years she was alive, well, not deceased like their father as Micah believed. After this war for independence was over, Arthur would tell Micah the truth about what happened to their mother. Arthur would bring his brother out of the dark.
9PM October 31st, 2121 CE, Global Gardenia Utopian Community, United North America, State of Alaska, Anchorage, Council Conference Center.
Son of the late General Secretary, Esteban Kapital was packing his briefcase full of what Micah had given him, a briefcase deatomizer bomb. The Secret Service waited outside his room, respecting his privacy for his most ‘needed` belongings, they would take the rest of his things to his family’s mansion in Toronto, he was headed someplace else, one last stop before his final destination.
Esteban clean shaven and dapper. His appearance was the exact image of a younger age of his father. Esteban stood proudly in a suit and tie and walked out of his room in the House of the General Secretary, down the hall to the elevator to go down to the ground floor. Estaban would meet the chauffeur that would drive him the three miles in between the House of the General Secretary to the Executive Conference Center near the city of Anchorage, a territory known as Alaska of United North America. Esteban greeted his chauffeur, getting in the backseat of the vehicle that was used to transport his father. Esteban thought fondly of his father’s political career, his mountain of accomplishments during his two terms as General Secretary of the Gardenia Utopian Community. He thought deeply of what his father would profoundly say to him for what he was about to do, holding the briefcase closer to him as a sort of nurturing or coping mechanism that this was all he needed to end a life of debauchery and adolescence for this would deem him a man, a man who had beliefs and ideals for a better world. He knew his father would be very upset by this but he imagined that he would also feel proud of his son for keeping his promise that he made since he was a boy to always do what was right, no matter how dire the circumstance. He gazed out the window as the vehicle pulled up to the Executive Conference Center where his final destination would be. Esteban didn’t wait for the driver as he usually did. He let himself out and entered the Executive Conference Center where he would depart from this world and hopefully see his father again.
Things were heated in the Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate of Directors within the House of the Hegemony. Lucy Teller and her EisenHaus appointed goons to become Executive Directorate Ministers outnumbered the strong-willed Jeanne Orleans. Jeanne Orleans’ only assurance was negated in the passive two remaining Gardenia Utopian Community Exec Council Ministers. The Grand Armada was just about to launch its first wave from 1,000 miles away, Martian Space Force and Space Navy were preparing for interstellar battle, Mars had dispatched a small fleet to intercept Gardenia Utopian Community forces to buy time for the Wormwood to power back up to fire another blast at the Grand Armada thus winning the war for URC Independence.
Lucy and her Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate member goons laughed at the new throne which they had quickly assumed while Jeanne Orleans, Yardbird, and Oso were on their way out of office. Lucy was certain she would become General Secretary. Jeanne Orleans was disgusted by all of this, she rebuked the Gardenia Utopian Community as well as its Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus. She wanted them to all die in a blaze of hellfire, including the traitors Yardbird and Oso who literally sat by fidgeting and twiddling her thumbs. Lucy’s plan was reckless with a high disregard for Human life. Jeanne Orleans had insisted on waiting for peace talks with Martian General Secretary Arthur Luther and Prime Minister Micah Luther. As she thought about what they should do, she lit another Dreck synthetic tobacco cigarette before approaching Lucy and her lackeys.
“Listen Lucy, if you think that complete annihilation of the Martian citizens is the answer then I have a question for you.”
“I’m listening.” Lucy said sarcastically.
“Good, there are ten-billion people on Mars, eighty-five percent may be URC rebels but one-point-five billion of them are passive and neutral, they don’t want to die but at this point, I’m sure they have no choice, they are innocent, over the years of the heavy sanctions and forced trade negotiations with EisenHaus which has greatly limited their autonomy without any kind of representation within the Gardenia Utopian Community, I can understand their anger, they are not fighting for control of someone else, they are fighting for control of themselves, does this sound familiar to you? Taxation without representation, being robbed off their own culture then forced into a universal-state economic system that is literally 140 MILLION miles away by something they wished to escape, this is history repeating itself and you are treating it like its a joke, the people of Mars would rather die than assimilate to our ways, can you see it from their perspective?” Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate member Jeanne Orleans had always been a pragmatic populist who was able to reach across the aisle to come to an understanding.
“You know Jeanne Orleans, you sound like a Martian Sympathizer that’s punishable by death in this state of emergency they have plunged us into for that kind of talk treason to the Gardenia Utopian Community, did you know that? I should tell EisenHaus of this outburst.”
“Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it, history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce,” Jeanne Orleans declared before storming off.
Lucy called after her, “Jeanne Orleans why don’t you take the rest of the day off, go get some rest, it’s not like you’re beneficial to the cause in your current state of mind.”
Lucy and her EisenHaus appointed Executive Directorate Goons laughed as she left. Yardbird and Oso were accepting the fate of the Gardenia Utopian Community as well as their own.
“I have always hated yes men and bureaucrats but when someone is both, I can not bear to stand these people, I hope they burn in hell,” Jeanne Orleans thought to herself.
Esteban Kapital used his executive clearance to get through security without being searched under the guise of introducing himself to those who would be taking his father’s place during this dire time in the Gardenia Utopian Communities history. Esteban walked down numerous corridors, up countless stairs, taking the longest way possible to the Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate Conference Hall. While he did this, Executive Directorate woman, Jeanne Orleans had taken the elevator down to the floor level, had gotten in her electric car and was driving away.
Esteban entered the conference room, he said, “Is this the Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate Conference Hall?
Lucy looked over at him, asking condescendingly, “Who are you?”
Esteban asserted with dignity, “I am the son of the late General Secretary Ernesto Kapital, my name is Esteban Kapital, I wanted to give all of you a gift that my father would have wanted to give you.”
Lucy had the expression of an individual addicted to power about to get her next fix, her visage resembled that of a wolf licking its chops. She saw an excellent political power-play in getting good with the bereaved son of the late General Secretary.
Lucy asserted fiendishly, “here, let me help you with your briefcase.”
Esteban answered with the utmost pride, “no, no, it’s not necessary, let me open it, I’ll give you what’s inside.”
“Alright then.” Lucy said.
Lucy’s eyes widened, she speculated that it was at-most classified government documents entailing her installation as General Secretary or at-least some memorabilia from his father’s prestigious career as General Secretary of Eden. Esteban put the briefcase on the end of the table where his father would have sat. Esteban turned the briefcase around to reveal to the Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate member present to reveal the Deatomizer bomb. A look of shock and disbelief came over the faces of the Gardenia Utopian Community Exec Council Minister.
“May the Rebellion live on, long live the revolution,” Esteban declared coldly, hitting the trigger he held in his hands.
An amorphous ball of neon turquoise light engulfed the building with the electromagnetic bomb being the focal point of this luminescent light show. The building disintegrated in a flash of blinding blue light; everything within a half-a-mile of the blast radius was transformed into ash. The entire Gardenia Utopian Community Executive Directorate and all those in the vicinity of the explosion were reduced to dust from the superheated electromagnetic rays of heat. Jeanne Orleans was one of the few and most powerful figures left in the Gardenia Utopian Communities executive wing of government. EisenHaus would be livid with rage. Jeanne Orleans was shocked as she drove to where the emergency safe houses for apartments the Prime Magistrates stayed where she knew of their location due to her years in Magistrate and Parliament she prepared for in advance in case something of this nature did happen as on the horizon. Jeanne Orleans saw the indigo blast radiate antimatter energy into the sky. She drove in a state transfixed on her rearview mirror as the roaring howl of atoms being disintegrated, rumbled across the beautiful Alaskan terrain where Jeanne Orleans was glad she had left or else she would have been dead. Jeanne Orleans believed that death was nothing but a cold dark void, the cold dark void of this war was turning into a beacon of light much like the brilliant iridescent light in her rearview window as she drove away. As far as Gardenia Utopian Community forces knew, she was in the cold, dark void known as death. She would go home, go to sleep then awake when she could properly access this nightmare.

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