My Indigo Dream for a Revolution of Consciousness

I wrote a book about Project: Blue Beam. The universal one world religion is Celestialism which is centered at the Vatican in Rome, Italy. The United Revolutionary Collective who are the rebels to the Gardenia Utopian Community (New World Order) believe that Great Mother Celeste is an Artificial Intelligence who presents herself through Holograms which the Reptilian Elitists manufactured World War III which would have ended in Mutual Assured Destruction but the atmospheric satellite system was attached with EMP weapons and an alien radio wave technology which can tune in to the frequency of consciousness as well as universal technological hacking and programming controlled by the almighty algorithm of a quantum AI. The main character is an Elder extradimensional Archon and Human hybrid named Zen van Nihil who escapes from a top-secret underground military base who is adopted by Buddhist monks at the Shambhala Monastery in the Autonomous Zone of Tibet. It is an Old World Reservation where the traditions and customs of the old world are practiced. The Gardenia Utopian Community spans the Milky Way Galaxy because there are two warring extraterrestrial factions for humanity that have infiltrated the elite. They are the Cosmic Federation who are of the pan-human race and the Draconian Imperium who are the Reptilians. The two oligarchy families are the Autumn family who is the Space Brotherhood Humans and the EisenHaus family who are the Shapeshifting Reptilians. The Space Brotherhood wants to liberate humanity from the tyranny of the Reptilians while the Reptilians want to incrementally strip humanity of their God-given rights until they are totally enslaved by the Reptilians. All elite families are loyal to one or the other that being the Autumn Association or EisenHaus Enclave and some humans know the truth of humanity’s subjugation and oppression in their ever-encroaching scheme of total domination as Zen van Nihil does who is a demigod in psychic powers as he and his evil brother Aiden Aka Manah can tap into the universal consciousness or mass mind. Humans are divided into different types of Human as well. There are Homo Sapiens who are humans with minimal cybernetic augmentation, Homo Nexus are cybernetically enhanced humans who are superhuman from their augmentations which have become enhancements, Homo Synthetic are Androids which are humans constructed from the metadata of the social-media of the cyberweb, and then there is the hated minority of Homo Esper which are psionic humans which make up 1/10 of every human as an evolution who range in abilities and psychic powers which are the central focus for Zen van Nihil the Maitreya whose ministry is to normalize Homo Espers and psychic powers from Psiphobic neighbors in the Gardenia Utopian Community.

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