Zenarchism: Revolution of Enlightenment

Zenarchism advocates for the universal enlightenment of humanity and a renaissance of our culture. The permanent revolution of universal consciousness will lead to Collective Nirvana and Utopia.

Zenarchism is a Zen Humanist nationalist ideology that promotes the creation and development of a unified enlightened state through the leadership of a vanguard party over a progressive democratic socialist distributionist revolutionary government led by the centralized theocratic supreme leader of the Zenarchist People of Universal Humanity in the Maitreya

Zenarchism is a Pan-Humankind Revolutionary Utopian Socialist, Centralized Globalist Social Democratic Distributionist, Eco-Fascist, Corporatist Progressive Ideology that fights for the Universal Enlightenment of Humanity and a Renaissance of Earth as well as the Colonization of the Cosmos via the Permanent Revolution of Universal Consciousness for a Unified One World Government guided by Zen Buddhist Teachings led by a Theocratic Monarch known as the Maitreya. A Zenarchist knows or believes that DMT is the chemical of consciousness that sends us to the Afterlife and allows Reincarnation so when the Zenarchist reincarnates they continue the fight for the revolution of consciousness in liberating the world from tyranny in their next life. Zenarchists are Pan-Humankind Supremacists. Zenarchists are part of the Universal Human Vanguard advocating for the Universal Enlightenment of Humanity throughout the Universe for a United Federation of Pan-Humanity. The Maitreya is the Theocratic Autocratic Monarch of the Constitutional Parliamentary Republic. Zenarchism is Traditionalist, Populist, Socialist, Environmentalist, Nationalist, Globalist, Ethnocentric, Universalist, Progressive.

Zenarchists know that advanced extraterrestrial life exists in the universe and is bound together in a strong Centralized Authoritarian Empire of Theocratic Democratic Socialist Distributionism. Zenarchists operate in cabals utilizing the Utilitarian ideologies of Egoist Anarcho-Nihilist to Anarchist-Capitalism to Marxist-Leninism while veiled as the Norm of their Society such as a Centrist Neoliberalist in the West. Zenarchy will be accomplished by any means necessary whether it be subterfuge, skullduggery, deception, altruism, charity, blackmail, to revolutionary war but it is preferred to accomplish this through Active Measures (Yuri Bezmenov) where any and all Utilitarian means and methods by this metric of Machiavellian Moral Courage until regional power is established through unitarian tribalism under the credo of “Humanity First” to establish the first Zenarchist State. Zenarchism is Pro-Colonialism of other planets and certainly advocates for the Zenarchist-Trotskyist Ideal of Permanent Universal Revolution to Unite the Human Race.

Zenarchists are knowledgeable of Extraterrestrials who are Anti-Zeta Reticuli Grey Alien Imperialism. Revoke the 1954 Greada Treaty. We need to renegotiate the terms of trading technology with Alien Life Forms for the experimentation of unwilling human test subjects must end for this is Abominable Imperialism against the Human Race. I know that the Greada Treaty exists. I was abducted by Grey Aliens as a child. Zenarchists rise up. Remove Probe.

Zenarchism is the ideology of the Human Vanguard of Universal Zen Humanism. Zenarchists are Constitutional Democratic Distributionists who advocate Universal Basic Income, Free Education, and Socialized Healthcare.

DMT is the chemical that allows the Human Soul to enter Heaven and Reincarnate. Zenarchists are Earthling Ultraglobalists, Human Supremacists, and Cosmic Imperialists.

Structure of Zenarchist Government: The United Federation.

Theocratic Autocratic Monarch: Maitreya.

The United Federation’s Prime Minister is the head of government and chief executive of the United Federation.

United Federation’s – Democratically Elected Parliamentary Representatives: The Political Parties choose Representatives to compete in the Democratic Elections to form coalitions in the government. Despite being a Democratic Parliamentary System the United Federation is a Republic where the Maitreya has absolute power and authority.

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