I am a Proud Zionist

The Rothschild Family who many people believe to both own and operate the United States and Israel know how to run a business. My favorite nation-states of all time are the United States and Israel for the essence of these countries’ existence. I am an American Patriot and Proud Zionist. The God that is central to both the United States and Israel is probably the same God of the Rothschild Family, is it a coincidence that the United States and Israel are the greatest places to ever exist throughout all of human history and they are both rumored to be secretly run by the Rothschild Family. Coincidence, I think not! Anyway, I would rather be dead than not live in either the United States or Israel for I love those places. The only thing better than being any person born with American citizenship is to be a Jew in Israel in this world for the sheer potential and opportunity that the United States offers freely to everyone and the power of existence as a spiritual experience in this world as a Jew in Israel for Jews in Israel is a moral imperative that Greater Zion shall exist while what I consider the greatest system in the world for the greatest existential experience is to be a Jew in Israel. As an American who at least 50% of my social circle is kosher and I have a disproportionate amount of Jewish friends, I am a very proud Zionist. My Jewish friends in Israel sent me Amazon gift cards on Thanksgiving, yes, I am well-loved by the Jews and I love you all too. I know that Jesus Christ was a Jew for all Jews have the potential for Messianic energy for it is a Jews’ spiritual nature to benefit the whole world just for the sake of a good deed for the day.
Merry Christmas.
Ani Ma’amin.

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