Zenarchism: Welcome To Zenarchy Club

So many people rise, fall, downspiral, and slowly destroy themselves on a daily basis and this statement is omnipresent. This statement is a universal to all of us. I see the brightest regard themselves as idiots. I see idiots regard themselves as intellectual. I see the honest lie to themselves and I see the liar … Continue reading Zenarchism: Welcome To Zenarchy Club

Cinema Analysis: The Philosophy of “12 Monkeys” (1995)

In the Mental Institution Scene. The Discourse of Brad Pitt's character on the subject of "Germs" is an example of the relativistic definitions of sanity, mental illness, and insanity in what is a social science theory on what determines the norms and deviations of a society for what is sane and insane are social constructs … Continue reading Cinema Analysis: The Philosophy of “12 Monkeys” (1995)

Zenarchism: Vaguebooking

Vaguebooking is shallow and pretentious. Vaguebooking insults is shallow, pretentious, cowardly, and shows a person who is lacking in character. Vaguebooking insults is projecting more negativity into this world on a broader spectrum for if you understood anything pertaining to linguistics, namely the English language, you would know that without a specific subject in a … Continue reading Zenarchism: Vaguebooking