My Bigfoot Experience – Ohio, 3/12/2021

Both my maternal grandfather and I have similar Bigfoot experiences. I wasn't aware that my aunt who is the organizer of the Bigfoot conferences in Ohio saw one as well. My Bigfoot experience was that I was river dancing in my room because I drink and riverdance because I am extremely Irish and I did … Continue reading My Bigfoot Experience – Ohio, 3/12/2021

QAnon: FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Was Right

FBI Chief and Special Agent Ted Gunderson You don't believe in QAnon. I'm not a big Q-Supporter.I'm a big FBI Chief Special Agent Ted Gunderson was right acknowledger. If you want to get Q-Pilled for QAnon just look into Special Agent Ted Gunderson'f life work for the FBI.I can prove the plot for normalizing pedophilia … Continue reading QAnon: FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Was Right

Western Civilization Is My MK-ULTRA Experiment The Manifesto and Confession. Ozymandias Organization: Utopian Social Engineering Firm (WeGoBusiness) 9 November 2016 – 4022 Zen van Nihil; Chief Executive Officer, Chief Director: Utopian Social Engineering Zen van Nihil, Chief Executive Officer, Utopian Social Engineer Director, Ozymandias Organization. “Social engineering is a school of political science whereby governments or private groups influence the acceptance … Continue reading Western Civilization Is My MK-ULTRA Experiment

How to build Ezekiel’s Wheel

By Aaron Ziegler- Dec 8, 2017 STEM Abstract: Galaxies, Solar Systems, Celestial Bodies are all Centrifuges of Nature, Naturally Occurring Gravity Powered Perpetual Motion Centrifuges. UFOs operate like a helicopter except they are not using the air, they do it in the dielectric.The faster you go, the faster the distortion, time slows down. Space travel and Communications … Continue reading How to build Ezekiel’s Wheel

Quantum Abraxas – Psychosis Plateaus

QUANTUM ABRAXAS AARON R. ZIEGLER Photo by Timo Volz on PRELUDE THE SHADOW SOCIETY May 20th, 2755 CE, Post-Darkness, Post-Lawlessness, Post-Gardenia Utopian Community, New York City, New York, Eastern Sprawl, United North America, United Socialist States of America, Eden Prime. The date according to the centralized temporal dimension of space-time that spans Gardenia Utopian … Continue reading Quantum Abraxas – Psychosis Plateaus