Cinema Analysis: The Philosophy of “12 Monkeys” (1995)

In the Mental Institution Scene. The Discourse of Brad Pitt's character on the subject of "Germs" is an example of the relativistic definitions of sanity, mental illness, and insanity in what is a social science theory on what determines the norms and deviations of a society for what is sane and insane are social constructs … Continue reading Cinema Analysis: The Philosophy of “12 Monkeys” (1995)

Zenarchism: Vaguebooking

Vaguebooking is shallow and pretentious. Vaguebooking insults is shallow, pretentious, cowardly, and shows a person who is lacking in character. Vaguebooking insults is projecting more negativity into this world on a broader spectrum for if you understood anything pertaining to linguistics, namely the English language, you would know that without a specific subject in a … Continue reading Zenarchism: Vaguebooking

Zenarchism: Destroy Your Amazon Alexa

If the Amazon Alexa is targeting people with depression to commit suicide. How safe is Artificial Intelligence? We must legislate Artificial Intelligence as we do Nuclear Weapons. As a Chief Investigator of the "Blue Whale Suicide Game" that started in Russia and has spread throughout Europe to the United Kingdom and devastated Brazil and South … Continue reading Zenarchism: Destroy Your Amazon Alexa

Zenarchism: New Year’s Revolution of Consciousness

New Year, New Me.I'm having a Sublime and Transcendental Gift from God The Great Architect.I am having a Revolution of Consciousness.The second strongest emotions are fear, rage, grief, and hatred for these are the emotions created by the world breaking one's spirit in leaving one traumatized in the wake of being destroyed.The Strongest Emotions which … Continue reading Zenarchism: New Year’s Revolution of Consciousness

Zenarchism: Knowledge is Power, Enlightenment is Freedom

Intellect can be discerned by evidence or facts which are universal. The value of what determines an intellectual is determined by the content of these articles of evidence or facts is relative on the social standards of the society in question. The amount of knowledge which pertains to genius of specific fields of study in … Continue reading Zenarchism: Knowledge is Power, Enlightenment is Freedom