Sons of Saturn – Accelerated Collapse – San Francisco 🌉

Sons of Saturn 🪐 Accelerated Collapse Part 1 Chapter 2 The Bay City The seagulls cawed through the Pacifica California San Francisco Bay Area. The Golden Gate Bridge stood as a testament to the accelerationist collapse as CEO Elijah Wratheon of the Wratheon Megacorporation had bought the magnanimous bridge and notable real estate in San … Continue reading Sons of Saturn – Accelerated Collapse – San Francisco 🌉

United States-Russian Federation Summit 2021

Russian Intersectional Studies n Maria Butina is Russian President Vladimir Putin's niece. A person persecuted by the American Federal government for wrongdoing who was working abroad as a Hopeful Idealist to strengthen American-Russian ties. Maria Butina did nothing wrong. I am a professional analyst of Russian Intersectional Studies which American Victim Mentality and heavily-ingratiated … Continue reading United States-Russian Federation Summit 2021

Cinema Analysis: The Philosophy of “12 Monkeys” (1995)

In the Mental Institution Scene. The Discourse of Brad Pitt's character on the subject of "Germs" is an example of the relativistic definitions of sanity, mental illness, and insanity in what is a social science theory on what determines the norms and deviations of a society for what is sane and insane are social constructs … Continue reading Cinema Analysis: The Philosophy of “12 Monkeys” (1995)

Dr. Fauci The COVID Criminal

Does it take a Doctorates to know the difference? None. There's no difference between the two. Dr. Fauci killing people with Medical Malpractice in the 80s-90s with Double-Blind HIV Studies with Placebos to flagrantly lying and covering up for China as a blatant Foreign Agent flip-flopping everyday to ensure the cloak of cognitive dissonance on … Continue reading Dr. Fauci The COVID Criminal