Zenarchism: Hero of the People

MetaData I just wanted to play Alternative-Reality Games. Write Fictional Novels, Poetry, and Spiritual Philosophy. Read Books. Do my Scientific Research and Development on Chaos Math and the Butterfly Effect but then Sensationalist Tribalistic Identity Politics happened.We live in a Society?F#$% Society. I'm not even frustrated, I'm just greatly disappointed by the working and middle-class … Continue reading Zenarchism: Hero of the People

Zenarchism: Welcome To Zenarchy Club

So many people rise, fall, downspiral, and slowly destroy themselves on a daily basis and this statement is omnipresent. This statement is a universal to all of us. I see the brightest regard themselves as idiots. I see idiots regard themselves as intellectual. I see the honest lie to themselves and I see the liar … Continue reading Zenarchism: Welcome To Zenarchy Club