Zenarchism: The Current State Of The DNC

Sneeze, cough, share your phlegmatic viral juices out of spite on the Power Elite seemingly by accident and the truth shall set oneself free by our collective accident that the Power Elite wishes to be reductionist to how our universe among the multiverse was created by pure accident when the calculations prove we live in … Continue reading Zenarchism: The Current State Of The DNC

Zenarchism: Revolution Of Consciousness

The 5th Dimensional Matrix is Consciousness. How would we know of the 3 spatial, 1 temporal dimensions if it was not for Consciousness? Our Consciousness creates our world in which all Humans have a Consciousness which creates an internal world being the self and their external perception being their world of reality thereby proving Werner … Continue reading Zenarchism: Revolution Of Consciousness

Zenarchism: Social-Technological Panopticon Theory

Social-Technological Panopticon Theory: Social-Technological Panopticon Theory is the application of tyranny, terror, violence or abuse from a collective mob mentality to target groups enmasse to cause sociological retreatism to households or shelters where technology is the one escapism for their social problems where the technology (social-media) is regulated to be politically correct where those who … Continue reading Zenarchism: Social-Technological Panopticon Theory

Zenarchism: Social Justice and Baizuo Society

Conspiracy Theory: Young People are dying due to information withheld by the CDC about Antibiotic Resistant STDs that compromise the immune system which our Orwellian Kafkaesque Hell World Power Elite of the Social Justice and Baizuo Society are Enablers of Culling the Millennial Corruption Culture AnCom Leftists. Sources Cited: https://www.cdc.gov/std/gonorrhea/arg/basic.htm Social Justice and Baizuo Society