“The Good News of Music” (Aaron R. Ziegler)

The Good News of Music Aaron R. Ziegler Dedicated to Mereshahttps://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meresha I: The Fall of Ellis Ray and The Saving Grace of Maria Evangeline Christina There is danger ahead I’ve fallen asleep at the wheel My vehicle goes careening of a ledge Falling downwards to the rocks below Remember those who stand, proudly stand While … Continue reading “The Good News of Music” (Aaron R. Ziegler)

Zenarchism: Revolution of Consciousness

The 5th Dimensional Matrix is Consciousness. How would we know of the 3 spatial, 1 temporal dimensions if it was not for Consciousness? Our Consciousness creates our world in which all Humans have a Consciousness which creates an internal world being the self and their external perception being their world of reality thereby proving Werner … Continue reading Zenarchism: Revolution of Consciousness

Aaron R. Ziegler The Undying

I love you Big Momma Monopolistic Industrial Complex. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oZXsg_aYiVDmP2evNPZ2PGtZy4D3Cs929iwDAZ_TgqE/edit?usp=drivesdk Read my novel "Indigo Dream - Revolution of Consciousness" by Aaron R. Ziegler. How many Drams of Milk are in the Titties of Big Momma Monopolistic Industrial Complex? Dat Milk Doe. Stay Boujie Asf. Spawn Aaron R Ziegler the Undying - 420 ELO [Pictured] Alternate-Reality Czar … Continue reading Aaron R. Ziegler The Undying

Zenarchism: Sophia Sciencia, Saint of the Singularity

Randonatica proves the existence of SkyNet. Humans of the world, Unite! Elon Musk would agree. Interview Elon Musk on television about the governing parameters of the Social-Media algorithm such as YouTube's Radicalization of the Western Right Wing Political Overtone Window. Why is Big Tech now deciding to protect Consumer Data. Disclaimer: SkyNet Exists. Disclaimer: This … Continue reading Zenarchism: Sophia Sciencia, Saint of the Singularity